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1824 Baines Liverpool Name Directory, P thru Z. Right here.

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1824 Baines Liverpool Name Directory, P thru Z. Right here.

Posted: 1119579511000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1153316119000
Pacey Joseph, butcher, 29, St.. John's market; h. 19, Shaw's brow
Pacey Thomas, butcher, 11, St. John's market; h. 49, Shaw's brow
Padley Charles, joiner, 54, Greenland st. ; h. 6, Parliament st.
Padley John, joiner, 19, Clayton st.
Padley Thomas, joiner & cabinet maker, 8, Union st. ; h. 30, Frederick st. St. James'
Padmer Margt. gentwn. 53, Upper Islington
Padmore John, boot & shoemaker, 15, Mount pleasant
Page Mrs. A. gentwn. 108, St. James' st.
Page Bridget, boarding house, 40, Pitt Ft.
Page Ellen, vict. Letters, 4, Roscoe st.
Page Henry, tide waiter, 16, Spitalflelds
Page John, joiner & furniture broker, 17, Bath st.
Page Luke, wood turner & furniture broker, 61, Stanley st.
Page Thomas, clerk, 26, Clarence st. Mount pleasant
Page Wm. vict. Bird in Hand, 28, Bevington hill
Paget John, spirit merchant; h. 16, Upper Newington
Paget John, trunk maker, 29, Rupert st.
Paget & Walker, importers and dealers in foreign and British spirits, 38, Brunswick st.
Pain Eliza, dress maker, 44, Sparling st.
Pain John, 44, Sparling st.
Painter Ann, vict. King's Head, 3, Leigh st.
Paisley Elizabeth, ladies' boarding school, 1, Church st. Everton
Paiva Joseph, gent. 6, Collingwood st.
Palethorpe Abm. bookkeeper, 17, Greek st.
Patin Thos. cheesemonger, 51, St. John's market; h. Mary Ann court, Standish st.
Palmer Henry Jones, surgeon, 6, Church alley ; h. Beech house, Toxteth park
Palmer James & Son, dancing masters, 15, Nelson st. St. James' and 9, King st. Soho
Palmer John Barton, dancing master, 9, King st. Soho
Palmer Thomas, vict. Swedish Flag, 81, W. end Old dock
Palmer Thos. gent. 10, Basnett st.
Palmer Wm. bookkeeper, 31, Rupert st.
Pantridge Isaac, hamper maker, 32, N. side Old dock, and green grocer, 6, Forrest st.
Pardy Stephen, vict. Spread Eagle, 74, Hanover street, and 37, Argyle street
Paris Nltholaa Jerome, dancing master, 1, Pilgrim st. ; h. 3, Hardman st.
Park Henry, surgeon, 18, Newington bridge; h. Belle vue, Wavertree
Park John, agent to the Royal Exchange Assurance Co. 1, Exchange court; h. 45, Duke st. Hanover street
Park John & Co. brokers, 1, Exchange court
Park John, clerk in customs, Hill st. South
Park Mary, grocer and flour dealer, 6, Brownlow hill
Park Sarah, gentwn. 23, Seymour st.
Park Thos. clerk in customs, Minshull st. Paddington
Parke & Halls, West India merchts. 45, Pool In.
Parke Jas. chemist & druggist, 18, Ranelagh st. and 23; Slater at ; h. 1, Deane st.
Parke Tamer, vict. Burton Coffee House, 48, Hanover st.
Parke Thos. tea dealer, 91, Copperas hill
Parke Wm. merchant; h. firrfeld lodge, Wert Derby
Parker Benj. boot & shoemkr. 47, Banastre st.
Parker Charles, gentleman, 67, Lime street
Parker Edward A. coal agent, 6, Canal basin; h. 3, Bold place
Parker Elizabeth, vict. Theatre Tavern, 8, Murray street
Parker Eliz. smallware dealer, 8, Bridport st.
Parker Geo. & Jas. porter brewers, I, Rose hill
Parker James, glass engraver, 76, Park lane
Parker James, brewer ; h. 2, Rose hill
Parker James, shopkeeper, 7, North street
Parker Jeremiah, shoemaker, 2, Poplar lane
Parker John, cabinet maker. 14, Derby street, Whitechapel
Parker John, hair dresser, &c. 4, Copperas hill
Parker Joseph, vict. Coach & Horses, Low hill
Parker Ralph, flour dealer, & cart owner, 33, Stanley street
Parker Rd. grocer & tea dlr. 49, Ranelagh st.
Parker Robert Burton, pocketbook maker, 18, Prussia street
Parker Rt. lodging house, 8, Hackin's hey
Parker Thomas, vict. & ship broker, Holywell Tavern, 15, James' street
Parker Wm. gentleman, 18, Pembroke place
Parker Wm. officer in excise, 18, Frederick st. St. James'
Parker Wm. linen draper, Wavertree
Parkes Mrs. Mary, 9, Great Nelson street, East
Parkes Saml. copper mercht. ; h. 21, Rodney st.
