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1824 Baines Liverpool Trades Directory, Complete. Right here.

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1824 Baines Liverpool Trades Directory, Complete. Right here.

Posted: 1119580247000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1153316119000

Those marked
1, are Ladies. Boarding ;
2, Gents. Boarding.;
3, Classical & Commercial ;
4, Dancing ;
5, Day ;
6, Free ;
7, Lancasterian ;
8, Music ;
9, National ;
10, Private ;
11, Public ;
12, Writing ;
13, Drawing ;
14, Charity Schools.
13 Allport Thos. 4, Jervis st
8 Arbuckle J A.M. 1, Hope pl. Pilgrim st.
5 Ashton Ellen, 4, Bedford et 1
5 Ashton Sarah, 28, Duke st
5 Atkinson Anthony, 42, Frederick st. St. James'
14 Mean Margaret, 6, Heath st.
13 Austin Samuel, 61, Russel st.
4 Batter Charles, 30, Norton st.
14 Barrett Wm. (Old church), 20, Moorfields
5 Baynes Peter, 12, Duke at
5 Bennett Thos. 18, Lime st
Benton James, (military) 2, Tessera place
1 Benwell Eliz 19, Upper Parliament street
3 Berks Joseph, 1, Chester st.
6 Berry Jane, 71. Lime st
1 Beat Ellz 14, Erskine st.
6 Beverley Saml. 19, Jordan st.
3 Bird John N. 17, Park road
8, 5, Birks William P. 48, Richmond row, and 1, Fos st
5 Blackwood Jane, 14, Gill st.
Bond Wm. (Mount pleasant charity),
School entry, 8, Upper Newington
4 Borthwick Alexander, 9, Great George st.
1,5, Bowie Eliz. High pk. avenue
6 Boys Louisa, 57, Duke st.
1, 5, Bragg John, Mill at.
3 Breese Robt. 5a, Paradise st.
Brennen Edw. (Catholic charity) Copperas bill
Brennan Patrick , (Benevolent Society of St.Patrick) Pleasant st.
5 Bromley Ann, 33, Upr. Pitt st.
14 Brown Ann, Park road
5 Bryan Mary, 4, Lawrence st.
14 Buckley Ana, (Famale Industry) 1, Heathfeld st.
9 Bucknell Samuel, A. Great Nelson st. East
4, 8, Burnett E. J. 2, Moor pl.
1 Butler Ellen, 2, Stafford st.
1, 5, Byrne Mary, 6, Queen Anne street
Callon W. R. (French) 11, Norton street
3 Campbell J. 5, Church lane
3 Campbell John, 1, Bold place
8 Carruthers M. 84, Upper Islington
5 Carson Thos. 64, Vauxhall rd.
8 Casson Eleanor, 2, Gt. Geo. st.
5 Chadwick Mary,12, Hawke st.
4 Chambers Wm 32, Seymour street
5 Christian John, 4, Wood st.
5 Christian Margaret, (Bethesda) Bridport st.
5 Clare Misses, 8, Mile and
5 Clegg Elias. 41, Ruud st.
5 Clegg James, 14, Great Cross-hall street
5 Coddington Martha, 4, Frederick street, St. James'
8 Cohan Isaac, 16, Bold st
3 Cole John, 24, Renshaw st.
1 Coleman A. & C. 46, Rose pl.
1 Connell Ann, 2, Rupert place. Everton
3 Connolly Micheal, 2, Greek St.
5 Cooper Eliz. & H. 38, Hunter street
1 Cordy Abigail, 12, Maryland st.
3 Cornforth Rd 15, Gloucester street
5 Cornthwaite Peter, 6, Cropper street
4 Corrie Joseph, 17, Houghton st.
1 Carrie S. J. & A. St. Domingo hall, Everton
3 Craig Thos. (& mathematical) 15, Great Nelson st East
14 Darker Eliz. (St. Andrew's) 45, Fleet st.
5 Daulby Martha, 50. Hurst st.
5 Daveyson Samuel, Oil street, Great Howard st.
1 Davidson Eliza, 9, St.Vincent street, St. James'
14 Davies John, 53, Jordan st.
14 Davies Margaret, 68, Circus st.
14 Davies Wm. 68, Circus st.
14 Davis John,(Welsh) Bronte st.
3 Dickinson Rt. 22, Springfield street, (and Navigation) 33, Pool lane
5 Dixon John, 24, Gloucester pl.
5 Dodd M. A. & E. 9, Blake st.
5 Duckworth Sarah, 12, Burlington st.
5 Dunn John, 48, Lime st.
1 Dutton E. and A. New hall, Tranmere
14 Edenfield Geo. (Harrington free) 22, Stanhope st.
3 Edgar Geo. 4, Bedford st.
5 Edwards Geo. 1, Houghton In.
5 Edwards M. J. 70, Finch st.
14 Ellerton Richd. (Methodist) Brunswick st.
5 Erks C. and E. 72, Mill st.
2 Esbie John, A.M. 16, Netherfield lane, South
5 Evans John, 24, Chisenhale st.
14 Evans W. W. (Friends) 37, Duncan st. East
13 Ewington Jas. 17, Soho st.
8 Eyton Geo. jun. 16, Dale st.
8 Fawcett Miles, 19, Sidney pl. Edge hill
3 Fearon Rev. John, 41, Soho st.
3 Fisher Rev. J. M.A. 9, Great George st.
3 Fleetwood Wm. 47, Duke st.
1 Foresaythe E.H.39,Hunter st.
1, 5, Frost Lawrence, Rathbone st. & 6, Great George place
1 Galway Isabella, 106, Islington
5 Gardner John, Dawson place, Hunter st.
1 Gardner M. E. & A. 64, Rodney street
Gawthorp Wm. (private math. &c.) 24, Brownlow st
2 Gibson Rev. John, Moseley dale, Toxteth park
Gillet A.N. (French) 3,Russel st.
Gillow Mrs.(singing)25,Russel st.
1 Graham M. G. 4, Nile st.
1 Graham M. and E. 74, Upper Islington
14 Gray Edw. (St. Mark's free) Back Knight st.
4 Green Mrs. 78, Bold st.
5 Greenwood Ann, ,90, Leeds st.
8 Greenwood M. 3, Trafalgar st.
1 Gregory Ann, 6, Mt. pleasant
3 Gregson Thos. 28, Great Crosshall street
5 Griffiths Moses, 18,Cockspur st.
1, 5, Hackney Margt.42,Bold st.
8 Hallwood Thos. 25, Gilbert st.
5 Hamilton M. A. 74, Finch st.
1, 5, Hammond Mary,37,Seel st.
5 Hanby Jane, 4, Beresford st.
5 Harding Jph. 9, Brunswick rd.
2 Harris Thos. Church st. Evtn.
5 Harrison Geo 80, Blundell st.
5 Harrison Rd, 4, Cockspur st.
14 Hartley Isabella, (Miss Mason's) Smithdown lane
1, 5, Harwood Mrs. and Miss, 1, Ashton st.& 8, Pembroke gdns.
1 Haslam E. Brunswick place
8 Hatton John, 17, School lane
3 Henson Wm. 4, Gt. Newton st.
5 Henson Elk. 4, Gt. Newton st.
4 Hinckley Mary, 17, Temn°a st.
Hodgkinson Anthony, (Seaman's Friend society) Wapping pl.
Hodgson Ann,(French) 16, Jackson street
Hoffman Leopold, (languages) 13, Clarence st.
13 Holland Peter, 10, Brownlow hill
2 Holt Rev. G. Walton
14 Horsfall John, (Caledonian free) 4, Oldham st.
2, 3, Hoskin F,dward, 19, Stafford street
5 Howard Anna A. St. Geo. terc.
5 Howard Mary, 13, Seel st.
5 Howard Peter, 4, Church lane
14 Hudson Mary, (Friends) 37, Duncan st. East
14 Hudson Sarah, (Harrington free) 22, Stanhope st.
14 Hughes Mary, Bedford st.
5 Hughes Sarah, 83, Richmond r.
5 Humphreys Hannah, 5, Duncan st. East
13 Hunt Andrew, 92, Bold st.
5 Hunt Eliz. 7, Limekiln lane
Huntington John, (navigation) 20, Union st.
5 Hutchinson Holford,43,Pitt st.
1 Hymers Isabella, Paddington
14 Hyslop Adam, (Leeds street Methodist) 17, Ray st.
5 Jefferson Mary, 14, Cornwallis street
5 Johnson Adam,4, Salthouse In.
1 Johnson Misses, 45, Soho st.
3 Johnson Wm. (lang.) 40,Seel st.
Jones Saml. (mathematical) 10, Nash grove
3 Jones Wm. 111, New Scotland road
Jouanin J.B. (French & Spanish) 20, Seymour st.
5 Joy Thos. 14, Bow st.
3 Kaye John, (& mathematical) 39, Bold st.
1 Knipes & Slate, 10, Pleasant st.
5 Large Thos. 11, Midghall st.
5 Lassell James, 14, Prince's st. Dale st.
Lea Fabius, (French)33, Russel st.
8 Lebreton John A. 2, Erskine st.
5 Leece Isaac, 24, Bevington bush road
5 Lewin Mary, 71, Duke at.
5 Lipson John, 28, Jordan st.
3 Lister Wm. 11, Gardener's row
Little Wm. (private mathematical) 8, Seymour st.
14 Lloyd John, Bedford st.
1 Locke & Tomlinson, 1, Blackburn place, Hope st.
5 Lowe. Ann, 38, Mill st.
1, 5, Lowe Mrs. & Miss, Everton crescent
Lucas Henry, (languages) 10, King st.
8 Lythgoe Betsey, l6,Bedford st.
Macauley Patrick, (private mathematical) 26, Gill st.
1 Maddock Eliza, 13, St. Jas. pL
1 Maginnis Mary, Fair view pl.
1, 5, Maiben Misses, 33, Rodney street
3 Mandell Isaac, 17, Ashton st. Bedford st.
3 Marquis John, 2, Lionel st.
5 Marrat Wm. 56, Copperas hill
14 Mason Francis,44,Manesty In.
5 Massey Jas. 21, Mansfield st.
Mathey Samuel, (French) 44, St. James' place
6 M'Caughie Jas. 79, Gerard st.
1 M'Morland & Freer, 2, Hardman street
5 Meder Frederick,63, Frederick street, St. James'
5 Meek Margaret, 6, Heath st. Hill st. South
5 Mercer Wm. 59, Frederick st. St. James'
1 Miller Ann, 42, Gt. George et.
5 Milner J. Islington place
1 Milnes Mary, 11, Russel st.
5 Mitchener Eliz. 3, Mill st.
8 Molineux John, 42, Cornwallis street
14 Moore Mary, (Caledonian) 4, Oldham st.
5 Morris Matthew, 1, Cummin court, Lace st.
5 Nugent Robert, 30, Clare st.
5 Owen F. & M. 15, Hill st.
S Oxley Thos. (mathematical) 73, Eldon place
1 Paisley Eliz. 1, Church street, Everton
4 Palmer & Sons, 15, Nelson st. St. James' & 9, King st. Soho
4 Paris N. J. 3, Hardman st.
2 Parry Rev. Jas. 5, Irvine st.
3 Pattinson John, 81, Upper Islington
3 Pattison Andrew, (and mathematical) 32, Clare st.
13 Pennington John, 4, Everton terrace
1, 5, Pennington Winifred, 8, Duncan st. East
5 Phillips Ann, 12, Mansfield st.
3 Picton R. & J. 3, Hood st.
5 Playford Robt. 7, High street, Edge hill
1, 5, Postlethwaite M. A. and D. 58, St. Anne st.
2, 5, Prince Rev. J. C. M.A. 5, Brownlow st.
2, 5, Prior and Blackburn, 37, Pembroke place
3 Pulford Rev. William, D.D. 7, Wilde st.
1 PykeMartha,46,Brownlowhill
3 Read Samuel, 4, Gay st.
1 Rigby C. & A. 3, Chatham st,
5 Roberts Saml. 4, Norbury st.
1 Robinson C. Mount Vernon
5 Robinson Henry,38,Warren st.
4 Robinson Joseph, 30, Clare st.
3 Robson Thos. 6, Hill st. South
5 Rolling John, 4, Mason street, Edge hill
Rosanda Henry, (languages) 43, Milton st.
3 Rothwell Geo. 26, Renshaw st.
5 Rutherford Sarah, 7, Belle st.
5 Ryley Joseph, 36, Standish st.
5 Sant Frances, 13, St. Vincent e.. East
1 Satterthwaite A. & A.Windsor, Toxteth park
1 Satterthwaite Lucy, St. Michael's, Oldhall, Toxteth park
5 Saxon Joseph, Emma place
13 Scott P. H. 54,Upr. Islington
5 Seager Susanna, 58, Duke st.
5 Seddon John, 73, Crosshall st.
3 Sefton Joseph, 22, Gerard st.
13 Sheriff Jas. 14, Finch st.
2 Shingleton Rev. William, 5, Daulby st.
5 Silversides Geo. 18, Lydia Ann st. and 10, Kent square
3 Smallwood Thomas, 146, New Scotland road
8 Smith Charles, 4, Hardman st. and Gateacre
5 Smith Mary, 1, Nash grove
Smithers Henry, (private teacher of elocution, natural philosophy and mathematics) Alfred place, Park road
1, 5, Sorley James and Son, 46, Mount pleasant
5 Stevenson P. & Daughter, 11, Bevington hill
5 Stevenson John, 8, Sawney Pope street
3 Stewart Rev. John, D.D. 4, Pilgrim st.
14 Stokes Ann, (Mount pleasant) School entry, Upr. Newington
14 Stuart James, (St. James') 14, St. James' road
1 Swainston Flora,28,Bedford st. Swale J. H. (mathematical) 12, Epworth st.
8 Tayleure Henry, 85, Brownlow hill
5 Taylor Thos. 28, Blspham st.
5 Telford John, 1, Copperas hill
5 Thomas Ann, 25, Sparling st.
1, 5, Thornborrow and Dalton, (Pembroke place academy) 9, Oakes street
6 Tiernan PatrIck, 70, Highfield street
5 Tilley Charles, 13, St. Vincent st. East
5 Tyers Emeline, 37, Gerard st.
1 Tyson Jane and Sisters, 14, Clayton square
8 Wainwright Mary, 50, Seymour street
8 Wainwright Rd. 37,St.Anne at.
8 Ward M. A. 62, Brownlow hill
14 Ward Wm. Mill In. Edge In.
5 Webster G. 33, Norton st.
5 Westley Sarah, 17, Bedford at.
5 White Sarah, 1, Cookson st.
1, 5, White Sarah, Church st. Birkenhead
Whitehead Saml. (Latin, Greek, French, and Spanish) 50, Frederick st. St. James'
5 Whiteside Chas. (Park)Lodge In
3 Whitnall Peter M. 20, Nelson street, St. James'
1, 5, Whittaker Ellen, 8, Wolstenholme square
1 Wilie Mary, 8, Stafford st.
3 Williams Hy. 19, Falkland st.
13 Williamson Daniel, 107, Islington
5 Williamson Jane,lS,Benson st.
13 W illiamsonSaml.15,Benson st.
4 Willmette A. S. 7, Soho st.
1 Wilson & Higgin, 1, Soho st.
14 Wilson Hill, (Bethesda) Bridport street
3 Winstanley Rev. Calvin, 78, Duke st.
1 Wiseman Jane, 10, Gill st.
5 Wood & Redish, 38, Seymour street
1, 5, Woodcroft Misses, 19, Beau street
5 Worrall Wm. 2, Mitchell pl.
1 Wraith S. & Sisters, 9, Fox st.
8 Wrenshall Wm. 101, Islington
14 Wright Wm. (St. Andrew's)
44, Fleet st.
1, 5, Wyatt E. W. & Daughter, Wavertree road
5 Wylie D.S. (Hope) 17, Roscoe st.
5 Wylie David, A.M. Watmough st. Everton


Banks Jonth. & Son, 7, Leigh st.
Banner Harmood, Commerce ct. Lord st.
Banner Thos. Cain's ct. Lord st.
Barton Wm. 7, Exchange st. E.
Boult Francis, 24, Gradwell st.
Brown Wm. 19, Seymour st.
Chamley Wm. 9, Exchange alley
Cheesbrough John, 8, Clare st.
Clements G. & W.1, Temple ct. John street
Danson Wm. 109, Whitechapel
Davies Wm. 41, Renshaw st.
Duvar James, 9, Tessera place
Eden C. P. 11, Tyrer st.
Edwards Edward, 6, Hanover chambers
Farrer John, 55, Copperas hill
Hall & Clare, 2, Molyneux place
Harrison Eli, 2, Exchange st. E.
Healey Saml. 5, Bank buildings
Hollingshead Robert, 5, Lord st.
Humphreys James and Co. 11, Exchange st. East
Hunter David, Union court, Castle street
King J. & A. 1, Temple place
Langshaw James, 8, Wellington buildings
Leather John, 70, Mill at.
Leckie Jas. 6, Trafalgar st.
Lewis Wm. 64, Lord st.
Martin Marmaduke,1,Exchange court
M'Viccar & Tait, 10, Water st.
Mercer John, 6, Benson st,
More & Lightfoot, 10, Temple st.
Nicholson Joseph, Hargraves' buildings
Okill C. & W. 43, School lane
Pain John, 44, Sparling st.
Penington W. It. 6, Union ct. Castle st.
Prescot Bartholomew, 16, Castle street
Redish & Bird, 11, Tyrer st.
Reynolds Wm. jun. 3, Exchange street, East
Smedley & Bridge, 4, York st.
Suddones James, 1, Soho square
Watson James, 25, John st.
Wild Chas. 8, Hanover chambers
Wood James, 75, Lord st.
Woods Henry, 58, Oldhall st.


Those marked
1, are General Agents;
2, Commercial Agts.;
3, Shipping Agents;
4, Coal Agents.
The Agents to Carriers will be found appended to the Lists of
Carriers at the end of the Directory.
1, 2, 3, Adam Jas. 3, Drury lane
2 Alison Jas. & Rd. 5, Cornhill
1 Andrew R. J. 2, Rumford et-
2 Antisell Henry,29,Manesty In.
Arnold John, (to London & Liverpool newspapers) 15, Brooks alley, Post office place
Atkinson & Matta, (to the Leeds Union Co.) Back Leeds st.
1 Bald Adam, 19, Goree piazzas
2 Barns & Tucker, 22, East side Dry dock
Barrow Joseph, 15, Manesty In.
Barton John, (glasis)3, Horatio st.
Beaumont & Downing, (to Carlisle traders) 9, East side Dry dock, and 64, Strand st.
2 Benson James, (& quarantine)
39, East end Old dock
2 Benton Groves, 11, Upper Dawson st.
1 Boult Francis, 24, Gradwell st.
1 Branch & Son, 50, Hanover at.
2 Brough Jas. 6, Salthouse lane
2 Bryans, Herd, & Haworth, 9, John street
2 Butler ThomaS, 11, Soho at.
2 Butterworth John, I, Dance st.
Chadwick J. (salt) 22, Peter In.
4 Clarke&Frankland,Canal basin
2 Coglan Thds. 84, Lord St.
2 Cosack T. B. 45, King at.
4 Cosgrave Atsdw. 4, Brooks sq.
Crosthwaite Thomas, (to the' Carroll Iron foundry, and to' Leith traders) 30, Redcross st
3 Cullen John, 72, Paradises,
D'Aguilar Joseph, (to Dublin new packet Co.) 1, Murray pl.
3 Darby Edrerd, (for Newry traders) 23, Salthouse dock
Dawson & Sutton, (to the Low Weed gunpowder company) 6, Exchange st. West
Day George P. (for London and Liverpool newspapers) 4, Tarleton street
Dearden George, (to the Leeds Liverpool Co.) Back Leeds st.
2, 3, Dennison Thomas, (and forwarding agent) I, Salthouse dock gates
Dixon Wm. S. (to the Glasgow & Liverpool shipping Co.) 4, Irwell street
Dowson Wm. (to Whitehaven and Carlisle traders) 4, North end Dry dock
2 Dunlevie and Struthers, 33, Brunswick st
Eaton John, (to proprietors of the Leeds and Liverpool canal) Canal bank
2 Eaton Joshua,8, Bank bldgs.
Eden John, (quarantine) 5, Cooper's row.
Ellison Joseph, (to the Old Co. of water side carters) 31, N. side Old dock
Evar Geo. (to Dublin traders) 44, East side Old dock
2, 3, Evans T. W. (American; & for the New England Coffee Hs. London) 28, N. side Old dock
1 Fairclough Wm. jun. 18. Goree plasmas
Farrar John, (to London traders' from Stanton's wharf) Globe chambers) John st.
2 Fslrrar Samuel, Byrom's buildings, Dale st.
2 Fearon, Sugden, and Fry, 32, East side Salthouse dock
2 Fisher & Robinson, 72, South side Old dock
Fleetwood Edward, (to Isle of Man packets) 14, Nova Scotia
Fletcher WM. & Son, 26, Sing st
3 Found James, 19, Cooper's row
2 Forbes G. M. 18, E. side Salthouse dock
1 French Dee 1d,15,Cooper a row
Gardner & Harding, (to the liarford and Bristol brass Co.) 1, Trafford lane
3 Gibson and Brackenridge, (to' Newry traders,) 7, Pitt st.
1 Gillies John, 35, it. side Salthouse dock
2 Gilmour Thos. Parr, and Co.
12, Goree piazzas
1 Goldie John, 16, College lane
2, 3, Goodwin J. 58, Strand st.
Gordon Harry, (merchants' agt. In the King's tobacco warehouse,) W. side King's dock
2 Greaves and Prescot, 8 and 10, Harrington st.
2 Green Joseph,8, Exchange stk.
1 GreethamRichard, 1,Strand st.
Halley Wm. P. (to the Blaenavon, Gam Ddyris, and Wollastoniron yard,) 13, Saltine ln.
Hallowes and Son, (warehousing) 1, Brooks square
Hallwood Thomas, (Burton ale) 25, Gilbert st.
1 Hamer Hy.15, Old Church yd.
2 Hancock Hy. 6, Fenwick st.
Harding John, (for selling and letting houses) 7, St. John'sln.
Hardman Joseph and Sons, 7, Rumford st.
2 Hatton Jasper, 41, Clayton st.
Heuison Geo. (to Ayr traders) 37. E. side Salthouse dock
Hilton Jas. (timber) 2, Sefton st.
1 Horsman Wm.10,Goree piazzas
2 Hughes Chas. Bank buildings
1 Humphreys James and Co. 11, Exchange st. East
Hunter David, (to James Stanton's gunpowder works, Theis wall) Union ct. Castle st.
1 Huntingdon John,159,Park 1n.
1, 3, Hurry Nchs.156A, Park ln.
Hurry W. (Lloyd's) Park hill ln.
3 Jones Wm. 7, Geo. din passage
1 Jones Thomas, 50, Lord st.
2 Ker Rt. (and forwarding) 14, Duke street
2, 3, Kinsley and M'Naghten, 5, Brooks square
Laird W. (to Mersey and Liffey steam packets,) 41, Water st '
2 Lamont and Johnston, 15, College lane
Langley Thos. (N. Wales steam packets), 19, Nova Scotia
Leece and Drinkwater, (for Isle of Man packets) 00, Water st.
Lenox Geo. (for Morrison's preserved provisions) 18, Rumford street
2, 3, Lindsay and Gordon, 36, Water st:
2 Lodge A. & F. 98, Masan st. Wapping
1 Lord Simeon, 1, Temple court
2 Machell Richard and Co. 12, Manesty lane
Marshall and Reed, (td Dublin steam traders, and forwasding) Commercial buildings
2 Marshall Thos. 46,. Castle et.
2 Martin James, 9, Duke st.
1 Matthie Wm. and Co. 28, Litherland alley
M'Cheane Wm. (Irish provision) 1, Temple court
3 M'Faden D. 70, S. side Old dk.
2 M'Nair & Brebner, 6, Pool ln,
2 M'Viccar & Tait, 10,Waterst.
2 Meadows James, 3, Hanover chambers
Melling Edw. & Co. (for thesal@ of ships and their materials: also for goods wrecked or dammaged by sea) N. ensf King's dock, and '4, S. We Duke's dk.
Miller John. (to mfrs. of sail canvas, &c.) 2, Fenwick st.
Milligan Jas. (to the East India Co.) 9 & 10, Wellington bldgs,
Moffatt, Martin & Cu, (to the Glasgow traders) 14, E. side Dry dock 3 More John, 128, Duke st
2 Morrall and Woodward, 1, Brooks square
1 Moss and Hampson, 14, East side Dry dock
2 Muir John, 159, Park lane
Myers Thomas M. (rock salt) 4, Molyneux place .
2 Nevitt W. & Son, 69, Castle at.
Newton, ,Lyon, & Co. (to the Marquis of f uglesea's copper & lead works) 3, Cooper's row
3 Nicholson Jas. In, Mersey st.
2 Nicholson Joseph, Hargraves' buildings
Nuttall Geo. (to Thomas Rigby, Old Canal warehs.)24, Leedsst.
2 O'Neill A. F.36, Manesty lane
2 Ormerod P. S. 19, Matthew at.
Owen John, (to trustees of the late Duke of Bridgewater,) 3, Duke's dock
Pearson Jas. (for woollen cloths) 3, Duke's place
Pemberton Wm. and Son. (to London traders) 3; Mersey et.
Percival Stanley, (to the British Copper Co.) 9, Union ct. Castle street
Perrin J. (forwarding) 8, Drury In.
1 Phillips Saml. 18, Stafford st..
2 Pooley Win. 16, Water st
1 Preston R: W. 2, RomilLy et.
2 Price Jas. Wm. b, Leeds et.
Quayle Mark,. (for isle of Man packets) 19, James st.
3 Rathbone, Brothers, and Co.
1, Cornhill, & 6, Gower st.
Redish Joseph, jun. (salt) 14, Nova Scotia
3 Richards Thos. 51, Mersey st.
Richardson John, (to Greenock & Isle of Man steam packets) 17, Water st.
4 Rigg Brothers,33,N. sd.Old dk.
Rimmer John Wm. and Co. (to Rhydland traders) 10, E. side Dry dock
4 Rimmer John, 27, Clare st.
1 Robinson Thos. and Co. 12, Hanover st.
2 Robinson Jph. 18, Redcross st.
1 Ronald Rt. W. 17; Matthew st.
I Salter Thos. 2, Rumford st.
2 Seddon Wm. 30, Water st
Sharp James and John, (to Limerick traders) 31, Pool lane
2 Skerratt John & Sons, (commission) 27, John st
Smith John, (crown glass) 59, Vernon st.
Stewart Wm. (to Dublin & Belfast steam packets) 25, Redcross street
Sudlow Rd. (to Leeds & Liverpool coal Co.) 43, Plumbe st.
2 Swainston John, (to London & Bristol traders) 14, Hanoverst.
Sydebotham and Jenkins, (to Londonderry traders) as North end Dry dock
Taylor Henry, (to the patentees of the oil gas apparatus) 64, Seel street
Taylor Samuel, (to Williams,
Grenfell, and Co. copper merchants) 14, Cornhill
1 Tennant & Miller, 29, North side Old dock
2 Thomas Rt. 69, S. side Old dk.
3 Thomas John,35,E.end Olddk.
Thomson James T. (to Mersey Co. of carters) 10, Brooks sq.
2 Thomson and Menzies, 18, Water st.
1 Thomson John & Robert, (& agents to Dumfries traders) Bold's yard, Strand st
Timmins G. H. 45,Hardngtonst.
2 Tinley & Holt, 3, Duke et.
3 Unsworth Giles G. 45, King st.
1 Urmston Robert, Union court
1 Vienna & Jones,51,Atherton st.
1 Walker and Williams, 15A, Great Charlotte st.
Watson Bingley, (to mfrs. for the sale of blankets, carpets, and moreens, 74, Church st
1 Weetman James, 9,Paradisest.
1 Webster and Hardwick, (and Scotch factors) 20,Brunswlck st
2 Webster Brothers, 21, E. side Salths. dock, & 10, Ansdell at,
1, 2, 3, Welch and Hudson, 3, Wellington buildings
1, 2, Whittaker Charles, 8, Wolstenholme square
2 Winder John, 64, Hanover st
3 Wolstenholme Wm. L. French buildings


Those marked 1, are Ale and Porter Merchants, the others Porter Merchants only.
1 Adlard Charles, 15, Salths. In.
1 Alanson and Brandreth, 20, Exchange buildings
1 Anderson and Garven, 40, Bridgewater st.
1 Anstice J. B. and Co. 3, Salthouse dock gates
Armstrong David, 2, Tower gdn.
Ashbumer T. S. and Co. 24, East side Salthouse dock
Bancroft Edward, 11, King st.
1 Barnes & Tucker, 22, E. side Dry dock
1 Barton John and Co. 33, Bevington bush
1 Bennett & Burd, 6, L. Castle st.
Blackburn Rd. 15, College lane
Bond N. C. 26, Gt. Crosshall st
Boultbee Edward, 26, King st.
1 Brown Thomas, 5, New quay
Byrne Geo. 44, Hanover st
Cargey Rt. & Co. 2, Salths. lane
Carruthers Thomas J. 28, North side Old dock
Clarke and Falcon, 5, Wapping
Crosbie & Chetwode, 74, Seel st.
1 Crump & Waln, 21, Fenwick st.
1 Davies John, 26, Argyle st.
1 Evans Rt. 23, E. sd. Salths. dk.
1 Fernyhough Rd. 24, King st.
1 Fisher and Robinson, 72, S. side Old dock
1 Fogg Ralph and Co. I, Campbell st and 1, Duke's place
1 Forsyth Wm. G. 3, Union ct. Castle st
1 Fox John, 6, Molyneux place
I Greaves & Prescot, 9, Harrington street
1 Hallwood Thos. 25, Gilbert st.
1 Haselden J. & W. 3, Salthouse dock gates
Henderson & Ecketsley, Commercial buildings
1 Higson W. 71, S. side Old dock
Holden & Howard,65,Church st.
Hope P. & Co. 18, Upr.Fredk. st
Jones & Owen, 56, Harrington st
1 Langshaw SamL 12, Trafford's lane
1 Langton Wm. & Thos. & Co. 5, King st.
1 Leicester Oswald and Co. 52, Hanover at.
1 Lenox Geo. 23, Parr st.
Lloyd Robert, 65, Strand st.
Lockett John, 42, East end Old dock, and 24, Henry st.
1 Lyon & Greenall, 29, Northampton st. (agt. H. Brotherton)
1 Malker Isaac, 62, South side Old dock
Martindale Nicholas,25,Peter In.
M'Minn Geo. 13, E. side Dry dk.
1 Murta J. A. 2, Rainford sq.
1 Nevitt Joseph, 9, Castle st.
1 Orme and Harrison, 52, Hunter street
Paget&Walker,38,Brunswick st.
Peacopp Thos. A. 7, Paradise st.
Porter W. F. 18A. Salthouse dock piazzas
1 Preston Rd. W. & Co. 2, Romilly court
Queen Chas. & Co. 156, Park In.
Rigmaiden Henry, 11, Cable st.
Roper & Troughton,57, Cable st.
1 Salisbury Samuel, 27, Cook st.
Sandbach John, 39, Hunter st
Slinger John, 1, Duke st.
1 Smith John & Co. 3, Bird st.
Smith Wm. Alexander, 13, Duke street
Strickland Rd. 20, Water st.
1 Storey Thomas and Co. 11, Williamson square
1 Swainson E. & T. 2, Rumford street
1 Tillie Wm. 5 & 73, Cable st.
Tyrer Thomas, 7, Epworth st
1 Tyrer, Hodgson, & Co. 53, King st.
I Walker & Everard, 19, Wapping, and 22, Tabley st.
Wharrie Joseph and Co. 31, N. side Old dock
Williamson James, 36, E. side Salthouse dock
Williamson Rt. & Co. 62, Hanover street
1 Wilson Geo. 30, Water st.
1 Woodville Isaac, 68, Bold at and 68, Wood st.


Clay & Musgrove, 27, Parliament st & 14, Moor st
Dovey Wm. 15, North end Salthouse dock
Harrison R. & N. 6, Ansdell st.
Hatton Jas. 1, 2, & 54, Mersey st.
Humble and Hurry, 8, Trentham street
Mead, Acraman, and Co. 12 and 13, Water st.
Molyneux Thomas C. & J. C. 5, Orford st
Norris Philip, 2, Lower Sparling street
Pearson Logan, & Co. 7, Corphill, and 22, New quay
Pritt, Case, and Butler, 41,
Wapping, and 10, Goree
Roscoe & Wain, 17, Hanover st.
Russell R. and J. 1, Chaloner st.
Strong and Addison, 15, Trentham at. and 6, Sefton st.
Whittipgham and Gladstone, L Wapping, and 2, Bird st
Whittle it. & Co. 8, Charlotte st.
Winstanley Ann, 2, Murray pl.


*** See also Builders and Bricklayers.
Austin Henry, 2, Hawke st.
Bird John, 21, Kensington
Byrom Wm. 56, Bold st.
Casson J. W. 8, Gt. Newton st.
Cope Benj. 10, Scotland road
Eyes Edward, 36, Bold st.
Foster John & Co. 27, Lawton st.
Franceys Samuel, 62, London rd.
Franklin Joseph, 2, Fraser st.
Gardner Rd. Gt. George st
Holt Edmund, 5,Gt. Charlotte st.
Irving James, 14, Trowbridge pl.
Longworth Jas.l, May p1.May st.
Owen M. &Son, 70, B ridge water s t.
Potts Wm. 227, Vauxhall road
Rowland Samuel, 50, Duke st.
Sherwood Wm. S. 14, Lime st.
Slater J ohn, 16, Seel st.
Stewart Daniel and Son, 28,
Warren st.


Browne Geo. 4, Mount pleasant
Kelly Jane, 3, Prescot st
Marchese Lewis, 1, Richmond st.
Mosley Joseph, 5, Edgar st
Passeray Alexander. 114, New
Scotland road


Those marked thus * are also Notaries Public.
Antrobus John, 6, Wellington buildings
Ascroft Edw. 6, Virgil st.
Atherton Robert, Globe chambers, John st
*Atkinson David F. 43, School lane
*Avison Thomas, (& commissioner for taking affidavits in Ireland) 20, Hanover at.
Bardswell & Son, 2, Romilly ct.
Bird Charles, 21, Castle ditch
Blackstock & Cheyne, 7, Water street
*Brabner Samuel, Blundell ct. Fenwick st.
*Brooke Rd. jun. 38, Brunswick street
•Brown John, jun. 2, Exchange at East
*Bulmer Geo. 1135, Sweeting st
Burnie Jph. 64, Vernon st.
Cartwright T. E. 1, Marshall at.
Clare John, 21, Chorley st.
Clements John, Joseph's buildings, Sweeting st.
Cooban John, 105, St James' st.
Cost John, 2, Basnett st.
Crewe James, 6, Jubilee buildings, Lord st.
Crump John G.3,OId Church yd.
*Daggers Wm. 52, Hanover st.
Daltera Joseph, 6, Brooks sq.
Danson Wm. 6, Cases st.
Davenport Thomas, Orrell pl. Lord at.
Davenport Wm. 31, King st.
Davies John, 2, Drury lane
Dawson Joseph, (and commis-
sioner for taking Irish affidavits) 5, Temple court
Deane Edw. G. 3, Exchange ct.
Denison Henry, Bank buildings
Docker & Hindle,27,Castle ditch
Eden John, 8, Leigh st.
Ellis Benj. 3, Hi;., st.
Finlow Rd. 1, Molyneux place
*Fitchet J. C. 45, King st.
*Follett Geo. 5, Brooks square
*Forrest Alex. 7, Church alley
Foster John, 7, Exchange st. E.
*French Rd. 10, Water st.
Frodsham Rt. 57, King st
Gandy Wm. J. Lord st. chambers
Garnett John, 1, Campbell st. Duke st.
Gleadah W.H.56,Gt.Crosshall st.
Green Wm. 2, Cleveland square
Gregory Wm. 28, Basnett st•
Grocott John C. 12, Exchange street, East
*Gunnery J. 39, E. end Old dk.
Hamilton Wm. 8, Horatio st.
Harvey Thos. 1, Brunswick st
Hinde John, 4, St. Paul's sq.
*Hinde Wm. (and conveyancer) 8, Marshall st.
Hodgson John, 11, Marshall at *Houghton Thos 1. Statham's buildings
Hughes Thomas, 12, Exchange, street, East
Hutchinson Wm. 5, Erskine st.
Jackson Robert, 20, Water at
Jones Richd. J. 2, liiiolyneux pl.
Keightley & Son, 42, Hanover st.
Kendrick Wm. B. 6, Statham's buildings
Kewley Geo. 7, Chapel place, Erskine st.
*Kidd John, 9, Manes& lane
*Lace, Miller, and Lace, 6, Union court, castle st
*Lacon Joseph, 37, Water st
Leather Peter, 4, Statham's buildings
Leicester Thomas, Druid court
*Leigh & Son, 19, Basnett st.
*Livesey Edmd.W. 10, Tyrer at.
Lodge Thomas, 1, Romilly et.
Lowe Saml. 12, Exchange st. E.
Lowndes Matthew D. 14, Lower Castle st.
*Lucas Henry, 10, King st.
Massey Thos. Geo. 40, Water st.
Mawdsley Thos. W. 5, Doran In.
Miles Birch, 1, Lancelot's hey
Morecroft and Fowler, 31, Church street
Murrow Jas. 5, Statham's bldgs.
Murrow Thos. 2, Post office pl.
Norris John, 5, Paradise st.
Norris Robert, 2, Dale st.
North John, 36, Upr. Islington
Orme Joseph, 11, Leigh st.
Orred, Lowe & Hurry, 4, Exchange alley
Parkinson Rt.1,Lord ct. Lord st.
*Parr& Son, 34, Drury lane
Paterson John, 2, L. Castle st.
Peacock John, Statham's bldgs.
Penington Hy. 12, Church alley
*Penington John, 20,Fenwick st.
Phillips Jas. Commerce ct.
Prest & Kaye, 7, Fenwick st.
Pritt G. A. 28, Water st.
Radcliffe & Duncan, 2, Exchange st. W.
Ramsbottom & Hutchinson, 33, Drury lane
Ridley John, 1, Wellington bdgs.
*Ripley Geo. 135, Duke at.
Robinson John, 19, Tarleton st.
Rowe Geo. 62, Wood st.
Rowlinson Chas. 54, Oldhall st. & 67, Castle st.
Rowlinson Fredk. 27, Water st.
Rycroft Philip I.9,Molyneux pl.
Salisbury T. 61, Harrington st.
Sanders John, 14, Chapel place, Erskine at.
Shackleton, Wright, & Hunter, 35, Brunswick st.
Statham & Foster, 8, Exchange alley
Steel Joseph, 9, Exchange alley
Swindon Geo. 8, Temple st
Taylor Mw. Bank buildings
*Thompson Wm. 2, High st.
Thompson John E. 3, Exchange court
Topham & Son, (4, Castle at.
Toulmin Thos. 56, Park lane
Walker Henry B. 4, Union ct. Castle M.
Ward Henry, 189, Dale at.
Watson Jas. O.67, Castle at.
Whitehead Roger, 67, Castle st
*Whitley & Hoskins, 15, Exchange buildings
*Whitley & Makin, 14, Leigh st.
Williams John, 1, Union court, Castle st.
WIlliamson & Son, 1, Bruwick at.
Wilson Thos. 49; Coinwallis st.
Winstanley Saml H. 3, Tithebarn at.
Woods Peter, 20, Lord st.
Yates John, 7, Jubilee buildings, Lord at.

Banner Harmood, commissioner for special bail, Commerce st. Lord st.


Branch & Son, (& carpet, and furniture warehouse, 50, Hanover st.
Chester Chas. 1, Commerce ct. Lord street
Coglan Thos. 84, Lord st
Coohan Wm. 1, St. James' st
Fairhurst Michael, 2, Webster st. Everton
Gillaird James, 41, London road
Green Thos. 19 & 20, Lime st
Healing Thos. 11, Williasnsonaq.
Rime Maurice, 7, Bold st.
Jones David, 25, Ranelagh st.
Kewley Wm. 1, Gt. Charlotte at & 23, Basnett st
Kirkman John, 162, Dale at
Lane Thos. 17, Rainford garden
Linstead Jas. 12, Richmond st.
M iKenaie, Geo. 3, Norfolk st
M`Lean James, 4, Deane st
Moile Thos. 24, Whitechapel
O;DonnelJohn, 8, Scotland rd.
Pickton Wm. 16, Leeds et
Rgill9YJohn, (books) 58, Harrington st.
Slpith Samuel, 19, Lord St.
Spice Wm. 3, Gregory place, Gerard st.
Syers Wm. 18, Mansfield at.
Taylor & Pinpiggton, 31, Church street
Trottgr & Son, 57, Whitechapel
Troughear Jahn, 33, Marlborough st.
T unstill John, 29,SjrThes'.bdgs.
Watts James, 40, Paradise at
White Wm. 8, Berry st.
Winstanley & Son, 1, Parker st


*** See also Flour Dealers, and Provision Merchants. & Dealers.
Aldersey Wm. 54, Whitechapel, 27, Leigh st and 26, Williamson street
Armstrong Rt 7, Parker st
Ball John L. 59, Pool lane
Blundell Geo. 16, Fenwick st
Blundell James, Blundell court, Fenwick st.
Clay Robert, 18, Scotland pl.
Clint John & Co. 64, S. side Old dock
Coleman Robert, 54, Cable st.
Cooke Wm. 8F & 98, Upper Islington
Currie Jas. 2A, Sparling st.
Dean James, 22, Bridport st.
Dickenson Thos. 12, Park road
Dobie James, 5, Price st.
Dutton Thos. 44, St. James' at.
Eaves John & Co.8, Roberts st. N.
Fallon Wm. 25 & 26, Cropper st.
Gardiner Henry, 32, Wapping
Gibson Thos. jun. 5, Salths. ln.
Gorst Saml. Je Son, 11, Crooked lane, & 9, Bird st.
Grace Robert, St. James' pl.
Griffiths Thos. 44, Byrom st.
Hale Thomas, Low hill
Harrison T. R. 47, Crosbie st
Harrison Thos. 10, Wapping
Hastie David, 67, Cable st and 64, St. John's market
HastIe Thos. 10, Cheapside
Heaton John, 70, Oldhall at.
Heyes Edw. 16, Richmond st.
Hickson John, 14, Highfield st.
Hogarth John, 1, Blake st.
Hogg Jacob, Porter st
Holmes John, 61, Cheapside
Hume Wm. 17, Clayton st.
Humphreys Thos. 77, Vauxhall road
Innes John, 104, Mt. pleasant
Jones Francis L. 95, Park ln.
Jones James, 77, Marybone
Jones John, 65, Byrom st
Jones Robert, 14, Fenwick st.
Jump Henry, 48, Highfield st.
Keef Cornelius, 4, Park lane
Lewis John, 25, Greetham at
Lewis Wm. 10, Preston st
Marsh Thos. 131, Duke st
Mawdsley Robert, 42, Ray at.
M`Carter Wm. 6, A ssdell st & 49, Strand st
Middlehurst Thos. 49, Tithebarn st
Moffit John, 49, Cumberland at.
Mott Benj. 34, Addison at.
Munro Thos. 113, St. James' st.
Parsonage John, 13, Vernon at.
Perry Wm. 40, Gt. Geqrge st.
Peyton Wm. 24, Vauxhall road
Power Rd. 105, New Scotland rd.
Price Thos. 11, Cocl<spur st
Price Thos. 15, Whitechapel
Pye Cuthbert, 43, Vauxhall rd.
Banns Geo. 19, Simpson st.
Richmond John, I, Birkett st. Soho
Roose Thos. 64, Cable at
Scarisbrick Henry, 2, Bakehouse ct. Fleet at
Scott yank 40 & 41, Mersey at.
Scottnthn. 57, Strand st.
Simcock Philip, 38, Shaw alley
Simcock Wm. 2, Sparling at.
Smith Andw. 62, Tithebarn st.
Smith Hannah, 103, St.James' st.
Smith Jas. 39, Redcross st. & 2, Atherton st:
Smith John, 27. Copperas hill
Stanley Wm. 17, Worfield at.
Stephens Thos. 23, Rederossst.
Stubbs Jas. 76, Paradise at.
Taylor John & Wm. 90, White. chapel
Tristram Thos. 3, Hill st. E.
Webster Thos. 78, Pitt st.
Weems Ebena. 36, Cable st.
Whittle Thos. 80, London road
Willacy Jas. 80, Park lane, and 5, Berry at.
Williams Henry, 7, Liver st.
Williams SamL 21, Pownall sq.
Williams Wm. 19, oldhall at.
Wilson J. & G. 70, Byrom st & 62, St. John's market
Woodward Sand. 129, Dale st
Worrall Jonathan, jun. 21, Cotter street
Worthington Agnes, 29, Tarleton at.
Worthington Rd. 18, Edmund at
Wright Rt 10, Peter st.


Aspinall Jas. (on Frys & Chapman') 61, Harrington at
Hadwen Jph. (on Barclay, Tritton & Co.) 2, Church st
Heywood Arthur, Sons & Co. (on Denison & Ce.) 5, Brunswick street
Hope SamL & Co. (on Sir R. Carr, Glyn & Co.) 4, Water st.
Leyland & Sullins, (on masterman, Peters & Co.) 8 and 9, KiIA st.
Lowrie, Roscoe, (Sr Wardell, (on Jones, Loyd, & Co.) 4, Dale M.
Moss, Rogers, & Moss, (on Barclay, Tritton, & Co.) 187 and 188, Dale at

*** See Carvers di Gilders.


Bartley Thos. H. 12, Exchange street, E.
Brandreth Thos. S.65, Rodney st.
Carr Rt. L. 54, Mt. Pleasant
Cobham Hy. 16, St. Anne st.
Hall Thos. J. 55,Gt. Geo. st.
Lawrence Hy. 24, Rodney st
Raincock P 77, Rodney st.
Venables L. J. 5, Colquitt st


Marked thus * are also Hamper Makers.
Bouskell Saml. 30, Hurst st.
*Brady John, 59, Wapping
*Cassidy Alex. 22, Crooked In.
*Devlin Henry, 38, E. end Old dock
Leatherbarrow Hesketh, 31, Byrom at.
Ottiguon S. (French fancy) Paradise clambers
*Pantridge Isaac, 32, N. side Old dock
Perrea Rd. 12, Hood at.
Russell John, 22, Moor at.
Swift Rd. jun. 6, Shaw's brow
Walker Geo. 21, Cleveland sq.
Walpole Thos. 6, Murray st.
Walsh T. E. & A. jun. 8, Preeson's row
Wilkinson Jph. 2, Bridport st.


***See also Veterinary Surgeons.
Abevan Wm. Hole in the wall,
Salthouse dock gates
Alcock Philip, 4, Derby st.
Allwood Jas. 10, Shaw's brow
Ashcroft Thos. 19, Bevington bush road
Atherton Rt. 10, Tabley at.
Barnes Thos. 60, Shaw's brow
Beauchop & Jones, 7, Parr st.
Bellis Rt. 7, Charles st.
Chandler Jas. (& locksmith), 34, Dale at.
Christopherson E. 20, Wapping
Darbyshire Thos. 10, Rigby st.
Evans David, (coach smith,) 24,
Bridport st.
Evans Roger, Marsden pis Pontack lane
Evans Thos. 93, Fontenoy st.
Flannery John, 2, Lime at. and Mitchell place
Fletcher John, 71, Whitechapel
Gaskell Wm. & Co. 13, E. side Queen's dock
Glover Jas. 32, Cavendish at.
Goode Rt. 3, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Griffiths John & Son, 4, Brooks street
Hayes Bernard, 68, Sawney Pope street
Hooton Thos. 10, Hawke st.
Johnson Wm. 30. Bevington hill
Jones Chas. (farrier), Roebuck yard, Cheapside
Jones John & Son, 5, Hackin's hey
Jones John, 51, John st.
Kemp & Pedder, 7, Barton lat.
Kennedy Rt. 42, Jordan st.
Lawton Jas. 22, Stanley st.
Martlew Wm. (farrier,) 6,Key at.
Mercer Thos. Johnston place, Park road
Mounsey Jph. 41, Sparling st.
Myers Jas 19, Parliament at.
Parkinson Martin, 4, Great Howard st.
Plckford David, 64, Grafton at.
Rainford Thos. Everton village
Rawlinson Thos. 53, Hanvr. st.
Rea Saml. 9, M'Viecar st.
Richardson P. 2, Parliament st.
Robinson Thos. 13, Hatton gdn.
Smeatham J. & R. 93, London road
Smeatham John, Coal at.
Smeatham Thos. 30, Bk. Bridport at.
Stanley Edw. & Son, 25, Kitchen at.
Taylor Thos. 74, Tithebarn st.
Thompson Rt. 35, Circus at.
Tudor ltd. 36, Mason st. Wappg.
Turner Jas. 3, Blundell st.
Wainwright Jas. 16, Crump st.
Wareing W. & J. 20, Parhnt. st.
Waring Rt. Smithdown In.
Wilkes John, 59, Spatting ab
Williams Thos. 19, Upper Frederick st.
Wilson Rt. (farrier,) 51, John at.
Wrigley Rd. & Sons, 4, Milk st.
Wyke Wm. 3, Prussia at. & E. side canal bank


Blain Joseph, 62, Paradise at.
Levi Jacob, 8, Duke at.
Sewell Joseph, 140, Park lane


••• See also Shipbuilders and Shipwright,.
Baitson Thee. 41, Jordan at.
Bland & Chaloner, 5, Baffin st.
Christian Matthias, 52, Mersey street
Corkill John, 9, Bath at.
Dawson & Pearson, Queen Anne street, S.
Dean Thos. 41, Waterloo road
Denton John, 145, Park In.
Ellison John, 26, Mason street, Wapping
Grayson & Leadley, 33, E. side
Salths. dk. & 4, Trentham at.
Humble &Ilurry,8, Trentham st.
Hutchinson Jas. 42, Bridgewater st,
Jameses & Seddon, Queen Anne at. South
Jones Peter, 24, Hurst at.
Lomax & Wllson, 12, Comhlll
Moffitt Jas. 61, Sparling at.
Rathbone Jas. 14, Trentham at.
Russell R. & J. 1, Chaloner at. & 14, New quay
Quirk Wm. 39, Blundell at.
Simpson & Co. 10, Cornhill
Simpson Dinah, 13, Cornhill
Smith C. & J. corner of Baffin at. S. side Queen's dock basin
Vertue Timy. Canal graving dk.
Wilson John, Queen Anne at. S.


••• See also Book..ellers.
Armstrong Wm. 31, King at.
Fazakerley Thos. 2, Devonshire place, Clayton st.
Fletcher John, 16, George st.
Frye Bartholomew, 34, Clare st.
Gale Philip, 16, John st.
Howell Wm. 44, Highfield at.
Hughes John, 11, Marshall at.
Jones John, jun..4, Temple lane
Perry and Metcalf, Lord street chambers
Sankey Sand. H. 12, Renshaw at.
Simcock Esther, 36, Highfield st.
Stanley Rt. (& working stationer) 4, George ct. Fontenoy sts
Stewart Rt. S. 20, Temple st.
Studdart Amos, 36, Great Crosshall st.
Sutton Geo. 13, Paradise st.
Tomlinson Jas. 5, Harrington sG
Wahnsley Joshua, I,W hiteheed's court, Lord st.
Wright Wm. & Son, (& paper rulers) 26, Sweeting st.


