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RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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Looking for information on the Bouchard, Martel, Marion & Dagenais Families.

Can anyone help?

RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

Rejean Marion (View posts)
Posted: 1104381680000
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Hi! My generation is the Marion Line from Embrun,Ontario. Maybe we can help each other.

RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

Rick Marion (View posts)
Posted: 1106772710000
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I may be able to help also. My family is from St. Anicet, Que. Cousins of the Embrun Marions through Joseph Marion of Repentigny. Have much information on the Marions.

Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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Surnames: Bouchard, Marion
To LenLemire93

I am a descendant of both the Bouchard & Marion lineage from Marionville, Russell county. What are you looking for? I noticed you were looking for Ernest Bouchard in the Ste-Thérèse cemetary lists. He was actually buried in Orléans, Ontario along side his second wife. Let me know if I can be of help.

Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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i couldn't help notice familiar names,

Ernest Bouchard was my uncle, .. his first wife Jacqueline is my fathers' sister, who passed away quite young.

Maybe we can exchange genealogy notes you and I,

Take care,

Marc Joseph Marion

Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

Posted: 1240754000000
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i'd be interested in any search you may have on Marions,

we may be able to exchange genealogy notes

I am a descendant of Nicolas who left France in 1675.

my father was raised in Marionville, then moved to Cornwall, ..

I have the entire line from Nicolas to myself, .. but know very little of the Marions who remained in Quebec, ..

keep in touch,

i speak french fluently,

Marc Joseph marion

dartagnan1962 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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Surnames: Marion-Bouchard
Hi there!

Ernest was my mom's brother; my mom's grandmother was a Marion married to a Bouchard. I'm actually named after Jacqueline ( my middle name) since she died shortly before I was born, I believe.

It would be great to fill in that side of the family since we've done the Bouchard side quite in depth back to 1645 (both my mom & dad were Bouchard; their connection goes back 8 generations - descendants of two sons of Claude Bouchard who landed in Canada in 1645 or 1646...)

Anyway, sharing information would be great! Hope to hear from you soon; maybe we can do this more directly once I'm more comfortable with knowing who you are (sorry, so much spam & weirdos on this internet that I need to be careful! No offense I hope)

Anyway, hello from a long lost relative! I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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hello Diane,

yes, it would be great to make contact and possibly exchange notes on our lines.

mine goes back to 1675 Quebec when Nicolas landed there.

He left St-Malo I suspect because they lived very close to that port,

Nicolas Marion family were from Guimgamp, Bretagne (Brittany),

He came down with some of his children, but not all.

Two boys had passed away early,, .. and so did his wife later, .. leaving six children out of eight.

The eldest daughter stayed in France with the youngest boy, .. which implies a potential kinship should that line prospered in europe, .. (i am actually talking with Marions from that region, but they do not have a lengthy recorded lineage like we do here, much evidence destroyed during revolutions and wars, .. but we are still looking)

at any rate, .. i live in Cornwall, .. where are you >?


Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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I live in Embrun, born & raised in Marionville until my teens. My great Aunt Céline (my grandmother's sister)lived in Cornwall until her death a few years ago; I haven't been there for ages.

The research for the Bouchard line was made a lot easier by a huge family reunion of all the descendants of 4 Bouchard lines about 20 years ago! Geneology books were made up that traced the various family lines from arrival in Canada in the mid 1600s to the 1980s; that is when we figured out that my mom & dad were actually realted way back - we always wondered with the same family name...- Dad was from Latuque QC.

We know very little about the Marion lines since by the time we gor smart enough to start looking into that side, my grandmother, mom & dad had all passed on (it was a rough year!) We were curious about gradmother's (Mémère) side of the family since the Marions abound in Marionville and I know quite a few of the relatives (for some reason, I'm the one everybody calls to ask how we are all related when a Marion name comes up...). I will always be known as "la fille à Thérèse" or "Andy's little girl" it seems!) I can understand there being a lack of name remembering since there were 11 of us!


Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais

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hi Diane,

seems we are glued to the computer today,

sorry to hear of your loss of so many at the same time period, .. must have been brutal indeed,

i am quite new to the marion research compared to so many others, having looked into the line for six months.

but it helps to hook up with others to connect pieces here and there, which has been my approach as well as a genealogy centre in this city.

sadly, none of my notes are on a hard-drive or collected in any organised manner, ..

and because i equally seek all the lines connected with my namesake, you can well imagine a clutter of paperwork amassing, ...

one day i'll make photocopies of the hundreds of files I have saved, .. but my research isn't over yet, .. lol

i do have the line from the first Marion in France going down to my kids,

i do not have all the data on Marion relatives scattered in Marionville, ...

if ever you are in the neck of the woods, .. i'd be delighted to share the notes i have,

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