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Re: sources and repositories

Posted: 14 Apr 2012 3:01PM GMT
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Edited: 14 Apr 2012 3:04PM GMT
comment from movrshakr

"Kathymarieann, can someone use your data for repository-source-citation and replicate your research?"

The answer to your question is absolutely yes --- If I change your word "can" to "could"

In order for them to replicate it I would have to give them a copy of my research [or let them borrow it]

[Look at a Source Usage Report for the following terminology}

It is fully sourced via Source Documents, Repositories, Citations and Facts ---- I use the following basic process

1- For every source document I find/have I create an Image of that document

2- I create a title for that image which is exactly the same title as I use for the source title shown on the Source Usage Report

3- I create a repository description for that Source

4- I store that image in my repository/image file on my computer

5- Then I go line by line down through that document/image and create fact names/dates/places and descriptions

6- For each fact name/date etc in Item 5 I create the corresponing Source Citation

I don't believe this is significantly different than the way most people are documenting their data

So If I choose to let peopple see my data they could easily replicate it

The question here on this thread {as far as it relates to my process] appears to be:

A- Who do I let see my data
B- Using a Repository description such as "See Image File" [which I am contemplating doing but haven't done so]

As I have said before My data is PRIVATE and I only let those people see it who I choose to let see it

But if I choose to let someone see it they could fully replicate it [and it is all in two places 1) my FTM 2012 data base on my computer and 2) my Image File which is on my computer [none of it,e.g, images is spread through links to other websites/ etc which can be easily broken]

So far the only people I let see it are people from my immediate family
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