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Earlist BROWN Landowners in Marshall County, IL

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Earlist BROWN Landowners in Marshall County, IL

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Surnames: Brown
The earliest members of the BROWN famliy to have purchased land in what is now Marshall County seem to be:

Abraham BROWN (04 Nov 1817)
Hezekiah BROWN (29 Nov 1817)
Manley BROWN (04 Dec 1817)
Benjamin BROWN (26 May 1818)
Clytus S. BROWN (03 Nov 1818)
Frederick BROWN (09 Mar 1818)

These purchases were clustered in two townships on the Northwest side of the Illinois River.

Abraham BROWN, Hezekiah BROWN, Benjamin BROWN and Frederick BROWN purchased land in Township 13N, Range 8E (4th PM - 1815 Illinois), an area later known as Saratoga Township in the Northwest corner of modern Marshall County. Each purchased 160 acres. Hezekiah and Frederick BROWN purchased land in adjacent Sections 15 and 22, respectively. Abraham BROWN purchase in Section 28 just to the Southwest and Benjamin Purchased in Section 30 to the West of Abraham.

Manley BROWN and Clytus S. BROWN each purchased in Township 12N, Range 8E (4th PM - 1815 Illinois), an area later known as La Prairie Township in the Southwest corner of modern Marshall County. Each also purchased 160 acres, with Manley BROWN buying in Section 34 and Clytus BROWN purchasing in Section 7. Section 7 is three Sections (~3 miles) due South of Benjamin BROWN's parcel in Section 30 of Saratoga Township.

I haven't inspected the subsequent deed records to trace the ownership of these parcels forward. The 1873 Marshall County Atlas seems to show that all of these lands had passed out of BROWN family hands by 1873.

At the date of purchase, these parcels seem to have been in what was then Bond County (though the Westernmost of these Parcels -- T13N/R8E Sec. 30 and T12N/R8E Sec. 7 -- might have even been in Madison County). With the establishment of Pike County on January 31, 1821, all of these parcels would have been in Pike County. When Fulton County was created on January 28, 1823, responsibility for these lands seems to have been transferred to Fulton County. These parcels were reassigned to become part of Putnam County on January 13, 1825, and remained in Putnam County until the creation of Marshall County on January 19, 1839. Thus, to the extent that these properties remained in the hands of members of the BROWN family, they would seemingly be enumerated residing in Bond County in 1820, in Putnam County in 1830 and Marshall County beginning in 1840.

I do NOT find ANY of these BROWNs in the 1820 U.S. Census. There is an Abraham BROWN in Union, Illinois, in 1820, far to the South. There were Benjamin BROWNs in Prairie, Jackson, Illinois, and Chambers, St Clair, Illinois. There seem to be no BROWN households headed by a Hezekiah, Manley, Clytus, or Frederick BROWN in 1820.

Neither do any of these seem to appear within the 1825 Illinois State Census.

The ONLY BROWN shown in Putnam County in 1830 is Joseph BROWN, enumerated residing in Peoria, Putnam County, IL,

Further study may show that the lands originally granted to these BROWN ancestors may have been preempted by others due to abandonment.

* * * * *

A generation later there were a second cluster of public land purchases by members of the BROWN family:

William H. BROWN (01 Nov 1839) [3rd PM T29N/R3W Sec. 34, 441.38 acres]
Robert BROWN (10 Oct 1840) [3rd PM T30N/R1E Sec. 14, 80 acres]
William BROWN (10 Oct 1840) [3rd PM T30N/R1E Sec. 10, 160 acres]
William BROWN (10 Nov 1840) [3rd PM T30N/R1E Sec. 11, 40 acres]
William BROWN (10 Nov 1841) [4th PM T13N/R10E Sec. 7, 80 acres]
William BROWN (10 Nov 1841) [4th PM T13N/R10E Sec. 7, 80 acres]
Joseph BROWN (01 Nov 1849) [3rd PM T30N/R1E Sec. 5, 40 acres]

The purchase by William H. BROWN was of a parcel in what is now Lacon Township in Section 34 along Crow Creek on the Eastern side of the Illinois River in South Central Marshall County. No BROWNs are shown to be owners of land in Lacon Township on the 1873 Marshall County Atlas.

The three purchases by Robert and William BROWN in Autumn 1840 in Township 30N, Range 1E, what is now called Evans Township, were in contiguous Sections, with Sections 10 and 11 adjacent and Section 14 immediately adjacent to the South of Section 11, just Northwest of the present town of Wenona. The 01 Nov 1849 purchase by Joseph BROWN is in Section 5 this same township, to the West of the purchases by Robert and William BROWN. Evans Township is in Northeast Marshall County.

The two purchases by William BROWN on 10 Nov 1841 in Township 13N, Range 10E (4th Prime Meridien) are in the area later known as Henry Township on the Northwest bank of the Illinois River. Section 7 is at the Western boundary of this township farthest from the River just to the Northwest of the town of Henry.

At the date of purchase of William H. BROWN's parcel and the two parcels in Henry Township by William BROWN, this land was already in Marshall County, which had been created January 19, 1839. By contrast, the parcels in Evans Township purchased by Robert and William BROWN in Autumn 1840 were then in LaSalle County. The area which is now Evans Township (T30N/R1E) was added to Marshall County on March 1, 1843.

* * *

This thread is NOT intended as a comprehensive study of any of these BROWN families, but rather is intended to organize some of the primary data in support of a more comprehensive ongoing study of primary records concerning land ownership by the BROWN family in Marshall County, IL.

Those with information about precise WHEN various parcels were either purchased or sold, passing out of the family are encouraged to post that additional information as replies within this thread.
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