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GW and WG Ewing + many Ewing lines??? - Strother, Pattillo??

GW and WG Ewing + many Ewing lines??? - Strother, Pattillo??

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I am looking for the parents of the fur trappers. Also, I have Ewings in my Strother, Pattillo, and many more family lines. Also am a Potawatomi descendant. Would like to see if any of these many families link up!. Please help!

Re: GW and WG Ewing + many Ewing lines??? - Strother, Pattillo??

David Neal Ewing (View posts)
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Surnames: Ewing
You may be interested to know that Clan Ewing in America, an organization dedicated to those interested in Ewing history and genealogy, is hosting Making Connections, a gathering of the Clan in Ft. Wayne, IN, Sep 21-24, 2006. Details can be found on

Ft. Wayne was the home of GW and WG Ewing. Their parents were Col. Alexander Ewing (b. 1769 in PA, d. 1827 Ft. Wayne, Allen County, IN) and Charlotte Griffith (b. 1789, m. 1795 Cumberland County, PA, d. 1843 Peru, IN). There is a big marble obelisk and memorial at Lindenwood Cemetery in Ft. Wayne where they and other members of this family are buried. Ted Ewing is a descendant of this line and is organizing a reunion of others in this line to be held at the same time as Making Connections.

You can learn quite a fair amount about this family from Robert A. Trennert's book, Indian Traders on the Middle Border: The House of Ewing 1827-54. A shorter article by Mr. Trennert also appears in Vol 43, No. 3, 1980 Old Fort News, a publication of the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society. I'm sure they would sell you a copy. Their address is 302 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, tele (219) 426-2882.

On Friday evening, Sep 22, 2006 ,at Making Connections there will be a panel discussion about Ewing pioneers in Indiana. The panel will include a member of the Pottawatomie tribe who is very knowledgable about the participation of the Ewings in Indian removals. Another panel member is an expert in the history of the region, and we will have others on the panel with information about other pioneer Ewing families in Indiana. Representatives from many Ewing families will be in attendance, and the research archives of Clan Ewing will be available in a resource room throughout the gathering. I have an idea you could learn a lot about your various Ewing lines by attending the gathering, which you would be welcome to do.

Membership in Clan Ewing costs only $25 per year and includes a subscription to our quarterly Journal of Clan Ewing. Information about membership and about the gathering are available on our website, as are many other resources that can be invaluable to anyone researching the Ewing family. The web address is

David Neal Ewing
Chairman of the Board
Clan Ewing in America, Inc.

Re: GW and WG Ewing + many Ewing lines??? - Strother, Pattillo??

Donna Smith (View posts)
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Thanks so much for all the valuable info. My Potawatomi 3rd gr grandfather Nicholas Vieux/Viau was noted to have received payment from the Ewings in the Council Bluffs area of Iowa, around the time of the tribes removal to Kansas. Do you know who the Potawatomi member that will be on the Sept panel is going to be?

I will be right on the Alexander Ewing info. I wonder if he will link up with one of my Ewing allied families. The Ewings have been a real challenge! I guess you know that!. Thanks, again, Donna

Re: GW and WG Ewing

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David, do you have this? It shows the Ewing's and if you note, one of the employees at the bottom is my Ancestor, Nicolas Vieux. Thanks for the great lead. In addition, GW and WG Ewing are connected to my Strother line, it appears. Thanks, Donna

Ewing Trading Post at Point aux Poules, The Council Bluffs
Author: Walter Farwell Date: 24 Nov 2003 9:50 PM GMT
Surnames: Lasley, Fleming, Vieux, Ogee, Ogle, Ewing
Classification: Biography
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COUNCIL BLUFFS INDIAN AGENCY LETTERS, 1847 - 1851. Roll 217. September 24, 1847.--There are five licensed traders located in the Council Bluffs sub-agency at Point aux Poules:
1. P. A. Sarpy & Co.; St. Louis license dated July 8, 1847
2. Ewing & Co.; St. Louis license dated July 16, 1847
3. T. S. & F. Benoist & Co.; St. Louis license dated July 22, 1847
4. Peltier & Co.; Council Bluffs sub-agency license dated July 22, 1847
5. John H. Whitehead; Council Bluffs sub-agency license, dated October 19, 1836. (N.B.: I do not understand this: The Council Bluffs sub-agency did not come into existence until in 1837!......In 1846, Stephen Cooper emigrated to California, having sold his farm just below Knox to Whitehead.--W.F.)

(There is a short decription of Benoist's, Whitehead's, Peltier's, a longer one for Sarpy's. The following is a summary of the one presented by W. G. & G. W. Ewing):

The EWING $20,000-capitol stock included:

Red, blue, green & white English blankets
Grey & white Yar'd (?) Silk In'd. Blue Cloths
Fancy Silk Sup.r fine Blue Cloths
Merrimac Blue Printz
Assorted fancy Indian Shawls
Assorted Merrimac Fancy Printz
Cotton & Silk Hdnfs. (Handkerchiefs?)
Brown Sheetings
Assorted Col'd. Toffate Ribbons (Colored?)
Bleach'd. Shirtings
Silk dress Hdnfs.
White & Blue Drills
Red ticking
Assorted Sattinets
Stocking & Socks
Blue Cloth & Blanket Coatz
Vests & Pantloons
Rifles & Shot Guns
Powder, Lead & Flintz
Half axes, axes, hoes
Assorted Indian knives, knives & forks
Shoes & boots
Saddles, Bridles, Hatters, Cir..?..ingles..?, Waist Beltz, strap leathers & irons, pork, flour & bacon, lard, tea, coffee, sugar, pepper, candles & soap.

