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South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Missy McPherson (View posts)
Posted: 1039832297000
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Surnames: Lindley, Hadley, Smith
A month or so ago someone sent an email with a hyperlink to a site on the Revolutionary War in South Carolina.

On this site was a letter (I don't remember the author of the letter but it may have been the British officer Ferguson) written to the British Parliment defending and justifying the hanging of a Patriot officer. In this letter the officer builds his case by listing all of the loyalist South Carolina soldiers who had been hanged, or murdered upon capture without a "fair" trial. One of my ancestors, James Lindley was listed as being hanged.

I saved this document on my computer without printing out a copy or backing it up on my zip drive and...of course, my computer crashed this week.

Does anyone know of or has anyone seen such a document?

Thank you for your hlep!

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Missy mcPherson (View posts)
Posted: 1039838599000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lindley, Hadley, Smith
I found the item I was looking for. It is Fletchall's Address and can be found inthe South Carolina archives, Linda Smith printed the exerpts in "The South Carolina Hearld and Newsltter Vol XXX No.4.

However, if anyone knows the names of the 9 men who were hanged after being caputed at the Battle of King's Mountain I would be interested in knowing who they were.

Thank you

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

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Surnames: Lindley
Did you ever get info from Katie on where James Lindley is buried, etc ? I tried her aol email and it doesn't work. I went to old 96 town and the rangers implied he was buried there near the jail. It would be neat if some archelogical group could find the graves and then mark them !

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Missy McPherson (View posts)
Posted: 1041565994000

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

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Surnames: Lindley
Thanks Missy,
No, I don't have the Fletchall letter. I would like to see it. I live in Powder Springs, GA, where James's son Jonathan settled and where he is buried. But his grave is unmarked also !

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Janet Eubanks (View posts)
Posted: 1043684321000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lindley, Hadley, Abercrombie, Sims
I am also a descendant of James Lindley through his daughter, Mary, who married Colville Abercrombie. I would very much like to have a copy of the letter to which you refer.

I have an article and some information on Lindley's Fort that I copied in the Laurens County library, if you have not seen it. I recently visited that area as well as the site of Lindley's Mill in NC, and Simon Hadley's house in Delaware. Have pix if you are interested.

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Missy McPherson (View posts)
Posted: 1044747810000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lindley, Smith, Baggett, Sorrells, Hadley, Cox

I apologize for the delay in responding, I would love to exchange information, I have other data I extracted from the DAR library. Send me an email at

Here is Fletchall's Letter:

