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Hazen / Hasen / Hassen in Oromocto

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Re: Hazen / Hasen / Hassen in Oromocto

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The thing that bothers me is that while the name, Hazen, is well known in NB and has been connected with that province since about 1760, Hannah Mary Hazen does not appear to be a member of that family. For example, at:
are the results of an election in 1795 for members of the provincial council, a sort of precursor to the Legislative Assembly of the province. Each voter is named and who they voted for. Note that most persons voted for James Glennie, Esq. and Samuel Denny Street. These would likely be the 'establishment' candidates. NB at the time was socially stratified (and was until fairly recently and still may be). The 'Esq.' for Glennie is most likely a reference to his being a justice-of-the-peace or 'squire'. You will see others so indicated including John Hazen. In some instances, some voted for Glennie but not for Street suggesting that S. D. Street had a 'popularity' problem. Very few voted for William Hubbard ("Wm. Hubbard, Esq. late Chief Justice of His Majesty's Inferior Court of Common Pleas for the County"; Nathaniel Hubbard married a daughter of John Hazen) and Plummer together. A daughter of (probably another) Nathaniel Hubbard (ca. 1746-1824) married "Gabriel DEVEBER Esq. High Sheriff Sunbury Co." His son, also Nathaniel, m. (1st?) a daughter of Samuel Denny Street. See:

There are errors on this list. Amongst the names indicated as being removed from the Poll Book was Jasper 'Stynick' of Saint John. Jasper Stymiest was in Saint John Co., was likely not entitled to vote in Sunbury Co., was a Loyalist from a family found earlier in Hempstead, Long Island, NY (as were the Peter's who gave Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB its misspelt name), etc. Abel 'Fluelling' (Flewwelling) lived in Maugerville for a time but later left for Kings Co. He was, I believe, also a justice-of-the-peace. Alexander Tapley was of a pre-Loyalist family. Jasper, Abel and Alex may have been pro-establishment, but it would be inaccurate to say they were 'upper class'. Some of the Flewelling's were decidedly anti-establishmentarian in some ways and the Tapley's probably were amongst the Maugerville planters who were pro-Patriot during the Revolution and who formed an armed group to drive the British from Fort Cumberland.

John Hazen was also an 'esq.', and, although I have not looked at the Hazen family (other than a vague awareness) until now, I get the impression that they were or became decidedly upper class as far as the locale is concerned. See also:
where John is a 'justice of the quorum' (i.e., member of the county court).

It would appear that Hannah Mary Hazen, if born in Oromocto, would necessarily be a member of this family. However, her history does not indicate such. The Hazen's history is reflected by such instances as:

Ward Chipman, Esq. m. 1786 the d/o the Hon. William Hazen, Esq.
Samuel Denny Street and John Hazen administered the estate of Dr. Ambrose Sharman in 1794.
Lt. Robert Hazen, aide-de-camp to Governor Thomas Carleton, m. Mary Jarvis, d/o Munson Jarvis, Esq. in 1802. Maj. Robert Hazen was later with the 60th Regiment and d. Portland Parish, Saint John Co., NB 1813.
Maj. John Fitzgerald of the N. B. Fencibles (104th Regiment of Foot?) m. 1805 Miss Hazen.
Capt. Charles Drury (5th Regiment of Foot) m. 1805 Frances A. Hazen.
In 1824 was announced the marriage:

"m. 12th Jan., St. Michael's Church, Dublin, Ireland, by Rev. Robert Mayne, John HAZEN, Esq., Lt. H.P. 49th or P.C. of Wales Regt. / Elizabeth KING eldest d/o James KING, Esq. and niece to Sir Abraham Bradley KING, Barr."

In 1870 there was:

"m. St. Paul's Church, Portland (St. John) Tuesday, by Rev. W.W. Walker, Rector of Hampton, assisted by Rev. W.H. DeVeber, Rector of St. Paul's, William Pollok RITCHIE, Esq., s/o Hon. Chief Justice RITCHIE / Johanna Robinson HAZEN youngest d/o Robert F. HAZEN, Esq."

This just goes on and on. The Hazen's were (relatively) wealthy businessmen, politicians, administrators, military officers, professionals, office-holders, etc. Their movements and activities (especially marriages and deaths) were the topic of news items and they were noted. At the very least, Hannah Mary's marriage and parentage should have been the subject of a brief notice.

