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Charles Engelhardt (View posts)
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I'm trying to find the relationship (brothers, first cousins, etc.), if any, between Mahlon PICKRELL (10/1/1810-2/9/1896) and John PICKRELL (2/11/1796-10/26/1857), both of Logan County. Mahlon is the son of Henry PICKRELL, the man from whom Pickrelltown gains its name. My wife is descended from John PICKRELL through his daughter, Margaret (1829-1895), the wife of Henry WILLIAMS (1828-1907). All are buried in Westland Cemetery, Monroe Township, Logan County.

Charles Engelhardt


Joan Medley (View posts)
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Surnames: Pickrell, Long
Does Esther Pickrell show up in your information? i have an Esther Pickrell who married Benjamin Long in Logan County. I remember hearing that we were also descended from the Pickrell's that Pickrelltown was named after. Benjamin Long and Esther were married before 1868. They had 4 children. Kathryn, Eva and 2 sons that i know of. Any help would be appreciated.

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Marsha Cooper Hughes (View posts)
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Surnames: Pickrell, Miller, Cooper, Musser
Search for parents of Ida Gertrude Pickrell.Unable to locate birth records where she was born in Rushsylvania,Logan Co.,Ohio born 9 June 1874.Married to my great grandfather Albert Maywood Miller ?on Maywood. They were married 3 July 1897 in Bellefountain,Logan Co. Ohio.Next search is for Abner Cooper's father Andrew Cooper and wife Sarah. Abner born 1832/36 in Ohio married Mary Ann Musser twice according to F.H.L. in Salt Lake City. Married 5 june 1852 in Kenton Hardin Co.,Ohio. Found Census record with Abner listed as a child to Andrew and Sarah Cooper. That is as far as I can find. Except Andrew died after Sarah( no Last Name) his death infirmary record states widower. He died 14 April 1879 In Kenton, Hardin Co. Ohio had been living with Abner and Mary at that time.Can't locate Mary Ann Musser's parents either. She was born in Maryland according to census records.


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Surnames: Pickrell, Williams
Hi Charles,

On your posting of Mahlon Pickrell(10/1/1810-2/9/1896 and John Pickrell(2/11/1796-10/26/1857, I have them in the information I received from Phyllis D. Paetzmann. According to her information.Mahlon is the 4th child of Henry and Achsah Paxon Pickrell of Pickrelltown, Logan Co.,Ohio. Henry is the first child of John Sr. and Catherine Wierman/Wireman Pickrell of Guilford Co., N.C., Grayson Co., VA and Logan Co., Ohio. Thier children were: Henry, Dinah, William, Amy, Mary Polly (?), Nicholas and John Jr.

John Pickrell Jr (2/11/1796-10/26/1857) married Temperance Dunstan. Thier children: daughter, daughter (both died in infancy), Margaret, son (possibly died infancy), Mary Jane, Martha Ann, Thomas, Esther, and Rachel.

Margaret (12/30/1829-1895) born in Logan Co., Ohio. married Henry Williams Jr. on 4/1/1850 in Logan Co, son of Henry & Nancy Paxson Williams of Pickrelltown, Ohio.

I also received almost the same from Delano Chafa of Fontenelle, Iowa and he lists an Oliver Pickrell as his source. Delano's e-mail address was: If your interested in his source. I can give you Phyllis's if you would like it.

I have an inquiry for you. Our line is through Henry and John Jr's brother, Nicholas (1783/84-5/25/1825), born in Guilford Co., Virginia and his wife Margaret McCoy Pickrell. Our line is as follows: Nicholas-Margaret McCoy Pickrell> John-Ruth Ann Paxson KentonPickrell>Samuel-Mary Ann Kendall Cassill Pickrell>Ellis-Addie Pangburn Pickrell>William Sr-Hazel Currier Pickrell>William Jr-Sharon Swanson Pickrell
Am looking for anything on Samuel S. Pickrell the eldest son of John and Ruth Ann Paxson Kenton Pickell. Ruth Ann was married to a Solomon Kenton. And was the first of four wives of John. Samuel seems to have dissapeared after 1884/85 from Ottumwa, Wapello Co., Iowa. Did find out that he was married before and left wife and three sons in Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.
Would appreciate anything....
Thanks Sharon from Nebraska


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I have an Albert Miller, b. abt. 1845, in Logan County, Ohio, to father Jesse Miller. Could this be your Albert?