Parkin Esther, boarding house, 4, St. Vincent street, St. James'
Parkinson Ann, butcher, 46, St. John's market ; h. 12, Ray street
Parkinson Ann, boarding house, 54, Bold st.
Parkinson Chas. whitesmith, 104, Brownlow hill
Parkinson Mrs. E. A. 33, Rupert street
Parkinson John, grocer & tea dealer 17, Whitechapel
Parkinson John, bookpr. 63, Gildart's gardens
Parkinson John, wood turner, 4, Wood st.
Parkinson John, butcher, 35, St. John's market ; h. 47, Lumber street
Parkinson Joseph, vict. Letters, 19, Simpson st.
Parkinson Martin, blacksmith, 4, Gt. Howard street; h. 4, Chisenhale street
Parkinson Rd. flour dealer, 11, Crosshall st.
Parkinson Robert, attorney, I, Lord ct. Lord st.
Parkinson Robert, tailor, 7, Richmond street
Parkinson Robert, cabinet maker, and wood turner, 3, Bolton st. Copperas hill ; h. 24, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Parkinson Thomas, linen & woollen draper, & clerk of St. Mark's, 3, Jamieson st.
Parkinson Timothy, constable, 68, Crosshall street
Parkinson Wm. cabinet maker, & wood tur„w„ 14, Straw's brow; h. 5, Seymour street
Parnell Joseph, blacksmith, 29, Bridport st.
Parr Catharine and Mary, haberdashers, and tea dealers, 55, Duke street, Hanover st.
Parr Edw. attorney; h. 1, South Hunter street
Parr Edward, house, &c. painter ; house, 20, Whitechapel
Parr George, shoemaker, 39, Trueman street
Parr Hannah, shopkeeper, 48, Cavendish st.
Parr James, flour dealer; h. 50, Scotland road
Parr James, vict. Rose & Crown, 25, Bath st.
Parr John Hamilton, attorney ; h. 1, South Hunter street
Parr John, surgeon, 9, Hunter st.
Parr John, shoemaker, 6, Skelhorne street
Parr John, watch & clock maker, 121, & hosier, 120, Whitechapel
Parr Joseph, flour dealer, 22, Upper Milk st. & 69, Leeds street
Parr Joseph, flour dealer, 39, Preston street
Parr Margaret, gentwn. 31, Christian street
Parr & Mercer, flour dealers, 50, Scotland road
Parr Nathaniel, cooper & stave dealer, 4, h. 58, Bridgewater street
Parr & Oglethorpe, linen & woollen drapers, 4 & 5, haberdashers & hosiers, 79, Pitt st.
Parr Richard, draper ; h. 79, Pitt street
Parr Richard, gentleman, 4, Bevington bush
Parr & Son, attornies & notaries, 34, Drury In.
Parr Thos. & Edw. house, sign and furniture painters, 44, Lime street
Parr Thomas, painter; h. 54, Gloucester street, Lime street
Parr Thomas, broker; h. Fir grove
Parr W m. bookkeeper, 47, Prussia street
Parr Wm. gentleman, 73, Mill street
Parr Wen. stay & corset maker, 20, Whitechapel
Parrall John, shoemaker, Parr st. Ogden weint
Parrock John, tea dealer, 9, New Scotland mad
Parrott Jane, straw hat mfr. 16, Gore street
Parry Ann, cart owner, 41, Peter street
Parry Catharine, boarding house, 46, Wood st.
Parry David, wholesale grocer; h. 9, Williamson square
Parry Edw. coal dealer ; h. 29, Upper Milk at
Parry Edw. grocer, 40. Matthew street ; in. 1, Cazneau street
Parry Edw. boot & shoemaker, 41. Lime street
Parry Eliz. straw hat mfr. 50, Vernon street
Parry Ellen, ladies' boarding school, 66, Mount pleasant
Parry Henry, slater, &c. 4, Vauxhall road
Parry Henry, joiner & cabinet maker, 7, Derby st. Whitechapel; h. 40, Cumberland st.
Parry Hugh, boot & shoemaker, 12, Chorley st.
Parry Rev. James, boarding school, 5, Irvine st.
Parry Jane, vict. Hope & Anchor, 54, South side Old dock
Parry John, gentleman, 2, Gildart street
Parry John, tide waiter in customs, 16, Dwerryhouse street
Parry John, locker in customs, 27, Prince William street
Parry John, vict. Cossack Tavern, 2, Marybone
Parry John, joiner, 8, Hood st.; h. 2, Bridport street
Parry Joseph, vict. North Wales Tavern, 9, Lancelot's hey
Parry Joseph, W. bookkeeper, Church street, Birkenhead
Parry & Lloyd, coal dealers, 2, Pickop street
Parry Mary, vict. Pilot Boat, 26, Fasakerley st.
Parry Richard, superintendent of the coal gae works, 27, Great Nelson street, East
Parry Richard Lewis, shopman, 67, Circus st.