Those marked
1, are dealers in new books;
2, in second hand and old books;
3, Stationers;
4, Letter Press Printers;
5, hare Circulating Libraries;
6, are Engravers &. Copperplate Printers;
7, are Bookbinders;
8, Navigation Stationers;
9, Periodical Publishers.
Armstrong Wm. (pamphlets and children's books) 30, Bansatre street
1, 3, 5, Bickersteth Henry, 4, Byrom O.
3 Bushell & Groom, 89, Lord st.
8 Bywater J. & Co. 18, Pool In.
2, 5, Chalinor Thos. Sir Thomas' buildings
2 Copple Jas. jun. (& oil paint..Tugs & prints) 78, Bold st.
2 Crank Joseph, 11, Lord st.
1, 3, 4, Cruickshank George, 65, Castle M.,
2 Davies John, (and prints) 81, Whitechapel
1, 3, 7, Dean & Parkinson, 23, Castle ditch
2, 7, Dilworth Robt 28, Shaw's brow
1, 3, 7, Evans, Chegwln, & Hall, 15, Castle st.
2 Ford Jas. 70, Whitechapel
3, 4, 7, Forshaw Wm. 5, Dale et.
3, 4, 8, Foster John & Co. 21, Wappmg
1, 3, 7, Freer Wm. 36, Byrom at.
1 Gillow Ann, (Catholic) 59, Gt. Crosshall si.
1, 3, 4, Gore Johnson, 70, Castle st.
1, 3, 7, Grapel W m.60, Church at.
2 Gray Chas. 16, Paradise at.
3 Gregory Jph. 9, Cooper's row
3, 4, Harris G. F. Widow and Brothers, 42, Water st.
3 Hime & Son, 56, Castle at.
1, 3. Houghton sad Rossiter, '9, Dale st.
5 Johnson Teresa, I, Stanhope st.
8 Jones Thos. 4, Harrington st.
9 Jones Thos. (to Fisher, London) 44, Clayton at.
1. 3, 4, Kaye Thos 45, Castle st
9 Kinder Fenwick, 30, Clue at.
2 Kirby Henry, 47, Shaw's brow
9, Leigh Geo. (to Kelly, London) 17, St. Vincent at East
1, 3, 5, Lombe W. H. 37, Lhne st.
S.Loogton Edw. 141, Park In.
1, 3, 5, Lowthian Frances, 3, Gt. George place
1, 3, 4, 7, Marples Osvld, & agi for the Sunday School Union, & Religious Tract Society, &c. 69, Circus st
St Martin Wm. 8, Parker at.
1, 3, E, Milburn Isabella, 7, Pool bane
1, 3, Mnncaater Thorns, 29, Church st.
2 Myers John, 73, Tithebarn at.
1, 3, Nevett Joseph and Co. 9, . Cantle at.
1, 2, Newton Thomas, 52, Paradise at
1, 3, 5, Ormandy John, (aubdis. of stamps) 57, Lord at.
1 Reilley John, 58, Harrington
1, 3, 7, Robinson G. & J. 59, Castle at.
2, 7, Santley Wm. 10, Church alley
1, 3, Smith Chas. 8a, Paradise st.
1, 9, Smith Thos. 13, Paradise st.
I, 3, Smith Mary, 28, Richmond row
3, 8, Steele John, 8, Duke's pl.
1, 3, Sutton Rt. 8, Paradise st.
2 Swift J. W. 122, Whitechapel
1, 3, 4, Taylor John, 24; Baneiagh at
1, 3, 7, Taylor Rd. 1, Paradiaeat
1, 3, 4, Taylor Than 47, Castle st.
1, 3, 4, Wales Wm. a< Co. (and map sellers) 68, Castle at
6, 8, Walker J. & A. 33, Pool In.
1, 3, 5, Warbrick Rd. (English & Foreign sub. lib) 28, Lime at.
5 WIllan Edw. & Co. 28, Bold at.
1. 9, 7, Willan Edward, jun. 75, Bold at.
l, 3, 4. WWmer Edw. & Co. 25, Lord it.
1 Witherspoon Wm. (theological) 58, lord at.
I, 3, 4, Wood Geo. 12, Price st.


*** See also Shoe Warehouses.
Allanson Edw. 12, GL Croeshallat
Alterton Rd. 30, Milton at
Amson Sarni. 21, Kent st.
Asbery Js. 15 RenshaW st.
Avertf Wm. 28, Thtnlow st.
Bury Thos. 17, or. Rkhmood st
Baynes John, 29, St. James' at.
Beckett Rd. 11, Byrom r'.
Bell John, (ladles') 50, Coronas hill
Bell Sand. 20, Gt. Richmond at.
Bennett Sarah, 57, Tithebarn at
Best Daniel, 6, Gloucester at.
Blew Jas. 67, Blundell st.
Bond Edw. 71, Hanover at.
Bonsell Geo, 4, Jackson at
Brettell John, 5, Nelson st St James'
Bruce Geo. 57, Copperas hill
Burrows Jpb. 107, St. James' st.
Bynon Wm. 117, N. Scotland rd.
Cartwright Edw. 13, Heath at. Orwell Rd. 98, Park lane
Chamberlain John, 42, Church at.
Coldwell John, 11, Duke at.
Collingham Jas 35, Great Crosshall st.
Collins Jas 10, Denison 4t.
Cookson Thos. 37, Paradise at
Cowen John, 12, Williamson st.
Cragg Henry, 1, St. John's place
Crompton Wm. 140, New Scotland road
Cronin Timy. 33, Bridgewater st.
Cullen John, 72, Paradise at
Dale Isaac, 15, Bevington bush road
Davies John, 25, Mersey st.
Davies John, 64, Byrom st.
Davies Rt. 53, Circus at
Davies Wm. 64, Brownlow hill
Dennis Robt. (ladles') 66, Christian at.
Devitt Patrick, 78, Paradise st.
DodgaonAnn, (ladies') 43, Lord et
Draper Thomas, (ladles') 17, Church at.
Draper Wm. 87, Dale at.
Dutton Joseph, 12, Roe st.
Dutton Thomas, 141, New Scotland road
Edens h Groom, 11, Castle at
Edwards Geo. 45, Bedford at.
Emery George, 14, Hurst st
Evans Charles, 12, Queen sq.
Findlay & Hatton, 44, Paradise street
Fitzgibbon Rt. 8, Cases st.
Fraser Henry, 14, Cable at
Frost John, 51, London road
Galt Alex. 91, London road
Gerard Wm. 22, Church at.
Gibson Dunbar, 43, Hansa ..
GilleapIe Anty. 15, Pownall q. and 1, New market place
Glover John, 37, Cornwallis et
Gordon Wm. 54, Crosshall st.
Graham Jonathan, 8, Upper Harrington st.
GraSSlMos 8, Shannon at.
Gratty Wen. 20, Church at.
Green Charles, 19, Edgar w
Green Wm. 50, Byrom at.
Griffiths GrIffith, 4, Conformed street
Guy Thos. 64, Lithe at.
Halton Rd. 31, London road
Hamilton Thos. 24, Addison at
Harrison Danl. 18, Richmond at.
Harrison Thos 27, Ben Jenson at.
Harrison That 44, Cable at.
Harsnett Samuel, (bout mfr.) 96 Paradise at.
Hartley John, 11, Clevebnd %-
Haswell T. d; Son, 73, Oldhall st.
Hawkins Wm. 10, James' at.
Haworth Matthew, 81, Bold at.
Haywood Thos. 79, Church st
Henderson Isaac, 17, Price at.
Herring J. er son, (ladia) 134. Duke at
Hindle John, Everton valley
Holden Jph. 27, Temple lane
Hope Geo. 17, S. Union at.
Hope Philip, 45, Whitechapel
Houlding Chas. 119, S Jame at.
Hover Elisha, 44, Prussia at
Hughes Rd. 14, Union st.
Hunter John, 87, Park lane
Ion Robert, It, copperas hill
Jackson Edward, 6, Fleet st.
Jackson John, 76, Dale st.
Jackson Thos A. 136, Data as.
Jared Geo. 1, Baltimore st.
Johnson Samuel, 50, Cheapside
Jones Daniel, 120, Tithebarn st.
Jones John, 73. Vauxhall road
Jones John, 20, Fleet at
Jones The.. 105, Whitechapel
Jones Wm. 26, Shaw's brow
Kearns Gerald, 13, Tithebarn at
Kerwan Chpr. 5, Circus at
Kilshaw Thos. 123, Park lane
Lake Henry, 7, Marshall at
Lawton Chas. 108, Tithebarn at.
Lee George, Everton village ,
LeeThct.(radius.) 21, Bridport st
Lee Wm. (ladles') 8, Pleasant at
Lewin John, 4, Edmund at
Lindon Ann, 22, Castle at and 142, Dale at
Lloyd John, 1, White mill at.
Lloyd Wm. 40, Maguire at
Lovelady Thos 54, Circus at
Maddrell John, 15, North alla Old dock
Maguire Rd. Lr. narrtngton st.
Maitland Joseph, 4, Oldham at
Manly Cornelius; 48, Pool lane
Marshall h Knight, 72, Church street
Martiq James, 66, Cable at
M'Cabe Jas. 74, Sparling at.
M'Canh Mary, 8, Rainford gdn.
Metcalf Christr, 33, Mersey st.
Metcalf John, 9, St James' st,
Millet Nathaniel, 76. Norfolk st.
Mitchell Andrew, 33, Clayton at.
Mitchell Elizabeth, 50, Wapping
Morgan John, 27, Castle ditch
Morgan' W m. 24, Pitt st.
Morns John, 28, Brownlow hill
Moss Moses, 1, Gt. George st.
Moulson Manlove, 84, Great Crosshall st.
Naylor Rt. 22, Richmond fair
O'Neill Thos. 31, Redcross st.
Orange John, 60, Whitechapel
Orange Wm. 4,, Springfield st.
Owen Charles, 11, London road
Parr John, 6, Skelhorne st.
Parral John, Park court, Ogden's weint
Perri Edward, 41, Lime st
Potts Wm. I, St. Anne st
Powell James, 83, Paradise st
Phillips Lawrence, 80, Byrom st
Phythian Ptr. W. 1,01d Haymkt
Price John, 8, Dryden st
Quigley Peter, 55, Paradise at.
Quilliam Rt. 8, Gt. Crosshall st
Ratcliffe Geo. 30, Shaw's brow
Rigby John, 29, Trowbridge st.
Rigby Peter, 144, Park lane
Roberts David, 86, Oldhall st.
Roberts Eliz. 99, Brownlow hlll,
Robinson Ann, 23A, Tarleton at
Robinson Jas. 14, Greenland st.
Robinson John, 125, Whitechpl.
Robson Geo. 118, Tithebarn st
Rogers Stephen, 32, Lord at.
Ross Si Poole, 23, Lord st
Roughsedge & Mason, 12, Berry street
Rubrook Wm. 18, Concert st.
Sanders Joseph, 24, Scotland pl.
Scaiforough John, 5, London rd.
Seddon Thos. 37, Park lane
Simms Wen. 141, N. Scotland rd.
Sims Jas. 216, Vauxhall road
Simpson Thos. 38, Rose place
Skillin Andrew, 31, Gerard st.
Sloan Jas 11, Salthouse lane
Smith J. S. 3, Cases st.
Smith Thos. 38, St. James' st.
Smyth George, 81, London road
Spencer Thos 104, London road
Statham John, 24, Williamson st.
Sumner Geo. 17, Basnett st
Taylor John, 62, Renshaw st.
Thomas Wm. 4, Atkinson st.
Thorp Edw. 139, Duke st.
Topping Jas. 21, Water st & 36, Wapping
Toulmin Thos 98, Whitechapel
Turner John, St. James' place
Turner Thos. 11, Whitechapel
Walsh Robert, 58, Dale st
Ward Wm. 102, St. James' at
Watson John, 7, Richmond row
Waugh & Son, 87, Lord st.
Webster Thos. 20, School lane
Whalton Henry, 1, Myrtle st
White Hugh, 2, Tyres court, Clayton st
White John, 26, Trueman at.
Whittingham John, 52, Rent shaw st.
Williams Edw. 2, Edmund at.
Williams Jane, 59, Lord st.
Williams Saml. 40, Edmund st.
Williams Win. 5, St. Paul's sq.
Wilson Rd. 107, Park lane
Winstanley Wm. 14 and 15, Parker st.
Wood Samuel, 4, Church alley
Woodburn Thos. 39, Castle at and 84, Paradise st
Wynne Thos. 5, Ranelagh st
Young Robert, 24, Love lane


Elliott John, 11, Cherry lane
Scott SamL23, Gt. Richmond st.


See also Iron Founders and Brazier',
Beard Samuel, 56, Thomas et
Broscow John, 14, Vauxhall road
Craven Thos. 16, Argyle st.
Leishman & Welsh, 20, Redcross street
Owen Rd. M. 44, Parliament st.
Sutherland John, (& pewterer) 26, Union st.
Thompson J. & Son, 10, Atherton st
Webster & Forshaw, 46, King 4t
Yates John, 64, Christian st


Those marked
1, are Braziers;
2, Coppersmiths;
3, Tinplate Workere.
Arnold Thos. 95, Fontenoy st.
1, 3, Ascroft John, 72 and 73, Bridgewater st.
1 Ball Thos. 30, James' at.
1, 3, Betteley Jph. 50, Pool In.
3 Borrows Thos. 39, Strand A.
1, 3, Bowman Jacob, 26, Brownlow hill
1, 3, Braithwaite & Dennison, 48, Ranelagh st
1, 3, Brown John, 74, Great Crosshall st.
1, 3, Brownentt Wm. 3, Bevington hill
2 Caton John, 30, Hatton gdn.
1, 3, Connor & Swan, 23, Park In.
1, 3, Cooper John, 33, John at.
I, 3, Cooper J. jun. 92, Park ln.
1, 3, Cooper W m.27, St. James' st.
1, 3, Cross James, jun. 93, St. James' st.
1, 3, Currey Cathn. 63, Hurst st.
1, 3, Dewhurst & Clarke, 24, Paradise st.
3 Dewson Benj. (Sr japanner) 40, St. Paul's square
1, 3, Duncan Rt. Ls, Wapping
5, 2, Elsten Peter, (andirust) 25, Scotland place
9, 3, Foster Henry, 15, Key st.
I, 2, 3, GlllJohn,109, New Scotland rd. & 18, Scotland rd.
3, Jones Thos. (& japanner) 8, Highfield at..
3 Kerry Rd. 35, N. Scotland rd.
1 King George, (&. pewterer) 6. Dale st.
L 3, Lace &Clarkson, 37, Jas% at..
2 Leishman & Welsh, (and pewterers) 20, Redcross st.
1, 3, Lloyd Walter, 37, Lancelot's hey
1, 3, Maguire Chas. 90. Brownlow hill
I, 3, Morrison Jas. Prospect st.
1, 3, Moss & Whalley, 70, Paradise st.
1, 3, Odare Wm. 22, Byrom at
1, 3, Parry Wm. 24, London rd.
I, 3, Price Jonathan, 44, Ranelagh st.
3 Rhodes Jas. 45, Pitt st.
1, 3, Robinson Geo. 48, Dale st.
1, 2, Spencer John, Routh court, Thomas st.
1, 3, Stirzaker Thos. (& lamp mfr.) 74, Lord 6t
1, 3, Storey Wm. 65, Lime at.
2 Sutherland John, 26,Uolon at.
3 Thurston Henry, 42A, London road
1, 2, 3, Twist Joseph, (& pewterer) 24, E. side Dry dock
1, 3, Walmsley This. 19, cable et.
1, 3, Watson George, 101, St. James' at.
1 WestTnore Rt. 92, Dale st.


Aclsers J. & J. 231, Vauxhall rd.
Aflteck Thos. 14, Harrington at.
Ainslie Philip B. 86, Leeds st
Ainsworth John, 27, Hurst st
Aldersey John, 2, Aldersey st.
Anderton Henry, 44, Richmondrow
Appleby Joseph, Canning st.
Bagnold & O'Donnell, 8, Ellenborough st.
Baker, Howard, & Co. Eldon st.
Banks Jonathan, 7, Burgess st.
Beaumont & Downing, 9, E.side
Dry dock, & 64, Strand st
Bent & Lunt, 49, Johnson at.
Berey & Manby, 17, Geo. at
Bray & Co. 1, Primrose hill
Brown & Marshall, 26, Dale Me
Bullen Hugh, & Co. 42, Bachelor st.
Clarke Rd. Y. 20, Tarleton at.
Clements Charles, 29, Queen st. Oldhall st.
Cooke John, 21, Bevington bush
Cooke Wm. 36, Hodson st. & 50, Byrom st.
Cooper Ebenz. S. 15, Milton st.
Copeland Wm. 79, Marybone
Crompton Peter, 50, Scotland rd.
Crook Jeremiah, 14, Upper Frederick st.
Gee Rd. D. 6, Gt. Richmond st.
Gladstone & Paton, 10, Seel st.
Hampson Rt22, Fontenoy st.
Hargreaves W. A. 1, Dickston st
Harvey W. & E. 58, Cheapside
Head Henry, 47, Brick s±
Hindley Wm. (St Jas.' brewery) 54, Stanhope st
Hornby James, 3, Robert st. Byrom it.
Irving Jas 39, New Scotland
Johnson Geo. 8, 9, Sr 10, Pothouse lane
Johnson Rt. 10, Truman Ft.
Jones & Co. 10, Union st.
Jones Rt. 4, Feather st.
Jones John, 15, Milton st
Lewis Thos. 30, Robert at. Byrom at.
Lloyd S. W. 12, Phythlan st.
Lowry Thos. 13, Cunllffe st
Mulleneux, Lawrence, & Co. 20, St. James st
Nelson John, 42, Edmund st.
Newland John, 1, Canning st.
Newton John, 41, Bachelor at
Oldham John, 39, Seel st
Orme Henry, 50, Hunter st
Owen Griffith & Co. 26, Ray St.
Partly Stephen, 25A, Hurst st
Parker G. & J. (porter) 1, Rosehl.
Pearson F. & Co. 21, Upper Parliament st.
Petty Jas. 110, New Scotland rd.
Pierce M. P. 7A, St. James' st.
Quirk Wm. 17, Fleet it.
RedIsh Geo. & Co. 6, Great Nelson st. East
Reeves Joseph, 2, Comets rt.
Rowland John, 8, Oldhall st
Scholfield Jph. 42, Matthew st.
Shaw John, (Throste Nest) Walton
Sutton & Bitten, 33, Beviiigto*i Niel
Thistleton it. & Co. 1, Crosbie st
Trafford Thomas, 9, Gt. 'Chain ]Otte at
Ward Rd. 20 Er 21, Magiire st
Whitlow Wm. 15, Fleet st.
Willants & Parry, 25, Standish litreet
Woods Wm. jun. 8, Jervis at.
Wright Geo. 37, Fjazakerley st


*** See likewise Architects, and also Builders.
Blakly R. (& air. in fire bricks dt rhea) 25, ThotnM at.
Bromley JOhn, 19, Clare st.
Byrne John, 32, Trowbridge st. & 41, Copperas hill
Capper Rt. 24, Clare st.
Clarkson Win. 9, Circus st.
Clements John, 7, Gill st.
Cunningham Arthur, 4, Copperas hill
Dickenson Wm. 8, Meadows st.
Dodd Thos. 17, Clare st.
Duckworth John, 20, Arley st.
Duckworth Wm. 7, Lawrence st
Edwards John, 51, Chisenhale st.
Fairclough Jonathan, 16, St. Vincent st. East
Gore Wm. Yew Tree House, Wavertree
Haliali Uriah, Stanley it. North
Haydock Henry, 6, Webster st.
Hewson John, 50, Fontenoy st.
Holme Jas. & Sou, 27, Fleet st
Hook Wm. 88, London road
Howard John, 27, Prussia st.
Johnson J. & Son, 26, Hatton garden
Jones John, '3, Stanley st.
Lunt'Edw. 23, Eldon place
Lyon John, 33, Gt. Crosshall st.
Merrick Win. 27, New Scotland Toad
Moore John, 26, St James' st
Owen Wm. & Son, 70, Bridge Water st.
Pilkington John, 40, Carruthers street
Pinkhardton David, 93, Copperas hill
Roberts Hugh, 23, Banastre st
Roberts Rd. 41 & 42, Plumbe st
Sanderson Jas 116, New Stetland Mad
Smart Hugh, Strickland st
Smith Thos. Owen's p1. Eldon pl.
Stamper Isaac, 8, Brownlow hill
Stringer Jph. 26, Lionel st.
Swift Wm. 17, Frederick st.
Timmons Jas 31, Trowbridge st & 47, Russel st
Tomkiiisorr Win. 6, AIM Place, Shaw's brow
Trueman Daniel, I5, 'Devon st.
Williams Wm. 48, Seyinriur at.
Williamson SamL I5,Tarlbton st.
Worthington John, 21, Grafton street


Emery Wm.92,New Scotlandid.
Hartley lid. 30, i iarybone
Johnson john Sou, 26, tutton garden
Roberts Rd. 41 & 42, Phrtnbe st.
Tolson SamL jun.8, Phythian st


Allen Jdthaa, 4a, John it.
Bainbridge P, & Co. 55, Byrom st.
Horridge Jas. 4 & 5, Castle st.
Murthwaite Thos. 53, Marybone
Sugden Ann, 18, Temple st.
Tollitt James, 37, Pitt st.
Tyerman John, 21,London rd.
Pennington Sarah, 14, Cockspur street


Aikin James, lA, Goree piazzas
Ansdell & Serjeantson, 25, Fero wick st.
Atherton & Dunn, Hargraves' buildings
Backhouse, Robinson, & Lowe, 8, Cornhill
Bagott & Parr, 9, Exchg. alley
Bateson Rd. & Co. 8, Water it.
Batley B. & Son, 11, Eaehadge buildings
Beckett & Co. {American) 29, Water st
Bewley & Nevi% 14, Manesty 1n.
Bourne Thos. jun.21, Mercer ct.
Bowe & Bushby, 9, Exchg. alley
Buchanan ISauiel, 10, Molyneux place
Campbell Daniel, 19, Exchange buildings
Chaloner Edward, & Co. 63. Wapping
Cheetham Jph. 33, Sweeting st.
Coglan Thos. 84, Lord st.
Cooper T. O. 3, Rumford st.
Copland & Kier, 132, Park lane
Come Wm. & Edgar & Co. 14, Rumford st.
Cosack Theodore B. 45, King st.
Croft John, 6, Brownlow st
Crowther John, 23, East side Salthouse dock
Darby Edw. 24, East aide Salt house dock
Deakin inn, 3, Duke's place
Dodson Thos jun. & Co. Bank buildings
Duff & Browne, 20, Chapel st
Dunlevie and Struthers, 33, Brunswick st
Dutton Saml. 7, Exchg. bdgs.
Eaton Joshua, 8, Bank bdgg.
Edwards, Beckwith, & Co. 75, Seel at
Evans Wm. 11, Old Mirth yd.
Ewart, Myers, & Co. 3, Exchange alley
Farrar John, Globe chambers
Fearon, Sugden, & Fry, 32, E. side Salthouse dock
Fitzhugh Wm. 4, Coopers to*
Fleetwood Edward, 14, NOVk Scotia
Fletcher John, 1, Exchg. ct.
Forbes G. M. 18, E. aide Salthouse dock
ForwoOd Geo. 2, Dale at
French David, 15, Cooper's row
Furber Edw. 11A, Duke's place
Hancox & Kershaw, 20, Fenwick st.
Hardman J. & Sons, 7, Rumford at.
Hargreaves John, 1, Temple ct.
Hobson Jonathan & Son, 23 Cook at.
Hollinshead & Stavert, 4, Rumford at.
Holt Johm,.11, Campbell st East side Salthouse dock
Hunt Edwlh, 5, Mersey at.
Ingham Johan 10, Exchg. st E.
Ingleby Thos. 23,E. side Dry dk.
Jee, Brothers, & Humble, Hargraves' buildings
Jones &, 189, Dale at.
Kearsley John & Son, Tarleton buildings
Ker Rt. 14, Duke at.
Lapage J. & F. 16, Exchg. bdgs.
Latham Jas. 20, Sweeting st
Littledale T. & I. 12, Feehsuge buildings
Lloyd & Williams, 2, Dale at. & 6, High st.
Lord James, 14, Dale st
Loves Wm. 2, Rumford at
Lucas Henry, 10, King st.
Martin Jas. (fruit) 9, Duke st.
Martin Thew. & Rt. 5, Liver at.
Martindale Niche. 25, Peter In.
M'Cammon John, 27, Drury In.
M'Cheane Wm. I, Temple ct.
M'Faden David, 70, South side Old dock
M`Nair & Rrebeter, 6, Pool
M'Neill Rt. 7. Campbell at East aide Salthouse dock
M'Vicear Jph. 18, Exchg. bdgs.
Miller, Whittaker, & Rathbone, 6, Rumford at.
Milne Rt. 42, Denison st
Molyneux Anthony, 17, Fenwick at.
Moore Thos P. 18, Cazneau at.
Mptterehgad Thos. 5,Exch. st.W.
Needham Samuel & Co. 8, Exchange buildings
Nevett Wm. & Son, 69, Castles*•
Oddy Miles, 33,, Key st
Park John & Co. 1, Exchg. ct.
Percival & Parton, 9, Union ct. .Casttles .
Preston Rd W. 2, Romilly et.
Price John, 7, Duke's place
Ramsden & Booth, 25, FenwIck street
Rees David, 65, Strand st
Rigg Brothers, 33, N. sideOlddk.
Robinson Geo. 9, Exchg. alley
Robinson Jph. 37, Water at
Raison Marley, 53, Wood at.
Ronald Rt. W. 17, Matthew at.
Roose Jnthn. & Son, 4 Cornhill
Roscow Rowland, 34, Drury In.
Salisbury, Turner. & Earle, 5, Exchange buildings
Simmons Gwin and Wm, s
Salthouse dock gates
Smith Isaac, 36, Water at.
Smoult Chas. 7, Roscoe st.
Sothern John, 3, N. aide Duke's dock quay
Stokes Wm. & Samuel. 11, Goree piazzas
Syers Rt. 21, Chorley sr.
Thomas J. 35, E. end Old dock
Thompson James, 6, Union ct. Castle at.
Tomlin Andrew and Son, 10, Water st.
Unsworth Gibes G. 45, King at.
Vaughan Rd. 8, John st.
Wainwright G. J. Tarleton bdgs.
Watkins Robt, (drug) 1, Lower Castle at.
Whitehouse Wm. 10, Exchange buildings
Withington and Myers, Brunswick st.
Yates, Brothers, and Co. 21, Exchange buildings


Bird John, (discount office) 25, Cook at.
Cohen A. & Co. 4, Jubilee bdgs.

BROKERS, Commision.

Carter Jr Peers, 6, Coral;
Fairclough Wm. 11, Tabley st.
Grant Rd. 5, Tabley st.
Greene & Lawson, 5, Manesty ln.
Hargreaves Jas. 5, Old ropery
Hatton Thos. jun. 5. Welllurto, buildings
O'Neill John, 68, S. side Old dk.
Quayle Mark, 19, James st
Richards Thos. 2, Park lane
Roylance SamL 14, Argyle st.
Ryan Jph. 1, Manesty lane
Sedgwick Wm. Globe chambers
Swirc John, 31, Manesty lane
Swim Rd. 20, Peter lane
Thomas Rt. 69, S. side Old dk.
Tyrer Benj. 23, Peter lane
Wilson Thal, 5, Northumberland st.


Booth Jr Walmaley, 30, Brunswick at.
Brice Jph. 25, Fenwick at.
Dalrymple John, 26, Blake at.
Hodgson Rd. 27, Brunswick st.
Marsden Geo. 14, Frederick st.
Sutton Edw. 3, Fenwick at

BROKERS, Cotton.

Alsope & Son, 7, Exchg. bdgs
Barber Wm. 12, Rumford at.
Barnsley Jr 4syucidb 5N Rusngoad
Barton and Cowgill, Hargpnaa buildings
Bird T. W. 5, Lwr. Castle st.
Bourne Timy. 3, Exchg. st. W.
Bower Wm. 1, Exchange ct.
Caistor Wm. Cotton ct. Sweeting at.
Campbell Colin & Sou, 127, Tithebarn st.
Clowes Geo. & Son, 10, Water st.
Cooke & Corner, 1, Exchg. bdgs.
Crawshaw Jas. 6, Molyneux pl.
Dicker Joseph, Cotton ct. Swab lag at.
Dobson & Gill, Cotton court, Sweeting at.
Duckworth Jr Watkins, 89,AMhall st.
Duncan Jas. 5, Exchange et.
Ellis Geo. 13, Rupert at.
Emmet & Gath, 7, E5tchg• at, E.
Greaves & Prescot, 9 & 10. Harms ringtoq at.
Heaton Wm. Tarleton Mgr.
Heywood Francis, 7, Exchange buildings
Hlbbert Wrn. 4. Dande at.
Hindley Thos. 20, St. James' pL
Holt Geo. & Co. 3, Water st.
Holt & Farrar, 89, Oldhallat.
Howell Jac. 6, Exchg. bdgs.
Hyde Rd. E. 9. R oinked at.
Jones Jr Mann, 189, Dale at.
Kearsley John Jr Sou, Tarlatan buildings
Lea Jan 12, Rumford at.
Lister Edward & Co. 12, Rumford at.
Marriott Jr Rodgers, 9, Water at.
Marsden Geo. 24, Russel st
Martindale T. AJ. 8, Exchaagt buildings
M'Kay Wm. 89, Oldhall at.
Mitchinaots Isaac Jr Co. 31. Lane colors hey
Musgrove Rt. 8, Rumford at.
Myers J. & J. 38, Water at.
Peers John, 3. Rumford et.
Peers Wm. Jr Finns, ! 6• Exelrniea buildings
Ridgway Jph. 150, ItlaQrg. at Id.
Robson Jr Harriaon,5, Exchange court
Rushton Win. jun. Hargraves' buildings
Smith J. B. Jr Co. Tarletanbdgg
Stevenson Wm. 4, Exchg. ct.
Stock Jae, 6. Exchange bdgs.
Tattersall Thos. & Sons, 10, Ri, change buildings
Taylor J. A A.10, Water st
Tetley Rd. & Co. 9. Exchg• bdgs.
Thompson Thos. 30, Water st.
Unsworth Edw. 4, Oldhall at.
Walker Jas. 14,Rumfbrd at.
Waterhouse N. & Sans, 7, 11l clangs allay
Wolstenholme Wm. L. French) buildings
Wood Henry 5, Temple st
WrigleyJohn & Son,189, Dale st.


Case Thos. & J. A. 14, Exchange buildings
Euing & Rathbone, 4, Exchange buildings
Headlam & Conway, 12, Exchg. buildings
Johnston Geo. 48, St. Anne at.
Jones, Hodgson, & Co. 21, Exchange buildings
Lorimer Chas. 21, Exchg. bldgs.
M`Murdo Chas. 21, Exchg. bdgs.
Rotherham Wm. & Co. 4, Exchange st. W.
Taylor, Potter, & Co. 15, Exchange buildings
Thomas John, 132, Park lane
Thompson & Co.10, Exchg. alley
Thompson Jas. 6, Union court, Castle st.


Andrews R. J. 2, Rumford st.
Ashley Francis, 15, Goree piazzas
Bahr Chas. L. 31, Pool lane
Bald Adam, 19, Goree piazzas
Barnes & Tucker, 22, E. side
Dry dock
Bigland Benj. 5, Mile end
Blackmore Edw. 14, Hanover st.
Bowker Rd. 9, cooper's row
Brown Saml. & Son, 27, King st
Brown Wm. 159, Park lane
Butterworth John, 1, Dance st.
Carruthers Thos. J. 28, N. side Old dock
Clare W m. 8, Redcross st.
Coppell Rd. 38, King st.
Cosack Theodore B. 45, King st.
Cosgrave Adw. 4, Brooks sq.
Cummins Gilbert,19,Gradwell st.
Darby Edward, 23, E. side Salthouse dock
Dennison Thomas, 1, Salthouse dock gates
Denton Edw. 31, King st.
Edwards Rowland, 3, Romilly ct.
Evans Geo. 44, E. end Old dk.
Farrar John, Globe chambers
Found Jas. 19, Cooper's row
Glynn John & Son, 2,-Fleet st.
Goulding & Davis, 5, Hanover chambers
Grayson Jas 8, Cornwallis st
Hanna John, 2, Upr. Pitt st
Haselden John and Wilson, 3, Salthouse dock gates
Hensman Wm. 24, King st.
Heslop Rt. 13, Hanover st
Holliwell & Highfield, 10, Goree piezeas
Hughes Rt. 37, Stanhope at.
Huntingdon John, 159, Park In.
Hurry Nicholas, 156, Park lane
Johnson Rd. 8, Edgar st
Jones Rt. 49, Denison st
Jones Wm. 7, Geo. dk. passage
Kinsley, Hughes, & Co. 32, N. side Old dock
Marshall Thos. 46, Castle at
Martin John, 5, Cooper's row
Marwood Edw. 16, Mersey st
Matthie Wm. & Co. 28, Litherland alley
M`Faden David, 70, South side Old dock
Meadowcroft Thomas & Co. 44, Strand at.
Melling Edw. & Co. North end
King's dock, & 4, South side Duke's dock quay
Moffatt, Martin, & Co. 14, East side Dry dock
Moss & Hampson, 14, It. side Dry dock
Nicholson Jas. 5, Mersey st.
Ogilvie Chas. 11, Park lane
O'Neill Alan F. 36, Manesty In.
Orford Thomas & Son, 20, Mersey et.
Parker Thos. 15, James st.
Pemberton Wm. & Son, 3, Mersey st.
Quayle Mark, 19, James st.
Randles Rd. 28, N. side Old dk.
Reynolds and Harrison, 3, Exchange st E.
Richards Thos. 2, Park lane
Robinson Thos. & Co. 12, Hanover st
Ryder John, 28, N. side Old dk.
Sale Rylands, 8, Darwin st.
Slade Thos 45, King st
Smith & Hutchinson, 25, N. side Old dock
Swainston John, 14, Hanover st.
Theakstone Fawdington, 51, Atherton at
Thomas Rh 69, S. side Old dk.
Tinley & Holt, 3, Duke st
Tyrer Wm. & Jas. 53, )King st
Vienna & Jones, 51, Atherton st.
Welsh & Hudson, 3, Wellington buildings
Whitehead Wm. 47, Rose place
Whittaker Wm. 16, Sweetingst.
Whittingham Samuel, 5a, Mersey st.
Wilkinson Geo. 43, School lane
Wood Wm. H. 45, King st
Wood & Watson, 11, King st.
Yates Geo. 54, Hanover st.
Younghusband Joseph, 3, S. end Georges dock

BROKERS, Tobbaco.

* See also Tobacco Manufacturers & Tobacconists.
Alston, Eason, & Co. 10, Rumford at.
Barclay Geo. B. & Co. 17, Goree piazzas
Brown Jas. & Son, 19, Peter In.
Brown W. & J. & Co.34; Strand street
Buchanan Daniel, -10, Molyneux place
Cropper, Benson,. & Co. 31, Padice street
Curwen & Haggerty, 4, Goree piazzas
Duff & Browne, 20, Chapel at.
Duncan W. M. & Son, 14, Tableyst.
Fearon, Sugden, & Fry, 32, E. side Salthouse dock
Gilliat W. H. 20, Peter lane
Hunter & Alexander, 9, Gradwell st
Jackson John, 20, Water st.
Maury, Lathom, & Co. 3, Exchange buildings
Maxwell, Wellwood, Alexander & George, 2, Steers lane
Molyneux Anthy.17, Fenwick st.
Rathbone, 'Brothers, 1, Cornhill
Sherlock Wm. 17, Fenwick at.
Stewart John, 7, King st.


Lord James, 14, Dale st.
Lord Simeon, 1, Temple court


Glllmer Jph. 76, Lord st & 80, Paradise st
Hodgkins John, 93, Bold et
Hopkins John, (warehouse) 6, London road
Marsden Jph. 32, Park lane
Marsden Jas. & Sons, 61, Cable st. & 50, Bold st
Moore Stephen, 45, Ranelagh st.
Richardson Wm.123, W hitechpl.
Shields Robert, 1, Castle ditch
Watkinson Saml. 50, Whitechpl.


see. See also Architects, Joiners, and Bricklayers.
Aspinall Jas: 8, Derby at
Baynes Wm. Pleasant hill at.
Carlin John, 3, Coosson st.
Cash Thos. 18e, Hopesf.
Cope Benj. 38, Bevington bush
Clegg Rt. 7, Webster st.
Cotter Wm. 26, Parliament at.
Donnison Jas. 17, Phythian•st.
Duckworth Wm. 7, Lawrence at.
Ellis Peter, 10, Gloucester pl.
Fairclough Jonathan, 16, St. Vincent st. It.
Gibson Edmd. 62, Gloucester et.
Gore William, Yew Tree house, Wavertree
Griffiths Thos. 2, Finch at.
Haigh Berton, 2, Fraser at
Hartley Rd, 30, Marybone
Hlncks Thos. 3, Fairclough at.
Holme Jas. & Son, 27, Fleet st.
Hughes Hugh, 6, Rainford sq.
Kilshaw John, 3, Silver st.
Leader & Atherton, 12, Fleet st.
Lockwood Jonathan, 9, Jervis st.
Lyon John, 33, Gt. Crosshall st.
Moore John, 26, St. James' st.
Mylcrist Samuel, 26, Kitchen st.
Owen Wm. & son,70, Bdgwtr. st.
Pritchard Thos. 2, Stricklandst.
Ramsbottom WM. (exectstorsof) 10, Canning st.
Rankin Rd. 1, Norton st.
Slater J. & B. 17, Seel at.
Smith J. Devonshire pl.Eveston


Adams Thomas, 18 & 19, Bachelor street
Adamson Isabella, 4,Exchg. st.E.
Adamson Rd. 28, Scotland rd.
Aggett John, 60, Pool lane
Ankers Peter, St. James' market
Atkinson Jas. 37, Edmund st.
Ball Thos. 40, Blspham it.
Banks Jgseph, 2, Berry at.
Bartley Edward; 1, Key st.
Baynes Mary, 50, London road
Bedson John, 9, Cable st. & 28, St. John's market
Bennett Margaret, 71, Cable st.
Bennion Rt. High st. Edge hill, & 20, St. John's market
Bowker Rd. 26, Byrom st.
Boyle John, 22, St. John's mkt.
Buckley Jas. 70, Cable st.
Bulpock Lydia, Springfield at
Bunnel Wm. 61, Pool lane
Burgess John, 97, St.. James' st.
Chaddock Joseph, 9 and 10, St. John's market
Chadwick Thos. 11, Scotland pl.
Charnock John, 90,Copperashill
Close John, 17, Exchg. st. E.
Cotheld Hy. 20, Pownall sq.
Cooper Mary, 99, Richmond row
Corf Ben). 75, Paradise st.
Corfe Joseph, 63, Pool lane
Corkindel Win. 32, Cleveland sq.
Coward Samuel, (pork,) 71, Whitechapel
Cowell John, 18, Rupert at.
Croasdale Wm. 9, Leander at.
Croft Elias, 6, Preeson's row
Crowdson Rt. 24, St. John's mkt.
Curtis James, 41, Cheapside
Davies Ann, 3, Edgar st.
Davies Daniel, 65, Marybone
Davies Jas. 14, Hanley et. & 24, St. John's market
Davies John, 58, Cable st.
Davis Robert, 122, Dale at.
Dent Rt. 20, Richmond row
Dickins Ann, 38, N. Scotland rd.
Dixon Geo. 7, St. John's mkt.
Dodd John, 59, Cable et.
Dodd Thos. 92, Whitechapel
Doodson Thos. 59, Park ln.
Drakeford Jph. 27 & 28, Bachelor st. & 2, St. John's mkt.
Durham Wm. 223, Vauxhall rd.
Dutton John, 29, Byrom st.
Dwerryhouse Rd. 22, Ranelagh street
Earnshaw John, I45, New Scotland road
Eccleston Jph. 4, Redcross st.
Eden John, 33, King st.
Edwards Jas. 10 & 11, Lumber st. and 1, St. John's market
Edwards Rt. 68, Thomas st.
Edwards Thos. 14, Newhall st.
Ellis Eliz. 10, Liver at.
Ellis W m. 16, St. John's mkt.
Etches Geo. 25, Whitechapel
Etches John, 4, Price st.
Etches Wm. 48, Park lane
Ewbank Thos. 18, Whitechpl,
Eyres Jph. (pork), 34, St. John's
market, and 2, Key st.
Farmer Thos. 50, Greenland st.
Fisher John, Read's ct. Pool In.
Fogg James, 65, Pool lane
Foulds Wm. 8, Cable st.
France Geo. 56, Harrington st.
Francis Rd. 117,-Park lane
Gill John, 4, Preeson's row
Gilmore John, (pork), 23, Bachelor street
Goff Joseph, 3, Bixteth at.
Golding Wm. 37, St. John's mkt.
Grainger Thos. Islington mkt.
Gratrix Jas. 12, Cheapside, and St. Georges' market
Griffiths David, 51, Vernon st.
Grindley James, 54, Byrom st.
Guest Geo. 5, St. John's mkt.
Hall James, (wholesale), 93, St. James' at.
Hallows Benj. 6, Whiteehapel, & 27, St. John's mkt.
Halstead John, 33, St. John's market
Harding Isaac, 71, Vauxhall rd.
Harrison Ella. 54, Harrington st.
Hawthorn Jas. (pork), 77, Tithebarn at.
Higginson Wm. 10, Price st,
Hilton Hy. 26, St. John's mkt.
Hilton John, 47, Pall mall
Hilton John, 100, Mt. pleasant
Hilton Wm. 5, Byrom at.
Hindle Adam, 3, Lawton st. and 25, St. John's mkt.
Hinton Edw. 26, Ranelagh at.
Hough Daniel, 117, Park ln.
Houghton Jas. 4, Everton brow
Hughes Elie. 1, Norbury st.
Hughes Rd. 1, Scotland pl.
Hyde Agnes, 4, St. John's prarket
Jackson Thos. 2, Brownlow hill
Jackson Moses, 12, St. John's market
Jenkins Ann, Union court, Upper Milk st.
Johnson Ellen, 212, Vauxhail yd.
Johnson Joseph, 5, Temple In.
Johnson Rd. 72, Byrom st.
Jones David, (pork), 17, Key at & 3, St. John's mkt.
Kay Peter, 4, Crump st.
Kendal Jas. D. 22, S. Union st.
Kiffin Geo. 48, Circus st.
Langley Joseph, Scotland mkt.
Lawson Ann, 37, Pool lane
Lawson Wm. 50, Lower Harrington st.
Lewis Benj. 27, Richmond row
Lewis Thos. 74, St. James' st.
Lewis Wm. 7, Cable at.
Litlar John, 12, Preeson's row
Littler Jas. 15, St. John's mkt.
Lowcock Wm. 3, Ranelagh st.
Margeson Henry, 3, Great Howard st.
Maudaley Wm. 30, High at. Edge hill
Maylor Elie. 15, Fox st.
M'Guffie Wm. 10, Berry st. and 32, St. John's mkt.
Meacock Rt. 63, Pool lane
Meissen Jph. St. James mkt.
Meredith John, 31, St. John's market
Mills John, 84, Copperas hill
Milne John, 20, Bevington bush
Morrison John, 46, Key st.
Musson Thos, 177, Vauxhall rd.
Nixon Thos. 30, Dale st.
Nodin John, 41, Byrom st.
Nuttall Rd. 64, Oldhall st.
Deena Thos. 84, Highfield st.
Pacey Jph. 29, St. John's mkt.
Pacey Thos. 49, Shaw's brow. & 11, St. John's mkt.
Pennant John,26,St.John's mkt.
Perry Geo. 7, St. John's mkt.
Phillips Eliz. 21, St. Johns mkt.
Pickling Peter, 35, Addison at. & Scotland mkt.
PIerpoint Ezekiel, 13, BrownloW hill, & 23, St. John's mkt
Pigan William, 6, Upper liarrington street
Pike John, 30, St. John's mkt.
Present Emma, 37, Gt. Crossball st.
Prescot John, 93, Dale st.
Pechter SBv. High at. Edge hill
Prue Jas. Old Swan, West Derby
Prue Wm. 8, Price at.
Pye James, 29, London road
Ramsden Eliz. 56, Hlghfleld st.
Read Was. 49, Lord st.
Renshall Jas. I, Redcross st.
Rigby Wm. 35, Ranelagh st.
Rigg Thos. 159a, Dale st.
Roberts Mary, 27, St. John'. market
Roberta Was, 74, O1dhsf st.
Robinson Wm. 51, Plumbe et.
Robinson Jas. 18, St. John's mkt.
Rogers Jas. 36, Cheapaide
Scarsbrick John, 10, cases at.
Scarsbrick Thos. 62, Pool in.
Smith John, 18 & 19, Harrington st.
Smith John, 23, Vauxhall rd.
Smith John I.71, Gt Crosshall st.
Smith Was. (wh.) Anderson's ct. Peter st.
Sorton Edw. 75, Park lane
Speed Hugh, 53, Lime st.
Speed Thee. (wholesale), 102, St. James' at
Spencer John, 2, Scotland rd.
Stephenson Rd. 64, Copperas bill
Summerland Joseph, 7, Atkinson st.
Swift John, (win) 6, Abraham ct. Adlington it.
Swift Joseph, 74, Pitt st.
Tate Margaret, 15, Liver at.
Thompson Francis, 17, St.John's market
Thompson Hy. 57, Shaw's brow
Thompson John, (wholesale), Harrington st.
Turner Joseph, (pork), 10, Scotland road
Turner Rt. 16, St. Andrew st. & 1, St. John's market
Turner Wm. 13, St. John's mkt. and 12, Lord st.
Vaughan Wm. jun, 47, Scotland rd. & 6, St. John's mkt.
Waugh Alice, 106, New Scotland road
Webster Thos. 19, St. John's mkt.
Webster Tim. 65, St. James' st.
Willat Wm. 35, Scotland road
Williams John, 41, Cable st.
Williams Msrgy. 4, Pownall sq.
Williams Philip, 46, Plumbe st.
Williams Wm. 5, Cleveland sq.
Wilson Hy. 38, Waterloo rd.
Wilson Jas. 3, Cleveland sq.
Wilson Thos. 3, Head at.
Wilson Wm. 4, Gloucester st. & 15, St. John's market
Winn John, 70, Pitt st.
Withington W.J. 86 Upr. Islington
Woodward Chas. 40, Brownlow hill
Worthington W. J. tin, Uppe Islington
Yates Mary, Islington market
Yates Thos. 35, St. John's mkt.


Flounders W. & J. 46, John st.
Henry Danl. 8 & 85, Lord st.
Laycock Rd. 36, Hatton gin.
Myers Anthy. jun. 1, Prescot st
Shallcross Thos. jun. 41, Red cross st.
Sowerby Peter, 26, Castleeditch
Walton John, 54, Park• lane


* Those marked
1, are Cabinet makers & Upholsterers;
2, are Upholsterers § Carpet Dealers;
3, are Joiners
4. Cabinet Makers;
the rest are Cabinet Makers only.
* See also Joiners & Furniture Brokers.
1 Abbott Anthy. 96, Bold st.
2 Anderson Thos. 10, Duke st.
Armstrong John, 2, Sawney Pope at.
Arnold John, 11, School lane
3 Aspinall Jas. 8, Derby at.
Atherton Wm. 66, Lime sh
Atkinson Wm. (& billiard table mkr.) 12, Leigh at.
3 Bagot Wm. 44, Bridgewater sL
2 Bayley Rodney, 8, Hawke st.
3 Beatty Edw. Walker place, Hatton garden
1 Bickerstaff Wm. 56, Whitechapel
2 Blain Thos. & Co. 18, Paradise st.
Bland Jas. 52, Circus st.
Brew Wm. & Son, 44, Lime st.
Brown Jas. 8, Back Lime st.
Brown Jas. 117, Tithebarn st.
Brown Wm. 7, Lawton st.
1 Brown Wm. 91A, St. James' st.
Bryce David, 2, Tobin st.
Buchanan Johu,93,Gloucester st.
Burland Thos. Seel st.
Burnett Geo. 1, Rupert place, Blake st.
Burns Thos. 5, All Saints' lane
Cannell Hugh, 34, King st.
Cash Chas. 1, Pembroke st.
Chester John, 37, Stanley st.
Chester Rt. & Co. 23, Stanley st.
Corlett Edw. 59, Park lane
Coux Thos. 30, Whitechapel
1 Croskell Thos. 27, Shaw's brow
3 Dale John, 2, Livesley pl.
Danson Rd. 6, Old haymarket
Davidson Thos. Mitchell pl.
2 Denton Wm. 34, Pitt st.
Derbyshire Thos. 3, Pall mall
2 Dilworth Ellen, 23, Lionel st.
Dobson W. H. 7, Parr st.
Dutton Jph. 24, Cornwallis st.
Dutton Thos. 43, Ranelagh st.
1 Edmundson & Sons, 12, Bold street
Edwards John, 4, Cable st.
Empson Henry, 79, Byrom st.
2 Fairclough Henry, 66, Highfield st.
3 Farmer Thos. 5,Cumberland at.
3 Fell Wm. 10, Gt. Crosshall st.
Fletcher Saml. 20, Duke at.
Foulkes John, 55, Stanley st.
3 Graham Wm. 44, G2. Crow hall st.
3 Graham John, 21, Liopel st.
Graham Thos. 20, Shaw's brow
1 Hand John, 89, Bold st.
3 Harrison Isaac, 14, Brown st.
Harvey Wm. 12, Brunswick st.
3 Head Joseph, 7, Dexter at.
1 Heap SainL 14, Richmond fair
1, 3 Henshaw Jas. 14, Circus at.
Heyes John, 3, Brooks alley, Post office place
3 Hope Rt. 49, London road
1 Huxley Thos. C. 52, Park In. & 28, St. James' et.
3 Inman Jas. 26, St. James' st.
Jess Geo. 72, Tithebarn st.
Jones John, 22, Lime st.
Jones Rd. 8, Stanley at.
1 Jones & Perkins, Walker pls. Hatton garden
3 Jones Wm. 2, Bridport st.
Keating Daniel, 13, Price st.
3 Kerfoot Rd. 2, Duncan's pl,
1 Lace Henry, 6, Church st.
Latham Peter, 9, Seel st.
1 Ledger Rd. 46, Byrom st.
Libby Rd. & Son, 67, Sawney Pope st.
1 Lindop Rd. 1, Featherat.
1 Lyon Geo. P. 16, Tarleton st.
Magill Ralph, 6 Shaw's brow
Mears Geo. Walker pl. Hatton garden
3 Moffat Saml. 6A, College ln.
1 Moore Sampson, 101, Brownlow hill
Naylor Jas. 34, Richmond fair
Newell Nathnl. 12, Peter st.
2 O'Neil Jane & Co. 3, Cable st.
1 O'Neill John, 34, Cable st.
2 Owen Catharine, 41, Duke st.
Owen John, 5, Hood st.
1 Owen Wm. 28, Cable st.
Oxton Thos. 49, Gt. Geo. st.
Parker John, 14, Derby st.
Parkinson Rt. 3, Bolton st.
Parkinson W m.14e, Shaw's brow
3 Parry Henry, 7, Derby st.
Pickthall Wm. 6, Brooks alley,
Post office place
Plasket John, 10, Slater st.
Povah Daniel, 12,Richmondrow
Roberts John, 3, Marshall st.
Roberts Wm. J. 20, Castle ditch
2 Robinson & Co. 85, Bold st.
Robinson Jas. 22, Berry at.
1 Robinson Joseph, 55, Whitechapel
Sefton Wm. 6, Springfield st.
3 Serjeant James, Low hill
1 Sharples Thos.8, Queen sq. & 96, Fontenoy st.
1 Taylor Chas. 27, Basnett et.
1 Taylor Wm. 1, Ironmonger In.
Thompson Thos. 30, Sir rhos'. .buildings
Tittensor James, 60, Upper Frederick st.
Townley Wm. 4, Hudson court, Hunter st.
1 Tyrer Barthw. 39, Pitt st.
Tyrer Jas. 8, Adlington st.
2, Usherwood Saml. 5, Rainford
2 Webster Thos. 34, Bridport st.
Wells John, (feather bed & blanket whs.) 69, Paradise st.
3 Whitehead Jph. 3, Cheapside
Whittingham & Cattrall, 2, Marble st.
Wilkinson Lawrence,18,Peterin.
1 Wilson John, 71, Lord at.
1 Wilson Rt. 67, Sawney Pope at-
1 Wilson Wm. 137, Duke st.
3 Woods Wm. 1, Gay st.
3 Wright Samuel, 17, Rose ph
Fisher Geo. buhl mfr. 64, Gloucester st. Lime st.