VOL. XXX October-December 2002 No.4

The Carolina Herald and Newsletter 18 Vol. xxx, No.4

Massacred Loyalists
Transcribed by Linda D. Smith
The importance of this article is to bring to light the names of three hundred men said to be have been murdered by the American "rebels". Their names are listed in an address written by Col. Thomas Fletchall to the King of England on 18 April 1782. It is also not my purpose to analyze the reasons behind neither the letter nor the accuracy of the list. Caution has been taken to list each name as it is written; however, because of the condition of the pages, several names or titles were difficult to read In those few cases the use of brackets and a question mark were used.
Thomas Fletchall came to South Carolina about 1760 and settled in the Fair Forest region where he accumulated 1,600 acres of land and farmed and operated a gristmill. By 1769, he was commissioned in the local militia.(1) Col. Fletchall was in charge of the area between the Broad and Saluda Fork which was a hot bed for the rebels. This was indicated in a letter dated 18 Apri11782 written to his Majesty the King. The petition was prompted by a speech delivered by the Duke of Richmond on 21 Jan 1782 in which the Duke expressed his disapproval of the execution of the rebel Isaac Haynes. Richmond declared "that the loyalists of South Carolina did not hesitate to denominate the execution of Haynes to be Murder and that of the foulest complexion" (2).
Fletchall responded with "this we deny and are fully of opinion that his execution was a proper example and just reward for this treason. . . "(3)
The petitioners go on to tell the king of the "usurpers in this Province have murdered about three hundred men, some after and some without pretense of trials, on a suspicion of their being attached to your Majesty's government.” (4)
The following men signed the address to the King:
Thos. Fletchall, Col. of the Forks of Broad and Saluda Rivers
Joseph Robinson, Lt. Col. So. Carolina Royalists
Evan McLaurin [Jr.1], Lt. Col. 2nd Bn. So. Caro. Royalists
Thos. Edghill, Lt. Col. of Little Saluda Reg. Of Militia
John Hamilton, Col. Lower Reg. Of Militia Dnl. Clary, Lt. Col. Dutch Fork
Wm. Ballentine, Lt. Col. Dutch Fork Zacharias Gibbs, Major, Pacolet
Daniel Plummer [or Summer?], Lieut. Col. Tiger River
John Phillips, Col. Winnsborough Militia. Camden
Jas. Miller, Capt. Jackson Creek
Samuel Austin James Clark and a Youth his Son
John Anderson Waller Clark
John Andrews William Chester
Joseph Atkins David Chester
Thomas Atkins William Conivay
William Adams George Cornet
John Atcheson John Chapman
Thomas Allison Joseph Cain
James Abendree Chesley Davis
Joseph Alexander, Lieut. Jacob Devalt
John Atkinson aged 65 John Donahoe aged 75
John Allen [blank] Dunlop Major of Dagoons
John Barton Capt. George Dawkins aged 78
James Barr Daniel Henry
David Brasil Charles Draper
John Boseman George Davis
Nicholas Bundrick William Daly
John Butteran [blank] Downs Major
Thomas Broome Sill Delasnett Capt.
Ezekiel Beams Elijah Davis Lieut.
John Bryant of Bush River Alexander Daly
John Bryant of Fair Forrest
I South Carolina Loyalists in the American Revolution by Robert S. Lambert, page 35.
2 SC State Archives, Columbia, SC, microfilm number C.O. 5/82, P.R.O. KTO, Public Records of Great Britian, Indian Affairs, Reel 10, dated 18 April 1782, pg. 296.
3 Ibid

The Carolina Herald and Newsletter 20 Vol. XXX. No.4
William Busby Duke Dorack
Christopher Bain John Easterling
Jacob Bowman Capt. Joseph Evinger
Robett Box Robert Edwards
Thomas Burk David Ferguson
Thomas Beatie George Fulker
David Beattie John Furcil [?]
James Burnes (blank] Flukwynnin Col.
John Chitwood Capt. Christopher Fundeburg
Wiliam Craddock John Folk
John Crosby Gabriel Friday
Arthur Carradyne aged 76 Walter Gillie
Michael Curtis Thomas Gibson
Henry Crown, Sr. William Geeseland
Henry Crown, Jr. Jordan Gibson
George Clayton John Groundwater
Saml. Campbell Cleg Ens. S. C. Royal Thomas Griffin
James Chiney Daniel Griffin
John Case John Griffin
Claud Creighton William Griffin
John Chapman Langley Glass
John Coinard John Goldman
Byer Carpenter Thomas Garret
Robert Goodwyn Caleb Jones
William Gratten James Jones
James Gratten Henry Johnson
Thomas Good Daniel Jackson
George Gwyn Francis Jinkins
George Garret Thomas Keating Major aged 80
James Herlock Michael Kinmure
Jacob Holmes James Kane
William Hicks and his son
Johnathan Hallam Thomas Kinard Lieut.
William Huggins Samuel Longford
John Hughes Jesse Lott
John Hubbard John Lopp
George Hartsock David Long of Broad River
Aquilla Hall Ens. S.C. Roy. Lewis Linden
James Harrison Frederick Legrone
William Hall James Lindlay Capt.
Joseph Humphreys Benjamin Lewis
John Holsey Thomas Largin
Joseph Humphreys [duplicate?] Richard Largin
John Holsey [duplicate?] Robert Love and
William Hill another man- killed asleep
Dunsmore Hanson David Long of Saluda
Mathias Hoswalk James Lott
Astrop Harvey John Myrick
James Henderson Joseph Myrick
Robert Hogg David McWhitty
William Herirson Ambrose Mills