Re: Pickrell

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Your Esther shows up as follows. My parents just did a research for my while they were in Ohio. Hope this is what you were looking for. John Pickerell Jr. born 11 Feb 1796 in Grayson Co.Virginia, Died 26 Oct 1857 Logan Co.Ohio age 61 years, 8 months, 15 days, buried at Westland Mtg.,(Quakers)Logan County,Ohio near Pickerelltown. He married Temperance Dunston on 25 Dec 1825 in Logan Co.Ohio. His parents were John Pickerell and Catherine Weirman, (she was a Quaker,) He was a Royalist during Rev. War. John's wife Temperance Dunston was born 3 Jun 1806 in Virginia. She died 5 Sep 1869 in Logan Co.,Ohio at 63 yrs. 2 months and 28 days. She is buried at Westland Mtg.Cem.,Logan co. Ohio. Their children were: Margaret Pickerell born 1826/30, Martha Ann Pickerell born abt 1843, THomas PIckerell born about 1845, Esther Pickerell born abot 1847 in Logan Co., Ohio, Rachel Pickerell born about 1849 , and Mary Jane Pickerell born 1852 in Rushsylvania, Hardin Co., Ohio (she is my ancestor who married Thomas W. Mops, they had a daughter Ida Gertrude Pickerell , why she took her mother's maiden name we don't know, but that's how her marriage certificate lists her) There is 2 child listed after Margaret, a male with approximate birth of 1835/40. Esther married Benjamin Long who was born 1842 in Ohio. they married on 4 Jul 1868 in Logan co.,Ohio. Temperance Dunston their mother was daughter of Thomas Dunston and Zana Carbon. John inherited the land owned by his parents in Logan Co., Ohio. As of a few years ago, Randy Scott, a descendant of John was living there. Esther was living with husband Benjamin in Monroe Twp, Logan Co.,in the 1880 Census. Children per 1880 census were 1. Eva Long b ca 1869, 2. William Long born ca 1870 and 3. Frank Long b ca 1874 4. Kate Long born ca 1876.
Next comes John Pickerell married to Catherin Weirman:
John Pickerell born abot 1750 in England. He died abt 1829 in Monroe Twp.,Logan County, Ohio. THey married on 22 Aug 1771 in Guilford Co., North Carolina. CAtherine Weirman was born 6 Sep 1754 in York, now Adams co. Penn. she died 4 Apr 1838 in Logan County, Ohio and is buried in Westland Mtg. Logan co.,Ohio near Pickerelltown. CAtherine Weirman's parents were William Weirman and Amy/Naomi Cox. John and Catherine's children were:
1. Dinah Pickerell b. abt 1772 in Virginia d. 7 Jun 1835 in Clinton co., Ohio she married John Ballard 26 apr 1798 in Westfield MM , Surry Col., North Carolina Her second husband was John Witson, quaker, born 16 Aug 1772 in Va. died 13 May 1814 in Clinton Co.Ohio.
2. Henry Pickerell born abt 1788 in Grayson Co. Va. died 15 Feb 1847 in Logan Co. Ohio buried WEstland MTg Cem. Logan C. Ohio He married Achsah Paxon born 1773 died 1845 in Pickerelltown, Logan c. Ohio. they married on 31 Oct 1798 in Logan C. Ohio. THeir son was named Mahlon born 1 Oct 1810 and died 9 Feb 1896. Both were written in an aritcle about how they helped with the Underground Railroad, Henry's home had several different secret hiding places built in and Mahlon would sometimes be able to escort the slaves to the next destination in a wagon . There was a photograph of Henry who would be a great uncle to our family.
3. Amy Pickerell born 1773 in Virginia died 1828 age 55 yrs old. married Nathaniel Lundy in 1801 He took their children to Ill after Amy's death. They married in Grayson co., Va.
4. Nicholas Pickerell was sheriff of Logan Co.He was born in Virginia and died Logan co., Ohio his family moved to Indiana He married Margaret McCoy . she was born 1783 in Penn. Died 4 Oct 1861 in Elkhart Co.Indiana.
5. William Pickerell born 1782/83 in Grayson Co. Virginia He was a blacksmith and wagon Maker. He died 17 Deck 1843 in Washington Co., Oiwa. He married Mary Paxton born 1784 died 27 June 1870 in Iowa. They were married ca 1805 in Ohio.
6. Mary/Polly Pickerell born 1784/1790 in Grayson co. Va. moved to TN. She married Daniel Lundy who was born ca 1774 in NJ and died 1861 /63 probably White Co. TN. Mary/Polly was his second wife, no info on first. They married on 23 Oct 1808 in Grayson Co. Va.
6.John PIckerell born 11 Feb 1796 in Grayson Co. Va (my ancestor) Died 26 Oct 1857 in Logan co., Ohio buried Westland MTG. Cem, Logan co, near Pickerelltown Ohio married Temperance Dunston as mentioned before.
