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Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Surnames: Jens Olson Boel Johannesdatter - Idd
I can not find out more about GGG grandfather Jens Olsen ( born about 1824?-Fredrickshald )

He was father of Johanne Petronelle Jensdatter-Born In Idd Ostfold

Johanne Petronelle JENSDR Sex: F

Event(s): Birth: 19 Mar 1846 Place: Christening: 12 Apr 1846 Place: Idd, Ostfold, Norway

Parents: Father: Jens OLSEN Mother: Boel Marie JOHANNESDR

Source Information: Batch Number: C426182 Source Dates: 1832 - 1847 Film or Fiche Number: 255778 Collection Details: Idd; Den Norske Kirke

Can anyone tell me anything about Jens?? His parents & date of his birth??

I do not know anything about Jens Olsen-but I think he was born in Fredrikshald & about 1824.

Can anyone checjk the church records for the birth of Johanne Petronella? Perhaps there is more information about Jens on the Church records? Not sure if Jens married Boel Marie Johannesdatter or not?

I do know that Boel & Carl Brynildsen were married in 1848 in Idd..But nothing about Jens??

I was told that both (Johanne) Petronella's parents died quite young. Petronella was deaf and went to a deaf school in Oslo. She later married Claudius Magnus Pedersen -born in Stange 1831. I have seen them on the census but do not know date they married??

Boel's parents were Johannes Olsen Stokkebro and Pernille Olsdatter Sanden(bn 1796)-marr in Idd-10 Jan 1814

Johannes & Pernille children were:

Michael Sorensen Stokkebro(1810-in Moss)-marr?? Sofie Marie Johansdatter(1815)-marr? Olaus Johansen(1818)-marr-Fridricka Jocobsdatter Boel Marie Johansdatter(1824)-mar-Carl Brynildsen /Jens Olsen ( only Johanne -I think?) Anne Stina Johnsdatter(1829)-married Andreas Jacobsen( 11 children)

I was hoping someone could help via the internet


Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pedersen Jensdatter Olsen Svendsen Wold
Can anyone help in finding Jens Olsen please??

Mange takk

Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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what more information do you have on Jens from the birth of his daughter Johanne Petronelle Jensdtr it would appear that he is not married to her mother Bole Marie, Johannesdtr Boel was living at some farm under Weflen in Id at the time of Johanne's birth in 1846 and it states Jens from Fhald, Fredrikshald now Halden. What makes you think he is born 1824 and where was he born, this is very little information to go on and try to locate him

Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pedersen Jensdatter Olsen Johannnesdatter Brynildsen
I do not really know when Jens was born- Just what information that is on Petronella's baptism record. That he was born in Fredrikshald. Boel was born in 1824 therfore I assumed Jens must have been around her age?

I do not know if any of the Godparents/ or witnesses are relations of Jens either- although they are all from Fredrikshald too.

Another internet Helper sent me this information:

Johanne Petronelle’s baptizm record:
Østfold fylke, Idd, Enningdal i Idd, Ministerialbok nr. III 3 (1832-1847), Fødte og døpte 1846, side 128.

The records states that her father is from Fredikshald. I had to get some help deciphering the handwriting but here it is:

Born 19th of March 1846 and baptized 12th of April 1846
Johanne Petronelle Jensd.
Born out of wedlock
Bachelor tailor journeyman Jens Olsen from Fredrikshald and unmarried girl Boel Marte Johannesdtr from Sanden sub farm of Wesløn(?)
laborer Niels Nielsen, laborer Anders Larsen, laborer Christian Christensen all from Fredrikshald. Marie Johannesdtr and Anne Johannesdtr ???kketorp
The child is not home baptized.
The birth is notified by the father of the child’s mother Johannes Olsen, tenant at Sanden.


I guess Jens occupation helps but not that much as I am sure there were many tailors at that time.

I think a friend tried to help me before searching for Jens olsen & came up with two or three likely matches. A Jens Martin Olsen was one of them.

I was told by the Deaf Institute that Petronella's parents died young so perhaps Jens did not live that long ?? Boel married Carl Brynildsen on 8 Oct 1848 in Idd- so maybe Jens died before that??

Sorry to be so vague but this is all that I know.

Thanks for helping

Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Jens Olsen and Boel were NOT married when Johanne was born and other than that he was born in Fhald it really says nothing about him. I believe that unless you get some more SOLID information Jens you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Boel was living in Id when Johanne was born was Jens, if he died between 1846 and 1865, next census, than unlikely will find him. Not good to ASSUME that he was born in 1824 as was Boel many times men were much older and without knowing where exactly he was born I don't think you will find him
Good luck

Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Olsen Olson Pedersen Byrnildsen
Hi again,

Yes I agree that it is not looking very good in finding my Jens Olsen. I guess I was thinking that the fact that he was a bachelor might make him more around Boel's age. But I am not ruling out anyone at this point.

It says he was a Journeyman Tailor on Johanne Petronelle's Baptism record- Do you know whether a Journeyman would be his first year or training? How old are they usually when they start a trade?? 18Yrs maybe? I know in Canada it is a 4yr training process to get a ticket or trade in Plumbing & Electrical fields. Would it be the same there?

I am still waiting for more information from the Deaf school/ Historical Society so perhaps they might have more information about Jens??

Thanks for trying to help,

Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Carl and Boel is noted in Udflyttede (leaving) Idd parish in 1861. No 27 and 28 right page:
but it is also written they were going to Aas prestegjeld (parish) and they left about 3 years ago.
Johanne is not mentioned.

Carl and Boel is noted in Indflyttede (comming) to Aas in 1859. No 19 and 20:
They came in order to find work.

Johanne came to Aas in 1864. No 41:
She came "for at ærnære(? not sure) sig med skræddersøm" = to earn her living by taylor sewing.


Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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The goodmother Anne Johannesdtr came from the farm Snikketorp (also spelled Snekketorp) in Idd.


Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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You once mentioned a Jens Olsen Bryni as a possible father to Johanne.
He died Aug 16, 1851 and was burried in Halden. He was 53 years old. I got help to read what is written about him. No 83:
In Norwegian:
Jens Olsen Bryni, demitteret slave. 53. paa Osgodset. Ved selvmord, efter Opgivende hengt sig i beskjænket tilstand.

In English:
Jens Olsen Bryni, dismissed slave (slaveworker), 53 (years old) on Osgodset (residense). (Cause of death) By suicide. Reported to have hung himself when drunken.


Re: Jens Olson-bn abt 1824 & Boel Marie Johannesdatter-bn 1824-Idd

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pedersen Olsen Jensdatter
That is interesting Vivi,

It could the right one couldn't it? That might explain why Boel never married Jens & why she married Carl Brynildsen instead.

But it seems strange that they both ended up dying from handing.

I just got this information from Jon Martin Brauti (Norwegian Deaf Historical Society)via the Norwegian Archives:

"Johanne Petronelle Jensen’s father, Jenz Olsen, was a cooper’s apprentice in Fredrikshald at the time of her birth. The child’s mother was Boel Marte Johannnesdatter. The birth of the child christened Johanne Petronelle on 12.04.1869 in the parish church at Idd ,was the child’s maternal grandfather, the sharecropper Johannes Olsen."

But the information is basically the same as what we have found out:) I do not think there is anything different?

But a slaveworker would not be a Jouneyman tailor right?

Bye for now

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