Crook Wm. (& bleacher) 4, Dutton st.
Fallows John, 35, Peter lane
Gerrard & Mayor, Broker's alley


*** See also Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.
Knowles Lionel P. (blanket and carpet whs.) 1 & 2, Lord St.
Ward Thos. (hearth rugs) 25, Christian st
Watson Bingley, 74, Church st.


Barton Thos. 1, williamson sq.
Barton Thos. 11, Spencer bdgs. Hunter st.
Burland Wm. (plate and looking glass) 65, Church st.
Caprani Lewis, 29, Pitt st.
Casartelli Lewis, (barometers & thermometers) 39, King st.
Cashen Christr. 122, Duke st.
Cashen Philip, 9, White mill st.
Cashen Wm. 90, Paradise at.
Casson Wm. (gilder) 13, Norrisst.
Clements Jas. J. 19, Richmond row
Croso Adam, (looking glass silverer) 14, Richmond row
Forsyth Saml. 9, Parker st.
Forsyth Samuel, jun. 24, Limekiln lane
Frankland & Co. 37, Church st.
Galletti Wm. and Anthony, 10, Castle st.
Hunt A. (picture frame mfr.) 92, Bold st.
Introvino A. (barometers, looking glasses & thermometers) 138, Duke st.
Johnston Thos. 21, Church st.
Kaye W re. 55, Lime st
Knox John, 83, Copperas hill
Miller Joseph, 2, Houghton at.
Nairn Thos. 10, Wood st.
Schiavi Antonio, (barometers & looking glasses) 67, Stanley st.
Yates Charles, 32, Lime st.


Folds Wm. (ship) 41, Jordan st.
Lovelady Lawrence, 2, Dixon ct. Lace st.
Morgenstern Henry, 31, Sir Thomas' buildings
Robertson Archibald, (ship) 13A, Cornhill
Skillicorn Joseph, 5, Thomas ct. Milton st.
Sumners John, 13, Basnett at.
Usher Ralph, (ship & sign) 13A, Tabley st.


Brown, Logan, & Co. (patent) 27, Stanhope st.
Clay and Musgrove, (improved) 27, Parliament street, and 14, Moor st.
Humble & Hurry, 8, Trentham st. smithies, 5, W. sIde Queen's dock, 14, New quay, & 6, Baffin street
Mead, Acraman, & Co. 12 & 13, Water st.
Molyneux Thos. C. & J. C. 5, Orford st.
Norris Philip, 2, Lwr. Sparling st.
Pearson Logan, & Co. 22, Bath st. & 7, Cornhill
Pritt, Case, & Butler, (proved chain) 41, Wapping, and 10, Goree
Richardson Thos. 35, Mason st.
Richardson and Pemberton, 31, Wapping
Stephenson J. & R. 30, Bridgewater st.
Strong and Addison, 15, Trentham st. and 6, Sefton st.
Whittle R. & Co. 8, Charlotte st.


Atherton Wm. 66, Lime st.
Breckell Wm. 1, Derby M.
Danson Rd. 6, Old haymarket
Derbyshire Thos. 3, Pall mall
Dobson W. H. 7, Parr st.
Edmondson Peter, 14, Old ropery
Ellishaw Jas. 14, St. James' st.
Hayward Rt. 40, Stanley st.
Jones John, 22, Lime st.
Kelly Rt. 23, Rainford garden
Nelson Rt. 23, Lime st.
Robinson Jph. 55, Whitechapel
Sayer John, Tarletn„'s court,
Stanley st.
Sharpies Thos. 8, Queen sq.


Chesney Alexr. 2, Telary st.
Evans & Holt, 19, Carruthers at, and E. side Canal bank
Harrop John & Co. E. side Canal bank


See also Ham & Bacon Fac-
tors & Provision Dealers.
Anderson W. R. 9, Lord st.
Austin Wm. 41, Hanover st. & 36, St. John's market
Brown Jas. 6, Cable st.
Buckley Jas. 12, Redcross St.
Fagan Michael, 14, Price st.
Fairfield & Shallcross, I, Liver at
Fraser Simon, 24, Castle ditch
Glover Mary, 57 & 61. St. John's market
Greenhalgh Rd. 5, Harrington at.
Henry Daniel, 8, Lord st. & Harrington st.
Jones Rt. 14, FenwIck st.
Metcalfe W. L. 18, Lord st.
Mills Edw. 54, St. John's mkt.
Morris Edw. 42, Pool lane
Myers Anthy. jun. 1, Prescot st.
Patin Thos. 51, St. John's mkt.
Shallcross T. jun.41, Redcrossst.
Smith James, 1, Jervis st.
Sowerby Peter, 26, Castle ditch
Walton John, 54, Park lane
Wilson John, 1, James st.


Ackers, Bower, & Co. (smelt) 3, Spitalfields
Bathe Wm. (manganese) 29, Gt. Nelson st. E.
Donnelly Daniel, 2, Park lane
Evans & Holt, (mordants) 19,
Carruthers st. & E. side Canal bank
GibsonJohn & Co. (sal ammoniac) 15, Carruthers st.
Harrop John & Co. (mordants) 35, Lawton st. and E. side Canal bank
Hill Mary, (pot ash) 49, Johnson street
Holmes Hy. and Solis, (cudbear) 30, Old haymarket
Lutwyche & Co. (& alkali works) 16, Carruthers st.
Miller John, (Epsom salts, magnesia, & sulphur) 3, Manesty In.
Muspratt & Abbott, 107, Vauxhall road
Rawlins & Mawdsley, (smalls & arsenic) 19, Duke st.
Steel John, 44, Hunter st.
Thompson & Hill, 52, Vauxhall road
Webster Geo. 59, Harrington at.


Beeforth Francis, 91, Highfleld st.
Blundell Saml. 32, Scotland road
Glover Jas. 10, Scotland place
Graham Jonathan, (flogger) 8, Upper Harrington at.
Jackson John, (ladies' clog) 76, Dale street
Jones Wm. 127, Dalemt.
Robinson Henry, 77, Stanley st.
Scarborough John, 5, London rd.
Seddon Thos 37, Park lane


* See also Slop Sellers & Tailors.
Bainbridge Thomas, 105, Tithebarn street
Banister Jas. 53, Tithebarn at.
Barlow Philip, 16, Spitalfields
Bond Joseph, 62, Dale st.
Booth John, 79, Gt. Crosshall st.
Butler Thos. 3, Peter at.
Cockbaine Hannah, 110, Whitechapel
Conning Cathn. 58, Tithebarn sts
Davies Owen, 38, Qt-Crosshall st.
Devine Jas. 2, Albion st.
Dunn Thos. 30, Truman st.
EdwardsJohn,84,Gt.Crosshall st.
Ellis Joseph, 1, Cunllffe M.
Ferran Jane, 4, Fontenoy st.
Flockhart Isabella, 55, Cable st.
Gallagher Th..– 33, Whitechapel
Goodwin Michae' 27, Bevington bush road
Gray John, 45, Dale at.
Head Jas 82, Highfield M.
Jones Robt. 88, Gt. Crosshall st.
Joynson Saml. 111,Tithebarn at.
Maguire Jas. 101, Park lane
Maid Jas 33, Scotland road
M'Bride John, 2, Cheapside
M'Nabb Richard, 3, Church In.
M'Nanee Ferdnd. 34, Marybone
M'Nulty John, 2, Peter st.
Miller John, 89, Highfield st.
Mortar Bryan, 56, Dale st.
Pritchard Wm.119,Tithebarn at.
Rome Isabella, 15; Strand st.
Smith Thos. 51, Cable it.
Wilson Wm: I09, Park lane


Marked Thus * are also Coach Harness Makes.
Bretherton D. and T. 61, Shaw's brow
*Fox & Bennion, 7, Berry st.
•Foxcsuft Rd, 54, Smithfield at.
Goat anu uaxendale, 35, Sir Thomas' buildings
Heyden Wm. 30, Lime st
Tyror John, 5, Suffolk at.
*Tyror refer, 10, Suffolk at.
*Varty & Wilson, (& patent axle tree makers) 27, Lime at.


Agett John, 84, Banastre at.
Blundell, Hollitaahead and Sons, 9, Canal basin
BourneJphB & Co. 8, Tabley st.
Carter Richard, 35, Kitchen at.
ClareWin.8 Hedcroasat. (agent, John Hsi)
Clarke & Frankland, SW.eorner
Queen's dock, & 1,Canal basin
Cope Benj. Kirkdale road, and corner of Naylor at.
Drinkwater SamL 4, Fredk. at.
Ellison & Wilkinson, 25, South end Dry dock
Gilbert Edw. 13, Richmond at.
Haddock & Co. 3, Parade wharf, (Wm. Bird, agent)
Haliburton John, 54, Oldhall at. (agent, J. H. Greene)
Hampson John, 60, Highfield st.
Harris Wm. 28, Denison at.
Hodson John & Co.33, Oldhall st.
Hustler John and Co. 2, Canal basin, (agent, John Lowe)
Ingram Wm. 46, Oldhall at.
Johnson Edw. C. 4, Canal basin 1
Jones & Thompson, 44, Oldhall street
Lythgoe David, 12, Hanover st.
Nutall Geo. Down• street, & 24, Leeds street
Orrell & Pemberton Company,6,
Canal basin (agt. E. A. Parker)
Petty & Cooper, 30, Naylor at.
Poole R. & Co. 12, Bispham st. and Old warehs. Canal bridge
Riding Geo. & Co. 64,London rd.
Rigby Joseph, 49, Oldhall st.
Standish Coal Co. 1, Peckover st. (agent, James Woods)
Swarbrick & Co. 43, Oldhall st. (agent, T. B. Birch)
Thicknesse Ralph, 53, Oldhall at. (agent, Joshua English)
Winstanley Wm. & Co. 52, Oldhall street
Woodcock and Haliburton, 5, Canal basin
Yates & Hulme, 103, London rd.


Coffee Roasting Co, 15, Vernon st.
Dixon Jonathan, 16, Hunter at.
Glover J. T. 2, Ranelagh st.
Harrison Daniel & Co. (& dirs.) 41, Sir Thomas' buildings
Jackson John, 6, Temple court
Mason & Coad, 34, Ranelagh at. and 10, Cleveland square
Rutherford John, 28, John at.
Walker Thos. 9, Tithebarn at. and 50, John at.
Wood, Brothers and Co. 2, St. James' street


Ackea,Bower & Co.3,spkal$elds
Bancroft Joseph, 34, Redcmes St.
Burdy Geo. & Co. 1, Hanover at
Davies Jas. & Co.37, Rederoes at.
Distill &Co. (paint) 11, Parliament street
Holloway Thom. 5, ManePorter Thos. C. 53, Morey at.
Taylor J. & J. and CO. (oil and paint) 9, Seddon St.
Thorne James, 64, Hurst at.
Troutbeck Wilfred, 18, cooper's row
Wilson John and Wm. (oil paint mfrs.) 14, Orford M. and 14, Campbell at. East side Salthouse dock


Barrow and Dagnall, 38, Whitechapel
Birchall Wm. 42, Trueman st.
Burley Joseph, 96, Whitechapel
Williams Robt. 22, Sir Thomas buildings


Armstrong Robt. 63, Renshaw at.
Awty Mary, 29, Cable st.
Baines Jas. 20, Scotland road
Baines Wm. 85, Duke sG
Ball John L. 59, Pool lane
Balmer Ann, 66, St. James' at.
Bebbington Wm.25i, London rd.
Bebington Mary,37,Oldhaymkt.
Bell Agnes, 85, Park lane
Benton Eliz. 15, Upr. Dawson st.
Bigland Amos, 49 and 50, Richmond row
Bleakley Joseph, 81, Park lane
Blore John C. 23, Paradise st.
Colligan Rosanna, 4, Hanover at.
Cooper John, (toffeehouse)Everton brow
Cope 'E. & S. 10, N. Scotlandrd.
Copeland Geo. 73, Paradise st.
Coulebourn Eliza, 25, Islington
Dover Isabella, 128,Whitechapel
DowbigginJohn, l3,Houghtonst.
Ellams Wm. Roscommon st.
Eustace J. M. & S.35, Paradise at.
Evans Thos. W. 49, Paradise st.
Gillibrand Margaret, 26, Richmond row
Gorton Martha, 27, Tithebarn st.
Gould Callow A. 106, Tithebarn street
Griffiths Thos. 44, Byrom at.
Harrington Ann, 43, Church M.
Harvey M. & E.1, Brunswick rd.
Hiles Joseph, 4, Leece at.
Hill Ella. 78, Tithebarn at.
Horridge Jas. 4 & 5, Castle st.
Hyde John, 12, Newington bge
Jackson Frances, Prescot at.
Jackson Robert, 6, Berry at.
Jones John, 37, Thomas at.
King Geo. 35, Cable at.
Lea Eliz. 6A, Cleveland square
Leigh Robert, 8, Scotland place
Lewis Thomas, 46, Church at.
Lowe Wm. 23, Byrom at.
Martin Mary, b2, Upper Pitt all
Maudealey Alice, 69, Hanover sts
Moffitt Ann, 8t. James' piece
Musgrave Sarah, 39, Byrom st.
Phelps Samuel, 8, Castle st.
Power Rd. 105, N. Scotland rd.
Price Edw. 28, Wapping
Price Thos. 15, Whitechapel
Pughe Ann, 31, Whitechapel
Rickman Hannah, 65, Bold st.
Rigby Ells. 99, Park lane
Sandiford Robert, (toffee house) Everton village
Sankey M. S. & E. St. Jame. pl.'
Seaton Sarah, 42, Ranelagh st.
Sun John, 13, Castle st.
Telfer Margt. 108, Whitechapel
Tyerman John, 21, london rd.
Westhorp Wm. 13, Clayton sq.
Winstanley Ellen, 64, St.
Worthington Eliz 59. Lord st.


AMERICAN, James Maury, 3, Exchange buildings
DANISH, Peter Sorenson, 11, Gradwell st.
FRENCH, Le Chevalier Francois Angrand, 5, Hope st.
HANOVERIAN, Gualtherus Kolff, 69, Castle St.
Mecklenburg no,Wm.Pickering, 14, Henry st.
NetherlANDS, DanL Willink, 3, Goree piazzas
PORTUGUESE, Antonio Juliao Da Costa, 10, Goree piazzas
PRUSSIAN, J. M. Malonek, 30, Water st.
RUSSIAN, Joseph Leigh, 8, Orford street
SICILIAN & SPANISH, L. H. J. Tonna, 1, High st.
SWEDISH, Robert Williamson, 62, Hanover st.
Swiss, Chas. liner, 7, Dale st.
TURKISH, M. L. Mozley, 45, Bold street


ADdow Jas. 61, N. Scotland rd.
Askew Geo. Dryden st.
Ball & Jones, 29, Park lane
Banks Elijah, 6, Finney lane
Barton John, 49, l'lumba st. & 22, Brunswick st.
Beard John, 7, Seel st.
Bond William & Frederick, 39, Blundell st.
Bretland James and Robert, 72, Blundell st.
Capper James & Son, 2, Greetham street
Carr Francis, 40, Key st.
Clarke & Stewsrt,39, Blundell st.
Clarke Wm. 2, Upr. Pownall st.
Cliff Wm, to Co. 27, Henry st.
Cook John, 68, Sparling st.
Dean Thos. 50, Edmund St.
Edwards Wm. 58, Richmond raw
Ellison Rd. 60, Limekiln lane
FaIrclough Robert, 66, Seel st. and 38, School lane
Fogg Jas. (wine) 33, Thomas st.
Gill James, 34, Clayton st.
Grundy Ann, 21, Oldhall st.
Hardman Thomas, 20, Bridgewater street
Ilargrove & Wilson,25,Wapping
Harrison Wan. 8, Chorley st.
Harvey Jas. 3, Argyle St.
Hiechle Jas. & John,67,Crosbie st.
Heyes Thos. 17, Leigh st.
Jackson John B. 16, Lydia Ann st.
Jackson Josiah, Ill, Crosbie st.
James Edw. 29, Bridgewater st.
James John, 13, Grenville st.
James John, Mercer court, Redcross street
Kennedy Wm. 41, Edmund st.
Kewley John, 35, Union st.
Langhorn Rd. 22, Shaw's brow
Lawrence James and Co. 29, Tabley st.
Lawson Edw. 12, Mersey st.
Lea Michael, 43, Byrom st.
Ledson Robert, 26, Henry st.
Lewin John, 9, Ansdell st.
Lightfoot Saml. jun.28,Tahleyst.
Lucas Joseph, 73, Blundell st.
Mason & Co. 20, Shaw alley
Owens Elias, 1, Rhodes court, Pool lane
Parr Nathl. 4, Bridgewater st.
Pattinson Thos. 71, Blundell at.
Plaistow Geo. Short st.
Plaistow John, 20, Gradwell Bt.
Poole John, 9, Suffolk st.
Price Int. Orange ct. Castle st.
Rankin David, 30, King st.
Renshaw Wm.9,Litherland alley
Revell Thos. 11, Crosbie st. and 8, Mercer court
Roberts Peter, 70, Seel st.
Robinson Mary&Son,32,Fleet st.
Roylance Samuel, 14, Argyle st.
Seddon Jas. 133, Park lane
Sloan John, 71, New Bird st.
Smith Ella & Co. 27, Tabley st.
Spencer John, Lawrence st.
Stubbs Jddeph, Upr. Pownall st.
Taylor Catharine, 5,Gradwell st.
Thompson and Forshaw, 52, Mersey st.
Thornhill Daniel, 3, Litherland alley
Tyrer Jas. 28, Cornwallis it.
Tyrer Lawrence, 26, Peter late
Wainwright Geo. 7, Orford at.
White Thos 26, Hurst at.
Wignall Thos. 29, King st.
Wilding Thee. 33, Park lane
Willacy John, 11, Gloucester st.
Wilson Wm. 20, Tempest hey
Winstanley John, 139, New Scotland road


Berry Thos. 15, Landon road
Bond Joseph, 59, Tithebarn at
Davies Thos. 57, St. James' st.
Langhorn Rd. 22, Shaw's brow
Lea Michael, 43, Byrom st.
Leatherbarrow Hesketh, 31, Bytom street
Lewis Wm. 19, seal at.
Swift Rd. jun. 6, Shaw's brow
Swift Richd. 34, Harrington et.
Walsh T. E. & A. jun. 8, Peetson's row
Williams Arthur, 1, Leigh st.
Wright Peter, 55, Marybone


Mather,Parkes & Co.15,Cornhill
Mead, Acraman & Co. 12 & 13, Water street
Newton, Lyon & Co. (agents to the Marquis of Anglesea) 3, Cooper's row
Oldfield Jas. 7, Custom house In.
Williams P. & W. Grenfell, and Co. 14, Cornhill


*** See Braziers, Coppersmiths, and Tinplate Workers.


Chantler Joseph, 38, Cable at.
Charnock Wm. 31, Cable st.
Evahs Paul, 33, Cable at
Hall J. P., M. & Co.33, Manesty lane
Leech Wm. 78, Stanley at.
Morley Wm. 20,"Crosshall et.
Powell Richard, 7, Cooper's o1*
Roberts Rice, 182, Dale at.
Wynn Richard, 157, Dale st.


*** See also Brokers, Corn; and Corn and Flour Dealers.
Marked thus * are also Corn Millers.
Allison Jas. & Rd. 5, Corn hill
Allison and Fleeming, 13, East side Dry dock
Backhouse, Robinson and Lowe, 8, Cornhill
Birbeck Wm. 16, Gt. Newtoh'st.
Bird Thos. 21, Redcross st.
Blain & Sanders, 24, Drury late
Booth Thos, & Co. 29, Hurst st.
Bourne Thos. jun. 21, Mercer court, Redcross st.
Carter & Peers, 6, Cornhill
Crudgington Edw. 12, Harrhlgton street
*Earles & Carter,l0,Re3cross'st.
Flounders Wm, and Jonlitban, and Co. 46, Tohn st
Gibbons and Healing, 1, North end Dry dock
Gibson & Browne, 23, Khlg at. Pool lane
Golding John, (and fldttr) 4, Castle ditch
Greenham & Molyneaux, 4, Murray place,
Gregson Thomase. 45, Upper Pitt st
Hall John, 17, Brunswick at
Hargreaves James, 5, Old ropery
Harrison & Davies, 3, Salthouse dock gate
Heuison, George, 37, E. side Salthouse dock
Hodgson Rd. 27, Brunswick at
*Horrocks Wm. 3, Love lane, N.
Jones John,, 27, Brunswick at.
Lynch John & Co. 7, James' st.
Makin Robert.& Co. 22, Brunswick st.
Marrow Peter, 25, Drury lane
Maxwell A. F. and R; 21, Redcross,st.
M Cauley Thomas, IA, Grpging - dock, N. 1.
M'Kupe, Thomas, Bold's yard, Strand st,
Newton James,18, Goree Weeps
Orr, Robinson, & Cunnhsghasne, 15, Cable at.
Rigg Henry, 31, Brunswick at.
Rimmer John, Wm. & Co. 10, East side Dry dock
Rimmet Wm. 17, St. Paul's sq.
ScottJames, 13, Brunswick st.
Segar Haisall, 20, Brunswick st.
Segar and Houlding, lea, Brunswick street
SmIth John, 13, Old ropery
Sutton Edward, 3, Fenwick st.
Taylor, Jph. & Co. 11, Johnpt.
Thomas John, 16 & 132, Park lane
Tipping John, 13, Moor st.
Tomlinsons and Twiname, 32, Brunswick at.
Tronson Rt: 44, Matthew at.
Wainwright Tho'aas, 10, Kensington
Wlrarton.Joeeph, 9, Goree
Whittingham, Dawson, and Hodgson, 5, Pownall at.
Wilkinson Henry, 17, Bird st.
Woodward Robert and Thomas, 16,, Nova Scotia
Worthington Samuel, jun. 26, Redcross st.


See, also Flour Dealers etc.
Those marked Thus * are also Corn Millers.
Aldersey Wm. 54, Whitechapel, 27, Leigh st. & 26, Williamson street
Arrowsmith John, Virginia st.
Ashley Jph. L. 9. Kitchen st.
Barrow Thos. 138, New Scotland road
Blakey Wm. 15, Mason street, Wapping '
Dalrymple John, 26, Blake at.
Dugdale and Blanchard, 25;'! Hackin's hey
Edleston Thomas, 9 and 30, Old haymarket
Ellison Richard, 11, Gore at & 88, Park lane
Ellison Thomas, 18, Jordan st
Green Edward, 76, St. James' st
Henshaw Joshua, 20, Ranelagh st. and Mill at.
Hickson John, 12, seddon at
Hon and Charnley, 91, Oldhall street
Jones Francis L. 95, Park lane, and Tide mill, South shore
Jones John, 34, Vauxhall road
Jones Rt. 19, Ranelagh at
Jones Wm. Y. 20, Norfolk at
Kay Thomas, 2, Chorley court
Lillyman Anthony S. 31, London road
Mallaby Jph. 35, Matthew at
Melling Peter and Co. 60, Lime st. and 9, London road
*Middlehurst Thos. 41, Brownlow hill
Morris & Hignett, 124, Tithebarn street
Myers Anth. jun. 1, Prescot st.
Pickering John, 6, Dansie st.
*Rawsthorn Richard, 1, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Scarsbrick Wm. 115, London rd.
Smirthwaite John, 13, Great Howard st.
Standish John, 43n, London rd.
Tomlinson Samuel, 1, Ranelagh street
Wearing Hannah, 3, Brownlow hill
Whalley James, 38 and 95, London road
Whitler James, 43, Lime st.
Whittle T. and P. 79, London rd.
Wilkinson H. H.30,Copperas hill
Williams P. C. 3, Pitt st


***,See also Corn Merchants; and, Corn and Flour Dealers.
Bird John S. Castle mills, 11, Meadows at.
Blundell Richard, 53, Fleet st. and 5, Seel st.
Cawkwell Rd. 8, Naylor st.
Gronow James, Hill st. South
Halewood Wm. 5, Telary st.
Hargraves John, 1 Regent's road
Owen Henry, 29, Islington
Partington John, 40, Limekiln lane
Partington Ralph, Bevington pl.
Pemberton Rd. 19, Great Howard street
Pickop Thos. 2, Love lane, N.
Rawsthom James, 43, Limekiln lane
Roberts Charles, 20, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Scott Jonathan, New mill, Toxteth park
Shaw Jeremiah, Old mill, Tothteth park,
Watson Wm. St. Domingo lane
White Stephen, 8, Crabtree lane
Wilcock Win. 86, New Scotland road
Winstanley Wm, Barton at. N.


*** See also Brokers, Cotton.
Boothby J. B. 3, Rumford st
Ellis Anthony, 5, Redcross st.
Gibson Michael, Kirkdale lane
Gordon Joshua, 46, Mersey st.
Harrison John, 7, Oldhall st.
Hilton James, 81, Oldhall st.
Lee Thos. & Co. 41, Union st.
Mackenzie Alex,. 60, Vernon st-
Marriner Rt. 2. Orange court, Castle st.
Mather Join P. 6, Netherfietd lane, North
Miller. John, 2, Fenwick st.
Shaw Geo. 21, Brunswick road
Stock Wm. 57, Oldhall st.
Straker& Brown, 25, William et.
Wade Samuel, 14, Chapel at.
Wei hurst Joseph, 5, Lancelot's hey
Webster John, 28, Lancelot's hey


The Dealers are marked thus *
*** See also Leather Merchants.
Barton Thomas, 10, Edmund at.
Barwise Isaac, 6, Gildart's gdns.,
Barwise John, 7, Whitechaape).
*Baynes John, 29, St. James' st.-
*Bellis Joseph, 1, Copperas hill
*Bolshaw Thomas,; 59a,, Greenland street
Bucklee Wm.&Co. 3, Tyrer et
Cross Wm. 81, Blundell st.
Crudgington Edward, 12, Harrington st.
Diamond John, 22, Milton st.
Eccles John and Sons, (Spanish) 36, Eccles st.
Furlong Nicholas, 14, Hawke st,
Gillow Robert, 45, Cable st.
Griffiths John, 5, Marybone
Halliday Peter, 74, Thomas en.
Heyes Thomas, 15, Shaw's brow
Hodgson Geo. 17, Batton gdn.
Hpoley Wm. 23, Wogd,st.
Jones Gabriel, 7, Marybone
Jones Thomas, 27, Hatton gdn. and. 105, Whitechapel
Lees John, 5, Post office place
Lloyd Rowland, 98, Pitt st.
Matthews Wm. 4, Spitalfields
M'Kenna Lawrence, 12. Sparling street
Metcalf Mark, 48, Tithebarn st.
MIlburn Isaac, 92, Richmond row
Milburn Joha,43,O1dhaymarket
Nicholas Jeremlah,42, Vernon at.
Nicholas Wm. 66, Whitechapel
*Owen Wm. 7, George at
Pattinson John, 2, Argyle e4
*Quilliash Thos. 5,Adlington st.
!Rigby Lewis, 21, Copperas hill
Roberts Rt. 27 & 28, Ormond st.
Roberts Ella 99, Brownlow hill
Samuel Edward, 78, ByrOm at.
Samuel Watkln, 13, Great Crosshall street
*Seddon Thomas, o , rasa Lane
Shepherd John,l5,Ralurord gdn.
Sibberin Thos. 26, Orange st.
*Smith John, 64, Crosshall at,
Tunstall John, 29, Sir Thomas buildings
Tunstall J. & J. 4, Hood st.
Williams Rd. 6, Virgil at
Wilson and Ankers, 6, Harrington st
Wilson and Rowland, 84, Banastre street
Woods Rt. 24, Whitechapel


Armroyd John, 45, Church at.
Beckett Jonathan, 89,W hitechpL
blunting John, 15, Paradise at.
Buxton Edmund and Co. 2, Pool lane
Drury & Wilde, 12, Castle at.
Dunaford Jabez, 14, School lane
Green John, 167, Dale at.
Hallam John, 3, Mason street. Wapping
Jones Thomas, (cutlery dealer) 50, Lord at.
Lloyd Wm. 36, Paradise st
Lowe Chphr. 42, Scotland rd.
Richardson Thus. 7, Post ofilee place
Robinson Geo. 48, Dale et.
Roome Wm. 36, Old haymarket
Rotherham Wm. 50, Church at.


Berend Saml S. 25, Bold st.
Blair & Turner, 51, Bold at.
Cafferata Joseph, 3,Cornwalis st.
Lloyd Thos. W. 69, Bold at
Perry Wm. 65, Seel at
Rose James, 130, Duke st.
Thomas Conoly, 37, Sir Thomas' buildings


Blundell R. (distiller) 55, Fleet at. and 5, Seel at
Bullen Hugh & Co (rectifiers) 6, James st.
Copeland T. and H. (rectifiers) 78, Marybone
Preston RL and Co. (rectifiers) 7, 8, & 9, Vernon at


AspInall Geo. 78, SL James' at.
Bainbridge Peter & Co. 66, Byrom street
Baylis Robert, 19, London mad
Birchall Henry, 48, London road
Birch leall Ieeac, 7, Castle at.
Bird J. M. (wholesale)14, Lord at.
Bird Rd.67, St. James' at.
Birdsall Joseph, 32, Dale st.
Birdsall Joseph, 19, Park lane
Bradley Edward, 14. Gt. Charlotte street
Bruce Rd. 6A, Berry at.
Butler 6c Wood, 62, Castle st.
Carter Rd. 118, St. James' st.
Clay Robert, 88, Bold at.
Corbin Thomas, 61, Greet Crow MI street
Cumming Hugh, 3, Pool lane
Deane John, 3, Castle eG
Dobson J. T. 31, Williamson st.
Dutton John, 33, Redcross st.
Ellison J. 6c T. 40, Church st
Gerrard James, 17, Oldhall st.
Hargrave Henry, 53, Church at
Hobson Jph. T. 11, Church st
Holt Rd. 19a, Brownlow hill
Horley & Eyre, (wholesale) 6, Temple place
Horton. Henry, 89, Mt. pleasant
Howell Geo. H. 147, Dale at
Johnson Samuel, (wholesale) 4, Church st and 3, School lane
Jones Robert, 84, Dale st.
Jones Thomas, 1, Vauxhall road, (drug mill) 10, Mary Ann st.
Jones Wm. 32, Paradise .t.
Jane Charles, 47, Church at
Lathbury Robert, 20, Castle at.
Law Samuel, 36, Scotland road
Lloyd Richard, 7, Preeson's row
Lyon Thos. 28, Tithebarn at.
Maynard Thomas, 99, Bold st
Morris Samuel, 1, London road
Moss Thomas, (apothecary) Mason st. Edge hill
Nodin Joseph, 37, Knight .,.
Owen & Rawson, 67, London rd.
Parke drums, 18, Ranelagh st. and 28, Slater at.
Peeling John, 22, Scotland road
Phillips John L. 103, Pitt st.
Preston Robert,49, Ccpperaahill
Priestley john, 61, W hitecbapel
Reeves Thos. 95, Whitechapel
Roberts Peter, 47, Ranelagh at.
Robinson Thomas, 91, Great. Crosshall st.
Ryland Wm. and Joseph, .9, Pool lane
Scholfield David, 13, Queen sq.
Sharpe Wm. 1I2, Pitt st.
Simon John, 49, Byrom st.
Simon Thos. 69, Oldhall at.
Tanner NicholasW m.14,Houghtd4n street
Taylor John, (& apothecary,) 7e, Cleveland squat*
Taylor J. and J. and Co. (whole sale) 9, Seddon st
Thomas Joseph, 145, Dale st.
Thomak Geo. 104, Tithebarn st.
Thompson Thos. 75, Church st.
Turner Thomas and Co. 10, Dale street
Warren Richard, 17, Pool lane, and 12, St. Anne at.
Watson Wm. 5, Scotland place


Pam €oft Jph. 34, Redcross st.
Burley.Jph. & Co.13, Hanover at.
Cattarall Win. & Co. 19, Fenwick street
Colley John, 19, Gradwell st.
Davies James and Co. 37, Redcross st.
Dox:aelly Daniel, 2, Park lane
Harrop John & Co. 35, Lawton st. & East side Canal bank
Hart Patrick, 3, Atherton st
Highfield and Birch, (dye wood mills) 63, Seel st.
Isaac Geo. 7 & 10, Bath st
Lloyd Richard, 7, Preeson's row
Miller John, 3, Manesty lane
Roberts Robert, 22, Cheapside
Smith W. & M. and Co. 4, Mr'thew street
Taylor J. and J. and Co. 9, Seddon street
Thomas Geo. 104, Tithebarn at.
Thompson & HB1, 52, VauxhaP road
Thorne James, 64, Hurst st.


Arnold Win. 4, Ranelagh at.
Blewitt Wm. 8, Gerard st
Braik Alexander, 6, Pitt at
Brown George, (featherand silk) 4, Mount pleasant
Connell James, 132, New Scotland road
Fraser John, 13, Kent st
Harrison John, 43, London road
Hawkins Win. (& scourer) 39 Cable st.
Hogg James, 7, Ranelagh at. & . Clayton lane
Jewitt Sohn, 22, London road
Jewitt John, 68, Gerard st.
Mead Mary, 79, Tithebarn st.
Meadhurst Margaret, Whitehead's court, Lord at.
Ravenscroft Stephen, 4, Great George place
Steens John, 137, New Scotland road
Warrington Edmund, 39, Byrom street
Wright Ann, 9, Hood at. and 25, Pitt Orel


*** See also Glass 4- China Dlrs.
Barker Wm. 62, Harrington st.
Drown John, 103, Brownlow hill
Denton Mary, 68, St. James' St.
Eden Sarah, 9, Williamson sq.
Hawkins Thos. 7, Old ropery
Hodkinson Martha, 113, New Scotland road
Jackson Jph. 3, New market pl.
James Wm. 28, Mersey st.
Jones Wm. 48, St. James' place
Lewis Jane, 15, Gloucester st.
Mawdsley Eliz. 32, London road
Mounsey Edw. 3, Richmond row
Norris John, 6, Ranelagh st.
Pritchard Sarah, 19, Pownall sq.
Ridgway Sarah, 34, Scotland rd.
Rockliffe Alice, 5, Gt. Crosshall street
Sanders Jonth. 31, Cleveland sq.
Shuttleworth Elizabeth, 178, Vauxhall road
Squires Mary, 147, New Scotland road
Steward John, 10, Copperas hill
Walsh Ann, 9, Preeson's row


Ashton Thomas, 69, Christian st.
Beck Ann, 1, Cooper's row
Boulton John, 3, Derby square
Brown John, 22, Roberts st. N.
Calson Thomas, corner of Redcross st. and Bird st.
Catteral Thomas, 8, Elliot st.
Cole Samuel, 15, Preeson's row
Craig John, 15, Redcross st.
Crowther John, 3, Marble st.
Dobson Samuel, 22, L. Castle st.
Fraser Alex. 7, Vauxhall road
Hacking Wm. 4, Upper Dawson street
Hammond Jph. 31, Sir Thomas' buildings
Hopwood Henry, 124, Dale st.
Home and Statham, 8, Old Church yard
HorridgeJames, 4 & 5, Castle st.
Jones Margaret,41, London road
Keen' Thos. (Commercial Coffee House) 7, High st.
Maxwell Benj. 173, Dale st.
Pierce Wm.(Hygeian chophouse) 37, Brunswick st
Porter Maria, Market st.
Porter Wm. 8, Wapping
Price Edward, 28, Wapping
Pughe Ann, 31, Whitechapel
Shakeshaft Samuel, 17, King st.
Shaw John, 164, Dale at.
Sherwood Wm. 7, Albion st
Thornley John, 23, Scotland rd.


Green Elizabeth, 59, Fleet st.
Littlejohn Arthur, 93, Bold st.
Myers Samuel, 11, Gloucester st.
Myers Wm. 8, Seel st
Riby Wm. & T. (dealers) 22, Whitechapel


Jackson Robert, (sand and glass paper mfr.) 55, Preston st.
Johnson Saml. 14a, Shaw's brow


Astley Thomas, 59, Stanley st.
Astley Wm. 15, Hale st.
Benson Richard, 6, Hart st.
Bower Samuel, Bank buildings, Castle st,
Breckell Thomas, 6, Fleet st.
Clark Wm. Lord st. chambers
Clarke John, 6, Tithebarn st.
Dennett Wm. (watch) 6, Webster street
Earnshaw Thomas, 5, Gerard st.
Gregory Rd. 1, Spring place
Howarth Geo. 9, Paradise st
Jackson Frederick, 25, John st.
Johnson Isaac, (printer) Bakehouse court, Shaw's brow
Keith Adam, 61, Harrington st.
Lowe Rt. 4, Jubilee buildings
Mosses Alexander, 12, Benson st.
Nicholson S. and G. (wood and copper, & designers) 21, Islington
Parker James, (glass) 76, Park lane
Powell John, 4, Brunswick st.
Smith Thomas, 10, Paradise st.
Smith Edw. 48, Gloucester st.
Underhill Thomas, 124, whitechapel
Walker J. and A. (and agents for sale of Admiralty charts) 33, Pool lane
Walker John, I, Marshall st.
Willis Charles, (watch) 6, Trueman street
Worthington Peter, (watch) 3, Pownall square
Yates Samuel, 13, Lord eh


Brett George, 37, Lord st.
Gifford John, 39, Church st.
Nangle Wm. 6, Williamson st
Yates & Hess, 13, Lord st.


*** See Quill Dressers, and Ostrich Feather preparers.


Eccles John & Sons, 36, Eccles st. and Bootle
Fairclough David, 74, Highfield street
Groves Geo. 22, Freemason's row
Reynolds Rd. 2, Bevington bush road
Wilson & Rowland, 84, Banastre street
Woods Jas. & Co. 64, C11eapside


Ashort Wm. 45, Trueman st.
Green Eliz. 59, Fleet st.
Hill John, 8, Albion st.
Littlejohn Arthur, 98, Bold st.
Longworth John, Longworth's court, Vernon st
Lucas James, 24, New Scotland road
Moake John, 3, Sidney st. Duncan street, East
Rockett Robert, Walker place, Hatton garden
Smeatham Wm. 8, Albion st.
Swindlehurst Edward, 5, Hill st. East
Watkinson Thos. 35, Eccles st.


ALBION, Geo. Booth, jun. 49, Castle street
ATLAS, E. and T. Swainson, 2, Rumford st.
BEACON FIRE AND EUROPEAN LIFE ANNUITY, James Henry Clough, 6, Exchange court
BRITISH COMMERCIAL, C. and W . Okill, 43, School lane
BRITISH FIRE & WESTMINSTER LIFE, Geo. Forwood, 2, Dale street
COUNTY FIRE & PROVIDENT LIFE, Wm. Reynolds, 3. Exchange st. East, and M'Viccar and Tait, 10, Water st.
EAGLE, James Yorstoun, 14, Exchange st. East
GLone, Joseph Robinson, 35, Sweeting st.
GUARDIAN, Wm. Chamley, 9, Exchange alley
HOPE, G. and J. Robinson, 59, Castle st.
IMPERIAL, Lawson and Clarke, 1, High st. Exchange
LONDON UNION, Henry Hamer, 15, Old Church yard
NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Jas. Walker, 38, Brunswick st.
NORTH BRITISH, Chas. M'Murdo, 21, Exchange buildings, and L. M'Kinnon, 19, E. side Salthouse dock
NORWICH UNION, Rd. Dawson, 6, Exchange st. West
PnucNIx & PELICAN, George Green, 1, Exchange st. West
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Wm. Wallace Currie, 4, High st. and John Park, 1, Exchange court
SCOTLAND, INSURANCE CO. OF, Win. Wither spoon, 58,Lord st. II
Sax, Charles Pole, 4, Exchange street, West
WEST OF ENGLAND, William Whitehouse, 10, Exchange buildings
FIRE ENGINE HER. Tyror Wm. (patent chamber) 8, Lower Surrey st.


Barker Bennett, 42, Mersey st.
Francis Wrn. 70, Tithebarn st.
Mercer Win. (& hemp) 9, Fenwick street
Robinson Joseph, 12, James' st.
White itobert, 56, Pool lane
Williams Rt. 6, Old ropery
Winn Win. 137, Dale st.


Kirkpatrick Thos. 33, Church st.


*** See also Corn and Flour Dealers and Bakers, and Provision Merchants & Dealers.
Adamson Sarah, 13, Peter lane
Ambrose Thomas, 39,Westmoreland street
Anderton Cath. 80, Whitechapel
Archer James, 48, King st.
Ashcroft Rt. 101, New Scotland road
Backhouse Eliz. 32,Adlington st.
Baldwin Rt. St. John's lane
Bancroft John, Park road
Barber Jane, 51, Renshaw st.
Barber Wm. 70, Marybone
Barker Joseph, 11, Fox st.
Barrow Richard, 133, New Scotland road
Barton Mary, 21, Chapel st.
Barwise Ann, 84, Richmond row
Bell Esther, 11, Christian at.
Bennion Wm. 12, Hill st. East
Bibby Thomas, 6, Crump st.
Billington John, 84, Gerard st.
Birkett John, 33, Fontenoy st.
Blakeley Bridget, 7, Cleveland square, and 2, Seddon st.
Boud Marg. 227, Vauxhall road
Bradshaw Rd. 1, Shaw's brow
Briscoe John, 18, Duke st.
Brookfield James, 10, Byrom st.
Brown John, 91, Richmond row
Burroughs Jph.21,Bevington hill
Callwood John; 23, Edmund at
Cavanagh Edw. 29, Hill st. S.
Cawkwell Richard, 8, Naylor st
Charters Robert, 93, Park lane
Cheshire Mary,33,BroWnlow hill
Chime Rd. 69, Brownlow hill
Cholmondley John, 10, Hill st. Bast
Clare E. A. 16, Hill st. East
Corns Mary, 7, Sawney Pope st.
Cowdell Edw. 78, GtCrosshall st.
Cowell Jph. 73, Gt. Crosshall at.
Crane Agnes, 29, Mersey st.
Crowther Eliz. Hill st. South
Cuddon Wm. 13, C)tisenhale st.
Culshaw Mary, 2, Falkland st.
Culshaw Peter, 6, Scotland pl.
Davies Daniel, 62, Shaw's brow
Davies John, 9, Newhall st.
Davies Roger, 91, Park lane
Davies Thos. 24, Stanhope st.
Dean John, 15, Pellew st.
Drewett Charles, 7, Christian st.
Dugdale Wm. 45 & 46, Scotland road
Ellis John, 25, Rupert st.
Rears David, 41, Marybone
Evans Hugh, 30, New Scotland road
Evans Peter, 52, Hurst st.
Farley Wm. 16, Lionel st.
Farrar Thomas, 58, Mill street
Farrer Wrn. 21, Scotland road
Forshaw Thomas, 114, Tithebarn street
Gerrard Mary, Bedford st.
Golding John, 6, Castle ditch
Goodall Wm. 30, Trueman st.
Graham Thos. 2, Rupert place, Blake street
Green Win. 51, Byrom at.
Green Wm. 18, New Bird st.
Griffith James, 24, Highfield st.
Gronow James, 63, Grafton st.
Groom Henry, 11, Price st.
Guest Wm. J. 06, Dale st.
Harding John, 31, Mersey st.
Harding Thurstan, 59, Blundell street
Harris John, 83, Vauxhall road
Harrison Wm. 12, Pellew st.
Harvey Wm. 24, Brownlow hill
Haslam Ephraim, 48A, Mount pleasant
Hawksey Mary, 13, Park road
Hayhurst Ellen, 105, Mount pleasant
Henderson Wm. 3, Norfolk st.
Heywood John, 13, Standish st.
Hignett Thos. 56, Tithebarn st.
Hinde Robert, 42, Henry st.
Hixon John, 19, Cable st.
Hogarth John, I, Blake st.
Holme Edward, 67, Dale st.
Holmes John, 30, Circhs st and 82 Copperas hill
Houghton W m.51, Sawney Pope street
Hubbersty John, 27, Marybone
Hudson Wm. 24, Bedford st.
Hughes John, 10. Lower Harrington street
Hughes John, 17, Lionel st
Hughes Thomas, 60, Renshaw street
Humphreys John, High street, Edge hill
Hutchen Mary, 16, Scotland rd.
Jackson Jonathan, 87, Pitt st.
Jackson Thos. 14, Gradwell st.
Jackson Thos. 19, Hurst st,
Jagger Eli, 7, Surrey st.
Johnson Rd. 15, Heath st.
Jones Charles, 122, St. James' sh
Jones Edw. 15, Hurst st.
Jones Henry, 58, Marybone
Jones Hugh, 8, Gascoyne st.
Jones Samuel, 44, Thomas st.
Kay John, 10, Croston st.
Kaye John, 64, Great Crosshall street
Kermode Wm. 21, King at. Soho
Kemes John, 45, Byrom st.
Kitchen Henry, 49, Christian at.
Knowles Wm. 97, Brownlow hill
Lane Frances, 10, Rainford garden
Leigh Rt. 8, Scotland place
Lynnell Thomas,.' 0, Heath st. Hill st. South
Lyon Edmund, 25, Bispham st.
M'Donald Michael, 38, Paradise street
Madden Dennis, 17, Knight st.
Makin Charles, 40, Circus st.
Makin Charles, jun. 152, New Scotland road
Marsh Thos. 131, Duke st.
Martin Ann, 25, Brownlow hill
Maurice Thomas, 2, Old ropery
Mawdsley Philip, 114, New Scotland road
Mellor and Weston, 81, Mount pleasant
Meredith Rd. 119, Whitechapel
Mlott John, 1044, S£ James' at
Molyneux Rd. 11, Scotland Id.
Moore John, 52, Marybone
Morgan Juhn, 58, Circus at.
Morris George, 39, Strand at.
Morrison Wm. 22, Standish st.
Mossman Wm. 38, Ijatlover et.
Musker Charles, 207, Vauxhall road
Myers Anthony, 66, Gloucester street
Naylor Henry, 34, Upper Harrington st
Nichols Wm. 43, Hurst st.
Nickless John, 31, Park lane
Okill George, 20, Ben tonson et,
Park Mary, 6, Brownlow hill
Parker Ralph, 33, Stanley sG
Parr Joseph, 39, Preston st.
Parr Joseph, 59, Leeds st.
Parr and Mercer, 50, Scotland road
Parry Wm. 27& 28,Hackin's hey
Partingtoh John, 69, New Scotland road
Pearson Robert, 1, Knight st.
Pegg Jph. 15i L Harrington st-
Phillips Joseph, 45, Mersey st.
Pickavance Joseph, 63, New Scotland road
Porter John, 20, Circus st.
Power Rd. 102, New Scotland rd.
Powell John? & 8, Prussia st.
Prescott Wm. 74, Norfolk st,
Price Ann, 30, Strand st.
Price Ellen, 81, Dale st.
Price Rd. 85, Fontenoy st.
Pritchard Rd. 22, George at.
Prydderch John, St. James' pl.
Richardson John, 32, Marybone
Riding Bryan, 52, Lime st.
Rigby John, 95, St. James' st.
Roberts Rd. 24, Christian st.
Roberts Rt. 1, Wolfe st.
Roberts Rt. 79, Dale st
Robinson Jonathan, 48, &nitland road
Rushton David, 69, Christian st.
Rycroft Harmah,ll,Thunlow st.
Seddon Catharine, 4, Hill at. S.
Shacklady 'Montag, 10, Volk it.
Shepherd John, Prescot at
Shepherd Wm. 67, Great Grosshall street
Shoel Ebenezer, 16,Lhnekiln In.
Smith Jas. 112, New Scotland rd.
Smith John, 19, Bevington bush road
Spears James, 92, Gloucester st.
Spencer Rt. 1, St. Paul's sq.
Stevens John, 62, St. James' st.
Swarbrick ltd. 39, Hunter at.
Tarleton R:lchatd, 44, Ray st.
Thompson Christopher, 3, Gore street
Tomlinson R£ 9. James at.
Tongue Wm. 30, Stanley st.
Tyson James, 25, Bevington bush road
Unsworth Wm. 6, Bent st.
Wainwright James, 16, Brownlow hill
Walker Ann, 72, Cable st.
Walker Thomas, 50, Marybone
Warden Henry, 46, Pool lane
Webb Peter, 179, Vauxhall road 1
Western Edw. 16, Crosshall st
Weston Alice, 19, Coekspur st.
Wharton James, (commission) 13, Trowbridge place
Whitehead Rd. 19, Scotland rd. and 26, Cavendish st.
Whitfield Enoch, 7, Fairclough street
Wilcox Rebecca, 12 and 13, Greenland et
Wilkins Rt. 118, Whitechapel
Williams Benj. 19, Berry st.
Williams Benj. 50, Oldhall st.
Williama Philip C. 82, St James' street
Wileon John, 45, Richmond row
Woodend Jonathan P. 49, Blspham street
Woods Ellen, 23, Copperas hill
Woodward Wm. 56,Shaw's brow
Wren Abraham, 39, Copperas hill


Constantine Thomas, (and line tassel) 132, Dale street, and 7, Suffolk street
Webb Alfred, 35, Church st.


