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Georg Ruth Family of Hanover Township, Monroe County
Peter Rumage, 1814 -1894, His Wife Mary Ann Ruth, of Luzerne County and
Some Descendants


Philip Oliver
January 20, 2006
Email: philipem (at)

The author recently was successful in finding evidence of the ancestry of his great-grandfather, Charles Fenner Ruth (1842-1869), thus establishing his descent from Georg Ruth and Maria Magdalena Mann.

This document establishes some relationships among the Ruth, Rumage (Romig, Romich, Rummage) families of Luzerne and Monroe counties in the period 1800-1920. The author would be grateful for further information or corrections, and happy to supply collateral line information, sources, or gedcoms with others studying these or related lines.

George Ruth Senior (ca 1774 - ?) and Maria Magdalena Mann (1775 -1851)

We do not find a clear record of the origin of this couple; they appear in Hamilton Township after 1800 for the most part; they have children who were not baptized in the local church to which they belonged for many years.

The Hamilton (aka. Christ) Union Church in Hamilton Twp., Monroe Co., PA records show the following children of George and Maria Magdalena (Mann) Ruth:

1. John Ruth believed b. 1 Nov 1799 (unverified) appears in the records a number of places, shown as communicant 6 Nov 1819 with Elizabeth Ruth (below), and shown as parent of Maria Anna Ruth below.

2. Elizabeth Ruth, shown as daughter of "George and Marg. [sic], wf." was a communicant on 22 May 1819 [b. ca 1802] She was also a communicant earlier, 22 Jun 1816 and later 1? Dec 1821. She was also listed with a Samuel Ruth, Jacob Ruth, and John Ruth on the latter occasion.

3. Jacob Ruth, age 18, [b. 1802-3, 17 Sep 1804 unverified] confirmed 21 April 1821, father: Georg [Ruth]

4. George Ruth, age 17 [b. 1807 confirmed by obit and multiple census records] confirmed 27 Nov 1824 parent: Georg [Ruth]

5. David Ruth age 18 [b. 1811-12] confirmed 10 or 19 Jun 1830 father's name Geo, with sister Anna Catharina Ruth, q.v.

6. Anna Catharina Ruth, b. 18 Apr 1814, baptized. 12 Jun 1814, sponsors - George Metzger and wife, Elizabeth. Confirmed as Catarina, 10 or 19 Jun 1830, father's name Geo.

7. Maria Magdalena Ruth, b. 11 Feb 1816, baptized 31 Mar 1816, sponsors - Jacob Kemmerer and wife, Maria Magdalena.

8. Carl (aka. Charles) Ruth, b. 11 Oct 1819, baptized 5 Dec 1819, sponsors - Christoph Bittenbender and wife, Sara.

9. Sara Ruth, b. 2 May 1822, baptized 14 Jul 1822, sponsors - Henrich Miller and wife, Catarina.

The record of deaths/burials of Hamilton Church shows that Maria Magdalena Ruth, widow of George Ruth, died (or was buried) on 1 Sep 1851 at the age of 76 years, 4 months, and 5 days. By subtraction that would make her date of birth 26 Apr 1775.

In the 1850 census, Magdalena Ruth, age 74, was living in Hamilton Twp. in the household of George Cutzlar (?) age 32 and his wife, Sally Ann Cutzler age 28 . This Sally Ann Cutzler was probably the Sara Ruth, born in 1822. The names "Sally" and "Sarah" appear frequently for the same person in early records.

George Ruth Jr. and Susan ____

George Ruth Junior, son of Georg Ruth and Maria Magdalena Mann, was born 1807 in Pennsylvania. He married Susan ____ before 20 Nov 1830 when the couple are listed as husband and wife in the list of communicants at the Hanover church.

Susan's family identity is unknown; however the author feels it is likely that she was a part of the same community at Hamilton Church, and a search of the records suggests a few girls born between 1809-1812 named Susanna; perhaps further research will lead to a linkage.

While some information is ambiguous, we identify the following children and years of birth from the 1850, 1860, 1870 censuses, Hamilton Church Records and other sources.