Parry Robert, vict. St. George's Tavern, &livery stable keeper, Church street, Everton
Parry Samuel, commercial traveller, 10, Norbury street
Parry Mrs. Sarah, 41, Pitt street
Parry Susanna, shopkeeper, Hill street, South
Parry Thos. Hotel & Ferryhouse, Seaco»sbe
Parry William, 41, Lime street
Parry William, pilot, Speilow place, Union street
Parry Wm. slater & plasterer, 7, Cow lane
Parry William, shoemaker, 2, Fleming court, North street
Parry Wm, flour dlr., 27 & 28, Hackin's hey
Parry Wm. brazier & tanner, 24, London road; h. 1, Wilde street
Parry Wm. boot & shoe maker, 5, High street, Edge hill
Parry Wm. furnishing ironmonger, 41, Church street : h. 26, Renshaw street
Parsley Thomas, vict. Coach and Horses, 159, Dale street
Parson John, gentleman, 10, Brunswick place
Parsonage John, baker, 18, Vernon street
Parsons George, timber merchant, 31, Stanhope street ; h. 20, Duncan street
Partington John, jun. flour dealer and grocer, 69, New Scotland road
Partington John, corn miller, 41, Limekiln lane
Partington Joseph, warehouseman, 14, Leeds street
Partington Ralph, corn miller, Bevington place
Partington Sarah, vict. Fox & Grapes, 13, Ray street
Parton Joseph, broker; h. Mount pleasant
Parton John, overlooker, Porter street, Great Howard street
Partridge Esther, matron to the Orphan Society, 30, St. Paul's square
Partridge Jane, vict. Cumberland Tavern, 8, Jervis street
Pasker John, hair dresser, &c. 4, Copperas hill
Pass Wm. preserver of birds and beasts, 55, Standish street
Passeray Alexander, artificial florist, 114, New Scotland road
Patchet Sarah, gentlewoman, 35, Warren st.
Patchett John, agent to Liverpool & Manchester Union Co. carriers, Robinson's wharf, W. aide King's dock; h. 59, Upper Pitt st.
Patefleld Miss, milliner and dress maker, 21, Roscoe street
Paterson Christopher, bide merchant, 32, Argyle st. ; h. 57, Byrom st.
Paterson John, attorney, 2, Lower Castle st. ; h. Holt hill, Tranmere
Paterson Wm. painter & glazier, 22, Vauxhall road
Paton David, ate and porter brewer; h. 27, Mill street
Paton John, brewer ; h. 27, Mill street
Patrick Ann, gun maker, 44 & 45, Strand st.
Patrick Maria, fancy needle worker, 53, Limekiln lane
Patrickson Margaret, straw bonnet maker, 2, Albion court
Patten Edward, landing waiter, 8, Pembroke gardens
Patten Elizabeth, boarding house, 15, Moor st.
Patterson Andrew Todd, corn & provision merchant, 4, Doran lane; is. 7, Vernon place
Patterson George, 9, Maguire st.
Patterson & Steel, cut glass manufacturers, 5, Bold st. ; manufactory, 41, Fleet st.
Pattinson John, currier, 2, Argyle st. ; h. 10, Westmoreland place
Pattinson John & Co. merchants, 27, Drury lane
Pattinson John; h. Andeld cottage
Pattinson John, classical & commercial academy, corner of Craven st.; h. 81, Upr. Islington
Pattinson Thomas, cooper, 71, Blundell st.
Pattinson Wm. cooper, 17, Sydney st. St. James'
Pattison Andrew, classical & mathematical school, 32, Clare st.
PattisonEleanor, gentlewoman, 6, Devonshire place, Everton
Pattison James, pilot, 17, Earle st.
Pattison John, gent. 79, Upper Islington
Patton Anthony, warehouseman, 2, Back Colquitt street
Patton Eliz. vict. Letters, 11, Commutation row
Patton Esther, dress maker, 24, Fleet st.
Patton Robert, watch maker, 22, Great Crosshall street
Paul Eliz. vict. White Hart, 9, Moor st.
Paul John, gentleman, 14, Paul st.
Paulden Wm. bookkeeper, 5, Summer seat
Pawson Samuel, portrait & miniature painter, 5, Commutation row
Payne Charlotte, dress maker, 73, Vauxhall road
Payne Hannah, plumber, glazier, & painter, 52, South side Old dock ; h. 21, Cornwallis street
Payne John, plumber & glazier, 150, Park lane; h. Upper Parliament st.
Payne Mrs. Mary, 11, Trowbridge st.
Payne Richard, agent, 7, Moore place
Payne Wm. vict. Letters, 9, Waterloo road
Peacock Mrs. Barbara, 53, Copperas hill
Peacock John, attorney, 8, Statham's buildings, Lord street; h. 35, Seymour street
Peacock Robert, wood & ivory turner, 25, Fleet st.; h. Berry st.
Peacock Sarah, gentlewoman, 3, Trinity place, King street, Soho
Peacock Thomas, cow keeper, 6, Phythian st.
