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I did a little research on John McCartney, actually more than a little.
(Researched and intrepreted by E. H. Bright)
The MCCARTNEYS had moved to the West Fork river in the Collins settlement, located in what is now Lewis County, WV, by the year 1810. John MCCARTNEY was listed on the 1810 Federal Census for Harrison County, VA, in that part which became Lewis County in 1817. In the year 1812, Andrew MCCARTNEY is found on the Harrison County tax lists with two tithables. The following year Andrew is listed as one tithable and a John MCCARTNEY is listed with him as one tithable. This Andrew MCCARTNEY disappeared from the tax lists the following year, indicating he died, while his son John MCCARTNEY continued appearing on the tax lists. The elder JOHN MCCARTNEY was also appearing on the tax lists at the same time but not with the younger John MCCARTNEY.
The year 1812 is the same year that the BARNETS arrived in the Collins settlement. Zachariah BARNET is listed with two tithables. Isaac BARNET and Thomas BARNET are each listed as one tithable. In 1813 Zachariah BARNET loses his extra tithable and his son Joseph BARNET appears as one tithable. In 1816 Zachariah BARNET has disappeared from the tax lists leaving his widow Sarah BARNET with three tithables.
On the 16th of March 1812, Thomas MCCARTNEY purchased 90 acres (Deed Book 10, page 166, Harrison County) of land from John Sprigg for $262, located one-half mile above the mouth of the Sand fork, a drain of the West Fork river. He is on the tax lists as one tithable.
Previous to this time, the MCCARTNEYS lived in Frederick County, Pendleton County, and Bath County, Va. In Bath County, Andrew MCCARTNEY obtained land from one Alexander Wiley. On June 21, 1791, in Augusta County, Margaret, wife of Alexander Wiley, relinquished her dower in the deed to said Andrew MCCARTNEY. This Andrew MCCARTNEY is presumed to be the brother of Thomas and John MCCARTNEY, all three who settled in the Collins settlement in what is now Lewis County, WV.
Thomas MCCARTNEY married, 1796, in Pendleton County, Sarah Bennett, daughter of Joseph Bennett. Besides (1)Andrew, Jr., (2)Thomas and (3) John, other children of Andrew MCCARTNEY of Frederick County, VA, are found on the marriage books of Pendleton and Bath, adjoining counties of old Virginia. They are: (4)Sarah who married Zachariah BARNET, Dec. 27, 1792 (BC); (5)Margaret who married William Nelson, Jan. 4, 1796 (BC); (6)Elizabeth who married Isaac Nelson, Jan. 12, 1799, in which an Andrew MCCARTNEY signed the bond (PC); (7)Jenny who married Absalom Nelson (History of Pendleton County); (8)Joseph who married the widow Green, 1799 (Tetrick's Colllection); (9)Susannah who married Michael Weybright (spelled Winebright on the marriage record), June 3, 1808 (BC), and (10)Daniel McCartney, found on the Bath County personal property taxlists in the 1790's, who later is found on the 1807 Scioto County, OH, taxlist, then the 1810, 1820, and 1830 Lawrence County, OH, federal census.
p. 7, 5th September 1815,
John MCCARTNEY Enters 100 acres part of a land office treasury warrant for 300 acres No. 4938 issued to Benjamin Berry 18th September 1812, on waters of Abrahams run (a drain of the West fork) adjoining the land of Joseph Bennett, and extending towards the land of William Bennett up both sides of a drain that passes through the said Joseph Bennetts pasture. (Surveyed 12th July 1816).

p. 72, 14th August 1816,
Thomas MCCARTNEY assignee of John MCCARTNEY assignee of James Townsend assignee of James Pindall assignee of Benjamin Wilson, Jr., Enters 50 acres part of a land office treasury warrant for 400 acres No. 5482 dated 19th October 1815 on waters of the west fork, adjoining between land Surveyed for John P. Duvall, land Surveyed for George Jackson, land Entered for Kezia CUNNINGHAM and land Entered for John Sprigg. (Transmitted to Lewis County, where Thomas MCCARTNEY withdrew his entry).
* Kezia CUNNINGHAM was the wife of James Cunningham, married Sept. 8, 1794 in Bath County. Her maiden name was Kezia BARNET being misinterpreted on the record as Kezia Barnard. Thomas MCCARTNEY entered the 50 acres of land for Kezia on July 7, 1816 and it was later surveyed for her. Also found in Bath County is Mary Barnard (BARNET) who married Abraham (or Abner) Griffin on April 26, 1793. These would be the daughters of Thomas and Jemima BARNET and sisters to Zachariah BARNET who married Sarah MCCARTNEY and Charlotte BARNET who married Elkanah Roby. The widow Marget Griffin is on the 1818 Lewis County tax list paying taxes on four horses.

