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Duffy Family

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Surnames: Duffy
Here is informaton on Michael Duffy's brother "Frances Duffy":
Francis M. Duffy 2 (Charles Duffy 1) was born June 21, 1796 in Killgordon, County of Donegal, Parish of Donaughmore, Ireland, the son of Charles and Eleanor ( ) Duffy, and came to the U. S. via Liverpool. He acquired the rank of Colonel, although it is not known for sure how or when. He was a farmer and is thought to have been a lawyer (He was well educated as his letters show and he drew up several wills that are still in existence.) When he arrived in New Orleans, he traveled north, where he settled in Hartsville, Tennessee in 1822. He married Pamelia A. Parker (born March 15, 1805) the daughter of Thomas and Susana (Rogers) Parker on November 18, 1824. Francis Duffy was a friend of Andrew Jackson. Sumner County, Tn. Democrats presented him with a cane for his part in helping elect Jackson as president of the U.S.. Francis died on May 2, 1858 {2}, and Pamelia died at 9 AM Thursday morning on October 28, 1847 ("A model of Piety and Industry.").

Two years after Pamelia died Francis married Caroline Orndorff on November 18, 1849 from Robeson County, Tennessee. She was 43 and Francis was 53. She was born October 6, 1806 in Robeson County, Tennessee.

Francis & Pamelia Duffy's children {1} were as follows:

1. Thomas Parker Duffy born October 25, 1825 in Sumner County, Tennessee., died November 20, 1854 in Napoleon, Arkansas of inflammation of the stomach. He was reinterred Monday, February 5th 1887 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Member of the Polk Guards, 1st Tennessee Regiment which became known as the 'Bloody First'. Aided in raising the American Flag at Monterey, Mexico, and afterwards at the city of Vera Cruz. Reinterred in Sumner County, Tennessee February 5, 1887. Went to California during the gold rush along with Frank M. Jr..

2. Charles Morgan Duffy born July 25, 1827, died Monday morning April 2, 1855. Age 27 years 3 months 23 days. He was a citizen of Todd County, Kentucky.

3. Milton Parker Duffy born February 17, 1829. Died Saturday July 11, 1829 age 4 months 22 days.

4. Francis 'Frank' Milton Duffy, Jr. born August 18, 1830. Married Mary E. Ryan on August 24, 1857. Was a Captain of Civil Engineers, who along with Captain Cobb supervised the building of a pontoon bridge across the Tennessee River saving General Hood's command in his retreat from Nashville, Tennessee.

5. Susan Elinor Duffy born January 22, 1833. Died Friday May 27, 1836 age 3 years 4 months 5 days.

6. Pamelia 'Puss' Marie(Duffy) Winston born July 31, 1835. Baptised November 21, 1842. Married Doctor Thomas L. Winston on May 24, 1852.

7. Patrick O'Connell Duffy born September 10, 1837. Married Mary E. 'Betty' Smith on December 15, 1857.

8. Michael Emmet Duffy born December 14, 1840.

9. Mary Duffy

{1} 1850 Todd County Census Index Born
1. Francis Duffy 54 M. Ireland
2. Caroline 44 F Alabama
3 Thomas 23 M Tennessee
4. Charles 20 M Tennessee
5. Francis 19 M Tennessee
6. Pamela 15 F Tennessee
7. Pat 12 M Tennessee
8. Michael E. 9 M Tennessee
9. Lorenda G. Orendorff 5 F. Kentucky
10. Stephen Terry 29 M. Kentucky
11. Francis Terry 21 F

In the name of god amen. I Francis Duffy of Todd County State of Kentucky being of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will and testament. Making all others here-to-fore made by me to wit.