Chapman Thomas, 40, Redcross street
Corf Catharine, 17, Paradise st.
Dunn Wm. 27, Moor st.
Fawcett Thomas, 72, New scotland road
Gribbin Catharine, 24, Byrom st.
Hallowell Wm. 13, Berry st.
Jones Thomas, 40, St. John's market
Kirkbride Mary, 37, Whitechapel
Middlewood James. (& proprietor of botanic oil) 28, Castle I street
Smoult Eliz & S. 95, Bold st
Sure John, 13, Castle street
Tarbuck Mary, 82, Whitechpl.
Tyerman John, 21, London rd.
Venables Amelia, 31, Scotland road
Wheeler Henry, him 1, castle st.
Worthington Eliz. 52, Lord at.


Geller John G. 13, Dale street
Ilbery J. J. (broker) 17, Lambert street.
Leicester John, 163, Dale street
M`Andrew & Pitcher, 182, Dale street
Sttrhmerdeld & Fenton, 2, John street


Marked thus * are also CabinetMakers, & thus $ are Joiners,
than * Cabinet-Makers and Upholsterers
Alcock Jas. 50, Stanley street
Allport Wm. 51, Stanley street
Arrowsmith Thos. 12, Stanley street
Ashton John, J, Pick op street
*Asphalt Jas. 3, Derby street
$Atherton Geo. 60, Stanley st
$Atherton Jas. 32, Stanley st.
Barker Jph. 36; Stanley street
*Bissell Joseph, 75, Dale street
Brown John, 71, Stanley street
Brown Stephen, 21, Stanley st.
*f Chester Rt. 23, Stanley street
*Clare John, 23, Hatton garden
Clegg Jas. 14, Great Crosshall st
Critchley Joseph, 11, Edgar st.
Cross Eliz. 15, Stanley street
Cummins Rd. 45, Stanley street
Davies Cathn. 18, Stanley street
Davies Ann, 31, Matthew street
*Davies Edward, 52, Stanley st.
Bennett Sarah, 15, Fontenoy st.
Duffield Ann, 47, Stanley street
East John, 24, Matthew street
Ellis Evan, 26, Matthew street
Falkner Wm. 66, Stanley street
*Foulkes John, 55, Stanley st.
Gratty Jas. 28, Stanley street
Grindley Rt. 58, Stanley street
Hamilton Wm. 69, Stanley st.
Harrow Wm. 7, Fontenoy street
Hasslehurst Ann, 56, Stanley st.
Hayward Rt. 40, Stanley street
*Hedge Wm. 71, Tithebarn st.
*Howard Edw. 43 & 57, Stanley street
Hughes John, 44, Park lane
*Hunter Wm. 62, Stanley street
*Huxley Thos. C. 52, Park lane
*Jess Geo. 72, Tithebarn street
*Johnson Arch. 24, Hatton gdn.
Jolliffe Jas. 64, Shaw's brow
1 Jolly Alice, 4C, Stanley street
1 Jones Geo. 31, Stanley street
Kelly Rt. 23, Rainford garden
Kelshaw Jas. 20, Marybone
Kendall Thos. 38 and 42, Stanley street.
*Kennedy Josiah, 76, Hanover street
Kennedy Joseph, 58, Stanley st.
Kitchen John, 12. Derby street
Kneen Thos. 63, Stanley street
Lawton Geo. 72, Stanley street
Lepp John, 6, Fontenoy street
Lewis Eliz. 6, Marybone
Long James, 36, Marybone
*Martin Hugh, 7, Stanley street
*Melling Jas. 19, Stanley street
Morgan Adw, 35, Stanley street
Morgan Mary, 11, Stanley street
Moulson Manlove, 84, Great Crosshall street
Norris Mary, 99, Fonteu,,y st
*Page John, 17, Bath street
Page Luke, 61, Stanley street
Pearson Thos. 25, Stanley street
*Perry Edw. 41, Stanley street
PepIt John, 11, Dickinson it.
Pinkham Jas. 49, Stanley street
Pritchard Jas. 34, Stanley street
Pye John, 41, Gerard street
*Quiggin John, 29, Matthew st.
Quirk Ann, 6, Stanley st.
Quirk Danl. 5, Stanley street
Reston Rd. 31, Fontenoy street
Roberts Evan, 17, Stanley street
Roberts Henry, 19 Byrom st.
Robinson Betty, 74, Stanley st.
Robinson Thos. 48, Stanley st.
Rogers Peter, 20, Fontenoyst.
Rogers Rt. 44, Stanley street
*Royle John, 53, Stanley street
Sargent Thos. 102, Fontenoy at.
Silbowden John, 54, Tithebarn street.
Stanistreet John, 10, Stanley st.
Stanistreet Saml. 31, St. James' street
Taylor John, 74, Marybone
Tongue John, 25, Matthew st.
Tunstall Wm. 1, Bevington bush
Tyrer John, 9, Stanley street
Wadden Mary,100, Fontenoy st.
Wainwright John, 21, Park lane
Ward Ann, 24, Stanley street
Whitaker Sarah, 29, Stanley st.
Wilkinson Rt. 68, Stanley street
Williams Ann, 14, Stanley street
*Williams Owen, 70, Stanley st.
Williams Saml. 27, Stanley st.
Williamson John, 30, Standish street


Conway & Co. 29, Lord street
Cooke Mary, 89, Great Crosshall street
Emett Rd. 3, Parr street.
Harrison Henry 6, Back Colquitt street
Harrison John, 13, Hatton gdn.
Hoskin Rt. 16, Lord street
Jowett J. & H. 84, Bold street
Miller Wm. (fur cap maker) 3, Marshall street
Price Eli, 24, Hunter street
Thompson Geo. H. 1, Derby sq.


*** See also Nursery & Seedsmen.
Holcroft Jas. Yew Tree house, Dingle lane
Jones Wm. H. Prescot street
Rutter Jas. Everton lane
Thomas Rt. Yew Tree house, Dingle lane
Thompson Alex. Church street, Everton
Wike John, Brook house, Smithdown lane
Woodward Abel, Edge lane, Edge hill
Wrighton Rd. 80, Highfield st.


Birnie Rt. 18, Pall mall
Cooper Wm. 62, Addison street
Grassam Adw. 9, Rainford gdn.
Seddon John, 9, Chaloner street


*** See also Earthenware Dlrs.
Boardman Jas. 82, Bold street
Bourne, Baker, & Bourne, 22,
East side Salthouse dock ; (agent, Ralph Bennett)
Brown Jas. 112, Whitechapel
Buxton Edw. 9, Price st. & 57, Cleveland square
Child Roylance, 17, Chester st.
Clews Jas. & Co. 52, Castle st.
Curzon Jane, 40, Pool lane
Davenport J. & J. 1, Park lane, and 51, S. side Old dock
Ford Thos. 47, Pool lane
Flall Rd. & Son, 2, South End George's dock
Herculaneum Pottery Co. South shore, Toxteth park ; warehouse, 4, Duke street
Holt Jas. 7, Clayton square
Ingleby Thos. 23, E. side Dry dock
Mansfield & Hackney, 5, Preeson's row; (agent, Jas. Clowes)
Rees David, 8, E. side Dry dock, & 65, Strand street.
Rigg Brothers, 33, N. side Old dock
Robinson Jas. 2, Great George place.
Serjeant John, 19, E. side Salthouse dock
Shamins Danl. 17, Cleveland sq.
Smith Fredk. 2, Old haymarket
Stevenson Ralph, 32, Pool lane
Swaine T. & R. 16, Mersey st.
Thomas Wm. & Co. 16, Cleveland square.
Turner Thos. 11, Queen square
Webster, Brothers, 21, E. side Salths. dock, & 10, Ansdell st.


Lyon Geo. 91, Brownlow hill
Patterson & Steel 41, Fleet st.


Atherton Jnthn. (cut glass) 21, King st. Soho
Bristol Crown Glass Co. (Chas. M'Murdo, agent) 15, Brunswick st.
Burdy Geo. & Co. I, Hanover st.
Carnes Christopher (crown glass) 10, Crooked lane
Davenport J. & J. 1, Park lane, & 51, S. side Old dock
Dennison Thos. (crown glass and bottle) I, Salths. dock gates
Dixon Joseph (crown glass) 67A, S. side Old dock
Dumbarton Glass Co. 12, E. side
Dry dk. (Thomas Boyd, agt.)
Geddes William, (cut glass) 2, Springfield st.
Holt Jas. (cut glass) 7, Clayton sq. & 62, Byrom st.
Holt James, jun. (cut glass) 22, King st. Soho
Holt Thos. (flint) 77, Hanover street
Homer Jas. (cut) 19, Price st.
llunslet Crown Glass Co. 19,
Price et.; (agent, Jas. Homer)
Ledger Thos. (watch) 63, Whitechapel
Moore & Gouthwaite, (glass bottle) 13, Exchange st. East
Newcastle Glass Co. (crown) 16, Vernonet.; (John Smith, agt.)
Orford & Foster, (bottle) 190, Vauxhall road
Patterson & Steel, (cutters and engravers) 5, Bold st.
Perrin, Geddes, & Co. 11, Water st. ; works, Warrington
Steel & Foster, (flint) 11, Argyle street
Stock Thos. (crown & window) 12, Dale st.


Chapman Geo. I, Greek st.
Chapman John, 24, Lord at.
Chapman Wm. 51, Renelagh st.
Davies Elie. 45, Church st.
Dawson Thos. 90, Lord st.
Guy Wm. 42, Lord st.
Hughes John, 1, Marshall st.
Nicholls Edw. 59, Whitechapel
Sommerville R. H. & Co. 66, Church st.
Tanton Jas. 68, Park lane


Eccles John & Sons, 36 & 37, Eccles st.
Lowe Wm. 25, Bevington st.


Mercer John, (refiner) 9, Sir Thomas' buildings
Naybours Robert, (beater) 80, Oldhall st.


Abbott John E. (working jeweller) 6, Richmond st.
Barned Israel & Co. (bullion dirs.) exchange and discount office, 2, Lord st.
Clarke John, (working) 45, Hanover st.
Cohan Asher, 26, Pool lane
Coleman & Chapman, 60, Castle street
Cumpstey Thos. (jeweller) 60, Harington st.
Daniels H. & J. 39, Castle st.
Delisser Ellis, 48, Castle st.
Doke It. & Co. 31, Castle st.
Farrington Henry, (working jeweller) Eaton et. Williamson st.
Fisher John, (& working jeweller) I, Williamson square
Hess It. 36, Pool lane
Howard John, 26, Paradise st.
Hunt Saml. 76, Church st.
Irwin Ebenz. (& working jeweller) 24, John st.
Isaacs Ralph, 35, Castle st
Jones Rt. & Sons, (and dealers in bullion) 71, Castle at & 2, Water at
Jones Thos. 50, Lord st.
Jones & Painter (working jewellers) 44, Church st.
Kind John, 1, Church st.
Lyons C. & S. 43. Renelagh st.
Moss Jas, (jeweller) St. John's ln.
Samuel Lewis, 4A, Lord st.
Samuel Louis& Co.41, Castle st.
Samuel Simpson, & Co. 31, Castle at.
Wordley Jas. 68, Lord st.
Yates & Hess, 13, Lord et.


Ascroft John, 72 & 73, Bridgewater st.
Edwards John, (Bath stove) 30, Matthew st
Ellison Jas. 18, Derby st.
Flitcroft Seth, 18, Castle at.
Grindley John, 28, Matthew st.
Matthews Thos. 11, Derby st.
Pooley Henry, & Co. 80, Detest.


Bembridge Joseph, (awl blade maker) 15, Upper Mann st.
Case Thomas (awl blade maker) 15, Norbury place


*** See also Grocers Wholesale and Tea Dealers.
Allinson Elie. 57, Plumbs at.
Archer Jas. 20, Clayton st.
Atkins Geo. 38, Raneiagh at.
Barber Was. 1, Bispham st.
Barker Chas. 22, Blundell st. and 8, S. Union st.
Barrow C. Hill st. South
Barton Mary, 2I, Chapel st
Barwise Ann, 84, Richmondrow
Bate J. & W. M. 29, Tithebarn street
Beckett, Brothers, 2, Roe at.
Benson Rd. 86, Richmond row, and 49, Byrom st.
Benson Wm. 43, Castle st, and 2, Elliot at.
Bilby Jas. 6, Crump st.
Blease John, 88, Richmond row
Bradbury Wm. 35, Byrom st.
Bradshaw Elie. 44, Jordan at
Bradshaw Rd. 1, Shaw's brow
Brown John, 91, Richmond row
Burroughs Jph. 21, Bevington hill
Calvert Jas. T. B0, Sr. James' st.
Cearns Saml. 12, Cleveland sq.
Chinn Rd. 69, Brownlow hill
Clare John J. 90, Oldhall at. and 8, Williamson square
Clay Rt. 18, Scotland place
Coward John, 11, Simpson at.
Cowden Edwd. 78, Great Crosshall at
Crowther Elite Hill st. South
Crowther IsAac, 48, New Bird at.
Cuddon Wm. 13, Chisenhale st.
Currie Hugh, 12, King st.
Davies John, 9, Newhall st.
Denman John, 24, Pownall sq.
Dixon John, 10, Pownall std.
Dowbiggin Wm. IA, Price st.
Dring Rt. 73, Pitt st.
Duncan Rt. 35, Strand at.
Dutton Susanna H. 84, St,dames' street
Eagleton &Co. 69, Lord st.
Eastwood John, I, Dale st.
Eaton Eliz. 3, Commutation row
Elliott Elie. 57, Pitt st.
Etsin Wm. 155, Palest.
Evans Hugh, 30, Neat Scotland road
Evans Peter, 52, Hurst st.
Fegan John, 211, Vauxhall road
Featherstone Francis, 41, Scotland road
Fordham John, 4, College lane
Frodsham & Marrow, 1, Pool lane, and 1, Elliott st.
Gardiner Henry, 32, Wapping
Goff Geo. and Hy. 7, Scotland pl.
Gorman Thos. 12, Strand at.
Grassom and Cowan, 3, Liver at.
Grayson Sarah, 89, Park lane
Green Jph. 77, St. dames' st. and 26, Norfolk Sr.
Green Michl. 24, Maguire st.
Green Wm. 25A, Frederick st.
Green Wm. jun. 51, Byromst.
Gregson Wm. 15, Lord st.
Griffiths James, 63, London rd.
Griffiths Wm. 19, Standish at.
Hall and Irving, 2, Pitt st.
Halden Wm. A. 152, Dale at,
Harbridge Thos. 101, Pitt st.
Hartley & Holt 433, Whitethape
Harvey Wm. 24, Brownlow hill
Hiles Joseph, 4, Leece st.
Hodgson Geo. 56, Paradise st.
Hodgson Wm. 22, Tithebarn st.
Holden Henry, 74, Dale st.
Holder Saml. 18, St. Vincent at. East
Holme Edw. 67, Dale at.
Holmes John, 82, Copperas hill
Holt John D. 14, Roe at.
Holt Wm. 17, Brownlow hill
Hope Peter, 6, Castle ditch
Houghton Thos. 8, London road
Houghton Wm. Fox at.
Hudson Wm. Bedford at.
Jamey Mary, 50A, London road
Johnson Hugh, I, Preeson's row
Johnson John, 14, Berry st.
Jones Edw. 130, Whitechapel
Jones Francis L. 95, Park lane
Keale Henry, jun. 89, St. James' street
Kelly Thos. 47, Lora et.
Lamb Patrick, 33, Marybone
Lane Frances, 10, Rainford garden
Lawton Henry, 21, S. Union st
Lax John, 25, RaneIagh st.
Ligoe Sarah, 109, Tithebarn st.
Lyon Edmd. 25, Bispham st.
Mawdsley Philip, 114, N. Scotland road
M`Rae John, 41, TIthebarn at.
Mellor and Weston, 81, Mount pleasant.
Meredith Rd. 119, Whitethpl.
Mills Edw. 24, Cleveland sq.
Miott John, 104A, St. JameS st.
Moore John, 52, Marybone
Morgan Wm. 44, Dale st.
Morris Edw. 42, Pool lane
Morris Geo. 39, Strand at.
Mott Wm. 26, Basnett eh
Mottram Thos. 31, ShaW's brow
Naylor Hy. 31, Copperas hill
Newell John, 8, E. side Salthouse dock
Nicholson 3p1i.3 <, Rie7imotid mw
Okill Geo. 20, Ben Jonstnr st.
Owen Rd. 109, SL James st.
Park Mary, 6, Brownlow hill
Parker, Rd. D. 49, RanelagH dt.
Parkinson John, 17, Whitechpl.
Parr Jph: 39, Preston st.
Pearson Rd. 1, Knight at.
Pitt Henry, 42, Hyman st.
Plant Thos. 73, S. side Old dk.
Price Ellen, 81, Dale st.
Pritchard & Jones, 6, Prior art
Pye Rd. 154, Park lane
Reynolds Sarah, 53, Gerard st.
Rhead Jph. 59, Marybone
Rimmington John, 23, Whitechapel
Robinson Jnthn, 48, Scotland rd
Robinson Thos. 16, Byrom st
Rothwell John, 4, Berry st.
Rowlinson Thos. 19, James st,
Rewards Jph. 25, Upper Harrington st.
Shaw Thos. 22, Edmund at
Shepherd Wm. 67, Great Create hall st,
Sill A. & S. 83, Bold aI.
Singlehurst John, 20, Sawaey Pope st.
Slater Aspinall, 28, Pellew st.
Smart Jane, 19, Great Richmend at.
Smith Jas. 39, Rederoe$ at. and 2, Atherton et.
Smith John, 19, BeVIngton bush road
Stubbs Joe. 7d, Paradise at.
Taylor Thos. 35, Wapping
Tyson Jas. 26, Bevington bush road
Wade Wm, 35, James st.
Walton John, 84, Park lags
Wedgwood Aaron, 39, Old ha} market
Whitehead Richd. 19, Scotland road 6s 20, Caveudlsh sit
Wilkinson John, 75, Oldhall st.
Williams Hugh, 18, Oldhall st.
Williams Rd. 2, Williamson sq.
Wilson John, 45, Richmond row
Witter Jas. 43, Lime st.
Woolfall Jas. 14, New Scotland road


Ashhurst Jas. 44, John st.
Benson Wm. 43, Castle st. and 2, Elliot st.
Bird John S. 25, Cook st.
Canons and Parry, 45, John st.
Crossfield Geo. & Co. Temple court, John st.
Downwards & Mann, 1, Matthew st.
Evans and Gradwell, 65, Whitechapel
Gleave Rd. 4, Sir Thos'. bldgs.
Heap John & Sons, 4, Exchange court
Holt John D. 60, Dale st. & 14, Roe st.
Jackson John, 6, Temple court, John st.
Lightfoot, Humphreys, & Dodd, 11, Dale st.
Parry Edw. P. 40, Matthew st.
Redish Thos. & John, 7, Dale st.
Taylor, Callow, & Co. 9, Temple court
Weaver Daniel A. 71, Dale st.


Low Wood Co. 6, Exchange st. W. (agts. Dawson & Sutton)
Stanton Jas. Union ct. Castle st.
& Thelwall, near Warrington, (agent, David Hunter)


Hatton Hy. 6, High st. Exchg.
Holmes Hy. 88, Lord st.
Jones John, 43, Dale st.
Patrick Ann, 45, Strand st.
Robinson John, 13, Whitechapel


Addison Jas. 22, Paradise st.
Appleton Ellen, 82, Mt. pleasant
Bailey J. T. 14, Gt. Charlotte st.
Barber Eliz. & A. 4, London rd.
Bennison and Frankland, 142,Duke st.
Chapman John & WIlllam, 36, Church st.
Cooke Wm. 11, Gt. Charlotte st.
Eastwood John, 111, Pitt st,
Ellis Wm. & Co. 16, Church st,
Findlater Geo. 2, Richmond rw.
Glover James, 141, Duke at.
Hamell Jas. 94, Richmond row
Harris Wm, 54, Castle st.
Harrison H, A. 60, Bold st.
Hewitt S. & M. 38, Byrom st.
higham Geo. 44, Castle st.
Hoskin Rt. 16, Lord St.
Mounsey & Holden, 35, Church street
Parr C. & M. 55, Duke st.
Parr & Oglethorpe, 4, 5, & 79, Pitt st.
Phillips Jane, 102, Whitechapel
Singer Nathl. & Co. (& lacemen) 68, Church st.
Statham Edward, 3, Elliot st.
Sutton Maria, 21, Old haymkt. I


Johnson Win. Pinnington court, Brownlow hill


*** Those marked thus * are Curled Hair Mfrs. only.
Jones Fras. 14, Rainford gdn.
*Morrison Rt. 8, Matthew st
*Newick Wm. 46, Clayton st.


*** See also Provision Merchants and Dealers.
Brown James, 6, Cable st.
Chaddock Joseph, 9 and 10, St. John's market
Fagan Michael, 14, Price st.
Fairfield & Shallcross, 1, Liver st.
Gilmour W,n. 97, Whitechapel
Jones James, 77, Marybone
Kendal Jas. D. 22, S. Union st.
Miller Thos. 72, Great Crosshall st. & 3, Cockspur st.
Mossop John, 68, Oldhall st.
Newell Rt. 66, Oldhall st.
Pratchett, Booth, and Co. 25, Moor st.
Robinson, Girvin, & Co. 24, Mason st. & 28, Shaw alley
Shallcross Thos. jun. 41, Redcross st.
Sowerby Peter, 26, Castle ditch
Traner Hugh, 100, Park lane
Wade Wm. 52, Scotland road


*** See also Ironmongers.
Barnet Henry, 58, Pool lane
Bunting John, 15, Paradise st.
Clifford Thos. (broker) 3. S. side
Duke's dock quay
Cooke John, 38, Christian st.
Foley John, 2, Wapping
Green Wm. 50, Byrom st.
Lee Ann, 18, Church st.
Magnus Elias, 56, King st. Pool lane
Mason Jas. 13 & 9, Byrom st.
Miller Thos. 72, Gt. Crosshall st.
Moss James, St. John's lane
Wilson Thos. & Co. (merchants) 41, Pool lane


Archdell Thos. 29, James st.
Ardern Matilda, 41, Dale st.
Beckett Win. 130, Dale st.
Benn John, (& mfr.) 15, Pitt st.
Brown Isabella, 74, Byrom st.
Castell Jas. 76, Byrom st, & 1, Clayton st.
Conway & Co. 29, Lord st.
Conway Jph. & Co.16, Pool ln.
Edmund Andw.13 & 22, Pool ln.
Emmett Rd. 27, Castle st.
Eveleigh & King, 69, Church at.
Gardner Wm. 26, Wapping
German Hugh, 101, Whitechpl.
Gibson Wm. H. 26A, Lord st.
Griffith Rt. 31, E. side,
Hartley Thos. (mfr.) 33, Lordst.
Harvey John, (mfr.) 33, Castle st & 21, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Hatton Benj. 66, Castle st. and 94, Park lane
Haywood John, 77, Oldhall st.
Hodgson Jas. (& mfr.) 2, Shawls brow
Jackson Chas (&mfr.)18,Poolln.
Jackson Wm. 43, Castle st.
Jones John, 30, Castle st. & 17, Queen square
Knott Anne, 24, N. side Old dk.
Law Wm. 22, Marybone
Ledward Edw. & Chas. (& mfrs.) 31, Water St.
Maddock Samuel, 113, Pitt st.
Martin Joseph, (mfr.) 34, Standish st.
Martin Rd. 38, Lord st.
Morley Jas. Castle st. Kirkdale
Morley Rd. Castle st. Kirkdale
Perry Wm. (mfr.) 50, Sir Thomas' buildings
Rigby Rd. (mfr.) 37, Byrom st.
Rigg Edw. (mfr.) 158, Dale st.
Robertson Rt. 56, Pool lane
Saxon & Tate, 8, Lord st.
Simonds Edmd. 44, E. end Old dock, and 11, Parker st.
Smith Peter, (mfr.) 102, Bold st.
Speakman John, 86, London rd.
Sudlow Thos. 37, Castle st.
Tarleton Rd. 26, Cleveland sq.
Thompson George H. (mfr.) 1, Derby square
Wagstaff Hannah, (mfr.) 49 and 50, St. James' st.
Wagstaff Thomas, (& mfr.) 181, Dale st.
Ward & Co. (London warehouse) 65, Paradise Wilkinson Henry, 24, Leeds st.
Woodburn Stephen, 230, Vauxhall rd. and 2, Marlborough st.
Yates Jas. 62 & 63, Park lane


Holmes Henry and Sons, 30, Old haymarket
Rideing John, 62, S. side Old dk.; herring hs. 21, Gradwell st.


Ucint John L. 39, Henry st,
Doran Thos. 9, Limekiln lane
Eccles & Downes, 22, Argyle st.
Edwards, Beckwith, & Co. (brokers) 75, Seel st.
Ellison Seacome, 41, Matthew st.
Graham Jas. & Co. 39, Lord st.
Halliday Peter, jun. 30, Argyle street
Hodson Geo. 16, Peter lane
Kelshaw Thos. 19, Manesty In.
Ockleston Wm. 32, Argyle st.
Paterson Christr. 32, Argyle st.
Rigby John & Co. 5, Argyle st.
Waring John, 6, Campbell st. Duke st.
Williams Thos. 4, Oldhall st.


Bowman Thos. 52, Mersey st.
Lewis Wm. 19, Seel st.
Winder Jas. Mercer court, Redcross st.


Pix Wm. 1, Summer st.
Woodward Robert & Thos. 16, Nova Scotia


Addison Jas. 22, Paradise st.
Alcock & Morgan, 59, Dale st.
Alexander John, 24, Mersey st.
Allan Robert, 12, Wapping
Antrobus Jas. & Son,2l,Castle st.
Bailey J. T. 14, Gt. Charlottest.
Bennison and Frankland, 142,, Duke st.
Cass John, 71, Park lane
Chapman Geo. 1, Greek st.
Chapman John, 24, Lord st.
Cook Mary, 49A, Frederick st. St. James'
Cooke Wm. 11, Gt. Charlotte st.
Crompton David, 98, Richmond row
Cross Ann, 10, Sir Thomas' bdgs.
Danson Wm. 109, Whitechapel
Dumikin Eliz. 44, St. Paul's sq.
Eddows Daniel, 63, St. James' st.
Ellis Win. & Co. 16, Church st.
Farrar John, 2, London road
Folder & Gaskell, 1, Pitt st.
Gillibrand Mary, 32, Ranelagh st.
Glover Jas. 141, Duke st.
Green Wm. 50, Byrom st.
Griffith Thos. 23, Church st.
Holmes Walton, 51, Whitechpl.
Houldin Mary, 46, Shaw's brow
Ingate Ann, 143, Dale st.
Innes Eliz. 40, Scotland road
Jowett Josiah & Henry, (Sr lacemen) 84, Bold st.
Kennedy F. & Co. 43, Unurchst.
Kent David, 73, Whitechapel
Lloyd John, 177, Dale st.
Maguire Mgt. 47, Shaw's brow
Mason Mary, 79, St. James' st.
M'Gowan Rt. 2, Cable st.
Nicholls Edw. 59, Whitechapel
Orton Ann, 1 & 2, Harrington st.
Parr John, 121, Whitechapel
Parr & Oglethorpe, 4, 5, & 79, Pitt st.
Pemberton Thos. 115, Park In.
Ragg Rd. & Co. 94, Paradise st.
Roose George, 68, Cable st.
Saul Rachel and Priscilla, 51, Scotland road
Schofield John, 9, Scotland road
Smith Hannah, 31, Circus St.
Sommerville R. H. & Co. 56, Church st.
Tanton Jas. 68, Park lane
Taylor Ellen, 3, Byrom st.
Taylor Rd. 35, Whitechapel
Thompson Rt. & Wm. 14, Cleveland square
Trotter Henry F. 27, Pitt st.
Walthew Jas. & Thos. 16, Queen sq. & 13, Preeson's row
Walthew Jas. 37, Water st.
Whitby Wm. 78, Whitechapel
Whitfield Margt. 66, Marybone
Whitham Wm. 25, Vauxhall rd.
Wilkinson & Cartmel, 8, Pool ln.
Wilson Cathn. 7, Scotland rd.
Worrall Eliz. 34, Hunter st.
Worthington Peter, 3, Pownall square
Wright James, 144, Dale st.


Aberdeen Arms, Thos. Ord, 13, Hurst st.
Albion Hotel, Wm. Thomas, 16, Ranelagh st.
American Hotel, Wm. Crook, 4, Dutton st.
American Hotel, George Wilde,
American ct. Lwr. Sparling st.
Amlwich Harbour, William Edwards, 9, Queen st. Oldhall st.
Anchor, John Griffiths, 21, East side Dry dock
Anchor, John Harrison, 1, Barter st.
Angel Inn, John Graham, 174, Dale St.
Angel, Hy. Holmes, 88, Lord st.
Angel, Saml. 1-Iughes, 7, Shaw's brow
Angel, John Kell, 73, Byrom st.
Atherton Street Coffee House, Thos. Landon, 44, Atherton st.
Baker's Arms, Mary Hunter, 28, Gascoyne st.
Ball, Thomas Abraham, 40, St. Andrew st.
Bargy Island, Wm. Jones, 28, Edmund st.
Barley Mow, Joseph Hall, 40, Cheapside
Barrel, Margaret B. Hindley, 7, Hanover st.
Bay Horse, Thomas Coombe, 6, Grinfield st.
Beaumaris Castle, Eliz. Edwards, 29, Denison st.
Bee Hive, William Hughes, 11, Tithebam st.
Bee Hive, Wm. Wilkinson, 29, S. end Dry dock
Belfast Tavern, Chas. Morrison, 9, Frederick st.
Belfast & Newry Tavern, John Mackey, 57, S. side Old dock
Belfast & Welsh Coffee House, John Barge, 75, Southside Old dock
Ben Jenson, Thomas Poole, 28, S. end Dry dock
Berry Street Tavern, Wm. Garner, 25, Berry st.
Bird in Hand, Jane Graham, 62, Strand st.
Bird in Hand, Ellen Hanna, 9, Castle ditch
Bird in Hand, Wm. Page, 28A, Bevington hill
Bispham Street Tavern, Wm. Evans, 55, Bispham st.
Black Bull, Abraham Allen, 41, New Scotland road
Black Bull Inn, Thomas Brown, 20, Brownlow hill
Black Bull, Michael Mackreth, 22, Pellew st.
Black Boys, Francis Boyle, 21, Upper milk st.
Black Cat, Mary Skelland, 52, Addison st
Black Horse, Joseph Cooper, 27, Scotland place
Black Horse, James Green, 5, Greenland st.
Black Horse, Ralph Langley, 14, Hatton garden
Black Horse, John Winn, 26, Pall mall
Blacksmith's Arms, Mary Kelly, 50, Cable st.
Black Swan, Win. Walker, 3, Prince's st.
Blazing Tub, Ann Winders, 16, Plumbe st.
Blue Anchor, Wm. Williams, 30, Brick st.
Blue Bell, Juliet Actors, I, Hurst street
Blue Bell, John Davies, 3, Union street
Blue Bell, John Houlding, 44, King st.
Blue Bell, Peter Mason, 12. Westmoreland st.
Blue Bell, John Pountain, 15, Milk st.
Blue Bell, James Townley, 28, Hanover st.
Blue Posts, Eliz. Casey, 12, Grenville st.
Boar's Head, Elijah Airey, 33, Water st.
Boar's Head, Eliz Jones, 34, Upper Milk st.
Boat, Rd. Williams, 39, Wapping Bolton Coffee House, Margaret Highfield, 25, Chapel st.
Bowling Green Tavern, Isaac Woodward, 66, New Scotland road
Brewer's Arms, Geo. Pilxmgton, 5, Cmiliffe at.
Brickmaker's Arms, Thos. Lobley, 54, Clement st.
Bridgewater Arms, Jas. Clayton, 16, Bridgewater st. and 31, Simpson st.
Brig, Catharine Cleaves, 29, Kitchen st.
Bristol House, Hugh GiB, 25, Rainford garden
Bristol Tavern, Margaret Slater, 10, N. side Old dock
Britannia, Thomas Woods, 70, Sawney Pope st.
Britannia, Ralph Mann, 2, Moore place
Britannia Tavern, Wm Brown, 9, Hurst st.
Britannic Tavern, Wm. Jones, 6, Bird st.
British Anne, Joseph Tyrer, 17, Copperas hill
British Protection, Matthew Dunn, 40, John st.
British Standard, Rt. Atkin, 13, Limekiln lane
Brown Bobby, Wm. Eyres, 11, Hackin's hey
Brown Cow, Wm. Rainford, 14, Great Richmond st.
Brown Cow, Philip Regan, 2, Lord court
Brown Cow, Peter Richardson, 97, London road
Brown Cow, Wm. Riding, 1, Skelhorne st.
Brown Horse, Thos. Harrison, 44, Plumbs st.
Brown Street Tavern, William Grisdale, 9, Brown at.
Bull Inn, Ann Orrell, Houghton's bdgs. 1, Trueman st.
Bull's Head, Elizabeth Ellis, 40, King st.
Bull's Head, Richard Oration, 3, Ormond st.
Bull's Head, James Hatton, 13, Nova Scotia
Bull's Head, Nathan Knowles, 33, Dale st.
Burton Coate House, Tamer Park, 48, Hanover st.
Bush & Grapes, James Brown, 6, Cable st.
Bush House, .Daniel Clancy, 11, Bevington bush
Bush Inn, Benj. Shepherd, 1, Blundell st.
Butcher's Arms, James Buckley, 70, Cable st.
Butcher's Arms, John Nodin, 41, Byrom st.
Butcher's Arms, Edward Smith, 21, Harrington st
Caledonian Tavern, Michael Heany, 6, N. side Old dock
Cambrian Steam Packet, Edward Hughes, 4.5, Sir Thomas' bdgs.
Canal Packet, John Thompson, 31, Great Howard st.
Canal Tavern, Wm. Ambrose, 222, Vauxhall road
Carlisle Cross, ThomaS Hewitt, 90A, St. James' st.
Carnarvon Castle, Lewis Griffiths, 15, John st.
Carnarvon Castle, Owen Roberts, 20, Roberts sr. N.
Carnarvon Castle, Margt. Rust, 20, Waterloo road
Carpenter's Arms, John Longworth, 19, Gilbert st
Cart & Horses, Nicholas Ball, 21, Leeds st.
Cart & Horses, Wm. Hindle, 116, Tithebarn st.
Cart & Horses, Ann Hudson, 4, Suffolk st.
Cart & Horses, Thos. Kellett, 8, Upper Frederick st
Cart & Horses, John Roberts, 43, Jordan st.
Cart & Horses, Eliz. Walmsley, 35, Park lane
Cask, Geo. Whittle, 31, Vernon street
Castle Inn, John James, 66, Lord st.
Castle Inn North, John Eltonhead, 17, New Scotland road
Cattle Market Tavern, Jane Hartley, 38, Lime at.
Chemical Tavern, Isaac Cowan, 26, Sir Thomas' buildings
Chaise & Pair, Wm. Taylor, 41, Crosshall st.
Cheshire Cheese Tavern, John O. Griffiths, 9, Temple st.
Cheshire Tavern, Mattw. Bradshaw, 4, Leigh st.
Cheshire Tavern, Thos. Cooke, 43, Marybone
Cheshire Tavern, John Pierrepoint, 54, Gt. Crosshall st.
Chesnut Horse, John Scott, 9, Torbock at.
Chester Tavern, Margaeit Stanistreet, 21, Lwr. Castle st.
Circus Hotel, Joseph Walmsley, 70, Christian st.
Clock, Chas. Make, 43, Ray sts
Coach and Horses, Ann Bunten, 16, Bridgewater et.
Coach and Horses, Rd. Horton, 25, Hackin's hey
Coach and Horses, Edw. Lloyd, 9, Charles st.
Coach and Horses, Joseph Parker, Low hill
Coach & Horses, Thos. Parsley, 159, Dale st.
Coach and Horses, John Shaw, I, Pepper st.
Coach & Horses, John Snowdon, 19, Castle at.
Coach and Horses, Christopher Wilson, 29, Basnett a..
Cobourg Tavern, John Bennett, 10, Blake Si.
Coleraine Tavern, Garet Ford, 79, Paradise st.
Commercial Inn, Geo. NorrIs, 149, Dale st.
Commercial Tavern, Wm. Shall?, 53, S. side Old dock
Concert Tavern, Nehemiah Abbott, 10, Concert at.
Conway Castle, Wm. Jones, 7, George's dock passage
Cooper's Arms, Nehemiah Pye, 1, Pinnington st.
Cooper's Arms, Wm. Jones, 4, Argyle st.
Cossack Tavern, John Parry, 2, Marybone
Cottage, Andrew Stanistreet, 11, Mason place
Crab Tree, John Boscow, 4, Crabtree lane
Crispin Arms, John Olendining. 13, Midghall at.
Crooked Billet, John Everson. 1, Plumbe st:
Crooked Billet, John Bolden. 7, Tithebarn st.
Cross Foxes, Thomas Threlfall, 38, Newhall st.
Cross Keys, John Evans. 20. Lydia Ann st.
Cross Keys, Miles Coppell, 28, Vauxhall road
Cross Keys, John Davies, 11, Covent garden
Cross Keys, Wm. Merrick, 27, N. Scotland road
Cross Keys, Patrick Murphy, 7. Strand at.
Cross Keys, Mary Smith, tl, Earle at.
Cross Keys, Alice W hlteside, 14, Brownlow hill
Cross Keys, Martha Williams. 26, Bath st.
Crown Ina,. Joseph Pain, 35, Redcross at.
Crown, Wm. Perry,' 36, E. end Old dock
Crown, Elit. Cesssfeld, 44s Latin st. Haymarket
Crown & Anchor, JohnSharpley, 16, Pall mall
Crown & Anchor, Henry Simpkin, 59, Highfield at.
Crown & Castle, Hugh Hughes, 23, New quay
Crown and Thistle, Wm. Long, 62, S. side Old dock
Cumberland House, Jph. Bowstead, 1, Pownall square
Cumberland Tavern. Jane Partridge, 8, Jervis st.
Cumberland Tavern, Geo. West, 4, Eaton st.
Dantzic Flag, Peter Johnson, 30, E. side Salthouse dos,
Denbigh Castle, Wm. Williams, 35, Hackin's hey
Denbigh Tavern, Rt. Williams, 47, Gerard st.
Denbighshire Tavern, Mary Griffiths, 70, Strand st.
Derby Arms, John New, 3, Falkland st.
Devonshire & Cornwall House, Thos. Harrison, 14, E. side Salthouse dock
Doctor Syntax, Thos. Newsham, 19, College lane
Dog, Thos. Aspinall, 18, Lawton st.
Dog, John Bramhall, 28, Sawney Pope st.
Dog, Wm. Madre, 1, Hackin's hey
Dog, Joseph Spark, 15, Harrington street
Dog & Gun, John Lowe, Strawberry gardens, Park road
Dog & Gun, Thos. Shacklady, 7, St. Vincent st. East
Dog & Partridge, Thos. Facey, 29, Key st.
Dog and Partridge, Matthew Hoye, 22, Chapel st.
Dog and Partridge, John Jones, 38, Scotland road
Dolphin, William Thomas, 19, New quay
Downshire Inn, Henry Lavery, 44, Mersey st.
Druid's Head, John Owens, 8, Brooks square
Duke of Argyle, Margaret Ross, 74, S. side Old dock
Duke of Leinster, Thos. Verdon, 27, Redcross st.
Duke of Wellington, Nicholas Henry, 53, Banastre at.
Duke of Wellington, John Roberts, 77, Fontenoy et.
Duke of York, John Hughes, 12, Charles at.
Duke of York, Wm. Rolling, 20, Scotland place
Duke Street Hotel, Ellz. Ellis, 132, Duke st.
Duke's Tavern, James Pearson, 3t Duke's place
Duncan Street Tavern, John Chesters, 25, Duncan st. E.
Duncan Street Tavern, Michael Lancaster, 9, Duncan st. St. James'
Dyers' Arms, John Westmore, 61, Tithbarn st.
Eagle & Child, Mary Bainbridge, 34, Redcross st.
Eagle & Child, John Cropper, 59, Shaw's brow
Eagle & Child, John Grater, 56, Bridgewater st.
Eagle & Child, Peter Latham, 13, Skelhorne st.
Eastham Packet, Thomas Dod, 32, James' st.
Edgehii Coffee House, Henry Key, Wavertree road
Edinburgh Castle, Ellen Jones, 8, N. side Old dock
Edinburgh Castle, Alex. Ferguson, 28, King st.
Edmund Street Tavern, Eliz. Price, 19, Edmund st.
Elephant & Castle, Jane Gorman, 10, Drury lane
Emperor of Russia, Thomas Hughes, 6, Leigh st.
Everton Coffee House, William
Halliday, 1, Rupert In. Evtn.
Falkner's Arms, John Evans, 21, Ranelagh st.
Farmer's Arms, Jas. Fletcher, 9, Hackin's hey
Farmer's Arms, Henry Yates, 61, Johnson st.
Feathers' Hotel, John Pearson, I, Clayton square
Filde Tavern, Ann Hutchinson, 25, Union st.
Fisherman's Hut, John Reeves, 20, Hackin's hey
Fishing Boat, Thomas Dean, 1, Barton st. N.
Flat, Sarah Simcock, 59, Hurst street
Flat, Richard Summerton, 1, Dutton st.
Fleece, Daniel SmIth, 47, GMhall street
Fleece, James Trow, 3, Shaw's brow
Fleece, Thos. Ward, 13, Covent garden
Fiintshire Tavern, Fred. Thos. Powell, 61, Greenland st.
Floating Bath, Thos. Cawley, 3, School lane
Flower Pot, Stanley Calveley, 70, Peter lane
Flying Horse, Benj. Sharples, 131, Dale at.
Fort Tavern, Margt. Thompson, 1, Bath at.
Fortune of War, Jacob Jacobson, 9, Simpson st.
Four Alls, Thos. Hasleden, 14, Jamaica st.
Fox, John Thompson, 14, Atherton street
Fox, John Davies, 69, Cable st.
Fox, Jane Whatton, 13, Bath st.
Fox Inn, John Holroyd, 11, Hale street
Fox & Goose, Thos. Cooper, 30, Naylor street
Fox & Goose, John Roberts, 95, Copperas hill
Fox & Grapes, Letitia King, 59, Pitt street
Fox & Grapes, Sarah Partington, 13, Ray street
Fox Revived, Edmund Bradshaw, 7, Bevington bush rd.
Freemasons' Arms, John Clare, 10, Trafalgar street
Friendly Tavern, John Lavery, 71, Strand street
Friendship Coffee House, Isaac Henderson, 18, Price st.
FriendshipTavern,Eliz. Downey, 7, Dickinson st.
Friendship Tavern, Ann Lewis, 2, Jordan st.
Friendship Tavern, William Matthews, 65, Cheapside
Galliot, Mary Dickinson, 6, George's dock passage
Galloway Coffee House, Alexr. Kerr, 413, King st.
Gallows Mill, Christiana Spencer, 43, London road
Gas Light Tavern, Robert Goldsmith, 125, Dale st.
George Inn, Jane Hampson, 9, Dale street
George & Dragon, Thos. Cross, 6, Renshaw st.
George & Dragon, Cathn. Edleston, 75, New Scotland road
George & Dragon, John Hatton, 44, Adlington st.
George & Dragon, Wm. Knight, 36, Chisenhale st.
George & Dragon, Thos. Nodin, 37, Ranelagh st.
George & Dragon, Edw. Profit, 51, Blundell st.
George's Dock Coffee House, Robert Jones, 18, Bird st.
George the Third's Monument, Thos. Pinnington, 10, Standish street
Gerard Street Tavern, Willlam S. Hart, 88, Gerard st.
Globe, Nathl. Abbott, 1, marble street
Globe, Chas. Amuses, 32, Brown. low hill
Globe, Patrick Branlgan, 30, Gt. Howard at,
Globe, Wm. Charters, 12, Lawrence st.
Globe, John Corbishley, 21, Milton st.
Globe, Wm. Coyle, 13, Bird at.
Globe, Elie. Delano, 1, Frederick st. St. James'
Globe, Henry Hoxley, 6, Bennett st.
Globe, Thos. Lowe, 55, Gerard st.
Globe, Timothy Nichols, 54, Wood st.
Globe, Mary Norbery, 3, Williamson st.
Globe, Sarah Wiiliams,9,Pittst.
Globe, Samuel Wright, 99, Mt. pleasant
Globe Coffee House, SamL Bennett, 7, Temple ct.
Globe Coffee House. Edward
Warbrick, 53, Greenland st.
Globe Tavern, Edw. Allenby, 84, Fontenoy st.
Globe Tavern, Jas. Blezard, 39, Parliament at.
Globe Tavern, PatricK Carpenter, 47, Copperas hill
Globe Tavern, Rbt. Crossland, 24, Thomas at.
Globe Tavern, Alex. Fleet, 58, Crosbie st.
Globe Tavern, Eliz. Nelson, 43, Bridgewater st.
Globe Tavern, Andw. Weirs, 3, Bromfield st. & 11, Darwin st.
Gloucester House, Rt. Webb, 104, Whitechapel
Gloucester Street Tavern, John Yates, 52, Gloucester at.
Golden Ball, John Aspinall, 20, Cook at.
Golden Ball, Thos. Derbyshire, 65, Sir Thomas' buildings
Golden Ball, Jerh. Holroyd, 9, Cases st
Golden Ball, Edward Jones, 23, Chapel st.
Golden Ball, John Lutes, 32, Skeihorne st.
Golden Cross, Jas. Gregson, 5, Sir Thomas' buildings
Golden Cup, Daniel Shaw, I, Lad lane
Golden Lion Inn, Peter Sharpies, 185, Dale at.
Golden Lion, John James, 3, Mann island
Golden Lion, John Kellyer, 80, W. end Old dock
Golden Lion, Rt. Wilkinson, 7, Commutation row
Goree Coffee House, Wm. Jones, 79, Strand st.
Grapes, John Andrew (& London oyster hs.) 17, Cable st.
Grapes,, James Arkwright, 17, Fox street
Grapes, Jane Banks, „ darford street
Grapes, Thos. Bibby, 8, Crump street
Grapes, Rd. Birkett, 19, Frederick st.
Grapes, John Bewley, 3, Grayson street
Grapes, Daniel Blabey, 1, Corfes buildings
Grapes, Mary Blackburne, 6, Ryley's gardens
Grapes, Rt. Bonsall, 75, Thomas st.
Grapes, Martha Booth, 19, School lane
Grapes, Robert Broadley, 15, Simpson at.
Grapes, Geo. Bullen,Barton M.N.
Grapes, Wm. Byrk, 9, Hill at. S.
Grapes, Mary Clayton, 22, Lace street
Grapes, AIex. Cotter, 18, Grafton street
Grapes, John Crow, 7, Great Howard st.
Grapes, Margaret Davison; 89, Upper Islington
Grapes, Jane Donkin, 42, Blundell street
Grapes, Sarni. Downing, 2, Graving dock, N. I
Grapes, Thos. Edge, 26, Litherland alley
Grapes, John Ellison, 12, Jordan street
Grapes, John Furniss, 4, Case; st.
Grapes, Philip Garrett, 42, Hunter street
Grapes, Wm. Gaulton, 9, E. aide Salthouse dock
Grapes, Catherine Gibson, 66, Norfolk st.
Grapes, Jas. Gregson, 206, Tauthall road
Grapes, John Ivester, 3, Chaloner street
Grapes, Elizabeth Kenworthy, 8, Waterloo road
Grapes, Jas. Lepp, 103, Whitechapel
Grapes, Margaret M'Cartney;49, Norfolk st.
Grapes, Mary M'Grier, 4, Sea brow
Grapes, Eliz. Moffatt, 16,Bird at.
Grapes, John Nelson, 2, Marshall street
Grapes, Sarah Pennington, 14, Cockspur at
Grapes, John Perkins, 2, RedCross et.
Grapes, John Platt, 26, Scotland road
Grapes, W m. Porter,- 8, Wappg.
Grapes, Thomas Pritthett, 66, Clement at.
Grapes, Thomas Ramsden, 5, Duke's place
Grapes, Ann Reed, I4, Tithebarn street
Grapes, Thos. Roberts, 1, St. Anne's place
Grapes, Wm. Roberts, 17, Devon street
Grapes, Mary Robinson, 76, W. end Old dock
Grapes,Jas. Shewell, 6,Marble st.
Grapes, Catharine Stokes, 83, Park lane
Grapes, Thomas Stoppert, 21, Arley street
Grapes, James Taylor, 4, Nova Scotia
Grapes, Henry Threlfall, 16, Cooper's row
Grapes, Ellen Webster, 58, Vernon street
Grapes, Mary Webster, 24, Lime street
Grapes, Mary Whitford, 14, Ranelagh street
Grapes, James Wiley, 57, Sparling street
Grapes, John Wise, 42, Wappg,
Grapes, Thos. Wood, 12,Kentst.
Grapes Tavern, Wm. Rathbone, 8, Williamson square
Great Gcorgee's Tavern, William Neeves, 39, Upper Pitt st
Greenfield Coffee House, The& Bramill, 25, Simpson at.
Greenland Bear, Samuel Gleave; 20, Greenland st.
Greenland Fishery, Hy. Howard, 29, Bolton et.
Greenland Tavern, Jane Key, 11, Newhall st.
Greenland Tavern, H. Hughe;, 8, Greenland st
Green Man, Eliz. Birdsall, 27, Whitechapel
Green Man Still, Hy. Ls+wthian, 56, London road
Grey Bored, Rt. Thornton, 47e Parliament street
Half Moon, Edward Sit$ ester, I; Concert st.
Hare and Hounds, Thos. Davies; 102, Brownlow hill
Hare & Hounds, Jane Williams, 12, London road
Hare & Hounds, Roger Oakden, 20, Henry at
Harlequin, John Stringer, 7, St. Stephen st
Harp, Thos. Edwards, 8, Mldghall street
Harp, Geo. Taylor, 15, Memel street
Harp & Shamrock, Jas. Daley, 42, Redcross st.
Hay Cart, Wm. Jopllng, 18, Old haymarket
Haymarket Tavern, John WBHams, Haymarket
Hay Stack, Hezekiah Williams, 64, Tithebam st.
Hearty Good Fellows, John Kirby, 19, Smithfield st.
Hen and Chickens, Thos. Jens v, 14, Old haymarket
Hen & Chickens, Hannah Stewart, 53, Lumber et.
Hibernia Tavern, Andw. Dwire, 12, E. side Salthouse dock, & 4, Bromfield st.
Highlander, Geo. Herriman, 24, Berry st.
Highlander, Thos. Lattimor, 5, Great Orford st.
Highlander, John M'Greemo , 5, Edmund at.
Highlander, John Millar, 5, Blyd street
Highland Man, Griffith Hughes, 9, Darwin st.
Highland Man, Jas. Pc'"'. 23, Pownall square
High Park House, Margt. Bellis, Park road
Holyhead Light House, Mary Pritchard, 42, Union M..
Holywell Tavern, Wm. Jones, 37. Greenland st.
Holywell Tavern, Thos. Parker, -15, James st:
Hope & Anchor, Alice Abrahams, 15, Park lane
Hope & Anchor, Mary Dixon, 185, Vauxhall road
Hope & Anchor, Rd. Edwards, 27, Cleveland square
Hope & Anchor, Geo. Mack, 82, S. end Dry dock
Hope & Anchor, John Potts, 1, Queen st
Hope & Anchor, John Robe ts, 8, Smithfield st.
Hope & Anchor, Joseph Schofield, 1, Hanover st
Hope & Anchor, Thos. Shacklady, 19, Cavendish st.
Hope & Anchor, John Wilson, 58, Wood st
Hope Tavern, Margaret Coates, 7, Tower garden
Hope Tavern, John Day, 16, James st
Hope Tavern, Ann Lewis, 66, • Greenland at
Hope Tavern, Wm. Minshull, 1, Wapping
Hope Tavern, Ann Needham, 32, Bridgewater st.
Hop Poles William Scott, 28, Argyle st.
Horse,` Thos. Taylor, 42, Gilbert st.
Horse, John Ratcliffe, I, Lumher st:
Horse & Groom, Eliz Evans, 74, Christian st.
Horse & Groom, James Kelly, 166, Dale st.
Horse & Groom, John Wainwright, 11, Cheapside
Horse & Harness Tavern. Moses Kenney, 7, Lime st.
Horse & Jockey, Hy. Ambrose, 6, Cockspur st
Horse & Jockey, Robert Brackhill, North shore
Horse & Jockey, Thos. Hewitt, 8, Parr at.
Horse & Jockey, Geo. Porteus, 29, Shaw's brow
Horse & Jockey, John Rainford, 42a, London road
Horse & Jockey, John Webster, 77, Dale st.
Horse Shoe, Ellen Dunbar. 26, S. Union st.
Horse Shoe, Charlotte Gossueh, 38, Peter st.
Horse Shoe,It.Jones, Addison st.
Hull & Whitby Tavern, Edward Freeman, 16, Price st.
Indian Chief, Thos. Duckworth, 13, Old haymarket
Ipswich Arms, John Gerard, 2, Mann island
Irish Tavern, Richard Dart, 20, Cleveland square
IslingtonTavem,JohnUruworth, 9, Lambert at.
John Bull, W' Madsen, 60, King at.
Joiners' Arms, Wm. Baxendale, 4, Hart st
Joiners' Arms, Thos. Bellis, 9, Campbell at.
Joiners' Arms, John-Dutton, 81, Adlington st
Joiners' Arms, Sarah Johnson, 14, Thurlow st.
Jolly Brewers, Sand. Maddox, 19, Bevington bush
Jolly Paviour, Jas. Tatlock, 3, Upper Birkett st.
Jolly Sailor, John Adams, 48, New Bird st
Jolly Sailor, Joseph Ditchfleld, 52, Preston st
Jolly Sailor, Henry Williams, 27, North st
King's Arms Hotel, Mary Jones, 18, Castle st.
King's Arms, Alice Maxwell, 3, Stanhope st.
King's Arms, Peter Regan, 52, Whitechapel
King's Arms, Martha Sowerby, 36r Dale st
King's Arms, Catharine Taylor, St. John's lane
King's Arms, Robert Tyrer, 46, Bridgewater st,
King George the IVth, James Molyneux, 3, London road
King's Head, Jas. Houghton, 13 and 14, Hood st.
King's Head, Ann Painter, 3, Leigh st.
Kings Head, John Middleton, 25, Byrontat.
Lamb, John Davies, 1, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Lamb, Margaret Robinson, 4, School In. & 1, Church ]n.
Lamb, Geo. Seddon, 18, Scotland road
Lamb & Flag, John Graham, I, Bixteth st.
Lancashire House, Jas. Kenyon, 3, Sweeting st.
Lancaster Arms, Jas. Duckworth, 32, Great Crosshall st.
Lancaster Tavern, John Hutchins, 17, Harrington st.
Lancaster and Kendal Tavern, Ebenezer Rodger, 20, E. side Dry dock
Lancaster- & Westmorland Tavern, Joseph Marshall, 30, Mersey at.
Leek, O. Williams, 11, Brick at.
Legs of Man, Michl. Copeland, 116, London road
Legs of Man, John CreIlln, 66, Dale st.
Legs of Man, John Croston, 57, Highfield st.
Legs of Man, Willman Kewn, 8, Crooked lane
Legs of Mann, Alice Pritt, 8, George's dock passage
Legs of Man, James Swift, 40, Waterloo road
Leopard, Thomas Leech, 34 James st.
*** The following is is List of Publicans who have no other
signs to their houses, except their own names and business.
Abeam Peter, 24, Union st
Ainsworth Eliz. 24, Park In.
Allen James, 10, Richmond st
Almond Martha, 11, Pownall sq.
Appleton SamL 17, New Bird st.
Armstrong Sarah, 31, Jordan st
Aspinwall Ellen, 49, Highfield st.
Atherton Rt 3, Simpson st
Atkinson Thos. 32, Greenland sts
Backhouse Roger, 3, Richmond street
Bagnall Wm. 54, Scotland road
Bagahaw Henry, 27, Fazakerley street
Baker Thos. 56, Fontenoy at
Baker -Wm.77, Highfield st.
Bann Henry, 13, Upr. Frederick street
Banner Ellen, 40, Leeds st.
Barber Jas. 11, Henry st
Barton T. G. 70, Tithebarn st.
Batson Rt. 9, mason st. Wappg.
Benson Hannah, 44, Pall mall
Bibby John, 27, Williamson st.
Bilsbarrow Wm, Park road
Black Archbd. 6, Brunswick st.
Blezard Eliz. 12, Scotland p1.
Holland Eliz. 4, Forrest st.
Boston John, 1, Irwell street
Bond Thos. 7, Nova Scotia
Boulton Hannah, 16, Mason st. Wapping
Boyle Patrick, 47, Strand st.
Bradshaw Ann, 19, Queen street, Oldhall st,
Brough Chas. 27, School lane
Brown John, 20, Cockspur st.
Bryson Wm. 38, Fontenoy st.
Burrows Wm. 30, Orange st.
Caddick Ann, 13, Scotland road
Calderbank John, 56, Gloucester street
Calverley Michael, 18g Blundell street
Campbell Rt. 40, Blundell st.
Candland Wm. 31, Hurst st.
Cannon Alex. 9, Pleasant hill st.
Caron John, 38, Blundell st.
Carbis Ellen, 65, S. side Old dk.
Carroll M. A. 62, Oldhall at.
Carroll Philip, 4, Simpson st.
Carruthers Rt. 5, Limekiln In.
Case John, 75, Gt. Crosshall st.
Casson Thos. 22, Hanover st.
Cawley sane, 28, Pleasant st.
Chadwick John, I1, Kitchen St.
Chaplin Martin, 23, Lumber st.
Clare Rt. 11, Princes' at.
Clay John, 43, Denison st.
Cnlshed Mary, 4, Le. Sparling at.
Connelly Bridget, 67, Strand st.
Cooper Rt, 13, Water St.
Corlett Ann, 11, Harrington st.
Corry John, 1271 Park lane
Cotter John, 58, Brownlow hill
Coughtrie Thos. 37, King st.
Coultard Frs. 18, Cunliffe st.
Cowley Harriet, 10, Tempest hey
Cowpland John, 47, Fontenoy st,
Crowe Wm. jun. 34, Sparling Street
Crowther Ellz. 41, Blundell st.
Curphey Eliz. 17, Pownall st.
Curphey Mary, 21, Crosbie st.
Dandy Jane, 20, Stanley st.
Davies Jph. 79, Crosshall st.
Davis Joseph, 4, Button st.
Dawson Jas. 19, Upr. Milk st.
Dawson Mary, 53, Henry Edw. street
Dickinson Jas. 21, Greetham st.
Dickson John, 21, Marybene
Dodd Jane, 28, Cunliffe st.
Doke Henry, 18, S. Union st.
Doke James, 12, Castle ditch
Dowker Cathn. 7, Mersey st.
Downing John, 6, Sydney street,
Doyle Dominic, 16, N. side Old dock
Duff Ellen, 32, Banastre st.
Eaton John, 50, Cavendish st.
Eden Hy. 5, Upr. Harrington st.
Edwards It t. 8, Spitalfields
Ellis Edw. 22, Greetham st.
Ellison Rd. 13, Fenwick st.
Evans Saml. 15, Denison st.
Evans Wm. 10, Newhall st.
Eves John, 37, New Bird st.
Fairclough Wm. 11, Hanover st.
Faraday Rd. 66, S. side Old dk.
Farnworth Isabella, 27, Watkinson st.
Fltchett Jas. 23, Harrington st,
Formby Wm. 26, Great Howard street
Foulks Thos. 14, S. Union st.
Fulford Wm. 53, Milton st.
Furlong Andrew, 21, Dickinson street
Gardner Rt. 28, Moor street
Garlick Mary, 30, Henry Edw. street
Garner John, 15, Drury lane
Garner Joseph, 33, Knight st.
Gee Margaret, 7, Seddon st.
Gilbertson Wm. 21, Earle st.
Gilding Mary, 13, Parr st.
Gill Ann, 4, William st.
Goore Jas. 90, Richmond row
Gore John, 32, Plumbe at.
Gosling Jph. 2, Vauxhall road
Grebow Wrn. 18, Nova Scotia
Green Mary, 3, Cropper st.
Green Rt. 28, Westmorland st.
Greenough Jas. 29, Whitechapel
Guy Henry, 4, Gardener's row
Hall Edw. 1, Back Berry st.
Hall Susanna, 55, Tithebarn St.
Hall Thos. 20, Crosbie st.
Hannah Mary, 16, Gilbert st.
Harding Margt. 7, Murray st.
Harrison John, 9, Marshall ln.
Harrison Wm. 2, Derby sq.
Hartell Grafton, 37, Wapping
Hartell Richard, 5, Kent st.
Hatton Joseph, ii, N. side Old dock gates
Heelis Sarah, 171, Inn O..
Heighway Ann, 53, Whitechapel
Heiner John, 15, Bath st.
Hesketh Richard, 14, Rigby st.
Hetherington Sarah, 20, Lower Castle std
Hickson Wm, 35, Argyle at.
Hilton John, 5, James st
Hinks Thos. I, Pleasant at.
Holden Ann, 29, Bennis garden
Holden Peter, 10, Preeson's row
Holden Thos.21, Richmond row
Holding Eliz. 13, Jordan st.
Horton Eliz. 9, Wapping
Houldin Thos. 20, Freemason's row
Howard J( Inn 27, Prussia st,
Howlett Elie. 9, Maghull at.
Howson Mary Ann, 51, Lime st.
Hubbard John, 23, New Scotland road
Hughes Edw. I, Mann island
Hughes John, 67, Marybone
Hughes John, 2, James st.
Humphreys John, 10, Fenwick street
Hunter Thos. 38, Hurst at.
Hurst Jane, 35, Crosbie st.
Irving Joseph, 15, Scotland pi
Isaac Geo. 7, Union st.
Isherwood Martha, 26, Ben Jenson st.
Jenyons Ann, 12, Cases at.
Jobling Geo. 6, Seddon st.
Jones Hugh, 17, Temple lane
Jones John, 11, Greetham st.
Jones Morris, 222,Vauxhall road
Jones Rt. 10, Sawney Pope st.
Jones Thos. 122, Park lane
Jones Thomas, 2, Sydney Street, St. James'
Jump Dorothy, Lancelot's hey
Kenyon Clayton, 10, Bolton st, Copperas hill
Kirkham Mary, 16, Charlotte at.
Lacey Moses, 51, Upper Milk at.
Lawrinson Ellen, 13, Henry Edward at.
Lee Margaret, 24, Crosshall st.
Lloyd Mary, 18, Watkinson st.
Lloyd Wm. 38, Preston st.
Long Thos. 30, Gildart's gardens
Lonsdale Eliz. 4, Mersey st.
Lucas Thos. 14, Cook st.
Maddox Charles, 40, Sawney Pope st.
Marshall James, 6, Williamson square
Matters Wm. 5, Beckwith st.
Matthews Joseph, 94, Gloucester street
M'Adams Mary, 86, Sparling st.
MArthur Agnes, 85, Old dock gates
M'Crum John, 2, Hood at.
M`Innes Duncan, 16, Strand at.
M`Namara Jas. I, Ansdell st.
M'Whcrter Ellen, 2, Dickinson atree'
Miller Robert, 2, New Bird st.
Moor Eleanor, 3, Ansdell st.
Moore John,'G, Nova Scotia
Morgan Jpdith, 24, Simpson at.
Needham Saml. 20, Grayson at.
Nichol Isabella, 34, Wapping
Nightingale John, 17, Richmond street
Oakes Michael, 158, Park lane
O'Brien Henry, 27, E. side Salthouse dock
Okell Matthew, 1, Station st.
Orm.andyJoseph, 9, Nova Scotia
Ormeston Peter, 14, Custom house lane
Ormerod John, jun. 11A, Wapg.
Ovington Jennet, 34, Moorfields
Ovens Ann, 23, Barter st.
Page Ellen, 4, Roscoe st.
Parkinson Jph. 18, Simpson st.
Patton Elizabeth, 11, Commutation row
Payne Wm. 9, Waterloo road
Peniston Ann, 49, Prussia st.
Pennington John, 5, Corfes buildings
Pierce John, 35, Old haymarket
Pine Michael, 10, Simpson st.
Plaistow Geo. 9, Upr. Dawson st.
Pratt Mary, 8, Charles st.
Potter Wm. 7, Leece st.
Prescot Ana, 15, Plumbe st:
Price Eliz. 39, Edmund st.
Rathbone Thomas, 28, E. side Salthouse dock
Rees Elie. Christian on Jas. st.
Richardson John, 31, Ormond st.
Rigby Jane, 46, Crosbie sr.
Rimmer Jas. 45, Marybone
Rimmer Wm. 9, Barter at.
Roberts Edw. 14, Bachelor st.
Roberts Eliz. 41, Fazakerley st.
Roberts John, 3, Atherton at.
Roberts Richd. 41, Plumbs at.
Roberts Robert, 30, George st.
Roberts Wm. 2, Darwin st.
Robinson Flora, 45, Oldhall st.
Robson John, 21, Midghall st.
Roche Sarah, 67, Bridgewater st.
Rogers Mary, 19, Crosbie st.
Rogerson Jane, 3, Old ropery
Rogerson Wm. 17, Garden st.
Rotherham John, 8, James st.
Rourke Patrick,6l,Copperas hill
Rowe Peter,22,Love In.Cable st.
Royden Henry, 6, Watkinson st.
Saxon Ralph, 25, James st.
Scallion Francis, 4, George's dock passage
Scouter Alex. 1, Bennett st.
Shapter John, 35, Denison st.
Sharp Thos. 79, Sparling st.
Simkin Ann, 51, Tithebarn at.
Smeatham Wm. 16, Hy. Edw. at.
Smith Mary, Hill at. South
Smith Wm. 27, Duncan st. St. James'
Smith Wen. 27, Matthew st.
Stokes Wm. 29, Greenland at.
Stopforth Henry, 30, Bachelorst.
Stretch Jane, 6, Greetham st:
Stubbs Alex, 17, Prussia st.
Sunner Robert, 99, Pitt at.
Taylor Robert, Wapping lane
Taylor Thos. 42, Gilbert st.
Thomas Wm. 11, Nova Scotia
Thompson John, 5, Albion et.
Thompson John, 33, Lawton st.
Thornton 61, Oldhall st.
Tinsley Robert, 91, Whiteehapel
Tollitt Jas. 37, Pitt at.
Toner Thos. 25, Crooked lane
Towlson Robt. 80. Sparling st.
Tudor Caroline, 21, Crosshall st.
Turner Jaw 3, Old haymarket
Turner Wm. 48, Oldhall st.
Waden Brian, 7, Thurlow st.
Wainwright Robt. 1, Garden st.
Walker Chas. 18, Frederick st.
Warner Samuel, 1, Brown street, Rupert st.
Watson Edw. 9, Jervis st.
Webster Edw. 64, Circus st.
Whinfield Ann, 31, Pitt st.
Whitby John, 27, Gilbert st.
Whiteley Jas: 24, Rupert st.
Whitney Danl. 30, Highfield st.
Whittaker Wm. 25, School lane
Whittington Geo. 2, Blake st.
Whitwell Ann, Owen's court, Hanover st.
Wilcockson Nancy, 1, Silver st.
Willacy John, 17, Gloucester st.
Williams John, 12, Lawton st.
Williams John, 8, Jackson st.
Williams Richard, 22, Upper Milk at.
Williams Sarah, 5, Roberts M.N.
Williams Thos. 63, Sparling st.
Williams Wm. 49, Upr. Milk st.
Willicott Thos. 17, Mersey st.
Wilson Jas. 7, Dawson st.
Wilson John, 18, Crooked lane
Wilson Rachel, 20. llaiaford garden
Wood Jas. 46, Irontenoy at.
Woodcock John, 82, West end Old dock
Worthington John, 2, stringer's 1 alley
Wright Peter, 4, Richmond row
Wynne Ellen, 65, Crosshall at.
Yates Mary, 19, Circus st.
Yeomans Wm. Regent's road