John Pickerell the Senior was considered a Royalist, and came to fight in the REv. War US/CAN book collections 929.273p586p Titled JOHN PICKERELL FAMILY. JOhn's roots apparently go back to North CArolina. In 1778 the Quaker Meeting in Cane Creek dismissed CAtherine Weirman for having married John, inasmuch as JOhn did not belong to the church. Four years later John was in Montgomery County and was taxed with four horses, and thirteen cattle, indicating that he was fairly prosperous for a younger man. John entered land on Coal Creek in 1783 and his first tract was his homeplace although he subsequently added 370 acres to it making the whole 670 acres which was granted to him in 1793. In the meantime, he had entered other land claims. At one time or another he owned about 1500 acres . In 1798 his wife apparently returned to the CaneCreek Meeting in North CArolina , made amends with the church of her youth, and was reinstated. Some of the Pickerell children wer rasied in the Quaker Church and probably took part in the meeting at Chestnut Creek. John is a familiar figure in the old Grayson records. He was an ensign in the militia when the Wythe Court reorganized the militia in 1790.When Grayson County was formed in 1793 John was commissioned Captain and given command of one of the companies in the new militia regiment. He held this office for a year, and then resigned. He was also chosen as Overseer of the Poor, and in 1794 he reigistered his stockmark with the court..He was involved in 5 lawsuits which are mentioned in the older order books. He had sold much of his property over the years, but in 1810 he sold the last of his land and moved away, one of his farms he sold to Peter Cooley and the other to Byrom Ballard. His wife's church affiliation was transferred a few years later to a Quaker Meeting in Ohio, which is likely the place to which they moved. The Quaker records proved that Henry Pickerell who married Achsah Paxson and Dinah PIckerell who married JOhn Ballard were also their children. Young Henry owned land on Chestnut Creek, given him by his father, which he sold in 1807 following his departure for Ohio. Information on Achsah Pickerell was in US/CAN 977.1463K2m, her name mentioned repeatedly LOGAN CO>Ohio Women Friends 1824-1827. The first record found for JOhn Pickerell is when he married Catherine Weirman in 1771 in Guilford Co., North Carolina. HISTORY OF LOGAN CO. Ohio Baskin& Co., says JOhn emigrated from England before the REV. WAr. An Iowa newspaper article about a Pickerell family reunion in 1883 says "John came from England during the REv. WAr and took sides with the Royalists. CAtherine's father employed JOhn to guard his property during the war. The attachment formed at that time between John and Catherine resulted in their marriage. JOhn and CAtherine went from N.C. to Virginia. Around 1810 they moved to White Co. Tenn. and lived there for a few years before moving to Ohio. They lived in Logan co. and died there. John was not a Quaker and Catherine's parents may not have approved of their marriage. John may have joined the church later, but no record of that has been found. Catherine moved her membership to Goshen MM . IN 1815 , John was living in Ohio and gave his son Nicholas, Power of Attorney, to sell his land in TN. I his will John left his land in Logan co. to Catherine, then to sone John Jr after Catherine's remarriage or death. The last will and testament of John PIckeral, Dec. lOgan Co. Ohio and pages 422 and 423.
Let me see now, Henry married Achsah Paxson, daughter of John and Mary Paxson, his ancestors emigrated to Penn in 1682 on ships that brought William Penn's Quakers from Eng. Achsah's sister married William Pickerell, Henry's brother. Henry and Achsah settled on land near Zanesfield that Henry obtained by virtue of a tax-title, which he had to restore to the owner after he had made valuable improvements, for which he was never recompensed. He bought a tract of 80 acres in Monroe Twp and was the first settler in the neighborhood of Pickerelltown, which was named for him,(mother and Daddy said the article stated there was a contest and Henry won out.) Henry and sons, William Pickerell, and Mahlon PIckerell were active in the "Underground Railroad" that helped slaves escape to freedom. HEnry and Achsah had 4 children. 1. CAtherine b 31 Dec 1799 Va, went to Iowa 2. John b ca 1804 died young. 3. William b 13 Jul 1808 Ohio went to Iowa 4. Mahlon b 1 Oct 1810 in Ohio stayed in Ohio.
If interested there is more info on Amy Pickerell, Nicholas Pickerell and William Pickerell, Mary/Polly PIckerell and John Pickerell sometimes listed as Jr. who married Temperance Dunston.
Catherine Weirman's paretns were William Weirman II and Amy/Naomi Cox. His parents were William Weirman and Gertrude Sateman/Seitman. Amy's parents were John Cox and Mary Garretson.


