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1820 Burke Co. Georgia Census-MIXON

1820 Burke Co. Georgia Census-MIXON

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Surnames: MIXON
Seeking information on (2) two MIXON indivduals on the 1820 Burke Co. Georgia Census. They were George & Michael MIXON. Need Children,DOB,DOD,ect.

Re: 1820 Burke Co. Georgia Census-MIXON

Angie Hood (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Mixon
In the Mixon-Mixson Family Vol. 111 by John Leslie Mixon on p. 89 for Burke County, GA:

1820 Census shows three Mixon families next door to each other.

George Mixon with a household of 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45 1 female under 10 and 1 female 26-45. 14 slaves

Michael Mixon with 2 males under 1o, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10 and 1 female 26-45

perhaps their mother Nancy Mixon with 1 male over 45
1 female over 45 and eight slaves.

67th district
George Mixon
1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40
1 feamle 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20
1 female 30-40

William Mixon next door
1 male 40-50

Michael Mixon
1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40
2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

68th district Jesse Mixon and Michael Mixon, George Mixon in 67th district.

James Mixon, 27, b. GA (on Tomlin place) Jane Mixon 26, b. GA

George Mixon, 30 b. GA Narcissa Mixon 26, b. GA
Lucy A. Mixon, 4, b.GA
Georgiana Mixon, 6 1/2 b. GA

Michael Mixon,26, b.GA, Mary Mixon 24, b. SC, Jane P. Mixon, 2/11, b GA

George Mixon, 51, b. Ga Jane Mixon, 60 b. GA
Walton Mixon, 21, b. GA Mary Jane Weathersbee, 29, b. GA

Michael Mixon Sr. 56, b.SC Sarah Mixon, 52, b. GA
John J. Mixon, 31, b. GA, Savannah Mixon, 17 b. GA
Michael Mixon, 26, b.GA, Laura Mixon, 14, b. GA

67th District
George Mixon, 40 b. GA Narcissa Mixon, 35, b. GA
Charles Mixon, 8 b. GA Georgiana Mixon 10, b.GA
Thomas Mixon, 5, b. GA

Jane Mixon,65 b. GA widow

Michael Mixon, 69, b. SC Sarah Mixon, 58, b. GA
Mary Mixon, 25, b. GA Savannah Mixon Haws, 26, b. GA
Mary Ann Haws 3, b. GA

John Mixon, 40 b. GA overseer

George Mixon, 50 b. GA farmer Narcissa Mixon,45, b.GA
Goerge Mixon, 18, b. GA
Charles Mixon, 16, b. GA
Thomas Mixon, 11, b. GA

Michael Mixon, 74, b. SC Amelia Mixon, 32, b. SC (daughter)

On page 93 was info about bible records of Burke County:
BURKE COUNTY BIBLE RECORDSs PROF.EDWARD H.MIXON, Merritt Island,Fla., a native Georgian, has been researching Georgia records pertaining to Mixon-Mixson family lines for some years,as well as doing research in South Carolina. He is a great grandson of WILLIAM WESLEY MIXON and wife, MARY ANN POLLOCK MIXON. The latter is a descendant of the seven signers of the Magna Charta, all seven descendants of Royal Ancestors. This qualifies him to become a member of the "Colonial Order of the Royal Crown" as well as "Knights of the Plantagnets."
In 1967 Prof.MIXON; visited the old MICHAEL MIXON home in Burke County, took pictures of the ancestral house started in 1838,finished in 1846, requiring 8 years to build.(See p.179, Vo1.II of the Mixon-Mixson Family). Thomas Franklin Syms now owns the place and told him that all the MIXONS had now moved away, but at one time they owned about 4000 acres of land, some of which had been obtained by grants from the Crown before the Revolution, some of which was in Screven County.
An old family Bible was still in the hands of descendants and PROF. MIXON copied fqllowing entriese
GEORGE MIXON, b.June 28,1820, d.June 7,1874 NARCISSUS B.MIXON
,b.Mar.28,1824, d.April 26,1890 GEORGEAN.NIAH MIXON,b.Nov.5,1849
C(HARLES) J(ENKINS) MIXON,b.Aug.25,1851, d.Nov.6,1931 ELANA MIXON, b.Mar.21,1859
CARROLL TWIGGS MIXON,b.Sept.3,1877, d.Oct.28,1881 ELLA ROSIA MIXON,b.July 25,1879
THOMAS RINALDA MIXON, d.Feb.21,1882 GEORGE HENRY MIXON,b.Feb.7,1882 ANNA GERTRUDE MIXON, d.Mar.15,1916 LILA GERTRUDE MIXON, b.Feb.12,1884, d.Aug.3,1885 MAMIE MAUD MIXON,b.June 26,1889, d.June 7,1913 ETHEL NARCISSUS MIXOPl,b.June 22,1894
MARY RUTH MIXON,b.Apri1 19,1900 CHARLEY JAMES MIXOTI,b.April 19,1900 DAISIE MIXON, b.Dec.25.1904
MABLE CLAIR MIXON, b.Sept.21,1905
JOHN CHESTER MIXON, b.Aug. 8,1905,d.Sept. 1$,1912 ELLAWESE MIXON,b.Feb. 12,1908, d.Sept.17,1908 DOROTHY MIXON,b.Aug. 12,1928
EDNA GLORIA MIXO^I,b.Jyly,1,1929 THEODORE FLOYD MIXON,b.Dec. 18,1934 THEODORE A.MIXON,b.Aug. 12,1909 CHARLES JENKINS MIXON married Clara Parish,Dec.16,1874 THEODORE FLOYD MIXON and ELLA MIXON married Oct.23,1898 G.H.MIXO11 and Essie P.Lundy married Dec.2$,1904
Noah Peek and ETHEL MIXON married Sept.10,1911
Andy P.Gay and MARY RUTH MIXON married April 2,1921 THEODORE ALVIN MIXON and Inez Crouch married Oct.22,1921 Willie E.Parish, b.Aug.12,1861, d.Dec.18,1913
Frank Parish, b.Jan.9,1862, d.Jan.5,1932 Mary Alice Gay, b.Sept.23.1925
CLARA PARISH MIXON, d. April 4,1940 Noah L.Peek, d.Oct.25,1946.