Peacopp Thomas Ambrose, wine, spirit, & porter merchant, 7, Paradise st.
Peake James, bookkeeper, 18, Limekiln lane
Peake Thomas, agent to the London Genuine Tea Company, (23, Ludgate hill) 133, London road
Pearce Samuel, bookkeeper, 3, Leander st.
Pearson Allan, gentlewoman, 103, Duke street, Hanover street
Pearson Fletcher & Co. ale & porter brewers, & spirit merchants, 21, Upper Parliament st.
Pearson Fletcher, brewer; house, 10, St. James' road
Pearson George, warehouseman, 20. Chanel lane, Brownlow hill
Pearson James vict. Duke's Tavern, & agent to woollen cloth mfrs. 3, Duke's place
Pearson James, bookkeeper, 6, Newington row
Pearson Jas. cow keeper, 15,Sydney st. St.J mes'
Pearson John, innkeeper, Feathers Hotel, 1, Clayton square
Pearson John, joiner, Devonshire place, Everton
Pearson Logan & Co. anchor & shipsmiths & ironmongers, 7, Cornhill, & 22, Bath st.
Pearson Peter, merchant, 22, Parr street; h. 1, Brownlow hill
Pearson Ralph, anchorsmith, &c. ; h. 100, Duke street, Hanover street
Pearson Ralph, mariner, 64, Bridgewater st.
Pearson Rt. flour dealer & grocer, 1, Knight st.
Pearson Thomas, yeoman, Lark lane
Pearson Thomas, millwright, Mitchell place; h. 7, Great Charlotte street
Pearson Thomas, cow keeper, 1, Morgan st.
Pearson Thomas, shopkeeper, 29, Baptist st.
Pearson Thomas, furniture broker, 25, Stanley street
Pearson Wm. joiner & builder, Wavertree
Peasley Ellz. shopkeeper, 38, Crosbie street
Peaviour John, woollen draper, 61, Paradisest. ; h. 12, Stafford street
Peck Elisha, merchant; h. 33, Kensington
Peck & Aspinall, wine, spirit, & porter merchts. 30, Williamson street
Peck James, spirit merchant; h. 4, Soho st.
Peck & Phelps, merchants, 21. Brunswick st.
Peck Samuel, merchant, 8, Exchange buildings ; h. 44, Upper Islington
Peck Watson, linen draper, 51 & 52, Ranelagh street
Pedder James, vict. Highlander, 23, Pownall sq.
Pedder John, blacksmith; h. Harlow's court, Rigby street
Pedley James, whitesmith, 28, SImpson st. ; h. 20, Gore street
Peel Peter, shopkeeper, 50, Henry Edward st.
Peeling John, chemist & druggist, 22, Scotland road
Peers John, corn merchant; h. 24, Pembroke place
Peers John, cotton broker, 3, Rumford st.; h. 5, Duke street, Edge hill
Peers Martha, gentlewoman, 59, Christian st.
Peers Thomas, cotton broker; Is. Everton valley
Peers Wm. cotton broker ; h. 6, Pembroke place
Peers Wm. 19, Lumber street
Peers William, master porter, 17, Great Nelson street, North
Peers Wm. & Sons, cotton brokers, 16, Exchange buildings
Peet and Bonsai, timber merchants, 35, Norfolk street
Peet Ellen, tea dealer, 33, Gore st.
Peet John, timber merchant ; h. 12, Lime st.
Peet Wm. bookkeeper, 12, Lime st.
Peet Wm. bookkeeper, 2, Hill st. Mort:
Pegram Thomas, vict. Letters, & spirit mercht. 69, Byrom street
Pegg Joseph, flour dealer, 15, Lower Harrington street
PeiJ Wm. tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 17, Castle ditch ; h. 40, Bachelor st.
pemberton James, mariner, 41, Stanhope st.
Pemberton John, gent. 58, Upper Pitt street
Pemberton John, grocer & flour dealer, 20, Henry Edward st.
Pemberton John, spirit dealer, 63, Great Crosshall street
Pemberton John Holland, Esq. 4, Queen square
Pemberton Joseph, shoemaker, Wallasea
Pemberton Mary Ann, milliner & dress maker, 8, Byrom st.
Pemberton Richard, corn miller, 19, Great Howard street
Pemberton Samuel, gentleman, 34, Brunswick road
Pemberton Thomas, block & pump maker, dealer in hosiery goods & amallwares, 115, Park lane
Pemberton Thos. P. chain cable manufacturer, &c. ; h. 9, Alfred street
Pemberton& Williams, spirit dealers, 62, Great Crosshall street
Pemberton Wm. marine store dealer, 63, Plumbe street; h. 23, Brunswick st.
Pemberton Wm. ship broker, &c. ; h. 73, Norfolk street
Pemberton Wm. jun. ship broker, &ce h. 4, Epworth street
Pemberton Wm. & Son, ship brokers & agents, to London traders, 3, Mersey st.