p. 72, 14th August 1816,
John MCCARTNEY assignee of Jacob Romine assignee of Benjamin Berry, Enters 100 acres part of a land office treasury warrant for 300 acres No. 4938 dated 18th September 1812, on Indian-cap run a drain of the West fork, adjoining on the Southeasterly side of a Survey of 4200 acres made for George Jackson, and extending up both sides of the Right hand fork of said run for quantity. (Transmitted to Lewis County)-(Surveyed 2nd September 1819 in Lewis County).
p. 72, 15th August 1816,
William Hacker for Daniel Stringer Enters 200 acres part of a land office treasury warrant for 2000 acres No. 5005 dated 2nd January 1813 on the Right hand fork of the West fork of Monongahela River, Beginning at an ash corner to a Survey made for David Alkire, and Extending up both sides of said fork as far as the law will allow for quantity. ( Transmitted to Lewis County).
* The tract of land that William Hacker entered for Daniel Stringer in 1816, the year after Zachariah BARNET died, is undoubtably the tract of land adjacent to where the WIDOW BARNET lived and may have included some of her improvement. One can assume that the 3 tithables under Sarah BARNET in 1816 were her sons, none old enough to enter a survey, so Daniel Stringer employed William Hacker to enter the survey. David Alkire, mentioned in the above land entry, married Rachel Bennett, daughter of William and Rebecca (McCally) Bennett. Either this Alkire survey or another tract owned by David Alkire ended up on Braxton County soil in 1836. David and Rachel Alkire are buried in a cemetery in Braxton County very close to the Lewis County line.
The land that John MCCARTNEY entered the 5th September 1815 and that entered on the 14th August 1816 were part of the same land office treasury warrant No. 4938.
John MCCARTNEY was paying taxes on only 640 acres, located on the West fork, and 200 acres on the right hand fork of the West fork (where the WIDOW BARNET lived), as found on the Land Books of Lewis County from 1821 (when he paid his back taxes) to 1833 (when the Land Book showed he conveyed 200 acres to John JP Armstrong and 200 acres conveyed to Robert McCray, leaving him with 140 (240?) acres on which he paid taxes). The 200 acres on the right hand fork of the West fork, which John MCCARTNEY entered in 1820, was conveyed to Daniel Stringer in 1824.
From the land entries that John MCCARTNEY made, one can be found on the Survey Book for Harrison County for 100 acres, three can be found on the Survey Books of Lewis County for a total of seven hundred acres. One of these tracts (400 acres) ended up in Upshur County in 1851 when part of this county was formed from Lewis County. Altogether, John MCCARTNEY owned 800 acres of Surveyed Land entered on land office treasury warrants, 640 acres bought from Daniel Stringer in 1819, and the 237 acres bought from Daniel Stringer in 1831 for a grand total of 1637 acres.
Deed Book A, page 470, shows Daniel Stringer selling, 640 acres for $100 dollars, to John MCCARTNEY on Aug. 2, 1819. The deed reads in part "...situated on both sides of Sand fork of the West fork mouth of run which the road leading to Bull Town Saltworks goes up from said Sand fork..."
Since the courthouse burned in 1853, this is a deed that was re- recorded after 1853. In all probability, it was submitted to be re- recorded by Sarah MCCARTNEY, widow of John Mccartney. John MCCARTNEY died Feb. 13, 1846.
Deed Book E, page 94, in which John MCCARTNEY and wife Sarah are selling their land, shows 200 acres sold to John JP Armstrong in 1832; page 97, shows 200 acres sold to Robert McCray in 1831; page 283, shows 242 acres sold to Michael Weybright in 1830; page 294, shows 200 acres sold to Elkanah Roby in 1833. Not on the Deed Book is 237 acres sold to Jacob D. BARNET in 1833. The deed to Robert McCray was not delivered until 1857 and was not completely filled out and did not have the signature and seal of Sarah MCCARTNEY, the wife of John MCCARTNEY. The land sold to Robert McCray, Michael Weybright, and Elkanah Roby were referred to as the John MCCARTNEY survey (640 acres).
Deed Book R, page 122, dated Feb. 8, 1854., shows Sarah MCCARTNEY, widow of John MCCARTNEY, deeding all "her right, title, claim and interest of dower in Lewis County" in the Estate of John MCCARTNEY, deceased, to Charles E. Singleton, of Braxton County. This was due to a settlement out of court of a MCCARTNEY vs Singleton suit. She resided in Athens County, Ohio, at the time.
Reference is made to the early MCCARTNEYS as being skilled in the craft of building log-hewned houses. John MCCARTNEY, used this skilled profession, undoubtably employed his nearby relatives and in-laws, and entered into the contracting of building homes in the Collins Settlement. With his profits, he was able to acquire land, by patent or by purchase, then make improvements on same. This is evident in the sale of the survey he entered in 1820 and sold to Daniel Stringer in 1823 for 100 dollars. No doubt this 100 dollars was used to finance the new building, assessed at 100 dollars on the 1824 land book, which he built on his 640 acre tract. Also a statement made by his widow Sarah, in a law suit, MCCARTNEY vs SINGLETON, in the early 1850's, indicates his profession as a house contractor, in which she relates to a purchase of land and the improvements made upon it, then the sale of the land.
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