Vol. XXX, No.4 21 The Carolina Herald and Newsletter
John Horsey Capt. Kenneth Moore
Allen Hackett John Marlow Capt.
William Hanby William Mcdaniel
William Hunt [--?] S.C. Roy. Archibald Murry
William Hill Hugh Maskelly
John Holson Phillip Mcguire
Henry Harden Daniel McKoppin
Jacob Johnson John Mayfield Lt. Col.
John Jackson Thomas Madden
James Julian James Martin
Arthur Jackson Benjamin Murry :
Joseph Jordon Emanuel Miller aged 79
Henry Jordon Henry Mireaux
James Johnson William McKane
John Julian, Sr. John McPhail
John Julian, Jr. James McPhail
Jacob Jones John Madden t
Jesse James Capt. Robert McGill
Patrick McDavid Peter Russell
John Mills Arnold Russell
James Moore of Camden Arthur Reed
and his four sons Henry Reynolds
Patrick Moore Capt. Russel Rutledge "
Lockley Madden Joseph Rutledge : ..
James Makane Henry Sentrefit
Jesse Moore of Long Cane John Sojourner
and his three sons William Silcocks
William McCluer George Sommers
William Nichols John Simmons
Robert Nettles Zacharia Steadman
Isaac Neibours John Sandall
Theopulous Norwood John Spring
John Neale Tullifra Sutton,
Francis Neale John Shepperd
Benjamin Neale Jacob Sailor Capt.
George Oswald Lewis Shilhouse
John Osbume Zachara Sparks
Philip Pan [?] George Superd Capt.
John Pearson James Speakman
Henry Peeples William Smith
Robert Pool William Seale
Benjamin Pendarvis John Scott
Andrew Power John Snelgrove
Richard Price Thomas Spratt Capt.
James Phipbume John Sloan Capt
David Phillips Lieut. Andrew Sloan
Absalom Palmer John Saunders
Thomas Pearson Joseph Simpson
John Poston Peter Song
John Price Adam Steadham
Laurence Philips William Smith
William Pemont Zephaniah Taylor

The Carolina Herald and Newsletter 22 Vol. XXX, No.4
William Proctor William Thompson
William Russel Benjamin Thompson
Richard Radcliffe George Thompson
Thomas Radcliffe Thomas Taylor
William Richardson Capt. James Tweed
Richard Rodoubt B[ -- ?]d Terry
William Ryan aged 65 Elijah Teg
Philip Bowler [out of place?] John Tidwell
John Rogers Francis Tidwell
David Rees Col. of Militia Abraham Turner
John Radcliffe Benjamin Tharp
Charles Riley Ens. So. Caro. Roy. Absalom Turner
John Tompson Thoms Wilson
Jacob Paarson [out of place?] John Wiseman
Zachariah Tennison John Yelding
Michael Taylor William Young
John Taylor Archibald Todd
John Vale John Wimbush
William Valentine
Robert Wilson of the Royal Navy Capt. Of Militia
Joshua Wood
Patrick Wright
Henry Whitman
Joesph Whitman
John Weir Capt.
Joseph Winchester
James Wilson
John Wilson
John Wood
William Wilson
Charles Williams
Giles Williams
James Warden
" In Giving the above List of Persons Massacred in this Province, we have confined us to 96
District, the Southern part of Camden, and the upper parts of Orangeburg, with five in Charleston, and
from every Account we can safely say that at least thrice the number have been Butchered and have in like manner-not one of those named fell in Action---were Killed at their plantations or after they had been
made Prisoners-we could particularise the circumstances but that is an unnecessary Intrusion upon your time"S
Signed by:
Thos. Fletchall, Col.
Joseph Robinson, Lt. Col. S.C. Royalists
Evan McLaurin [Jr.?]
5 Ibid

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Bill Rosenburg (View posts)
Posted: 1046963689000
Classification: Query
Janet, i too am a Lindley descendent from James brother John. I would love to have any pictures or information Lindley Mill. Please email me..

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Janet Eubanks (View posts)
Posted: 1047676726000
Classification: Query
Hi Bill,

I will be happy to E-mail some pictures to you as soon as I can get my house back in shape enough to find them. We've been painting and things are askew. May be a few weeks.

Re: South Carolina Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

Bill Rosenburg (View posts)
Posted: 1047678242000
Classification: Query
Thank you Janet, I would really appreciate it...Bill
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