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Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Surnames: Van Camp, Worthington
I am seeking information on the parents of Isaac Van Camp and of Aaron Van Camp, who are listed together in the 1780 roster of the eleven man 4th class of Captain Abner Howell’s Company of the Third Battalion of the Washington Co (PA) Milia They owned adjacent and in Amwell Twp of that county near Ten-Mile Creek. It seems likely that they were brothers. Isaac Van Camp (my 4xg grandfather) was born 23 Dec 1749 in an unknown location, and married Mary Worthington 25 June 1777. He died in Monongalia Co., (now WV) 2 March 1933. Little is known about Aaron but his wife is also known to be named Mary.
Because given names were so commonly also family names in the 18th century, descendents of both the Monongalia Isaac Van Camp and the Ulster NY Van Campens have searched for Isaac Van Camp’s parents among Van Campen families in which Isaac was a common given name. Thus there is listed as # 511 (on p. 63) Vol 2 of “ Contributions to the Family History and Genealogy of the Van Campen Family of America, Ulster Co. NY Branch” by D. A. D. Ogden Jr., J. H. Van Campen, and R. A. Stowe an Isaac {Van Campen}Jr who married Mary Worthington and and died 2 March 1833 in Monogalia WV. This Isaac Jr. would have been the son of the Isaac Van Campen who married Magdelena Rosenkranz and who purchased and perhaps built the historic stone manor house in Walpack (NJ) known as the Van Campen Inn.
Ogden et al also cite Leonard Peck’s suggestion in a Sept 1996 publication of the Walpack (NJ) Historical Society that the Isaac Van Camp who died in Monongalia Co WV was baptized 5 May 1745 as Isaac Van Campen as a resident in Somerset Co NJ at the Readington (NJ) Dutch Reformed Church as the son of Cornelius and the great grandson of the Dutch solder Gerit Janszen Van Campen of Kingston (Ulster Co NY).
Both Ogden et al and Peck list their particular Isaac Van Campen‘s as being baptized in 1743 and 1745 respectively several years before the Monongalia Van Camp’s 23 Dec 1749 date of birth In the case of the Isaac Van Campen, Jr of Van Campen Inn there is the additional problem of the father’s will. The senior Isaac Van Campen in his will provides son Isaac with the use of the father’s bedroom at the Van Campen Inn in Waldack for the rest of son Isaac’s life, with provision for firewood, care of his horse, and an allowance. It is clear from the 1801 will that he is unmarried. The Monongalia Isaac Van Camp was then married and was the father of nine children.
I am looking as an alternative for an Aaron Van Campen, after whom brother Aaron might have been named. In the Ogden book only one such individual is mentioned. He is the “Arie” (Aaron) who is described as being the great-grandson of the Dutch soldier Gerrit Janszen Van Campen’s by the grandson Gerrit who settled in Hunterdon Co NJ. The authors describe this Arie (Aaron) as having an only child named Gerrit. They seem however to have uncovered little information about either his life or his family. This suggests the possibility that he could in fact have had other heretofore unknown children.
I would appreciate additional information about Aaron (Arie) (1720-1771). Beyond that, help would also be appreciated in terms of information on 18th century middle colony Van Camp(en) families which employ Isaac or Aaron as common given names, and especially a family which employs both.

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Surnames: Knox, McAnally, Worhtington, Van Camp
My 4th Great Grandfather is Isaac Van Camp who served with Howell's company Rev War. I am currently preparing doucmentation to register for DAR. The form says that they need his service information. The Abner Howell info is not sufficient. HELP? If not, I will send for a copy asap. Someone else has gone in on Isaac before so the information SHOULD be on their registration form. Isaac m. Mary you have any marriage info? I have Will and Bible transcription, even Robert Worthington's will, but nothing that actually says: Mary Worthington is the wife of Isaac Van Camp. Please answer at this site and also try to email me. Having email issues since carrier did 'upgrade'.
Thanks, Sara Knox McAnally [my Levi Knox m. Mary Van Camp widow - Morgan.