The baptismal records of Hamilton Union Church in Hamilton Township, Monroe County, show baptisms for the following.

Children of George and Susanna Ruth:

1. Simon Peter Ruth, b. 15 Aug 1831, baptized. 22 Oct 1831, sponsors Henry Fenner and wife, Margaret. The Hamilton Church records of deaths and burials show that Peter Simon Ruth, son of George and Susanna, died (or was buried) on 15 Aug 1853, aged 22 years less 5 days.

2. Maria Magdalena Ruth, b. 18 Aug 1833, baptized. 19 Oct 1833, sponsors - Simon Neyhart and wife, Elizabeth [Ruth, daughter of Georg Ruth Sr.].

3. Israel Ruth, b. 10 Jul 1835, baptized. 10 Oct 1835, sponsors - Michael Mackes and wife, Catharine [Ruth, daughter of Georg Ruth, Sr.].

4. Caty (Catharine) Ann Ruth, b. 27 Aug 1837, baptized. 12 Nov 1837, sponsors - William Mills and wife, Christena.

5. Charles [Fenner] Ruth, b. 9 Aug 1842, baptized. 3 Nov 1842, sponsors - the parents.

6. Emma Susan Ruth, b. 10 Oct 1844, baptized. 29 Dec 1844, sponsors - the parents.

7. Milton Eugene Ruth, b. 7 Sep 1848, baptized. 31 Dec 1848, sponsors - the parents.

8. Hester Matilda Ruth, b. 29 Jun 1851, baptized. 6 Apr 1851, sponsors - the parents.

9. Calvin Ruth, b. 21 Jun 1853, baptized. 16 Oct 1853, sponsors - the parents.

His family lived in Hamilton, Monroe County, PA, until about 1868 when they moved to Bethlehem, PA about 1868 as shown by this obituary and the 1870 census.

Mr. Geo. Ruth, a well known and much esteemed citizen of this place died very suddenly at the family residence on North street below Centre, at 7:30 o'clock this morning. Mr. Ruth was up and about yesterday as usual although expressing himself as not feeling very well, but toward evening he delivered a bundle of carpet to one of his customers and afterwards attempted put in some coal. This latter work he could not accomplish and soon after retiring complained of severe pain on his chest. This morning while lying on a lounge in the room, in the presence of a member of the family, after speaking a few words, he gasped heavily once or twice and immediately expired. His age was 73 years. A physician was summoned who pronounced the immediate cause of his death heart disease. Mr. Ruth was a carpet weaver by trade, coming to Bethlehem about 12 years ago from his former home in Monroe country. He was the father of Milton Ruth, Mrs. David Mercer, and Mrs. J. W. Horne, all of Bethlehem. Deceased was a faithful member of the Reformed Church and his sudden death will cast a feeling of regret amongst a large circle of acquaintances.

From George's obituary, we know only of Milton and two married daughters, one clearly identified as the wife of David Mercer. From the obituary of David Mercer we know his second wife to be "Mary L. Ruth, daughter of George and Susan Ruth." The other daughter is married to J. W. Horne. Susan, a widow, in the 1880 census lives in the home of John Horne and his wife Esther M, presumably Hester Mathilda.

In the 1850 census we do not find Mary Ruth, but there is one child of the right age and wrong sex, whose name cannot be read. We do not find this child in any subsequent census though the same is true of most of the older children. Mary is found in neither the 1850 nor the 1860 census, unless the male child of that age is actually Mary. While the name cannot be read the gender is clearly readable, but the age corresponds exactly to that we would know for Mary.

In 1860 they lived in Fennersville (now Sciota), PA also in Hamilton Township. The family includes: George, 53; Susan. 48; Catharine, 24; Emma S., 15; Milton E., 11; Hester M., 9; Calvin, 6; and Allen Bucher, 3 (apparently unrelated child).

Fennersville is named after the same Henry (Johann Heinrich) Fenner, who is a sponsor to the child Simon Peter Ruth, above.

