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Hermannus Roelofs

Hermannus Roelofs

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Surnames: Roelofs
I am trying to track down information on a Hermannus Roelof who was born 07-24-19. In 1937 he lived in Stleltjeskannaalen, Dalen and later moved fo Assen.

Does anyone have any information on him? A friend has correspondance between her mother and him during the late 1930's - 1940's.

Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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What's his birthyear? or do you mean 1900 with 19.?
and place if you know. And do you know the name of his wife?


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Thank you for responding, Jetti. Per the letter he wrote in June 1937 he said:

This is the first letter from you correspondent and no less than a Dutch
boy namend Hermannes Roelofs, Stieltjeskannaalen, Dalen Drente, Netherland.
Your correspondent is born on the twenty fourth of July 1919 and is the son of a
farmer, he is studying at a seminary for teachers of Koevorden (sp).

Unfortunately, I do not know the name of his wife. If you would like to see the letters which might have clues in them you can find them on the following website:

Thank you.


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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I'm sorry but I think he married a Gretel Vrielink in Coevorden.


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Hi Barb,

How special and beautiful that is, those letters and all!
If you want to know who his parents were and when he married and what children they got,
there are two possibilities:

1) I found a website of family Wesseling on which Hermannus Roelofs is mentioned as married to Grietje Vrielink , he was born in Stieltjeskanaal as you know.
Grietje Vrielink was born in 1919 in Dalen.

On the site they refer also to their children, but they are not mentioned there, probably because of privacy reasons.
So there is no more information on the website then this, but I get the impression they do know more in private .
So... you could send them a mail and explain your story , maybe they know more !
Under the first page of the site the mailadress is avaiable , see
and then under,
were stands: Opmerkingen of aanvullingen s.v.p naar: e-mailadres.
click on mailadress and it opens.

2) second possibility is to get an so called ''Personal Card'' by the CBG in The Hague,
which is available for persons who died after 1939 and at least 2 yrs ago and in the Netherlands.
You have to know at least the birth date,place and/or death place date,and the full name,
but you got his name and birthdate and place, that should be enough and also the name of his wife should be mentioned.
On such a card you find his parents, birth, and those of his wife and marriage and on the backsite of the card the children. Often also with year and last name of the partners they married.
There's also a great chance that adresses were he lived are on it, but that depends on when he died.
And his profession on it.
The costs are normally a few euro's, but for persons who order it outside NL, there will be some more costs.
It can take some weeks before the card is there,
I could do that for you if you have Paypall and would pay me the costs (4-6 euro ),

but....personally I first would write the family Wesseling, perhaps they know more or can you bring in contact with family.That would be easier as first choice.

It's very special that you got those letters and that your mother had for so long that contact,
really moving. Your mother looks lovely by the way.

If you can trace the descendents this way, maybe they can tell you more about him, perhaps they are interested in those letters too.

The birth and marriage of Hermannus Roelofs is not yet online, because it's not long enough ago,
birthrecords are here avaiable after 100 yrs, marriage after 75 yrs and death records after 50 yrs.


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Thank you so much! I should clarify that it is a freind of mine whose mother the letters were written to. I was just trying to help find the family has I found the story so facinating. What a snapshot in time.

I'll let you know what happens.


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Hi Barb,

Oke, I understand,
indeed very facinating and gives an interesting image of that time.
I'm indeed curious how it developpes!

good luck!

Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Hello Barb,

It is not very much, but I found his name in the population register 1910-1920 of Dalen, Drenthe.

The father of Hermannus was Albert Roelofs, a farmer, who came to Dalen in on October 1, 1913.
He came from the town Coevorden, where he was born.

Albert Roelofs married to Anna Zwiers on September 26, 1913 in Dalen, Drenthe.

Albert Roelofs, his wife Anna Zwiers and two children, named Roelof Roelofs, born May 19, 1915 and Hermannus Roelofs, born July 24, 1919, last line, lived in the house of his father-in-law, Roelof Zwiers.

A bad picture of the population record is attached.

Best regards,

Robert A. van Duuren
The Netherlands


Re: Hermannus Roelofs

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Thank you so much, Robert. I feel like I'm getting more information which will hopefully help me track down Hermannus' family.

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