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Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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Surnames: Hudnall
I am looking for information on a Gertrude Hudnall, living at 3004 South Taylor, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas in 1979.

She filed an amendment to the birth certificate for Cheser Bowen Mead and is named as his cousin on the document.

Nancy Rowe is the adoptive mother of Cheser's father and there is a Gertrude Rowe Baker Hudnall buried in Llano Cemetery in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas. I do not know what the connection is, if any, between these women.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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You may need to research the entire Rowe-branch that claims Nancy? A public tree, "Mary Beth Sutton" is owned by sutton7755. View at As for Gertrude, her maiden name was Baker and she wed James Charles Alexander Rowe (2 May 1884 - 8 Mar 1932) a native of Crawford, AR. George D. Rowe (1 Apr 1876 - 31 Jul 1935) was brother of J C A Rowe and also died in Potter County. Their family roots were deep in Crawford, AR and I was unable to link them to Nancy's branch.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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This could prove very significant, as documents give Louie's mother's place of birth as Arkansas.

What I do not understand is why this kin of unknown relation would go out of their way to amend a birth certificate for a man that was still alive and well and living a few streets over from her, less than a mile away during that time?

To my knowledge, neither Louie or Cheser had knowledge of who Louie's biological parents were. Louie was deceased by this time but Cheser was fit as a fiddle until right before he died in 1994.

I can not imagine that just anyone can go and amend a birth certificate. For her to be listed as a cousin, shouldn't there be some burden of proof of kinship required? Some document somewhere that might finally reveal what we have so longed to know?

Cheser might have been a home birth and so was his wife. I know that his wife had a very hard time trying to get a birth certificate and had to get the man who had delivered her back in 1920, along with another witness, to go with her in person to get a delayed birth certificate. I do not know if this is the same for Cheser but for a certificate to be amended, surely there must be a birth certificate in the first place?

I know his brother, Claiborne, had a birth certificate issued just a year later in 1916 in Amarillo. Why would Cheser's certificate not been just as detailed as Claiborne's is without amendment?

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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You are correct in there has to be an original document prior to amendment. The more I delve into this the more intrigued I become. Did you compose the narrative attached to Louie's find-a-grave memorial? I've been laughing all day at the prospect of being kidnapped by a family that had children already. I'm suspicious of that occurring. Anyway, is it possible Gertrude was related on the maternal-side? Louie's WWII Draft Card indicates birth in Muskogee, OK 7 Apr 1894. In 1900, the Meads were in Lincoln and the Rowes (from Arkansas) were in Chickasaw Nation, OK. Thinking perhaps their paths crossed, I searched for but did not find a marriage record detailing a Bowen-male and Rowe-female. James C A Rowe's surviving sister, Lillie, was age 13 and residing with parents/siblings in 1900 OK-Chickasaw Nation-Sulphur Springs-Image 1. The search engine does not work well with them so lookup George Rowe born 1876 Arkansas and residing in Oklahoma. George's family lived next door. Gertrude aka Clarissa Gertrude (vice versa) and James C A Rowe had one surviving child, Ruth born ca. 1926. Perhaps her descendants can shed light on this mystery?

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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I'll go out on a limb and declare "Gertrude Clarissa Baker was related to Fannie Margaret Chesser". Both families found 1900 Van Zandt-Precinct 4 with the Cheser-clan on Image 5 and the Baker-party on Image 23. In my experience, "delayed" birth certificates are routinely supported by affidavits from two or more witnesses.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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There is nothing funny about the possibility of a child being abducted. I wish I could laugh it off but I can not until I can prove otherwise.

Forcible abductions of Native children did occur during this time period. There were others with the last name of Bowen in this area during this time period but it is unknown if there is any connection to them. I have no proof of Louie's ethnicity being anything other than white. That does not mean anything as many who could, passed themselves off to avoid persecution. I also have another problem in that another section of this tree is unknown, which means that even with DNA testing, I can not discount the possibility of other sections being a potential source of conflicting information. It is worth noting that there were many with the Bowen surname that failed to make the Native rolls.

There is no record of Louie or another of his adoptive siblings being formally adopted. The lack of adoption records is not conclusive evidence that they were not taken in out of the goodness of Nancy and Amos' hearts. It is also not conclusive evidence that they were taken either.

