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"Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

"Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutson, Hudson, Thackery
Where might I acquire a list of interments in the "Old Salem Cemetery near Ballstown" in Ripley County IN. I understand it is different from the Salem Church Cemetery and has lots of Hudson/Hutsonsburied there and maybe the Thackeries.

Re: "Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutson
I'm sorry I can't help you with the cemetery but I did notice your surnames. I have a cousin that married a Hutson in Ripley Co., I have some information.

Re: "Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221251043000
Classification: Query
Please share about your cousin who married a Hutson


Re: "Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

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Classification: Query
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Hello- I have the Hutson- Thackery cemetery list if you dont already have it and can copy it for you.

Re: "Old Salem Cemetery" Ripley, IN

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hutson, Thackery, Parvin
Here is the listing for the Old Salem Church Cemetery or the Hutson Cemetery-

Roxey Hutson dod- 4 Jun 1860 w/o Allen age 60 yrs.
Hughey Hutson dod- 25 Mar 1850 s/o Allen and Roxey age- 19 yrs
James Hutson dod- 28 Jun 1845 s/o Allen and Roxey
John N. Hutson dod- 3 Dec 1837 s/o Allen and Roxey age- 17 yrs and 2 mos.
Calvin Hutson dob- 24 Mar 1844 dod- 29 Jan 1871 s/o Allen and Roxey
William Hutson dod- 20 Nov 1837 18 yrs and 8 months
Amy Hutson dob- 23 Nov 1833 dod- 28 Nov 1897
Celestine dod- 18 Sep 1854 d/o Thomas and Ruth age 14 da.
Florence Hutson dob- 10 Jan 1859 dod- 15 Apr 1869
Joseph Parvin dod- 23 Jun 1866 age- 50 yrs.
Elizabeth Parvin dod- 30 May 1854 w/o Joseph age- 36 yrs 10mos and 2 days.
Joseph Thackery dob- 19 Apr 1854 38 yrs. 6mos and 15 days
Sphia Thackery dod 8 Jul 1863 w/o Joseph age 36 years

Hope this helps.

Armated Hutson - Hutson cemetery (Old Salem Cemetery?) Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221271309000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hutson, Thackery

First Thank you I had that list that one Are there more graves or is it quite small? Joseph and Mary Thackery should be there and Thomas and Ruth Hutson and Ida Hutson (d: 2000) whose Obit lists it as where she will be interred.

Also I have wondered about one thing for several years. My question is about Armated Hutson (not on your list but in the online list for the Hutson cemetery) Perhaps Armated's dates were misread on his stone. He is never shown in any census with Allen and Roxie but should ahve been if the online records of the grave are correct:

"HUTSON, Armated 25 Oct 1887 aged 45Y 3M s/o Allen & Roxey"

Born in 1842, he should have been shown up in the 1850 (age 8)and 1860 census (age 18) with Allen & Roxie but he didn't. Is it possible that the stone actually reads:

"HUTSON, Armated 25 Oct 1837 aged 15y 3m s/o Allen & Roxey"

Misreading 8 for 3 and 4 for 1 is a common graveyard error. This would mean Armated was an older child who came from VA with Allen and Roxie, but died not long after they arrived.

Suzy Hutson

Re: Armated Hutson - Hutson cemetery (Old Salem Cemetery?) Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221274690000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutson
Im so sorry but I missed his name on the list. It reads-

Armated Hutson died-25 Oct 1887 s/o Allen and Roxey
I checked and I didnt miss any other ones. The only thing that it says is that the cemetery is located 1/4 mile NW of the Salem church. It must be a very small cemetery, though. Joseph Thackerys name is ther but it says his wife is Sophia Thackery.There is no Thomas, Ruth or Ida listed.
In the St. John's United Methodist church in Sunman though there are 3-
Berdella Hutson b. 27 Mar 1898 d. 1 Jul 1967
Calvin W. Hutson b. 21 Feb 1903 d. 15 Jan 1985
Milton C. Hutson b. 21 Feb 1917 d. 2 Mar 2000
I will look and see what I can find in the census. Have you ever gone to MY INDIANA HOME. COM. It has a bunch of marriages of Hutsons on there and births and in the Toph papers. Barb

