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Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller, Long, McAlpine, Slater, Hogan
Looking to verify information about Daniel M. Waller (1850 Alabama - ?) who is father of Robert Lee Waller (1870 Arkansas - 1953 Texas). Mother of Robert Lee Waller is Lucy Ophelia (Long) Waller (1854 Louisiana - 1922 Texas), married to Daniel M. Waller in 1869 Arkansas. Lucy remarried to William McAlpine & had other children.
I need to find out who are the parents of Daniel Waller, and what happened to him after 1870 - dead, remarried?? I found info on Daniel H. Waller who was married to Nancy F. Slater & then Sarah/Sallie Hogan. Is this the same as Daniel M. Waller?

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller,
Daniel was the son of James Monroe Waller (1808-1882) and Susan McCoy (1818-1892). Both are buried at Chalybeate Springs Cemetery, Columbia County, AR.

I have Daniel located on the 1860 Claiborne Parish, LA Census at the age of 9. That may be why he is not on the 1850 Chambers County, AL Census with his parents. Daniel is then on the 1870 Columbia County, AR Census, 1880 Union Parish, LA Census and 1900 Howard County, AR Census. These counties are along the AR/LA border.

I have three, unverified wives for Daniel - Lucy Ophelia Long, Nancy F. Slater and Sarah A. Unknown. Except for Lucy, I am not sure what happen to the other two. Sarah/Sallie is widowed on the 1910 Howard County, AR Census, so I assume Daniel died between 1910 and 1920. No other proof.

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller, Long, McAlpine, Slater
1860 census Claiborne Parish, LA has 9 yr old D.H. (Daniel H.?) & 5 yr old L.D. (Lola Deomotus?) who are children of Jos/Jas (James?) & S. (Susan?) Waller ages 52 & 42, both listed as born in GA. No Lucy on this census.

I also have the 1870 census Columbia County, AR with James, Susan, Daniel & Lola all 10 yrs older than 1860 census. Parents James & Susan listed again as born in GA. This census has the addition of Lucy age 17. I have marriage papers for Daniel M. (not Daniel H.) Waller & Lucy Long of Arkansas in 1869, ages 18 & 16. That would make Lucy 17 yrs on 1870 census. Need to clarify date of this census is January or June, as son of Daniel & Lucy (Robert Lee) was born Feb. 1870 & not on this census.

The 1880 census for Grimes, TX precint 6 has Lucy McAlpin married to William McAlpin (should be McAlpine) & a 10 yr old son Robt Waller, also Lucinda Long age 55 who I have verified with someone else as Lucinda (Looney) Long, mother of Lucy Ophelia Long. Robt. Waller appears on another 1880 census below.

1880 census for 3rd Ward, Union, Louisiana has Danl. H. Waller age 29 & married to Nancy F. Waller born 1855 LA, and a 6 yr old son Robt. L. Waller (should be 10?). I know the census info can be wacky, but 4 yrs off for possibly the same child doesn’t make sense to me. This includes Sara R. Slater as sister-in-law, 1855 AR. Nancy & Sara father born in MS, mother in AL. Daniel H. again lists both his parents places of birth as GA.

1900 census for Arkansas-Howard-Franklin-Dist 71 lists Daniel H. Waller age 50, born 1850 AL, but lists his parents as both born in N.C. Daniel is now married to Sara A. born 1856 in LA as are both her parents. This census doesn't match up too well to the others.

The obituary for James Monroe Waller found on lists one of his sons as Daniel M. not Daniel H. Please help identify Daniel H vs. Daniel M
Also, the obit on findagrave lists James Monroe Waller's parents as Joseph Waller Jr. & Bridget Sackwell. This contradicts info found on Can anyone verify this?

I can email copies of Daniel M. Waller/Lucy Long marriage papers, death certificates for Robert Lee Waller (son of Daniel) and Martha Viola Waller (Robert Lee's wife) if anyone wants. request to

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller
Let's not cloud the issue with facts, ha ha.

I saw a copy of the marriage info for Daniel Waller and Nancy and his initial is listed as H. The transcription for Daniel and Lucy Long shows his middle initial as M.

I'm pretty certain we're dealing with two different Daniels. Daniel H is the son of James Waller and Susan McCoy. I'm not sure who Daniel M belongs to though I'm willing to bet he's from the same clan. As for name similarities I'll let the below items speak for themselves.

1) Daniel H is on 2 different census reports (1860 and 1870) as the son of James and Susan.
2) That there are 2 different Robert Wallers who are sons of Daniel Waller is not surprising. Why?
A) The Wallers have a tendency to repeat names.
1a) There are 5 different Leroy Theophilus Wallers - all related.
Aa) 2 of these LT Wallers were born within 7 years of each other and died within 5 years of each other. They were both doctors. My LT is the son of James Monroe. The other is the son of Colombus Arastus. Both seem to be named after the original LT - son of James and Susan.
2a) James and Susan had a son named James M. and Elbert and Mary had a son named James M. Both pretty close to each other in age. One James M. served in an AR unit in the war and my James M was in the 31st LA.

