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Lefferts Ancestories

Lefferts Ancestories

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Surnames: Hagewolt, Haughwout, Hermans, Hermanse
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Jan Hagewolt

Edward Rockstein (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Haughwout
It's not much more, but I have Jan Hagewolt as born abt 1590 in Rauveen, Netherlands

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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Hallo Gloria

I am very busy with the Hagewolt-family because it's my mothers' family.
The oldest Hagewolt I have is Johan Hagewolt. About 1500 he was the third sherrif of Rouveen, a village which was founded a few tens of years before. In that same period also an Albert Hagewolt, with his wife Mette, lived in Rouveen. They sold land to the nuns of Zwartewaterklooster.
I think that the Hagewolt-family originate from a small hamlet south to Hasselt, which doens't exist anymore. That hamlet was called Haudighwold. The Hagewoldfamily used to live in Hasselt in the 17th and 18th century. They also lived in Meppel. The Meppel Hagewolts' though originated from Rouveen.
Hagewolts can be found in Rouveen untill about 1800. Members of the family moved mainly to De Wijk and Ruinerwold.
If you want to know more about the Hagewolt (nowadays Hagewoud) family, I hear from you.

Re: Lefferts Ancestories (Hagewolt)

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Surnames: hagewoud
The information on Hagewolt family is very interesting to me.
My gg-mother was Grietje Hagewoud (1853-1930), she was a descendant of Berend Everts and Niesje Hendriks in Rouveen.
Children: Geesje (1685), Evert (1691) and Hendrik (1692) all baptized in Rouveen.
Is there any connection with the Hagewolt family you have information on ??

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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It has been a long time since I wrote to you but I am hoping you can help me once again. I have Jan Hagewolt in Nederlands born about 1590/1595. He had a son Pieter Janse Hagewoud that came to America about 1660. His wife was surname Hermanse or Hermans. I have a book written by Tunis G. Burgen but it does not help me with this. Do you have any information at all on Jan Hagewolt. Thank you so much for your help...Gloria

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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Hallo Gloria

I am still "working" on the Hagewolt-family from Rouveen. I think that Jan Hagewolt had a few sons:
Pieter, who sailed to the America's
Hendrik, my ancestor
Lambert, who was a butcher in Meppel
Albert, a deputee of the province of Drenthe and inhabitant of the city of Meppel.
The name "Hagewolt" is for the first time found in the 14th century in the city of Kampen, which is very near to Zwolle and Hasselt and Rouveen.
The first Jan Hagewolt was sherrif in Rouveen-county about the year 1500. Most probably he was related to "our" Hagewolts.
Greeting, and best wishes for 2008!


Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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Surnames: Hagewolt Lammers Schutte
Dear Sir, I am trying to find the ancestors of Bartelt (Barthel/Bertelt)Hagewold from Meppel. He was married to Willemina Schutte on 04-12-1722 from Den Ham and they had a daughter named Lamberdina Hagewoud. She was named after the father of Bartelt: Lambert. I found a Bartelt Lammerts born 01-10-1686 in Meppel with a father named Lambert Claes who was a butcher. You name that your ancestor is a Lambert who was a butcher. Could this be the same one as my ancestor? Do you have any more genealogical information about the Hagewold family and the ancestors of Bartelt?
Kind regards, M.A. de Paula Lopes

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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Dear all,

I am very interested in the Hagewolt/Haagswolt family as well, since I am a descendant of Wolterus Haagswolt and his (second?) wife Geertruy Tollink. I try to couple them to the Hagewolt family from Drenthe, but didnt succeed yet unfortunately.

This is the information i have about above mentioned couple:
Wolterus Haagswolt (Hagewolt), born about 1646, mayor and owner of a "houtstek- en lakenwinkel" in Steenwijk, he died October 3rd, 1708, and married first with Gesin M. Syneeghe , who died February 2nd, 1675, and buried in Steenwijk. Wolterus married 2nd with Geertruy Tollink.
His second wife gave birth to a daughter called Gesina, died in February 1755 at Beers, who married in 1696 at Leeuwarden with Dr. Johannes van den Heuvel (1666-1718), who was a lawyer at the Court of Friesland.

I expect that a Johan (van) Hagewolt was a relative of Wolterus. He used to be an officer in the Dutch army (ritmeester), mentioned 1644-1666. At is mentioned about him:
"Verzoek van Drost en Gedeputeerden aan Willem Frederik om de compagnie ruiters van ritmeester Hagewolt te belasten met het bezet houden van Coevorden; met negatief antwoord, 1653, nov.". (Deputies and governor of Drenthe ask prince Willem Frederik of Oranje-Nassau to keep officier Hagewolt with his army at Coevorden, to protect the city. Which has been denied).

At I find another Johan van Hagewolt, who was married with Catharine Elisabeth van Beringer. This lady owned (being a widow) the Luynhorst estate near Didam in 1682. They had at least 2 daughters (Aldegonde and Engeletta), who both inheritated the estate. I guess they died unmarried and didnt have a brother, since the estate was sold to another family after the death of Engeletta. I think these 2 Johan Hagewolt are the same, but ofcourse I am not sure about that.

Does one of you know the relationship of these 2 Hagewolts and their connection with the Rouveen Hagewolts? That would be highly appreciated!

kind regards,

Derk Jordaan

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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btw, I forgot to mention another family chart which is probably related to Wolterus and Johan:

Albert Hagewolt, the deputy mentioned in another reaction above, deputy of Drenthe to the Archduchess in Brussels 1621, etc., married Engeltien N. They were parents of :

Herman Hagewolt, born about 1595, kerkvoogd te Meppel 1618, Landdagscomparant 1619, twaalve van Meppel, died 1627 at Meppel, married June 13th, 1619 at Havelte with Anna Struuck (Struik), who died in 1681 at Meppel, who was a daughter of Gerhard Struuck (of Overcinge near Havelte) and Mechtelt van Steenbergen. Anna Struuck remarried with another ancestor of mine, Joan Albert(s) van Bonnema (via their daughter .

Herman and Anna had at least one daughter, Engeltien Hagewolt, who died October 29th, 1703 at Meppel, who married in 1646 with Mr. Wolter Sichterman (1620-1678, who was a brother of another ancestor of mine, Ds. Gerrit Sichterman 1618-1672 who married to Anna's daughter Wilhelmina van Bonnema -1700).

Did Herman and Anna have more children, a son??! Wolterus Haagwolt was born about 1645 so might be named after his uncle Wolter Sichterman? Then the/my puzzle would be complete!

Re: Lefferts Ancestories

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Surnames: Hagewolt
I just wanted to check back with you to see if u had any more information on Hagewolt in Holland. Two brothers came to America in or abt 1620 and their father was Jan or Johan Hagewolt. They were from Rouveen but their father did not come to America so I have trouble finding information on the Hagewolt family in Holland. Thank you so very much for your help...Gloria
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