"Our blankets & cloths we order from England. About 1/4 of the Pottawatomie are half breeds, and these as well as many of the Indians use blue coats & blanket coats, vests, pantloon, shoes & boots. The women use many of the articles of dress of white women."

1. John D. Lasley, born Mackinac, Wisconsin Territory
2. Oliver G. Fleming, born Lexington, Niagara county, N.Y.
3. Nicolas Vieux, half breed Pottawatomie.
4. Battist Ogle (Ogee?), born Montreal, Canada.

Re: GW and WG Ewing

David Neal Ewing (View posts)
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Surnames: Ewing
The Pottawatomi scholar who will be on our panel is Shirley Willard. You can learn something about her by entering "Shirley Willard, Fulton County Historical Society, Rochester, IN" into the Google search engine. Part of an article she has written is available at

I had not seen the material Donna sent. This is not too surprising, because this is not my line and I don't know a great deal about it. It is rather interesting. I will forward what you sent on to Ted Ewing, who is in this line and will give him your email address.

I'm interested to know something about your other Ewing lines. Maybe you would be willing to tell me the names, dates, places and spouses names and dates of the oldest couple of generations you have identified.

David Neal Ewing

Re: GW and WG Ewing

Donna (View posts)
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I have a line:

William Ewing, b. abt 1639 and Elizabeth Milford b. Abt 1640 both b. in Scotland

and another line:

Robert Ewing b. abt 1650 in Scotland

It might be that this Robert is a son of William and Elizabeth, but I don't know yet, for sure (as sure as I can be!!)

Re: GW and WG Ewing

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I have a Baron William Ewing, b. 1625 in Sterlingshire, Scotland. He was married to a Elizabeth (Eliza) Milford, b. 1630 in Dunbarton, Glasgow, Scotland. They had a son Robert, b. abt. 1650. near Sterling Castle, Scotland. I have no wife for Robert, but he had a son Alexander.

If Wiliam was borm abt. 1639, that would make him abt, 11 years old when Robert was born, and his mother would have been 10 years old. Course, these are approx., dates, so who knows.

I have much more on this line.

My Grandmother was a Ewing.

Does this help You?

Jerry D. Warren

Re: GW and WG Ewing

Donna (View posts)
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Hi Jerry, Thanks for answering!

The Robert that I show as b. 1650 was possibly married twice. His unknown wife and he had a son Alexander b. 1678, d. 1738 in Cecil Co., Maryland. Does this match up with your family??

This line of Ewings , I believe, links with Thomas Ewing, b.1808 m. Elizabeth Pattillo. Elizabeth was my 1st cousin, 5 times removed.

Does this sound familiar?

William Ewing and Eliza Milford

David Neal Ewing (View posts)
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Surnames: Ewing
Well, now. I asked you to go as far back as you could. The problem is that these folks are near mythical--they turn up in everybody's genealogy, but nobody has decent proof of a connection. The founder of Clan Ewing, Ellsworth S. Ewing, had a theory and constructed a huge set of charts showing how a good fraction of the Ewings in America descended from these folks, and I believe that he did adduce a connection between them and the Robert Ewing you mention. This theory has been picked up far and wide and converted into "fact." The problem is that it doesn't convey any more information than telling someone you are researching the name "Ewing."

Can you give me information on your lines from the Ewing immigrant to America and the next couple of generations after that? Then maybe I can steer you in the direction of more information (and maybe not, but I'll try.)

David Neal Ewing

Re: William Ewing and Eliza Milford

Donna Smith (View posts)
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I guess it might be best if I say that I am particularly interested in the family of John Marion Ewing b. 1823 in Tennessee d. 1888 in Texas, and his wife, Sarah E. Strother b.1837 Tennessee, and d. 1880 in Texas. Some desc. moved on to Oklahoma. I believe this John Marion was a descendant of William Ewing b. 1694 and Anna Shannon.

Also very interested in Thomas Ewing b. 1808 in GA d. 1892 in Oklahoma, and his wife Elizabeth Pattillo b. 1809 in Georgia and d. 1895 in Oklahoma. Also, some of their descendants stayed in Oklahoma. It seems this Thomas Ewing was a descendant of the Robert b. abt 1650 in Scotland. It appears this family came through Pennsylvania, Georgia, then Oklahoma.

Also have a few marriages in Texas to Ewings. These folks seem to be connected to Adai Ewing Stevenson, whose Ewing ancestors were from Cecil Co., Maryland. (As were the ancestors of GW and WG Ewing)

My direct lines include Pattillo and Strother. Also as I mentioned in my first posting my direct ancestor Nicolas Vieux (Potawatomi Indian) worked for GW and WG Ewing, and I want to find out in what capacity he worked for them.

All my various lines ended up in Oklahoma, and I am very eager to sort through all the many families that were there in Pottawatomie Co. ( and other close counties) and their allied families.

To that end I am trying to find any and all connections to these many families. That includes at present the Ewing families.

I hope that is not "Too much information" or too confusing. But if you have any direction to send me on any of this, I would appreciate any help. I need it!!
And I thank you for the leads already given.

Donna in Montana
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