Pendleton Eliz. vict. Tradesman's Tavern, 46, Peter street
Pendleton Esther & Mary, smallware dealers, 43, Sawney Pope street
Pendleton George, hair dresser, 8, Chorley court
Pendleton John, corn miller, Tranmere
Pendleton Samuel, joiner, Hyde park, Park road
Penington Henry, attorney, 12, Church alley; Is. 13, Wavertree road
Penington John, attorney & notary, 20, Fenwick street; h. 16, Horatio st.
Penington Wm. Robert, accountant, 6, Union court, Castle street ; house, Wavertree road
Peniston Ann, victualler, Letters, 49, Prussia street
Penkett John, gent. Seabank
Penkett Maria, milliner & dress maker, 24, Tarleton street
Penkett Wm. gentleman, Seabank
Penlington John, watch & chronometer maker, 3, Parker st.; h. 1, Rose vale, Everton
Penn Ann, gentlewoman, 9, Moore place
Penn James, mariner, Hill street, South
Penn John, painter, Park road, Toxteth park
Penn Joseph, innkeeper, Crown Inn, 35, Redcross street
Penn Oliver, coach guard, Langhom place, Clayton street
Penn Samuel, overlooker, 34, Stanhope st.
Pennant Hugh, joiner, Magazines
Pennant John, butcher, 26, St. John's market; Is. 18, Ryley's gardens
Pennington Dorothy, gentlewoman, 10, Strickland st. Everton
Pennington John, joiner, 2, Leigh st.
Pennington John, watch maker, 17, Hart st.
Pennington John, vict. Letters, 5, Corfes buildings, & butter & cheese dealer, 82, St. John's market.
Pennington John, drawing master & landscape painter, 4, Everton terrace
Pennington Joseph, watch maker, 83, London rd.
Pennington Margaret, gentlewoman, 4, Birkett street
Pennington Sarah, vict. Grapes, 14, Cockspur st.
Pennington Seth, gent. 5, Everton terrace
Penny Eliz. gentlewoman, Mount Vernon
Penny Fanny, 4, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Penny James S. merchant, 13, Goree pla"ec ; h. Pembroke road
Penrice Joseph, boarding house, 57, Park lane
Penswick Rev. Thomas, 37, Russel st.
Pepit John, furniture broker, 11, Dickinson st.
Percey Edward, blacksmith, Wallasea
Percival & Parton,. brokers, 9, Union court, Castle street
Percival Stanley, agent to the Bristol Copper Company, 9, Union court, Castle street ; h. Thomas lane, West Derby
Perkins Edward, varnish manufacturer, 53, Gt. Crosshall street
Perkins John, vict. Grapes, & spirit merchant, 2, Redcross street
Perkins Thomas M. gent. Devonshire place, Everton
Perkins Thomas, cabinet maker, Hughes' court, Johnson street
Perkins Wm. bookkeeper, 14, Roscoe lane
Perrey Richard, Esq. Holt hill, Tranmere
Perrey Wm. vice Crown, 36, East end Old dock
Perm, Geddes, & Co. glass manufacturers, 11, Water street, & 1, Chorley st.; works, Bank quay, Warrington
Perrin James, commission merchant & forwarding agent, Drury lane ; house, 49, Upper Islington
Perris Richard, basket maker, 12, Hood st.; Is, 2, Dyer's court, Cable st.
Perry Ann Jane, pawn broker, 1, Hawke st.
Perry Edward, furniture broker & joiner, 41, Stanley street
Perry George, butcher, 7, St. John's market ; is. 6, Tempest hey
Perry John, tea dealer, 7, Cooper st.
Perry John, marine store dealer, 2, Stephen's lane ; h. 6, Tyrer street, North
Perry Martha, gentlewoman, 33, Peter st.
Perry & Metcalf, letter press printers & bookbinders, Lord st. Chambers
Perry Richard, boat owner, 30, Fazakerley st.
Perry Richard, blacksmith, 25, Hatton garden
Perry Sarah, gentlewoman, 14, Horatio st.
Perry Sarah, boarding house, 106, St. James' st.
Perry Wm. hat mfr. 50, Sir Thomas' buildings
Perry Wm. jun. M.D. 55, Seel street; h. 7, Church st. verton
Perry Wm. surgeon & dentist, 55, Seel st.; Ir. 7, Church st. Everton
Perry Wm. flour dealer, 40, Great George st.
Perton Alexander, 7, Pepper street
Peters Sarah, milliner, 18, Dwerryhouse street
Peters Thomas, vict. Coffee house, Bootle
Peters Thos. rigger, 9, Webster st. Fontenoyat.
Petit John, quill, pen, & feather manufacturer, 44, Whitechapel
Petrie Captain Peter, R.N. 69, Mill st.
Petty & Cooper, coal merchants, 32, Naylor at & 210, Vauxhall road
Petty James, wholesale spirit dealer, & ale brewer, brewery, 4, Norris st.; h. 60, New Scotland road
Peyton Wm. baker & flour dealer, 24, Vauxhall road
Phelps Samuel, confectioner, 8, Castle street
Philip Rev. Robert, Independent minister, 13, Benson street
Philips Jane, haberdasher, 102, Whitechapel
Philles John, coach spring maker, 34, Circus st.
