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Re: bjornson family iceland Posted on: 28 May 2014, by mmanchur156

Surnames > Bjornson

...they came North. She said it wasn't till she was older that she realized when she was very young, Your GGrandfather had invited the Duke and Dutches, ( He was the King who abdicated to marry Walis Simpson) to tou...

Re: Kansas Regiments Posted on: 28 May 2014, by jmrosu1

Topics > Military > Civil War > Kansas > General

Dennis, I just spent 3 hours of time touring your blog of all area's. It is fabulous. My gr gr grandfather and his father served in the Civil War for Kansas. My gg was in the 9th Calvary Co. D. He ...

Re: Searching for information on Ellen Bussey Posted on: 28 May 2014, by rkb3246220

Surnames > Bussey I am related to Jess L. Gunn and Ellen Dunn Guinn Bussey. Ellen Dunn (Maiden) Guinn, married my G-Grandfather James Madison Bussey. Thanks

Re: THAYER, John and Tamar (MICHENER/MITCHNER) Posted on: 28 May 2014, by RoTaylor82

Localities > North America > United States > States > Indiana > Counties > Hamilton

...still need more research materials for the Thayer line, I'd like to share because Hattie Thayer m. my ggrandfather James A Tooley in Iowa. I did not know of the Thayer connection until 1983, tho' I had been to ...

Re: George Barry Adams Posted on: 29 May 2014, by mtnwillow1

Surnames > Adams

Thomas K Adams was my Ggrandfather too. My grandfather was Albert David Adams, the youngest son by Thomas k's first wife Nancy. If you are still checking messages, I would love to exchange information with you.

charles brandon london foundling hospital Posted on: 29 May 2014, by csmith1412

Surnames > Brandon

...foundlings and the years they were in the original Foundling Hospital in London. Charles Brandon is my g-grandfather and I have been unable to find any info on him.

Mary Haines Foreman Wilson b. 9 May 1845 in Milton, PA Posted on: 30 May 2014, by Ekw1965

Surnames > Messer

...married to William Etzell Wilson until his death in 1882. She never remarried. She had a son in 1887 ,my ggrandfather Claude Kellogg Wilson. I have no interest in any morality issues or judgements, I simply want ...

Koteras, Koterass,Kotyras,Braciszewski Posted on: 30 May 2014, by mej1948

Surnames > Koterass

My g-grandfather married Cecylia Koteras in Slawno, Poland ,1849. His name was Martinus Braciszewski If anyone has any information of possible relatives,maybe around Buffalo NY area,please let me know. Regards, M...

Re: Bornemans of Indiana Posted on: 31 May 2014, by beautifulhist...

Surnames > Borneman

thought you might want a little insight on peter borneman, he is my GGrandfather, my grand father being his son (Charles Borneman Sr.) Peter was the first Fire chief in peru indiana. If you go under my public t...

John and Robert Whitehill Posted on: 31 May 2014, by DawnPearceGil...

Surnames > Whitehill

The family search (LDS site) has entire records of these Whitehills. My 5th G-Grandfather was John and Robert's brother. John Whitehill: Robert Whitehill: https:...

I am trying to find the parents of my ggrandfather Simon Franklin Herring. Posted on: 31 May 2014, by tdhtaylor

Surnames > Herring

Simon Franklin Herring was married twice (Alma Garner and Tera Earnest). I believe he was born in Cottondale, AL.

Re: Zalewski-Salewski from East Prussia ! Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by Outtahere53

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Prussia

...from West Prussia and they were from East Prussia. All I know is that Stanislaw Zalewski is my maternal ggrandfather, he came to the U.S., in 1903 into New York, Brooklyn to be exact. The only info that I have ar...

William Carrick, Ireland Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by scarrick357

Surnames > Carrick

...have gone from Grandfather Charles Richard Carrick, DOB 01 June 1920 - 03 June 1970 POB:Oshkosh, WI G-Grandfather Edward Willard Carrick DOB 12 Nov 1899- 09 July1963 POB:Oshkosh, WI GG-grandfather Charles Willard...

