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The Family name ORR

The Family name ORR

Peter H.Orr (View posts)
Posted: 951891019000
To all researchers:-

The ultimate origin of this name is believed to be topographic from the olde english pre 7th century "ORA" meaning a shore or slope. Several places in england are named with this element including Oare in Berkshire, Wiltshire Kent etc., and in Ore in Sussex. *The first recording of the surname in England is at the beginning of the 13th Century, (see below)*.

The surname is widely recorded in Renfrewshire, Scotland from the end of the 13th Century. One, HEW ORR rendered homage in 1296. The occurrence of the name in Ireland is comparitively modern ie mid 17th century.

On September 16th 1661 the christening of ARTHUR, son of THOMAS and SAINE ORR, is recorded at St. Michan's, Dublin. However, the majority of the namebearers reside in the Ulster counties of Antrim, Down, Armargh and Tyrone.

Family names as hereditary surnames did not come into general use until after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Normans introduced National Taxation to england which they called the Poll Tax(Poll=Head), in consequence the need for surnames for identification purposes.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of ALEXANDER ECTOR ORR (1831-1914), born Strabane, co. Tyrone who was the pioneer of the subways in New York City.

*Which was dtaes AGNES de (of) ORE *.

During the regin of 1210 - The Pipe Rolls of Wiltshire. Scotland, Ireland and Wales obtained formal records later than england, and this is reflected in the recordings. All surnames of every Countyh have been subject to changes owing to dialect.

If you have any comments or wish to know anymore about the family name, ie motto or crest(s) then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Peter H. Orr
Posted: 951920782000
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Hi Peter-thanks for the info on the Orr name. I would love to see the crest, motto, etc. on the Orr surname. I am trying to find Edward Orr who is in our seventh generation. He came from Ireland, but don't know which part. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Cheryl Curole My e-mail address is

Orr Name

Harriette Orr Rost (View posts)
Posted: 952033958000
Dear Peter,
I found this information facinating. My father was Harry Stephen Orr, his mother was a Penn, 16 generations of Penn's from William Penn's brother, John, whose son was Harry Stephen. My brother is Harry Stephen, but has no children. I live in north Alabama and there are several Orrs in the area.

Orr family name

Virginia Verrier (View posts)
Posted: 952316834000
My grandomother on my mother's side was Leila Jeanette Orr, but I don't know anything elso except she was born in Rutherford, NJ in 1884, and married Everett Oren Dickens from Ridgefield, Conn. I don't know where to begin. Any ideas? I think all the information you are posting on this site is amazing. I have seen the crest and the tartan. Thanks, Virginia

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Peter Havelock Orr (View posts)
Posted: 952497446000

You are the first person who as actually said that they have seen the crest Tartan.

To start with it may seem a long-drawn out process, but you need to start asking relatives about their background, who was their uncles, aunts, brothers sisters, dates of birth, when they died, etc.,

But please remember that once you start, it is very hard to stop!!

It will get easier as time goes by, i've been working on 2 family histories for the best part of 10 years (Orr Robson).

My own is ORR, and i had aunts, who supplied a lot of information to myself, but also look at census returns, birth death certificates, anything to find your information, even check out the site, these will all help in your search.

And finally talk to to others, email is a wonderful thing for gathering information.

Last Snippet for anyone who is trying to locate ORR family history..... Wright's Biscuits was owned by Hilda Mary ORR of Cleadon. Factory was based on the River Tyne at Jarrow South Shields, UK. Unfortunately both Mary Hilda are dead now and the company is now in the hands of United Biscuits.

Good Hunting

Peter Havelock Orr
Email direct

Orr Tartan

Virginia Verrier (View posts)
Posted: 952498367000
Dear Peter, I saw the tartan and crest on the intenet


Virginia Verrier (View posts)
Posted: 952498763000
Somehow I sent my message before I was finished. The tartan was blue and green is that correct?

Virginia Verrier

Peter Havelock Orr (View posts)
Posted: 952498969000
Where what site, please tell all, don't be a tease???

Is it a true picture or is it what i posted a few weeks ago


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tartan virginia

Peter Havelock Orr (View posts)
Posted: 952501679000

Tartan, is choice of Campbell, Caledonia, Black Watch or Hunting Stewart, but yes one of them is blue/green.


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Tartan location

virginia Verrier (View posts)
Posted: 952537813000
Peter, I finally found the site on my history, it is:http:/
per page

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