There is a family story that was passed down about Louie's earliest memory being standing on what he thought was his mother's grave and that the Indians were at war.

I was able to contact another branch of the family and this story was passed down through their branch as well.

I have not been able to find proof of Louie being born in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Other documents contradict this as he says he does not know where he was born.

I have also been unable to determine what tribes the family was living near or if any of them were at war during this time. I have also been unable to find information on burials that would be a fit for Louie's biological mother in this area. Many graves have been lost over the years but it could also mean that a burial is located elsewhere and I have not found it yet since I have no proof of where Louie was before the 1900 Census or how he ended up with Nancy and Amos' family.

There were also two other stories that were not passed down through my branch of the tree to my knowledge.

Louie had contacted an unknown agency in Washington and received some paperwork from them. According to this other branch of the family, Louie was absolutely furious and it had something to do with the spelling of his name. These papers were since lost and since the name of the agency where these records were obtained is unknown, this family story is also a dead end. There may be something to it in that in the 1900 Census, Louie's name is spelled as "Boyin Luey" and in the 1910 Census, his name is spelled as "Lucious".

Another story that I was unfamiliar with is that both Cheser and Claiborne's middle names were Bowen. There is a Census that gives Claiborne's middle initial as K. but this is a known error as confirmed by one of his children. The alleged reason for their names being such is their lineage was somehow in question.

Since there are other theories as to Louie's biological parentage, I decided to include them all with the statement that there is not evidence either way as to what the truth of the matter is. It is important to keep open to all possibilities when researching unknown parents of an adoptee without bias until there is proof.

If there is one thing I have learned it is to never assume that you know or do not know something until you have proof in hand and what I have right now is next to nothing.

Louie was adopted and there is nothing to suggest that Nancy or Amos knew his biological parents, although their states of birth are given as Michigan and Arkansas. How can I verify that even that small piece of what was at least second hand information from Nancy and Amos is correct? Where did they get that information from?

Is it possible that Louie's mother died in childbirth? What could have happened to his father?

It is important to uphold the Genealogical Proof Standard of being able to confirm that information on documents is reliable and that it correlates with other evidence that is also reliable. As the evidence stands right now, the only thing I can say for certain is that Louie was with this family.

Thank you for discovering that Gertrude had a child. I am hopeful that I will be able to locate a descendant of her line to see if they can shed some light on this mystery.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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Elmina E. Baker married Euell R. Cheser, a brother of Fannie Margaret Cheser.

It is a possibility that they were kin in some way. I have not traced the Baker line and it is a common last name.

A Baker that married a Rowe, both of whom might be kin in some way sounds like I have a lot of research to do.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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DNA testing of Louie's descendants can confirm ethnicity. To my knowledge, the Red River War was the last military campaign and it took place primarily in Texas? It ended, officially, in June 1875 long before Louie's birth. I'm sorry if my reaction to the possibility of kidnapping offended you. I am aware that it was also performed by Native Americans. Louie's WWI Draft Card indicates he did not know his birth place. However, the WWII Draft Card indicates birth in Muskogee, OK. His parents' birth info extracted from census data. Admittedly, that resource is sometimes unreliable.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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I committed an error of omission regarding children fathered by James C A Rowe. Charlene Jean was born three months prior to her father's death.

Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979

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There is nothing to be sorry for and no offense was taken. You have done the best you can to try and help me with a very tough family history mystery and for that I have nothing but gratitude.

Fannie Margaret Cheser descends from a man that was kidnapped by Native Americans, ironically enough.

Even if the source is unreliable, it is still a hint. I just take everything with a grain of salt until I can verify that the information is good.

I think my best course of action is to get Claiborne's daughters to test.

In another twist of fate, Llano Cemetery buried Cheser in the wrong plot. He wanted to be buried next to his wife and child. My family owns the plots on either side of him but Llano Cemetery will not allow cremated remains to be buried in those plots, so his wife and child can not rest beside him. The family is looking into having Cheser relocated where his final wishes to be buried with his loved ones can be honored, along with the wishes of his wife and child. If and when this occurs, it may be possible to have his remains DNA tested, as he was the last direct line male descendant of this family.

Hope springs eternal that this mystery can be resolved in the absence of other documentation.
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