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Antone C BARBOZA, New Bedford and Dukes, MA

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Re: Antone C BARBOZA, New Bedford and Dukes, MA

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Surnames: Antone Luce
I do not know if the info I am going to share will be helpful OR more confusing. Not enuf time to thoroughly read thru enuf threads to ascertain whose ancestors are whose anymore, lol.
However, to make easy, call my husband "CL". His father (James - Jimmy Lucio) was born (~1939-1942?) & raised in New Bedford, Mass & the eldest of his father's (James Lucio Sr) MANY offspring (had something like 16 children, tho w/two diff women). SO, my husband's grandfather was James Lucio Sr
James Lucio Sr was the son of (ready?) Antone Luce .... whom immigrated w/his wife (I DO have their passports somewhere not w/me at moment & cant remember her name) from Azores, Portugal. We have pictures (2 or 3?) of Antone Luce and his wife (one in addition to their passports) as James Lucio Sr .... even have pic of James Lucio Sr sitting on a lawn chair with his VERY YOUNG son, James Lucio just alongside of their father & grandfathers headstone at the cemetary which Reads "Antone Luce" on left and "Maria Rosario Luce" (or something similar?) on the right on same headstone.
Two things:
1. SO, James Lucio Sr surname somehow changed somewhere along the line ftom Luce to "Lucio", despite his parents remaining named "Luce" until their death & burial in New Bedford, Mass. My husband's surname is Lucio of course

2. In ur mentioning comments related to race? Except for a few additional inches of height, my husband is a physical carbon copy of his father .... uncanny to the T .... & both he AND his dad are VERY VERY olive complexioned. I mean VERY! Both have extreme features typically associated w/people of Portuguese descent: short (his dad was 5'1" & altho he is the tallest of 4 kids, only 5'7" on a GOOD day - he'll say 5'8", but yeah, no ;) , jet black curly kinky hair which his dad's was same as african american growth, hubby just curly, with eyes so dark brown the iris is hardly distinct from pupils and extremely thin until maybe age 50 when they "grew into" more typical men's sized
Clothes/pants. Hubby.never weighed more then MAYBE at his heaviest ~145lbs from young adulthood until his 50's & his dad may have taken even lonnger to attain weight >=150lbs due to being so short & small statured? Both VERY Portuguese in physical appearance. They call themselves "portys" in jest.
Okay, so hubby's dad having the ethnic hair? Well, that is likely due to the fact that Antone & his wife DO NOT APPEAR 2B caucasian? Pretty certain by looks of their pics that they were either African descendants OR from a very remote Portuguese village/locale of not too distant African migration?
Ive been with hubby (off n on, lol) sin e I was 16, he 18 & he's mid 50's now . I'm 52. We have two now adult sons. And just as my hubby is all but a stmped replica of HIS father ....
. so to is our oldest .... perhaps even moreso as he IS almost flawlessly same as my hubby! Youngest as well, but not to same degree. Hubby has a brother and two sisters & all have multiple offspring. Except for his one sister whom takes more after her mom than dad, literally EVERY SINGLE MALE to date (great, great, great grandson of Antone Luce) look more like brothers than cousins & some twins ? The STRONG (deathgrip) genetics is stronger & carries SUCH predispositon it is uncanny like MOST have ever seen? Every one of them, if ever having a lengthy period indoors & MIGHT be sporting a lighter thsn usual/normal richly dark/olive skin tone ..... merely takes them 30min outdoors to have the kind of bronze tan Caucasians spend FORTUNES attempting to replicate, lol.
Never knew hubby's background otger than he had ancestors from Portugal. How surorised I was to learn of Antone Luce! Why? We named our oldest Anthony. :-D
Sorry 4 the novel. Been helping my youngest with a college paper (only assisting w/some genealogy research regarding genetic predispositions of personality ..... of which I won't get into, LOL) & finding GREAT challenges in finding/isolating hubby's ancestors within the many same or similar named individuals ALL in same New Bedford area. Maybe this is bcuz attempting to do w/out forking out $$$ lmao
Dunno if anything aforementioned relates to any subject or topic contained in threads? If no, my apologies. If yes, of course, there's more info but unsure how much to document here? Thx & good luck everybody in ur research journeys ! God Bless !
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