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Dear Dianne,

i have just read your post and I saw that my dear friend Jonny Crayton had replied to you. Here is a copy of my last post to Doctor Bonaitabg PHD.

If you let me know what information that you have of the Fullum lineages of Washingon County, Pennsylvania I can piece it to my information.

The African- American lineages are the descendants of Mary Fulham the English woman. She was not a slave nor were her descendants, sadly they were "indentured servants" which appears to be have been worse yet good Christians in the British Colonies thought it a "GOOD" way of life. Because of her CRIME of having mixed race children she was sentenced to a further period of indentured service by the good Christians!

If you wish to join our family site you may do so and read of the past 800+ years of our family in the countries of the former British Empire.
best wishes,
John Liverpool

Dear Doctor Bonitabg,

I have just read your message and I thank you for your inquiry of my health ect, I am well thank you albeit I do have health problems subject to the weather etc, due damp affecting my asthma but I do no not worry about that.

I do agree with you concerning some African - Americans attempting to disguise themselves as "white folk" sadly that was the way of life in USA pre Martin Luther Kings and the bravery of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

However I return to the African - Americans of the Fulham DNA Gentic code that I belong to myself. I have estimated that in all the former countries of the British Empire of Yesterday there are only approximately less than 5000 in all the countries of today.

The spelling of our surname is subject to local pronunciation hence the variations in the surname spelling. The original family members were known as le Blund de Foleham which literally translates as "the Blonde of Fulham , Middlesex England. It appears the ancestors were French but that is wrong they were Normans which literally means the "men from the North(Norway) The "le blund" was the term the Franks (French) used to describe the Normans due to their "whitehair".

Surnames became fashionable to refer to "men" circa 1200 AD. only Normans and their allies could possess surnames. As a means of showing the Anglo -Saxon serfs their inequalitly became known as Cookson, Baker Taylor etc. Normans took the name of the place where they held "Land". Hence Fulham of Middlesex.

The family in later years who had previously were known as Whyte took the surname de Fulham to distinguished themselves from the relatives who had remain as known Whyte (le Blund). Today there is a concentration of Whyte- White families in the vicinity of Fulham Middlesex.

Our family site is very private to protect our family history and our women and children from cranks etc, I extend once again my invitation to you and all African Americans of our Fulham DNA Genetic code, they will find many of their personal forebears listed as greater family members with great respect that was due to them.

The surname Fuller is Anglo- Saxon and therefore unconnected to our family, it was the trade name of cloth industry workers in mediaeval times who treat it as they made it into bales of cloth. See above our family were Normans, the official language of England for three hundred years was Norman French. It was post the 1400's that the English Language was formed from the various tongues spoken prior to that date.
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