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Randolph Family, Akron 1860-70

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Re: Randolph Family, Akron 1860-70

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Surnames: Fitz Randolph, Drake, Smalley, Cutler
Jonathan Fitz Randolph born 1759 (some family trees claim Virginia as birth place) died 20 February 1847, buried in Bath Center, Summit County, Ohio cemetery along with his wife Jane (possibly Cutler) and several other members of their extended family (including Resin Randolph who was a local postmaster in Summit County, the son of Jonas and Mary (Bevington) Fitz Randolph.

Still there is not direct proof of relationships between this Jonathan and Jonas, William, Elizabeth, Ruth, and Rachel Randolph the siblings who all married in Columbiana County, Ohio between 1815 and 1818, then most of whom moved to Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio by 1819 then to Bath or Portage Townships by 1836 (when the children are listed within the county school system) which became part of Summit County in 1840.

But, there is a lot of source documentation that proves which of the Fitz Randolph descent lines they were not related directly from. These include the Jonathan Fitz Randolph's from the lines shown below

There are no Jonathan's named in the three or four generations of Fitz Randolphs from the sons Nathaniel (2nd son), John (4th son) or Benjamin (7th son) lines descended from Edward and Elizabeth Fitz Randolph. (If anyone can provide evidence to the contrary please do).
Thomas being the 6th son of Edward and Elizabeth (BLossom) Fitz Randoph) married Elizabeth Manning:

Thomas (1659-1745)-David (1690-1773)- Barzilla (1762 -) -Jonathan 1787
Thomas (1659-1745)-David (1690-1773) -James (1712-1774) -James (1748-) -Jonathan 1779-
Thomas (1659-1745)-David (1690-1773)- Molleson (1716-1795) Nehemiah - ( )Jonathan b. 1775
Thomas (1659-1745)-David (1690-1773)- Molleson (1716-1795) Nehemiah ( ) Micah ( ) - Jonathan 1813 or 1824 NY
Thomas (1659-1745)-Jonathan 1692-1783 Samuel 1738-1825 Jonathan 1775-1858.

That leaves Joseph, the fifth son who married Johanna Conger and whose sons Joseph and Moses don't have descendants named Jonathan within the generation that would have been a parent to the Jonathan in Summit County, Ohio.

That leaves Joseph and Johanna's sons Jonathan (1702-1766) and Isaac (1716-1810) who may have had two sons named Daniel and Edward who were assigned to administer his estate by the New Jersey probate court. Of the two sons remaining of Joseph and Johanna, Jonathan (who married Margaret Manning in 1724) seems most likely to have been the ancestor of Jonathan (1759-1847) via one of his three sons (James (1725-?), Thomas (1729-1792?) or Jonathan (1732-?). Thomas's family is known and there are no Jonathan's born into his nuclear family.

The other two sons of Jonathan and Margaret are very difficult to trace, both disappearing from the Middlesex County, New Jersey documentation sometime prior to their father's death in 1766 (actually the date of the probate record).

Here is a possible scenario: Jonathan's (1702-1766) oldest sister Hannah married Andrew Drake. Their eldest daughter Susanna married Isaac Smalley in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1743. It may be that Jonathan and James moved to Loudoun County, Virginia with or after their cousin - James would have been 18 and Jonathan 11 if they accompanied the Smalley's to Virginia. Since the death date of their mother is unknown - it could be likely that she died giving birth to Jonathan, (since no subsequent children are recorded). There is a record of the Smalley family having representatives in Loudoun County, Virginia but the Fitz Randolph's may only be identified as Randolph's (there are tax records in and around 1787 that list a number of Randolphs including Jonathan and Jonas (one and two generations prior to the Summit County Randolph families of the same given names):

Virginia Tax Records 1782-1787
Randall, Jonas 1 Loudoun
Randall, Jonathan 1 Loudoun
Randolph, Thomas 1 Loudoun

Other slightly later Tax records (1790?) record the names again with additional information and other Randolph's named including a John with one stud horse and a William with son Isaac.

At the Loudoun County courthouse is a record of a 1794 lawsuit which was never brought before the court because one Jonathan Randolph could not be found in the county.

Evidence does exist of (Fitz) Randolph families being in Columbiana County, Ohio, including the five siblings proposed as the children of Jonathan Fitz Randolph (1759-1847). Also a Richard Fitz Randolph, a descendant of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph the eldest of Edward and Elizabeth (Blossom) Fitz Randolph's children.
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