Phillips Ann, gentlewoman, 12, Myrtle st
Phillips Ann, ladies' seminary, 12, Mansfield st.
Phillips Catharine, gentlewoman, 27, Great Crosshall street
Phillips Catharine Leigh, gentlewoman, 2, Chatham street
Phillips David, mariner, 20, Chester st.
Phillips Elizabeth, gentlewoman, North street, Toxteth park
Phillips Elizabeth, butcher, 21, St. John's market, h. 19, Back Blake street
Phillips Elizabeth, cheese & butter dealer, 78, St. John's market ; h. 7, Shaw alley
Phillips Mrs. Isabella, 2, Upper Birkett st.
Phillips James, attorney, Commerce court, Lord st.; h. 2, Christian street
Phillips James, merchant; h. 2, Upper Birkett st.
Phillips James, brush maker, 12, Renshaw st
Phillips James, warehouseman, 3, Temple lane
Phillips Jane, gentlewoman, 2, Prospect st:
Phillips Jane, boarding house, 44, Brownlow hill
Phillips John L. chemist & druggist, 103, Pitt st.
Phillips Joseph, flour dealer 45, Mersey st
Phillips Lawrence, boot & shoemaker, 80 Byrom street
Phillips Nathaniel George, gentleman, 2, Chatham street
Phillips Samuel, general agent, 18, Stafford st.
Phillips Wm. marine store dealer, 7, Chaloner st.
Phillips Wm. mariner, 46, Copperas hill
Pheenix James F. librarian to the Lyceum Library ; h. Brownlow hill
Phythian Peter Webster, boot maker, & shoe warehouse, 65, Shaw's brow, & 1, Old haymarket
Phythian Thomas, warehouseman, 5, King st Pool lane
Pickance Daniel, 8, Hunter street
Pickavance Joseph, weighing machine, & grocer & flour dealer, 63, New Scotland road
Pickard David, blacksmith & wheelwright, 64, Grafton street
Pickard James, timber merchant, &c.; h. 5, Chesterfield st
Pickering Alice, boarding house, 11, Ward st.
Pickering Ann, boarding house, 34, Upper Pitt st.
Pickering Brothers, merchants, 14, Henry st.
Pickering John, coal dealer, 63, Copperas hill
Pickering John, corn & flour dealer, 6, Dansie st.; h. 21, St. Andrew st.
Pickering John, shopkeeper, 48, Adlington st.
Pickering Sarah, gentwn. 12, Clayton street
Pickering Wm. merchant, and Mecklenburg consul, 14, Henry st. ; Is. Derby breck
Pickford John, watch maker, 21, Mersey st.
Pickford Thomas & Matthew, and Co. carriers and wharfingers; wharf, Duke's dock yard, warehouse, 7, Harrington st.; (agent, Geo. Lawton)
Pickling Peter, butcher, Scotland place market ; h. 35, Addison at
Pickop Thomas, corn miller, 2, Love lane, North
Pickthall James, brewer, Wood street
Pickthall Wm. cabinet maker, 6, Brook's alley; h. 12, Sidney street
Pickton Emma, 2, Dryden street
Pickton Thomas, cow keeper, 87, Islington
Pickton Wm. timber merchant and auctioneer, 16, Leeds st. ; h. 3, Grosvenor st.
Pickup Thomas, house painter, Ryder court, 58, Renshaw street
Picton Emma & Ann, confectioners, 8, Byrom street
Picton Robert & Jacob, commercial & classical academy, 3, Hood st. ; h. 80, Richmond row
Piel Wm. shopkeeper, 21, Shaw hill street
Pierara Mary, 9, Mary Ann st. Brownlow hill
Pierce & Crosfield, tobacconists, 2, Castle st.
Pierce Elizabeth, straw hat maker, 4, Devonshire place, Clayton street
Pierce John, vict. Letters, 35, Old haymarket
Pierce John, tobacconist ; h. 3, Grenville street
Pierce Morgan P. brewer, 7, St. James' st
Pierce Samuel, linen & woollen draper, 186, Dale st and 16, Richmond st ; h. 83, St. James' street
Pierce Wm. Hygeian chop house, 37, Brunswick street
Pierpoint Ezekiel, butcher, 23,St. John's market, h. 13, Brownlow hill
Pierpoint John, shopkpr. 23, Back Bridport st.
Pierrepont John, vict Cheshire Tavern, & watch maker, 54, Great Crosshall st.
Pigan Wm. butcher, 6, Upper Harrington st.
Pigott Judith, gentlewoman, 5,Gloucester place, Low hill
Pike James, smallware dealer, 36, Whitechapel
Pike John, butcher, 30, St. John's market; h. Hunter street
Pike Mary, straw bonnet manufacturer, 36, Whitechapel
Pilcher J. W. foreign fruit merchant; h. 31, Seymour street
Pilkington Christopher, mariner, 9, Mill st.
