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Wilkerson Lawson

Wilkerson Lawson

Deana (View posts)
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I am trying to find information about Wilkerson Lawson's ancestry. He is as far back as we have been able to find. I know that they came to Arkansas from Tennessee. If you have any information about this line please let me know. I would love to be able to find out more about my ancestry.

Wilkerson Lawson

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There is a Wilkerson Lawson age 15 listed in the 1870 Campbell Co., TN census. Father Newton age 43 and mother Ellen age 38.

Wilkerson LAWSON

Sam D. Lawson (View posts)
Posted: 956319784000
This seems too weird! I have a Wilkerson LAWSON, born 16 July, 1854, a son of Newton LAWSON and Ellender GILBERT. This family was from Hawkins Co., Tenn. The names are too close to be anybody else...

Wilkerson Lawson

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Wilkerson Lawson was born about 1825 in Hawkins Cty, TN. His father was Hennis Lawson. I am also trying to find infomation about his ancestry. Wilkerson is my gggrandfather. I believe that I have recently found Hennis' father but haven't tied it for sure yet. I would be happy to trade information with you.

Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Surnames: Lawson Rose Martin Calvert Trent Laughlin
Hi Deanna,

I am descended from Wilkerson Lawson via his daughter
Amanda Lawson. There are several related family researchers
looking to prove the ancestry of Wilkerson. I recently noticed
that the 1880 MO Census shows he along with related
surnames in McDonald Co MO. This I knew. He owned
land in Dist 3 north of Clinch Mtn in Hawkins TN. It is
supposed his father was Hennis and grandfather was Burrell
who I now suspect died in Laclede Co MO @1890 but it
must have been before the Census because there is no
record. The thing about the MCD co Census is he indicates
his father and mother were both born in GA. Now that
presents a dilemma. -

We know we Have Burrell in TN and Stokes Co NC before
1830. We know of one proven son, James. but Burrell
disappears from census data in 1830 census? Where did
he go? GA?

Well anyway, I have data back through Wilkerson, land
transaction in 1851, later more transactions in Benton
Co AR. Then McDonald Co Mo. Wilks m first Elizabeth
martin with issue. She moves with him to AR but she died
and he married Elizabeth's niece Mahala Martin Hall(who had previously married wilfred Hall.

Surnames in common out of TN and then in MO AR OK and TX even are: Martin Hall Laughlin Rose(Also Rose out of IL)
Trent. there are others. Pendergraft Spurlock and so on

you may contact me here or in any manner preferred. There
are 6 separate family researchers doing these lines and
we may be able to assist or improve your info.

David Bell
11923 Westwold Dr
Tomball, Tx 77375

Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Surnames: Lawson, Inman, Goff, Martin
I'm the 4th great grandaughter to Wilkerson by his son James. Have you been able to trace the native American heritage? Also, there is question of James' mother. Do you know whether she was Elizabeth or Mahala? Thanks Carol

Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Surnames: Lawson, Stapleton, Wolfe
There is actually no evidence that Hennis Lawson was the son of Burrell Lawson. What we do know for a fact from Civil War pension files that the children of Hennis, Banks and Martin Lawson were cousins. There is also some speculation that Clement Lawson and Burrell Lawson were the same individual. There were never found together any year except in one year in Stokes County, NC but at different times in the year. Banks, Hennis and possibly Martin named boys Clem.

The Indian story was proven to be wrong. The family Indian story involves not Wilkerson Lawson but second wife Mahala Martin was the daughter of William Martin and Susan Wolfe. Susan Wolfe was the daughter of George Wolfe and Mary Unknown. George Wolfe was the son of Dennis Wolfe.

Wilkerson's sons Edwin and William Tandy and some of the Martins filed an Eastern Cherokee compensation application claiming that Dennis Wolfe was a Cherokee. There was a Dennis Wolfe on one of the rolls, but he was far to young to be George Wolfe's father. George Wolfe finally clarified that his father was not a Cherokee at all. So, the claim was rejected by the Commission. I have all of the documents.