Re: Armated Hutson - Hutson cemetery (Old Salem Cemetery?) Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221276260000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutson
That is very possible. I looked and could find no reference to him either. Either the reading is wrong or maybe Armated was either his middle name and he went by his first name or vica versa. I find a lot of them did that. That is a very unusual name and cant be found. I would check each one of the children and see if they cant be accounted for in each census and go from there. I even checked the Civil war records because he would have been just the right age to have been in the Civil War. No Luck!
On the Sopia Thackery, Mary could have been her other name
also. Wish I could help. There is a tree on Ancestry with Allen Hutson b. 1795 but it is marked private so no help there.

Re: Armated Hutson - Hutson cemetery (Old Salem Cemetery?) Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221284066000
Classification: Census
Surnames: Hutson, Parvin, Thackery
I have all the census records and that is how I came up with the kids names>

In 1830 Montgomery VA, Allen and Roxie had 4 sons and 4 daughters
In 1840, Ripley IN, Allen and Roxie had 4 sons and 5 daughters
In 1850 Allen and Roxie had Thomas, Amy, Hugh, George, Jane, Calvin & Sarah
In 1860 Allen (Roxie died) had Amy, George, Jane, Calvin & Sarah
In 1870 Allen lived with his new wife.


Children born VA (according to dates or census records)
1 Elizabeth Hutson 1817 VA – 1854 sources: Marriage record and Hutson cemetery– Jos. Parvin
2 William Hutson 1819 VA– 1837 sources: DY Hutson cemetery is only record
3 John N. Hutson 1820 VA – 1837 sources: DY Hutson cemetery is only record
4 Armated Hutson 1822-1837 sources: (assumes error in Hutson cemetery) he is not found in any census
5 Emma Hudson 1823 VA– ?? sources: 1880 Census only (lived with brother George)
6 Sophia Hutson 1827 VA – 1863 sources: Marriage record and Hutson cemetery–Jos. Thackery
7 Thomas Hutson 1828 VA – ?? sources: Census 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 (not in 1900 although Ruth is)
8 Hughey A Hutson 1831 VA – 1850 sources: 1850 Census & Hutson cemetery
9 James Hutson 1831 VA– 1845 sources: DY - Hutson cemetery is only record
10 Amy Hutson 1833 VA – 1897 sources: 1850, 1860 Census & Hutson cemetery
11 George Hudson 1833 VA– 1880 sources: Censuses 1850 (17); 1860 (25); 1870 (30 [should be 36] with Margaret 28 & Emma 32); 1880 (46 living with “sisters” Ema 57 b VA and Janes 44 b IN)

Children born in IN (according to dates and census records)
12 Jane Hudson 1836 IN– ?? sources: 1850, 1860, 1880 (lived with brother George)
13 Calvin Hutson 1844 IN – 1871 sources: 1850, 1860 Censuses & Hutson cemetery
14 Sarah Hutson 1844 IN– ?? sources: 1850, 1860 Censuses

I can't seem to get my posts to stay formtted in lists.

Suzy Hutson

one more child of Allen Hutson - Ripley, IN

Posted: 1221286109000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hudson, Hutson, Wattterson
One online genealogy says that NANCY HUTSON (b: c1824 VA) w/o Henry F. Watterson (b: c1814 VA)is also a d/o Allen Hutson
They were married 10 Feb 1850 Ripley IN)

I never found Nancy, because she married before the 1850 census, when the family were all enumerated instead of just the HOH.

She is enumerated on 6Sept1850 with Henry in Laughery, Ripley, IN (where Allen lived), along four of his children by another wife and Henry's mother.

Wow 15 children - you go Roxie!
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