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Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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Surnames: Cowell Coffey Coffin Waters
My Great-Great Grandparents lived in the area - on the 1900 Census in Dupuyer Township (now part of Pondera County). Frank P. Cowell, wife Miranda (nee Crowley), children Clarence, Jesse, Alta, Alana Cowell. Frank, born 1853 Missouri, moved to Montana sometime after 1880. In 1900 their son Clarence had his own household with wife Zetta Waters. Zetta's mother was a Coffin or Coffey. I belive Frank must have been related to area rancher Alvin Jay Cowell, probably was AJ's uncle as both were from Missouri and Frank appears to have had several brothers. Frank's son Clarence worked for the Montana Power Company many years in Great Falls as a motorman and conductor on the streetcar, and Clarence and his wife both died in LA in the `50's. Any further information on possible relatives of this family greatly appreciated.

Re: Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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Surnames: Cowell, Croley, Graves, McIntyre
I'd identify all information about Frank, Miranda and their children and then go back and look into collateral lines. Also if you can link up with any cousins, that's a great approach too.

Here is what I found.

I found the Drisdale Family Tree at Ancestry, which contains information about Franklin P. Cowell.
Franklin P. Cowell, b. 17 April 1853 Monroe, Ohio.
Franklin married 1875, Scotland Co., MO but wife is unknown.
He lived in Dupuyer, Teton Co., MT. He died 3 June 1907 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA. Source=Drisdale Family Tree.

A Franklin P. Cowell of Scotland Co., MO married Marendee S. Croley of Scotland Co. on 21 Jan. 1875, Scotland Co at John Croley's home. Source=Missouri Marriage Records 1805-2002.

In 1880 Frank and Miranda were living in Jefferson, Scotland Co., MO.
Frank P. Cowell b. IA, 27, farmer.
Maranda M., wife, b. MO, 26.
Clarence P., b. MO, 3.
Ada M., b. MO, 1.

I think Ada may have died young because I didn't find her after this Census.

A male Cowell
Born=21 March 1884, Jefferson Township, Scotland, MO
Mother=Miranda A. Cowell, 30 yrs old
Father=Frank P. Cowell, 31, farmer.
Source=Missouri Birth Records 1851-1910.

Frank, Miranda and children in 1900 were living in Dupuyer, Teton Co., Montana. (at one time Teton was in Pondera Co.)
Frank P. Cowell, b. IA April 1853, marr 25 yrs, farmer.
Miranda A., wife, b. MO June 1859, gave birth to six children but only four alive in 1900.
Jesse F., son, b. MO Jan 1886.
Alta A., dau, b. MO April 1888.
Alma G., dau, b. MT May 1896.

In 1910 Miranda and children were living in Long Beach Ward 3, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Mrs. F. P. Cowell, b. MO, 56, widow, had given birth to six children but only four alive in 1910, no occupation.
Alta A., b. MO, 21, single, saleslady dry goods store.
Alma G., b. MT, 13.
Wm N. Fergerson, lodger.
Mabel Griffith, lodger.

In 1920 Miranda was living in Long Beach next door to Alma & Claude McIntyre. Some time after the 1910 but before 1920 Census Miranda married a mr. Graves but he died before the 1920 Census.
Miranda W. Graves, b. MO, 65, widow, no occupation.

In 1930 Miranda was living in Long Beach.
Maranda C. Graves, b. MO, 76, widow, no occ.

A Miranda Ann Graves
born=14 June 1853, Missouri
Died=6 Aug 1949, Los Angeles Co.
Father's Surname=Croley.
Source=California Death Index 1940-97.

You can find an obituary volunteer at Obituary Lookup Volunteer-California, .
Ask them to look up Frank's too.

Contact the Long Beach Public Library, .

In 1900 Clarence and family were living in Dupuyer, Teton Co., MT.
Clarence Cowell b. MO Sept. 1876, marr <1 yr, farmer.
Zetta, wife, b. WA jan 1876.
Edith Rand, borader.
John Powers, boarder.
John Ryan, boarder.

In 1910 Clarence and family were living in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT.
Clarence Cowell, b.MO, 34, marr 11 yrs, motorman street ____.
Zetta, b. WA, 33, had given birth to three children but only two alive in 1910.
Le Roy, b. MT, 5.
Louis, b. MT, 1 7/12ths.

A Clarence Pierce Cowell was living in Cascade Co., MT on Sept. 11, 1918.
Born=29 Sept. 1876.
Occupation=motorman, Montana Power ____, Great Falls
Nearest Relative=Zetta Mary Powell? can't read rest.
Source=World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-18.

In 1920 Clarence is living in Great Falls.
Clarence P. Correll, roomer, b. MO, 43, conductor street railway.

In 1920 Zetta is living in Los Angeles Assembly District 75, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Zetta M. Cowell, marr, b. WA, 42, no occupation.
Minnie V. Herman, sister, b. IN, 40, widow, no occupation.

In 1910 Jesse Cowell and family were living in Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade, MT.
Jesse Cowell, b. MO, 26, marr 3 yrs, crusher man smelter.
Margaret, wife, b. MO, 26.
Everett, son, b. CA, 9/12ths.

