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Surnames: Depew
Harrisburg, Pa., May 26, 1913.
My Dear Cousin,
I will attempt to answer your questions with regard to the DePew family, though I regret to say there is not much information I can give. As you probably have often heard, our ancestors were very careless, not only in regard to records, but in other matters. There is no doubt that our family is related to Chauncy DePew, but the difficulty is to prove it. His pictures show a striking resemblance to the older generation of DePews, even as I remember them. Families by the name of DePew in different parts of the country have sought to establish relationship with him, and also endeavored t assert a claim to a large fortune in France; but, so far as I know, without success.
There is no doubt that we are descended not only from a rich French family, but a family which belonged to the nobility. I have been told that a society of DePews in Pittsburgh claim to have located the place where the estates were situated, but, so far as our family is concerned, the records are lacking, principally, as I have said, through the negligence of our forefathers. My great-grandfather, (your great-great grandfather), who married a Ketterman, is said to have become rich through the Kettermans, who are reputed to have at one time owned some of the best farms in York County, but they left everything slip through their fingers. My mother and my great-aunt Lydia (DePew) Naylor often told me that when a neighbor called the attention of my great grandfather, Isaac DePew to an advertisement in a Baltimore newspaper and urged him to go to Baltimore to participate in the distribution of a relativeÂ’s estate, he refused to go.
The data I have in my possession relating to our family is as follows:
Three Depews came to New York from France. The date of their coming and their names, I do not know. One remained in New York, and the other two settled in different parts of the country.

Isaac DePew, The Elder
Isaac DePew, the great-grandfather of your mother and of myself (your great-great-grandfather), was the son of the DePew who settled in New York. At the age of seventeen he left home and enlisted in the Revolutionary Army under Washington. After the war, he came to Pennsylvania, and settled in Fishing Creek Valley, in York County, and married a woman by the name of Ketterman.
The children of Isaac DePew were:
John DePew, born October 16, 1796, (your motherÂ’s and my grandfather, and your great-grandfather).
Thomas DePew.
Andrew DePew
Lewis DePew
Isaac DePew
Lydia DePew
Susan DePew
Mary DePew
Jane DePew
Elizabeth DePew.
These were aunts and uncles of my mother and of your grandmother, and great-uncles/ great-aunts of your mother and of myself.
Thomas DePew (son of the elder Isaac DePew)--Died unmarried
Andrew DePew (son of the elder Isaac DePew) married Susan Hess.

The children of Andrew DePew were:
Adeline DePew
Catharine DePew
Elizabeth DePew
Of them or their families, I know nothing. Their family burying lot is in a cemetery near New Market, York County.
Lewis DePew (son of the elder Isaac DePew) --died unmarried