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Surnames: Van Camp, Worthington
Information in regard to Isaac Van Camp’s military service can be found in Pennsylvania Archives Series VI, Volume 2. He is listed as serving in the Washington County Militia 1781-82 in the 3rd Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. David Williamson of Donegal Twp...
He served in the so-called 4th Class of Captain Abner Howell’s Company. (A class seems in effect to have been a platoon.) On p. 119 of the Archives, the name of Isaac Van Camp can be found as a member of an eleven member class. There are two different but overlapping lists of this 3rd Class. Presumably personnel changed over time. On p. 112 there is another list of the same 4th class, now with ten members. It is more specifically labeled “A Return of 3rd and 4th Class Capt. Abner Howell’s Company 3rd Battalion, Washington County Militia September 4th, 1782.” Changes have taken place in the roster, one name is new, and three names from the earlier list have been omitted. Isaac Van Camp evidently continued in militia service, now being listed as Isaack Van Camp....
I believe that I know the identity of a Van Camp cousin who joined DAR on the basis of descent from Isaac VanCamp. I will try to help you get in touch with her....

I am puzzled by your reference to a will of a Robert Worthington who would have been the father-in-law of Isaac Van Camp. I am not aware of any proof that Isaac Van Camp was married to a Mary Worthington. If her maiden name was Worthington, she would however likely have been the daughter of a Robert (Booby Dunblean) Worthington who lived on Jacobs Creek in adjoining Westmoreland County. He is described however ( in Kentucky Family Records, Vol. IX, p. 8ff) as dieing intestate in Westmoreland County soon after May 1788....

Serving in Isaac’s same ten or eleven member class was Aaron Van Camp. In the same Company’s 8th class was a Lowrence Vanamp (sic) who I believe to be a member of the same Van Camp family....

It has been reported that a 1783 tax listx Isaac Van Camp as owning 210 acres immediately adjacent to a 400 acre parcel and grist mill owned by Aaron Van Camp. Crumrine’s 1882 History of Washington County Pennsylvania notes that this location jad become known as the site of a former deCamp grist mill. Likely the family was of French Huguenot descent by 1664 New Amsterdam emigrant Laurent deCamp.

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Van Camp, Worthington, Knox
Thank you for responding. I have a few pages of the PA Archives that you reference (title pg, 118, 119). It is going to be used as backup documentation. With the additional info I have, I believe what they are asking for is overkill, but I must do what they ask...... The DAR # of your relative that went in on Isaac would be wonderful. No one had gone in on Mary "Levi Knox and Mary Van Camp [Knox} daughter of Isaac Van Camp". Plus, it is a known fact that he was a Patriot. It's even on his tombstone. Mary, wife of Isaac, is buried in the same Burnt Meeting House Cemetery with him. Oh well.

As for the remainder of your message I must put it on hold for now... I apologize. I have many questions on the Van Camps and the Worthington's. Between the 2 Isaac Van Camp families and a number of Robert Worthington's in the same family, it's my feeling that this puzzle needs some real work :)...but none of it comes into play with what I am doing right now, thank goodness. I have seen and referenced the Crumrine book myself. I also conferred with Dorothy Crumrine Rutherford earlier this year when I was contemplating using a Dickerson relative as my patriot. [Her documentation is microfilmed at LDS.]

I would like to delve into your questions after I have finished with this project. Please keep me in the loop and I will do the same. My email is in the other posting. Feel free to contact me at that address. I'm putting these postings in a folder for future reference. Thanks,
Sara Knox McAnally

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Thought I would touch base...... One of the items you questioned was Mary Worthington's connection to Isaac Van Camp. Found some backup copy. Birth Records, Vol. 1 'Registry of Births' Monongalia County, WV microfilm #464964. The electronic copy can be printed online (US GenWeb). I chose to cut and paste, by sections, to a word doc. Can provide if you want.

FYI I refer to all of the Roberts as Robert. I just recently started working with them and since Jr is the 3rd Robert it just doesn't make sense to me... and, I know of the other ones nickname.

Birth Record Findings (transcribed as is):
Mary Worthington b Sep 15 1757 parents, Robert/Margaret Mathews
Robert Worthington b 1730 parents, Robert/Mary Burtis
Isaac Camp b Dec 27 1749 parents, Isaac/Magdalena Rodenkrans

others connected:
Hannah Van Camp b Oct 27 1791 parents, Isaac/Mary Worthington

Thomas Smallwood Wilson b Nov 1791 parents, Thomas Smallwood/Mary Van Camp
William Wilson b May 1783 parents, Thomas Smallwod/Mary

I haven't input this info yet but it is a County document. Better than heresay and actually good for the time period.

