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Alan Taboada (View posts)
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Surnames: Taboada, Jorge, Medina, Bolona, Boloña, Hernandez
I'm trying to trace my family in Cuba.

My grandfather was Manuel Raimundo Taboada Medina (born in Havana), son of Raimundo Taboada Boloña (born in Matánzas), son of Manuel Taboada Archibold (also born in Matánzas).

My maternal grandmother was Yldefonsa Luisa Jorge Hernández (born in Cárdenas), daughter of Alfredo Jorge Gúzman (birthplace unknown)and Francisca Hernández Perez (born in Cárdenas).

I know this info through my father and his sister, but I'm trying to trace back beyond this, plus maybe pick up other branches of the family.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,

Alan Taboada

Taboada family in Havana

Christopher Dailey (View posts)
Posted: 969710400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Taboada
My grandfather was Everesto Taboada of Havana. If I remember correctly he was one of twelve children. His father was deported from Spain for political reasons. I believe he published the local newspaper in Havana and left Cuba for N.Y.C. after the revolution where he died. His address in NY was 1225 Park Ave. He had three daughters, Theresa, Maria, Gerogina. Maria is dead, Theresa Dailey maybe in Miami as well as Georgina Montero weho also had rwelve children.


Alan Taboada (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Taboada
That name does not sound familiar to my father - who incidentally was also born and lived in Havana before coming to the States.

My grandfather was the only boy in his family, but he did have some uncles. Unfortunately, my father was not familiar with any of them and your grandfather may have been one of them, or possibly the son of a common ancestor.

Do you happen to know his father's name, or any other Taboada's from that area?




Alan (View posts)
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Surnames: TABOADA, Millas

There is a Carlos Taboada Millas who is a relative of mine.
He is a cardiologist living in Houston, Texas.
His father was Carlos Taboada Boloña and his uncle,
Raimundo Taboada Boloña is my paternal, paternal, paternal great-grandfather
(in other words, my father's father's father)

Is this the same Carlos Taboada Millas you are referring to?
If so, do you know how he fits in with the rest of the
Taboadas you referred to in your post?



Posted: 970920000000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada, Moscoso, Silvosa, Millas, Reguera, Jauregui, Pedroso
Alan and Christopher,

I have a Nicolás Taboada y Moscoso, born cir 1760 in San
Miguel de Bendóiro, Lugo, Galicia, he was married (1807, La Habana) to María Felicia Jáuregui y Aróstegui. And they had at least on child, Josefa Taboada Jáuregui, who married (1825, La Habana) Manuel Pedroso y Echeverría.

Nicolás, was the son of Bernardo and María Estrella, and he might have had a previous marriage prior to María Felicia; this was María Felicia's second marriage.

I also have a Bernardina Taboada, born in Galicia circa 1838, but died in La Habana. She was married to Antonio Silvosa, also from Galicia. Marriage must have taken place in Galicia before they moved to Cuba, becuase their daughter Angela was born in Galicia.

Do you know who was Raúl Taboada Reguera?

Or how about Carlos Taboada Millas?

Thank you,

Nicolás de Cárdenas.

Taboada Millas

Posted: 971179200000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada, Millas, Latour, Montalvo

That is the one, Carlos Taboada Millas, married a distant cousin of mine, Sylvia Latour Montalvo. And I don't know how or if he is connected to the other Taboadas.

Posted: 974376000000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada, Vizoso

Hi Nicolas:
I was checking the Taboada queries and found your message posted Oct. 07,2000. You have a Bernardina Taboada born circa 1838 in Galicia. My great-grandfather, Jose Benito Taboada Vizoso, was born around 1835 in Mondonedo, Galicia. He died in Puerto Rico. Some years ago I saw a picture of a Cuban in the newspaper, whose surname was Taboada. He looked so much like my son, that it was incredible. The Taboadas of my family are tall and very good looking. Do you know Bernardina`s surname on her mother`s line? Thanks.

Sincerely, Miriam

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barbara taboada (View posts)
Posted: 976795200000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada, Quintas, Dopico, Nogerol
My father, Arturo Taboada Dopico, born 1910, in Habana,Cuba, his father Gumersindo Taboada Quintas, married Maria Dopico Nogerol, they migrated to Cuba from Spain for political reasons, all children were born in Cuba. My father being the youngest, Josefina, Marina, Abelardo, Vicente and Arturo. My father past away in 1984, we migrated to the USA in 1967. All brothers and sister already dead, all in cuba. My mother is 87 now and and we want to see if there is more of this family somewhere. Please, any reply will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Taboada

Antonio Vera (View posts)
Posted: 998753862000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada, Souto
Mi abuela Rosa Taboada Souto, natural de Ferreiros (Pontevedra) Galicia, vivio en cuba desde 1.914 hasta 1.98?.
Mi madre aun vive en Coral Gables en la Florida.
Serian parientes de estos Taboadas?
La familia es primordialmente de Pontevedra y algunos emigraron a Cuba. Otro fue a Argentina. La mayoria viven en varias partes de Espana.

Re: Taboada

Posted: 1006210250000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Taboada
Hola Antonio:No se si tienes esta informacion: el origen de la casa de Taboada estuvo situado en el consejo y parroquia de Taboada, todavia existe La Villa de Taboada, tiene como 5,000 habitantes, esto es en Lugo, Galicia.Como tus Taboadas proceden de Pontevedra, quiza te interese saber que Sancho Laurido de Taboada, natural de Chantata, que es en el distrito judicial del consejo y parroquia de Taboada paso a vivir a la villa de Bayona en Pontevedra. Alli se caso con do~na Maria Portel Camba. Es posible que desciendas de esta pareja.Mi bisabuelo, no es de esta rama. Sus ancestros vivieron siempre cerca de la villa. Miriam
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