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READ: OBITS... Are your relatives on this list?

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READ: OBITS... Are your relatives on this list?

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After my mother passed away in 1997, I found an box that contained nearly 70 years of obituaries clipped from local newspapers by my grandmother Ann Whittington Shannon and my great-grandmother, Lela Maud Newton. Most are dated 1940-1950 and contain many names from Williamson and Franklin and Jackson counties of Illinois.

The list below gives the surname, first name of the individual as well as other surnames listed within the obit. If any surnames are helpful to your research please contact me and I will send text copies. Susan Bagwell Merrell

Adamson, Earl : Reed, Elders, Powell, Hill, Dillon
Ahls, Flemming: Shirley, Waterbury
Ahls, Samuel: Fleming, Shirley, Steele, Waterbury
Atwood, Edgar: Hunter, Dillon
Atwood, Frank: Kelley, Hayes, Cox, Odum, Dillon, Moore, Jones
Austin, Mary Ellen: Gillooly, Clark, Kimzie, Porter
Austin, Mary Lois: Jones, Bennett
Austin, Solomon:
Avery, Sally Ann: Felts, Roberts, McFarland, Dougherty, Hall, Owens
Baiar, Cora Henson: Henson, Kelley, Crissenberry, Jones
Barham, Flora Jones: Jones, Kelley, Hudgens
Barham, Ruel Wayne:
Barham, Virgina: Bivins, Williams
Barham, Kate: Moake, King, Wardell, Christy
Batts, Mrs. John V: Ice, Odel, Harris, Williams, Nolan
Bell, Sarah E: Clark
Butcher, Frank:
Bowyer, Luster: Williams, Smith, Barnett, Roberts
Cargal, Agnes: Benge, Goocher, Smith, Lammert
Clayton, Emma Mae: Knight, Owen, Griffith, Dial, Sweet
Clayton, Frank: Ligon, McCollum
Clayton, J.W.: Cox, Doty, Brashears, Turner, Gillespie, King, Ellis, Howard, Felts, Hansford, Parker, Thurmond.
Clayton, L.L.: Harper, Hiller, Ferges, Miller
Cochran, Nancy: LeMaster
Crick, Nannie: Miller, Farmer
Cumstay, Jennie: Overby, Gilroy, Ridley
Dean, Helen: Moore, Jones
Dial, E.O: Goddard, Hunter, Norman
DeLap, Russell: Austin
Doty, Edmund: Mandress, Pilson, Ryan, Hampton, Davis, Tiberend
Dougherty, Sarah Nancy: Jones, Cushman, Arvin, Pulley
Engram, Harry: Moake, Lee, Fellows
Fleming, Henry Newton: Stamper
Fleming, John W.: Skaggs, Lamping, Lannom, Ahls, Felts, Stamper
Frick, Myra: Parker, Lawrence
Galloway, David: Lawler
Gambill, Loy: Hughes,
Goddard, Maude: Mace, Nann, Privitte, Shields, England, Deaton
Hagmann, Mrs. George: Baumer, MacDonald
Hendrickson, Albert (Pete): Smith, Odum, Hudgens, Phillips
Hershberger, Carrie: Newton, Richards
Hickey, Thomas: Atwood, Angell
Hickman Delia: Whittington, Lewis Foulk Hickman, Dial, Wallace
Hope, Jennie: Harrison, Hayes, Orlea, Wilson, Gallager, Newton
Hunter, Charles P: Hoffard, Atwood, Smith
Hunter, Sam N: Dial
Jacobs, Wayne: Chapman, Trout, Bailey
Johnston, Irna Webb: Webb, Elrich
Jones, James B: Henson
Jones, Martha: Spiller, Oates,