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Thanks for looking , but this one is not mine. HAve a nice day! Marsha

Re: Pickrell

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I just visited Logan County Ohio researching my Pickrell, Paxson and Williams line living there from the early 1800's to the mid 1800's in Pickrelltown. I left with more questions than answers I found! Can any one put me in contact with Phyllis D. Paetzmann?? I would like to ask her a few questions about the Pickrells.
Thank you.
Beth Zaring

Re: Pickrell/ Long

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Dear sir, yes Esther Pickerell was born abou t1847 in Logan County, Ohio married to Benjamin Long 4 Jul 1868 in Logan County, Ohio. I do no have her death date. Her parents were John Pickerell Jr. and Temperance DUNSTON.
John Pickerell born 11 Feb 1796 in Grayson, Virginia, he died 26 Oct 1857 in Logan co. Ohio. Buried on 23/25 Dec. 1825 in Westland Mtg. Logan, Ohio near Pickerell town. US/CAN 977.1463 Vol. 22l

His wife: Temperance Dunston was born 3 Jun 1806 in Virginia. She died 5 Sep 1869 in Logan co. Ohio aged 68 yrs. 2 mo. 28 days. Buried in same place as her husband.

their Children were as follows:
'1 Pickerell (female) about 1826/1830
2. Pickerell (twin?) same info
3. Margaret Pickerell born 30 Dec 1829 Logan, Ohio died 1895. She was married to Henry Williams Jr. on 11 Apr. 1850 in Logan, Ohio. He was born 28 Mar 1828 in Logan ,Ohio died 1907 father Henr;y Williams, mother Mary Paxson.
4. Pickerell (male) born about 1835
5. Martha Ann Pickerell about 1843
6. Thomas Pickerell about 1845
7. Esther Pickerell about 1847 Logan,Ohio married to Benjamin Long 4 Jul 1868 in Logan Co. Ohio
8. Rachel Pickerell about 1849
9. Mary Jane Pickerell about 1852 in Rushsylvania, Hardin Co., Ohio married to Thomas W. Mops about 1860 in West Liberty, Logan, Ohio.( my descendant)

Esther married to Benjamin Long were living in Monroe Twp, in Logan co., Ohio when the 1880 Census was taken. Children per 1880 Census were:
Eva Long b ca 1869 , William Long b ca. 1870, and Frank Long b ca 1874 and last Kate Long b ca 1876. (Probably all born in Logan Co. OHio.
this family was Quakers.

The grandfather to this family was Joh Pickerell and Grandmother was Catherine Weirman they had 7 children one being the aboveJohn Pickerell Jr.
please e-mail if you would like to have more of the information I have. Please put Pickerell/ Long in the heading .

Re: Pickrell

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Yes, ESther married Benjamin Long 4 Jul 1868 in Logan County, Ohio. Benjamin was born about 1842 in Ohio . They were living in Monroe Township , in Logan County, when the 1880 census was taken. Children per 1880 Census Eva, Wiliam Frank, Kate. Esther's father was John Pickerel Jr. and mother was Temperance Dunston. JOn born 11 Feb 1796 in Grayson, Virginia and died 26 Oct 1857 in Logan County, Ohio. Temperance Dunston born 3 Jun 1806 Virginia and died 5 Sep 1869 in Logan, Hocking, Ohio. Joh is buried in Westland Mtg. Cem. near Pickerelltown. as is Temperance, she is the daugher ot Thomas Dunston and Zana CArbon. John Pickerell died age 61 yrs. 8 mos and 15 days. Logan County, Genalogical Library John and Temperance married 25th day of December 1825. 977.1463v38i 1818-1846.John Pickerell Jr. above his father is John Pickerell Sr. about 1750 born in England. died 1829 MOnroe Twp. Logan , Ohio and married to CAtherine Weirman born 6 Sep 1754 York, Adams Pa, and she died 4 Apr 1838 in Logan, Ohio.John Sr. was considered a Royalist, and came to fight in the Rev. War US/CAN 929.273p586p Title JOHN PICKERLL FAMILY> John's roots go back to North Caroline. In 1778 the Quaker meeting in Can Creek dismissed CAtherin Wireman for having married John, in as much as Joh did not belong to the church. Four years later JOhn was in Montgomery County and was taxed with 4 horses and 13 cattle, he was fairly propserous for ayoung man. He entered land on Coal Creek in 1783 and his first tract was his homeplace. He was an ensign in the militia when the Wythe Court reorganized the milita in 1790. this info goes on for quite a wile, but children were raised in the Quaker church and probably took part in the meeting at Chestnut Creek.John JR.'s will is in Monroe Twp, Logan county , Ohio. HOpe this helps. Marsha
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