In the 1870 census, as noted, the family has moved to Bethlehem and they seem to be living with Mary; she is shown as the owner of the home or of substantial real estate in any event. This is the first census where we find her named clearly. She married David Mercer a few years later, 26 Aug 1873, according to the Mercer obituary. In the family: George, 63, Carpet Weaver; Susan, 59; Mary, 33, owns property -- $2300 in real estate and $200 in personal estate; Matilda (Hester Matilda), 19, Seamstress; Calvin, 17, Laborer; Frederick Wellington, 8, an apparently unrelated child.

Charles Fenner Ruth (1842 - 1869)

The author proposes that Charles Fenner Ruth is the son of George and Susan Ruth known as Charles Ruth, b. 9 Aug 1842.

Except that he was "Pennsylvania Dutch" origins of Charles Fenner Ruth were not known. His son Charles Wesley Ruth identified himself as Pennsylvania Dutch . While the Rumage family was in fact German (Deutsch) that term is most often used in other counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Monroe, Lehigh, Berks, Bucks, counties. Therefore, an educated guess suggests that the Pennsylvania Dutch self-identity comes through his father rather than his mother and that his roots will be outside of Luzerne County. As noted below, Charles Wesley Ruth was a posthumous child of his father; we do not know if he had any contact with his father's family, except the connection that may have existed through Mary Ann Ruth.Rumage.

Charles F. Ruth served in the Civil War though we have not yet identified his unit or dates of service. There is a 1923 affidavit by a member of extended family "knowing the family history intimately …[he] was a Civil War Veteran." and a photo of him and his wife (probably a wedding photo) show him in uniform. This establishes at the least an approximate age based on his service and his appearance as well as his wife's age (b. 1844). This indicates that he was probably born 1800-1810.

He died in the Avondale Mine Disaster 6 Sep 1869 and is listed as Charles F Ruth in the coroner's jury verdict .

There is no other Charles Ruth in the 1850 census who fits the description than the son of George and Susan Ruth.

The middle name Fenner is by family oral tradition. It is crucial to establishing that he is the same child as the son of George and Susan Ruth as there is almost no other official record of Charles Fenner Ruth anywhere. Family oral tradition stated further that his wife's mother Mary Ann Ruth, was his "cousin."

By these two facts, his middle name and the relationship to Mary Ann Ruth, we can link this Charles Fenner Ruth to the boy Charles Ruth, son of George and Susan Ruth in the 1850 census.

The FENNER Connection

Charles Ruth's older brother Peter Simon (or Simon Peter) Ruth was baptized had as sponsors Henry Fenner and his wife Margaret. That alone suggest the connection of Charles Ruth with Charles Fenner Ruth. But the connection is inescapable when one looks at the records. His middle name, Fenner, is found in a legion of etnries, typicaly multiple times on nearly every page of the church register at Hamilton Union Church for a period of forty years at least. That his middle name was Fenner associates him with this church, and with this community, and establishes him as the child Charles Ruth.


The next evidence is to verify the relationship to Mary Ann Ruth, wife of Peter Rumage (Romig, Romich). Charles Fenner Ruth married Isabella Rumage, daughter of Mary Ann Ruth and Peter Rumage, ca. 1865.

Who was Mary Ann Ruth?

Agnes Ruth Oliver, the author's mother, granddaughter of Charles Fenner Ruth, and a great-granddaughter of Peter and Mary Ann collated a genealogy based on consultation and family records from her siblings in the 1970’s. She had personal recollection of the children of this couple. In her work, she lists Peter’s wife as Mary Ann Ruth, and a note indicates that she is a cousin to Isabel Rumage’s husband, Charles Fenner Ruth. His mother-in-law was his cousin.

Family tradition in two separate branches of the Rumage family state that her name was "Sally" Ruth or Mary Ann Ruth.

Peter Rumage is shown in the 1850 census with a 27-year-old wife, "Mary A ." In the 1860 census she is listed as Mary aged 37. The family being headed by Peter Rumage and "Mary A." the other adult in the household, along with the other evidence demonstrates that his wife was named Mary A. Family tradition documented over forty years ago from oral tradition is that it was Mary Ann, and this is fully supported by the available evidence.

