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Nils A. Michaelsen death date needed

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Re: Nils A. Michaelsen death date needed

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I see you have posted 13 inquiries on the Rootsweb message board system. When you post, as you did, post the persons date of birth. But, also post the specific spellings of information. In this case, Nils Michealsen was found as Micaelsen in the 1930 census. Being "exact" is very important in genealogy research. This is like a crime scene and specific information is needed to find your "suspect."

The 1930 Census of District 14, Petersburg, First Judicial District, AK Territory (AT)
Nels(as written) Micaelsen(As written and transcribed), age 73(1856/1857), born in Norway, immigrated 1910/Alien (Al), Fisherman/Salmon

The 1920 Census of District 17, Petersburg, 1st J. D, AT
Nils Mickelsen(as transcribed, could be written Mickolsen), 60(1859/1860), born in Norway, immigrated 1910/Al, laborer/saw mill.

In this case, you are seeking a "Nils Andreas Michealsen, born 12 Mar 1859 in Alstahaug, Norway." This person in the 1930 Alaska Territory (AT) Census is identified as being born between 1856/1857; and in the 1920 between 1859/1860. Their type of vocation also is different, saw mill versus salmon fisherman. The year of immigration is steady at 1910. But, these "could" be two different persons.

I don't know if you are familar with Patronymics, the naming system of Scandinavia up to the early 1900's, but any person named Niels, Nels or Nils, son of a person Mikkel/etc, would be so named "Nils/Nels Mikkelsen/Mich.../Mice../Mikael.../etc.

You were very specific with his DOB and Place of Birth, so I looked for such a person born in Alsahaug in 1859 in the Norwegian parish records, without success. I looked in the records from 1855 forward.

I also searched the 1900 Norwegian census for this person, without success. Problem being for the Census is the name(s), he could have gone under the given name of "Niels," "Nils" or "Nels" or not. His last name "could" have been under any of the spellings of Michael, or he was using the Patronymic name of the farm. In Patronymics, he would have had the given (Nils/Nels), the Patronymic name of his father (Mikkel...SEN), then the third name of his address, usually the name of the farm where they resided. A second problem, the US Census identifies an immigration year of 1910; however, that is the year of immigration into the US. If he had emigrated Norway into Canada earlier than 1910, THEN came into the US, that immigration year of 1910 would be shown, even tho he had possibly lived in Canada for 20 years.

It might help to identify if you are looking for the person in AT because they match name to the person born in Alstahaug; or if you have definite knowledge this person is the correct person being sought. To ultimately find this person, his full name at birth, to include his farm name might be necessary to find his death. I have found many Norwegians living in the US under their patronymic name to include their farm name, then be found later under the "last name" of the father, or just their own given name.

I also would NOT pay for any search of death certificates for many reasons. First the name issues, second lack of knowledge the person died in AT/AK or where in AK they died. When you post an inquiry, you sometimes find incompetent, common sense lacking, "researchers" only having limited search abilities to Ancestry or Family Search, then they post worthless links.
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