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Civil War biographies from Newburgh Telegraph

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Civil War biographies from Newburgh Telegraph

Glenn Marshall - New Windsor Town Historian (View posts)
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Surnames: Acker, Adams, Aikens, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Aplleman, Atwood, Austin, Banks, Barkley, Barlett, Barnes, Barterbury, Bartley, Beams, Benedict, Benjamin, Birdsley, Blair, Bogert, Bond, Bookstaver, Briggs, Brock, Brooks, Bross, Brown, Brownlee, Buckmaster, Bush, Calyer, Camp, Carr, Chase, Chatfield, Cisco, Clark, Cloyd, Coleman, Colwell, Connelly, Coutant, Cowdrey, Cox, Crawford, Crawshaw, Cressy, Crist, Cromwell, Culver, Cunningham, Daniels, Davenport, Davis, Davy, Dawson, Decker, Dederer, DeGroot, Denning, Denniston, Depuy, DeWitt, Dickey, Dodge, Donnelly, Doremus, Doty, Dunn, Duryea, Dutcher, Eager, Earles, Edsall, Edwards, Ensign, Estabrook, Evans, Fairchild, Faulkner, Ferguson, Finch, Finnegan, Finney, Flannery, Foley, Forshee, Fossard, Fowler, French, Frew, Fuller, Gaines, Gale, Gardner, Goldsmith, Gordon, Gowdy, Griffin, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hanford, Harris, Harvey, Hatch, Havens, Hays, Hazen, Henion, Holbert, Holland, Homan, Homent, Howell, Hughes, Hulbert, Hunt, Hunter, Hyatt, Jackson, Jacquins, Jones, Jordon, Judson, Kane, Kanoff, Karme, Kelly, Ketcham, Kimball, Kimbark, King, Lamoreaux, Langton, Lee, Legg, Lewis, Linley, Little, Lockwood, Loftis, Low, Lowers, Lupton, Lunn, Lyon, Mackinson, Mapes, Martin, Mason, McAuley, McCallen, McCartney, McDowell, McGrate, Mead, Merritt, Merwin, Metcalf, Meyer, Millson, Millspaugh, Montross, Moore, Moores, Morgan, Morton, Moshier, Mould, Murphy, Myer
The following men were listed in the Newburgh Telegram newspaper during the Civil War; details on enlistment, parents, residence, trade, marriage, birth & death or wounds & battles. They were orginally published during the 1862-65 period from information collected by the Bureau of Statistics in Albany NY. During the 1906-1908 period they were again re-published in the newspaper in a series titled
"Personal histories of some men who went to war".Additional names to follow, as the information so far exceeds 60 pages I will reply to sepific requests for a soldier listed here only at this time.

