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I know I have written before BUT I hope I can get a closer connection or reply-health matter have been exposed and it's DNA and not only for my cause but any blood relative. my great grandfather is/was known as Shirley Madden whom lived in Philadelphia with wife at time Mary Madden (nee Ashton) and had 3 children-Ruth Shirley Madden (whom is/was my grandmom) Robert Madden (adopted later from mothers family and was/is Robert Linde) and David Madden ( whom has passed away-he was born in an institution he was a paratrooper) Dear fellow board members;

I am graciously asking for ANY help no matter how small My ggrandparents are Shirley Madden who enlisted in World War 1 June 5 1917, he was tall with blueish grey eyes, brown hair and medium build. He was a rivitor/iron worker. He was born August 28th 1887 in Denver Colorado. We believe his father maybe a have the name Lee or one of his relatives it was given to my Aunt Nancy as a middle name and were told it was a family namealong with the name Shirley. Shirley married my ggrandmother Mary E Ashton born October 20 1882 past January 1970. They had two sons Robert Linde who went to live with his Aunt Edith and Uncle Harry. David-whom was born in Norristown State Hospital and My grandmom Ruth Shirley Madden she was born November 14 1921 and past away January 13 2000. They went to live with their Uncle John Ashton whom lived at 514 Keper Street Lawndale. We were told he made attempts to see his children but horribly was run out of town =(. He did reside in Philadelphia in the 1920s and also Kansas in 1915 Lyons, Kansas? My Aunt Dale does indeed have a picture of him but it is older and not to clear he was in front of a monument. We have been told the Maddens were/are Episcopolan. They said he had breathing problems asthma indeed and was believed to possible have circulation (cardiovascular issues)?Any help would be great -i am suffering from DNA problems that have to do with the Autonomic Nervous System (Auto-pilot). I have some information which I will supply underneath---just want to know about his /my family. and let any know about possible DNA problems for us to watch otu for and future & ANY HELP NO MATTER HOW LITTLE COULD BE A HUGE HELP!!!

There was/is a Stella Madden whom lived at 1421 West Moreland Street with a Margaret Davis,Celia Keefe, James & Susan Deverney, Kathryn Keefe, Mary Keefe,Mary & Soloman Sinaberg-SHE IS STRONGLY believed to be of relation-how is thought to be a possible cousin? My Grandmom Ruth Nov. 14 1921-Jan. 13th 2000. Her Mom Mary E Madden ss 208-40-5102 born Oct. 20 1882- past Jan 17 1970. buried in South Mountain Pa 17261. I have heard of family on Pine Street-"the pine street madden's"-that is a mystery of relation because we donot know Shirley's parents names? Shirley DOESNOT APPEAR IN THE 1900, 1910 OR 1930 CENSUS? Weirdly it has said Shirley's parents were born in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Mass.? shirley was born August 28th 1887 or 1889 --AS stated before it has given 3 different places of birth for the SAME person however we have been told he was born in Colorado? Shirley married Mary E Ashton in 1919 license # 401706 he was a machinist/iron worker. My Grandmom told me that Shirley was a family name and she shared the same middle name as her father-HOWEVER he used his middle name. At oen time he lived at 516 Kerper Street Philly/PA at that time was a rivotor/iron worker. in 1920 my greatgrandparents (Shirley and Mary) were listed as residents 2 times at 2 different locals. 1 they boarded with Mary E Kensler whom was widowed w/children Mary, Anna Reilly, Helen Reilly, Alice Williams, and Raymond Williams. along with Mary's family the Ashtons.
I apologise for all and any confusion-it is a confusing family ??? I hope to make any connection and get info. on the Madden family.

Danielle Z Almes

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