This firmly establishes that the wife of Peter Rumage was Mary Ann Ruth, born 1823.

The Hamilton Union Church records show her baptism in 1823:

Child - Maria Anna Ruth, b. 11 Sep 1823, baptized. 2 Nov 1823
Parents - John and Catharina Ruth;
Sponsors - George Ruth [Sr.] and wife, Maria Magdalena [her grandparents].

In this case, the relationship cannot be questioned, as John is the brother of George, Charles and Mary Ann are first cousins.

Isabella Rumage married Charles Fenner Ruth "cousin of Mary Ann Ruth" – his mother in law was a first cousin, his wife a first cousin once removed.

Available evidence establishes beyond serious question that Charles Fenner Ruth was the grandson of Georg Ruth Sr. through his son George Ruth Jr; and Mary Ann Ruth was his granddaughter through his son John Ruth, making them first cousins, which fits the family tradition.

Peter Rumage, 1814 -?1894 His Wife Mary Ann Ruth, And Some Descendants

Peter Rumage [5, Conrad4, Jacob3, John Henry2, John Adam1] was the son of Conrad Rumage.

"… Conrad RUMMAGE (Jacob ) was born in Northampton County about 1790; came to Hanover with his father about 1803; married Katie MINNICH; lived and died in Hanover. They had
Peter RUMMAGE, b. 1814, m. Sally RUTH,
Mary RUMMAGE, d. 1871, m. Simon Peter VANDERMARK,
Polly RUMMAGE, m. Peter BOWMAN,
Conrad RUMMAGE, m. Kate SAUM,
Eliza RUMMAGE, m. Mahlon VAN NORMAN" :

Peter Rumage:
Birth: 1814, Pennsylvania , ,
Death: 11 Jan 1894
Father: Conrad [4] Romich (Rumage) (1790-1867)
Mother: Catherine (Katie) Minnich (1794-1875)
Spouse: Mary Ann (Sally) Ruth
Birth: 11 Sep 1823
Death: bef 1 Jun 1880

Obituary: "Peter Rumage, aged 79 and a former resident of Ashley died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nathaniel Mead of Duryea. He is survived by four brothers [sic] , George and Charles of Ashley, S. P. Rumage of Wilkes-Barre and John of Kansas, and sisters [sic] Mrs. Frank Mostello of Moosic, Mrs. Nathaniel Meade, Mrs. Thomas Keating and Mrs. William Beadle of Duryea. The body will be taken from Duryea to the Brick Church at Old Forge, where services will be held and where interment will be made."

Children of Peter Rumage and Mary Ann Ruth

Correct Listing of Children

This is a correct listing of the children of this couple, with all names appearing on one census or other and matching (except Minetta) Agnes Ruth Oliver’s list; dates are approximated in most cases. The development of this list is detailed below.

Isabella (1844-1907) m. Charles F. Ruth
Clementine (Female) (1846-)
John W. (1847-)
Mary C. (1849-) m. Nathaniel Mead
Simon Peter (1850-)
George Meriot (8 April 1854-)
Ida Ruth (9 Jun 1856-)
Minnetta (1858-)
Ann (Annetta?) (1860-)
Charles Frederick (ca 1864-)
Caroline "Carrie" (1867-1935) m. Thomas Caton


Agnes Ruth Oliver lists the following parents, grandparents, children, marriages and dates, none of which have been clearly contradicted, and most of which has been substantiated by other sources; the information is reproduced as faithfully as possible :

Conrad RUMAGE m Catherine MINNICK

1. PETER m Mary Ann Ruth

ISABEL (2/27/1844-8/26/1907)
John W.
Mary m. Meade
Caroline (Carrie) m Thomas Caton

The 1850 Census
Rumage Peter age 35 born 1815 in PA
Mary A. age 27 born 1827 in PA
Isabilla age 6 born 1844 in PA
Christiana age 4 born 1846 in PA
John W. age 3 born 1847 in PA
Mary C. age 1 born 1849 in PA

Note that a number of errors are made in this 1850 census, including spelling of the children's names and Mary Ann's year of birth.