Liver, Richard Johnson, 14A, Shaw's brow
Liver, William Lightfoot, 51, Cumberland st.
Liver, Joseph Stretch, Kirkdale
Liver, William Trayner, 42, Clement st,
Liver, Timy. Vertue, 37, Ray st.
Liverpool Arms, Peter Stubbs, 19, Roberts st. North
London Road Tavern, Thomas Robinson, 18, London road
Longrig Tavern, Won Gibson, 27, Ranelagh st,
Lord Hill, John Hampson, 20, Lawton st.
Lord Hill, John Pilling, 4, St. Andrew st.
Lord Howe, Robert Dalton, 14, Truman at.
Lord Nelson, Wrn. Busby, 78, New Scotland road
Lord Nelson, Martha Deakin, 1, Pomona st.
Lord Wellington, Thos. Kelly, 10, Charles st.
Lord Wellington, Christopher Metcalf, 14, Lace st.
Lord Wellington, Thos. Robson, 3, St+ Andrew st.
Lord Wellington, Charles Stott, 14, Spitalfields
Machine House, Margaret Harwood, 20, Old haymarket
Machine House, Charles Yates, 32, Lime st.
Magpie Tavern, John Jones, 25, Key at.
Manchester Arms, John Eaton, 94, Gerard st.
Manchester House, Joseph Hargreaves, 6, Rainford garden
Manchester New Packet House, Wm. Blundell, 14, Ray at.
Manchester Tavern, Ann Addis, son, 11, Richmond st.
Manchester Tavern, dorm arnsworth, 9, Shaw's brow
Manchester Tavern, John Eckersley, 2, N. side Old dock gates
Mariner's Tavern, Ann Duncanson, 36A, Parliament st.
Masons' Arms, Edw, Blackburn, 48, Shaw's brow
Masons" Arms, Rt. W. Clapham, 24, Sweeting at.
Masons' Arms, Robert Graham, 26, Fairhurst st.
Masons' Arms, Maria Hughes, 5, Mansfield st.
Masons' Arms, Peter Learey, 37, Vernon st.
Masons' Anns,Nathaniel Woods, 49, Jordan st.
Matthew Street Tavern, Mary Davies, 18, Matthew at,
Merchants' Coffee House, Wm, Woods, 1, George's dock gates
Mermaid, Elizabeth Williams, 6, Bern's gardens
Milford & N. & S. Wales Coffee Housed Models Owen, 39; Lancelot's hey
Milford Tavem,Sarah Mossman, 27, Wapping
Mill House, Charles Roberts, 20, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Mitre Inn, John Garth, 70, Dale street
Montrose Tavern, Alex. Harris, 10, Trafford lane
Malley Arms, Thomas Potts; IS. Sweeting st.
Moulders' Arms,Geo. Rodgerson, 100, London road
Mount Pleasant Coffee House, Thomas Richardson, 1, Sts Mary's lane
Mountaineer, Wm. Tomlinson, 47, Key at.
Nag's Head, Henry Ambrose, 35, Maguire st.
Nag's Head, Wm. Anderson, 68 and 69, Moorfields
Nag's Head, William Simcock, 163, Dale st.
Nag's Head, Wen. Teasdale, 3, Gradwellst.
Nag's Head, Wm. Wainwright, 172, Park lane
Neptune Hotel, Richard Reed, 2, Clayton square
Neptune Tavern, Rt. Naybours, Oldhall at
New Anchor, Eliz Bellem, 42, Norfolk st.
New Ferry Boat, Samuel Ashbrook, 3, Nova Scotia
New Market Hotel, Joseph Lockwood, 2, New Market place
New Market Tavern, Emanuel Howe, 32, Shaw's brow
New Market Tavern, George Lucas, 7, Basnett sr
Newry Packet, Wm. Cocks, 66, Strand O.
New Timber Tavern, Himon Lyon, 40, Norfolk st
New York Tavern, Mary Leach, 15, Wapping
Nile Tavern, Wm. Yearsley, 15, Highfield st
No. 4, John Keating, 1, New quay
Norfolk Street Tavern, Mary Jones, 4, Norfolk st.
North Briton, Wm. Wilkinson, 1, Salthouse lane
North Star, Thos. Pegram, 69, Byrom st.
North and South Shields Coffee House, Wm. Bond, 43, Wapping, & 33, Blundell st.
North Tavern, John Cugate, 37, Scotland road
Northumberland Tavern, Alice Wilkinson, .18, Hatton garden
North Wales Coffee House, Richard Humphreys, 16, Gibraltar row
North Wales Tavern, ...kph Parry, 9, Lancelot's hey
Nottingham & Shefli, id Tavern; William Ratcliffe, 11, Castle ditch
Oban Tavern, Robert Roberts, 8, Marshall lane
Odd Fellows Arms, Frederick Huff, 10, Tarleton st
Oil Gas Tavern, Thos. W illianrs, 1, Comus st.
Old Clhirch, Edward Miles, 25, Ormond st.
Old Coach and Horses, William Yatce. 7 '.'v lsttechapel
Old Dock naffes Molise, John Thomas, 35, E. end Old dock, and 23, Cooper's row
Old Dock Tavern, Thos. Woof, 84, Old dock gates
Old Fox and Grapes, Mary Bell, 23, Love lane
Old Red Lion, Hugh Lynch, Low hill, Bowling green
Old Red Lion, Ann Walkington, 38, Redcross st.
Old Roan, Betty Ardern, 2, Hanover st.
Old Swan, John (Vest Derby Orkney Tavern, Jane M'Beafh, 153, Park lane
Ormskirk Tavern, Christopher Thompson, 1, New Scotland road, and 2, Rose place
Packet, Chas. Lunt,18,EcclesatPacket, John Sale,l7,New quay
Painters' Arms, Win. Braddock, 13, Kitchen st
Palace Inn, John Whittle, 27, John st.
Park House, Charles Walton,48, Lower Harrington st.
Park Tavern, Thos. Stoner, 84, St. James' st.
Parliament House, Hannah Jump, 37, Parliament St.
Peacock, Esther Brookfield, Park road
Peacock, John M'Clure, 40, Strand st.
Pembroke Castle, Wm. Smith, _ 49, Mersey st.
Pilot Boat, John Milner, 52, London road
Pilot Boat, Mary Parry, 20, Fazakerley st.
Pilot Boat, James Rathbone, 34, S. end Dry dock
Pilot Boat, Margaret Reynolds, 5, Chorley st.
Pilot Boat, Jas. Slater, 5, Nova Scotia
Pilot Boat, Anthony Wilson, 5, Strand st.
Pine Apple, James Lowe, 10, Queen st.
Pine Apple, Ellen Willcot, 27, Denison st.
Pine Apple, Richard Williams, 10, London road
Plough, Edw. Ball, 7, London. road
Plough, Robert Banks, 79, New Scotland road
Plough, William Harrison, 944, St. James' at.
Plume of Feathers,Mary Brown, 64, New Bird st.
Plume of Feathers,' Robt. Doyle, 40, Vauxhall road
Pontacks, George Waittet.. 65, Christ4an-st. '
Porter Butt, Henry Colebourn, 82, Dale st,
Porter Butt, James Duckworth, 62, Sir Thomas' buildings
Porter Butt, John Molyneux, 21, Scotland place
Porter Butt, Ellen Robinson, 22, St. Andrew st.
Post Office Coffee House, David Salisbury, 12, School lane
Preston Tavern, Sarah Baines,40, Hanover st.
Prince's Dock Coffee House, Wm. Williams, 20, New quay,
Prince's Dock Tavern, David Watson, 18, Denison sL
Prince of Wales, Jas.Whittaker, 10, Scotland place
Prince of Wales' Feathers, Edw. Bellis, 19, Marybone
Prince of Wales' Feathers, can Hughes, 24, New quay
Prince Regent, Anthony Cahill, 52, Highfield st.
Punch Bowl, Samuel Atherton, 14, Bevington hill
Punch Bowl, Joseph Cowup, 94, Whitechapel
Punch Bowl, Wm. Edwards, 58, Richmond row
Punch Bowl, Abm. Isherwood, 1, Davies st.
Punch Bowl, Michael Knowles, 13, Gradwell st.
Punch Bowl, Thomas Lees, 20, Rupert st.
Punch Bowl, John Pinnington, 34, Waterloo road
Punch Bowl, John Ralton, le, Fleet at
Punch Bowl, Wm. Salusbury, 8, Rathbone st.
Punch Bowl, John Shaw, 29, Great Howard st
Punch Bowl, John Thompson, 20, Dance st.
Puncheon, Thomas Price, 31, Strand st.
Puncheon, John Taylor, 1, riederick st.
Puncheon Jr Still,Ellen Cropper, 12, Scotland road, and 28, Milton R.
Queen's Cottage, Ann Brown, 41, Norfolk st.
Queen's Dock Hotel, Jas, Robinson, 5, Chaloner st.
Raven, Thomas Culshaw, 44, Shaw's brow
Red Lion, Thomas Brookfieldi 14, Key st.
Red Lion, William Collins, 71, Crosshall st.
Red Lion, Esther Crumpton, 40r, Crosbie st
Red Lion, Jane-Owen,, 52;.Ner1 Bird st.
Red Lion, Jatl•.es Sweeney, 18.1 Mersey st.
Red Lion, Jdhn Woodward,43A, London read
Regent's Feathers, Mary Dixon,' '23, Hunter st
Renshaw Street Tavern, Charlotte Brown, 20, Renshaw street
Richmond street Tavern, Edw. Gilbert, 13, Richmond st
Ring o' Bells, David M'Clive, 41, School lane
Robin Hood, Patrick Bradley, 6, Great Crosshall st
Robin Hood, SamL Farrington, 33, Charter st.
Robinson Crusoe, Eliz Kelley, 43, Key sL
Rodney, James Wainwright, 3, Greenland st
Roebuck Inn, Joshua Hall, 7, Old haymarkcr.
Roebuck, Robert Gregson, 62, Cheapside
Roscoe Lane Tavern, Daniel Mellor, 4, Roscoe lane
Rose, SamL Swainson, Houlston court, Vernon st.
Rose & Crown, Danson Croft, 5, Gardener's rote
Rose and Crown, Thos'Donhavend, 42, Cable st.
Rose and Crown, John Hamby, 31, Pluinheet.
Rose & Crown, Philip Morotley, 5, Cheapslde
Rose and Crown, Jame Parr, 25, Bath st.
Rose & Crown, Robt Williams, 29, Barter st.
Ruse & Thistle, This. M'Laughten, 7, Crooked l>me
Rose & Thistle, Rylands Sale, 8, Darwin st.
Rose &Thistle,Hannah Stewart, 17, Great Howard st.
Rotunda Inn, James Lowe, 25, Waterloo road
Royal Oak, Robert Balmer, 19, Sawney Pope-'
Royal Oak, John Brlscde, 104, Park lane
Royal Oak, Samuel Oldfield, 41, Circus st
Royal Oak, Esther Mercer, 26, Tarleton et,
Royal Oak, Catharine Welch, 16, Liver at.
Royal Oak, Lewis Williams, 15, Bird st
Rufford Tavern, Thomas Dodd, 4, Cleveland square
Rum Puncheon, Abraham Hyatt, 43, Redcross at.
Seim Puncheon, Wm. Hyatt. 10. Houghton st
Runcorn &'Northwich Tavern, John Adams, 26, East Side Salthouse dock
Runcorn Packet Hduee, James leadley, 2, Strand st.
Running Horses, iVm:COlelxitirn, 23, Norfolk en
Ruthen Castle, Wm. Williatns, i 47, Wood st.
Saddle Inn, John Lord, 5, Vernon st.
Saddle, Joshua Hall,151,Dalest.
Saddle Win. Mercer, 94, London road
St. Georges Iim, Edw. Morgan, 8, Fenwick st.
St. George's }Tavern, Rt. Parry, Church st Everton
St. George's Tavern, William Wright, 33, Temple lane
St. James' Market House, Thos. Whitby, 1, Great George place
St. James''l'avern, Geo Swift, 45, St. James' street, and 33, Duncan st.
St. Michael's Tavern, Catharine Blakeley, 6, Surrey at,
St. Patrick, John Boyle, 22, New Bird et.
St. Patrick, Thos, Einstein. 19, Cleveland -quars
St. Patrick, John Gilmore, 23, Bachelor at.
St. Patrick, Ann Jordan, 64, Marybone
St. Patrick's Hotel, JoSeph Clingan, 24, Redcross SL
St. Vincent Tavern, Gen. Bramwell, 12, St. Vincent st. East
Saracen's Head Inn, John Sharpies, 135, Dale st.
Saracen's Head and Bell, John Heyden, 33, London r. an
Sawyers' Anne, Edw. Edwards, 11, Clayton st
Sawyers' Arms, Edward Gratton, 20, New Bird st
Seven Stars, John Calvert, I, Upper Frederick as.
Seven Stars, G. M'Mullen, 58, Greenland st.
Shakespear Tavern, Elizabeth Fendier, 11, Greek st.
Shakespear Tavern, RLRimmer, 5, Williamson square
Shakespear Tavern, Wm. Sommerville, 85, Whitechapel
Shakespear Tavern, David Thomas, 2, Liver st.
Shamrock, Ann Brown, 11, Bird street
Shamrock, John Rowland, 3, George's dock passage
Ship, Jph. Bowman, 26, Park In.
Ship, Ilan]. Cleator, 13, Blundell Street
Ship, Peter Conway, 23, George st. and 6, Silkhouse lane
Ship, M. Cowpland, 5, Pem broke st
Ship, John Douglas, 36, Mersey street
Ship, Joseph Ga,kell, 77, Pitt st.
Ship, Charles Hinton, 57,Mount pleasant
Ship, John Hinton,6,Shawhili st.
Ship, Hugh Hughes,23,Denison street
Ship, John Humphreys,3,Wapg.
Ship, Henry King, 10, Bachelor street
Ship, Mary Kirkham,l2,Bridgewater st
Ship, Peter Lloyd, 16, Tempest hey'
Ship, Ann Marshall, 1, Nova Scotia
Ship, John Procter,56,Mersey st.
Ship, John Sliaw, 5, Fairclough street
Ship, Wm. Shaw,37,Standishst.
Ship, Peter Shawcross,lO,Bromfield st.
Ship, Thomas Shepperd, 29, Ormond st.
Ship, Margaret Tyrer, 16, Shaw alley
Ship Barton, William Lyons, 10, Ironmonger lane
Ship Launch, Edward Bartley, 1, Key st.
Ship Launch, John Casement, 69, Leeds it.
Ship Launch, SamL Dickinson, 49, Brick at
Ship Launch, Henry Hall, 75, Fontenoy st.
Ship Launch,JosephUnderwood, 33, Mersey st
Ship Launch, David Williams, 15, Ansdell C.
Ship & Punch Bowl, Wm. Main. Waring, 8, Nova Scotia
Ship Tavern, Wm. Griffiths, 7, E. side Salthouse dock
Ship Tavern, John ilayei, 77, Park lank
Ship Tyger, Mary Haslem, 27, Kitchen st.
Shipwrights' Arms, John Flockhart, 57, Thomas r'
Shipwrights' Arms, Rt. Graham, 16, Castle ditch
Shropshire House, James Cornwall, 6, Church lane
Shropshire Tavern, Thos.Owen, 10, Hanover at.
Sir John Falstaff, Ruth Harrison, 12, Dawson st.
Sloop, Geo. Corke, 6, East aide Dry dock
Sloop, Owen Jones, 6, Cooper's row Glitherow,
Smithfield Fair House, Rachel Dale, lilrkdale
Smith'a Arms, Thomas Cesar, 5, Highfield st.
South Shore,Coffee House, Edw. Davies, 32, Stanhope st.
Southwold Arms, John Tullock, 13, E. side Salthouse dock
Speed the Plough, John Griffiths, 85, New Scotland road
Spotted Bull, Geo Ratcllff, 30, Shaw's brow
Spotted Dog, Elizabeth James, 31, Argyle at.
Spread Eagle, John Berrington, 5, Preston st
Spread Eagle, Charles Broad, 168, Dale st.
Spread Eagle, Thomas Lister, 5, Standish at
Spread Eagle, Stephen Pardy, 74, Hanover at.
Square and Compass, Thomas Howard, 61, New Scotland rd.
Squirrel, William Renshaw, 1'3, Atherton at.
Stafford Arms, Samuel Taylor, 18, Williamson st.
Stag's Head, Mary Preston, 24, Downe st
Stanley Arms, Robert Bettie, 153, Dale st.
Star Inn, Thomas Gregson, 1, John at.
Star & Garter Inn, John Arundell, 20, Paradise st.
Steam Engine, Margaret Armstrong, (i, Mersey st.
Steel and Punch Bowl, Sarah FI,sher, 8, Lumber st.
Stone Masons' Arms, William Bagnall, 4, Circus st
Sun, Wm. Barton, 72, Park In.
Sun, Moses Davies, 25, Sweeting street
Sun, William Green. 203, Vauxhall road
Sun, John Guest,9,Fontenoy st.
Sun, Jane Gunning, 7, Kent st.
Sun, MarthaWilliams, I9,Bird st
Sun, Jas. Woodward. 19. Highfield st.
Sunderland Tavern, Ellen Carson, 39, Norfolk st
Swan Inn, Geo. Chalnnor, 13, London road '
Swan, Robt. Abraham, R8. Coppeas hill
Swan, Christopher Cerne, 6, SweetIng st.
Swan, Jas. Dean, 2,Tithebarn st.
Swan, Sarah Hanby,23,Cable st
Swan, Wm. Lloyd, 2, New quay
Swan, William M'Conochle. it, Union at.
Swan. Lewis O'Connor,4,llird st.
Swan, Rt Webb,104,Whitechp',
Swan with Two Necks, James Nuttall, 37, E. end Old dock
Swan with Two Necks, John Quiggen, 102, Dag st.
Swedish Flag, M. A. Herbert, 14, Wapping
Swedish Flag, Thomas Palmer, 81, West end Old dock
Talbot, Mary Livingston, 5, Whitechapel
Talbot Hotel, John Strout, 6, Water at.
Theatre, John Davies, 4. Murray st.
Theatre Tavern, Edw. Lettman, 7, Williamson square
Theatre Tavern, Elie, Parker, 8, Murray st.
Three Horse Shoes, Peter Moore, 41, Standish st.
Three Jolly Sailors, John Matthews, 35, Hurst st
Three Pigeons, Geo. Williams, 10, North st.
Three Tuns, John Dunn, 3, Thomas st
Three Tuns, M. A. Foster,s33, Eccles st.
Three Tute,Dorothy Higginson, 102, Pitt st.
Three Tuns, Joseph Newton, 35, Springfield st
Tiger, John Hall, 148, Dale street
Timber Tavem,eam,. i.nambers, 18, Greenland st.
Tim Bobbin, Robert Quayle, 8, Harford st.
Tom Bowling, Wm. Lowe, 35, Parliament st.
Traders' Tavern, Maria Matthews, 78, West end Old dock
Tradesman's Tavern,John Dean, 224, Vauxhall road,
Tradesman's Tavern,JohilHeyes, 77, Crosshall st.
Tradesman's Tavern, Elizabeth Pendleton, 46, Peter st.
Tradesman's Tavern,, John Thomas, 29, New Scotland road
Tradesman's Tavern, Thomas Walker, 2, St. Stephen st.
Tranmere Boat House, Mary Dawson, 10, Nova Scotia
Travellers' Inn, William Tillie, 5, Cable st.
True Blue Tavern, Jeremiah Lancelot, 35, Brick st
Tub, Edw. Irving, 46, Wapping Tub, William Oakes, 10, Blundell street
Tub and Punch Bowl, Martha Kay, 82, Chisenhale st.
Turf Tavern, John Allcock, 6, Marshall st.
Turpin's Tavern, James Turpin, 9, Murray st,
Two Brewers, John Harrocks' 57, Plumbe at
Two Brewers, Jas. Dickenson, 27, Great Howard st.
Ulverston Tavern, Ellen Jackson, 42, Vauxhall road
Ulverston Tavern, Semi. Lea, 38, Hackin's hey
Union Hotel, Archibald Irwin, 4, Roe st.
Union Tavern, J. A. Vellums 16, Union st.
Union Tavern, John Forshaw, 18, Sir Thomas' buildings
Union Tavern, M. S. Robinson, 19, Wood st.
Union Tavern, Thos.Whittaker, 103, Mount pleasant
Union Tavern, Mary Wilson, 48, Edmund st
Vale of Clwyd, Robt.Salusbury, 28, Peter lane
Venus Packet, Edward Morgan, 7, Marshall lane
Vine Tavern, Hannah Clough, 109, Pitt st
Vine Tavern, Ann Elliott, 16, Rainford garden
Vine Tavern, Charles Holland, 16, Earle et.
Vine Tavern, Ellis Jones, 7, Atherton st.
Vine Tavern, Ann amitn, 61, Norfolk st.
Waggon and Horses, pan eobington, 5, College lane
Waggon & Horses, Rd. Urmston, 48, Upper Milk at.
Waggon & Horses,WneWhittle, 233, Vauxhall road
Warrington Tavem,John Needham, 33, Cleveland square
Watch, Richard Calderbank, le Highfield st,
Waterloo Hotel, W iiliam Lynn, 56, Ranelagh at
Waterman, Richard. Knowles, 2, Bath st.
Wellington, John Richardson, 26, Peter st.
Wellington and Blucher, Henry Schxoder, 25, East side Salthouse dock
Wellington and Blucher, Hugh Williams, 26, Preston st
Wellington Tsavem, Wm. Strettell, 13, Litberlapd alley
Welsh Harp, Hugh G. Roberts, 12, Fenwick st.
West Country Tavern, John Nall, 1, George's dock passage
Wexford Tavern, Thos. Walsh, 5, George's dock passage
Wheat Sheaf, William 1lriecoe, 1, Steers lane
Wheat Sheaf, John Cadwell, 3d. Preston at.
Wheat Sheaf George Flrby. 10, Chide st.
Wheat Sheaf, John King, 9, Oldhall st.
Wheat Sheaf: John Knowles, 113. New Scotland road
Wheat Sheaf, Ann Leer, 85, Key street
Wheat Sheaf, Margaret Metcalfe, 5, Upper Danson st.
Wheat Sheaf, John Plitt, 19, Key st.
When Sheaf. John Saddler, 14, Cheapside
Wheat Sheaf. John Steel, 14, Pownall square
Whitby It Sunderland Tavern, Ann Andes, 35, Mason street, Wapping
Whitchurch & Shropshire Tavn. Jamb Hassan. 6 & 7, Brooks square
White Bear, George Taylor, 35, Dale st
White Hart; Elizabeth Paul, 9, Moor st.
White Hart, Joseph Shepherd, 180, Dale st.
White Lion, James Glover, 72, St. James' st
White Lion, Margt. Robinson, 138, Dale st.
White Llen, George Robson, 1, Stephen's lane
White LtOh, Thomas H. Speakroam 11, Vauxhall road
Wind Mill, Simnel Price, 17, College lane
Wind Mill, lsefer Scallion, 13, Vauxhall road
Wind Mill, James SLteirtith, 37, I.ohdon road
Wind Mill, Charles Taylor, 68, Upper Frederick st
Wind Mill, Charles Woods, 53, Huisf; sL
Woodman, Elias Houghton, 68, Tithebarn st.
World's End, John Lawrence, 65, Upper Pitt st
Wrexham Church,Peter Davies, 8, Cumberland st.
Yarmouth Anus. Martha Ball, 12, Darwin st:
York & Hull Tavern, WiBiaru Watson, 46, Strand st,
York House, Catnanne Dobson, 33, l rederieli it.
York Hotel, Elleftdfovit1i&,l6, lviu amson square
Yorkshire tavern, Margaret Forshaw, 9 Milk st


*a* See also Opticians.

Gammisge Benj. (mfr. of Dlcas's patent hydrometers & saccharometers, 11, Clarence st
Introvino A. 138, Duke st.


Adams Wm. 65, Paradise st.
Richardson & Cowburn, (and Manks, Scotch, aid Russia,) 146, Dale St.
Winn Wm. (sheetings, diapers, & table linen), 137, Dale st.


Bennett Thos. M. 47, Sir Thos'. buildings
Blount George, 8, Fleet st.
Bowman Wm. 18, Johnson st
Carron Company, 30, Redcross st. (agt. Thos. Crossthwaite)
Clark Thos. 75 & 76, Stanley st.
Cragg John, (Mersey foundry,) 81, Tithebarn street
Dove Thom It Co. 4, Beckwith street
Edwards John, 61, Moorfields
Fawcett & Preston, (engine boilers, &c.) 7, York st.
Flitcroft Seth, 18, Castle st
Grindley John, 28, Matthew st.
Horton Daniel, & Co. (engine boilers,) North shore
Jackson & Henderson, 3, Tabley street
Lacon T. H. & Dale, Or agents) 20, N. side Old dock
Matthews Edw. 16 & 65, Stanley street
Matthews Thos. 11, Derby st.
Morton & Skerratt 23, Preston st top of Spitalfields
Owen Rd. M. 44, Parliament st.
Roscoe Ed*. & Waln, (& mfrs, of bar Iron), 17, Hanover street, and Mersey Iron works, Toxteth park


Bailey Brothers, 23, Water st. (agent, Samuel Lacon)
Batton Wm. jun. 8, Pitt st.
Bibbi John, & co. 5, S. side Duke's dock quay, And N. end King's dock
Blount Geo 55, Wood st.
Bourne John & Thos. & Co. 8, Tabley street
Gibbons Timothy & Benj. & to. 6, Beckwith st.
Grant Richard, 5, Table st
Harrison Thos 41, Pool lane
Higgins & Yates, (& tinplate) 11 and 32, Sir Thomas' Buildings
Hill Thos. & sons, (Blaenavon, Garn Ddyris, & Wollaston,) 13, Salthouse lane; (agent, W.P. Halley j.
Jevons & Sons, 20, Tabley st
Ker - Wm. Paradise chambers iron warehouse, Charlotte pl. E. side Salthouse dock
Mead, Acraman & Co. (& steel) 12, Water street
Nelson George, 2, Wood st.
Rimmer Richard & Son, 25, N. Side Old dock
Roscoe & Waln, 17, Hanover street
Sephton G. P. 40, Hurst st.
Swan. Chappell, & Heywood, (and tin), 21, Cook st.
Yates & Cox, 18, Brunswick st.


*** See also Hardware Dealers.
AScroft Henry, 5, EIliot st.
Ascroft John, 72 & 73, Bridgewater et
Barton'mtre. jun. 8, Pitt it
Bates John, 24, St. James' at.
Beckett Jnthn. 89, Whitechapel
Betteley Joseph, 50, Pool lane
Braithwaite and Dennison, 48, Ranelagh street
Buxton Edmund & Co. 2, Pool lane
Christopherson Edw. 20,Wappg.
Clay & Musgrove, 27, Paellamerit Street
Cooper Joseph, 71, St. James' at.
Cooper ThoS It DanL 2, Scotland place
Ctoss James, jun. 93, St. Jamey Street
Davies Jpn. 239, Vauxhall road
Dewhurst & Clarke,, 24, Paradise street
Dovey William, 15, E.side Salthouse dock
Drury Is Wilde, 15, Castle st
Eskrigge Is Robinson, 38, Castle street
Evans Henry, 28, London road
Foi Heihry, 51, Copperas hill
Flarrlson Rd. Is Nichls. 10, Dint st. & (I, Ansdell st.
Harrison Thos. 41, Pool lane
Hatton Jas. I, 2, & 54, Mersey street
Holden Geo. 44, Lord st,
Holgate JOhn, 67, Church It
Homer Win. 34, Mersey et.
Howard Geo. ds Son, 154, Dare street
Hunt Samuel, 76, Church St.
Lace & Clarkson, 37 James st.
Lawton James. 22, Stanley St
Litttejohn Arthur,, 98, Bold st,
Longton Jas. & son, 25, Castle ditch
Lowe Christopher, 42, Scotland road
Mason James, 8 & 9, Byrom st.
Molyneux. Thos. C. & J, C. 5, Oxford street.
Moss & Whalley, 70, Paradise at
Norris Philip, 2, L. Sparling at.
Parry Wm. 41, Church st.
Pearson Logan, & Co. 7, Cornhill, and 22, New quay
Poole Joseph, 1, Price st.
Price Jnthn. 44, Ranelagh st.
Pritt, Case, & Butler, 41, Wapping and 10, Goree
Rimmer Thos John, 35, London road
Robinson Geo. 48, Dale street
Robinson Joseph, (& agent to Slater's patent steam kitchens) 26, N. side Old dock
Roome Wm. 23, Old haymarket
Seddon John, 118, Whitechapel
Steel & Clough, 11, Old haymkt.
Storey Joseph & Son, 36, Lord street
Strong and Addison, 15, Tamatham at. and 6, Sefton st.
Whittingham and Gladstone, 51, Wapping
Whittle R.& Co. 8, Lnarlottest.


*** See Gold Ff Silversmiths.


*** See also Architeets,Buildcrs, Cabinet' Makers, and Furniture Brokers.
Anderson John, 63, Circus at.
Askew John, 8, Liver st.
Astley Francis, 29, Edmund st.
Barton George, 46, Park lane
Barton Tboa. 81, Great Crossbar street
Baxendale Wm.4, Trowbridgest.
Bowman Thos. 12, Bow at.
Brown Thos. 11, Leander at.
Brown Wm. Lark In. Tex. pk.
Cain Daniel, 14, Warren st.
Calderbank John, 56, Gloucester street
Carter John, 47, Fleet street
Chadwick Richard, Haymarket
Connor Edw. Eden street
Cookson John, 18, Upr. Pitt at.
Cooper Rd. 14, Tabley et.
Cope James, 3, Wellington at. N.
Covell Jas. 15, Thurlow st.
Cowell Joseph, 16, Drury lane
Critchley John,2, Wellington rd.
Crowther John,` 3, Marble st.
Cunningham Dvd. 13, Edgar at.
Davies John, 8, Brunswick at.
Davies Wm. 9, Pellew st.
Davison Quintin, 21, Hunter et.,
Dickson dos, 47, Clayton 4t.
Dixon Jas. 49, Sparling st.
Dumbell John, 34, Shaw's brow
Emrilitt Thos, 6, Bridport st.
Farrer Isaac, 19, Roscoe st.
Ferguson Thos. (printers,) 47, Edmund at.
Fewster Jas y41482, London ra.
Ford John, 13, Newington bdg.
Foster Thos. Cheapside alley
Gamer John, 15, Drury lane
Gaskell Wm. & Co. 13, E. aide Queen's dock
Gill Thos. 38A, Shaw alley
Glover Joseph, 1, Greenland at.
Goodall Geo. 6, Brooks alley
Gregg Joseph, 19, Drury lane
Gregson Rd. (& pump maker,) 2 yard, 1, Mount pleasant
Griffiths Hy. 232, Vauxhall road
Griffiths Rt. 5, Covent garden
Grocot John, 14, Trowbridge at.
Harrison Jph, Back Rusxnl st.
Harrison Thos. 8, Peter st.
Harrison Wm. 43, Wood st.
Henderson Wm. 3, Norfolk st.
Hilliard John, 73, Christian st.
Holmes Thos. 3, Gloucester at.
Holt Edmund, 5, Great Charlotte street
Houldin T. 20, Freemason's row
Hughes John, 11, Stanhope st.
Hughes Thos. 1, Hodson st.
Hughes Thos 26, School lane, & 7, Pownall st.
Iveson James, 18, Fox st.
Jackson Rt. 46, St. James' pl.
Johnston Wm. 29, Brownlow hill
Jones John, 5, Brownlow hill
Jones John, 64, Byrom st.
Jones John W. 70, Gerard at.
Jones Thos. Windsor lodge, Toxteth park
Jones Thos. 37, Midghall at.
Jones Wm. 6, Bird street
Jopling Wm. Pontack's lane
Lassell Thos. L Park place
Lawton Thos. 15, High street, Edge hill
Lewis & Williams, 54, Leeds st.
Lowe Wm. 7, Oldhall st.
Makin Thos. 7, Ellenboroughst.
Maxwell & Son, 32, Hurst st.
M'Clumpha Adam, 34, Key at.
M'Clumpha Jas. 7. Trafford In.
M'Cune Hugh,' 6, Orford at.
M'George John, St. Domingo ln.
M'Guffie Alex. 30, Torbock at.
M'Millan Alex. 2, Frederick st. St. James'
Midghall Jas. 47, Gerard st.
Morrison Wm. Yew tree house, Dingle lane
Nicholson WIlson, 113, Whitechapel
Oldham Esther, 37, Clayton st,
Owens Owen, 22, Hunter at.
Padley Chas. 54, Greenland at.
Padley John, 19, Clayton et.
Parry John, 8, Hood st.
Pendleton Samuel, Hyde park
Pennington John, 2, Leigh st.
Pinkham Jas. 49, Stanley sG
Potts Wm. 227, Vauxhall road
Price Rice, 22, Midghall st.
Prydderch John, 47,8 hi ernes' pl.
Rae John, 62, N. Scotland read
Rainford, Harwood, & Widdow son, 68, Lime at.
Redman Wm. 7, Smithfield Bt.
Rigby Jas 6, Roberts aG N.
Rigby SamL 1, Greetham at.
Rimmer Edw. Edgehill place
Roberts Edw. 80 and 81, Upper Frederick street
Roberts Moses, 48, Greenland at.
RobertsJ. & W. 65, London rd.
Robson John, 21, Midghall st.
Rothwell Henry, 18, Blake st.
Sanderson Aaron, 116, New Scotland road
Sanderson John, 49, Fontenoy st.
Serice Wm. 4, Thomas st.
Sharrock W. 26, Dwerryhonsest,
Shaw Geo. 29, Williamson at.
Shaw Wm. 14, Clare at.
Smith Jas. 63, S. side OId dock
Smith John, Everton village
Smith John, 9, Cherry lane
Spencer Joseph, 56, Gerard st.
Stevenson James, 2, Tyrer et. Clayton et.
Toner Edw. 50, Limekiln lane
Townley Jas. 28, Hanover at.
Trotter Joseph, Garden place
Tyrrell Matthew. 47. Sir Thomas' buildings
Walker Edw. 9, Sawney Pope st.
Walker John, 5, Stanhope at.
Walker Geo 7, St. James' st.
Wallworth Rd. 4, Oakes st.
Wareing Win. 18, Trowbridge at.
Whittington Wm. (and cylinder bellows mkr.) 4, Warren at.
Wickham Mat.,29, Wood at.
Williams Erasmus, 11, Great Richmond as.
Williams John, 57, Gt. Crosshall street
Williams John and William, 21, Comua street
Wilson John, 13, Bridgewater at.
Woodyer Joseph, 27, Springfield street


Those marked thus * are Dealers in British Lace.
*Baldwin Sarah, 32, Seed st.
*Caesar Eleanor. 40, Ranelagh street
Chapman George, 1, Greek at.
Chapman J. (mfr.) 24, Lord at.
Chapman Wm. 51, Ranelagh at.
Denman E. & A. 7, Russel at.
Ellis Wm. & Co. 16, Church at.
Grant & Walker, 30, Russel at.
*Greenhow D. and E. 48, Great
George street
Hodges David, 72, Bold at.
Holmes Walton, 51, Whitechpl.
Hoskin Rt. 16, Lord street
Jowett Josiah and Henry 84, Bold street
Macharg Misses, 34, Seel st.
*M'Lean & Finney, 17, Bold st.
Mounsey & Holden, 35, Church street
Ragg Rd. & Co. 94, Paradise at.
Sissons Wm. (mfr.) 14, Prescot street
Woods M. & J. 29, Mt. pleasant
Woodville Catharine, 68, Bold street


Bentley Rd. 6, Grosvenor st.


