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I know there were once *lots* of Seybolts in Orange County--certainly before the American Revolution and right through the 1860's. Anyone having info/needing info, let's
share it.


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I research Lybolt Libolt Liebolt Leyboldt etc. and when I look at some of the census records from NY the index will say Sybolt or Seybolt but they are realy L spellings, the person who indexed them did not study the takers handwriting. So you might find the same problem in reverse. Please look at my homepage and let me know if you see anyone who looks like a conection to your "S" spelling. Good luck.

Re: Seybolt , Leyboldt

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Look for the original documents and do not trust the indexes when it comes to L and S spellings. To many times cursive L's Look like S's to the indexer. Once I found a Lybolt family split onto two pages of a census and one was listed as an L and the other half, the children, of the same family listed as an S. Dig up them bones. Check every reference you are given. Add up the years and do the math to see if relations are even possible. Good Luck.


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Great page!

Plus, I think you may very well be right. I never knew a thing about
the Seybolts (my mother's whole family) until about six months ago,
thanks to the Internet, and one of the first discoveries I made was a
geneology in Broderbund's World Family Tree (Volume 1) I think. A
researcher had posted a whole slew of Seybolts as (I think) part of
another project, starting with the story that two brothers(?) cousins
(?) named Johann Seybolt and Jacob Seybolt (sic) witnessed each other's
wills prior to departing Rotterdam, Holland (on two different ships, to
lessen the hazard) for Philadelphia on October 21, 1754. But when I dug
some more and looked at the passenger lists, I found right away what you
found--the "L"!

Hmmmm. It does seem most coincidental, doesn't it?

Still, there's nothing like the Internet for this sort of thing.
Since I'm sure you already understand from personal experience how
addictive genealogy is, you won't be surprised to hear that I plan to
"dig on."

Through a link on *your* page, I found a brand new home page for my
great-grandfather's Civil War unit (yes, he's on it). I've written to
the National Archives for his pension records, which may help me find
out more.

So I owe you double-thanks!


Beth Wilson (View posts)
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Surnames: Seybolt, McBride, Marvin, Hallock
After having no luck in my dig for McBride ancestors, I casually began searching on last night and found, to my surprise, that someone had downloaded a tree that traced my ancestress, Harriet McBride Hallock, back a few generations beyond what I'd been able to find- including a Seybolt family. The tree had no source attributions, however, so I'd like to verify some of it if I can...
I knew that Harriet was the daughter of Henry McBride of Greenville, and that she had several siblings: Dewitt, John, Coe, Emmit, and Rosetta. The tree also lists a brother Floyd, which is exciting, as I know that Harriet named her son Floyd- perhaps he was a brother who died young, and therefore was not listed in her obituary...
The tree adds a name for Harriet's mother: Sarah Marvin. It lists Henry C. McBride's parents as Henry McBride and Mary Seybolt, daughter of John Michle Seybolt (Jr.) and M. Sarah Little. John's mother was listed as Mary Kreizer.

Does anyone know anything about these people?
I would love to be able to fill in a few more branches.

Many thanks in advance!


Peggy Green (View posts)
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I have some information about the Seybolt family if you care to contact me. In Orange Co.


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Surnames: seybolt
to, paula Kimbrough: sorry that I got out of touch but the last year has been a very bad one I also lost all of the genealogyand everything else when my computer went down. I had to get a recovery disk but it did not bring back any memory that I had stored. I am at square one again. Hope that you have learned a lot about the seybolt family. Lots of luck , acey


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Surnames: SEYBOLT
I am so sorry about your computer accident! In the early days of PCs, they destroyed data every time they crashed, and we got REALLY shellshocked and made backups constantly.

It's hard to believe, I know, but generally data seems far safer today (assuming viruses can be avoided!) even though the systems are still unstable. This more day-to-day safety , I was just thinking recently, has lulled me and my colleagues (and surely must fool beginners) into thinking that things are a lot safer than they actually are. In fact, I was just thinking it's WAY past time for more back-ups around here and at work, too! Stay in touch, Paula

Re: Seybolt

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I am a descendant of Henry McBride and Mary Seybolt through their son William Little McBride. I would like to exchange information on this family. Interested?

Re: Seybolt (John Mickle and Mary Krizer)

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Surnames: Seybolt, Little, Butters
My family chart shows that John Seybolt(1727-1797) and Mary Krizer (1722-1812) were both born in Germany and died in Otisville,NY. They had 7 children.
One son, John Mickle Seybolt Jr.(1759-1801) had 5 children with first wife Sarah Little(1763-1796), and 3 children with second wife Mary Butters(1772-1801). I have no marriage dates for them. According to another Seybolt relative, they are buried in Mt. Hope Plains Cemetery in Otisville.
I'm related to John and Mary Butter through their grandson, Paul Lee Seybolt, who married his 2nd cousin, Antoinette Seybolt(grandfather was Frederick, John Jr.'s brother)
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