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Kingery DNA Project

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Kingery DNA Project

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Surnames: Kingery, Kingrey, Kingry, Kingree, Gingerich, Gingrich, Guengerich, Gungerich, Gungrich, Gunderich, Gundrich, Gingery, Gingrey, Gingry
I am a descendant of Christian Gingerich (b. ca 1718, Berne, Switzerland, d. 1778, Lancaster Co, PA) whose descendants anglicized their surname to Kingery. My particular line is through Samuel Kingery (1788-1843) who married Eve Catharine Spong. I am also the volunteer administrator of the new Gingerich-Kingery DNA Project - - and would like to invite KINGERYs and GINGERICHes from the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., Australia, and around the world to participate in the project. The project encompasses all known variations of the GINGERICH and KINGERY surnames such as GINGRICH, GUENGERICH, GUNGERICH, GUNGRICH, GUNDERICH, GUNDRICH, GINGERY, KINGERY, KINGREY, KINGREE etc. The new field of genetic genealogy offers us a new tool for researching our Gingerich and Kingery family history through the use of the science of DNA testing. It is not intended to replace traditional genealogical research methods but is simply an added research tool. The testing itself is open only to Gingerich and Kingery (or variants) males; however, females and non-Gingerich-Kingery males can participate by seeking out Gingerich or Kingery (or variants) males in their immediate or extended family to get tested.

Here are a few of the reasons and benefits of using DNA testing to enhance and augment your Gingerich and Kingery genealogical research:

1. Determine if two or more people share a common paternal line Gingerich or Kingery ancestor in the recent past.
2. Find previously unknown Gingeriches or Kingerys (or variants) related to you.
3. Validate (or not) your traditional Gingerich-Kingery research.
4. Prove or disprove a theory in your Gingerich-Kingery research.
5. Bridge gaps due to lost or destroyed records.
6. Provide direction for future Gingerich-Kingery research and avoid dead ends.
7. Find out more about your deeper ancestry and geographic origins.
8. Preserve Gingerich and Kingery DNA for future testing.
9. Contribute to the Gingerich-Kingery DNA knowledge base for researchers of the present and future.

DNA testing does NOT involve having blood drawn or a trip to a medical lab. A test kit is mailed to you which includes one or two cheek swabs or brushes used for swabbing the inside of your mouth. After completing the kit's instructions, you simply mail the kit back to the testing company.

DNA testing does NOT reveal anything about your active genes or any possible medical conditions or any physical characteristics. The testing takes place in the non-coding "junk" portion of a male's Y-chromosome DNA which has no known function.

Privacy and confidentiality are respected for members of the project. A project member's name and contact info are not revealed unless explicitly requested to do so by the member. Information about a member's Gingerich or Kingery ancestors who are still living or born after 1900 is not revealed unless requested.

The Gingerich-Kingery DNA Project is a non-commercial non-profit undertaking. As creator and administrator of the project, I receive no compensation of any kind for any testing done through any company. All that I or the project stand to gain is a greater knowledge of our Gingerich and Kingery family history.

The project already has some initial results from the Christian Gingerich lineage and is seeking more testees from this and other Gingerich and Kingery lineages from the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., Australia, and around the world. I invite all Gingeriches and Kingerys and researchers of these surnames to participate in this project. Please visit the Gingerich-Kingery DNA Project web site to find out more about genetic genealogy and the project and how to participate:

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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