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Trace of Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria

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Re: Trace of Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria

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Hello Thornton - This family tree thingy is fast becoming my worst nightmare! I got myself tied into knots trying to update both maternal and paternal family trees simultaneously so spent today visiting both wellknown graveyards in CT, then passing on information to a cousin on the maternal side,then spending the last 8 hours sorting out what seemed like 1000s of documents and at last they're in order - somewhat! Since January last year, sadly rather infrequently, I had email correspondence and phone chats with Jeff Joubert who I presume is your father? - Joy Bain had told me that he was enquirying about my email and mentioned having met me and my 3 children in 1980. In his last email he mentioned that his eldest son, Thornton, -
?you? - was in the UK and had done some research for visa purposes. I first met Jeff when he was in CT at the same time Thorny was staying with me after my father's death in Nov 1980. Incidentally I would love to get any notes you have which might enhance mine - my email is but I don't place much store on info from the internet as I've seen much too many mistakes and quite ludicrous ones at that! In the meantime to put you in the picture - Benjamin Thornton Fincham & Temperance Binding Jeffery were my great grandparents - he was born at Roydon Hall, Norfolk in April 1820, died Oct 1871 - she in England in 1811 - married in London in 1837 - and she died on 9 Feb 1852 in Graaff Reinet - buried by a Rev William Long of St James Church but a search of church records in the 1980 by a librarian there proved fruitless - there was no record of her burial! They had 4 children, the youngest of whom was John Zachariah - my grandfather b.1850, d.1908 - who married Mary Nelson. Their first 4 babies died in infancy, after which they had another 10 who survived, being aunts and uncles viz Emily (Emmy), Temperance known as Tempy (sp?)(and that's where all the confusion arises as on the original Tree, which I have had corrected, it gives all that entirely incorrect information. For heavens sake like all her siblings she was born in SA, not in England, so was certainly not entitled to any such title as Lady. That info about being a titled Lady, and if it can be proved, also lady-in-waiting to Queen Vic in fact appertain to the Temperance who was her born and bred English grandmother. The younger Temperance is my aunt who married Henry Joubert and their issue as I'm sure you know - was my cousins Henry Thornton (Thorny), Beatrice who died in infancy, and Elizabeth Harriet. The latter inherited, rather unfortunately!! (maybe by virtue of the fact that she was called Temperance after her grandmother), the gold ring with the inscription "Member of the Royal Household" engraved in Latin on the inside. According to Thorny she probably "pawned it in order to replenish her liquor stocks"! Then Thorny married Caroline Lotter which resulted in Joan, Lorraine and Jeffrey Henry, your father. After the birth of Temperance came Robert Nathaniel (only known as Rob); Anne who married the Irish Paddy Badham-Thornhill; then Caroline Mary (known as Polly) who married the Irish George Ferguson Sloane; Elizabeth May (known as Bessie) who married the Irish Richard (known as Dick) Burroughs; Edwin/Edward (known as Eddie) Frederick; John Josiah the one who was sports crasy and trained boxing champions; Florence Violet (known by her 2nd name); and last, but not least, my father, Albert Newton, also known as Jack! Most of them you'll notice were baptished with one name but were called by another - just to confuse the issue even more. On a lighter note, Aunty Violet had 2 sons - the one baptised Cecil (Sassin) after his father was given the name of Oogeboo by his nanny which I heard meant 'beautiful baby' in whatever language they speak in Kimberley - but for the rest of his life it was shortend to Boo. So...this Family Tree can make one craaaaazy - about 40 John's, many Benjamins, many Thorntons either as 1st or 2nd names, and as if it wasn't enuf to have one Temperance in the family, my grandparents go and give the poor child that name too - no wonder she preferred the short form! What a laugh it would have been if Harriet had been called Temperance!!!! - maybe that elusive ring would still be in the family. Looking forward to hearing from you. Incidentally where in the UK are you located? Ciao Muriel

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