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DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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Seeking information about the DOUGLAS family of Meath especially wanting to know in what area/s in Meath they would likely to have been residing. As a starting point I am searching for the birth of a Aaron DOUGLAS about 1837 somewhere in Meath (exact place unknown), the son of a George DOUGLAS and Mary FARTHING (not sure of the spelling of her surname but looks like this). I do know that George DOUGLAS was a farmer. For reference information too Aaron DOUGLAS emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1858 and married a Rose COFFEY. Can anyone provide a likely lead on this DOUGLAS family? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Rob.

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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In Griffiths Valuation, there is a George Douglas residing in Meath. Might be "your" George, and therefore might help in tracing him + family.

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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George Douglas in Griffiths 1854 if your George lived in the Parish of Rathcore, Townland of Rahinstown, Poor Law Union of Trim (the Union would cover an area with towns/villages/parish's in a 12 mi. radius)Tenant of Robert Fowler

#1 Richard Douglas land 21 acres 3 roods 7 perches - no house so he must live elsewhere*
#2a George Douglas, house, outbuildings and land 118.0.37
this is a significant size property for the time, the rental per year would of been quite high, I don't see any renters/occupiers providing him with an income.

*Richard Douglas, Parish Athboy, Stocks Townland tenant of the Earl of Darnley, PLU Trim. property house, outbuildings and 5a 202.2.23 another extremely large property as the average person would have maybe 20- acres.

There were 18 Douglas occupiers in Meath at this time 1854 none were Aaron (he may have still been living with his father and helping run the farm but not have property in his own name, he may have not been the oldest son and chose to go to Auz. to make his own fortune? However, this is just at the end of one of the worst Famines in Irish History)


1881 & 1898

Daniel Douglas, Stocks, Athboy, Trim, farmer he is listed under farmer but also under Nobility, Gentry & Clergy, he isn't nobility-no title nor Clergy ie Rev.therefore part of the Gentry/Esquire class as noted above who have land that is rented out for income.
Daniel Douglas, Cherryvalley, farmer
Richard Douglas, Rathmoylan, farmer
William Douglas, Isaacstown, farmer

Trim was a market town and assize town 2 mi. N.W. of Dublin, 11 s.w. of Navan and 6 mi. s.e. of Athboy and was the Civil Registration District/Poor Law Union

Meath belongs to a not for profit Irish History Foundation which operates a database for most Irish County Geneology offices. It is a voucher pay system, until this April you could look for free and get a birth year and name and then purchase a record this has now changed to even a charge of .10 Euro to look. 1E is currently about $1.40. Since your Aaron would only have a parish record at this time this is probably your best bet for records. The National Library has microfilm of Parish's records and the Latter Day Saints have microfilmed the NLI records and you can order in any microfilm to your closest LDS Heritage Center.

Resources: United Kingdom+Ireland+County + county these two website have varying amounts of information depening on the county

Annette Code
ps are the Douglas Protestant as the name is so English and certainly the property sizes are indicative of this, if so
there is another option for parish records and that is the
Representative Library of the Church of Ireland who have the parish registers to 1899.

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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Hi Annette, the family were Catholic as far as I can tell. Cheers, Rob

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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Very unusual for an irish person/catholic of that time to have properties that big, they certainly wouldn't have been under Gentry this was British run from the days of Cromwell to 1922. There were farm labourers who may have been hired to do the farming not everyone lived on the farms or estates. you wouldn't find your family in this
but perhaps the Earl's/Lords of Co. Meath that would of contained the properties.

If family were RC you then have the National Library parish records on microfilm, these were microfilmed by the LDS
an if you can find the microfilm numbers for the parish you can view at any LDS Heritage Center in the world. The only reason some Parish records exist is due to RC clergy who copied their parish registers before sending them off to
Dublin where many/most were consumed in the 1922 Four Courts Fire.

A irish history foundation has birth and marriage records
online but it is a pay website and should contain your families. United Kingdom+Ireland+Meath + meath

You could try looking for gravestone inscriptions many historical societies have done projects in this regard and produced Journals. County libraries have materials under 'local studies.


Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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just started looking into my dads family. his name was thomas douglas. he came from a small village called kilmer . he was born in 1920. one of ten siblings. hope this helps i am looking to trace my family theretoo.

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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I am replying to your posting having previously answered the original posting. Suggest that you start of new one in the name of your Douglas. records from 1864 to the 1950's
A birth registration April-June 1920 Trim. A copy of the birth registration can be applied for at the General Registry Office, This record would have his father's name and mother's name and her maiden name, they will do a search within the parameters given on the website. will give you the Griffith Valuation for Meath, although it would be your forebearers it was 1854, all the Douglas, although living in different Parish's and townlands, all had the Union of Trim in common.
A Poor Law Union later the Civil Registration Districts would have small villages and parish's within its 12 mi. radius.

The last commercial directory available to me is 1894 and a Daniel of Rathcore Parish was a farmer in Baconstown (Trim area)

It is harder to find people after the 1911 census. If he stayed in Ireland then you should be able to find a marriage record, 20-30 years on. There are a number of
birth records associated with the name.

Parish records after 1890 are in local custody and if you could find a parish on line you could write them to see if they do genealogical searches.

the 1911 Census would have his father or perhaps his father's father. None specifically lived in a place identified as Kilmer. You don't mention your great grandfather's name so I'm assuming you don't have it but look to the names of Thomas's children as somewhere in those ten siblings will be his father's name and his mother's name. Usually 1st. son after father, second son the wife's father, first daughter after mother, 2nd after her mother......

A google of Kilmer gives Ballivor with it, this is in the real estate ads. a satellite picture of the area show mostly farm fields. The Ballivor Parish RC records go back to 1837-1900, and from 1877 for Church of Ireland.

The on line telephone directory for Meath, shows a few
Douglas surnames, including 3 in Ballivor, 2 in Trim,
Athboy 2, Summerhill 2. I would certainly write the 3 in Ballivor for a start, addresses given are sufficient for mail delivery and don't require postal codes.

There are several churches for the area but none had email addresses but a community website by a Noel French e-mail has some history of Meath you might find interesting.

No born in Meath Douglas's are in the WWI list of dead.

Militia Attestations, Index Royal Garrison Artillery 1871-1915

Thomas Douglas, Dunsaney Co. Meath WO96/1449 Seq.No. 246
Thomas Douglas

That's the best I can do for you.

Annette Code

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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Just to add to what Annette said. Kilmer is not a village, it is a townland in the village of Ballivor. It is situated about half way between Ballivor and the area known as Killyon which has its own Church but Killyon is in the parish of Longwood. So check Ballivor, Killyon and Longwood for any possible records.


Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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Thank you

makes sense about Kilmer.

Both been very helpful. I know some of the family past, I am starting to go about contacting my irish cousins. Soemthing should have done long time ago.

You have been very helpful thanks again.

I know two of my cousins are John Jo(seph) and Kathleen. My uncle was Christopher (Kit)

Re: DOUGLAS Family - County Meath Seeking Information

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I did look up the Diocese of Meath


You could contact me about there parish records from 1877. I notice a few of the Catholic Diocese are starting to make their records searchable on line.

I understand from friends that have been to Ireland to look for parish records held in local custody you need to plan ahead. If you do go to Ireland, you should write first, make an appointment as not all the clergy are jumping for joy at the work this entails to their busy schedules.

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