A Jesse Frank Cowell on Sept. 4, 1918 was living at 751 Ottawa St., Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Born=21 Jan 1886.
Occupation=____ shipyard, unemployed.
Nearest Relative=Mrs. Cowell Graves, 441 Linden Ave., Long Beach.
Source=World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-18.

In 1920 Jesse was living in Los Angeles Assembly Dist. 75, Los Angeles Co.
Jesse F. Cowell, lodger, b. MO, 33, divorced, mechanic auto shop.

In 1942 a Jesse Franklin Cowell
b.=21 Jan 1886, Memphis Co., MO
Residence=Neal Rd., Paradise, Butte Co., CA
Nearest Relative=Mrs. Lula P. Cowell.
Source=U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards 1942.

A Jesse Franklin Cowell
b.=21 Jan 1886, MO
Died=19 April 1953, Los Angeles Co.
Mother's Maiden Name=Crowley [what appears on index]
Father's Surname=Cowell.
Source=California Death Index 1940-97.

First I'd contact the Long Beach Library for a copy of his obituary. If they don't have it, you'll need a copy of his death certificate.

Contact the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, Norwalk, CA. Do a Google search for the contact info.

The McIntyre Family Tree, contains info about Miranda Ann Croley.

An alma Gertrude Cowell b. 1 May 1896 Dupuyer, ,Montana died 1 Nov 1995, Medford, Jackson Co., OR. She also married Claude Edwin McIntyre.

Claude Edwin McIntyre b. 19 April 1894 Ada Co., Idaho died 14 April 1961 medford, jackson Co., OR. Source=McIntyre Family Tree.

In 1920 Alma and Claude were living in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.
Claude Mcintyre, b. MT?, 25, driver sightseeing car.
Alma G., b. MT, 23.
Sharmon, dau, b. CA, 2 11/12ths.

In 1930 Claude, Alma and family were living in Long Beach.
Claude E. Mcintyre, b. ID, 35, marr @ 21, subdivider real estate.
Alma G., b. MT, 33, marr @ 19.
Charmon, dau, b. CA, 13.
Robert, b. CA, 8.
Anna Warsaw, maid.

A Claude F. Mcintyre died 14 April 1961, Jackson Co., OR per death cert #4138. Spouse=Alma.
Source=Oregon Death Index 1903-98.

A Robert E. McIntyre
Born=2 Jan 1922
Last Residence=Medford, jackson co., OR
Died=20 Aug. 1995.
His soc. sec. # was assigned in CA before 1951.
Source=Social Security Death Index.

To find their obituaries, contact the the Jackson County Genealogy Library, . Successful Searching & Happy Holidays!

Re: Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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Surnames: Cowell, Crowley, Croley, Craley Eves, Coffee, Coffin

Thanks for the follow up. I've already tracked down much of this, but you have given me additional info I didn't have, greatly appreciated!

Some additions and minor corrections to your post:

Frank and Miranda's family -
I am descended from their eldest, Clarence (m Zetta M Eves, their son Frank Leroy Cowell m Caroline Miller, their dau Zetta Mae (Cowell) Green is my mother).

Ada and the next child did die before the 1900 census.

In the 1920 Census (Los Angeles) Zetta Mae (Eves) Cowell "no occupation" is wrong - the census shows she's a seamstress in a department store. The woman she is living with, Minnie V (Cowell) Herman, is her sister. Minnie married Anton Herman, an immigrant from Bohemia. She is not a widow in 1920 - Anton was still alive and well in the mid `50's - I have a family photo from 1956 and we, "Uncle Anton" and I, are both in it.

The 1910 census showing Clarence and Zetta with children Le Roy and Louis - I believe Louis may be wrong. I've never heard of a son Louis, but they did have a daughter Doris at about this time. I don't have a copy of the census - perhaps the handwriting is unclear?
Doris, by the way, was developmentally disabled. She moved to LA with her mother Zetta, and lived in a home. Later, in the 1930's, Doris lived in Camarillo State Hospital She also was still living in the mid-50's; she's in that 1956 photo with me and Anton Herman. We always knew her as "sister" and all I really remember is that she was very nice. I have not been able to find any death or other information about her.

In the 1920 census for Wichita Falls, TX, Leroy Cowell (Frank and Zetta's son) and Anton Herman are both roomers in the Butler's boarding house. Anton is an iron worker and Leroy is a Tile Setter.

Frank P. Cowell's draft card says Zetta "May" Cowell, not Zetta Mary Powell. IThe draft card is difficult to read, and the clerk misspelled Mae. Also, Frank worked for the Montana Power Company as a motorman on the Great Falls Street Railway Company (part of Montana Power).

Miranda Cowell married widower Eli Graves in 1913 in Long Beach; he was 74 at the time; Miranda would have been about 59. Eli had a large family with his first wife and I believe was pretty well off. He died in 1924. Miranda died in 1949.

I've got a lot more information on Frank P Cowell's ancestry, going back several generations. I'm consolidating all of my notes now, but I will be happy to send it all to you if you're interested.