That Charles Dunn, as a ship carpenter, might have spent time in the shipbuilding industry in Sunbury Co. seems reasonable and that he may have met and married Hannah there is reasonable. He would then have followed his trade to Saint John, and Portland Parish is, again, a reasonable place for someone who worked at ship-building to be. He was certainly in Portland in 1858 when his father died at Charles' home there. Another funeral from Charles' home was that of Mary Dolin who d. 3AUG1866 age 32 years. Possibly she was the Mary Carney who m. 1849 John Dolin of Golden Grove, Saint John Co., NB. The Dolin's were likely from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland as were the Dunn's. A John Dolin m. Paradise Row, Portland 1872 Jane Andrews.

Granted that John Hazen may not have been as wealthy, connected and influential as his Saint John relatives, but still one would expect more information. That Hannah was b. in Oromocto seems confirmed by a notice of her death in DEC1891:

"d. 21st Dec., Hannah DUNN widow of Charles DUNN, age 78, native of Oromocto (Sunbury Co.) Funeral Wednesday 2:30 p.m. from her residence Main St., North End"

Again, if she were a daughter or granddaughter of John Hazen, then it seems that this would have been mentioned. That she was from Oromocto seems to make it likely that she was such a daughter or granddaughter.

I am not sure how such a massive contradiction can be resolved. I would recommend a much thorough investigation of the family of John Hazen. Even negative results are results and a process-of-elimination is a useful technique. Certainly marriage registers, probate records, church registers, etc. need to be examined. See:
for some guidance as to what is on microfilm.

I feel that James Dunn was Charles' brother. A news item that may refer to James is (Saint John, "New Brunswick Courier", dated 9AUG1845):

"The August sitting of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery opened on Tuesday last, Justice Parkerpresiding. The only criminal case was tried on Wednesday when Timothy KENNEDY, John KENNEDY and Mary Ann KENNEDY father, son and daughter were brought up for the murder of John GILLESPIE on the night of Sept. 27th in a row at house of James DUNN in Lower Cove. The trial resulted in an acquittal of father anddaughter and Manslaughter against the son."

Perhaps the Kennedy's are a clue.

It can be difficult understanding what is happening without the historical background. Consider:
which I found while looking for William Hubbard. There is the grave stone of John Mersereau which states, in part, "Was Captain of 16th Company of New York Loyalists". This is misleading. When the Loyalists were transported to NB in 1783, administration of the exodus was a military matter. In order to feed and shelter the families, they were divided into administrative groups called 'companies' in the style of an infantry company. Usually the military companies had about 80-100 persons with at leaf one captain and lieutenant. The refugee companies were organized the same way but were not armed units, but groups of families, women and infants alike. Each elected or was appointed officers from within the company of a captain and lieutenant who were commissioned as such in the North American British militia with authority from the West Indies to the Maritimes. This meant that these officers could report to the military authorities on an equal basis, requisition and transport supplies and food, give orders to other ranks, etc. They were real, military ranks held for life but not given privileges such as half-pay and they were held to be inferior to equivalent regular army ranks. The 'companies' were not fighting companies but were numbered. There were likely 50 of them or more. That any one company was in anyway designated as 'New York' is unlikely, although a large number of persons in these refugee companies were from New York Province. So, someone not knowing all of this would assume (as the composer of the inscription appears to have done) that John Mersereau was a fighting captain of a company in, perhaps, the King's Royal Regiment of New York, Westchester Loyalists or the New York Volunteers. He may have been, but his captaincy of the 16th refugee company is not really evidence of such a military career. His captaincy would only be active before, during and about 2 or 3 years after transpiration when the British military continued to offer rations and tools, etc. to assist Loyalists and when the transpiration of this stuff needed a degree of paperwork and organization on the part of the refugees. As the Loyalist scattered to sometimes diverse locations (actual regiments often tended to be settled together) the need for these militia officers would diminish.

There are Loyalists John Hazen (Lot 280 in Carleton Township (Saint John) 20MAY1785) and Joseph Hazen (Lot 569 in Parr Town (Saint John) 14AUG1784) in 1783. John may be the same petitioning for land in Kings Co., NB in 1788 and 1796. Joseph petitioned in Saint John Co. in 1785 and possibly in Queens Co. in 1786.

John Hazen was granted 500 acres (a very large grant) in the Kennebecasis River area of Kings Co. 15AUG1782. This was before 1783, so likely John Hazen of Oromocto is meant especially as it is given as being in Sunbury Co. Until NB was created, Sunbury Co. was part of Nova Scotia and included most, if not all, of the lower Saint John River Valley rather than the limited area that is now Sunbury Co.

Joseph Hazen was granted 200 acres in the Washademoak Lake area 3SEP1784 in what was then Sunbury Co., but likely in Queens Co. now. I cannot find this grant on the cadastral maps of the area and wonder if it was not escheated.

So, while there may have been other Hazen's in the general area, I can find little about them.


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