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Bartlett Yancey Jr

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Bartlett Yancey Jr

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The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina - 1985
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There were three Yancey brothers, Louis, Henry, and Richard who came from England to America. Two of them settled in Virginia and one In North Carolina. Their father was a Welshman and Episcopal minister, ordained by the Bishop of Canterbury in England [See Note below] . Bartlett Yancey, Sr. descended from Louis Yancey and came from Granville County, North Carolina to Caswell County. His father was James Yancey, born in 1712, in Hanover County, Virginia. His mother was Ann Thornton.

The children of James Yancey and Ann Thornton Yancey were: Major Thornton Yan-cey born In 1740, died in 1779 who married E. Mitchell; Bartlett Yancey, Sr. who married Nancy Graves and died in 1784; Philip Yancey who married Dura Hester; Thomas Yancey who died when a young man; Ann Yancey who married Jesse Saunders; Nancy Yancey who married - Baynes; Lewis Yancey born 1736, married Mary Graves; and Jane Yancey mar-ried Ed Saunders.

Bartlett Yancey, Sr. was a man of great deci-sion of character. He was greatly afflicted with rheumatism and sciatica and could not walk without crutches. When he heard the can-nonading at Guilford Court House, he made a servant put him on his horse, hand him his crutches, and he started to go to the battle. His wife came out and took the bridle off the horse and would not let him go. He sat on the horse awhile and she reasoned with him until she convinced him that he could do more good by not going and he might lose his life. He taught school for many years but was not physically able to work on the farm.

The children of Bartlett Yancey, Sr. and Nancy Graves Yancey were: John Graves Yan-cey; Thomas Graves Yancey married Betsy Tate; James Yancey married 1st, Lucy Kerr - married 2nd, Zelpha Johnston; Polly Yancey married John Graves; Nancy Yancey married Isaac Johnston; Isabella Yancey married Kim-brough; married 2nd, James Collier; Elizabeth Perry Yancey married Nathaniel Slade; Sallie Yancey married Isaac Rice; Frances Yancey married Alex Wiley; and Bartlett Yancey Jr. who married Nancy Graves, his first cousin, daughter of John Herndon Graves and Nancy Slade Graves.

Bartlett Yancey, Jr. was born February 19, 1785, four months atter his father's death. His family lived six miles south of the county seat of Yanceyville, N.C. He attended private school, then Hico Academy, studied under Hugh Shaw until fte reached the age of fifteen. He taught a year then resumed school as assis tantteacher. The trustees elected him principal of the Academy where he taught two more years. He then went to the University, 1804- 1 BO6, against his mother's wishes. He studied law In Hillsborough under Judge Archibald De Bow Murphey. He began practicing law in 1807, was elected to Legislature, nominated to Congress, 1814 and 1817. He served six years in Congress. He was appointed Minister to Peru in 1826 by President John Adams but declined the appointment. He returned to Leg-islature, was a member of the House of Com-mons, a member of the Senate. 1817-1827.

He was Speaker of the Senate seven terms. He was appointed Chief Justice but declined. He died at his home, Oakwood, August 1828 and was buried in the family cemetery near Yanceyville. Bartlett Yancey, Jr. lived at Oakwood on the Dan River, near Blanch, N.C. This river home did not suit him because of the damp-ness, chills and ague so he bought a large acreage near Yanceyville and built "Summer Hill" which still stands.

Bartlett Yancey, Jr. presided for the last time In the Senate at the session of 1827. He was elected the following year but died before the meeting of the Assembly. Very few men in the State's annals have exercised a larger influ-ence in public affairs. His abilities and personal magnetism were such as to give him a great ascendency over those with whom he came in contact. He was the head and front of those who were laboring for the opening of the re-sources of the State by railways. He largely aided the movement resulting in establishing the Supreme Court; the Treasurer's and Comptroller's departments were likewise mainly at his suggestion.

Bartlett Yancey, Jr. was one of the greatest men North Carolina ever produced. His mas-sive frame was a fit tenement of the. large and luminous intelligence which animated it. In forensic oratory he was the peer of Mr. Gas-ton, while in political tact and address he was greatly his superior. When Speaker of the U. S. House, Mr. Clay, often when in Committee of the Whole, called Mr. Yancey to the chair, and even under the trying emergency of such a comparison, the North Carolinian suffered no derogation. His consummate abilities were adorned and enhanced by a bland elegance of manner that was matchless in his day.

The children of Bartlett Yancey, Jr. and Nancy Graves Yancey were: Frances Williams Yancey born May 31,1811-died October 3, 1839, married Dr. Henry McAden; Mary Katherine Yancey born December 26. 1817-married Giles Mebane; Virginia Marie Yancey born November 2,1826-died 1904, married George W. Swepson, (she changed her name to Virginia Bartlett Yancey when she grew up); Anne Elizabeth Yancey born June 15, 1821, married Thomas J. Womack; Algernon Sidney Yancey married Henrietta Williams Graves; Rufus Augustus Yancey born October 26, 1809-died Novembers, 1829; Curtius Yan-cey born May 1813 - died 1814; Carolina Louisa Yancey born October 19, 1823-died 1842, married Lemuel Mebane and an infant who died at birth.

DJY: NOTE - The information concerning the three brothers and their father and their relationship to Bartlett is totally erroneous. See:

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