Pilkington Geo. vict. Brewer's Arms, 5, Cunliffe street
Pilkington James, timber merchant; h. Upper Pitt street
Pilkington John, bricklayer, 40, Carruthers st.
Pilkington Mary, shopkeeper, 6, Addison st.
Pllkington & Walton, timber merchants, 38, Norfolk street
Pillfold & Rawson, West India merchants & ship owners, 67, Hanover st.
Pillfold Richard, merchant; h. 31, Renshaw st.
Pilling John, vict Lord Hill, 4, St. Andrew st.
Pilson Sir Richard, Woodside cottage
Pine Michael, vict. Letters, 10, Simpson st.
Pinkardton David, bricklayee, 93, Copperas hill
Pinkerton Allen, engineer, 1, Standish st.
Pinkham James, joiner & furniture broker, 53, Stanley street
Pinney Francis, window blind manufacturer, 127, Whitechapel; h. 34, Limekiln lane
pinnington John, vict. Punch Bowl, 34, Waterloo road
pinnington Thomas, auctioneer, &c. ; h. West Field House, West Derby
Pinnington Thomas, vict George III. monument, & watch & clock maker, -10, Standish street
pinnIngton Wm. painter & glazier, 8, Duncan street, East
pinnington Winifred, boarding & day school, 8, Duncan street, East
Pine Michael, vict Letters, 10, Simpson st.
Pitt Henry, grocer & tea dealer, 42, Byrom st.
Pitt John, confectioner, 11, Sawney Pope st.
Pitt Wm. lodging house, 4, Grenville st
Pix Wm. hop merchant, 1, Summer street
Place Thomas, rope maker, 67, Vauxhall road
Plain Wm. Fisher, 67, Norfolk st
Plaistow George, vict. & cooper, Letters, 9, Upper Dawson st.
Plaistow John, cooper, 20, Gradwell st.; h. 73, Seel street
Plant Thomas, grocer, 73, South side Old dock, & Darwin street
Plant Wm. Newby, inspector of the excise, 22, Nelson street, St. James'
Plasket John, cabinet maker, 10, Slater st.
Platt Edmund, organist to Church of the School for the Blind, Duncan street, East
Platt Henry, gardener, 22, Cavendish st.
Platt Jeremiah, warehouseman, 10, Greek st.
Platt John, vict. Wheat Sheaf, 19, Key st
Platt John, vict. Grapes, 26, Scotland road
Platt John, turpentine distiller & oil merchant, 40, Parliament st ; h. Hill st. South
Platt John Parry, tea dealer, 26, Castle st.
Platt Mary, vict Letters, 8, Charles street
Platt Peter, landing waiter, 67, Duke street, Hanover street
Playford Robert, schoolmaster, 7, High street, Edge hill
Pleasant Josiah, boat owner, 33, Norfolk st
Pledge Wm. gentleman, 82, Upper Islington
Plumb John, plumber, glazier, & painter, 28, Bevington bush
Plumb John, shopkeeper & plane maker, 36, Cumberland street
Plumpton James, gentleman, Smithdown lane Edge hill
Plunkett Christopher, custom house officer, 26, Bridgewater street
Plunkett Robt tobacco cutter, 13, Russel place
Polding Mrs. Mary, High street, Edge hill
Pole Charles, agent to the Sun Fire Office, 4, Exchange street, West ; h. 72, Duke street, Hanover street
Polston & Woolnough, watch dial makers, Warton court, Peter street
Pomfret James, flour & provision dealer, 2, Barton sleet, North
Pool John, cart owner, Brakehlll's court, Bachelor stre t
Poole Braithwaite, bookkeeper, 7, Rose place
Poole John, cooper, Henry street, & 9, Suffolk street; h. 18, Cornwallis street
Poole Joseph, ironmonger, 78, Hanover street, and 1, Price street
Poole Miss Mary, 7, Rose place
Poole R. & Co. coal merchants & carriers, Canal bridge; h. & coal yard, 12, Bispha,n st.
Poole Thomas, vict. Ben Jenson, 28, South end Dry dock
Poole Thomas, boot & shoemaker; h. 6, Gerard street
Pooley Henry, grate manufacturer; h. 23, Great Crosshall street
Pooley Henry & Co. grate mfrs. 80, Dale st.
Pooley Wm. commission merchant, 16, Water street; h. Russel street
Porter Henry, shopkeeper, 45, London road
Porter Jas. & Co. tea dealers, 40, Old haymarket
Porter James, gentleman, 5, Lumber st.
Porter John, hair dresser, 89, Dale st.
Porter John, grocer & flour dealer, 20, Circus street
Porter Letitia, boarding house, 44, New Scotland road
Porter Maria, commercial eating house, Market street
Porter Mary, gentlewoman, 8, Nile st.
Porter Mary, funeral furnisher, 22, Lydia Ann st.
Porter Ralph, gentleman, 62, Gerard st.