1st I bequeath to my wife CAROLINE DUFFY, the farm formerly owned and occupied by Elijeh Atkins in Todd County, Kentucky with all the improvements thereon containing one hundred sixty two acres. Also the twenty eight acres of land bought of the heirs of Jerree Smith deceased situated in Todd County, Kentucky, also the entire lands purchased of George Grant in all containing about eighty three or four acres with all improvements thereon this land is comprised of three separate tracts , one of about fifty six and half acres, the one George Grant lived on, also one of nineteen acres and one of eight ------- also thirty two acres formerly owned by Francis Parker dec'd and sold by his executors and purchased by John Branham and myself. After I purchased said Branham interest. Also four acres of timberland adjoining the land of Mrs. E.P. Salmans with all improvements thereon. To have and to hold during her lifetime. Then is to be a brick house built ----- placed on said lands during within the 1857 or 1858 the bricks for which is now made and paid for . I also desire that two thousand dollars be expended in cash in the completion of the house and other buildings on the ------- to the dwelling house all of which is to be owned by my wife during her lifetime. Also two wagons ------, also eight work mules, and two mare, one horse, five cows and calves, all sheep, eight sows and pigs, also five thousand pounds of pork, tow beef steers or cows five hundred bushels of wheat, three hundred fifty barrels of corn, six good staves of oats, thirty bushels of rye, all my potatoes, turnips, and all vegetables on my plantation. Four feather bed steads and all clothing necessary for these beds, all my table and parlor furnishings and as much of my household kitchen furnishings as my wife may wish. Also my carriage and gear. Also one buggy and gear. Also my selanen mane, all the poultry on my plantation. All a everything herein specified both real and personal is to be owned and used by wife Caroline Duffy and after her death the real estate is to revert to my children. Now I wish it distinctly understood that I reserve one room in the building occupied by my wife for the exclusively of my son Michael and his boarding, washings, lodgings, etc. All free and clear from charges during the lifetime of my wife Caroline and upon the death of said Caroline my son Michael may if he desires it have all the lands herein specified at what they cost me. The twenty two acres and the ten acres cost sum of eight dollars per acre each. No interest to be paid by neither is he to be chargeable with any of the cost of buildings, the dwelling or other house. He is to be chargeable on settlement of the estate with the original costs of the lands. Michael is also to have all the stock horses, cows, mules, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture, crops on hand, hay, etc. All without any charge should he die without any family then all this property is to be sold and the proceeds to be equally divided amongst my children. Then ---- I also give my wife during her lifetime my negro man Jimmy Mootters and his wife Clansy and his children Emanual, John, and infant man only a few days old. Also my negro boy Moses, also my negro boy Austin ------- negros and then in case is to return to my estate after the death of my wife. I also give to my wife fifteen hundred dollars in cash notes to be disposed of as she pleases.
2nd I bequeath to my son FRANCIS M. DUFFY my negro man Mingo valued at twelve hundred and fifty dollars. Also my negro girl Mance valued at seven hundred dollars. He is also to account for five hundred dollars for land that I deeded to him in Sumner and Nelson Counties Tennessee. As these lands are valued to me the deed made to him. Then he is to be an equal share with all my other children in the final settlement of my estate.
3rd I give and bequeath to my daughter PAMELIA MANNIE WINSTON, wife of Doctor Thomas L. Winston and her twins my Negro boy Yellow Jimmy valued at thirteen hundred dollars. Also my negro girl Martha valued at six hundred dollars. She is also to account for the lands that I deeded her in Sumner County at the same rate that they are specified in the deeds. Then she is to be an equal sharer in with all my other children on the final settlement of my estate.
4th I bequeath to my son PATRICK O. DUFFY and his heirs my negro woman Brainy valued at eight hundred dollars. Also my negro boy George valued at seven hundred dollars. Also my negro girl Nang valued at four hundred dollars. He is also to account for the lands deeded to him by me in Sumner as they are valued in the deeds. He is also to have an equal share with all my other children on the final settlement of my estate.
5th I bequeath to my son MICHAEL E. DUFFY and his heirs my negro girl Harriet valued at eight hundred fifty dollars. Also my negro boy Fashinhen valued at eight hundred dollars. Also my negro girl China valued at six hundred twenty five dollars. Also my gold pocket watch without charge. He is also to have his education, boarding and lodging all free from charge until he is of the age of twenty-one years old. He is also to account for the lands I deeded to him in Sumner County Tennessee at the same rate they are valued at in the deeds. Then he is to be an equal sharer with all my children, share and share alike in the winding up of my estate real and personal.

