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Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Surnames: Ragland, Dickerson, Davis, Lancaster
Good day:

My name is Joi Dickerson and I am an African-American
decended from the Ragland family.

I have an ancestor John D. Ragland who was one of the
many children of a slavemaster named Ragland in
Petersburg, VA and his seamstress.

Please contact me for more info, I could use your

My 92 year lucid grandfather told me that a plantation
owner left his planation to my Madagascan maternal
ancestor but she was denied the plantation due to the
fact that she was black. She took her children and
moved into the Smokey Mountains.

I have documents from John Davis, a sea capatain who
was abducted with Evan Ragland, the information is

> According to George Gibson Dickerson and Ethel
> Dickerson, our family is
descendant of Malagasy Royalty of Madagascar.The
story goes that a Prince and Princess were abducted
from the seashore of Madagascar by a Scottish/English
Sea Captain. The Princess married the seacaptain and
he brought her to Virginia to his plantation. Ethel
Dickerson believes this was the Ragland
surname connection.

I, Joi Dickerson have found evidence through that an Evan Ragland was abducted from
England with a John Davis.

There was a famous Sea Captain named John
Davis-(sometimes written Davys) who published in the
1600's a book titled

The Voyages and Works of John Davis, the Navigator

I found this book in the New York PublicLibrary
(reference # 910.8 D.)

John Davis made more than one journey to Madagascar.
His first journey, under a captain or Baase (a Dutch
word for Master or Boss named James Lancaster and a
second voyage where he was the Captain.

On page 136 of his book he writes in Olde English;

(February 1599) The third wee anchored in the
same Bay(S.W. coast of Madagascar) where we saw many
peopleupon the shore, but when we landed they fled
from us: for the other Voyage ourBaase was in this
Bay,, where hee greatly abused the people, and tooke
one of them,bound him to a Post, and shot him to
death, with other shamefuldisorders.

After seven dayes by much meanes that we made, some
of them came to us, and after would no more abide us.


The three and twentieth, we fell with
the islands of Maldivia, which are very low, close by
water, wholly covered with Cocoa trees, so that we saw
the trees but not the shore. Here we anchored and
refreshed ourselves:

Many of the Countrey Boats passing by us, but none
would come to us: whereupon our Baase (Ship
Master)sent out the ships boats to take one of them.

The foure and twentieth, they brought a Boat covered
with Mats, like a closed Barge.

In this Boat was a Gentleman and his Wife; he was
apparelled in very fine white Linnen, after
the Turkish manner. In his rings were rich stones,
his behaviour was so sweet and affable, his countence
so modest, and his speech so graceful. As that it
made apparent shewe he could not be less than a
He was unwilling to have his Wife seen:
notwithstanding, our Baase went with him into his
Boat, to see her: he also opened her Casket, wherein
some Jewels and Ambergeese(used for perfume).

He reported that she sat with with mournefull modesty,
not using one word: what was taken from them I know
not; but in departing this Gentleman shewed a
Princely spirit. His color was blacke, with smoothe
hair, a man of middle stature.

Joi Dickerson

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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I have a Sarah Ragland who was born in Buckingham, Va in Jul 1798. She married Joseph Francis. Do you have a year that your Ragland was born or died? Am very interested in your story. My mother's maiden name is Dickerson.

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Surnames: Ragland, Dickerson
Have I ever responded to your Sarah Ragland and your mother's maiden name being Dickerson?

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Surnames: Thomson, Thomas, Thompson runaway slaves of Canada
This is a really interesting story. I have one that is similar. My Name is Monica Thompson and I am a descedant of George Henry Thomson born in Madagascar, Africa in 1795, taken as a slave from his native land to Virgina like most slaves. He told the story of his mother who was of Indoneisan descent and refered to her as a mistress of royalty (prince) from the Continent Africa. We know through stories past down and documented that he was sold in Virgina and taken to a plantation in Kentucky. He ran away to Pennsylvania where he lived with Quakers. Then he ran to New York Niagra Falls area and began working as a coachman and blacksmith for a white family from Liverpool England. It was there that he fell in love and ran away with Eliza Jane Ford their 15 year old daughter. By this time he was in his late 30's. The crossed over at Niagra Falls and resided in North Buxton, Ontario Canada. From there they lived on Walpole Island and their final residence was Colchester South, Essex, Ontario Canada. He died there in 1895. We were told that we have other family from a different blood line when he was a slave. He was previously married. I don't know how to search for his family in Madagascar. But would love to find that link! His complextion was also black with slanted eyes and very long silky smooth hair. Thank you for sharing your story. It brings me hope.

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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My name is Nicol Harris, I too am a descendent of George Henry Thomson, would love to discover more about my family history...would love any assistance anyone can provide.

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Hi Monica, My name is Deborah I am also descendant of Hari Orari Aka George J. Thompson and Eliza J. Ford, my grandmother Cora Thompson was his great granddaughter. I have a lot of info they had Nine kids. they with to church Methodist. Plz get back with me thank you.

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Deborah, I'm also a descendant of Hari Orara. My grandmother was Mary Thompson and according to the records she gave me, she had a sister, Cora Isabel born in Ontario, Canada, November 11, 1901. Does that match your information? Lynne

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Surnames: Hari Harare Madagascar Thompson
Hi Lynne! I am your cousin Monica. Yes you have an aunt Cora. My page has our Great grandparents children listed. Also i live in Michigan where a lot of your relatives are. Feel free to contact me!

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Hi cousin Deb! I am getting back to you! :)

Re: Malagasy Ancestors Stolen

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Hi cousin. I am willing to help if you are still interested.
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