The big question is who was Jaley Lawson (Hennis' wife). Some of the children of James Stapleton said in depositions that they were the cousins or uncles (cousins removed) of the children of Hennis Lawson but did not indicate the same for the children of Banks Lawson in other depositions. This would seem to suggest that the connection was through Jaley not Hennis.

Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Surnames: Lawson Rose Calvert
David and all:

Here is where I have some difficulty with all the stories, proofs or lack of them. So I have to explain this first-hand (and second because as I pen these remarks, I asked Dorthey to reflect again for me on what she recalls of Amanda Lawson.

I knew that William Tandy had filed for recognition as Cherokee. I had thought it was approved. But that is not my point all along but it wasn't.

Amanda Lawson, who is my great-grandmother on my maternal ancestry, was known to my mother, her sisters and my grandmother who called her "Black Granny". She was said to have been part Cherokee. This would indicate that either Elizabeth Martin was Cherokee or that Wilkerson had a wife and child aside from the Children of Elizabeth and this child was Amanda. My mother remembers Amanda as a child.

She said indicated that the family story was that Amanda was part Cherokee(not Mahala's daughter). This would posit that ELizabeth was part Cherokee. OR, that the mother of Amanda was another wife or liaison with WIlkerson. I also know that Vesta Rose Calvert believed she was 1/4 Cherokee.
and called AManda her "Black Granny". Dorthey, my mother, believes that Vesta, grand-daughter of Amanda believed she was Cherokee.

Mom's basic memory of Amanda was she visited(with Arthur and Vesta and the rest of the family) Amanda Lawson. Her memory is that she was sitting in front of a shack or cabin on a bench. I just reviewed this with Mom because I remember Vesta calling Amanda Black Granny.

Vesta was daughter of Samuel Wilkerson Rose whose parents were Amanda and Robert Marsh Rose. Vesta died 1969, Mom, 87, is the only living descendant of this family group.
Arthur, had 3 marriages before marrying my grandmother in 1915. Arthur Clay Calvert, b 1876 Wetzel Co WV, d 1967 Joplin MO(Jasper Co. Amanda Silvesta Rose b 1898 d 1969 was my grandmother. Clara Rose who married Bert Lawson was sister to Vesta as was Lillian who married??? Kurt Shaw.

Now I remember visiting Bert and Clara and cannot recall visiting Lil and Kurt. This would be the early 50s. I can't think of any reason to doubt that there was some story of the Cherokee descent in the Lawson and Rose lines. Vesta believed she was 1/4 Cherokee, making Mom 1/8. Which would mean that Amanda was 1/2.

I remain puzzled by this and all I can say is that this woman, Amanda, was known as Black Granny and it was her mother whom the story is passed down regarding the Trail of Tears and who wouldn't enroll her children with the Cherokees or Dawes roll. This is my mory of these many discussions since perhaps the late 60s(My parents were the original researchers in the family and they were talking to both Arthur and Vesta about Ancestry here in Joplin before their deaths and I was present).


Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Surnames: Lawson
I am aware of the Black Granny stories. The reality is that they were not Cherokee. Mormon Lawson, for example, was rejected because the Cherokees ceded and vacated Eastern Tennessee in 1780. Also, Mormon was born in an area in which there were never Cherokees. Likewise, Hennis Lawson was never in a Cherokee occupied area. The stories are bogus. The second reality is that these Lawsons married into Melungeon families who we known from DNA testing were African. So, I will not dispute the Black Granny stories, but the evidence shows tjat they were Black and not Cherokee. This is especially true for those from Hancock County. There is an old geological review of Hancock County which point out that it was a haven for freed and escaped slaves. The descendents Banks and Hennis Lawson were not Cherokee. If they were of mixed race if was African.

Re: Wilkerson Lawson

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Good Enough David, I wasn't discounting this, but did not say it and should have done in the post. My problem here is getting a Lawson male to do the DNA. I have yet to get it done.

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