6th All the remaining of my negros I wish to be divided amongst my children after being valued by persons appointed by my executors. Then if my children cannot agree about the lots they are to be drawn for by tickets put in a hat and as drawn the decision is to be final.
7th I wish all my estate real and personal not otherwise disposed of to be sold and the proceeds equally disposed of amongst my children after paying to my brother PATRICK DUFFY six hundred sixty six dollars. Also my brother MICHAEL DUFFY six hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty cents to be paid to my sister MARY READ or her heirs out of the proceeds of the sell of my real estate. Also three hundred dollars to be handed over to the Catholic Bishop residing at Nashville Tennessee for the use of the orphans under the care of the Catholic Clergy at that place. Also three hundred dollars to be paid over to my cousin John Duffy should he be alive.
8th My children is to account to each other for taking only what I have valued to them and that valuation then on final settlement they are all to be equal as to amount after my wishes herein expressed are complied with.

9th And last I do hereby appoint William M. Timn, Wiles Taylor, and Francis M. Duffy to this my last will and testament in testimony when of I Francis Duffy have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal this 29th day of September 1857.


I give also the other lands left to my wife Caroline Duffy during her lifetime the thirty five and one half acres of land I purchased of the Elisha Keazbod estate in December 1857.


WILL BOOK J 1858-1863 PAGE 45
{3} Francis Duffy and Miliy Taylor executors of Thomas Parker deceased do account of sale bill made on the 24th & 25th days of September 1848 on a audit of ------ ---- due September 25, 1847.

{4} Logan County Deeds
1852 Francis and Caroline Duffy from William Marcum
1852 Francis and Caroline Duffy from William Hummer

And on his father "Charles Duffy".

Charles Duffy 1 was born in 1770 in Killigordon, County of Donegal, Parish of Donaughmore, Ireland. His wife's name was Elinor. He came to the United States ? She died March 11, 1819, and he died October 5, 1826 age 56 years. He is buried in a family cemetery plot north of Gallatin, Tn., Baskesville cemetary 1 1/2 miles behind Shiloh Presberterian Church.

Their children were as follows:

1. Patrick Duffy born ????, fought in the Mexican War with the 1st Tennessee Regiment and had his home in Sumner County, Tennessee. During the Civil War he served as a Major in the 20th Tennessee Confederate Regiment and later he commanded the ????????ent in Breckinridge's Reserve Corps at the Battle of Shiloh, after Gallant Old Joel ??????, with one son dead and the other wounded to the death, whom he was going to bear off the field was captured. He assumed command of the Regiment until the reorganization. He died sometime close to March 16, 1872 based on a notice for the citizens of Hartsville, Trousdale County to meet at the Court House to pay tribute to fellow citizen, Col. Pat Duffy.

2. Francis Duffy born June 21, 1796 in Killigordon, County of Donegal, Parish of Donaughmore, Ireland.

3. Michael Duffy (spelled Duffee in obituary) emigrated from Ireland in 1826, and was a citizen of Sumner County, Tennessee. He died near Hadensville, Todd County, Kentucky on Saturday March 27, 1858 at the residence of his brother Col. Duffy from consumption age 42 years. He died leaving a wife and three children.

4. Mary (Duffy) Read born ??????., married William H. Read on the 5th of January 1842.

{1} John C. Duffy is mentioned in several deed transactions with Francis Duffy, and in Francis Duffy's will as his cousin.

{2} Who is Bernard Brown, John Cannon, Joseph Cannon, James Brown, Ellen Brown, John Brown, Hugh Brown, all being indicated as cousins of Francis Duffy of Hartsville in a letter in Francis Duffy section number 18.

{3} Logan County Deeds
1803 James Duffey from Robert Patterson Pop A A63
1825 Levi Duffey Deed O33
1843 Levi Duffey

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