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Posted: 16 Apr 2011 1:01PM GMT
Classification: Query
Does anyone have copies of yearbooks from the old Paul High School. Would be interested in most years, especially the year of 1929 if there was a book that far back

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Posted: 7 May 2011 10:50PM GMT
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Was it located in Heyburn, Minidoka or Rupert?

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Posted: 7 May 2011 11:20PM GMT
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The high school I am looking for is Paul Idaho which is in Minicoka County. Rupert, Paul and Heyburn all had high schools way back.

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Posted: 8 May 2011 4:22PM GMT
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I did a Google search on Paul Idaho High School and nothing appeared. They do have a junior high and an elementary. I'd look them up and call them first.

Paul doesn't seem to have a genealogy society or historical organization.

I'd contact the Minidoka County Historical Society, They might have the old year books.

If not, I'd contact the Idaho State Historical Society, . Successful Searching!

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Posted: 9 May 2011 6:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
I checked also known as Memory Lane. They do not have a year book for Paul, Idaho for 1929. They have 94 persons listed that attended, but no name is for 1929 or surrounding years.

The current schools in this area are under the Minidoka School District
The Paul Zone has the current High School, named Minico High School, which is attended by all students in the area. This school district, #331, is no doubt a consolidation of districts of the past. You could "try" to contact the District, 208-436-4727 for general information. They "might" be able to tell you when the high schools were consolidated, or when a high school in Paul stopped operating. They probably do not have the annual/yearbook. But, also ask if they have a listing of graduates for that year.
--You could try the current Minico High School library 208-436-4721

Here is a working link to the Minidoka Co Historical Society. I visited their website, it doesn't appear they would have any extensive library; museum, yes.

The Idaho State Historical Society. The link posted doesn't work and would have only sent you to the 1890 Census. Bottom Line, they don't have the yearbooks as requested:

There is a number of references to the Rupert High School, nothing for a high school in Paul.
Here is a picture and desciption of the Rupert High School from 1913 (Pg 17), floor plans follow.

One reference identified after WWII began, the students in the Rupert high school were approached for help in the fall harvest of 1942. In the next few years, the gave a three week "vacation" so students could help harvest.

There is a reference to a person that had attended Washington Grade School in Paul, Idaho, but attended Heyburn High School in Heyburn, 1933.

Paul had a newspaper, but it appears only published (microfilm data) in 1977. Rupert had several, beginning in 1905.

The 1930 Census showed only 1,297 persons living in Paul (of ANY age). Rupert had 4,846, Heyburn, 1015. Rupert had 618 of school age (14-18), Paul 179 and Heyburn 124

Minidoka County Auditor records, page 53:

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Tacoma, WA
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