Re: Coughlans of Kinsale or elsewhere in Cork Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by Coughlin_dani...

Surnames > Coughlan

Hi. My grandfather name was Richard, who came to Connecticut. My Ggrandfather was John and married to Sarah. They lived in skull.

turkalj Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by tiffanyturkal...

Surnames > Turkalj

...was wondering if anyone could help. My family is from W.Va, Our Last name is Turkale. When i found my G-grandfather his last name was spelled wrong on the immigration paper. His name is Dane Turkalj. Born in Drezn...

Re: darlows in lincolnshire Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by neilking1

Surnames > Darlow

Hello Christine. My great grandmother Hannah Darlow was married to my ggrandfather Thomas King. Her parents were James and Rebecca. If you interested please reply. Thanks Neil King

Re: Milone family from Brooklyn NY Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by jonmih

Surnames > Milone

...the best message from ancestry I have ever got. This will be a long reply, so have a seat..... My g-grandfather was Joseph Milone, he was Pasquals and Ralphs 1st cousin. My Aunt in Poughkeepsie sent me a picture...

William Barber - 1810 - Claverack, NY Posted on: 02 Jun 2014, by jthorn7376

Localities > North America > United States > States > New York > Counties > Columbia He & his family were in the 1810 census for Claverack. In 1815 - 1817 his son John, my 3d ggrandfather, was in a court case in Hudson, for not joining the NY Militia. In these proceedings, his father, W...

Isaac John Leach Posted on: 04 Jun 2014, by onebakergirl

Surnames > Leach

...(Albert Edward) and WJ (William). At some point they moved to Rockford, Illinois where John R (my g-grandfather) was born in 1869. A daughter, Minnie or Minerva, was born in 1866. Isaac John Leach must have d...

Re: Missouri Fletchers Posted on: 04 Jun 2014, by sblair001

Surnames > Fletcher interested in any info you have on Nathanial Fletcher's family. I believe one of his sons was my ggrandfather. Unfortunately my father's father passed away when he was very young so we do not have much actual ...

Re: Mattituck-Aquebogue Parish Posted on: 04 Jun 2014, by redonionsauce

Localities > North America > United States > States > New York > Counties > Suffolk

I am not sure. But I will find out and let you know. I do know that Amy was not Catholic. She switched to being a Catholic. My ggrandfather is from Aguebogue.

Re: Minnie Billard, Halifax Nova Scotia Posted on: 04 Jun 2014, by jeffbillard

Surnames > Billard

...second link indicates ca.1892. Maybe he lied about his age to his second wife). Not sure if they're your g-grandfather or not:

Re: a family picture of the Bramletts in the woods Posted on: 05 Jun 2014, by ultraviolet42

Surnames > Bramblett

...cousins Colonel Wiley was my GG-Grandfather. Sarah would of been my GGG-Aunt She would of been aunt to G-Grandfather Joseph, G-aunt to Grandfather Colonel and GG-to my dad Jack. My grandfather was from Dalton, GA ...

Re: Martha?: Vastervik or Vastivik Sweden - Gustavson Anderson Posted on: 05 Jun 2014, by mickeya2u1

Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Sweden > General

...another generation to the family. My next post will be on the Anderson/Andersson message board for my g-grandfather.

Re: Charles Horace Williams - Kentucky / Indiana 18420 Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by richway12

Surnames > Williams

... 1827 – 1857 Catharine Williams 1833 – Mary Williams 1834 – Daniel Williams is my 2nd GGrandfather. Richway12

George M. Furnace Jr. lived in Chicago or Milwaukee in 1905 Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by GeorgeHowardT...

Surnames > Furnace

On 2-Aug-1905, my 2nd g-grandfather Thomas Percy was murdered in Chicago. A few weeks later, the courts released his personal property to Alice F. Percy (his daughter) and George M. Furnace, Jr. I’m trying to id...

George M. Furnace Jr. lived in Chicago or Milwaukee in 1905 Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by GeorgeHowardT...