Isaac DePew (son of the elder Isaac DePew)--married, but I do not
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Naylor. I visited at her house when a boy, and she greatly resembled the pictures of Chauncy DePew.
The children of Lydia (DePew) Naylor were:
James Naylor, who married Matilda Kline. Their children live at New Cumberland, on the
opposite side of the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.
Isaac Naylor, who died unmarried, in 1824.
John Naylor (unmarried) who was killed in the battle of Bull Run.
Andrew Naylor, who died in infancy.
Jane Naylor (intermarried with James May). She has no children, and she and her husband live at Camp Hill, Cumberland County, about three miles from Harrisburg.
Catharine Naylor (intermarried with James Kreitzer). She and her husband are still living, and reside at EberlyÂ’s Mills, a few miles from Harrisburg. They have a number of children and grandchildren, with whom we have been intimate since childhood. One of the daughters, Mrs. Cora (Kreitzer) King, lives in Altoona.
William Naylor. His first wife was Clara Hamilton; second wife Elizabeth Yetts. He died within the last year. His second wife is still living, and also a number of children to both first and second wife.
Susan DePew (daughter of the elder Isaac Depew-- Your grandmotherÂ’s Aunt Susan, of who your mother will no doubt remember her speaking. Died unmarried. I remember her very well. She also resembled Chauncy DePew.
Mary DePew (daughter of the elder Isaac DePew)-- married George Gunter, She had a large family, but I believe all died of consumption. They lived in Black Log Valley.
Jane DePew (daughter of the elder Isaac DePew)--married a Fetrow. Of them I know nothing, but I believe they had no children.
Elizabeth DePew (daughter of the elder Isaac DePew)--married Isaac Lloyd.
The children of Elizabeth (DePew) Lloyd were:
Isaac Lloyd
Catharine Lloyd
Elizabeth Lloyd
John Lloyd
Rebecca Lloyd
Emeline Lloyd
Alice Lloyd
Isaac Lloyd (son of Elizabeth DePew) was a school-teacher of this city for a great many years, and his son is a prominent architect.
Catharine Lloyd (daughter of Elizabeth DePew) married a man by the name of Hoffman. She is living at Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, about nine miles from this city, and is over eighty years of age.
Elizabeth Lloyd (daughter of Elizabeth DePew) married a man by the name of Reuben Starr. She and her husband are both dead. Her daughter, Mrs. Alice Hauck, of Mechanicsburg, is, I understand, a member of the Daughter so the Revolution. She stands in exactly the same relationship to the elder Isaac DePew as your mother, my sister and myself.
John Lloyd (son of Elizabeth Depew is dead. Whether he was married or not, I do not know.
Rebecca Lloyd (daughter of Elizabeth DePew) is dead, and I know nothing of her family. I think she was married to a man by the name of Finney.
Emeline Lloyd (daughter of Elizabeth DePew) is dead. She was married to a man by the name of Reeser.
Alice Lloyd (daughter of Elizabeth DePew) married a man by the name of Joseph Davis. They are both living, and have a grown family. Joseph Davis was master-mechanic for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company in this city for a great many years, and had been recently retired.
John DePew, son of the elder Isaac DePew
John DePew, son of the elder Isaac DePew (my great-grandfather, and also your motherÂ’s), married Rebecca Pearson, who was born July 24, 1795.
The children of John DePew were:
William DePew, born November 21, 1818
John DePew, born June 30, 1820
Joseph DePew, born October 14, 1821
Isaac DePew, born October 17, 1823
Jacob DePew, born January 6, 1826
Mary E. DePew, born February 11, 1832 (my mother)
Margaret DePew, born February 15, 1833
Thomas DePew, born November 9, 1834 (Uncle Tom)
Andrew DePew, born January 11, 1837
The above were aunts and uncles of your mother and of myself.
The descendants of William DePew (son of John DePew) live in and near Harrisburg, but of them I have very little knowledge.
The descendants of John DePew (son of John DePew) I know very well. Their home is Duncannon, Perry County; but the family has become scattered.
Of Joseph DePew (son of John DePew) live in Lebanon County. They have intermarried wit the Pennsylvania Dutch, and no would imagine for a moment that they are descended from a titled French family.
Of Jacob DePew (son of John DePew) I know nothing. I believe he
wen west when young. My mother, when young, visited him somewhere in Ohio, and on her way stopped at Orbisonia and visited your grandmother and her aunt, Mary Gunter.
Susan DePew (daughter of John DePew) married Robert Wilson, and she was your grandmother and my aunt.
Mary E. DePew (daughter of John DePew) married William H. Wyant, and she was my mother and your motherÂ’s aunt, and your great-aunt.
Margaret DePew (daughter of John DePew) I believe died in infancy.
Thomas DePew (son of John DePew) is Uncle Tom. He married a widow by the name of Nolan. He has three children, two sons and one daughter, all married, and several grandchildren and a great-grandchild.
Of Andrew DePew (song of John DePew) I know nothing, except that he died long ago.
I am afraid the above is not very intelligible, but it is the best I can give you. As soon as I am able to do so, I will visit Mrs. Hauck, and try to learn how she became a member of the Daughters of the Revolution, and it may be she can be of some assistance to you.
You will note my spelling of the "DePew". Some branches of the family spell it "DePugh", some "DePuy", and others " DePew". I think "DePew" is the correct spelling.
With best wishes for yourself and all the family, I am,
Very Sincerely Yours,

William Wyant

Miss Lorinna M. Ripple,
Costello, Pa.
P.S. Any member of an of the families mentioned, including your own, can continue for himself or herself the chain of relationship.

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