Rossiter Rd. 2, Westmoreland pl.


Awty Rd. Henry, 4, Erskine street
Byrom and Hall, s, riarringtoa street
Eyes Edward, 36, Bold st.
Freeman Wm. 2, Shannon at.
Harrison Isaac, jun. 14, Brown street
Longworth James, (building) May place
Sheriff James, 14, Finch st.
Sherwood Wm. Stacey, 14, Lime street
Silvester Chas. (& civil engineer) 36, Lime st.
Stewart Daniel & Son, 28, Warren street


Abraham Isaac, (shells and fossils), 29, Paradise st.
Aiken Jas. 66, Whitechapel
Burges Ruth, (shells & fossils), 13, Forrest st.
Fisher John, 1, Williamson sq.


Armistead Thos 15, Derby at.
Lea Thos 61, Sir Thomas buildInge
Robinson Hy. 77, Stanley at.


Davies Chas Globe chambers
Morecroft Jas. .52, N. Scotland road
Swindell John, (and ink mfr.) 9, Whitechapel
Thompson George F. 1, Union court, Castle st.
Williams John, 10, Temple ct.


Mather, Parkes, & Co. (and tin) 15, Cornhill
Mead, her: man, & Co. (and tin) 12 & 13, Water st.
Newton, Lyon, & Co. agents to the Marquis of Anglesea, 3, Cooper's row.
Roskell Geo. & Co. 17, Nova Scotia
Walker Joshua, Maltby, & Co. (and mfrs.) 1, Parade wharf ; (agent, Richard Mereer)


*** See also Carriers and Leather Dealers.
Binns & Hadwen, 6, King st.
Bradford John (commission) 17, Blake st.
Hodson Geo. 16, Peter lane
Kelshaw Thos. 19, Manesty ln.
Sim Joseph & Co. 16, Vernonst.


Chadwick John, umsenhale bridge, Canal bank
Johnson John & Son, 26, Hatton garden
Ramsbottom Wm. (executors of) 10, Canning st.
Troughton & Ryan, 29, Hill at. South
Waln, Holme, & Stamper, 5, Oil st.


*** See also Linen Mfrs. and Sail Cloth Mfrs.
Conner MichL 8, Bromfield at.
Baird Jas. 7, Pownall square
Miller John (canvas, &c.) 2, Fenwick st.
Wilson John, (cotton & canvas bagging) 8, Trafford lane


Those marked thus* are also Silk Mercers.
See also Linen and Woollen Drapers.
Addison Jas. 22, Paradise st.
Alcock and Morgan, 59, Dale street
Armstrong and Hall, 15, Church street
*Arundell and Nicholson, 10, Paradise st.
Bailey J. T. 14, Gt. Charlotte at.
Barber Eliz & Amelia, 4, London toad
*Barns Henry, 27, Church st.
*Beakbane Thos 31, Richmond row
Beckwith Rd. M. 93, Paradise st.
Bedford Joseph, 66, Hlghfleld at.
*Bennison &'Frankland (& India muslin) 142, Duke at.
Brade Elijah, 8, New Scotland road
*Brown Ezekiel, 80, Church st.
Carson Wm.' 8, Marybone
*Cheshire Thos. 64 & 65, Pool lane
*Clibbern Barclay; 77, Church street
*Cunningham and Perkins, 3, Church st.
Dawbarn John, 17, Byrom at.
*Ellis Wm. & Co. 16, Churchst.
*Falder & Gaskell, 1, Pitt at.
*Frank Rt. 26, Lord at.
Gibson Thos. 101, Mt.pleasent
Gimmel John, 2, Pepper st.
*Gregory Thos 22 & 23, Cleveland square
Griffith Thos. 23, Church at.
Griffiths Edw. 48, Church st.
Hall Humphrey, 68, Paradiseat.
*Harrison H. A. (6s haberdasher) 60, Bold st.
Hichell John, 22, Old haylnkt.
*Hunt Henry, 10, Church at.
Jeffreys Rt. 107, Whitechapel
*Jenner Thos. 59, Church at.
Jones Oliver& Evan, 85, Dale st.
*Jowett Josiah & Hy. 84, Bold street
Kennedy F. & Co. 43, Church at.
Kenyon Eliz. & Jane, 55, Richmond row
Little Edw. 24, Church at.
Mair Rt. (and muslin mfr.) 81, Paradise at.
M'Clive Rt. (muslin and Scotch warehouse) 30, Church st.
M'Curdy John, 9, Gt. Crosshall street
Mounsey Sarah, 51, Duke at.
Muir John, 14, Paradise st.
Newnes Mary, 33, Shaw's brow
Peck Watson, 51, Ranelagh st.
Pritchard John, 13, Matthew at.
Richardson and Cowburn, 146, Dale st.
Riddick John, 18, Gt. Crosshall street
Scott Thos 53, Byrom st.
*Scruton Geo. 13, Cleveland sq. and 27, Lord st.
Slean Jas. 69, Whitechapel
Stephenson Chas V. 55, Church street
*Sutton Maria, 21, Old haymkt.
Thompson Rt. & W m.14, Cleveland square
Travis Rd. 46, Whitechapel
Tuohy Mary, 26, Tithebarn at.
Whitby Wm. 78, Whitechapel
White Wm. jun.12, Renelagh at.
Wilson Henry & Thos. 34, N. side Old dock


*** See also Sail Cloth Mfrs. and Linen and Canvas Mfrs.
Harley Rt. (table linen) 97, Mt pleasant
Hornby & Co. patent linens, huckabacks, diapers, ducks, drills, ticking, canvas, sack-
ing, twine, &c. la, Reactors at.


Anderson & Co. (table linen, &c.) 13, College lane
Brown Andw. 19, Paradise st.
Couston W m. & Co. (Scotch table linen warehouse) 11, Leighst.
Greenwood Benj. 1, School lane
Wilson Hy. & Thos. 34, N. side Old dock


Those marked thus* are also Silk Mercers.
Begot Thos. 33, Ranelagh st.
Cannon Alex. 60, Cable st.
*Claypole John, 2, Whitechapel
Cooper Wm. 72, St. James' st.
Dodgson Pearson, 40, Castle st.
French Ellz. 25, Bridgewater at.
*Harris Wm. 54, Castle et.
*Hoskin Rt. 16, Lord st.
Johnson Jas. 50, Gt. Crosshall st. 1
Jones Edw. & Co. 107 and 108, Pitt st.
Lloyd John 177, Dale st.
Luccock Thos. 129, Whitechpl.
Mason Mary, 79, St. James' st.
M'Lellan Alex. 2, Price at.
Miller Henry, 51, Hurst st.
Parkinson Thos. 3, Jamieson st.
Parr & Oglethorpe, 4 & 5, Pitt st.
Pierce Satoh 186, Dales[. & 16, Richmond st.
Pritchard Edw. 39, E. end Old dock
Richardson Jas. and Thos. 12, Whitechapel
Rowlands Edw. 105, Pitt st.
Slater Win. 25, Pool tan..
Vaughan Wm. 38, Old haymkt.
Walthew Jas. 37, Water at.
Walthew Jas. & Thos. 16, Queen sq. & 13, Preesonra row
Ward Chas. 35, Gt. Crosshall st.
Wilkinson & Cartmel; 8 & 9, Pool lane
Williams Wm. 34, Byrom st.


Ambrose Henry, 24, Cockspur at.
Atkinson John, 6, Lamberts[.
Atkinson Rt. 15, Myrtle aG
Barrow-Joseph, 39, Rodney at.
Birch John, 5, Pilgrim at.
Boardman Chas. Bk. Birchfield
Briton Charles, (post horses) 51, Seel st.
Burns Peter (post horses) 64, Renshaw si.
Cadwel John (horses and gigs) So,rreston st.
Davies John 16, Crabtree lane 15avies Thos. (horses and- cars) 2, Great Homer st.
Gamer Jas. 1, Rose place
Garner William, (post horses 25, Berry st.
Greaves Wm. (post horses, gigs, and cars) 1, Hope st.
Hewitt John, (and horse dealer) 8, Clayton lane
Hewitt Thos. (horse dealer) 8, Parr at.
Holt Peter, 4, Cheapside
Hope Philip, 23, Roscoe st.
Hodson Joseph, 42, Gilberts[.
Jones Joseph, (cars and horses) Hyde park
Lowe Matthew, 70, London rd. and Mt. Vernon
Morris David 15, Houghton st.
Oakden Roger, 20, Henry st.
Outfield John, 1, Beau lane
Parry Rt. (& car owner) Church st. Everton
Scott John, 9, Toruock st.
Smith Thos. 2, Lime st.
Taylor Thos. 42, Gilbert st.
Thomas John, 6, Marble st.
Webster Mary, 24, Lime M.
Williams John, Haymkt. tavern Haymarket
Wilson Christpr. 29, Basnett st.
Youett Than 12A, Sidney sl St. James'


Astley Francis, 29, Edmund st
Wrigley Rd. & Sons, 4, Milk sl


Broad John, 26, Dale at.
Clements Chas. 29, Queen st.
GoasEdrr 5, Blair st.
Harvey Wm. and Enoch, 58, Cheapside
Irving Jas. 39, N. Scotland road
Johnson Rt. 10, Trueman st.
Rothwell Wm. M. Sefton
Whitlow Wm. 15, Fleet st.
Wilkins Rt. 118, Whitechapel


Marked thus* are also Sculptors.
See also Stone Masons
*Ashcroft Edmd. 66, Byrom st. i and 78, Fontenoy st.
Baker Benj. 26, Renshaw st.
*Franceys & Spence, 90, Brownkris hill
*Gibson Solomon, 1, Hanley st.
Hetherington Wm. 55,R.ussel st.
Jones Wm. 49, Lime at.
*Knowles Rt. 11, Bridportit.
Lloyd John 43, Circus st.
F Prescott John, 6, Mansfield at.
Sayer Wlrn. 2, Greenland st.
Taylor Abm. 2, Bridport at.
Whitehead Edmd. 105, Islington


Bailey SamL 21, Queen st.
Barker Bennett, 42, Mersey st.
Brown Maria, 14, Gardeh et
Callaghan Margt.80,Titheharf at
Clark Jas. 56, Standish st:
Cloudslie David, 18, Redcrdastt.
Collins John, 51, Strand st.
Croft John, 37, Sawney Pope at.
Crowley Mary, 1, Fontenoy at.
Davies Jas. 12, Liver st.
Donovan Timy. 8, Drury lane
Grist Wm.30, Kitchen at.
Harris John,13, Lower Sperling street
Hayes Jane, 21, Manesty lane
Hope Thos. 62, Sparling st.
Hughes John, 39, Waterloo road
Jalland Rt. 44, Fazakerley st.
Kaye Wm. 50, Cumberland st.
Kenedy Hugh, 13, Crooked hi.
Kenny Wm. 2, Mason st.
Lenan Thos. Hole in the Wall, Salthouse dock gates
Marsden Win. 13, Croston st.
O'Neill John, 6, Willis place
Pemberton Wm. 63, Plumbe st.
Perry John, 2, Stephen's lane
Phillips Wm. 7, Chaloner st.
Scotton Rd. 3, Dutton st.
Smith Jas. 22, Copperas hill
Stewart Peter, 20, Strand at
Threlfall Thos. 17, Denison at.
Tomlinson Wm. 13, James st.
Warburton Enoch, 59, Lumber street
Wilcock Hannah, 2z, Addison at.
Witter Thos. 69, Dale st.


Appleton Dvd. 31, S. end of Dry dock
Backhouse and Lea, 63A, S. side Old dock
Bedson Thos. 16, E. side Dry dk.
Bellhouse David and Son, 13, E. side King's dock
Bird Wm. 3, Parade wharf
Briscoe Chas. 8, Sea brow
Cooper Jas. 26, S. end Dry dock
Cross Jag. 14, New quay, and lii; E. aide King's clods
Croston Rd. 17A, Wapping
Fairclough Semi, I% E. Side Salt house dock
Farnworth Jacob, 15, E. side Dry dock
Fitzgerald John, and Margt. 23, E. side Dry dock
Gardner Rd. 9.1, New Gully, and 6, Hurst st.
Gibbond Jph. 1 and 3, Oiford st.
Hargrove & Wilson, 25; W`app,
Hayes C. jun. and DewHurSt, 38, E. side Salthouse dock
Higginson John, 10, Ansdell et.
Horn Jph. & Co. E. side Queer's dock, and- 2f Chaloner st.
Howe & Ashcroft, 21, Garden at,
Ivester William H. 9, E. side Queen's dock
Jaeger & Davies, 42, Sparling at.
Jee Sampson, 15, Gilbert st.
Johnston Rd. 12, E. side Queen's dock
Knowles and Croston, 2A, Duke's place
Miles Sams. 7, E. side Dry dock
Osborne Edw. Charlotte place, E. side Salthouse dock
Pemberton Thos. 115, Park lane
Richardson and Pemberton, Union passage
Roberts Wm. 22, E. side Dry dk.
Rogerson NathL 17, E. side Dry dock
Stephenson John, 1, Bromdeldat
Tyree William, (patent portable ships' pump mkr.) 8, Surrey st.
Williams Hugh, 40, Waterloo rd.
Williams John, 33, S. end Dry dock
Williams Thos. 3, S. end Dry dk.
Worrall and Dalton, 21, E. side Salthouse dock


••• See Opticians.


Alexander John L 54, Truman street
Hayes Sarah (and curled hair mfr.) 8, Shaw's brow
Jolliffe Jas 64, Shaw's" brow, and 11, Byrom st.
Powell Rt. 50, Trueman at.


••• Those marked No. 1, are West India Merchants, and
No. 2, are American Merchants.
Abbott Geo. 19, Moss at.
Ackerley Saml. 16, College lane
Ackers and Bower, 3, Spitalfields
Adams Jas. 3, Drury lane
2 Addison and Bagott, 8,Manesty lane
Aikin Jas. 1, Goree piazzas
Ainslie Philip B. 87, Leeds at.
Alston, Eason, and Co. 10, Rumford at.
1 Appleton Wm. 3, Tyrer st.
Arrott Rt.and Co. Chapel at.
Ashe John S. 1, Exchange court
Ashton H. and R. 12, Seymour st.
Ashton and Searls, 23, Brunswick st.
Aspinall J. and J.40. Henry at.
Aspinall Nichs. 3, Drury lane
Aspinall, Brown, and Aspinall, 14, Hanover st.
Atkinson Gerald, 21, Cooper's row
Banks Thos. 62, Richmond row
Harder John & Son, 20, Waterat.
Barber Thus. 1, Wakefield at,
Barber Wm. 12, Rumford st.
Barclay George, B. and Co. 17, Goree piazzas
Barnard W. H. & C. 18, Goree piazzas
Bamewall and M'Dermot, 31, Pool lane
Barton, Irlam, and Higginson, 13, Henry st.
Batteraby Jas. and Co. 4, Liver street
Beath Searight, Upper hill st.
Beaumont and Downing, 9, E. side Dry dk. and 64, Strand st.
Benn Rt. and G. 15, Brunswick street
1 Benson Moses, 21, Parr st.
Bewley and Nevill, 14, Manesty lane
BIbby John and Co. 5, S. side
Duke's dock quay, and N. end King's dock
Binns and Hadwen, 6, King st.
Birch Jph. and Co. 4, Lydia Ann street
Birley John and Sons, 34, Water at.
Bishop John J. and Co. 27, Mason st.
Bold Isaac O. 4, w eumgton bdgs.
Bold Nichls. D. Bold's yd. Strand street
Bolton, Chaffers, & Co. 3, King street lane
Bolton John, 15, Henry at.
2 Bolton, Ogden and Co. 20, Brunswick at.
Booth Thos. and Co. 29, Hurst street
Boothby J. B. 3, Rumford st.
Boultbee Edw, 26, King st.
Bourne J. and P. 8, Tabley st.
Bowker James and Co. 3, Molyneux place
Brade, Moore and Co. 26, James street
Bradshaw, Wanklyn and Sons, 2, Wellington buildings
Bradstock Garstang, 70, S. side Old dock
Braithwaite John, 46, Fleet at.
Braun Lorentz, 32, Drury lane
Breed Riehd. F. 8, Goree piazzas
Breuell and Anderson, 2, Duke's place
Brocklebank T. and J. 7, Rumford at.
Brotherston Jas. and Co. 14, Goree piazzas
Brough Jas. 6, salthouse lane
Brown Geo. B. 35, Water at.
Brown Jas. and Son, 19, Peter lane
Brown Wm, 2, Duke at. Edge-1 hill
Brown WM...1. and Cot 34, Strand at,
Brown Wm. A. 18, E. side Dry dock
Buchanan John 4, nigh at.
Bulley Wm. W. 8, Church lane
Bennet James 12, Old Church yard
Burgess Danl. 1, Rumford st.
Byrom Hy. Byrom's bdgs. Dale at
Caldwell Martin, 6, Pool lane
Campbell Geo. 14, Hanover at.
Campbell and Mackie, 6, New quay
Cannon and Ml11er, 44, K. end Old dock
Cardwell J. and T. H. and Co. 15, Exchange st. E.
2 Carter John S. 4, cooper's row
Cather Wm. 19, Goree piazzas
Cattaral Wm. & Co. (drug) 19, Fenwick st.
Cearns Edward, jun. 7, Goree piazzas
Challinor Chas. 24, Peter lane
Chapman Jas. and Co. 12, Goree piazzas
1 Clark Andw. jun. 13, Trafford lane
Clarke and Falcon, 5, Wapping
Clarke & Grundy, 7, Argyle st.
Claude Louis, 37, E. side Salthouse dock
Coates Adonis, 61, Seel st.
Collmann, Lambert and Co. 2, Exchange court
Cooper Ebenz. S. 15, Milton at.
Copland Rt. 132, Park lane
Corkhill Jas, and Co. 86, Lord street
Coupland Wm. 39, Fleet at.
Coupland Wm. T. and J. Heywood's court, Gradwell at.
Craig Hugh, 7, King st.
Crook Jerh. 14, Upr. Fredk. st.
Cropper, Benson and Co. 31, Paradise st.
Cropper John, 11, Basnett at.
Crossley Jph. 37, Lord st.
Crosthwaite John and Co. 3, Swift court, Castle st.
2 Crowder, Clough and Co. 7, Manesty at.
Crowther John, 23, E. aide Salthouse dock
Crudgington Edw. 12, Harrington st.
Cumming J. and H. 2, Goree 'deems
Curado Thos. I. 17, Exchange buildings
Currie Wm. W. 4, High at.
Curwen and Hagerty, 4, Goree piazzas
Da Costa Antonio J. and Co. 10. Goree pia mss
Davies John, 13A, Redcrosaat,
Dawson and Sutton., 6, K. change at, W
Deakin John, 3, Duke's place
Dearman Edward and Co. 25, Henry st.
Delpla Edw. 126, Duke st.
Dennistonn Alex. and CO- 3, Rumford st.
Dewhurst Rd. 2 snail' court, Castle st.
Dickson Geo. 4, High st.
Dixon Henry, 135, Duke st.
Dixon Henry and Co. 14, Bird st.
Dixon Jph. 67, S. side Old dock
Dixon, Wain, and Lace, 15, Chapel st.
Dixon Wm. S. 4, Irwell st.
Dixon Wm. A. and Co. 16, Water st.
Dobie Wm. H. and Co. 16, Water st.
Donald Wm. 22, John st.
Dawson Wm. 4, N. end-Dry dk.
Doyle John, Hill st. S.
Duncan Jas. 18, Peter lane
Duncan W. M. and Son, 14, Tabley st.
Duarte Brothers, 30, Water at.
Dutton Jph. 13, Castle ditch
Dyson Thos.F.4, Exchange bdgs.
Earle T. and W. and Co. 51, Hanover st.
Edwards Rd. & Thos.75,Seel st.
Euing and Rathbone. 4, Exchange buildings
Evans and Trokes, 34, Drury In.
Eyes, Miller, Wylie, and Co. 7, Rumford st.
Fairclough Chas. 19, Gradwell st
Fairclough Wm. 11, Tabley st.
Fairclough Wm. jun. it, Goree piazzas
Falkners, Ackers, and Mawdsley, Tarleton buildings
Falkners and Mawdsley, Tarleton buildings.
Fearon, Sugden, and Fry, 32, E. side Salthouse dock
Feilden Wm. and Co. 15, Exchange buildings
Fell John, 22, Parr st.
Fleetwood Edw. 14, Nova Scotia
Fletcher Caleb and Co. S1, Hanover et
Fletcher Jacob 2, Swift Null, Castle st.
Fletcher Jph. 13, Wapping
Fletcher, Yates, and Co. 42, King st.
Follett And*. T. 17, Exchange buildings
Forde Wm. and Co. 5, Tower garden
Forshaw John & Co. 23, Parr st.
Fortunato A. P. Hargraves' buildings
Fosbery Wm. 19, Exchg. st. E.
Fowler Brothers, 6, E, side Salthouse dock
Franklin B. & A. (bullion) Dale st
Freeland Alex. 56, Gt. George'st.
Freme W. P. & J. 3, John st.
Galan, Richmond, and Russel, 6, York at.
Gardiner Hy. 51, Up. Islington
Ganliber Saml. 51, Up. Islington
Garnett John, 2, Exchangebdgs.
Geller Fe Co. 4, Slater court, Castle st.
Gibb Duncan, ..:.,.s st.
Gibbons & Healing, 1, end Dry dock
Gibbs, Thompsoh, & Co. 11, N. side Old deck
Gibson & Brackenridge, 7, Pitt street
Gibson Thos. 11, Islington
Gibson Wm. 7, Baffin st.
Gilfillan J. and A. 8, Goree piazzas
2 Giliiat Win. H. 20, Peter lane
Gillies John, 35, E. side Salthouse dock
Gladstone John, Grant, & Wilson, 3, Union court, Castle st.
Gladstone Rt. and Co. 3, Union court, Castle st.
Glynn John, & Son, 2, Fleet st.
Goldie John, 16, College lane
Goodwin John, 58, Strand st.
Goore Wm. 67, Seel st.
Gordon, Corsar, & Co.6, PoOI ln.
Gordon Jas. & Co. 1, Graving dock, No.1.
Gordon John, 5A, Argyle st.
2 Gordon Saml. & Co. 5. Chimpbell st.
Gore Rd. and Hy. Commerce ct.
Goring Joshua, 15, Old Church yard
Gowling Jph. Paradise chambers
Gracie Archibald, jun. 8, Goree
Graham Wm. 4, Campbell st.
Grant Rd. 5, Tabley st.
Green Geo. I, Exchange st. W.
Greene & Lawson, 5, Manesty In.
Grundy Francis, 7, Argyle et.
Hadfield Chas. 4, Marshall st
Hall J. P. M. & Co. 33, Manesty lane
Hamer Henry, lb, O. Church yd.
Hamnett Edw. & Co. 37, Water street
Hardie Dvd.31, Argyle st.
Harrison & Davis, 3, Salthouse dock gates
Harrison & Leatham, 3, George's dock gates, N
Haselden J. and W. 3, Salthouse dock gates
Hatton Thos. jun. 5. Wellington buildings.
Haycock John, 4, Sefton st.
Hayes Jas. and Co. 14, Goree piazeaa
Heap John, and Sent, li, Exchange court
Hebson Jas.Underwritefs' name; Exchange buildings
Henderson Jas. M. 38; Lancelot's hey
Henderson set. 45, Gt. Geo. st
Henderson and Sands, 2, Orford street
Henderson, Seiler, 'and Co. 15, Price st.
Heyes John & Co. 20, Parr st.
Heyworth, Ormerod, and Co. 2, Goree
Hibberson .,ueeprq and no. at, New quay
Higginson Rd. 3, Rumford at
2 Hobson Jthn. and Son, 23, Cook st.
Holland Samuel, 6, York st.
Holmes Henry and Sons, 30, old haymarket
Holmes Isaac, 39, Soho st.
Holt John, Il, Campbell st.
Holt and Farrar, 89, Oldhall at.
Hope Wm. 5, Goree piazzas
Hornby J. T. and W. and Co. 5,
Campbell st. Duke st.
1 Horsfall Chas. and Co. 1, Exchange buildings
Huddleston John, 58, Wape.,.a
Humberston Charles, and Co. 4,
George's dock gates, N.
Hunt Edwin, 5, Mersey st.
Hunter Alex. & Co. (tobacco) 14, Hanover nt.
Hunter and Alexander, 9, GradweIl street
Hurry Wm. and Co. 8, Tronthain street
Hutchinson J. & T. and Co,.18, Exchange buildings
Imer Charles, 7, Dale et.
Ingleby Thomas, 23, E. aide Dry dock
Isaac, Lowe, & Co. 5, George'i dock gates, North
Jackson & Broadfoot, 20, Water street
Jackson John, and Co. 41, nu;,.sin's hey
Jackson John, 16, Duke st.
Jackson Thos. and Co. 7, Church lane
Jackson Wm. & Co. 13i Leigh st
Job, Bulley, & Co. 3, Pownall street
Johnson John, 2, Exchange et.
Johnson John Ovens, and Co. 3, Union cOurt, Cestie st.
Johnstone and Judson, Nate graves' buildings
Jones, Hyslop and Co. (South American,) 91, Exchange bdgs.
Jones JOhn; eerie 3'5, Jordan et.
JOnes John, (Nix and Irettlph 5e Fermis* W.
Jones, Murray, and Co. 3, Rumford street
Jordan Francis, and Cu. 7, Henry street
Joseph Barnet, 110, St. James' st.
Kempe Wm. & Co. 30, Water st.
Kenworthy, Son, and Bunnell, 15, Goree piazzas
Ker Robert, 14, Duke at.
Ker Wm. Paradise chambers, Paradise street
King James G. 8, Goree
Kolff Gualtherus, 69, Castle st.
Laird Wm. 41, Water st.
Lamont and Johnston, 15, College lane
Lance and Son, 10, Water st.
Lang John, Oxford street, N.
Langton Rd. 36, Lancelot's hey
Langton W. T. and Co. 5, King street
1 Lawrence Charles, 1, Bridgewater street
Lawson Wm. 1, High W.
Laycock ltd. 72, Dale st,
Leathom Thos. 51, Hanover st.
Lee John and Co, 9, Church In.
Lee Thos. Haynes, and Co. 9, Church lane
Leece & Drinkwater, 20, Water street
Leech Thos. Son, and Co, 45, Matthew street
Leigh Jph. and Co. 8, Orford st.
Lewis Thomas, 16, King st.
Liano Don Pedro, (Spanish) 10, Water street
Litherland P. B. Water st.
Livingston, Huson, and Co. 15, Exchange buildings
Lodge A. and F. 28, Masonst
Lopes Joseph D. 10, Upper Newington
1 Lucas & Cook, 1, Parker st
Luke Wm. 30, Water st
Lynch John & Co. 7, James W.
Lyne and Sudell, 16, Exchange buildings
Macdowgall, Duncan, and Co. 28, King street
Malonek J. M. 30, Water st
Marshall and Reed, Commercial. buildings, Water st.
Martin Thos. & Rt. 5, Liver st.
Marwade C. G. 9, Each, W. E.
Marwood Edw. 16, Mersey st.
Mather Thos. 2, Exch. alley
Mather John and Roberts Exchange court
Matthie Hugh and Son, 9, Geo.'s dock passage
Matthie Hugh & TheakstOne, 9. George's dock passage
Maury, Latham and Co, 3,, Exchange buildings
Mapeli W. A. R ,G, 2i *faux lane
M'Adssn Rt. 18, E. side Dry dk.
M'Call Archibald, 3, Each. et
M`Calls, Allen, & Co. 8, Old Church yard
M'Cammon John, 27, Drury In.
M'Cammon Joseph, 18e, Salthouse dock plazras
M'Donald and Ravenscroft, 27, Pool lane
M'Dowal Samuel, I, Parr st.
M'Farquhar, Hamilton, and Co. 3, Exchange court
M'Gregor Alexander & Co. 28, Brunswick st.
M'Iver Wm. 6, Pownall et.
M'Keand Jas. 7, Exchg. st E.
M'Lean Donald, (South American) 23, Temple st.
M'Millan John & Co. 21, New quay
M'Neill Rt. 7, Campbell st.
M'Quie Peter R. 7, King st.
M'William Rt. 10, Water st.
Meadowcroft Thomas & Co. 44, Strand at.
Meirelles A. J. 14, Rumford st.
Mellors & Russell, 1, Leather In.
Metcalf Isaac, Pembroke road
Miller Isaac, 15, Goree piazzas
Milligan Jas. 9, and 10, Wellington buildings
Moffatt James, 7, New quay
Molyneux Edmund, jun. Hab graves' buildings
Mondell James, 27, Pool lane
Montgomery John, jun. 28, Islington
Moon Brothers, 10, Manesty hi.
Moore John, 128, Duke st.
Morewood W. H. 2, Exchange buildings
2 Morrall & Watson, 36, E. side Salthouse dock
Morris, Carter, and Smith, Slater's court, Castle st
Mortimer Wm. W. 311A, E. side Salthouse dock
Mossman Adam, 27, Water st.
Moxon John D. & Co. 3, S. end George's dock
Muir Jas. 2, S. end George's dk.
Murney Jas. 8, Park lane
Murray, Syme, and Co. 5, New quay
Murta Jph. A. 2, Rainford sq.
Naegeli John, 3, S. side Duke's dock quay
Nzylpr der. 8, Molyneux place
Naylor Thos. & Co. 4, York st.
Needham Chas. (comes.) 8, Goree
Nelson Edw. 39, Henry st.
Neuman Charles W. 11, Brooks square
Nicholson.Hatfieid,17; Argyle st
Nicholson Jas. 5B, Mersey et.
Michelson: Thomas, jun. 65, Richmond row
Nicholson Jph. C. 14, E. side Dry dock
Ohmann Wm. A. 2, Excng, cr.
O'Neill Alan F. 36, Manesty In.
O'Neill John, 68, S. side Old dk.
Orford Thos. & Son, 20, Mersey street
Orford Thos. jun. 7, Argyle st
Ormerod Peter S. 19,Matthew st.
Orr, Robinson & Cunnhighame, 15, Cable st.
I Parke & Halls, 45, School lane
Patterson Adw. T. 4, Doran In.
Pattinson John & Co. 31, Drury lane
Peck Saml, 8, Exchg. bdgs.
Peck & Phelps, 21, Brunswick at.
Penny Jas. S. 13, Goree piazzas
Perrin Jas. 8, Drury lane
Phillips Jas. 2, Upr. Blrkett e,.
Pickering Brothers, 14, Henry st.
1-Pillfold & Rawson, 67, Hanover-st.
Pooley Wm. 16, Water st.
Porter W. F. 18, E. side Salthouse dock
Pownall Jas. Mater ct. Castle at.
Powys Brothers, 9, Parker st.
Pratt Andrew, 3, Temple st.
Pringle and Co. 2, George's dock gates, N.
Rae Ebenezer, 12, King st.
Ramsbotham & Co. 36, Water et.
Ramsden and Booth, 25, Fenwick st.
Rathbone, Brothers and Co. It Cornhill, and 6, Gower st.
Read John, 21, Exchg. bdgs.
Richards A. & S. & Co. 5; Goree
Richards Thos. 51, Mersey st.
Richardson Jas. 21, New quay
Richardson John, 17, Water st.
Rickman Saml. 65, Bold st.
Rideing John, 62, S. side Old dk.
Ripley T. &H. 13, Lwr. Castle st
Ritchie & Morice, 2, Duke st-
Ritson Jas. 67, Castle st
Roach Geo. and Ca 17, Exchg. buildings
Roberts John, 1.2, Hanover et.
Robin & King, (Mediterranean) I, Manesty lane
Robinson Jas. & Co. 4, Graving dock, N. 1.
Robinson Jph. 35, Sweeting st.
Robinson T.& Co. 12,Hanover st:
Robinson Peter T. and n" imer, 70, Sparling st.
Robinson Wm. jun. and CO. 30i Pool lane
Rodick Thomas & Co. 15, Itempie at.
Roose Allen and Co. 28, Brunwick st.
Roose John, 1, Forrest st.
Boise Jonthn. & Son, 4, Conthl$
Roos H. W. 5, Exchg. court
Ross. Wm. 11, Upper Parliament at.
Rothwell John, 24, King at.
Rothwell Wm. 2, Manesty lane
Roundell Savile R. 2, Dale at.
Roy Thu. 7, E. side Dry dock
Rushton Wm. & Sons,16, Goree ,piazza,
2 Salkeld Geo. 1, Goree piazzas
1 Sandbach, Tinne & Co.10, Exchange buildings
Sanderson Hugh J. 43, School lane
Sands, Hodgson, and Co. 12, Goree piazzas
Savage Anthy. 19, Gotee piazzas
Scaife Rt. 35, Water at.
Scholfield and Gartside, Paradise chambers
Sealy and Walker, 17, Exchange buildings
Seed Thos. 11, Wellington bdgs.
Sephton Edw. 40, Hurst st.
Seymour Bartw. 1, Henry st.
Shand, Ellis, and Shand, 4, Old Church yard
Sharp Jas. & John, 31, Pool In.
Sherlock Samuel and Thos. 16, Parr Bt.
Shipley, Welsh,& Co. 7, King st.
Simpson John, 28, Cook at.
Sims R. E. 16, E. side Dry dk.
Sinclair John, 30, N. aide Old dock
Singlehurst Rt. 22, John st.
Smedley John T. 4, York st.
Smith Alex. 36, Brunswick st.
Smith Gep. & John, 6, Baxter st.
Smith, Forsyth, & Co. 12, Lwr. Castle st.
Sorenson Peter, Son, and Co. (Russia) 11, Gradwe 1st.
Sothern John, 3, N. side Duke's dock quay
Spence Jas. 9, Cazneau at.
Stack & Hores, 6, George's dock gates, N.
Steel John, 9, Exchg. alley
Stewart John, 7, King at.
Stewart Wm. 25, Redcross st.
Stokes Wm. and SamL 11, Goree piazzas
Sumner John, 64, Hurst st,
Swainson E. & T. 2, Rumford st.
Swainson & Inman, 34, Water st.
Swan, Chappell, and Heywood, 24, Cook st.
Swire John, 31, Manesty lane
Swire Rd. 20, Peter lane
Sydebotham and Jenkins, 3, N. end Dry, dock
Symonds Samuel F. 15, Lower Castle st.
Tarleton J. H. & T. and Co. 16, W atpr. st.
Tarleton Time. a, Union court, Castle st.
Tayleur Charles and Co. 2, Weistenholme square
Tennant Jas. and Son, 7, Molyneux place
Tennent and Miller, 29, N. side Old dock
Theakstone Fawdington; 51, Atherton st.
Thies Frederick Wm. 15, Old Church yard
Thomas Benj. 12, Goree
Thomas John, 132, Park lane
Thomas John W. 10A, Duke's pl.
Thompson Jas. jun. 28, Park In.
Thompson and Cliff, 2, Seel at.
Thompson Wm. and Joseph, 11, N. side Old dock
Thomson and Menzies, 18, Water st.
Thomson, Wright, and Co. 13, Exchange buildings
Thornely Thos. & J. D. 7, Goree
Timmins'Gilhert H. 45, Harrington st.
Tinley & Holt, 3, Duke at.
Tobin Sir John, 1, Exchg. bdgs.
Tobin Thos. 15, Wood at.
Tomlinson John, 40, Lancelot's hey
Troutbeck Wilfred, 13, Cooper's row
Turberville John, 46, VeMon at.
Turner, Brade, and Co. 16, Moor st.
Turner Geo. 6, Goree piazzas
Turner S. & C. 6, Exchg. alley
Twemlow Thos. 23, Parr at.
Van Zeller John and Co. 9, Exchange buildings
Waddington Robert W. 1, Manesty lane
Wade Wm. Upper Stanhope st.
Wainwright & Sheila, 23, Brunswick st.
Waterhouse Benj. 7; Exchange alley
Watson John, 27, Water at.
Weetman James, 9, Paradise st.
Wellstood Wm. 12; Finch st.
Werinck John, Oxford st. N.
Whitey John, 3, King st. Soho
Wild W. & S. & S. 18, Water street
1 Williams Robert and Co. 3, Tyrer st.
Willink Daniel, 3, Goree piazzas
Willis John, 20, Water at.
Willis, Latham, and Gair, 44, Wapping
Wilson W. & R. & Co. 23, Cook street
Winder John, 64, Hanover st.
Wood Henry, 29, Drury lane
Wood Samuel, (Brazil) 21, King street
Woodhouse John, Samuel, and Wm. tan, Henry st.
Woods James, 33, Union st.
Woolsey George M. 6, Goree piazzas
Worrall Wm. 3, Rumford st.
Wotherspoon and Walford. 16, Goree piazzas
Yates Geo. 54, Hanover at.
Yonge Philip It. 21, New quay
Zwilchenbart Rudoloh & Co. 69, Castle at.


Ansdell Ann, 26, Whitechapel
Appleton Ellen, 82, Mt. pleasant
Archer Maria, 11, Roe at.
Assheton Mary, 8, Clarence at.
Atkinson Eliz. 10, Duncan street, St. James'
Atkinson J. & E. 19, Soho at.
Bailey Marla, 15, Gt. Charlotte street
Baker Jane, 8, Soho aL
Baldwin Sarah, 32, Seel Ed.
Baylis Margaret, 109, Upper Islington
Bedford Eliz. 17, Chapel lane
Bennett and Pearson, 25, Duke street
Bethell M. A. 10, Marshall st.
Betteley Ann, 98, Mt. pleasant
Birch M. A. 63, Richmond roW
Birchall Eliz. 63, Byrom st.
Boans H. & R. 16, Warren at.
Bolshaw E. F. 59, Greenland at
Booth Harriet, 86, Duke st.
Boyd Mary, 46, Warren st.
Broadbent S. & M. 10, Brown low hill
Brown Ellen, 13, Hayford st.
Bundetson Jane, 6, Soho st.
Burgess Rachel, 97,St.James' at:
Caner Eleanor, 40, Ranelagh st.
Callwood Ellen, 13, Slater at.
Capper Ann, 9, Hawke st.
Carowell Dorothy, 126, Neil Scotland road
Carter Jane, 30, Richmond row
Casson Anne 13, Norris st.
Chalk Eliz 29, Gt, Crosshall i/.
Clark E. 2, Copperas hlll
Coigley Cathn, 57, Paradise at.
Cooke Mary, 38, Christian st.
Coppell Rebecca, (bonnet Retried maker) 38, King at.
Cn'bbiu Louisa, 3, St. Paul's sq.
Davies ills*.'stet, 31, Upper Pitt street
Denton & Atkinson, 29.5, Duncan at. St. James'
Dixon Jane, 35, Upper Pitt at.
Dutton Eliz. & Maria, High at. Edge hill
Earnshaw Mary, 26, Scotland pt.
Eaton Sarah, 22, Tarletons It,
Eccles Harriet, 93, Riehmbai row
Edwards Aim .31, New Scotland road
English Sarah, 8, Commutation row
Fallows Ells 19, Fleet at.
Fletcher Matra, 2, ComthutaWtxt roar
Franceys M. & J. 28; Clarence at.
French H. & M. 35, Norton( at.
Glover Elie- 59, St. Anne at.
Gordon Catharine, 141, New Scotland road
Gray Dorinda, 18, Richmond row
Green Catharine, 3.W hitechapel
Green Mary, 96, New Scotland road
Green Mary, 10, Upper Dawson street
Greenham & Edwards, 11, St. Vincent at, St. James'
Grenhow D. & E. 48, Gt. George street
Hamilton, Henrietta, 47, Rose place
Hamilton Hugh,( millinery warehouse) 89, Paradise st.
Hanson Ellz. 96, Park lane
Harris Mrs. 54, Castle at.
Harrison Sarah, 60, Bold st.
Haskayne Alice, 5, Bronte st.
Basted Eliz. 2, Beresford st.
Head Catharine, 42, Lime st.
Healey Catharine & Co. 38, Copperas hill
Heardman Jane, 82, London rd.
Henderson Eliz. 7, Brownlow hill
Hewan Emma,34, Richmond row
Hill Eliz. 35, Frederick at. St. James'
Hodges Eliz. 72, Bold st.
Hodgson Ann & Daughters, 1, Cases st.
Hornby Isabella, 13, Ilarford at.
Humphreys & Tyrer, 3, Williamson square
Hunter Alice, 80, Highfield st.
Hynd Margt. 85, Mt. pleasant
Jackson F. M. 91, Mt. pleasant
Jones Ann, 10, Basnett st.
Jones Ellen, 56, Pitt st.
Jones Sarah, 33, Bevington hill
Kendall M. M. & E. 50, Seel st.
Lancaster Eliz. 50, Brownlowhill
Lawrenson Ellen, 14, Fox st.
Lewis Frances, 18, Hanford st.
Lightfoot Alice, 3, Russel st.
Lloyd Elie. & Co. 6, Paradisest.
Lucas Frances, 5, Blake st.
Lucas Mary, 4, Clayton square
Lyon M. A. 16, Gerardst.
Macharg Misses, 34, Seel st.
Macintyre Eliz. 20, Benson at.
Manwaring Frances, 14, Clayton street
Marsh Jane, 5, Oldham O.
Martinborough Ann, 21, C'ableet.
M'Cann B. and Co. 13, Upper Newington
M'Lean & Fynney, 17, Bold st.
Miller Ann, 22, Stafford st.
Molyneux M, & E. I1, Pleasant street
Moore Ann, 47, Warren st.
Moore Martha, 3, New Scotland road
Moreau Ann, 10, Clare st.
Murray Ellz. 94, Duke st.
Nuttall Ann, 2, Thurlow st.
O'Neill & Sanderson, 18, Mill et.
Pain Eliza, 44, Sparling st.
Patton Esther, 24, Fleet st.
Payne Charlotte, 73, Vauxhall road
Pemberton M. A. 8, Byrom st.
Penkett Maria, 24, Tarleton st.
Price Sarah, 4, Copperas hill
Printon Eliz. 20, Ryley's gdns.
Proctor Jane, 12, Clarence st.
Quiggin M. A. & E. 21, Christian street
Remmer& Long, 44, London rd.
Soy E. & A. 15, Bold place
Staples Susanna, 9, Duncan st. East
Stephenson Elizabeth, 17, Christian st.
Stevenson Elizabeth, 5, Great Crosshall at.
Thomas Martha, 12, Gloucester street
Taylor Mary, 76, Bold st.
Thomason & Brooks,4, Hardman street
Walker Ann, 22, New Scotland road
Wallace Jane, 19, Russel st.
Waterhouse H. & E. 70, Bold at.
Watmough Margaret, 6, New Scotland road
Watson Ann, 43, Frederick at. St. James'
Waugh Ann, 73, Lord at.
Webster Margt. 17, Russel at.
Whereby Mary, 4, Upper Craven street
Wilson M. F. 35, Duncan st. E.
Wilson T. & M. 71, Lord st.
Wood E. & M. 29,Upper Pitt st.
Woods M. & J. 29, Mt. pleasant
Woods Mary, 44, Sir Thomas' buildings
Woodville Cath. 68, Bold at.
Woodward Margt. 4, Dixon at.
Worrall Frances, 24, Duke st.
Worsley E. and A. 16, St.
Vincent at. East


Coleman John, 23, Crosbie st.
Jackson & Henderson, 3, Tabley street
Kay & Hilton, 7. Fleet st.
Whitnell Rt. Regent et.
Wilson James, 22, Lydia Ann Street
Young Joseph, 13, Temple St.


Beauchop & Jones, (& thrashing machine makers) 7, Parr st.
Jackson & Henderson, 3, Tabsley street
Pearson Thomas, (& engineer} Mitchell place
Tyrer Joseph, 17, Copperas hill
Wilson James, 22, Lydia Ann aG


*** Those marked 1 are Inrtre. meat Makers,
2 are Preceptors and Venders,
the rest are Makers, Venders, and Preceptors.
2 Alcock Wm. 69, London rd.
Banks James and Henry, 26, Church at.
1 Bewsher and Fleetwood, I, Bronte st.
Bradley John, 54, Shaw's brow
2 Cohan Isaac, 16, Bold st.
2 Collins Wm. 1, Finch place, Clayton st.
1 Cowlan James, (military) 39, Whitechapel
2 D'Arcy Ann, 14, Mary Annat. Brownlow hill
Goodchild Geo. (organ builder,): 5, Murray st.
2 Hime &Son, (& stationers} 56, Castle st. & 32, Church at.
2 Jackson John, 48, Russel
2 Lombe W. H. 27, Lime at.
Lonsdale Rd. (piano forte warehouse) 73, Bold st.
2 Maybrick Michael,3, Tarleton street
1 Maybrick Wm. 5, Tarleton st
M'Lean James, (piano forte) 39, Ranelagh st.
2 Moore Geo. (piano forte tuner) Oxford st. East
1 Read Henry, (organ builder) 18, Hunter street
1 Southwell Nicholas, (organ & planet forte) 119 & 110, Duke street
1 Taylor & Lewis, (piano forte) 14, Shaw's brow
2 Thomson George, 90, Bold street
Walker Thomas, (piano forte) 47, Lime at.
2 Yaniewicz & Weiss, 60, Laid street


Highfield & Birch, 33, Barrington street


Alexander Wm. 2, Bachelor st. ,
Cooper Benj. 11, Emma place
Evans Roger, (cut) Marsden pl.
Gibbons T. & B. & Co. 6, Beckwith street
Gittin John, 8, Head st.
Griffith Edw. 24, Marybone
Hatton James, 1, 2, and 54, Mersey st.
Hazard Wm. (cut) 2, Norfolk st.
Herring Wm.Brown'a court,Copperas hill
Homer Wm. 34, Mersey at.
JevonS and Sons, 20, Tabley st.
Kendrick John, 81, Byrom st.
Mead,,Acraman, and Co. 12 and 13, Water st.
Mullholand Lawrence, 12, Oxford st.
Price it. Jr J. 16, Leeds st.
Raynor John, (cut nail and shoe clasp mfr.) 219, Vauxhall road
Shand and Prescot, Lunt court, Edmund st.
Smith James, 22, Copperas hill
Summerside Stephen, 12, Prussia street
Usherwood Win. 1, Bridport st.
Wilkes John, 59, Sparling st.
Yates & Cox, 18, Brunswick st.


Joseph Saml. 110, St. James' st.
Molyneux John, 23, Hanover st.
Samuel Nathaniel, 7, N. side Old dock


Lolley Wm. 114, N. Scotland rd.
Squire John, 4, Wapping


Buckley Thomas and Co. 33, Paradise st.
Gill Joseph, 36, Redcross st


ADVERTISER (Billinge's), published every Tuesday, by Wm. Wales & Co. 68, Castle st.
ALMANACK AND TIDE TABLE, (Wolfenden's) published 1st January annually, by J. Lang, I, Drury lane
ALMANACK AND TIDE TABLE, (Holden's) 1st January annually, by Thos. Kaye, 45, Castle
COURIER, published every Wednesday, by Thomas Kaye, 45, Castle at.
GENERAL ADVERTISER, published every Thursday, by Johnson Gore, 70, Castle at.
MERCANTILE ADVERTISER, published every Monday, by Myers & Smith, French buildings, Tithebarn at.
6ERCURY and KALEIDOSCOPE, published by E. Smith & Co. (Mercury, Friday; Kaleidoscope, Tuesday) 75, Lord sL
SATURDAY'S ADVERTISER, pn)r lished by John Merritt Jr Co. 65, Castle st.


See also Gardeners, &c
Bannerman, Skirving, and Co Walton
Cunningham and Johnson, 75, Paradise st.
Hughes Roger, Rake ln. Everton
Jones Edw. (seeds) 130, Whitechapel
Whalley J. & J. 27, Castle ditch


Bancroft Joseph, 34, Redcross st.
Banks Jonathan & Co. Albion oil mill, 10, Pembroke gardens
Cattaral Wm. & Co. 19, Fenwick street
Davies James & Co. 37, Redcross street
Earles Jr Carter, 10, Redcross st.
Isaac Geo. 10, Bath st.
Lunt J. B. and R. 2, 3, and 4, Earle st.
Mottershead Thomas, 5, Exchange st. West
Platt John, 40, Parliament st.
Porter Thos. C. 53, Mersey st.
Troutbeck Wilfred, 13, Cooper's row
Wheeler H. jun. (oil and Italian warehouse) 1, Castle st.


Carnes ChrIstopher, 10, Crooked lane
Sharpe Wm. 112, Pitt st.
Thorne James, 64, Hurst st.
Wilson J. & W. 14, Oxford st. & 14, Campbell st. East side Salthouse dock


Abrahams Abraham, 7, Lord st.
Adlington Thomas, 55, South side Old dock
Bell John, Brooks alley
Bywater John & Co. 18, Pool ln.
Critchley & Mather, 3, N. side Old dock gates
Dancer Josiah, 14, New quay
Foster John & Co. 21, Wapping
Galletti Wm. & Anthony, 10, Castle et.
Holliwell Wm. 79, West end Old dock
Jones Charles, 11, East side Dry dock
Jones Thomas, 4, Harrington at.
Kibble John, 81, Highfield st.
Osborne David, 2, Cropper at.
Samson Lyon, 74, Brownlow hill
Simpson John, 38, Wapping
Steele John, 6, Duke's place
Swan Thomas, 54, Banastre st.
UnderhillThos.124, W hitechapel
Walker J. & A. 33, Pool lane
Wood Benjamin, 50, Wapping


Black Alice, (ladies as miitarv) 87, Paradise st.
Burgess James, 42, Sir Thomas' buildings
Chapman Joseph, 14, James' st.
Cooke Mary, 89, Gt. Crosshall st.
Hornby Wm. 30, Byrom st.


