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Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Surnames: Wilson Simser Silmser Pigeon
I am searching, high and low, for information about my great grandmother Jenny (Jean) Wilson.

She was born in 1917ish, to George Wilson and Vera (Virginia) Simser.

I haven't been able to find much about George, other than his marriage to Vera, but Vera's parents were Alexander and Jennie Simser. Alexander, of Christopher Alexander Simser and Jennie, of Henry Allen Simser (Both Christopher Alexander and Henry Allen are children of John Christopher Silmser and Harriet Cameron).

Jenny (Jean) married Hervé Pigeon, 1937 Temiscaming QC, and together they had 4 children: Richard, Raymond, Jacqueline, and Joseph.

She died in January 1950, Temiscaming QC.

ANY help is appreciated!


Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Marriage from Druoin Collection
George Johnston Knistly Wilson, bachelor, farmer, of Howick in the County of Beauhumois? and Province of Quebec, son of James Wilson and and of his wife Agnes Tait and Verah May Simser, spinster, of Howick, d/o Alexander Simser and of his wife Jennie Simzer were married 6 Nov 1911, witn: James L Simser and Maggie M Simser. Valleyfield Quebec.

1901 census Cambridge Russell
Alexander, 25 Jul 1870, 31, b Ont, Presbyterian
Jennie, 6 Mar 1871, 30, Ont, Baptist
Virginia, 13 Apr 1893, 7, Ont
Verin N, 9 Dec 1896, 4, Ont

1911 Alexander and Jennie with daughters Catherine 9, Nancy 6 are living in Howick Village Quebec.

1921 census Ottawa
Jenny Wilson, 3, is with her maternal grandparents. She is listed as lodger, father b Scotland, mother b Ontario.
Where are parents"?

I don't see George Wilson on 1911 census in Quebec but his parents are there.

Obituary in The Ottawa Journal says that Janet Simser, died 7 Feb 1968 in Calgary, aged 99 or 90, wife of the late Alexander Simser, loving mother of Mrs James [Vera] Adams of Renfrew, Mrs. D A MacDonald [Nancy] of Calgary, sister of Leonard of Mountain Station Ont. Interment Pinecrest Cemetery.
It doesn't say if Pinecrest is in Ottawa or Calgary.
Main thing is that Vera married again and is now an Adams so George died but when?
Vera May Adams, died 1 May 1974 at Renfrew, wife of late James Adams. Vera May Simzer aged 81. Mother of Mrs Margaret Mielke of Arnprior and grandmother of Mrs Douglas Ferguson of Castleford. Buried Castleford Cemetery.

From Druoin Collection Valleyview Quebec
Wilson, Vera May Simser [wife George] English River & Howick, Presb Church, 1914 S.
No idea what that is about. Maybe it was a baptism. Wasn't birth or death so that only leaves baptism. George was alive in 1914.
Note says " No record has been selected so there are no suggested records related to this record".

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Copy that! (Well, most of it..)

I have most of what you shared, thank you, less the 1911 census details..

I also have record of the 1914 Adult Baptism for Vera..(so she was married in the church prior to being baptised?) Her children Marguerite Helena and George Alexander are also Baptised at this time.

There exists a grave for George J K Wilson in Calgary, died 1977 I believe, but not sure if it would be him.

Not sure when Vera remarried. Nor when/if George and Vera were reunited with their children.

Thanks again for the help!!

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Edited: 1504032109000
I've gained new information that suggests George abandoned Vera to go out West..?!

Still unsure when he left, or when she remarried James Adams..

My search continues!

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Hi Satch42179,

I have re-read the reply you provided, and I certainly did not express my gratitude to it's fullest, in my initial reply..!

I apologize for my tunnel vision, as I was so focused on comparing the info we were sharing, that I lost sight of the incredible and thorough research you completed and shared.

Thank you!

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Hi Chantal and Satch4218,

I am also speculating that George either abandoned Vera or died before the 1921 Census. As has been said, Jenny was living with her grandparents Simser in Ottawa in 1921. I also found a record for the 1921 Census that shows an Andrew Wilson (10) and an Arnold Wilson (5) both living at the Elgin Street Orphans home in Ottawa. The 1921 Census also shows a Margaret Thrun (7) living with Herman and Minnie Thrun in Thorne Township, Quebec.

According to the Ottawa Journal, Charles Richardson E (Carl) Meilke died on 21 May 1954 and that he was married to Margaret Thrun. Vera Simser Adam's obituary indicates that Vera was the mother of Margaret Mielke. I am fairly confident that Margaret Wilson was adopted by the Thruns before the 1921 Census.

If these records are indeed the records of Vera Simser Wilson Adam's 4 children in 1921, then it seems that something catastrophic happened to her family. I have not found her 1921 Census record.

Sheryl B

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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I saw that 1914 record as well. There is a code S at that end of the record which could stand for sépultures which means graves in english. That must be in error and that it should be B for baptêmes (baptisms).

Re: Wilson/Simser(Silmser) (of Cornwall)

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Thanks Sheryl,

You are correct!! It was a baptism for Vera, not sepultures. I have reviewed the handwritten account.

Sounds like we are all on the same page, and left with just as many questions as to what exactly happened.

Let the (re)search continue!!
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