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NEW** Rutland County Naturalizations

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NEW** Rutland County Naturalizations

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(This is a re-post of my previous message. I don't seem to be getting emails if you post on the old one for a request.)


My Friends,

I have indexed approximately 2100 naturalization records which were finalized in Rutland county, Vermont. If you have relatives who came from another country and lived in the Rutland county vicinity, including surrounding counties, even for a short time, I invite you to review the index located at this site:

There is a note with explanations that should also prove helpful.

Cathy Habes was very generous to share her time, effort and web space to make this available to you and I thank her with all my heart. I hope and pray you will find one of your family members in here.

If you would like a copy of a record for your own review do not hesitate to drop me a note here and I will be happy to oblige at my earliest convenience. Before making your request, please read the section there on the site about making requests for copies.

Happy hunting!
Sara Noonan

Surnames in the index include:

Aaron,Evereen, Adams, Adderdrian ?, Agan, Ager, Ahn, Aigo, Alexander, Alliot, Anderson, Andrews, Anglen, Armstrong, Ash, Aubertin, Audley, Auglim, Avis, Baislin, Baker, Baldwin, Banett, Bannister, Barney, Barrett, Barry, Bartly, Basham, Battle, Battles, Beak, Beal, Beatty, Bedoir, Bennett, Berry, Bethel, Bigart, Bird, Blackbird, Blackwell, Blake, Blakely, Blanchard, Blancherhassett, Blennerhassett, Bohan, Boland, Bolger, Boner, Bonny, Bowers, Boyland, Boyle, Brady, Branan, Branard, Brannon, Bransho, Bree, Bremes, Brennan, Brien, Brisbin, Brisell, Brislan, Brislin, Broderick, Brohan, Broley, Broline, Brosnan, Brough, Broughan, Brown, Bruten, Bryan, Buckley, Bunker, Bunting, Burchel?, Burgin, Burk, Burke, Burnes, Burns, Bushy, Butler, Butter, Byrne, Caffrey, Cahill, Cain, Calahan, Caldwell, Calkins, Callaghan, Callahan, Callighan, Calnan, Cambell, Campbell, Candon, Cane, Canfield, Cannon, Canty, Caplis, Caraghan, Carey, Cargan, Cargen, Cargin, Carigan, Carlon, Carmody, Carnay, Carney, Carniver, Carolan, Carolon, Carples, Carr, Carraway, Carrey, Carrick, Carrigan, Carrily, Carrole, Carroll, Carter, Carty, Carway, Cary, Casandine, Casey, Cashman, Cassady, Cassiday, Cassidy, Castello, Cavenaugh, Champan, Channel, Charlon, Clane?, Clark, Clement, Clifford, Cline, Clinghorn, Clohasque ?, Closs, Clowry, Clukey, Clyne, Clynn, Co*, Cochran, Coffee, Coile, Cokely, Coleman, Colgan, Colligan, Collins, Conegan, , Conley, Conlin, Conlon, Connaughton, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conoley, Conolon, Conway, Cooney, Coplis, Copps, Corbett, Corcoran, Corgon, Corniff, Cortell, Cosgrove, Costello, Costillo, Cottes, Cowley, Cox, Craig, Crane, Crawford, Creed, Cronan, Crone, Crosby, Crow, Crowe, Crowley, Crowly, Cull, Cullen, Cumberland, Cummings, Cummisky, Cunningham, Curnin, Curran, Curtin, Curtis, Cyr, Daily, Daley, Daly, Daniels, Danvin, Dargan, Darragh, Danagh, Darrnet, Darsey, Dorsey, Darvin, Davany, Davis, Davlin, Day, Delhanty, Delkarty, Dempsey, Dennin, Denning, Dennison, Denuir, Dervin, Detharty, Dever, Devlin, Diggins, Dignan, Dilon, Dimpsey, Divine, Dixon, Dobson, Dogan, Doherty, Dolan, Doley, Donahue, Donegan, Doneghay, Doneley, Donelly, Donleavin, Donlon, Donnolly, Donolay, Donoly, Donovan, Donovon, Dooley, Doolin, Dorsey, Doryre, Dotharty, Doucet, Dougherty, Douglas, Dowland, Downey, Downs, Drachnay, Driscoll, Drury, Duchene, Dudley, Duffie, Duffy, Dugan, Dulaihanty, Dunlay ?, Dunn, Dupont, Durham, Durick, Durrick, Dwyer, Dyer, Eastwood, , Eaton, Egan, Ellwood, Elwell, Engles, English, Epencter, erwin, Evans, Evereen, Fagan, Fahy, Falen, Fanaught, Faraqha, Farrall, Farrell, Faulkner, Fean, Fenn, Fenton, Feori, Fernandez, , Fernaught, Ferry, Field, Fiernean, Fin, Finnegan, Finney, Finnigan, Firnorty, Fitzgerald, , Fitzgibbons, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Flanagan, Flanigan, Flannagan, Flannegan, Flannery, , Flannigan, Fleming, Flemming, Flinn, Flinn, Flood, Flynn, Flynn, Fogarty, Foley, Ford, , Fortin, Fortier, Foss, Foster, Fox, Foy, Fraell, Fraggetta, Frall, Francis, Frank, Frawley, , Gaffaney, Gaffney, Gahen, Gallagher, Galligher, Galvin, Ganey, Gardner, Gargan, Garrett, Garrity, Garvan, Garvin, Gary, Gaughan, Gavgen, Gay, Gear, Geary, Geness, Genny, George, , Gibbons, Giblin, Gibsain, Gifnay, Gilfeather, Gill, Gillen, Gilligan, Gilrain, Glancy, Gleason, Glennon, Glynn, Goffrey, Goodall, Gooley, Gordon, Goulait, Graber, Graden ?, Grady, , Graham, Gray, Green, Griffin, Griffith, Groeneke, Gruber, Grunel, Gunish, Gunnulson, , unshannon, Gurry, Haas, Hackett, Haight, Hale, Haley, Halihan, Halloran, Halpenny, Halpin, Hamill, Howell, Hamilton, Hanan, Handley, Handly, Handrahan, Haney, Hanger, Hanifin, Hanley, , Hannah, Hannahan, Hannessy, Hanrahin, Hansen, Hanson, Harbart, Hardman, Harkins, Harley, , Harnet, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartney, Hayes, Hayher, Hays, Healy, Helnin, Hendershin, Hennessy, Herbert, Hewes, Hewett, Hickey, Higgins, Hilbert, Hill, Hines, Hinnegan, Hodnett, Hogan, Holland, Holton, Hope, Hope, Hopkins , Hopper, Horan, Horton, Houston, Hovey, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hugary, Hughes, Hughs, Humphrey, Hunter, Hurlburt, Hurley, , Hynes, Inright, Jackson, James, Johnson, Johnston, Joice, Jones, Joyce, Kadey, Kahen, Kalihan, Kanary, Kane, Karagan, , Karvin, Kathrens, Katt, Kearnan, Kearnes, Keating, Keef, Keefe, Keeily, Keenan, Keenan, Keenon, Keiff, Keilney, Keiran, Keiting, Kelley, Kelly, Kennedy, Kennelly, Kernan, Kerrigan, Kershew, Kieley, Kilfeather, Killeen, Killerlain, Kilrain, , Kingsley, Kingston, Kinney, Kinsella, Kinsler, Kinsman, Kirelin, Kiveland, Kivilin, Kivlan, Kivland, Kivlin, Konigh, Kough, , Keough, Hough, Labarte, Labate, Lacy, Laffey, Lahenny, Lalor?, Lamb, Lanahan, Landers, Landry, Lane, Laneman, Langree, Langwar, Lanigan, LaPare, Lappin, Laquier, Larkin, Lavin, Leahy, Leary, Lee, LeFevre, Lenan, Leoard, Leonard, Lepine, Lewis, , Liberty, Lillie, Linahan, Lloyd, Locke, Loenard, Loftus, Lonagan, Lonegan, Long, Lonny, Lorigan, Loyd, Ludy, Lurgeon, , Lymans, Lynch, Lyon, Lyons, Lyston, Machar, Mack, Madden, Maddin, Magan, Magin, MaGuire, Mahan, Mahar, Mahen, Maher, Mahoney, , Mahony, Mailhiot, Malady, Malamphy, Malara, Malloney, Malloy, Malone, Maloney, Malonly, Malonny, Mangin, Mannes, Mannis, , Mannix, Manogue, Mara, Markham, Marrin, Martell, Mathias, Mator, Mattimo, Maugin, May, Mayeux, Mc???y, McAlhill, McAndrus, , McAnn, McBride, McCabe,McCall, McCann, McCarty, McCauley, McCauly, McCawley, McCormic, McCormick, McCue, McCugh, McDavitt, , McDean, McDeavott, McDermot, McDervot, McDevitt, McDevot, McDivot, McDonald, McDonnal, McDonough, McDowell, McGainly, McGanty, McGarry, McGaughan, McGee, McGinn, McGinness, McGinnis, McGloughlin, McGowan, McGown, McGrath, McGronity, McGrough, , McGuarney, McGue, McGuinness, McGuire, McGuirk, McGuish, McGuon, McGuthrick, McInhery, McInlin, McJanuary, McKale, McKean, , McKeaner, McKeon, McKey, McKinney, McKray, McLane, McLary, McLaughlin, McLay, McLeod, McLeran, McLure, Monday, McMahan, , McMahon, McManus, McMorow, McMorrow, McNamara, McNarny, McNeery, McNeil, McNeirnay, McPhillips, McQuain ?, McQueen, McQuill, , McQuire, McQuirk, McSnerry, McTiernan, McTinney, McVey, Mead, Meaghar, Meaghn, Mealey, Mehon, Mehuling, Meitzke, Meldon, , Menton, Mercure, Merton, Metzger, Meyerhoffer, Miggan, Milan, Miller, Millet, Millican, Milot, Mineberg, Miner, Minett, , Minnaham, Minogreer, Minogue, Mito, Monaghan, Moncheu, Monday, Monihan, Mooney, Moore, Moran, More, Moren, Morgan, Morhen?, Moriarty, Morill, Morin, Mority, Morral, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Moses, Moyette?, Moynan, Mulcahy, Mulham, Mulheran, Mullarky, Mullen, Muller, Mulligan, Mullin, Mulloy, Mulvy, Mumford, Murdock, Murphey, Murphy, Murray, Muyrphy, Myatt ?, Myers, Nagle, Nailor, Nary, Nason, Naughton, Neary, Neil, Newbanks, Nicholas, Nicholl, Nicholson, Nolan, Noon, Noonan, , O'Brian, O'Brien, Obrine, O'Brine, O'Bryin, Ochae, Oconnell, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Daniel, Oday, O'Dear, O'Dushan, O'Gara, , O'Grady, O'Griffiths, Ohalloran, O'Halloran, O'Hare, O'Harran, O'Hear, OHerran, Oherran, O'Keefe, O'Keiff, O'Leary, O'Neal, , Oneil, O'Neil, Oppenham, Oram, O'Reilly, O'Rourke, Oshea, Owen, Owens, Panton, Paro, Patton, Paulsen, Pelcher, Pendergast, , Pendergrass, Penders, Perry, Persons, Peterson, Pheney, Philips, Picart, Picket, Pierce, Pindar, Platt, Powers, Prault, Premo, Pren, Preston, Price, Prichard, Pritchard, Pugh, Purcel, Pascal, Purcell, Purdy, Quick, Quin, Quinlin, Quinlivin, Quinlon, Quinn, Quinton, Radican, Rafferty, Ragan, Raleigh, Ranahan, Randal, Rando, Ratticon, Rauleigh, Read, Real, Reardon, , Redding, Reed, Regan, Regent, Reiley, Reilly, Reirdon, Renard, Reynolds, Rhoddy, Rice, Ridgeway, Rieley, Riley, Rine, Rivet, Roach, Roarke, Roberts, Robi, Robinson, Roddy, Rodey, Rodgers, Roe, Rooney, Rourke, Rowland, Ruane, Russell, Rustadt, , Ryan, Ryane, Rygan, Sage, Sammons, Samuels, Sands, Sapwell, Savin, Scanlan, Scanlon, Schoerke, Schomb, Seleria, Selon, , Seymour, Shae, Shalvey, Shalvrey?, Shannon, Shea, Sheehan, Sheenan, Shehan, Sheiran, Shelby, Sheridan, Sheridon, Sherry, Shienan, Shirland, Shortsleeves, Simonds, Simons, Simpson, Sinnott, Slatterly, Slattery, Sloan, Sloane, Small, Smart, Smith, , Southerland, Spellman, Spelman, Sproul, Stacks, Stanton, Stapleton, Star, Starr, Steele, Steer, Steinert, Stevens, Stewart, , Stone, Strong, Sullivan, Sumny, Swan, Swanny, Sweeney, Sweetman, Ta?ian, Tannier, Tarlton, Tarrell, Tatro, Taylor, Teilan, Thalon, Thomas, Tierney, Tiffany, Tighe, Tigue, Tinean, Toll, Toohay, Toohy, Tosi, Towers, Tracy, Tradeau, Travers, Traverse, Traynor, Treheaven, Trelenven, Tremley, Trudeau, Truedell, Tully, Tuomey, Tuoney, Turek, Turner, Tynan, Valignette,
Viliquette, Vincent, Walker, Wallace, Wallaston, Walsh, Walters, Ward, Waters, Watts, Webb, Webster, Welch, Whalen, Wheaton, White, Whitney, Wiggin, Wiggins, Wilch, Williams, Winn, Winter, Winters, Wolfe, Wood, Wquick, Wright, Wyatt, Yang*, Young
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