Allport Thomas, (flowers) 4, Jervis st.
Barker Joshua, Lord et. Chambers
Chambers Rd. 87, Copperas hill
Dillon C. G. 14, Mt. pleasant
Donaldson John, 24, Bold st.
Ellington Samuel, 40, Islington
Femell John, 54, Paradise st.
Gerard Ebenezer, 72,Whitechpl.
Griffiths Thomas, (miniature) 57, St. Anne sc.
Hargreaves Thomas, 1, Colquitt street
Lovatt Wm. 57, Upper Islington
Marley Hugh,(portrait) 62. Fontenoy street
Matthews Philip, 12, Russel st.
Morgan James H. (portrait and miniature) 2, Brunswick st.
Mosses Alex. (portrait) 12, Benson st.
Nixon John, 6, Bronte st.
Pennington John, (landscape) 4, Everton terrace
Solomon Rt. (mariner I. Warwick street
Towne Charles, (animas oe Landscape) 5, Bold place
Travis Henry, (portrait) 96, Mount pleasant
Turmeau John, (miniature) 62, Lord street '
Williamson Christpr. (herald) 3, Mount pleasant
Williamson Samuel, (landscape) 15, Benson street


Alexander John J. (furniture) 54, Trueman at.
Anderton Thomas, 6, Viller st
Bell Edward, 4, Mill lane, Shaw's brow
Bell James, Knight's court, Knight st.
Brew Geo. 2, Stanley st.
Bryant Geo. 22, Frederick at. St. James'
Corless G. H. 40, Gerard st.
Davies John, 11, Williamson st.
Dyson I. & R. 14, Gloucester st.
Fairclough Thomas, 21, Baptist street
Fletcher Peter, 65, Brownlow hill
Goodchild dames, 25, Dickinson street
Goore W. H. 19, Basnett st.
Gurnell Wm. 1, Argyle at.
Harrison Benjamin, 4, Gerard st.
Homan Stephen, 45, Park lane
Hughes Thomas, 21, Clayton st.
Jenkinson H. 15, Argyle st.
Jenkinson Rd. 20, Cooper'srow
Johnson Rd. 3, Fairclough st.
Jones Rt. 30, Cumhrland st.
Keating Morris, 85, Gloucester street
Kelly Me, un, 2, Derby st.
Leigh Henry, 27, Duke st.
Lyon Edmund, 25, Blspham st.
Lyon Geo. 91, Brownlow hill
Maguire Charles, 58, Byrom st.
M'Cowan Wm. 22, Pownall st.
Moore Wm. 47, Warren at.
Parr Thomas and Edward, 44, Lime st.
Plumb John, 28, Bevington bush
Potter Wm. 7, Leece st.
Quirk Thomas, 10, Norfolk st.
Rothwell Daniel, 10, Cherry In.
Simmins Daniel, 17, Cleveland square
Sothern and Bly, (& furniture) 7, Salthouse lane
Swift Wm. 81, Copperas hill
Taylor Thomas, (& furniture) 3, Button at.
Taylor Wm. 22, Park lane
Thompson John, 13, School lane
Tomlinson Robert, 9, James' st.
Watson Geo. 101, St. James' st.
Woods Charles, (de gilder) 20, Hatton garden
Woods Wm. 125, Tithebarn st.


Charles Robert, 12, Ansdell st.
Charters Robert, 93, Park lane
Crompton Ellis, 2, Cooper's row
Crompton Henry, 4, Bachelor at.
Davies Joseph, 239, Vauxhall road
Gregory Joseph, 9, Cooper's row
Harris Brothers, 42, Water st.
Kaye Wm. 50, Cumberland st.
Mullins Jonathan, 3, King st.
Walker Wm. 12, Forrest st
Warburton Enoch,59, Lumber st.
Wood Geo, 12, Price st.
Wood Henry, 5, Nash st.


Boswell J. & J. 78, Church st.
Denton Wm. (dlr.) 34, Pitt st.
Dodd W. D. (and dlr. in French papers) 4, Bold st.
Ker Wm. 12, Ranelagh st.
M'Taggart John and Co. 12, Ranelagh st.
O'Neill Jane & Co. 3, Cable sc.
Seaton Charles and Co. 94, Bold
street; manufactory, 12, Pleasant street


Fletcher John, 16, George st.
Reston James, 19. Sir Thomas' buildings
Stewart it. S. 20, Temple st.
Tomlinson James, 5, Harrington sire ?t
Wright 0rIliam and Son, 26, Sweeting st.


Groves Geo. 22, Freemason's row


Addison Agnes and Co. 74, Hill street, South
Allwood Peter, I, Upr. Milk st.
Astley Thos. jun. 9, Prussia st.
Atkinson Rd. 51, Gt.Crosshall st.
Broster John G. 17, Derby st. & 32, Cumberland st.
Brown John, 22 & 23, Scotland place
Bruce Wm. 39, Christian st.
Cohan Asher, 26, Pool lane
Corlett Wm. 8, Stanhope st.
Cotter Wm. 50, Vauxhall road
Cowpe Wm. 14, Parliament st.
Creary Mary, 25, Fontenoy st.
Critchley Wm. 47, Mersey st.
CrosthwaiteJohn,73,llanover st.
Downey John, 18, Rupert st.
Duxbury John, 11, Great Crosshall street
Fleming Mary, 32, rr,,.res' st.
Fox Margt. 17, Sir Thos.' bldgs.
Fraser Geo, 48, Cable st.
Gardner Thos. 23, Renshaw st.
Gilliard Richd. 41, London road
Gregory Ann, 2 & 3, Gregory p1.
Gregory Ellz. 238, Vauxhall road
Gregory John, 17, Jamaica st.
Halsall Cuthbert. 81, Leeds st.
Haworth Catharine, 5, Scotland road, & 35, Sawney Pope st.
Haworth John H. 80, St. James' street
Haworth Rd. 22, Hatton garden
Haworth Wm. 38, Pitt st.
Hayes Roberc, jun. 10, Kent at.
Heywood & Stott, 77, Byrom et.
Hiams Henry, 32, Dickinson st
Hughes Henry, Bedford st.
Inch Margaret, 3, Salthouse In.
Jackson Geo. 24, Denison st.
Johnson Thos. 11, Peter st.
Joseph Saml. 110, St. James' st. & 3, Kitchen st.
Jump Elizabeth, 34 & 35, Fontenoy st.
Kevan Nathan, 1 & 2,Spellow p1.
Lane Thos. 17, RainFord gdn.
Linstead Jas. 12, Richmond st.
Littler Eliz. 9, Scotland place
Lyons C. & S. 43, Ranelagh st.
Macferson Wm. 64, Plumbe st.
Mackenzie Geo. 3, Norfolk st.
Medder Wm. 4, Union st.
Moile Thos. 24, Whitechapel
Morley Richard, 41, Shaw alley
O'Donnell John, 8, Scotland rd.
Ormandy John, 104, St. Jas. st.
Perry Ann, 1, Hawke st.
Prior Wm. 30, Parliament st.
Quirk John, 3 & 4, Jordan st.
Rawlinson Henry, 18, Greek st.
Reay Henry, 13, Cable st.
Riding Ann, 25, Grayson st. & Hurst st.
Roberts Wm. 16, Redcross st.
Rogers Richard, 62, Lime st.
Rothwell John, 61, Marybone
Swift James, 83, Leeds st.
Thomasson Henry, 45, Tithebarn st.
TroughearJohn,33,Marlborough street
Tunstall John, 29, Sir Thomas' buildings
Vandries Sarah, 8, Myrtle C.
Watts James, 40, Paradise st.
Wilson Sarah, 10, Highfield st.
Woodward Richd. 11, Jordan st.
Yates John, 28, Marybone


Acton Richd. 64, Richmond row
Appleton J. 39, Hanover st.
Aykroyd John, 58, Dale st.
Black Alice, 87, Paradise st.
Brearley John, 3, Newington bridge
Brownberg Lawrence, 106, Whitechapel
Coghlan Ann, 172, Dale st.
Crossley John, 17, Sweeting st.
Danson John, 91, Bold st.
Eastwood Wm. 5, Parker et.
Fitzharris Wm. 42, Dale st.
Gillibrand Margaret, 26, Richmond row
Glover Jas. 141, Duke st.
Gornall Jas. 2, New Scotland rd.
Green Thos. 24, Scotland place
Gregg Thos. 42 & 43, St. James' street
Hallows Jas. 97, Bold it.
Harding Jas. 52, St. James' st.
Heatley John, 42, N. Scotland rd.
Hodson Robert, 12, Tarleton at.
Holme Saml. 52, Church st.
Humphreys Thos, 3, Williamson square
Kennedy Archibald,@,Dmke's pl.
Miller Richd.29, Odd haymarket
Molyneux Jas. 3, London road
Newland & Smkh,19,Church st.
Parker John, 4, Copperas hill
Pritchard Owen, 15, Parker st.
Rennie David, 70, Lord st
Riding Robert, 51, Shaw's brow
Roberts Wm. 10, Christian st.
Rushton Thos. 14, Liver st.
Sevier John, 2, Brunswick st.
Shirley Wm. 9, Ranelagh st.
Singleton John, 13, Slater st.
Spencer Henry, 55, Dale st.
Sweetman Ann, 24, Scotland rd.
Tetley Thos. 49, Church st.
Tipping John, 102, Mt. pleasant
Urquhart Henry, 13, Bold st.
Watson Anthony,82,Great Crosshall street
Whitaker Henry,55,Ranelaghst.
Williams John, 53, Pitt st.
Williams Rt. 1, Richmond row
Williams Wm. 31, Dale st.
Yates Jas. 24, Cable st.
Yates Wm. 21, Paradise st.


Baird David, 6, Clayton square
Banning T. H. 5.3, Bold st.
Brandreth J. P. 66, Rodney at.
Briggs Wm. S. 93, Duke st.
Cameron Geo. 4, GI. Gage st.
Carson Jas. 3, Ranelagh p1.
Dale John P. 14, Bold st.
Formby Richard, 52, Bold at.
Freckleton Geo. 6, Rodney at.
Gerard Jas. Sandhilis
Hannay Alexander, Cl, Bold st.
Hughes John, 13, Islington
Jardine L. J. 18, Houghton st.
Jeffreys Thos. 77, Bold st.
Lewin Robt. I, Queen Anne st.
Lynch Jas. C. 17, Islington
Macintyre Peter, 20, Benson st.
Maclean Lachlan, 6, Duke st.
Macrorie David, 11, Slater st.
M'Cartney John,77,Mt. pleasant
Morris Robt. 11, Brownlow hill
Nicholson Benj. 20, Norton st.
Perry Wm. jun. 55, Seel st. and 7, Church st. Everton
Price Wm. 14, Colquitt st.
Renwick Thos. 49, Hanover at.
Rutter John, 15, St. Anne st.
Sillar achariah, 22, Gt. Geo. sq.
Solomon Abm. Gilead house
Trait Thos S. 22, St. Anne st.
Vandeburgh C. F. 86, Bold at.
Vose James, 66, Bold st.
Williams Davld,22, Nllington


Edelsten Samuel and Co. 87, Highfield st.
Edelsten Wm. & Co. 71,Sparling street
Statham Edw. 3, Elliot st.


Atherton John, 15, Cumberland street
Clarke Jas. 19, Rainford garden
Lunt Sam]. 77, Gt. Crosshall st.
Moore Theophilus, 17, Williamson street
Taylor John, 7, Poplar lane


Mead, Acraman, & Co. 12 & 13, Water at.


Bathe Wm. 29, Gt. Nelson st.E.
Jones Ellis, 64, Byrom st.
Jones Thos. 10, Mary Ann st.


*** See also Painters and House Decorators.
Arnold Thos. 28, Gerard st.
Ashcroft Thos. 4, Johnson st.
Belshaw Thomas, 22, Wapping, & 19, Water st.
Blease John, 79, Byrom st.
Brereton Stewart, 6, Brooks alley
Burland & Harrison,l2,Cooper's row
Burne Peter, 5, Litherland alley
Calderbank Thos. & mfr. of the perpetual stream pumps 25, Cornwallis st.
Campbell Thos 2, Chapel lane
Casement John, Park road
Cavanagh Rd. 1, Washington st.
Charnock Wm. 13, Bolton A.
Clarke John, 11, Blake st.
Cleworth Joseph,112, Tithebarn street
Cotter Alexander,l8, Grafton st.
Crewe Samuel, 58, Lime st.
Croston John, 32, Upper Harrington st.
Croston Thomas & Co. 14, New quay, & 66, Sparling st.
Croston Wm. 37, Upper Harrington st.
Crowe Wm. jun. 13, Tabley st.
Culshaw Mary, 2, Falkland st.
Dale Edw. N. 5, Shaw's brow
Eaves Thos. 27, London road
Eccles Joseph, 87, Upper Islington, & 3, Everton brow
Edleston Henry, 21, Byrom at.
Edwards Richd. 59, Strand st.
Fairclough Robert, 6, Tarleton at. & 21, Lime at.
Fleming Mary, 28, Sparling at.
Forbes James, 30, Leigh at.
Gardner Wm. & Rd. 27, Berry street
Gaskell Peter, 4, Thomas st.
Geldart Jas. 90, Sparling at.
Gilbert John, 8, Atkinson st.
Gillow Richard,59, Great Crosshall street
Grayson Wm. 67, Pitt st.
Green Michael, 6a, College lane
Hailes John D. 100, New Scotland road
Harris Thos 6, Temple at.
Harrison Robert, 23, Prussia st.
Haslam Benjamin, 79, Upper Frederick st.
Hayes Thos. 5, Smithdown lane
Haygarth John, 36, Wood st.
Keys Thos. Grinfield st.
Hill Green, 11, Springfield st.
Hindley Henry, 31, King st.
Hinton Joseph, 15, St. James' st.
Hinton Wm. 1, Tobin st.
Houldin Dan). 90, Copperas hill
Johnson Thomas, 12, Cooper's row
Jones Edw. 11, Prussia st.
Jopson Robert, 4, Pepper street
Jump Wm. Great Crosshall st.
Kermode wen. 17, North side Old dock
Lewis Edward, 10, Frederick st. St. James'
Matthews John, 45, Brownlow hill
M'Cowen Wm. 22, Pownall st.
Mlrriman William, 6, Great Charlotte st.
Naylor Benj. 17, Pownall square
Newhouse Wm. 14, Cumberland street
Paterson Wm. 22, Vauxhall rd.
Payne Hannah, 52, South side Old dock
Payne John, 150, Park lane
Pinnington William, 8, Duncan street, East
Plumbe John,28,Bevington bush
Quilliam John, 29, Williamson street
Ramsbottom John, 18, Leigh st.
Rawlinson Henry, 1, Moore pl.
Rigby W. & J. 53, Bridgewater street
Roberts John, 8, Hanover at.
Robinson John, 9, Marshall st.
Robinson T. and G. Watmough street
Robinson Thos 71, Byrom at.
Roper Jas. 23, Williamson st.
Sharp Joseph, 5, Richmond row
Skerratt Richd. 42, Maguire st.
Smith Rd. 1, Sir Thomas' bldgs,
Sothern & Bly, 7, Salthouse In.
Steel Wm. 76, Sparling at.
Stewart Wm. 76, London read
Thompson John;7,Duncan star,
Tomkinson Charles, 48, Clayton street
Toulmin Thos. 56, Park lane
Wall Richd. 85, Richmond row
Walthew Joseph, 92, Upper Islington
Walthew Wm. 15, Cooper's row
Whitham Wm. 10, Ansdell st.
Wilcocks James, 3, Duncan st.
Wilson John & Wm. 14, Orford st. & 14, Campbell at. E. side Salthouse dock
Williams James, 58, Great Crosshall street
Woods Michael, 38, Highfield st.
Woods William, 44, Sir Thomas' buildings


Carter James, 128, Whitechapel
Higgins John, 2, Byrom st.
Parker Robert B. 18, Prussia st.
Robinson Edward, 12, John at.


Atkins Saml. 13, Water st.
Barrow Joseph, 15, Manesty In.
Birkett & Hughes, 6, Tithebarn street
Dean John & Co. 24, Brunswick street
Draper John and Co. 72, South side Old dock
Fazakerley J. & T. 41, King St.
Fiddler Joseph, 4, Brooks square
Godfrey William, 25, Cheapside
Gough Gilbert B. 36, East end Old dock
Green H. & T. 16, Cooper's row
Hazeldine John, 22, Water st.
Hill J. S. 8, Cooper's row
Hooton Thomas, 20, East side Dry dock
Mackenzie Alexander, 23, Covent garden
Marriner Jas. 16, Price st.
Marriner and Wright, 16, Rumford street
Mersey Co. of Carters, (agent, J. T. Thomson) 10, Brooks sq.
Old Co. of Water Side Carters,(Joseph Ellison, agent) 32, N. side Old dock
Ravenscroft Stephen and Co. 17, Trafford lane
Roberts Widow and Sons, 1, Brooks square
Sadler Christiana, 50, King st.
Smith Edw. 4, Weston court, Vauxhall road
Spencer Edw. 11, Price st.
Taylor Henry, 24, North side Old dock
Taylor & Kenyon, 20, Cooper's row


Allen Eliz 16, cable st.
Aspinall William, 60, Richmond row
Benson Susanna,87,Whitechapel
Copeland Geo. 73, Paradise st.
Dowbiggin John, 13, Houghton street
Goodwin Wm. 10, Duke's place
Henshaw Geo. 23, Drury lane
Lloyd Ann, 50, St. John's mrkt.
Newland Andrew, 59, St. John's market
Owen Edw. 8, Old ropery
Shone Geo. 2, Houghton at.


*** See also Booksellers.
Those marked thus * are Lithographic Printers.
Armstrong Wm. 30, Banastre st.
Bethell Wm. 10, Marshall st.
Bradley H. and G. 7, Islington row
Dodd & Earnshaw, 27, Cunliffe street
Hodson John, 12, Tarleton st.
Johnson Thos B. 19, Lord st.
Lang John, 1, Drury lane
Myers & Smith, French bldgs.
Perry and Metcalfe, Lord street chambers
Rockliff Robert, Druid court
*Rushton and Melling, 26, Pool lane
Smith Egerton & Co. 75, Lord street
*Smith George, u, 'theism st.
Worrall, Charles A. 10, Slater court, Castle St.
Worrall and Co. 31, King street, Pool lane
Wright F. B. 4, Swift court, Castle st.


Burland W. 65, Church st.
Colling Wm. K. (artists' repository) 37, Mount pleasant
Copple James, jun: 78, Bold st.
Frankland and Co. (commission rooms) 37, Church st.
Hunt A. (prints) 92, Bold st.
Introvino Anthy. 138, Duke st.
Linnecar Geo. (prints) 91,L.,rd st.


See also Provision Merchants &
Ham & Bacon Curers, & Flour Pie. Dealers.
*** Those marked thus* are also Flour Dealers.
*Archer James, 20, Clayton O.
Ashley Jph. L. 9, Kitchen st.
*Atkinson John, 29, Warren st.
Austin Wm. 41, Hanover it. and 36, St. John's market
Bark Geo. 26, Water st.
*Bate J. & W. M. 29, Tithebarn street
*Best Wm. 11, Ranelagh st.
*Birkett Wm. 14, Thomas st.
Boyer Thos. 51, Greenland at.
Breckell John, 25, N. Scotland road
Brideson Rt. 90, Pitt st.
Buckley Jas. 12, Redcross at.
Cargey Robert, & Co. 2, Salthouse In.
Carter John, 1, Scotland road
Coates Robert, 54, Strand st.
*Cockburn Jas. 82, Park lane
Cooke Wm. 88 and 98, Upper Islington
Courtney John, 25, Scotland rd.
*Coward John, 11, Simpson st.
*Davies John, 9, Newhall at.
Denman John, 24, Pownall sq.
*Dickinson George, 4, Old haymarket
Dixon John, 10, Po*nall sq.
Dowdall Patrick, 39, Mersey at.
Dutton S. H. 84, St. James' st.
Edwards Evan, 10, Clayton st.
*Ellison Thos. 18, Jordan st.
Evans Peter, 52, Hurst at.
Fegan John, 211, Vauxhall rd.
Fraser Simon, 24, Castle ditch
Fleming Launcelot, 37, Clayton street
Gardiner Henry, 32, Wapping
*Gilbertson Rd. 6, Liver st.
Gorman Thos. 12, Strand st.
Graham Thos. 2, Rupert pl.
*Grassom & Cowan, 3, Liver st.
Green Joseph. 77, St. James's and 26, Norfolk st.
*Griffiths Jas. 24, Highfield st.
Hanway James, 4, James st.
*Haskayne Rd. 16, Vauxhall rd.
Haskell Ezekiel, 3, White at.
Hinde Wm. 14, Redcross st.
Holden Henry, 6, Cooper's row
Jeans Thos. 8, cleveland sq.
*Jones R. & D. 1, Great Howard st. & 19, Earle st.
Keale Henry, jun. 89, St. James' street
Lawton Henry, 21, S. Uniop st
Ligoe Sarah, 109, Tithebarn st.
Mackay Hugh, 16, Scotland pl.
Martin Timothy, 19, Richmond street
Mayor Thos. 165, Dale st.
*M'Rae John, 41, Tithebarn st.
Morris Edward, 42, Pool lane
Morris and Hignett, 124, Tithebarn st.
Mossop John, 17, Ashton street, Bedford st.
Mottram Thos. 31, Shaw's brow
Newell John, 8, E. side Salthouse dock
Newell Rt. 66, Oldhall at.
Owen Rd. 109, St. James' st.
Oxley Isaac, 1, Duncan st. E.
*Pomfret Jas. 2, Barton st. N.
*Price Ellen, 81, Dale st
*Pye Rd. 154, Park lane
Rimmington John, 23, Whitechapel
Robinson John, 92, Pitt st.
Rowlinson Thos. 19, James st.
Saunders John, Haymarket
Sewards Joseph, 25, Upper Harrinagton st.
Shallcross Thos. jun. 41, Redcross st.
Shute Wm. 59, St. James' st.
Smith James, 39, Redcross st. & 2, Atherton st.
*Smith John, 72, Lime st.
Sowerby Peter, 26, Castle ditch
Stephenson James, 5, Jordan st.
Taylor Thomas, 35, Wapping
Wainwright Ann, 106A, St. Jas'. street
*Whiteley Jas. 7, Warren st.
Whittle T. & P. 79, London rd.
*Wilkinson John, 75, Oldhallst.
*Wilkinson Thos. 47, Parliament street
Williams Isabella, 34, Scotland road
Williams Margaret, 141, Detest
*WiLson wm. 12, Vauxhall road


*** See also Provision Dealers, & Ham & Bacon Curers.
Allen Peter, (egg) 3, Rose st.
Anderson W. R. 9, Lord st.
Battersby Jas. & Co. 4, Liver st.
Bryans, Herd, and Haworth, 9, John st.
Buckley Jas. 12, Redcross st.
Corbitt Wm. 28, IY)'anesty lane
Fairfield & Shallcross, I, Liver street
Flounders Wm. and Jonathan, & Co. 46, John st.
Greenhaigh Rd. 5, Harrington st.
Henry Daniel, 8, Lord st. and Harrington st.
Heuison Geo. 37, E. side Salthouse dock
Holt John, (Irish) 11, Campbell st.
Hutchins and Williamson, 50, Mersey st.
Lockwood and Wilson, 12, Temple court
M'Cammon John, 27, Drury 1n.
M'Cammon Joseph, 18A, Salthouse dock pia ems;
M'Cheane Wm. 1, Temple et.
Murney James, 8, Park lane
Nicholson Hatfield, 17, Argyle at.
Nicholson James, 17, Argyle st.
Pratchett, Booth, & Co. 25, Moor at. Old Fish market
Patterson Andrew T.4, Doran In.
Quinn Rd. (broker) 1,Manesty In.
Rimmer John, 16, King st.
Robinson, Girvin, and Co. 24, Mason st. and 28, Shaw alley
Rowlinson and M'Culloch, 27, John st.
Sinclair John, 30, N. side Old dk.
Smithers John H. 24, King st.
Sowerby Peter, (Irish) 26, Castle ditch
Thompson John P. 18, E. side Salthouse dock
Tronson Rt. 44, Matthew st.
Whittingham, Dawson, & Hodgson, 5, Pownall st.
Whittingham Samuel, 5A, Mersey st.


Blain Jph. (& sealing wax mfr.) 62, Paradise st.
Blain Thos. and Co. 18, Paradise street
Carroll Rt. 13, Rainford gdn.
Cassidy Thos. 32, Matthew st.
Davis Peter W. 31, Cable st.
Hayes Abm. & Co. 31, King st.
Levi Jacob, 8, Duke st.
M'Carty Francis, 65, Gerard st.
M'Gee Rt. 9, Richmond row
Nathan Samuel, 79, Richmond row
Nowland Martin, 78, Dale st.
O'Neill Alan F. 3, Feather st. & 36, Manesty lane
O'Neill Jane & Co. 3, Cable st.
Petit John, 43, Whitechapel
Reilley Thos. 29, Manesty lane
Sewell Joseph, 140, Park lane


Coiling W. K. 37, Mt. pleasant
Frankland & Co. 37, Church st.
Hunt A. 92, Bold st.


Assheton Mary, 8, Clarence st.
Beakbane and Dunglison, 57, Church street
Bennison & Frankland, (& India muslin warehouse) 142, Duke street
Harley Mary, 97, Mt. pleasant
Kenyon E. and J. 55, Richmond mw
Taylor Mary, 76, Bold st.
Waterhodse H. & E. 70, Bold st.


*** See also Ropers and ship Chandlers
Barber John & Son, (patent riveted flat ropes) 20, Water st.
Barker Bennett, 42, Mersey st.
Booth Miles, E. side Canal bank ,
Chadwick William, Upper Parliament st.
Clarke Win. 84, Vauxhall road
Croston Edw. Warwick st.
Dixon John, (twine) 43, Chisenhale street
Downward Charles, 23, Upper Mann st.
Draine John, 19, Knight street ; ropery, 9, Hope st
Francis Jph. 4, Richmond st.
Francis Wm. 70, Tithebarn at.; ropery, Canal bank
Garratt Philip, 65, Vauxhall rd.
Machell John, 34, Lawton st.
Place Thos. 66, Vauxhall rd.
Rice Thos. Charlotte place, and 11, Hope st.
Simpson & Davies, 28, Redcross st. & I1, Strand st
Upton Joseph, 1, Silver place


*** See Rope Makers and also Ship Chandlers.
Charles Rt. 12, Ansdell st.
Clare Geo. 4, Darwin st.
Croston Thos. and Co. 14, New quay, and 66, Sparling st.
Duncan Geo. and Son, 10, New quay
Fletcher Joseph, 13, Wapping
Fletcher & Gill, 16, New quay
Gladstone M. & T. 52, Wapping
Greetham Rd. J. 19, James st.
Hutchinson Joseph, 4, Orford street
Malcolm Wm. 1 Bird si.
Morison Wm. 17, Bird st.
Powell, Bell, & Co. 61, Wapping
Pratt Wm. 3, Strand st.
Price John, 7, Duke's place
Rankin Rd. & Co. 9, Orford st.
Richardson and Pemberton, (patent cordage) 31, Wapping
Roberts Rd. 7, Bird st. 72, Strand st. & 24, Waterloo road
Thompson and Cottingham, (patent cordage and flat ropes) 20, Water st.
Walker & Everard, 19, Wapping
Williamson, Webster, & Co. 58, Wapping
Wood& Mackintosh, 60, Wappg.

RULE MAKERS—(Ivory & Box.)

Hewitt Samuel, 43, Dale st.
Underhill Thomas, 124, Whitechapel


Alcock Geo. 96, London road
Bailey Geo. 3, Scotland road
Dumbell Wm. 9, Old haymkt.
Fox & Bennion, 7, Berry at.
Hill Jas. 71, St. James' st.
Hunter John & Co. 18, Park ln.
Johnson Peter, 66, London rd.
Jones Peter, 43, Park lane
Jones Wm. 169, Dale at.
Lamb J. & J. 2, Paradise st.
Morton Eliz. 59, Oldhall st,
Orrell John, 80, Lord st.
Price John, 14, Vemon st.
Rawlinson Win. 77, Paradise st.
Rogerson Thos. 179, Dale st.
Roskell Thomas F. 11, Paradise street
SmIth David, 16, N. Scotland rd.
Smith John, 53, Scotland road
Smith Mary, Haymarket
Wilson Wm. 73, Church et.


Shaw Peter, 33, Lumber st.


*** See also Linen Mfrs. andLinen and Canvas Mfrs.
Horner Wm. (and sacking dealer) 9, Redcross st.
Lee Wm. Renshaw st.
Martin and Nicolls, 16, E. side Dry dock


Ashburner James, 24, E. side Salthouse dock
Aspinall John, II, Orford st.
Bailey and Bromley, 18, E. side Salthouse dock
Booker & Martin, 59A, Wapping
Bowman Rd. 36, Blundell st.
Burnett Jas. 32, N. side Old dk.
Caley John, 57, Leeds st.
Christian John, 24, E. side Dry dock
Coltart Wm. 2, Park lane
Danold Thos. 137, Park lane
Darlington Rd. and Son, 19, James st.
Dickinson Ralph & Co. 12, Nova Scotia
Franklin Wm. 1, Salthouse dock gates
Gladstone and Moffat, 10, New quay
Gregson John T. 17, Wapping
Hayes John, 52, Duke st.
Holt & Jackson, 40, Wapping
Huddleston John, 58, Wapping
Hunt & Higginson, 18, E. side Salthouse dock
Hunter Roger, 21, Tabley st.
Jackson John, 27, Eldon place
Lenox Samuel, 30, N. side Old dock
Lightfoot and Carefull, N. side Old dock
Mancur John, 32, Union st.
Manwaring A aeon, 14, Clayton st.
Martin and Nicoll, 16, E. side Dry dock
Nicholson Jas. 44, E.end Old dk. and 5, Mersey st.
Porter W. F. 18, Salthouse dock piazzas
Rimmer & Barton, N. end King's dock
Roberts Peter, 36, E. side Salthouse dock
Robinson Chas. 37, Mersey st.
Robinson Daniel, 22, Wapping
Ryley Jas. 10, Orford st.
Salisbury J. & S. 146, Park lane, and 14, New quay
Thompson Thos. 67A, S. side Old dock
Wilcox Daniel, 10A, Ansdell st.
Wallace Joseph, 61A, Wapping


Ashton N. & Sons, 5, Basnett et.
Blackbume John & Co. 12, Nova
Scotia; (Jph. Redish, agent)
Bourne Thos. & Co. 8, Tabley at.
Chadwick John, (agent) 22, Peter lane
Cliff Wm. 11, Henry st.
Dawson Richard, 74, cable st.
Heald John, 2, Upper Dawson st.
Heywood John, 74, Cable st.
Marshall J. & T. (proprietors) 5, Cooper's row
Rowlinson Thos. 19, James st.
Thomas John, 7, Upper Frederick st.
Tomkinson Richard, (and mfr.) 11, King st.
Urmson and Dawson, 2, N. end Dry dock


Barlow Richard, 97, Park lane
Giles Edw. 2, Richmond st.
Riby W. & T. 22, Whitechapel
Thompson John, 131, Park In.


Brown Wm. (veneer,) Norfolk st.
Gouldie and Logans, (veneers,) Naylor street
Gregson and Bury, 22, Lower Harrington st.
Matthews Wm. 86, Great Crosshall street
Slater J. and B. 17, Seel st.
Slaters and Smith, (veneer,) 17, Seel st.


Dewhurst & Clarke, 24, Paradise street
Drury & Wilde, 12, Castle st.
Highton John, 98, Fontenoy st.


Banks Jonathan & Co. Albion oil mill, 10, Pembroke gardens
Earles & Carter, 4, Oil st. and 10, Redcross st.
Porter Thos. C. 53, Mersey st.


Bland & Chaloner, 5, Baffin st.
Clark and Nickson, Queen Anne street, S.
Dawson and Pearson, 2, Queen Anne st. S.
Fisher Jnthn. & Roger, 25, Mason st. Wappg. & 4, Baffin st.
Grayson and Leadley, 4, Trentham st. & 33, E. side Salthouse dock
Haselden Wm. and Richard, II, Cornhill
Hemer Luke, 27, Waterloo rd.
Humble & Hurry, 8, Trentham street
Jameses & Seddon, Queen Anne street, S.
Laing J. & P. & Co. 2, Gowerst.
Lomax and Wilson, 12, Cornhill
Mottershead and Hayes, 12, Trentham street
Rathbone Jas. 14, Trentham st.
Royden Thos. 5, Queen Aline street, S.
Russell R. & J. 1, Chaloner st.
Simpson Dinah, 13, Cornhill
Smith C. and J. corner of Bailin st. S. side Queen's dock basin
Wilson John, Queen Anne st. S.


*** See also Ropers and Ship Chandlers.
Christopherson Edw. 20, Wappg.
Clarke and Falcon, 5, Wapping
Corry Geo. 8, Campbell st. E. side Salthouse dock
Gregson J. T. 17, Wapping
Holt & Jackson, 40, Wapping
Hughes John, 39, Waterloo rd.
Morison Wm. 17, Bird st.
Mortimer & Co. 6, Campbell st.
Neale John, 9, Drury lane
Roberts Edw. 32, Stanhope st.
Simpson Cuthbert, 28, Redcross street
Strickland Rd. 20, Water st. & 9, Drury lane


*** The principal Ship Owners in Liverpool are identified
with the copious List of Merchants under that head, the
remainder are inset Rd in the general alphabet of Names.


Abevan Wm. Hole in the Wall, Salthouse dock gates
Clay and Musgrove, 27, Parliament st. and 14, Moor st.
Dewhurst and Clark, 24, Paradise street
Dovey Wm. 15, N. end Salthouse dock
Harper Thos. 28, Waterloo road
Harrlson R. & N. 6, Ansdell st.
Humble & Hurry, 8, Trentham street
Laing J. & P. & Co. 2, Gower st.
M'Killop, Duncan and Sons, 50, Strand st.
Molyneux Thos. C. and John C. 5, Orford at.
Moore Thos. Albion st.
Norris Philip, 2, Lower Sparling street
Pearson, Logan, & Co. 7, Cornhill
Pritt, Case, and Butler, 41, Wapping, and 10, Goree
Richardson Thos. 35, Mason at
Russell R. and J. 1, Chaloner st.
Strong and Addison, 15, Trenthem at and 6, Sefton st.
Talbot Thos. 26, Waterloo ad.
Whittingham and Gladstone, 2, Bird at. and 51, Wapping
Whittle R. & Co. 8, Charlottest.
Winstanley Ann, 2, Murray pl.


Baitson Thos. 41, Jordan st.
Corkhill John, 9, Bath st.
Denton John, 145, Park lane
Ellison John, 26, Mason street, Wapping
Gaskell Wm. and Co. 13, E. side Queen's dock
Grayson and Leadley, 33, E. side Salths. dk. & 4, Trentham street
Hutchinson James, 42, Bridgewater street
Jackson John, Queen Anne st. S. Quirk Wm. 39, Blundell st.
Russell R. and J. 1; Chaloner st. and 14, New quay
Simpson & Co. 10, Cornhill


*** See also Boot 4. Shoemakers.
Armistead Thos. 52, Byrom st.
Blacklock Mary, 88, Paradise st.
Booth Wm. 63, Castle st
Cockbaine Hannah, 110, Whitechapel
Heywood & Stott, 77, Byrom st.
Hodgkins Jas. 37, Cable st
Hodgson Mary, 27, Paradise st.
Jones Eliz. 57, Pool lane
Jones John, 17, Queen sq. and 30, Castle st.
Orton Ann, 1 & 2, Harrington st.
Wiggans John, 21, Whitechapel
Williamson Jane, 59, Lord at.


*** See Linen, and Linen and Woollen, & Woollen Drapers.
Anselm, Shears, and Co. 58, Lord at.
Bright Rd. 101, Bold at.
Brown Jas. B. 54, Church st.
Chapman J.& W. 36, Church st.
Evans Edw. F. 25, King at.
Hodges David, 72, Bold st.
Kaye Jph. 39 & 40, Union st.
Mason Mary, 79, St. James' st.
Nelson John, 69, Castle st.
Singer Nathaniel, and Co. 68, Church street
Wright, Brothers, and Co. 21, Pool lane
Wright John, 71, Church st.


*** See Gold and Silversmith., and Jewellers.


Powell Jane, 5 and 6, Waterloo road
Roberts Hugh G. 1, Waterloo rd.
Timmis Josiah, 7, Waterloo rd.
Worthington Samuel, and Sons, 1, Gower st.


Allen Edw. 42, Copperas hill
Ammes Chas. 32, Brownlow hill
Ankers and Brown, 88, Fontenoy street
Atkinson Thos. 32, Greenland st.
Beetles Nathl. 35, Rose place
Caldwell David, 13, St. Vinee st St. James
Carter Jph. 15, St. James' pl.
Charters Wm. 12, Lawrence st
Clark James, 24, Lawton st
Cotter John, 19, St. James' pl.
Cropper Thos: 40, Marybone
Crosley SamL 60, Copperas hill
Darsey Thos. 8, Ben Jonson st.
Davies Wm. 67, Moorfields
Eden Henry, 5, Upr. Harrington street
Evans Evan, 23, Moor st.
Fairclough Thos. 10, Lawton st. and Fairclough st.
Gittins Wm. Lowry pl. Sparling street
Grice Sarnl. 58, Copperas hill
Griffiths Jolm, 87, Brownlow hill
Griffiths and Smith, .59A, Pitt st.
Harris Wm. and Son, 5, Bowman's gardens
Harrison Edward, and Son, 22, Henry Edward street
Hignett Samuel, 15, Pall mall
Hughes and Jones, Randle'a pl. Christian st.
Hughes Joseph, 6, Green lane, Pleasant at.
Jackson Jph. 3, New mkt. pl.
Jackson and Hume, 6, Gay st.
Jeffreys Thos. 9, Nornury ul.
Johnson Thos. 92. Park lane
Johnson Wm. (plasterer,)' 12, Thurlow at.
Jones Hugh, 34, Highfield st.
Jones John, 39, Newhall at.
Jones Wm. Everton village
Kendall RE 10, School lane
Kitchen Jas. 24, Pleasant st.
Leatham Wm. 19, Benson at.
Linden Denis, 9, Atherton st.
Maddock Peter, 32, Vernon st.
Marsh Wm. 38, Sawney Pope at.
M`Kee Rt. 12, St. John's lane
Medcalf Thos. 3, Bond st.
Owens Owen, 50, Leeds st.
Powell Howell, 59, Addison st.
Pye Jas. 5, St. Vincent st, E.
Queen James, 14, Byrom st.
Range Geo. 13, Gloucester st.
Robinson Peter, 2, Duncan at. East
Salts Wm. Kaye et. Stanley st.
Seed Thos. 51, Gloucester st.
Sefton Rt. 30, Gt. Crosshall st. and 20, Peter st.
Smith Ralph, Aldersey at.
Smith Wm. 10, Warren at. and 19, Blake st.
Taylor Rd. 31, C:roppe. et.
Thompson John, 20, Dance st.
Thompson Thos. 20, Christian st.
Williams & Barnes, 23, Shaw's brow
Yates Hannah and Son, 53, Sir Thomas' buildings


*** See also Clothes Brokers.
Aaron Lewis, & Co. 29, Wappg.
Allan Robert, 12, Wapping
Bouch John, (and packer,) 21, King st
Connor Michael, (and canvass dlr.) 8, Bromfield st.
Davey Jas. 77, W. end Old dk.
Davies Moses, 139, Park lane
Dixon Rd. 126, Park lane
Donnelly Peter, 8, Strand st.
Donnelly Peter, 58, S. side Old dock
Dunbar Charles, 16, Wapping
Farrell John, 47, Wapping
Foy James, 9, Bromfield st.
Hargreaves Samuel, 13, N. side Old dock
Jones Eliz. 7, Bromfield st.
Kennerley Johd, 60, Paradise at.
Maxwell Hannah, 110, Park In. and 47, Paradise st.
M'Call Jas. 128, Park lane
M'Clintock Peter, 15, Pool In.
Mortar Bryan, 56, Dale st.
Murray Patrick, 18, N. side Old dock
Nugent Eliza, 14, N. side Old dk.
Ovens Rd. 27, N. siae old dock
Samuel Nathan, 7, N. side Old dock
Solomon Hannah, 140-5, Park In.
Tattersall A. & G. 24, Pool In.
Tattersall Thos. (wholesale and packer,) 42, E. end Old dock


*** See also Haberdashers.
Alexander John, 24, Mersey at.
Atkinson John, 4, Moor place
Baker Wm. 115, Tithebarn et.
Bancroft Stephen, 23, Marybn.
Coigly Edw. 39, Paradise st.
Constantine Thos. 132, Dale st. and 7, Suffolk st.
Cowing Maria, 14, Simpson st.
Crompton David, 98, Richmond row
Eddowes David, 63, St. James' street
Fairweather Ellen, 2, Cases st.
Franceys M. & J. 28, Clarence street
Garner Jas. 4, St. John's lane
Gleave John, 1, Hill st. East
Grierson Grace, 17A, Mary Ann st. Brownlow hill
Hackett John, (mfr.) 43, King street
Heardman Jane, 82, London rd.
Hill Green, 10, Springfield st. and 11, Clare St.
Howard John, 26, Paradise st.
Innes Eliz. 40, Scotland road
Jones Mary, 37A, London road
Kelley John, 80, Christian at.
Kennedy J. & F. 49, Dale at.
Lloyd Elizabeth & Co. 6, Paradise street
Lowry Rd. 28, Hill st. S.
M'Gee M. and Son, 97, Paradise street
M'Nielie T. W. & M. 9, Roe street
Moreton Margt. 18, Basnett at.
Newby Randall, Bedford et.
Newell James, 23, Fontenoy St.
Pemberton Thomas, 115, Park lane
Pike James, 36, Whiteohapel
Rylance Ellen. 32, Scotland rd.
Smith Joseph S. 3, Cases st.
Smith Thorns, 23, Tithebarn street
Stewart Jas. 63, Paradise at.
Sutton Robert, 15, Byrom st.
Taylor John, 87, Great Crasshall street
Thom Jas. 7, Gt. Orosatsall at.
Thompson Margaret, 19, Mill at. St. James'
White Robert, 56, Pool lane
Widdowson Thos. 7, Edgar at.
Williams William, 9, Gardener's row
Williamson Wm, 58, King at.
Wilson Cathn. 7, Scotland road
Wlleon Ells. 44, Marybone


Marked 1 are Soap Boilers,
2 are Tallow Chandlers,
the others are both
2 Addlington Thos. 53, Lime st.
Airey John, 47, Dale st. and 31, Gt. Nelson st. E.
1 Bibby John, 2, Edgar st.
1 Blake Arch. 15, Shaw's brow
1 Blake Geo. 34, Kitchen st.
1 Blake James, 17, Parliament st
2 Blake John, 1, Whitechapel
2 Braun Hy. 88, St. James' St.
2 Brookfield Thos. Park road
2 Bryars John, 36, Ranelagh st.
2 Clough Geo. 41, Paradise st.
2 Cluet Rd. 5, Hatton garden
1 Cooke & Bigland, 6, Tabley st.
2 Danson Jas. Old haymarket
2 Davies Thos. 24, Stanhope at.
2 Ellis Geo. 31, Pall mall
1 Gardener John, 16, Matthew st.
Garnett Thos. 7, Redcross st.
Gibb Jas. 46 & 47, Pitt st.
Goudie John, 84, Sparling st.
2 Hall Clay, 18, Cleveland sq. & 5.5, London road
2 Hare Patk. 49, Scotland rd. & 33, Maguire st.
Harvey Samuel, 59, Cheapside
2 Hodgson John, 3, Circus at.
2 Hodgson J. N. 4, Shaw's brow
2 Hodgson Thos. 13G, Dale st. & 63, Cheapside
Houghton Jas. & Co. 7, Hatton garden, and 36, Key st.
Jennings Jas. 15, Vauxhall rd.
2 Johnson John S. 134, Dale st.
1 Johnson Saml. & Co. 133, Dale street
Kennedy Dennis, 33, Sir Thos'. buildings
Leigh John, 28, Whitechapel
Leigh Roger, 20, Byrom st.
Lund & Unsworth, 8, M. Viccar st.
Lunt Jph. B. & Rt. 2, 3, and 4, Earle st. & 69, Seel st.
2 Maddock Thos. 29, Pool lane
2 Mallinson Emanuel, 50, Lime street
M`Guire Thos. (soap & candle warehouse) 2, London road
1 Moore J. & D. 39, Leeds st.
1 Morton and Kilshaw, 52, Gascoyne st.
2 Roper James, 20, Cable st.
I Rosson & Croft, Albion mill pl.
Sewell Isaac, 5, Grenville st
1 Smith Jph. 3, Cases at.
1 Steel Mw. 49, Sir Thos'. bdgs, & 38 & 39, Marybone
Stockdale Thos. 1, Edgar at.
1 Tyrer &Blanchard, 7, Naylor at,
2 Waddington Niche. 48, Tithe. bent st.
2 Wade Rd. 74, Park lane
2 Wilson Jph. 111, Whitechapel
2 Wilson Rd. 33, Byrom at.
2 Wilson Rd. 105a, St. James' st.
2 Wilson Thos. & Son, 14, Preeson's row


Bainbridge Peter, and Co. 55,
Byrom st.
Grassam Andw. 9 Rainford garden
Horridge Jas. 4 & 5, Castle st.
Towers Jas. (and magnesia) 82. Lord st.


*e* See also Wine and Spirit
Merchants, and Hotels, 4c.
Adlard Chas. 15, Salthouse lane
Allen Jas. 10, Richmond st.
Bell John W. 29, Standish st.
Boardman Jas. 65, Byrom st.
Boothroyd John, 71, Marybone
Byrne Geo. 44, Hanover st.
Collins Wm. 23, Sydney street. St. James'
Coombe Thos. Grinfield st.
Edmondson John, 107, Tithebarn st:.
Edwards Thos. 84, Tithebarn st.
Gosling Jph. and Co. 2, Vauxhall road
Harding Edw. 43, Gt. Crosshall street
Hatton Thos. 8, Upper Dawson street
Hyams John P. 29 & 30, Cleveland sq. and II, Seddon st.
Hyatt Wm. Market st.
Jonathan Hy. 2, Preeson's row
Kay Thos. 6, Scotland road
Leyland Ralph, 4, Upr. Dawson street
M'Connell Wm. 21, Sparling st.
Mellor John and Co. 63 and 64, Dale st.
Murthwaite Thos. 53, Marybn.
Ormerod John; jun. 11A, Wapg.
Roberts Rt. 76, Whitechapel
Shaw Wm. C. 20, Standish st.
Smith Eliz. 51, Park lane
Steel John, 9 & 10, S. Union st.
Sugden Arm, 18, Temple st.
Tinsley Get). 25, London road
Turnbull Elie. 25, Tithebam st.
Walton Wm. IS, Upr. Dawson st.
Weirs Adw. 3, Bromfield st.
Wibberley John, 3, Scotland rd,
Williamson Jas. 36, E. side Salthouse dock
Woods Jas. 46, Fontenoy at.
Wright M. & Co. 31, N. side Old dock


King Williamson, 704k Seal sA
Martin John, & Co. 1, Telary st.


*0 See also Milliners, lre.
Deaden Geo. 54, RaneIagh st.
Biddulph Feana, 23, Berry st.
Binks John, 58, Lord st.
Brown M. A. 4, Nelson st. St. James'
Cassady Mary, 48, Smithfield st.
Cowup Thos. 117, Whitechapel
Davies David, 60, Byrom st.
Eccles Eliz. 22, Pitt st.
Edmunds Ellen, 16, London rd.
Ellis Jas. 48, Whitechapel
Farren Mary, 48, Lime st.
Graham Mary, Bedford at.
Harrison Eliz. 96, Park lane
Haskayne Ann, 99, Whitechpl.
Hay Wm, 48, Crosshall st.
Hudson Thos. 43, Whitechpl.
Keet Edwin, 53, Pool lane
Knowles B. 45, Great Crosshall st.
Lamb Eliz. 23, Brownlow hill
Malcolm Esther, 110, St. James' street
Maxwell John, 39A, London rd.
M'Naught Jas. 23, London rd.
Naylor Jas. 39, Lime st.
Parr Wm. 20, Whitechapel
Price Sarah, 5, Copperas hill
Rimmer L. 72, Whitechapel
Simcock Wm. 16, Hood st.
Sutton Mary, 92, Mt. pleasant
Turner Ann, 15,Upr. Newington
Wilkie Dvd. 11, Richmond row
Woods Eliz. 67, Fontenoy st.
Yates Jemima 21, Paradise st


Lawrence E. & Co. 24, Tabley st.
Lightfoot and Maddocks, 31,
Bridgewater st.
Parr Nathl. 4, Bridgewater st.


*** See also Marble Masons.
Babcock John, 44, Circus st.
Carter John, 5, Blundell st.
Eley Geo. Mill st.
Frizle Alex. 5, Sawney Pope st.
Graham Thos. 3, Mulberry st.
Grierson John, 24, St. Paul's sq.
Grindrod Timothy, (exe. of) 17, Rupert st.
Hamilton Rt. Wellington st. N
Hankin Wm. St. Domingo lane
Hetherington Wm. 65, Russel st.
Johnson Jas. Mere lane, Evtn.
Jones John, 1, Gt. Richmond s..
Latham Chpr. 17, London road
Latham Henry, 106, N. Scotland road
Robinson Geo. 1, Blake court.
Sayer Wm. jun. 17, Henderson street
Sephton Peter, Portland at,
Thomas Nathnl. 19, Lionel
Thompson Thomas, 22, Greek street
Tomkinson John, 17, Rupert st.
Whalley John, 28, Blake st.
Whitehead Edmd.105, Islington
Wylie Jas. 63, Gloucester st.


Fairclough Wm. (flag) 1, Gibraltar st.
Haworth Geo. & Son, (flag) 35, Plunrbe st.
Meacock Saml. (and flint) 47, Seel st.
Whalley Jas. (flag) 86, Leeds st.
Yates and Hulme, 103, London road


Alexander Rt. 79, Whiteehapel
Alker Arthur, (willow) Neales' buildings
Beck Hannah, 116, Whitechpl.
Brook Danl. 67, Whitechapel
Brown Isabella, 74, Byrom st.
Brownsword Ellen, 14, Bridport street.
Calederwood Rt. 17, Edgar st.
Conway & Co. 30, Lord st.
Coultas Rt. (patent willow) 5, Thurlow st.
Crossley Jph. 37, Lord st.
Eastwood John, 111, Pitt st.
Ellis Rt. 88, Whitechapel
Frye M. A. 69, Gt. Crosshall st.
Goore E. C. 10, Williamson st.
Grace J. & M. 1, Byrom st.
Heskin John 42, Whitechapel
Highton Geo. 95, Paradise st.
Hird Jane, 41, Ranelagh at.
Holden Ann, 6, Circus st.
Humphreys & Tyrer, 3, Williamson sq.
Jandrell Benj. 77, Whitechapel
Jones Hannah, 13, Bevington bush road
Jones Sarah, 101, London road
Kennedy J. & F. 49, Dale st.
Knowles Felicia, 32, N. Scotland road
Lee Eliz. 19, Whiteehapel
MarshallChas. 47, Whitechpl.
Mathias Eliz. 17, Slater st.
Maxwell John, 39A, London rd.
M'Naught Jas. (and silk) 23, London road
Mitchell Jph. (and mfr. of British Leghorn) 75, Richmond row
Moreland Mary, 2, Back Bridport st.
Murphy Sarah, 40, Copperas hl.
Newby Nichls. 40, Whitechpl.
Pierce Ellz. 4, Devonshire place, Clayton st.
Pike Mary, 36, Whitechapel.
Sanders Rd. 4, Paradise st.
Slight Sarah, 6, Bronte st.
Smedley Ellen, 47, Byrom st.
Smith Chas. 91, Paradise st.
Sparks Mary, 13, Cases st.
Stephenson Eliz 17, Christian st.
Sudlow Esther, 118, New Scotland road
Whiteside M. & A. 2, Grafton st.
Wilton Rt. 25, Paradise st.
Wilson Eliz. 44, Marybone


Brancker and Co. 39, Matthew street
Buggeln Luhr, 27, Harrington street
Downward &Mann, 43, Harrington st.
Hutchinson Wm. P. I, Temple street
Morgenstern, Mollenhauer, and Co. (and colour mfrs. for spirits) 57, Greenland st. and 14, Oldhall st.
Morton Wm. 72, Blundell st.


