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Surnames: Elgy,Coleman, bore, howsam ,thomson, west, green, craven,Rance,
Hi everyone just noticed this site must say some of you have great memories,where do I satart!well l arrived April 12 and was shocked when I walked through the convent doors to be greeted by a bunch of nuns.l was broght down by my dad and my brother Gerald it was a rainy evening,we were taken to the dining hall for something to eat but I just couldn't I knew my dad and my brother would be leaving me and going back to leeds.My brother then started to tease me me and said school in the morning for you tears flooded my eyes we walked around the school and have to say didn't like what l saw.Mydad said to me we have to go now we have long journey home I went to my dormitory St Anthony's and watched my dad and my brother disappear down turpins lane,l was taken to the workroom where l was given school clothes ugh.that night I lay awake and sobbed under the sheets and planned my escape.the next morning l was awaken by a loud bang doors burst open and in walked this tall guy come along in a stern voice sent a chill down my spine his name Mr dad had given me 10shilling note with I lost the night night before I retraced my steps and luckily I found it in a brown envelope,it waswetcfromvthevrain the night befor.l put the note behind the main big green gates it was a sunny day and l new it would dry it.we all marched down for breakfast during breakfast I asked if l could go to the toilet and off I went got to the gate picked up my 10bob note and ran like hell down turpins lane.i got to the bottom and there was a bus stop on the corner couple of minutes later the bus came there was no one on I sat at the back on a side seat the conductor said were to lad in a strange voice I'd not heard before( cocney) I said half to South woodford please with my 10bob note can't changevthat he said this rides to South woodford tube station and was so excited somehow I managed to get to Liverpool Street station and still had myb10 Bob note.things became a blur after that but about 11am I reached my destination KIngs Cross I was very very nervous I remember looking at timetable nxt train to leeds 1oclock only problem it was 15shillings half fare ah well I thought Platform ticket should do the trick,I hung around for about an hour and then felt two hands on my shoulder it was a policeman arevyoub lost lad?I said no I'm waiting for someone hmm he murmured come with me he took me into this dingy office where I was questioned eventually I told them everything,they gave me some food about 3oclock someone came from school to take me back I can't remember who.when I got back l expected harsh words but they were good to me went to a classroom and met few other lads and the fist one was Micky howsam who was also from leeds who later became a great other friends were Arthur Cruikshank terry thomson robert bore John Coleman fred rance from leeds who was a little strange to say the least.i have lots good memories from St johns and was gad I was brought back cost those three and a half years I spent there were the best times of my life.there we're one or two bully's there but they never bothered me Raymond Whittia from Norwich michael mottram were two I remember didn't scare me.the person I looked up to was terry elgy I loved to be in his company and never forgot when he was captain of the school team and he picked me for school goalkeeper replacing Royston craven so he could play outfield. I remember others Peter griffiths Eric Thomas Ken green Barry green Jeff west to name a few and jake the school artist who inspired me to draw and paint to which I still do.i will come back another time and share some more of my favoute times

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