Surnames > Furness

On 2-Aug-1905, my 2nd g-grandfather Thomas Percy was murdered in Chicago. A few weeks later, the courts released his personal property to Alice F. Percy (his daughter) and George M. Furnace, Jr. I’m trying to id...

George M. Furnace Jr. lived in Chicago or Milwaukee in 1905 Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by GeorgeHowardT...

Surnames > Fourness

On 2-Aug-1905, my 2nd g-grandfather Thomas Percy was murdered in Chicago. A few weeks later, the courts released his personal property to Alice F. Percy (his daughter) and George M. Furnace, Jr. I’m trying to id...

Re: Parents of Edward A, Fox, Edward was born in either MA or CT Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by SRuby71

Surnames > Fox

...The children of the senior Edward A. Fox are: Edward Jr., Amanda M, Frank B, Fred R, Arthur H. (my ggrandfather), Annette M, Mary L., Adelia E. Thank you so much for your help with this. Since Edward owned a fa...

Re: Seeking info on Asa Ellison and Rebecca Mason Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by mtnmus

Surnames > Ellison

Our lines may connect somewhere, but I don't know where. My 4th ggrandfather Asa lived in what is now Monroe Co. WV until moving to Whitley Co. KY about 1805. He died there about 1827.

Re:EMPEY / EMPY / EMPIE family Bible Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by sstanger1

Localities > North America > Canada > Ontario > Stormont

Hi, your GGrandfather George Herbert EMPEY -born Ontario - Family to Keene NH USA The bible you are searching for - was viewed by Carrie EMPEY in 1937 .at Upper Darby, PA George Herbert / Herbert George EMPEY ...

Re: John W. Marks and Fronnie Cheatwood Posted on: 07 Jun 2014, by Marru7570

Localities > North America > United States > States > Louisiana > Parishes > Jackson trying to find out how she is kin to the other Marks buried in the Old Saline Cememtery; where you ggrandfather is buried. I would appreciate any information you might have, Marcie McRae Wolford

Re: Michael Higgins - BAllaghaderreen County Posted on: 08 Jun 2014, by moehiggy

Surnames > Higgins

Hello, I have been trying to find my ggrandfather, Patrick Higgins, and an elderly aunt thought she had remembered a relative by the name of Michael Higgins. I know Michael is a very common name, but when you ...

Re: CHANEY from Pike Co. Kentucky, John Chris CHANEY born 1877 Posted on: 09 Jun 2014, by breslinrose

Surnames > Chaney

...Elizabeth Blair Chaney's boys. Then there is a Greenberry Chaney and Elizabeth Fell Chaney. George was my ggrandfather. His son was Thomas Robert Chaney. Then Greenberry had a son named George Washington (another...

Re: John Levi Dement from Mississippi Posted on: 09 Jun 2014, by IrvinCDementJ...

Surnames > Dement

hello I am Irvin C Dement Jr my GGrandfather as Noah Dement a first cousin to John Liev Dement would like to get in touch with you you can email me =

Re: Alabama Morrow Reunion First Sunday in August Posted on: 09 Jun 2014, by CherylToles

Surnames > Morrow

...connection if you could post some further information. Cheryl Morrow Toles David Morrow m. Agnes White - 5th GGrandfather David Morrow m. Margaret Kelso - 4th GGrandfather Alexander Morrow m. Mary Woods - 3rd GGrandfather Samuel Kelso ...

Mystery of Edd Parker 1869-1923 Was he really a Thomas/Carnley Posted on: 09 Jun 2014, by madameclerk19...

Surnames > Thomas

...test (autosomal) we get a strong hit to a Thomas tree, where the tree owner says his That his Thomas ggrandfather was raised by his maternal grandparents who were Carnleys/ I get a 4-5cousin match to a tree tha...