Those marked thus * are Surgeons only,
the rest are Surgeons and Apothecaries.
Ascroft Jas. 19, St. James' st.
Aspinall Rt. 218, Vauxhall road
Baird Wm. 10, Marybone
Ball John, 14, Scotland place
Barnes Edw. 2, St. Paul's sq.
Barnes Humphrey, 16, Pownall square
Barrow Samuel, Paddington
Batty Edw. 2, St. Anne st.
Bedford Thos. 11, Rose hill
Bennett Chas. A. 23, Slater st.
Benney Cymon E. 68, Leeds st.
Bickersteth Rt. 4, Elliot st.
Birkmyer Jph. 22, Shaw alley
Blackburn Thos. 4, Camden at.
Brackenbury Ralph, 120, Duke street
Bradley John A. 49, Gt. CroSshall st.
*Brandreth Jph. (to the Liverpool General Hospital, and oculist) 4, Lime st.
Brown Thos. 2, Russel st.
Buddicom Rt. J. 62, Russel st.
Burnie Newton. 10A, St. James' street
Cafferata Jph. 3, Cornwallis st.
Callan John, R.N. 4, Whitechapel
Cameron Geo. 4, Gt. Geo. st.
Chalmer Thos. Great Mersey st. ,Kirkdale
*Christian Thos. 6, Bold st.
Churton Jph. (house Surgeon & Apothecary to the Infirmary), Brownlow st.
Cooper John, 9, Queen Square
Couch Fredk. 24, Edmund st.
Coull Francis, 10, Finch st.
Davidson W m. 1, Islington pl.
*Dawson James 18, Newington bridge
Dawson Mehl. 17, Mt. pleasant
Ellison Arthur, 32, Moor st. and 73, Richmond row
Evans Wm. 9, Marble st.
Everest Geo. J. 22, Rose place
Fleetwood Rt. 46, New Scotland road
Forshaw Rd. 21, Slater st.
Fox Edw. 103, Brownlow hill
Garner Edw. 124, N. Scotland road
Gill Wm. 56, Seel st.
Gillon Adw. 9, Mt. pleasant
Hallows John, 18, Houghton st.
Hamilton Rt. 57, St. James' st.
Hanmer John M. 67, Park lane
Hay Thos. F. 61, St. Anne st.
Hensman H. B. 12, Trafalgar st.
Hicks John, 40, Gt. Crosshall st.
Higginbottom John, 65, Great Crosshall St.
Hilton Henry, 20, Leigh st.
Houghton Thos. 9, Kent st.
Jardine Lewis J. 18, Houghton street
Johannes Chpr. 23, Davies st.
Johnson Edw. H. 2, Fredk. st.
Johnston John, 100, St. James' street
Jones John, 38, Seel st.
Jorie Chas. 47, Church st.
Kane Edw. 92, St. James' st.
Kent Rd. 20, slater st.
Kirkpatrick Dvd. 130, Park ln.
Krebs John, (and oculist) 12, Copperas hill
Lamonby Geo. 86, Pitt st.
Lewtas Thos. 1, Cartwright pl. Byrom st.
Lindsay Peter, 31A, Frederick st. St. James'
Lyon John, 49, L. Harrington street
Macintyre Peter, 20, Benson st.
Mackford John, 6, Lawrence St.
Maclean Lachlan, 6, Duke st.
Madden Rd. 2, Bold place
Marshall James 111, St. James' street
Marshall John, 14, Duke st.
Marwood Rd. 3, Hunter st.
Mather Saml. L. 6, Birkett st. Soho
M'Donald Colin, 70, Circus at.
M'Donald John (and governor
of Dispensary) 67, Church street
M'Kee Wm. 2, Mill st.
M'Lehose John, 9, Bedford st.
Minshull J. M. 31, Norton st.
Morrison John, 26, Gt. Nelson st. East
Nairn Rt. (and agent for sick and wounded seamen) 19, Gloucester st.
Nesbitt Murray, 39, Mersey st.
Newnum Hy. 27, St. Paul's sq.
Nightingale Brereton, (house surgeon and apothecary to House of Recovery) 61, Mt. pleasant
Palmer H. J. 6, Church alley
Park Hy. 18, Newington bdge.
Parr John, 9, Hunter st.
Perry Wm. 55, Seel st. and 7, Church st. Everton
Reay & Collison, 76, Richmond row
Reynolds Henry, 56, Plumbe st.
Shaw John, 28, Copperas Is ill
Skerrett Rt. King st. Edge hill
Taylor John, 13, Tarleton st.
Taylor John, 17, Cases st.
Taylor Wm. 71, Gloucester st.
Threlfall Jas. 10, Wolstenholme square, & 21, Duke st.
Udny John, 9, Clayton square
Vandeburgh C. F. 86, Bold st.
Webster Thos. 17, Sir Thomas' buildings
Whitley Wm. 57, Dale st.
Wilkinson Rd. 13, Lime st.
Windsor Jas. 27, Hunter st.
Woodburn John, 12, Cherry ln.
Worthington Chas. 22, Bold st.
Wright Wm. 44, Church st.
Wynne Rt. 86, St. James' St. & 69, Jordan st.
Wynne R. L. 15, Seymour st.


Dunsford Jabez, 14, School lane
Lloyd Wm. 36, Paradise st
Richardson Thos. 7, Post office place


*** See also Woollen Drapers,
Clothes Brokers, and Slop Dealers.
Aaron Lewis, & Co. 29, Wapping
Allured Wm. 15, Houghton at.
Antrobus Jas. & Son, 21, Castle street
Bell Daniel, 30, London road
Bell Thos. 57, Circus st.
Berry Thos. 56, Cable st.
Bibby Ellen, 32, Whitechapel
Brady John, 76, Tithebarn st.
Bridge Thos. 7, Cunliffe st.
Bridges Jas. 27, Scotland road
Brotherton John, 31, Lord St.
Brown David, 14, Paradise A,
Caig Peter, 15, Basnett st.
Cain Rt. 79, Lord st.
Cain Thos. 28, Ranelagh st.
Callow Rt. 75, Byrom st.
Cash John, 66, Church St.
Cearns Edw. 02, Paradise st.
Chesney Ebenezer, 4, Post office place
Christian John, 11, Lambert st.
Clark Chas. 14, Eldon place
Clark Jas. 2, Copperas hill
Clark Wm. 8, Standish st.
Claypole John, 2, Whitechapel
Clemesha Saml. 29, Chapel st. & 17, Ranelagh st.
Cliffe Edw. 3, Regency court
Clucas Wm. 28, Williamson st.
Coigly Edw. 39, Paradise st.
Colson :Mehl. 16, Bold st.
Connor Win. 19, King st.
Conway Jph. & Co. 16 & 28, Pool lane
Cowley Philip, 55, Great Crosshall st.
Coyle Wm. 13, Bird st.
Crane Robert, 21, Basnett st.
Davies Owen, 38, Gt. Crosshall street
Dean & Barry, 61, Lord st.
Donaldson Jas. 34, Gloucester st.
Doubleday Geo. H. 18, Copperas hill
Dowling Rd. 77, Richmond row
Downward Thos. 8, Knight st.
Edwards John, 13, Clayton st.
Ellis John, 27, Brownlow hill
Fazakerley John, 2, Williamson square
Francom Jthn. 2, St. John's pl.
Gage Alex. Mehl. 65, Up. Frederick st.
Garner Jph. 39, school lane
Gedney Jph. 60, Byrom st.
Gibson Thos. 16, St. James' st.
Gillbank Thos. 22, William st.
Gilton Rt. 112, Park lane
Gordon Henry, 8, Richmond st.
Gore Henry, 9, Leigh st.
Grace John, 1, Byrom st.
Graham Francis, 28A, E. side Salthouse dock
Griffiths John, 3, Benn's gdns.
Griffiths Wm. 32, King st.
Guy Wm. 41, Lord st.
Hall Wm. 83, Lord st.
Harrison Edw. 16, Circus st.
Harrison Henry, 24, Burlington street
Harrison Isaac, 34, Pool-lane
Henry Henry, 51, Paradise st.
Hesketh Holland, 12, Paradise street
Hesketh John, 75, Chisenhale st.
Hooton & Moore, 17, Lord st.
Houghton Millington,l1,Church alley
Ingham Thos. 10, Vernon st.
Irving John, 107, New Scotland road
Irwin Wm. 4, King st.
Jackson David J. 10, Pool lane
Johnson John, 67, Jordan st.
Johnson Thos. 23, Pitt st.
Johnston Thos. 45, Highfield at.
Johnston Thos. jun. 19, Kent st.
Jones Geo. 115, Whitechapel
Jones John, 24, Tithebarn st:
Jones John, 93, Whitechapel
Jones Rt. I1, Vernon st.
Jones Wm. 94, Mt. pleasant
Joseph Saml. 19, Pool lane
Keet Edwin, 53, Pool lane
Kennedy John, 18, Cooper's row
Kiiley John, 87, Mt. pleasant
Kirkby Geo. 65, Lord st.
Knowles Bateman, 45, Great Crosshall st.
Lake William, 8, Sir Thomas buildings
Lawrence John, I11, London rd.
Lawrenson Wm. 14, Fox st.
Lawton John, 16, Great Crosshall street
Lethaby John, 1, George st.
Lewis and Robinson, 46, Castle street
Little Geo. 83, London road
Little James, 30, Paradise st.
Macauley John, 90, Park lane
Mackay Hugh, 21, Tarleton st.
Maclea & Co. 66, Pool lane
Maguire Charles, 53, Paradise street
Marshall Simeon, 43, Cable st.
Maxwell Daniel, 6, Sir Thomas' buildings
Maxwell Hannah, 47, Paradise street, & 110, Park lane
M`Call John, 3, Church alley
M'Comb Wm. 70, Moorfields
M'Corquodale Hugh, 14, Bold st.
M'Crumb Daniel, 38, Bridgewater street
M`Kee David, 3, White mill st.
M'Key John, 2, St. James' pl.
M `Lachlan Ellen, 2, Benn's gdns.
Megraw & Heron, 100, Bold st.
Mercer Joseph, 6, Hudson court, Hunter st
Mitchell Joseph, 23, Pool lane
Moore John, 33, Pitt street
Moore John, 60, Bridgewater at.
Morrison John, 16, Norfolk st.
MurgatroydJohn,26A, StJantes' street
Murphy Owen, 38, Part lane
Murray Thomas, 23, Frederick st. St. James'
Mutch Wm. 6, Queen Anne st.
Newby Wm. 47, Cable st
Newton & Hayward, 80, Bold street
Nicholson Thos. 63, Vernon st.
Parkinson Thos. 7, Richmond street
Powell Jabez, 13, Renshaw st
Quaill John, 71, Paradise st.
Read & Watts, 10, Clayton sq.
Richardson John, 35, Lord st.
Robinson James, 58, Raid st.
Robinson Geo. 23, Hunter st.
Rogers Dominic, 126, Tithebarn street
Rudd Charles, 90, Dale st.
Scott Joseph, 16, Renshaw st.
Scunah William, 46 & 50, Paradise street
Sears Edward, 5, Cases at.
Sephton Edw. 86,Copperashil
Shaw Wm. 27, Tarleton st.
Shaw James, 7, Rainford gdu.
Silcock Wm. 89, Dale st
Sinclair Wm. 7, College lane
Skeaping John, 7, School lane
Southern Henry, 13, Vernon at.
Stewart John, 35, Rupert at.
Street Samuel, 51, Pool lane
Stretch Thomas, 3, Stanley st.
Stubbs Geo. 52, Pool lane
Sumner Edward, 51, Castle st
Sutton Samuel, 21A, Upper Pitt street
Sutton Thomas, 9, Church alley
Swainson & Graham, 61, Castle street
Sweeny John, 37, Strand st.
Tattersall Abraham and George, 24, Pool lane
Tear Thomas, 85, Pitt st
Tennant Wm. 25, Scotland pl.
Thompson Rd. 25, Gerard st.
Thornely Samuel, 20, Lord st.
Tierney James, 40, Park lane
Tillotson Thomas, 20, St. Vincent street, East
Todd Charles & Co. 4, Parker st.
Toole John, 16, Cases st.
Turkington Patrick, I, North side Old dock gates
Vickers Wm. 84, Park lane
White Wm. & Son, 18, Cablest.
Whitehead John, 55, Castle st
Wigley John, 4, Williamson sq.
Williams Rt. 19, Old haymarket
Williams Owen, 9, Benn's gdns.
Wilson Robert, 53, Park lane
Wilson John, 69, Castle-st


Calvert Charles, 2, Chorley court
Curtis Rd. 75, Highfield at.
Cross John, 31, Kitchen st
Eccles John and Sons, in, Eccles street
Eccles Thos. jun. 2, Eccles st
Graham & Lafone, Lodge lane, Smithdawn lane
Groves- Geo. 22, Freemason's row
Nicholson Wm. 13, Gardener's row
Reynolds Rd. 1, Bvgtn. bush rd.
Scotsons & Tunstall, Kirkdale
Thompson Thomas, 32, Old haymarket
Whitelegg Wm. North st. Park road, &.Atriegham, Cheshire
Wood lame, Bootle
Woods Jame* & Co. 64, Cheap. side


*** Those marked Thus * are also Distillers.
*Clare R. S. 96, Stanhope st:
*Davies Jas. & Co. (turpentine) 37, Redcross st.
*Eccles & Evans, 41., Chisenhale street
Houlgrave Peter & Co. Hill et, South
*Platt John, 40, ParlIament at
*Wignall Charles, Bath at.


*** See also Grocers, . Grocers Wholesale.
Anderson Mary, Paddington
Andrew M.and S. 19A, London road
Appleton Ellen, 82, Mt. pleasant
Ayres Mary, 18, Circus st.
Barton and Robson, 38, Church street
Brade Elijah, 8, New Scotland road
Bradshaw Joseph, 38, Vernon st
Burble John, 91, Gloucester st.
Carlisle Sarah, 62 & 63, Cable st.
Caton John, 100, Whitechapel
Clarke Mary, 14, Tarleton st
Collier Margaret, 31, Slater st.
Cooban Wm. 1, St. James' at.
Crooke Geo: & Newnes, 17, Castle st.
Dale E. N. 5, Shaw's brow
Dare Gideon, 140, Dale st.
Doubleday Henry, 34, Castle st.
Eastwood John, 110, Pitt st.
Ecroyd Joshua, 4, Scotland pl.
Edwards Eliz. 53, Castle st.
Elton Mary, 53, London road'
Fai#weather Ellen, 2, Cases at.
Fielden Eliz. 2, Church st.
Franceys Mary and Jane, 28, Clarence st.
Geddes Was. 4, Pool lane
Glover John T. 2, Ranelagh st.
Grayson Rachel, 3, Everton terrace
Griffiths Samuel, 5, Pool lane
Hamilton Hugh, 89, Paradise st
Harvey M. and E. 1, Brunswick road
Heavyside Edw. 17, St. James' street
Herbert Wm. 92, Great Crow. hall street
Hilliard Esther, 73, Christian at.
Hodgson Geo. 14, Queen sq.
Hodson James, 33, Wapping
Holland Sarah, 46, Ranelagh sL
Hunter Ellett, 44, Renshaw st
Jacksi nFrames M. 91, Mount pleasant
Kennedy' Jane & Fiances, 49, Dale street
Kenyon Elie. & Jane, 55, Richmond row
Laughton Margt. 20, Basnett st.
Leyland James, 40, Byrom st.
Lombe W. 11. (agent for Crossley's tea) 27, Lime st.
Lowry Rd. 28, Hill st South
Lowthian Francis, (agent to the
London Genuine Tea Co.) 3, Great George place
Mackie John, 1s Great Nelson street, East
Malcolm Esther, 110. St. James' street
Mason & Coad, 19, Cleveland square, corner of Pitt at and 34, Ranelagh st.
M'George Rt. 8, St. Stephen st
M'Gowan Ann, 21, Renshaw st.
Mounsey Sarah, 51, Duke st.
Muir John, 237, Vauxhallroad
Parke Thomas, 91, Copperas hill
Parr Catharine and Mary, 55, Duke st
Parrock John, 9, New Scotland road
Peake Thos. (agent to the London Genuine Tea Co, 23, Ludgate hill) 133, London road
Platt John P. 26, Castle st.
Porter James & Co. 40, Old haymarket
Power ltd.105,New Scotland rd.
Hemmer & Long, 44, London road
Rowland David, 72, Oldhall 8t.
Scott Thomas, 53, Byrom st
Sill Isabella, 3, Deane st.
Smith Mary, 28, Richmond row
Spoonley Wm. P. 88, Pitt st.
Spriggs Ann & Esther, 24, Islington
Taylor Rd. (agent to the London Genuine Tea Co. 23, Ludgate hill) 1, Paradise st.
Thompson Margaret, 19, Mill st.
Tolson Samuel, 5, Phythian st.
Tuohy Mary, 26, Tithebarn st.
Walker Thos. 9, TIthebarn st.
Warbrick Richard, (agent to the London Genuine Tea Co.) 28, Lime st
Wild Charles, 33, James' at.
Wood, Brothers, & Co. 2, St. James' st and 11, Elliot st.
Wood Mary, 51, Church at
Woodville Isaac, 68, Bold st & 68, Wood at
Wren Joseph, 92, St. James' at


M`Gee Mary & Son. 97, Paradise street


Angler' James, 'half tide win, Queen's deck
Chaloner Edward and'to. 63, Wapping
Cooke Charles, South-west corner of Queen's dock
Crookenden Thomas, 29, stanhope st.
Furber Edw. 11A, Duke's place
Goodlad Thomas, 14, East side King's dock
Hoghton & Marsh, 33, Parliament street
Marsh Thos. 17, Greenland st.
Parsons Geo. 31, Stanhope st.
Wilson Wm. 31, Sparling st.


Barber John, 48, Norfolk st
Benbow Richard, 1 & 2, N. end
Queen's dock, & 31, Bridgewater street
Brereton & Newsham, 46, Norfolk street
Bryde Thomas, 11, St James' street
Chaloner Charles & Co. 40, Jordan street
Chaloner Edward & Co. 63, Wapping
Charnley James, 3, St. James' st.
Cooke Charles, (timber broker)
South-west corner of Queen's dock
Crossfield Edward M. 15, Greenland street
Davies Lloyd, 36, Norfolk at.
Davies Wm. 18, Greenland at
Dempsey & Pickard, 16, Greenland street
Dickenson & Calrow, 39, Jordan street
Dobell Chas. B. 29, Stanhope st.
Duncan & Fletcher, 15, E. side Queen's dock
Evans John, 10, Gt. Crosshall st.
Fletcher Robert, 16, Lower Harrington street
Foster John, 15, Leeds st
Furber Edward, (broker) 11A, Duke's place
Gardner Joseph, 29, Stanhope st
Gardner Rd. Great George st.
Gardner Thomas & Co. 51, Norfolk street
Gerrard & Lythgoe, 39, Lower Harrington street
Griffiths Henry, 232, Vauxhall road
Haigh Bartin, 2, Fraser at.
Halket & Hughes, 39, Bridgewater street
Haram & Jones, IS, Bridgewater street
Hesketh Thomas, 37. St. James' street
Hind Richard, 1, Baffin st.
Hodson James, 33, Wapping
Hodson Rt. 142, New Scotland road
Hoghton & Marsh, (& brokers) 33, Parliament st.
Holcroft Rd. 53, Highfield st.
Holland James, 5, Sefton at.
Hollingsworth Thomas, 22, Wiltliamson st. ; yard, Hood st.
Horn Joseph and Co. 2, Chaloner street
Houghton Richard, 20, Hurst st.
Hughes John, 11, Stanhope st.
Hughes Wm. and Co. 63, Lime street
Johnson E. & I. 47, Park lane, & 36, London road
Jones Hugh, 81, Great Crosshall street
Jones John, 5, Brownlow hill
Jones William, jun. & Co. 2, Bath street
Joynson Peter H. I, St. JameS' street
Keyzar Geo. 38, Parliament st
Langsdale Thomas and Son, 39, Creat Crosshall st.
Leicester Peter, 14, East side King's dock
Leigh John, 30, Stanhope st.
Lightfoot and Maddocks, 31, Bridgewater st
Lloyd Thomas, 62, Wapping
Lyon Ralph, 41, Bridgewater at,
Lythgoe James, 45, Norfolk st
Marsh John, 44, Norfolk st
Marsh Thos. 17, Greenland st
Matthews Wm. Walker place, Hatton garden
M'George John, St. Domingo lane
Mercer John, 58, Park lane
Montgomery John, 12, E. side Queen's dock
Newton Edward, 37, Norfolk st
Peet & Bonsai, 35, Norfolk st.
Pickton Wm. 16, Leeds st
Pllkington and Walton, 38, Norfolk street
Pomfret James, 2, Barton at. N.
Potts Wm. 227, Vauxhall road
Rawlinson & Chamley, 1, Sethton street
Rigby Rt. & L. 1, Haymarket
Rimmer Thomas & Gilbert, 30, Tabley st
Roberts J. and W. 65, London road
Robinson Rd. & Co. 46, Stan. hops street
Russell Robert & Joseph, 1, Chaloner st.
Settle John, 56, St. James' at.
Sharpies Wm. 75, Sparling at, 8c 33, Jordan at.
Shaw James, 2, Nelson at. St. ,Fames'
Sherlock Jeffrey C. 7, Sefton st.
Smith & Bell, 28, St. James' st.
Sparks Joseph, I, Lydia Ann st.
Thistleton Geo. 49, Crosbie st.
Thomas, Morgan, and Co. 3, Burrough's gardens
Threlfall & Thistleton, 27, COrnwallis st.
Turner John Ward & co. 13,
Simpson st. & 15, Jamaica st.
Tyrer Benj. 26, Peter lane
Walker Geo. 7, St. James' st.
Wardall Ann, 13, Bridgewater street
Wareing John, 5, Surrey st.
Williams Owen, 57, Great Crosshall street
Wilson James, 22, Lydia Ann at.
Wilson John, 13, Bridgewater st.


*** See also Tobacconists, and Brokers Tobacco.
Allen Geo. & Wm. 128, Dale st. & 87, Pitt st.
Atherton Samuel, 51 & 53, Lord street
Atherton John, 8, Henry st.
Atkinson Christ. 6, Pool lane
Ball Jonathan, 58, Whitechapel
Barley Wm. 56, Lord st.
Blundell James, 39,Tithebarn st.
Boardman James, 66A, Byrom st.
Bromfield & Overton, 51, Hunter street
Bullin & Lightfoot, 72, Lord st.
Colquhoun John, Sir Tl limas' court
Edwards Moses, 4 & 5,Marble st.
Fernihough Joseph and John, 25, Parr st.
Field John & Son, 10, Myrtlest.
lloldsworth Wm. 7, Sir Ti' seas' huildirgs
Nun_er & Gordon, 26, Bole st.
Jones & Salusbury, 178, Dale st. & 10, Rbe st.
Mann Joseph, 6, Bachelor et. & 12, Tithebarn st.
Mann Luke & Thomas, 23, Renehigh st. ; mfry. 35, Wood st.
Moore and Haswell, 40, Atherton street
Peili Win. 17, Castle ditch
Powell Joseph, 16, Whiteehapel
Rayner and Co. 60, Seel st.
Roberts, Thomas, and Co. 14, Temple st.
Shepherd John and Co. 46, Dale street
Swanwick John and Co. 15, Parr street
Tongue John, 25, Derby place
Watkinson Thomas, 6, Old hay market


*** See also Tobacco Manufacturers, and Brokers Tobacco.
Ankers John, 11, Bedford st.
Bagot Wm. 96, St. James' st.
Beckett Jonathan, 4, Scotland place
Bibby Thomas, 22, Castle ditch
Bold Wm. 13, Redcross st.
Bower Ellz 75, Tithebarn st.
Cass Wm. 3, Hanover st. & 86, St. James' st.
Cooban Wm. 1, St. James' st.
Cowup Joseph, 94, Whitechapel
Crewe John, 57, Lime st.
Evans Rd. 140, New Scotland rd.
Forrester James, 28, Byrom st.
Gough Sarah, 22, Cooper's row
Gregson John, 92, Oldhall st. & 14, London road
Howard Rd. 34, Prussia st.
Hurlstone Rd.100, Brownlowhill
Lawrence Geo.25,Richmond row
Lawton Thomas, 48, Lord st. & 10, Elliot street
Lloyd Wm. 144, Park lane
Low John, 6, Copperas hill
Mann Joseph, 12, Tithebarn Bt.
Meleoum Mary, 36, Parliament street
Moore Geo. 24, Wapping
Norcliffe Wm. 15, Cleveland sq.
Pierce and Crosfield, 2, Castle st.
Powell Joseph, 16, Whitechapel
Salisbury Robert, 7, Lime st.
Southern Thos. 17, Scotland rd.
Southwell ltd. 81, Byrom st.
Stcckdale Wm. 5, Pownall sq.
Stoves James, 91, Pitt st.
Taylor John, 46, South side Old dock
Topp Colby, 24, Castle st.
Wait Wm. 84, Whitechapel
Walton John, 54, Park lane
Wild Charles, 33, James' st.
Winstanley Fit. 83, Oldhall st.
Yates Hannah, 53, Sir Thomas' buildings


Birch Joseph, 47, Gildart's gdns.
Birchall C. 46, Gt. Crosshall st.
Brabner Robert, 13, Davies st.
Braithwaite John, 48, Strand at.
Farrel Francis, 5, Key st:
Lyon Geo. 1, Parr st.
Mason Thomas, I, Parr st. and 59, Seel st.
Morgan Eliza, 24, Sir Thomas' buildings
Morgan Judith, 32, Parliament street
Ratcliffe John, 1, Lumber st.


Austerly Rd. 143, Duke st.
Black Alice, 87, Paradise st.
Broster Eliz. 19, Brownlow hill
Edwards Eliz. (and fancy warehouse) .53, Castle st.
Gammage Benj. 11, Clarence st.
Gregson Ellen, 13, Bold at.
Higgins John, 2, Byrom st.
Hinton Joseph, 15, St. James' street
Horton Henry, (and fancy ware house) 34, Lord et.
Humphreys Thomas, 3, Williamson square
Jennings James Frederick, 86, Park lane
Miller Ann, 111, Park lane
Moffitt Ann, St. James' place
Nicholson Wilson, 113, White. chapel
Rawes Mary, 99, London road
Trimby J. & G. & Co. 4, Castle ditch
Willan Agnes, 75, Bold st.


Barlow Rt. (and portmanteau,) 8, WhItechapel
Clarke Richard, 59, Paradise at. and 40, Cable st.
Conner Matthew, 53, Lord st.
Gawthorne Wm. 36, Park lane
Hatch Dorothy, 64, Whitechpl.
Hewitt Geo. 54, Oldhall st.
Kenney Stephen, 27, Cable st.
Paget John, 29, Rupert st.
Rawlinson Wm. 77, Paradise at.
Roberts Rt. (packing case,) 29, Mason st.
Rogerson Thos. 179, Dale at.
Swainson Samuel, Houlston ct. Vernon st.
Thompson Geo. 42, Sir Thomas buildings
Turner Jas. 11, St. John's in.


Dunsford Jabez, (spring,) 14, School lane
Richardson Thos. (spring,) 17, Post office place
Smith Robert, (and bandage,) 13, Roe st.
Wright John, (patent spring,) 44, Church st.


Buckley Thos. (& wheel maker) 18, King st.
Bullen John, 5, Cropper st.
Caddick Wm. (mangle, napkin; press, washing machine, and lathe maker,) 10, Litherland alley
Croxton Evan, 39, King st.
Davies John, 12, St. James' st.
Ellishaw Jas. 14, St. James' at.
Harrison Benj. 44, Lime st.
Houghton Jas. 6, Marble Bt.
Ives John, (lathe maker,) 16, Cumberland st.
Lea Thos. (lathe and tool mfr.) 61, Sir Thomas' buildings
Page Luke, 61, Stanley st.
Parkinson John, 4, Wood st.
Parkinson Robert, 3, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Parkinson Wm.' 14A, Shaw's brow
Peacock Robert, 25, Fleet st.
Swlnnerton Wm. 39, Blundell st.
Taylor John, Walker pl. Hatton garden
Williams Rlchard, 14, Webster street
Wilson Newman H. 13A, Bridgewater st.


•** See Tar and Turpentine Manufacturers.


Baldwin Ellz. 9, Church st.
Bluxome Joseph, 3, Suffolk st.
Brownless John, 82, Paradise street
Buckets Rt. 5, St. James' st.
Cooper James, 49, Pool lane, and 64, Paradise st.
Corkhill James, 86, Lord at.
Corran Paul, 11, Pool lane
James Margaret, 47, King st.
Lyon Phoebe, 6, Castle st.
Marshall John, 24, Shaw's brow
Mayers S. 12, Duke's place
Nathan Joseph, 34, Park lane
Ormerod Peter, 23, Castle st. & 12, Byrom st.
Renshaw Wm. 10, Tithebarn street
Roberts Benj. 3, ParadIse st.
Sutton Robert, 15, Byrom st


*** See Insurance Brokers.


*** See Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.


Jones Thos. 8, Highfield st.
Perkins Edw. 53, Great Crosshall st
Taylor J. & J. & Co. 9, Seddon street
Theme James, 64, Hurst sc.


***`See also Blacksmiths and Farriers.
Bretherton J. B. Lord ct.
Briscoe Bennett, 25, Lime st.
Fletcher & Farrar, Manchester street
Jones Charles, Slater court, Cheapside
Lucas Robt. 4, 8, and 9, Hatton garden
Rawlinson Thos. 53, Hanover st.
Walton Roger, 45, Seel M.
Wilson J. F. 3 and 4, Basnett at


Krafft John, 4, Surrey st.
Richardson Jph. 1, Silkhs. In.


Adamson Hugh, 27, Highfield at.
Adamson Thos. 11, Marybone
Critchley Joseph, (cap maker,) 11, Edgar st.
Ellison and Fishwick, 6, Tarleton street
Hanwell Wm. (engine turner,) 10, St. Vincent st. East
Harris W m. (case gilder,) 8, Williamson st.
Helsby Thomas and Sons, 28, Vauxhall road
Hull Thos. (finisher,) 38, Ray st.
Jones Edw. 6, Highfield st.
Lee Nathaniel, 2, Ray st.
Lee Nicholson, 35, Ray st.
Maddock Edw 22, Ormond st.
O'Keeffe John, (engine turner,) 89, Gerard st.
Widdowson John, 17, Edmund street
Williams Hugh, (polisher,) 20, Johnson st.
Windus John, 6, Limekiln lane


Bastable and Whitham, 5, Leigh street
Lovatt Wm. 57, Upr. Islington
Reeves Jas. 47, Sawney Pope st.


Ledger Thos. 63, Whitechapel
Robinson Susanna, (patent and lunette,) 24, School lane


Those marked thus * are Chronometer Makers.
Atkin Francis, (wholesale dlr.) 55, Lord st.
Atkin Robert, 13, Limekiln ln.
Barned Israel & Co. 2, Lord st.
Bennett Wm. 81, Christian st.
*Berry Arthur, 2, Great Nelson street, E.
Beesley Thos. 16, Lambert st.
Bickerstaffe Peter, 4, Hunter st.
Bickerstaffe Rt. 29, Circus st.
Bird Charles, 14, Limekiln In.
Blackmore Than. 25, Torbock at.
Blundell Thos. 26, Rupert st.
Bradshaw Wm, 4, Leigh st. u ne 9
Broadhurst Jas. 4,Trowbridge pL
Brown Jas. 62, Whitechapel
Brownbill John, 48, Prussia st.
Cawson Jas. 116, Park lane
Clark Wm. 66, TIthebarn st.
Cockshoot Wm. 35, Bridportst.
Coigley James, 57, Paradise at.
Coleman and Chapman, 60, Castle at.
Condliff Jas. (clock,) 5, Fraser street
Cornwall Jas. 6, Church lane
Cranage John, 19, Hunter st.
Cranage Joseph, 10, Horatio st.
Cranage Thos. 80, Upr. Islington
Critchey Rt. 7, Benn's gardens
Cumpsty Thomas, and Co. 60, Harrington st.
Curran Thos. 6, Hawke st.
Daniels H. and J. (patent lever,) 39, Castle st.
Dellesser Ellis, 48, Castle st.
Douglas Rt. 53, Ranelagh st.
Dutton John, 3, Temple ct.
Fairhurst John, 143, N. Scotland road
Fisher Richard, 11, James st.
Fogg John, 22, N. side Old dk.
Foster John, 15, Lawrence st.
Gleave John, 1, Hill st.' East
Greener and Co. (wood and brass clocks,) 34, Whitechapel
Hallows Jnthn. 36, Lionel st.
Harrison John, 60, Great Crosshall street
Heckle Atkinson, 73, Park In.
*Hendrick J. and P. 25, Church street
Hicks Charles, 43, Ray st.
Hill Rd. (clocks,) 52, Fontenot street
Hornby Gerard, 12, Princes' st.
Hornby Jas. 34, St. Paul's sq.
Hornby John, 19, Myrtle st.
Hornby John, 63, Oldhall st.
Homby Richard, 49, Pool lane
Hornby Rd. 43, N. Scotland rd.
Huguenin Aisne, 33, Lime st.
Hunter James, 75, Byrom st.
Isaacs Ralph, 35, Castle st.
*Jackson Abm. 58, Castle st.
*Johnson Joseph, 28, Church st.
*Kelly John, 97, Richmond row
Knowles Rt. 114, Whitechapel
*Lancaster Frs. 50, Brownlow hl.
Lea James, 9, Hart street
Lee John, 19, Whitechapel
Linton John, 4, L. Harrington st.
Litherland Davies, & Co. (patent lever,) 70, Church st.
Longsworth Pte. 7, St. John's In.
Massey Francis, 8, Warren st.
Mellor John, 13, Byrom st.
Mercer John, 2, Dickston st.
Mercer John, 9, Sir Thos'. txlgs.
Metcalf John, 5, Upr. Dawson st.
Moncas John, 14, Castle st.
Morris Geo. 24, Cropper at.
Nathan John, 4, Upr.Newington
Nathan Philip, 25, Castle st.
Nelson Gerard, 6, Sidney pl.
Nelson Thos. 3, Bevington bush
Newton Jph. l l and 12, Bath st.
Norris Henry, 55, Warren st.
Oldham Jph. 72, Highfield st.
Parr John, 121, Whitechapel
Patten Rt. 22, Gt. Crosshall st.
*Penlington John, 3, Parker st.
Pennington John, 17, Hart st.
Pennington Jph. 83, London rd.
PickfordJohn, 21, Mersey at.
Pierrepoint John, 54, Gt. Crosshall et.
Pinnington Thos. 10, Standish street
Rigby James, 29, Richmond row
Robinson Thos. B. 13, Webster street
Moscow Rt. 28, Lionel st.
Roskell R. and J. 13 and 14, Church st.
Rowland Henry, (repeating,) 2, Hatton garden
Samuel F. and Co. (patent lever) 36, Castle at.
Samuel Lewis, (patent lever,) 4a, Lord st.
Samuel, Louis, and Co, (patent lever,) 41, Castle at.
Samuel Moses, (lever,) 15, Cornwallis at.
Samuel, Simpson and Co. 31, Castle st
Seager John, I, Simpson st..
Taylor Wm. T. 6, Redcross at.
Tobias. M. I. 22, Lord st.
Townley Thomas, and Son, 10, Gerard st.
Warburton John, 51, St. James' street
Ward Wm. H. 4, Hanover st.
Wardlaw Henry, 56, Line st.
Waugh Wm. 73, Lord st.
Weatherilt Samuel, sen. 73, Highfield st.
Wood John, 5, Church st.
Wood Wm. 15, Torbock st.
Yates and Hess, 13, Lord st.


Litherland Ann, 62, Brownlow hill


Bastable and Witham, 5, Leigh street
Evans Rt. 31, Sir Thomas' bdgs.
Polston and Woolnough, Warton court


Carloss Chas. 23,Sir Thos. bdgs.
Carloss Henry, 23, Leigh at.
Casson Wm. 13, Norris lane
Knowles Wm. Clayton lane
Lewis James, 21, Leigh at.
Saville Geo. 2, Church lane
Smith Thos. 13, Cumberland st.


Lyon John, 10, Peter st.


Blackburn Thos. 42, Bevington bush
Bold John, 9, Gerard st.
Bold Wm. 19, Gerard st.
Fitter Wm. 11, Gerard st.
Romer Thos. 20, Tarleton st.


Critchley Wm. 35, Ben Jonson street
Fenney W m. 35, Peter st.


Barrett Benj. 16, Robert et.
Calderbank Rd. 11, Highfield st.
Green Eliz. 59, Fleet st.
Grimshaw John, 39, Sir Thomas' buildings
Lancaster Hy. (& chronometer box mkr.) 46, Sir Thosh bdgs.
Pye John, Woodward ct. Crosshall street
Rushton Jas. 26, Copperas hill
Shaw Wm. 59, Crosshall at.
Smalley James, 51, Marybone
Taylor J. & S.14, Cooper's row
Whalley Wm. 1, Gibbon ct.
Whittaker Richd. 15, Bevington bush.


Hampton Hy. 78,Richmond mu
Harrow Ellen, 8, Fontenoy st.
Pinney Fees. 127, Whitechapel
Pritchard Jas. 34, Stanley st.


AIlwood Jas. 10, Shaw's brow
Anderton John, Evtn. village
Anderton John, 5. Oxford at.
Vauxhall road
Ashcroft Thos. 19, Bevington bush road
Buchanan Geo. 44, Leeds st.
Colebom Harry, 9,Righy st.
Dawson Robt. 4, Old ropery
Evans Mttw. 17, Kitchen st.
Gregson Rd, 2 yard, 1, Mount pleasant
Guy Wm. 67, Sawney Pope at.
Halliday Adw. 19, Maguire st.
Harper Joseph, 36A, Park lane
Hilton Peter, 10 and 11, Hatton garden
Hilton Wm. 7, Denison st.
Hahne Thos. 30, Great Nelson street, E.
Ivey John, (patent axle-tree make* 16, Cumberland st.
Knowles Peter, 1, Scholleid Ct.
Lea Thos. (patent axle tree mfr.) 61, Six Thomas' buildings
Lucas John, 4, Arley st.
Oliver John, Pudsey Et.
Pickard David, 64, Grafton st.
Richardson Peter, 2, Parliament street
Rigby Jas. 6, Roberts st.N.
Rimmer Henry, 17, Leeds st.
Roberts Moses, Park lane, and 48, Greenland st. -
Rustage Thos. Johnston Mace. Park road
Smith John, Everton village
Smith Thos. 5, Milk st.
Smith Wm. 2, Warwick st.
Sumner Rd. 54a, Greenland at.
Whittle Wm. 20, Parliament st.


Haddock John, 40B, London rd.
Watkin John, 6, Commutation row


Burdy Geo. and Co. (and paint,) 1, Hanover st.
Porter T. C. and Co. 53, Mersey st. and 22, Gt. Howard st.


Ascroft John, 72, Bridgewater street
Baxter Fms. I, Greenland st.
Campbell Wm. 20, Bevington bush road
ChandlerJohn, 7a, Shaw's brow
Chandler Jas. 34, Dale et-
Christopherson Edw.20, Wappg.
Cross Jas. jun. 93, St. James' st.
Antis James, 44, Leeds st.
Dewhurst and Clarke, 24, Paradise st. and 13, U. Pownall at.
I Edwards Benj. 11, Rainford gdn.
Edwards Rd. 27, Cleveland sq.
Ellison James, 18, Derby st.
Evans Henry, 28, London road
Fox Henry, 51, Copperas hill
Goode Robert, 3, Bolton street, Copperas hill
Green Charles, (locksmith,) 47, Tithebarn st.
Hewitt John, 3, Vauxhall road
Holgate John, 67, Church st.
Hollingsworth Thos. 135, New Scotland road
Holmes David, 38e, London rd.
Jones Hugh, 8, Eccles st.
Jones Thos. 40, Sawney Pope st.
Jones Wm. 50, Park lane
Kirk John, 3, Bachelor st.
Lawton Jas. 22, Stanley st.
Leyland Thos. 90, Brownlow hill
Matthews Thos. 11, Derby at.
Moore ThoS. 41, Seelathorton and Skerrat, 2, Preston street
Moss and Whalley, 70, Paradise street
Parkinson Chas. 104, Brownlow hill
Roberts Rt. 94, Fontenoy st.
Robinson Geo. 48, Dale st.
Rogers Rt. 44, Stanley st.
Steel Francis, 4, Wood at.
Stone Samuel, (and locksmith,) 30, St. James' st.
Talbot Wm. 3, Watkinson st.
Thompson James, 6, Dale st.
Wilde Rt. 20, Cleveland sq.
Williams Thos. 19, Upper Frederick at.
Wrigley Stephen, 22, School In.


Richardson Saml. 17, Leeds st.


Pinney Francis 127, Whitechpl.


*** Those marked
1 are Wine Merchants;
2 are Spirit Merchants;
3 are Wine sSpirit Merchants ;
4 Wholesale & Retail Spirit Dealers;
5 are Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Dealers.
4, 5, Abram Peter, 24, Union st.
3 Ackerley Saml. 16, College In.
1 Alanson & Brandreth, 20, Exchange buildings
2 Alanson John, & Co. L. Castle street
5 Allen Joshua, 48,John st.
2 Anderson & Garveu,40,BridgeWater st.
1 Armstrong David, 2, Tower garden
5 Ashbumer T. S. & Co. 24, E. side Salthouse dock
4 Backhouse Thos. 8, St. James' street
3 Ball Thos. 34 Is 36, Cleveland square
4 Bancroft Edw. 11, King st.
3 Bennett Is Burd, 6, Lwr.Castle street
4 Blezard Jas. 39, Parliament st.
2 Boardman G. & W. 37, Water street
1 Boardman J. & F. 3,Tithebarn street
1 Brereton & Newsham,46, Norfolk at.
2 Brocklebank Wm. 1, St. Vincent st. E.
4 Brown Thos. 40, Tithebarn st. 1
1 Brown Thos. 60, Strand at.
2 Brown Thos. 15, Tempest hey
4 Brown Wm. 5, New quay
2 Buckley John, 26, Leigh st.
1 Bullen Hugh, & Co. 6, James Street
2 Capper M ttw. 37, Atherton st.
I Cargey Rt. & Co. 2, Salthouse lane
1 Clough & Steers, 6, Exchg. ct.
Copeland Geo. (free vintner) 73, Paradise st.
2 Copeland Thos. & Henry, 78, Marybone
3 Crane Dorothy, I. Mitchell p1.
2 Craven" John, 4, Sir Thomas' buildings
1 Craven Leonard, French bdgs.
2 Craven Rt. 75, Cable st.
3 Crosbie Is Chetwode, 74, Seel street
3 Crump & Waln,21, Fenwickst.
3 Currie Hugh, 12, King st.
2 Curry Jas. 37, Dale st.
3 Davies Jas. 22, Cook st.
1 Davis John, 26, Argyle st.
1 Dawson & Sutton, 6, Exchg. s+ W.
3 Dixon Wm. jun. Druid court
4 Edmondson John, 107, Tithebarn st.
5 Edwards Thos. 84, Tithebarn street
3 Fernyhough Rd. 24, King st.
3 Fisher & Robinson, 72, S. side Old dock
4 Fogg Sand. 53, St. James' St.
1 Forsyth Wm. G. 3, Union c'. Castle st.
1 Fox John, 6, Molyneux place
3 Gardner Is Harding, 1, Trafford lane
1 Gilmour Thos. P. & Co. 12, Goree piazzas
1 Golightly Rd. 1, Fenwick st.
5 Gosling Jph. & Co. 2, Vauxhall road
1 Graham Wm. 4, Campbell st. Duke st.
1 Greaves Is Prescott, 8,Harrington st.
3 Hadfield Chas. 4, Marshall st.
5 Harding Edw. 43,Gt. Crosshall street
1 Hatton Thos. 1, Houghton st.
1 Hayes Mattw. 25, L. Castle st.
3 Henderson & Eckersley, Commercial bdgs.
3 Henshaw Saml. 35, Redcross st.
1 Higson Wm.71, S. side Old dk.
1 Holden & Howard, 65, Church street
3 Hope Peter, & Co. 18, Upper Frederick st.
4 Hyams John P. 30, Cleveland square, and 11, Seddon st.
1 Jackson Wm. & Co. 13, Leigh street
3 Jones and Owen, 56, Harrington st.
5 Kaye John A. 27, Chapel at.
2 Knipe Sarni. 16, Brownlow hill
3 Knowles John, jun. 52, John st.
3 Knowles and Proctor, 6, Slater st. and 46, Fleet st.
3 Lake Wm. 38, Henryst.
3 Langton Rd. 3, Rumford at
1 Ledson Rt. 26, Henry st.
3 Leicester Oswald, and Co. 52, Hanover st.
4 Lenox Geo. 23, Parr st.
3 Lewin and Lassell, 60, church street
5 Leyland Ralph, 6,11oughton st.
1 Lloyd Rt. 65, Strand st.
1 Lockett John, 42, E. end Old dock, and 24, Hanover st.
1 Lonsdale Rd. 1, Slater st.
1 Lucas Henry, 10, King st.
5 M' Minn Geo.13,E.side Dry dk
2 Meacock Edw. 6a, Pitt st.
5 Mellor John, and Co. 63, Dale street
1 Moore & Topham, Bank bdgs.
13 Morris, Carter,& Smith, Slater et. Castle st.
1 Mulleneux Hugh, 83, W. end Old dock
4 Murthwaite Thos. 53,Marybn.
1 Nairn Adw. 19, Hanover st.
2 Orme & Harrison, 52, Hunter street
2 Ormerod John, and Sons, 11, Wapping
2 Paget and Walker, 38, Brunswick st.
5 Peacopp Thos. A. 7, Paradise st.
2 Pearson F. and Co. 21, Upper Parliament st.
5 Peck Jas. 30, Williamson st.
4 Pemberton & Williams, 62, Gt. Crosshaiist.
2 Petty Jas. 60, N. Scotland rd.
1 Powys Brothers, 9, Parker st.
3 Preston Rt. and Co. 7, 8, Is 9, Vernon st.
3 Queen Chas. & Co. 156, Park lane
Raynes Michael, (Dantzic black beer) 47, Grafton st.
2 Richmond Rt. 3. Castle ditch
1 Rigmaiden Edw. 83, Dale st.
3 Rigmaiden Ilenry,l I, Cable et.
2 Rimmer John & Wm. and Co. 10, E. side Dry dock
5 Roberts Rice, 182, Dale st.
2 Robinson Thos. R. 34, Hatton garden
5 Rowlandson Thos.15, Hood st.
3 Salisbury Saml. 27, Cook st.
2 Slinger John, 1, Duke st.
1 Smith John, & Co. 3, Bird st. and 67, Strand st.
1 Smith Wm. A. 13, Duke st.
5 Storey Thos. & Co. 11, Williamson square
4 Stubs Thos. 52, Copperas hill
1 Symonds Saml. F.15, L. Castle street
5 Taylor Thos. Bridgewater st.
3 Tillie Wm 5 & 73, Cable st.
5 Tinsley Geo.25, London road
5 Tyrer Henry,53, Brownlow hl.
3 Tyrer, Hodgson, & Co. 53, King st.
4 Walton Wm. 5,Upr.Dawson st.
4 Williamson Jas. 36, Salthouse dock
1 Williamson Rt.62, Hanover st.
3 Winstanley Jas. 17, Henry st.
1 Woodhouse J. & S. & W. 16A, Henry street
1 Woodward & Son, Fenwick st. & St. George's market
1 Wright Geo. 37, Fazakerley st.
4 Wright Mary, & Co. 31, North side Old dock


*** Those marked thus * are Wire Drawers.
*Edelsten SamL & Co. 87, Highfield st.
*Edelsten Wm. & Co. 71, Sparling st.
*Green Eliz. (pinion and round steel wire) 59, Fleet st.
*Houldgrave Wm. 2, Park rd.
Minshull Wm. 150, Dale st.
Smart John, 68, Whitechapel


Boothman Benj. 64, Oldhall st.
Bourne R. & Co. 45, Lord st.
Brooks John, 32, Richmond row
Buckley Thos. & Co. (& blanket merchant) 33, Paradise st.
Cooper Rd. 19, Concert st.
Hoyle Thos. (flannel & baize) 8, Castle ditch.
Knowles L. I'. (carpets & blankets) 1 & 2, Lord st.
Miller Geo. (W. of England) 29, Lower Castle st.
Nickols Saml. & Co. 32, W ster st.
Taylor John, 24, Basnett st.
Wright Geo. (& stuff warehouse) 10, Whitechapel


*** See also Linen and Woollen Drapers.
Antrobus Jas. & Son, 21, Castle street
Brooks DanL 39, Richmond row
Brown Jas. B. 54, Church st.
Buckley Jas. 41, Richmond fair
Dawbarn & Ban:ett, 18, Byrom st.
Dexter Stephen, 86, Dale st.
Dodd Wm. 14, St. Paul's square
Gibson Thos. 16, St. James' st.
Haigh Jph. 17, Richmond fair
Hargreaves John, 3, Brunswick Street
Heap Saml. 14, Richmond fair
Hislop Rt. (wholesale) 115, New Scotland road
Hudson Geo. 4, N. side Old dock gates
Hudson Hargreaves, 18, Red cross st.
Kaye Joseph, 39, Union st.
Kemp John, 29, Pool lane
Knowles Lionel P. 102, Lord st.
Lynch Patk. 29, E. side Salt. dk.
M'Corquodale Hugh,14, Bold st.
Meanley Jonathan, 52, Cable st.
Moorhouse John, 20, Richmond fair
Nickols Sand. & Co. 32, Weter st.
O'Hara Thos. 27, Richmond fair
Peaviour John, 61, Paradise st.
Richardson David, 71, Byrom st.
Schofield Joseph, 1, Hanover st.
Swainson& Graham, hi, Castle street
Thornley Wm. 4, Lord st.
Watson & M'Donald, 27, Pool lane
Welch Rd. 25, BrIdport st.
Wilkinson & Cartmell, 8, Pool lane
Wright, Brothers, & Co. 21, Poo1 lane
Wright & Dod, 57, Castle st.
Wright John, 71, Church st.


*** See Brokers—Wool.


Evans Edw. 25, King st.
Fairweather Ellen, (fancy) 2, Cases st.
Widdowson Thos. 7, Edgar st.

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