Also, what is your connection? We must be related, right?

Thanks again for all the great information!

Re: Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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THANKS for the offer but I'm not related. Just like to help folks out when I can.

Re: Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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Here is a bit of the connection for this family:

The Bureau of Land Management has a database of land patents issued under the Homestead Act (and other Congressional land grant laws):
It shows two land patents issued to Frank P:
1. 160 acres issued on 3/17/1899 in Pondera County. It was located in Township 29-North, Range 6-West, Section 33, the North West quarter of Section 33.
2. 160 acres issued on 2/1/1901 in Pondera County. It was located in:
a. Township 29-N, Range 6-W, Section 28, the SW quarter of the SW Quarter Section.
b. Township 29-N, Range 6-W, Section 29, the South half of the SE Quarter
c. Township 29-N, Range 6-W, Section 32, the NW quarter of the NE Quarter Section.

A Section contains 640 acres. It is a square about a mile square. Cutting this section into quarters is a quarter section, 160 acres in size.

This link:
shows red squares (Sections) with red numbers (Section numbers).
For his first obtained land patent: You can see Section 33. Divide this square into quarters, his land was the North West quarter, so the top left portion of that Section.
For his second land patent: The first portion was in Section 28, the SW quarter of the SW Quarter Section. So, looking at Section 28, divide this Section into quarters, then in the quarter on the bottom left (the SW Quarter), divide this into quarters. He owned the bottom left portion of this quarter section.
You can then follow these instructions to see where the other portions were in his second land patent.

Now that you see where the land was located, you can zoom out (top left corner of the topo map) to see where this land is in relation to other features. You will see the town of Dupuyer

There are also land patents for Alvin J Cowell in Teton County, Clarence in Pondera and Valley County.

From a family tree, owned by Charles Driscoll:
Alvin J. Cowell was born 26 Sep 1863 in Scotland County, Missouri. His father was identified as Francis Marion Cowell, 14 Dec 1836 in Tipton, Montroe County, OH, died 20 Aug 1908 in Memphis, Missouri; mother Emily Clark. The father of Francis was identified as Andrew Cowell 1805-1859, mother Mary Stine, 1808-1977. This family tree shows Franklin P. Cowell, born 17 April 1853 in Cedar Co, IA was also the son of Andrew Cowell, thus being brother to Francis Marion Cowell.
--I sent a message to the owner of this tree to review this message thread.

I see you already had access to the 1900 census, so I won't duplicate information you already have, or facts you already know. But, some errors found by the other poster:

1880 Census shows "Miranda" as there is a dot over the area of the i, but it was overwritten. The Ada M, age 1: There is no proof this Ada died young. She was old enough to have been married by the 1900 Census. However, the 1900 Census identifies Miranda mother of 6/4 living. This would "indicate" an early death; but doesn't rule out other factors, runaway bride, etc. (I MUST have proof in my genealogy research).
--The Missouri Death Records show a John Cowell, age 25 days, died April 20, 1884, in Scotland County. There is no information as to names of parents. He died in Unity, MO, of measles. This child would have been born about March 26. The MO Birth records show a child born in Jefferson Twp on March 21, 1884 in Scotland, County, to Frank P. Cowell and Miranda A. Crawley (sic). There is no record for a death of Ada online.
--In the 1920 Census for Long Beach, CA, Miranda(Transcribed as Meranda) W Graves was living in the same residence (not next door) as the McIntyre's. This address was 441 Linden Avenue. The next page of the census also shows a daughter, Shannon, Mc Intyre, age 2 11/12, born in California. The census was enumerated 10 January, so Shannon was born about November/December 1917
--Miranda is Mrs. F.P. Cowell in the 1910 Census as a widow. The 1920 Census shows Miranda Graves, widow. But, we can not speculate that she was a widow of a man surname Graves. She may have married and divorced. The stigma of being divorced was still great and many in the census were identified as widow, when in fact they had been divorced (in the last marriage).
In LA County, there were deaths of males named Graves between 1910 and 1920; but, none showed the initial of the spouse as being M, or having died in that county.

Ron Bestrom
Tacoma, WA

F.P. Cowell death notice d. 1907

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Classification: Death
Surnames: Cowell
A telegram was received here this week stating that F.P. Cowell, a well-known former resident of this [Teton] county, had died at his home at Long Beach, Cal., on Monday evening. Death was caused by apoplexy. Source: Choteau Acantha June 6, 1907, edition.

Re: Cowell, Coffey/Coffin, Waters families

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my name is barbara koon maiden name coffey from choteau montana. my fathers name was clark cowell coffey. my grandfather was george m coffey married to hatti cowell.i don't know which cowell lived there but he was obviously my dad's uncle. i can remember him talking about him and he died in CA. they all came from scotland co. in missouri. hatti had 3 boys and a girl( died from brain tummor at 3) the boys were george m coffey,wallace coffey, and clark cowell m had win boys that were both in wheel chairs and jack died at 5 Jerry lived to 39. wallace coffey had a girl and a boy. i am blank there. clark coffey had two girls barbara and georgia.this could go on forever.
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