* Any chance you would know of anyone who lives around the Burnt Meeting Place Cemetery, near Morgantown, WV? Quote: Graveyard near "River Road" between Morgantown & Booth, 3 1/2 miles from Morgantown. There was a stone for Isaac but none for wife, Mary. Unquote. Col. John Evan Chapter DAR Chapter, Morgantown, WV compilation 1940

----------------It's probably deteriorated by now but per US GenWeb transcription: his headstone said Pvt. PA Mil,Rev War, March 2, 1833 John & Elizabeth Camp and son are buried there also. John Knox who d 1844 is buried next to wife of Isaac, died 6-22-1837 grandson?? Route 2, Saylor Road.

Just sharing, Sara

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Isaac was a common name among the descendents of Dutch emigrant Gerrit Jansen Van Campen of Ulster Co NY. This may explain why the Isaac Van Camp of Monongalia Co. (W)V is listed in published sources as being either of two different Ulster Co NY Isaac Van Campen’s. Both are incorrect. Isaac Van Campen and Magdalena Rosenkrans did indeed have a son Isaac. He was baptized 27 Dec 1743. Isaac Jr. is described in his father’s 1801will as being unmarried, and there is detailed provision for his care at a local Inn in the will. …..There has also been confusion over the identity of the wife of the Monongalia Co VA Isaac Van Camp. There seem to have been two different Robert Worthington’s who related to each other. The two were an uncle and a nephew.. A Mary Worthington, whose father was Robert and whose mother was Margaret Mathews, was the first First Lady of Ohio, by virtue of being the wife of the first Governor, Edward Tiffin. She is even better known as being the brother of Thomas Worthington., considered as the Father of Ohio Statehood. He was the first Ohio US Senator, and second state governor. To distinguish him from other Robert Worthington’s in the family, the nephew was known as “Bobby Dunblaen”. Early on the Worthington’s were a wealthy Quaker family, but “Bobby Dunblaen” seems to have been something of a spend-thrift. He is known to have settled along Jacob’s Creek along what is today the border between Westmoreland and Fayette Counties. He died there in obscurity. Unfortunately he died without a will and apparently an estate, and there is no known list of his children. That he had a daughter Mary cannot be proven, but I think that he did and that she married Isaac. . .

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Oh my, the plot just keeps thickening......I knew this data was mixed up but I didn't know how badly. You have a good handle on it.

First I want to let you know that I have requested a picture of both Isaac's and Mary's headstones from Find A Grave. Awaiting receipt.

So, if I am understanding this new information [to me], Isaac the Monongalia Patriot is our 4G-Grandfather. That remains a fact. Isaac was married to Mary, maybe Bobby [Dunblean] Worthington's daughter. Almost certainly not a daughter, Mary, of the 2 other Robert Worthington's that contributors are quoting.

We believe that Aaron and another Van Camp serving in the military in Washington County PA were probably related to our Monongalia Isaac VC.

Some quote Isaac as born in Washington Co PA vs Monongalia Co. Your opinion?

Was Isaac living in Wash. Co. PA at the time he enlisted or was the Monongalia Co V/WV area patriots recruited for the Wash. Co. PA miltia?

This is as much as I need to clarify for now. I need to put the few facts and theory's into some order.

Awaiting another of your concise writings.

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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A 1784 tax assessment list for Amwell Twp of Washington Co PA lists three Van Camp’s: Isaac, Aaron, and Lawrence. The first two, and likely the third, served in the Abner Howell Co. of the Washington Co Militia. Aaron left a distinct historical footprint in terms of deed records and family cemetery burials, both at present-day Lone Pine. Isaac and Lawrence however soon migrated up the Monongalea River valley to near Morgantown WV. Isaac is first found on Monongalea Co VA tax lists beginning in 1790, and Lawrence the following year…

In his 1833 Monongalea County will, Isaac lists ten living children, Elizabeth, Adam, William, Jemima, Peter, Mary, Dorcas, Hanna, John, and Rachael. Son John remained on the farm, as have his descendents to the present day. Six of Isaac’s children, including your Mary and my William, moved to the Muskingum Co OH area. The others were Elizabeth, Jemima, Peter, and Rachel. The siblings seem to have been closely knit, marrying into the same families, such as Tanner, Thrap, and Hoskinson. When Mary was widowed with two infant daughters, Maria and Mary, brother William became their legal guardian, with Joseph Thrap, the husband of Mary’s sister Jemima being listed as security. ……Isaac Van Camp is listed in the DAR Patriot Index—Centennial Edition as being “b. 12-27-1749 PA d.3-2-1833 VA. m Mary -----Pvt PA” . I believe he could have been born either in PA or NJ.

