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Looking Hobbs Family Garfield Whitman WA

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Re: Looking Hobbs Family Garfield Whitman WA

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I see this is your only posting on Rootsweb message boards, so I don't know the extent of your genealogy research knowledge. Your profile shows membership since Jan/2012. I find it interesting you are looking for family life information on this family because you farm the land. Is there not a family connection? As I got into the research, there were some inconsistencies in the information as found versus your write-up, but, this should give you more information on them. As it appeared, Fannie was a daughter of Rebecca and George, but she was not. James and Fannie did not farm long in Whitman County as they also moved to California, and Canada.

George W. Hobbs, married Elizabeth Morgan 1/25/1857 in Hancock Co, IL.

The 1880 Census of Richardson, Lane County, Oregon
Charles Moore, age 30, born in Mississippi to father born in Ireland, mother in Greece(?)
Flora, 21, wife, born in Oregon to father born in Indiana, mother in Illinois
Rebecca Hobbs, Mother-in-law, age 42(1837/1838) in Illinois to father born in Kentucky, mother in Indiana.
Oscar Moore, 17, Brother-in-law, born OR to father born in Indiana, mother in IL
Fanny Moore, 10, Sister-in-law, born in OR to father born in IN, mother in IL.
--The 1870 Census of Harrisburg, Linn County, OR
Eli B. Moore, age 40, born in Indiana, Merchant
Ann R (Rebecca), age 31, born in IL
Laura B, 13
Flora J, 11
Oscar R, 7
Lorin (sic) E, 4
Fannie, age 5/12. (Census enumerated 27 Aug 1870, so if correct she was born about Feb)

The 1900 Census of Turnbow, Whitman County, WA
George Hobbs, born May 1834 in Illinois to both parents born in Unknown, farmer/owned,
Rebecca, Oct 1838, born in Illinois to father born in Germany, mother in Indiana, mother of 6/3 living.

George's burial:;
The accompanying page on his wife, Rebecca, identified she was previously married to Eli B. Moore, he was the father of Fanny, not G.W. Hobbs.

Arden Hobbs died 7/26/1899 in an accident. His Death Return identified he was born in Washington to J.M. Hobbs born in California, mother was Fannie Moore, born in Oregon. Scroll down to Whitman for the search to see the image of the D.R.

At the top of this message board posting is a "Search" block. Enter the name of "George Hobbs," indicate Whitman only and you'll find three other postings concerning this family.
The Bureau of Land Management has a database of land patents:
issued under the Homestead Act and other Congressional Land Acts:
The Homestead Act:

It shows on May 26, 1888, George W. Hobbs obtained 160 acres of land in Whitman County (under the Homestead Act), located in Township 17 North, Range 45 East, Section 22 and in three parts:
a. The West half of the South East quarter Section (of Section 22)
b. The North East quarter of the South West quarter section.
c. The SE1/4SE1/4.

A Section contains 640 acres and is a square mile in size. Dividing it into quarters, each quarter section would be 160 acres. In this case, this land of 160 acres covered three parts of Section 22.

This land was located at:
Just south of Cedar on the Palouse River
But since you farm it now, you probably know the location.. Unless he had other land later. This topographic map shows red squares (Section) the "22" in the center of this one is Section 22. Dividing the square into quarters:
a. The West half of the South East quarter Section (of Section 22)...The bottom right quarter would be the South East quarter Section. His land was the left half (West half).
b. The North East quarter of the South West quarter section. The bottom left quarter would be the South West quarter Section. Dividing this quarter section into quarters, the land portion would be the top left quarter (NE1/4) of the quarter section.
c. The SE1/4SE1/4... This land would be in the bottom right quarter, the bottom quarter of that quarter section.

After working on this with more info above/below, I realized your land might be that of James and Fanny, NOT GW's. So, I looked at the BLM records and found James also had obtained 160 acres of land on 2/2/1900 in Whitman Co. His land was located at Township 17N, Range 45 East, Section 13, the NorthWest Quarter.
Here is that Section outside of Grinnell. The land would be the top left quarter. You can zoom out to see other locations.
As far as GW's personal information (and James), his actual application for this land would have a lot of personal information. To obtain the application:

Here is an example of what "might" be found in a land patent application package. This example is for the Charles Ingalls property (Little House on the Prarie).

To obtain a copy of the land patent records issued under the Homestead Act:
First, find your ancestor's land patent information:
(Which is above)

1. One method is to visit a National Archives Record Center and view/copy the microfilm records.

2. By Mail:
Click on and download the NATF Form 84. The BLM Land Patent site will have the needed information for the form.

3. By online method: Click on the above link and follow the instructions to submit your order online. Again, use the BLM site data to complete.

The form also indicates, "If available, please attach one copy of the original land patent, tract book pages, or Bureau of Land Management GLO listing for this land entry." In this case, there is no image of the orinal land patent, it would be available in the BLM site.

When the research staff has located your documents, you will be contacted with the information about how many actual pages were found and the cost for reproduction.
As far as their lives in Garfield, they were farmers, so there will not be a lot written about their daily lives. There could be a bio found in a local book, historical society publication. But, these were "usually" about the more wealthy, merchants, etc., as most of the bio's were paid by the person. If you farm on their land, you probably have better access to local records than readers here. I'd suggest posting in those areas where you knew the descendants lived.

BUT, now, interesting. James was born in Dec 1862 in Stockton, CA, had the land in Turnbow, but by 1910 he and Fannie were in Modesto, CA. Fannie died 19 Dec 1933 in Alhambra, LA County, CA. James died 29 January 1939 in Czar, Alberta, Canada.

Ron Bestrom
Tacoma, WA
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