The 1860 Census
Rumage Peter, Age 46
Mary Rumage, Age 37
Isabella Rumage, Age 16
Clementine Rumage, Age 14
Jno W. Rumage Age 13
Mary Rumage age 11
Simon Rumage Age 9
George Rumage Age 6
Ida Rumage, Age 4
Minetta Rumage age 1
Sally Arrett, age 53, "pauper"
Wm. Fulton, Age 40, b. Scotland, "Milliner"

This is the last census where we find the older girls, as they married or passed on by 1880. Isabella appears as Isabella Ruth after 1860 and disappears after 1880.

The 1870 Census
The family is so far not located in the 1870 census.

The 1880 Census
Peter Rumage was living in Marcy Township as a farmer in 1880. He is shown as a widower, so Mary Ann died between 1860 – 1880. By oral tradition it must have been closer to the 1880 date, as Charles Wesley Ruth, who also lived on that farm, referred to it as his "Grandparents' farm" implying that Mary Ann lived there too.

Living on the farm with Peter are his children, listed as:
Minnie, age 22;
Ida, age 23;
Ann, age 20;
Charles, age 16 (a laborer);
Caroline, age 12.
--in addition: --
Charles grandson age 10 [Charles Wesley Ruth, son of Isabella Ruth]
William grandson, age 5 [son of Isabella Ruth]

Clementine Rumage is a servant in the household of J. R. Wagner of Harmony, Susquehanna, PA.

All except Minnie and/or Annetta appear in the chart, in order, as constructed by Agnes Ruth Oliver. Ann is associated with "Annetta" in her chart.

Clementon, Clementine, Christiana?

The Agnes Ruth Oliver genealogy shows the name Clementine for the second child. Another cousin has advised (information not verified) that "Clementon" [perhaps male] and Isabella were baptized together at St. James Lutheran Church in Newport or Hanover on July 12, 1846 . However, the 1850 census shows "Christiana" as the name, which is even less likely.

However, there is no quibbling about the 1860 Census, where the name Clementine is clearly and cleanly written, and the sex specified as female aged 14 (b. ca 1846). This comports with every fact. No matter, we have to think the census taker was having a very bad day when he arrived at the Rumage household in 1850.

Minnie? Minetta? Ann? Annetta?

Agnes Ruth Oliver showed "Annetta" and no Minetta at all, nor any child who could be Minetta. It seems that the names provided came down from memory and oral tradition; she definitely consulted her siblings in preparation of the genealogy. She would not likely have known any of them except Carrie who she has written of knowing, and no doubt relied on her older siblings or cousins who may have known them … Ralph, the oldest was b. 1895, so they may have been alive in his youth.

It seems probable that Ann and Minetta became mixed together, being close in age, the same sex, and of distant memory. We should rely on the 1860 and 1880 census information in our final list.

The 1860 census shows "Minetta" aged 1 (1858/9); this is obviously the "Minnie" aged 22 in the 1880 Census, the only child Agnes Ruth Oliver seems to have missed.

Isabella Rumage Ruth And The Ruth Family

In both the 1860 and the 1880 census, the name given is Isabella; certainly in 1880 she would have seen to the correct spelling, so Agnes Ruth Oliver’s spelling of ISABEL is not correct, nor is the 1850 Census ‘Isabilla’ accepted.

Charles W. Ruth recalled the time he spent on his grandparents’ farm as boy fondly and told the story to his children often; from them it has passed down to the next generation and the author. In the 1880 Census, Peter’s family has two other members, two children listed as ‘grandson’, Charles and William Ruth. These last two children are the children of Isabella Rumage Ruth. The census provides clear confirmation of the story.

Charles Wesley Ruth was born 4 December 1869 (shown as 10 in the census; this is accurate, his birthday is in December). He was the posthumous child of Charles Fenner Ruth, Isabella’s first husband, who died in the Avondale disaster in December1869.