The local DAR Chapter has replaced the original Burnt Meeting House tombstones of Isaac, and a near-by Ensign Robison. The DAR apparently places flags on the two graves each Memorial Day. I do not recall finding a tombstone for Isaac’s wife.

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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Here's a stab in the dark, but one of my brick walls is my 2-gr grandfather John VANCAMPEN. He was born in 1813 in NJ according to all his census records and he died in 1884 in Coles Co., IL . He and his family always used the name VANCAMPEN instead of VAN CAMP. However, there is a common thread with the locations of this Isaac and Aaron and Lawarence VAN CAMP and my John VANCAMPEN. I have always thought that this John was part of the Warren Co., NJ VANCAMPENS, BUT he married my 2-gr grandmother, Permelia Prall in Zanesville, OH in 1834. I have never understood how and why they were in Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH in 1834 unless they were with family. Permelia Prall, John's wife, was born in 1814 in Washington Co., PA. In November of 1837, John VANCAMPEN purchased 40 acres of land in Guernsey Co., OH. The certificate was issued to John VAN CAMPEN of Washington, Co. PA.

Is there a possibility that my John VANCAMPEN, b. 1813, might be a part of one of the families of these three VAN CAMP brothers? Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated. John VANCAMPEN's family was in Clark County, Indiana in Henryville by 1841. Permelia Prall's brothers had settled there earlier.

Joanna Smith Dunn

Re: Isaac and Aaron Van Camp/ Van Campen

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In a 27 Aug 2005 rootsweb VanCampen-L mailing list posting, Cynthia as asks ‘Is it possible that the Johannes decamp baptized 2 Feb 1679, Amerwsfoort DRC” is the same as “the Johannes married to Mary Prall, the dau of the emigrants Arent Jansen Prall and Maria Pieterse Billiou?” If the answer is yes, as it apparently is, it would explain a lot. ”..................................

According to Cynthias’s posting, Mary Prall had a brother Peter. According to internet postings, Peter’s line has had continuing issue, including a George Prall found in a 1800 Amwell Twp Washington Co PA census. I believe it likely that John Vancampen and Permelia Prall may have been not only husband and wife but also something like fifth cousins..................................................

It was once common (especially among continental Europeans) to name children first after grandparents, and then after the parents themselves. I have come to regard the name Aaron decamp/VanCampen/VanCamp as being something of a genealogical marker. As it occurs in a decamp line, I believe it reveals descent from the emigrant Laurent deCamp’s son Johannes and his wife Mary Prall. .............

The Johannes VanCampen. decamp/VanCampen bapt 2 Feb 1679 illustrates this. In his 1764 will he divides his residual estate into quarters, to be divided among the heirs of a deceased son also named John, and three daughters. The will lists grandson Lawrnece as being the oldest of the deceased John’s sons. ..................

While Lawrence’s brothers are not named, I believe that a brother Aaron decamp married Mary Frazee on 7 March 1759 at the Scotch Plains Baptist Church. (The Scotch Plains Church was a mere half dizen miles down below the “Watsatch Mountain” from the near New Providence home of Johannes and Mary Prall VanCampen.). .............................
In 1847 a different Aaron VanCamp testified before a Claremont Co OH court that some 64 years before in 1783 he had been present at a wedding performed by the Baptist pastor David Sutton of his sister Sarah Josiah Prickett. According to related testimony, the father of the bride and of Aaron was named Lawrnece. .............................
It is significant that David Sutton performed the wedding, and (indeed that Aaron Van Camp should recall the name so long afterward). because the pastor’s parents had been charter members of the Scotch Plains Baptist Church where the younger Aarons’s Uncle Aaron decamp had been married in 1759. ................................................

David Sutton was pastor, and a brother Abraham a member, of the North Ten Mile Baptist Church at what has variously been called Green Springs, Pleasant Valley, and now Lone Pine. It was there also that Aaron decamp/VanCamp had a mill, and where he and wife Mary sold part of his land to Christopher Slusher in 1801. (While Aaron signed the deed as VanCamp, Crumrine in his 1882 History of Washington County Pennsylvania describes how Christopher Slusher “came to this township [Amwell] and settled near the old Decamp (sic) mill, on the north fork of Ten-Mile Creek, the site of the village of Pleasant Valley.” .........................

I have made my own study of Warren Co and other Delaware Water Gap VanCampen’s and am quite confident that no one in that family settled at an early date in Washington Co PA. Instead, I regard your posting as providing further evidence that we both descend from the emigrant Laurent deCamp’s son John through the son John who prediseased him. I just wish that I could prove it. ....................................
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