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Farrars' and Sweets' of Indiana all lived in NY 1810-1820 close to each other

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Farrars' and Sweets' of Indiana all lived in NY 1810-1820 close to each other

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1810-1820 Indiana Sweet Family including husbands William and Chester Farrar Live within 6 miles of each other.

Around 1820 Philinda Sweet Farrar, Hannah Sweet Farrar, Isaac Sweet, Elias Sweet, Abraham Sweet, and Jacob Sweet all moved to the border of Jefferson and Scott Counties in Indiana living within 2 miles of one another. Each claimed to be born in Vermont. Philinda in the 1850 census and Hannah in the 1870 census.(For Hannah the 1850 census taker recorded her birth state as New York the same as her husband and for the 1860 census it was recorded as Virginia.) Elias, Isaac and Abraham are proven to be brothers according to information submitted in Abraham’s military pension file. For purposes of this timeline I am assuming all 6 are siblings. It is assumed their father died before 1820 quite possibly before 1800 which could explain the difficulty of finding an earlier census for the family. The mother could have remarried, lived with her relatives or boarded with another family thus not being identified as head of a family. Interestingly much if not all of this family lived in New York around Caledonia, Genesee county within 6 miles of the Farrar’s in Avon, Ontario County. Again living as in Indiana where the two counties border. Philinda and Hannah Sweet in 1814 are married in Avon, Isaac is in the 1810 Caledonia census and Abraham lives in Caledonia (specifically what later becomes the Wheatland area) as of 1812 per his three enlistments there.

1784 Elias Sweet is born in Vermont (See Iowa census records).
1785 Isaac Sweet is born in Vermont (per census records born 6/2/1785 to 5/31/1786 as census taken 6/1)’
1791 William Goodrich Farrar born in NY. [Per census records middle name from land records].
November 21, 1893 Abraham Sweet is born in Vermont per census records.
December 24, 1796 Chester Farrar born Vermont [per census records name from land records exact date?].

June 10, 1796 Philinda Sweet born in Vermont, USA per census.
November 17, 1797 Hannah Sweet born in Vermont ( per census exact date?).
1810 Isaac’s daughter Olivia born before August 6, 1810 census.
1810 Isaac Sweet resides in Caledonia, Genesee, New York, United States. (Less than 7 miles from Avon) Census reports one male Isaac and one female Lydia 16-25 and one female under ten presumably Oliva. The official enumeration day of the 1810 census was 6 August 1810. All questions asked were supposed to refer to that date. The enumeration was to be completed within nine months, but the due date was extended by law to ten months.
1810 John Farrar father of Chester and William Farrar lives with his family wife, daughter and four sons in Avon, Ontario, New York, United States.
May 9, 1812 William and Chester Farrar enlisted at Avon, Ontario, NY as a Pvt. in Capt. James McNair’s Co. of U.S. Volunteers, commanded by Filetus Swift. (substitute for Jacob Huxley per his sworn affidavit). William G. fought in the war of 1812 at the Battles of Ft. George, Lundy Land, and Stoney Creek. These are all places on Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls. Chester discharged Buffalo November 9, 1812. William discharged May 10, 1813.
September 9, 1812 Abraham Sweet enlisted at Caledonia, Genesee, NY Asa P Harris Company of Silas Hopkins Regiment from 9/9/12 to 12/7/12. He was paid $19.98 for service at Niagara frontier. (Caledonia less than 7 miles from Avon)
September 9, 1813 Chester Farrar enlisted at Avon, Ontario, NY as a Pvt. in Capt. John Fullers Co. of U.S. Volunteers, commanded by Philetus Swift. Discharged Fort George, Upper Canada December 9, 1813 from Company of Volunteers (Per his sworn affidavit substitute for Johnathon Rockborn )
December 20, 1813 Abraham Sweet enlists a second time in Rufus Cady’s company until 1/5/14. He enlisted at Caledonia, Genesee, New York, United States. (Per his sworn affidavit)
January 11, 1814 Chester Farrar and Philinda Sweet marry in Ontario, NY presumably in Avon. (Per his sworn affidavit)
April 5, 1814 Jacob Sweet Junior is born in New York. In his 1880 census he reports his father was born in Vermont and his mother was born in New York. He also on two occasions documented his name as Jacob Sweet Junior thus supporting his father’s name being Jacob Sweet.
May 12, 1814 William Goodrich and Hannah Sweet married in Avon, Ontario Co., NY (Per his sworn affidavit), In 1859 in a sworn affidavit Abraham Sweet states he knew Hannah for her during entire 45 years of marriage in testifying to her being married to William.
August 15, 1814 Chester Farrar enlisted at Avon, Ontario, NY in company Capt Malcomb commanded by Col Davis. Discharged at Batavia, Genesco, NY November 15, 1814. (Per his sworn affidavit)
Aug 29, 1814 Caledonia, Genesee County, New York, USA Abraham Sweet’s Third enlistment at Caledonia until release from Montreal as POW March 13, 1815. He was paid to April 10, 1815 but did not get home until May 15, 1815. Served under Levi Lacy and Jedadiah Cosby paid $56.95 by Thos Tufts paymaster. Wounded and severely crippled by musket ball Sept 17, 1814 POW until March 13, 1815 in Quebec. Discharged April 10, 1815 he and brother Elias may have met their Canadian wives then as he needed assistance coming from Montreal, Quebec to Caledonia about 340 miles.
December 1, 1815 Elias and Abraham Sweet at the Batavia, NY office of the Holland Land Company (located less than 25 miles west of Wheatland, NY) put down payments on subplots of lot 16 Range 2 Township 4 in Orangeville about 40 miles SW of Wheatland. By January 16, 1816 both brothers had given notice of reversion to the company.
November 17, 1816 Hannah and William’s son, Elias Sweet Farrar born in Ontario, NY presumably in Avon.
1818 Birth of Abraham’s daughter Jane Sweet (1818–1888) in Indiana presumably they married before this time.