William, aged 5 in 1880, was Isabella’s child, born out of wedlock. Family oral tradition says she was raped by her employer, a physician. Tradition further states that later she married one Eugene Bieler (sp?), had three children by him (Arthur and Alice are names given) and he adopted Charles and William, though it may not have been a formal legal adoption. No record to support this has been found; but much searching remains to be done. No Eugene Beeler, Bieler, Biehler nor Isabella Biehler, etc. has been found in any census that could conceivably be them. The dreadfully inaccurate obituary of Peter Rumage suggests the name is Beadle but that too has provided no leads.

Also in this census, Isabella Ruth is shown as a servant in the household of Elisha Atherton, a man in his 80’s suffering from "palsy" and living with his elderly wife and the husband and children of a niece who evidently do the actual farming. Isabella was obviously needed to help out with two elderly adults and two small children in the household. Atherton’s farm is in Marcy Township, obviously no coincidence.

Isabella has so far not been located on any other census (1870, 1890, 1900, 1910). The death of Isabella is not on record so far as the author can ascertain and Pennsylvania had no record under either Isabella Ruth or Isabella Rumage. The date of death given by Agnes Ruth Oliver is of unknown origin, probably from her siblings, and she herself was born in 1908 so it cannot be personal knowledge.


Future research possibilities: Wife of George Ruth Junior, Potential candidates, all named Susanna:

Parents date of birth date of Baptism Sponsors
Wm Bellesfeld
Gertraut 12 Jun 1810 17 Oct 1810 Geo. Hafner, Jr, Christina Lorenz
Johann Jung
Susanna 5 Jan 1809 2 Jul 1809 Jacobus Schefer
Peter Heller
Elisabeth 46 April 1812 14 Jul 1812 Johann Schneider
Philipp Singer
Elisabeth 12 May 1812 14 Jul 1812 Rachel Siegellew
Christian Singer
Susanna 4 Jul 1810 30 Aug 1810 Johannes Belles

Based on the supposition that she was born into the congregation at Hamilton Township; these are the Susanna's of about the right age.

Obituary -- David Mercer

At 5:30 o'clock last evening David Mercer, who was stricken with paralysis while at work at the machine shop of the Bethlehem Iron Company departed this life, in the 63rd year of his age. Mr. Mercer was born in the city of Philadelphia June 17, 1822 and was the youngest of six children of the late Thos. and Elizabeth Mercer who were English people. His early education was acquired in the public schools of Philadelphia. At an early age in accordance with his earnest desire he learned the trade of a machinist, which he has followed for more than forty years and was a most skilled mechanic. Shortly after he had attained his majority he married Miss Mary Tregenna of Philadelphia. Their union was blessed with three children, two of whom are living, viz. Thomas Mercer of Philadelphia and Mrs. Anna McDevitt of Glenwood, NJ. His wife died during the month of April, 1862 at her home in Philadelphia. Five years afterwards Mr. Mercer removed to Bethlehem and entered the employ of the Bethlehem Iron Company. Ever since that time, with the exception of a short interval when he was engaged in the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, Mr. Mercer has been in the employ of this company; and by his steady and diligent work has been promoted again and again, at the time of his death holding the responsible position of keeper of the tool department. In the month of August, 1873 Mr. Mercer married his surviving wife, nee Miss Mary L. Ruth, daughter of George and Susan Ruth. They had one child, a daughter now deceased. Several years ago he was a candidate on the Labor-Greenback ticket for assembly. For a number of years Mr. Mercer suffered considerably from rheumatism and an affection [sic] of the lungs. Yesterday morning when he left home for work he appeared to be in excellent spirits. Shortly after arriving at his work he complained of a pain across his back. Subsequently he was stricken and was brought home by conveyance. About 2 o'clock in the afternoon he became unconscious and while lying in this state there were two more strokes of paralysis, death ensuing shortly after 5 o'clock. Mr. Mercer was a devout Christian, a faithful member of the Wesley M.E. Church, Centre Street. Besides his wife and children, one brother, Harry Mercer, and a sister Mrs. Mary Brown both of Philadelphia and six grandchildren mourn his sudden and unexpected departure. His relatives have the heartfelt sympathy of his fellow workmen and the community in the present sad affliction. The funeral will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

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