Acker, James
Adams, Judson W.
Adams, Lewis Dunn
Aikens, John F.
Allen, Charles Oscar
Allen, Cornelius Swarwout
Allen, George
Allen, William L. Jr.
Anderson, Charles Havemeyer
Anderson, Clement Bottsford
Anderson, George L.
Andrews, Thomas
Appleman, Henry B.
Atwood, Thomas
Austin, William
Banks, Elias Hait
Barkley, William
Barlett, Charles G
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Gordon B.
Barterbury, William
Bartley, Jacob
Beams, David
Beams, David Jr.
Beams, Peter
Benedict, James Wood
Benjamin,Grant B.
Birdsley, Smith
Blair, George Forster
Blair, John Hanford
Blair, Samuel
Bogert, George W.
Bogert, John
Bond, Holton
Bond, Samuel O.
Bookstaver, Jacob
Briggs, George
Brock, Harvey
Brooks, John Howard
Bross, Edward Perceval
Bross, Joseph
Brown, George
Brown, William H.
Brown, William Rufus
Brownlee, Thomas Stevenson
Buckmaster, Robert Manley
Bush, Ira S
Calyer, John M.
Camp, Alexander
Carr, Solomon
Chase, James T.
Chatfield, Jacob B.
Cisco, Jeremiah
Clark, James W.
Cloyd, David Campbell
Cloyd, James Clark
Cole, Joshua Van Gilden
Coleman, George Washington
Coleman, James Lawrence
Colwell, Clark Brown
Connelly, Henry Miller
Coutant, Cornelius Ostrander
Cowdrey, John Jr.
Cox, William H.
Crawford, Harvey
Crawford, Ira Benjamin
Crawford, John I.
Crawshaw, William B.
Cressy, Charles Tomes
Crist, David
Crist, George Harvey
Crist, James
Crist, Jeremiah Millspaugh
Crist, Milton
Crist, Van Keuren
Cromwell, James
Culver, Edward A.
Culver, Jesse H.
Culver, Theodore
Cunningham, Robert
Daniels, William Henry
Davenport, James
Davis, David C.
Davy, John J.
Dawson, Charles Edward
Decker, Frederick
Decker, Isaac
Decker, James Nelson
Decker, Jeremiah
Dederer, Nicholas
DeGroot, Hiram W.
DeGroot, Nelson
Denning, Chauncey
Denniston, Isaac
Denniston, James Otis
Depuy, Jacob R.
Depuy, Thomas R.
DeWitt, David W.
Dickey, Joseph McCarroll
Dickey, William Donaldson
Dodge, John Pabody
Dodge, William Foster
Donnelly, Byron
Doremus, Solomon
Doty, Reuben
Dunn, Myron H.
Duryea, Webster Sidney
Dutcher, Benjamin
Eager, Amos Moore
Eager, William B.
Earles, George
Edsall, T. Henry
Edwards, Hiram
Ensign, Charles Ambrose
Estabook, Horatio Johnson
Estabook, Martin
Estabook, Sanford T.
Evans, Eli H.
Fairchild, William Livingston
Faulkner, William
Ferguson, Charles Wesley
Finch, John Henry
Finnegan, James
Finney, Hector
Finney, John
Flannery, Patrick
Foley, John W.
Foley, Robert Havelook
Foley, Thomas Jr.
Forshee, John M. M.D.
Fossard, George Henry
Fowler, Erwin Galatian
French, Benoni Howell
Frew, William M.
Fuller, George Oliver
Gaines, Hiram
Gaines, John Henry
Gale, Gabriel Norton Phillips
Gardner, Joseph Ambrose
Goldsmith, Charles David
Gordon, Ira
Gordon, John
Gowdy, Henry
Gowdy, James
Griffin, George E.
Hall, George
Hall, John
Hamilton, William
Hammond, Horace
Hanford, A. Emmet
Harris, William Edward
Harvey, Barnard
Hatch, John
Hatch, William S.M.
Havens, Eugene Hiram
Havens, Morton
Hays, Hugh McCutcheon
Hazen, Charles B.
Hazen, William H.
Henion, George Washington
Holbert, Mathais T.E.
Holland, Edward
Holland, John B.
Homan, George E.
Homan, James Ervin
Homan, William Albert
Homent, Adam
Howell, William H.
Hughes, Cornelius
Hughes, Eli
Hughes, James Burtsell
Hulbert, Ambrose Schudder
Hunt, Benjamin M.
Hunt, Daniel
Hunt, Nathan
Hunt, Robert Crowell
Hunter, Edward
Hunter, Jesse
Hyatt, Ezra
Hyatt, Thomas Mills
Jackson, Luke
Jackson, Nathaniel
Jackson, William Augustus
Jacquins, Charles
Jones, Alexander
Jordon, Jacob Frint
Judson, Albert
Judson, Daniel
Kane, Edgar Depuy
Kane, Eugene
Kanoff, Isaac C.
Karme, Amos
Kelly, Thomas
Ketcham, Bruce B.
Ketcham, Hiram
Kimball, Eliphalet Bootman
Kimbark, Noah Bodine
King, George G.
King, William Henry
Lamoreaux, Austin W.
Langton, George N.
Lee, Francis
Lee, Thomas H.
Legg, Governeur Millspaugh
Lewis, Edward M.
Lewis, John Albert
Linley, James Henry
Little, Edward Wear
Lockwood, James H.
Lockwood, John Thomas
Loftis, Stephen
Low, Daniel Jr.
Low, James
Lowers, David
Lowers, Robert
Lupton, Judson Bice
Lynn, James
Lyon, Charles Harvey
Mackinson, Hugh Jr.
Mapes, William Edwin
Martin, Isaac M.
Mason, George W.
Mason, Thomas H.
McAuley, Andrew
McAuley, John
McCallen, Harry
McCartney, Robert
McDowell, William
McGrate, George
Mead, Cephas
Merritt, Cornbury C.
Merritt, Seneca W.
Merwin, David S.
Metcalf, John
Meyer, John Adam
Millson, Thomas
Millspaugh, James
Millspaugh, Jonathan
Montross, Hezekiah Hott
Moore, William
Moores, James Britton
Morgan, David
Morton, George Clarke
Moshier, John
Mould, David
Mould, Moses Rome
Murphy, James
Myer, William Augustus
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