1818 Chester and Philinda Farrar move to Indiana per his second wife’s sworn affidavit. William and Chester’s father lives in Avon per his affidavit 1818-1820
1820 Federal Census for Indiana lists William and Chester in Dearborn Co., Lawrence Twp.
William G. Farrar, males under 10 (1); females under 10 (1); males 26-44 (1); females 16-25 (1).
1820 federal census for Isaac for Jefferson, Indiana, United States reports one male 26-44 Isaac and one female same age Lydia as well as one male under ten Amos and two females under ten Oliva and Phobe.
1820 federal census for Jacob for Jefferson, Indiana, United States reports male Under 10 1, 26-44 1, females 16-25 1, above 45 1. Perhaps mother of Sweets she also appears in Hannah's 1840 census.
1820 federal census for Elias for• Jefferson, Indiana, United States reports male under 10 1 Lucian,16-25 1, 26-44 1 Elias, females 1 16-25 Mary. So who is male 16-25?
1820 for Abraham Sweet in Jefferson, Indiana, United States census reports male 26-44 1 Abraham, females under 10 1 Jane, 16-25 1wife Britannia.
May 7, 1823 Isaac and Jacob Sweet are among those who sign a petition to the Gov. of Indiana asking that a fine of two dollars against Elias Sweet be reduced. (Elias was find for swearing in public on two occasions) this is the last reference census or otherwise to Jacob I have found. Presumably Jacob died prior to 1830 and perhaps his wife as well. His son Jacob Sweet Junior next appears in 1848 marrying Elizabeth Stickley in Miami County Ohio. In his marriage application he is shown to be from Darke County, Ohio where he appears in the 1850 census. The interesting question is how did he migrate and with whom to Ohio? Perhaps Jacob’s mother took him there. What family’s census did he appear in the 1840 and 1830 censuses?’
December 14, 1823 Son of William and Hannah, Isaac Banager Farrar born in Indiana.

August 7, 1826 voters who voted at the Madison Polls in Madison Township, Jefferson County, include voter 77 Isaac Sweet, voter 161 Chester Farrer, voter 164 Abraham Sweet.

1827 William G Farrar tax assessment Madison Jefferson Indiana.
February 12, 1827 voters at an Election held in Madison Township, Jefferson County, voter 125 Chester Farrar, voter 253 William G Farrar, voter 376 Isaac Sweet, voter 403 Abraham Sweet.

August 6, 1827 voters in Graham Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. Voter number 10 Isaac Sweet.

August 4, 1828 voters in Graham township, Jefferson County Indiana Isaac Sweet and Abraham Sweet
1829 January Wm and Chester’s Uncle Asa dies in Avon, Ontario, NY

June 15, 1831 there is an entry in the Holland land sales for a purchase of a subplot in lot 23 Township 4 range 13 by Farrar & Sweet. I examined the microfiche of the original and the spellings are correct including the &. It is located in Stockton tier lots, Chautaque, NY. Presumably it is related to this family. There are other Holland land transactions (besides Elias and Abrahams mentioned before) in particular for an Isaac Sweet but he is not of this family. (that Isaac Sweet birth 1787-1845 will of Isaac Sweet Westfield, Chautauqua County New York … Land I acquired October 10, 1826 from the Holland land company to daughter Phoebe Stanley….)

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