and on page 94

SARAH MIXON,d.January 1869,age 74 (b.1795)
MICHAEL MIXON,JR., son of SARAH & MICHAEL MIXON,d.Aug.12,1864. (Aged 38 years)
JANE WEATHERSBEE,wife of Johnson Weathersbee,daughter of SARAH & MICHAEL MIXON aged 34, d.November 30,1905. (b.1823)
SAVANNAH MIXON, wife of D.E.USHER,Nov.30,1905, age 73 years.(b.1832) AMELIA MIXON,wife of W.M.Dea1,b.May 8,1835, d.Jan.31,1897•
FLOYD MIXON, s.of SARAH & MICHAEL MIXON, d.1853, aged 1 year. MONUMENTAL to memory of JOHNNY, s.of John & Josephine Mixon, aged 10 days.
Henry Usher,b.May 27,1825,d.May 20,1910. Sterling J.Usher,b.Mar.4,1873,d.Jan.21,1907 W.E.Usher,b.Feb.4,187-, d.Feb.9,1906
Little Mike, son of W..E. & A.B.Usher,b.Pdov.12,1905,d•July 6,1906 MIXON CEMETERY (0'! OLD RIVER ROAD)
GEORGE MIXO'l,b.June 28,1820, d.June 7,1874 (Husband) "NARCISSUS B.MIXON, b.Mar.28,1824, d.April 26,1890 (Wife) MAMIE M.MIXON,b.June26,1889, d.June 7, 1913.
LILA GERTRUDE MIXON, b.Feb.12,1884, d.Aug,3,1885 CARROLL TWIGGS MIXON, b.Sept.3,1877, d.Oct.28,1881 CHARLEY J.MIXON, b.1851, d.1931•- CLARI+ P.MIXON, 1859-1940 GEORGE HENRY MIXON, b.Feb.7,1882, d.Mar.10,1959
ESSIE LUNDY, March 19,1887
ELLAWEASE MIXON b.Feb.12,1908, d.Sept.17,1908 ANNIE G.MIXON, b.Jan.16,1916, d.Mar.15,1916
Noah L.Peek, 1888-1946. ETHEL NARCISSUS MIXON PEEK, 1894- 19_ (It was the opinion of Mrs.Noah L.Peek that it was thought that GEORGE MIXON was a nephew of MICHAEL MIXON)
M.A.Miller of Burke County,Ga. gave following information to PROF. MIXON's
"My great grandfather, James D.Miller, married Miranda Mixon in 1844 He was married once before and some of the older people said that he had married two sisters, but I have not been able to find anything on this.
"MIRANDA MIXON was George Mixon's daughter. According to the 1850 census records in the Archives Building in Atlanta, George Mixon was born in 1799. According to his wife's marker in the Usher Cemetery, there was a MICHAEL MIXON who was probably a brother tq GEORGE MIXON "I found an old marriage record where WILLIAM MIXON married Mary Pollock,Jan.27,1829 in Screven County. This MIXON could have been a brother to GEORGE and MICHAEL."
(Is it possible that Michael Mixon named his son JAMES D.MIXON for JAMES D.MILLER?)

Hope this helps.

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