Who is Elbert D Waller? He is certainly kin to James (born 1808) though I'm not sure if cousin or brother with a different mother. They moved together or pretty close from Hancock, GA to Chamber Cty, AL and then on to Columbia Cty, AR. Both Elbert and James's children settled in Claiborne/Webster Parish, LA and Columbia Cty, AR. One of Susan's kin, a McCoy, performed the marriage ceremony for Elbert and Mary. Elbert was in Hilliard's Legion. Enough of him for now.

3a) I think it's entirely possible that Lucy and new hubby moved to TX around the same time as James M was here in the late 1800s though James went to Grayson and Hopkins counties - where his LT was born. I'll assume Daniel M died young as divorce was not nearly as common as it became in the 20th century, especially in our family.
4a) Leroy pops up again as my grandfather's middle name. Even odds it's come up again for others in this clan.

3) Robert Lee Waller (son of Daniel and Lucy) only shows Dan Waller on his death cert. which makes paternity difficult to pin on Daniel H. I will accept that he's related based on all of the above plus a couple more tidbits.
A) He died in the same age range as My grandfather and great-grandfather and of the same cause. My dad is 75 and expects the same thing any day. The original James died at 74 and I suspect of the same thing. (the sons who went to war all died a bit younger.
4) Hilliard's Legion.
A) Elbert and at least one son served in this AL unit.
B) Hilliards and Wares were in the same unit.
C) James and Elbert had kin who married into those families.
Where am I going with this?
D) There is a Clark(Clarke) Waller in the legion who doesn't seem to belong to James and Elbert though it's a good chance he's related. Again, this is a large family. Could Daniel M trace back to him somehow?

I don't hold with Waller/Sackwell as being the parents of James. In a geneological library here in Houston I found a book with Bible records transcribed that show James Waller and Elizabeth Ellis as his parents. I think it's called Georgia Pioneers or Geneologies of … Author is Shepherd I think. I made a copy and when I can find it again we may all get to see it.

If this has raised new doubts there is always the Waller DNA project. How much it will help in this case I can't say.

This geneology business can be tricky.

Brian Waller

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller
I do not believe there was a Daniel M. Waller and the "M" was a typo on the marriage record. Again, Daniel uses the initial "H" on the 1860-1900 census records.

Daniel and Lucy get married in 1869, a year before the following census. Lucy was age 16 on the marriage record and age 17 a year later on the 1870 census. Dan and Lucy are living with his parents.

1870 Columbia County, AR Census
Waller, James, age 62, Farmer, GA
Waller, Susan, age 52, GA
Waller, Daniel H., age 21, AL
Waller, Lola D., age 15, AL (Daniel H. Waller's sister)
Waller, Lucy, age 17, LA (this is Daniel's wife, Lucy O. Long - correct age and birthplace)

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller
James Waller and Elizabeth Ellis of Hancock County, GA did have a son, James Bozeman Waller born February 05, 1802. This James Waller born December 15, 1768 in Delaware or Maryland was the son of Joseph Waller and may be the brother of Joseph E. Waller of Delaware and then eventually Louisiana.

From "The Georgians" by J. H. Austin, Joseph Waller Will and LDS.

Re: Daniel (M. or H.) Waller

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Surnames: Waller, Long, McAlpine, Slater, Hogan
Daniel (18) & Lucy (16) were married in 1869 in Columbia County, AR. They did not sign their names, so it could be transcription error that shows Daniel M not Daniel H. On some of the census it looks like M but seems to be H. I found no other documentation of Daniel M, only Daniel H. Anyone else find more on a Daniel M?

1870 census for Columbia, AR has Daniel H (21) & Lucy (17), how did he gain 3 yrs from 1969 while she only gained one year?

1880 census for Union, LA has Daniel H (29) now married to Nancy F. (Slater). Robert Lee Waller (6) is on this census but should be 10 yrs old in 1880 if he is the son of Daniel & Lucy.

1880 census for Grimes, TX has Lucy (28) now married to William McAlpine. Robert Lee Waller (10) is on this census with correct age.

1900 census for Howard, AR has Daniel H (50) now married to Sarah A (Sarah/Sallie Hogan per death certificate of daughter Ola Belle Waller (7) who is on this census). There is also a son Daniel H (1) on this census.

1910 census Howard, AR has Sallie (56), this is Sarah/Sallie (Hogan) Waller & no Daniel on this census, so I agree he died between 1900-1910. Also here is daughter Belle O (17) I believe this to be Ola Belle. Pay close attention to the son Hap/Hop D (11) as this should be Daniel H. Can anyone find anything on this Hap/Hop name? Could be a good clue to work off of.

Please keep this discussion going if you have anything more to prove/disprove Daniel M.

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