Jones, Nancy: Grant, Sinks, Fox, Garrison, Draper, Baer, Rex, Irvin
Jones, Richard W: Hudgens
Kelly, Lowell A: Baiar Webber, Bell
Kelly, Mary: Miles, Bell, McKean
Kemper, John H: Fleming, Brown, Simpson, Knickles, Woodruff
Kopp, Ada: O'Neal, Barham
LaMaster, Ben: Cockran
Latta, William Jackson: Radford, Rushing McCluskey, Nettles
Lawrence, Ada: Steward, Odel, Bozarth, Watkins Harnett Kirby
Lawrence, Alice: Horrell, Crowe, Grissom, Bond, Alexander, Lacey, Herzog, Sellhausen
Lawrence, Mrs. Ben: Eli, Ahls, Stamper, Felts, Fleming
Little, Emma: Watts
Little, Harvey: Ree
Manning, Emma: Boyd, Newton, McAnnelly
McCluskey, Walter Earl: Gentry, Ross, Corazine
McMullen, Herman: Poole, Ligon, Hunter, Walker
McNeil, Henderson: Perrine, Cooksey
Moake, Carmen: Youngblood, Krouse, LeMaster
Moore, Claude: Jones, Dean
Murman, Genieve: Overaker, Francis
Murrah, Anne: Seats Whittington, Newton
Murrah, Noah: Felts, Perrine, Kelley, Keuper,Baiar, Patterson, Newton
Murray, Cora Mae: Malone, Jordan, Baysinger, Berkholtz, Bittie
Neal, Emma:
Perrine, Newton, Alice B: Taylor, Barham, Newton, Watts
Newton, Alice: Watson
Newton, Cyrus S: Whittington, Murrah
Newton, Hazel: Peterson, Hershberger
Newton, Henry: Wilburn, White, Jacobs, Holloway, Miller
Newton, James: Grant
Newton, Walter: Wilkins, Atwood, Vaughn, Lawrence, Snyder, Jones, Murrah, Whittington
O'Daniell, Mary Ellen: Lannon
Odum, Sallie: Boyer, Moore, Gettings, Hickey, Atwood
Odum, William Martin: Patrick
Patterson, Richard C: Smith, Dunn, Rucker, Jones
Payne, William Monroe: Whittington, Britton Plumlee,
Perrine, Ben: Meyer, Becker, Felts, Robertson
Peterson, Dora: Hunter
Phillips, Addie: Webb
Rice, Emma: Tweedy, Lucas, Poteete, Auten
Rice, Nettie:
Richards Orielia: Peterson, Tidwell, Walsh, Newton
Roberts, Ella: McFarland
Roberts, Emma: Sowell, Martin, Aaron, Hawkins
Sanders, Gertie Belle: Stover, Hickey, Schwegler, Merredyk, Blass
Sanders, Ida: Grant, Belosi, Masetto
Sanders, Martha: Throop, Howard, O'Daniell
Shinal, Cora: Wilkins, McGough, McCormack, Sizemore
Sims, Maude McNeil: Cooksey, Felts, Robinson, Perrine,
Sowell, J.R.: Peterson, Stenstrom
Sowell, Martha Oliver: Oliver, Crouch, Casey, Newton
Sowell, Susie: Peterson, Hunter
Spiller, Stanley: Lowell, Wollard, Sowell, Barham
Thurmond, Charles: McInturf, Prow, Mattingly, Milligan, Reynolds
Weaver, Alice: Matthews, Moore, Eifert, Smith
Weaver, Charles M.: Hunter, Eifert, Moore, Smith
Weaver, Lloyd: Pack, Stanley, Kelley, Williams, Baulk
Wente, Frank: Hudgins, Love, Fehrenbaker
Whittington, A.H.: Foran, Wallace, Hickman, Dial
Whittington, George F: Wallace, Dial
Whittington, H.R.
Whittington, J. I: Moore, Austin
Willard, Cora: Brett, Moore
Williams, Dexter: Wisley, Droit
Woodward, Arthur V: Rainey, Howard, Watkins
Worth, Frances Ann: Murrah, Wardel, Liddle, Mobray, Andrew, Murrah, Singer,
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