Crichton of Zealand. Posted on: 09 Jun 2014, by katemate7

Surnames > Crichton

My GGrandfather William John Crichton born 1871 married Mary Golder. My grandfather was Wilford Crichton. My email is

Re: Sowinski Family Name Search Posted on: 10 Jun 2014, by Cattitude251

Surnames > Sowinski

My family, Sowinski, Arrived in Wisconsin in the 1800's My ggrandfather was Bernhardt Sowinski, from Hamburg ( his father was Leo Sowinski) He was married to Mathilda Schlass. They had 3 sons who changed their l...

Re: Matthew Irons Posted on: 10 Jun 2014, by lemastjan

Surnames > Irons

Mary Anne Irons was the daughter of Eseck Irons and Hannah Randall. My 2nd ggrandfather was Ephraim, son of Eseck and first wife Lydia Randall. Just today I uploaded 2 photos of her and her family. My tree is...

DUYTSCHAEVERS family from Eeklo Posted on: 12 Jun 2014, by tmchg

Localities > Western Europe > Belgium > East-Flanders

I'm researching my GGrandfather, Gustaf DUYTSCHAEVERS (DUYTSCHAVER) b. 1881 in Eeklo; d. 1965 in Kewanee, Henry County IL, He married Clara CLAUWS b. 1881 in Eeklo: d. 1950 in Kewanee, IL. I have some info on mos...

Re: Locke's of Newfoundland Posted on: 12 Jun 2014, by adavisphoto1

Surnames > Locke

hello there, I believe my g-grandfather was Sidney's brother, name was Robert. I do have some info on Sidney that I've found recently that I could share with you.

Re: The Noel Tree by Charles S. Noel Posted on: 12 Jun 2014, by edwolff_1

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Scioto

...was the mother of my g-grandmother, Minnie May Mewherter. Louisa, her sister, was the mother of my g-grandfather, Theodore Case, who married Minnie. In other words, my g-grandparents were cousins. So nice to ha...

Rozwenc/Tessarz Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by audreyh13

Topics > Immigration and Emigration > United States > Russian Immigrants

Looking for any information regarding the last names Rozwenc or ggrandfather was Stephan Rozwenc who married Stella Tessarz...Stella was from Warsaw Poland and Stephan either Poland or Russia(Prussia

Re: Worth/Bettisworth in Illinois Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by jgwheat10

Surnames > Worth

...Kentucky - even if it's just a county, it would be someplace to start. The focus for me starts with my g-grandfather, Richard Worth Hedricks, b. 1859, IN?KY?. I am looking for details on the next generation back...

Jubilee Cemetery Uitenhage SAfrica Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by robertstewart...

Topics > Cemeteries & Tombstones > Cemetery Photos

I found the official burial listing for my GGrandfather (Dean) and one of his sons (Thomas) as follows: Meth1 9 17 {self} Stewart, Thomas Orr [s/h] †3 Oct 1898 *(50y) Stewart, Dean [f] †26 Apr 1899 *(76y) Jubill...

Re: Romero (1700s-1800s)in Chihuahua, Mexico Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by JHtl2314

Surnames > Romero

Do you have any names 1820 to 1860? My ggrand-father was born in Santa Maria de Camargo-1839. His father was Candelario Romero and his mother was Paula Landavaso[?]. My cousin [lives in Phoenix - she researches th...

Re: Wyatt family of SC and NC Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by debria_bragg

Surnames > Wyatt

Peter is my ggggrandfather. His daughter Susan is my ggrandfather William's Mom. As far as I can research, I find no husband for her and am unable to find Peter's parents. I have found a Peter Hubble Wyatt in NY...

Nancy "nannie" jean Kincheloe Posted on: 13 Jun 2014, by farrahjean2

Surnames > Kincheloe

Nannie is the name of my GGrandfather Delbert or Adelbert Kincheloe mothers name, and I get lost on anything past her. Any and all information is grateful. please email pictures if you can as well.. Farrah Jean...

Re: Short family from East Tennessee Posted on: 14 Jun 2014, by gneeniester

Surnames > Short

...and researching the Short name in Tennessee? I have reached a dead end in my search for info about my ggrandfather, John M Short, b. 1868 in Sneedville, Hancock, TN. His mother's name was Nancy -- last name unkno...

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