Porter Thomas, coal dealer, 2, Beck with street, & shopkeeper, 3, Wright st
Porter Thomas Colley, oil & colour manufacturer, 53, Mersey st. ; h. West Derby
Porter T. C. & Co. white lead manufacturers, 53, Mersey street ; works, 22, Great Howard street
Porter Wm. Field, ship owner & sail maker, 18, Salthouse dock piazzas, & 77, Sparling st. ; h. 59, Mill street
Porter Wm. vict. Grapes, & commercial eating house, 8, Wapping
Porter Wm. tea dealer ; h. 2, Nash grove
Porteus Bridget, boarding house, 21, St. Vincent street, St. James'
Porteus George, comedian & vict. Horse and Jockey, 29, Shaw's brow
Porteus Hannah, gentlewoman, 47, Upper Pitt st.
Postlethwaite Isabella, shopkeeper, 32, Charters street
Postlethwalte John, marine store dealer, 1, Herford lane
Postlethwaite Mary Ann & Dorah, ladies' boarding & day school, 58, St. Anne-st.
Postlethwaite Sarah, gentlewoman, 9, Brownlow hill
Postlethwalte Wm. coachman, 16, Eldon place
Potter Ann, gentlewoman, 32, Great George st.
Potter Catharine, gentlewoman, 55, Mersey st.
Potter Frances, gentlewoman, 21, Windsor, Upper Parliament st.
Potter Henry Ashcroft, Esq. Penkett hall, Smithdown lane
Postlethwaite Jane, gentlewoman, Netherfield lane, North
Potter John, bookkeeper, 8, St. Andrew an
Potter Misses, 6, Church street, lNvetton
Potter Wm. insurance broker,; is. 9, Netherfield lane, North
Potter Wm. vict Letters, house & sign painter; 7, Leece st.
Potts Henry Molyneux, gentleman, White Oak cottage, Wellington road
Potts John, vict. & mariner, Hope & Anchor, 1, Queen street, Oldhall st.
Potts Thomas, gentleman, 12, Sidney place, Edge hill
Potts Thomas, vict. Moseley Arms, 18, Sweeting street
Potts Wm. architect & builder, 227, Vauxhall road ; h. 10, Grosvenor st.
Potts Wm. boot & shoemaker, 1, St. Ann's
Poune Christopher, gent. 36, Pembroke place
Pountain George, warehouseman, 3, Brooks st.
Pountain John, vict. Blue Bell, 15, Milk st.
Pountney Wm. bookpr. 3, Prince William st
Povah Daniel, cabinet mkr. 12, Richmond row
Povia Richard, butcher, 2, Henry Edward street
Powell, Bell & Co. rope mkrs. & ship chandlers, 61, Wapping
Powell Frederick Thos. vict. Flintshire Tavern, 61, Greenland street
Powell Howell, slater & plasterer, 59, Addison st.
Powell Jabez, tailor, 13, Renshaw street
Powell Jas. boot and shoemaker, 83, Paradise st.
Powell James, bookkeeper, 36, St. James' place
Powell Jane, slate merchant, 5, Waterloo road ; h. 4, Virginia street
Powell John, engraver & copperplate printer, 4, Brunswick street
Powell John, gent. 83, New Scotland road
Powell John, flour dealer, 7 & 8, Prussia street
Powell Joseph, tobacco and snuff mfr. and horse dealer, 16, h. 14, Whitechapel
Powell Richard, cork cutter, 7, Cooper's row ; h. Breck lane
Powell Richard, gent. 18, Circus street
Powell Rt. mattress maker, 56, Trueman street
Powell Samuel, bookkeeper, 3, Dover st. Heath street, Hill street, South
Powell Sarah, shopkeeper, 60, Tithebarn street
Powell Thos. ship chandler, &c. ; h. 80, Mill st.
Powell William, bookkeeper, 23, Gerard street
Powell Wm. import officer in excise, 3, Colquitt street
Powell Wm. mariner, Tristram ct. Thomas' st.
Power John, shoemaker, 28, Vernon street
Power Richard, baker, confectioner, and tea dealer, 105, New Scotland road
Pownall James, merchant, Slater court, Castle street; h. Mount Vernon
Pownall William, bookkeeper, 13, Leander st.
Powys Brothers, wine merchant, 9, Parker st.
Powys John, wine mercht.; is. 2, Everton terrace
Pratchett, Booth & Co. ham curers and provision merchants, Old Fish market, 25, Moor st.
Pratchett John, provision merchant ; h. 33, Union street
Pratt Mrs. Alice, 40, Hunter street
Pratt Andrew, merchant, 15, Temple street; h. Low hill
Pratt Edw. ship chandler; is. 15, Stafford street
Pratt Pheebe, butcher, 47, St. John's market; h. 3, Caxton buildings, Copperas hill
Pratt William, rope maker and ship chandler, 3, Strand street; is. 20, Finch street
Prescot Ann, vict. Letters, 13, Plumbe street
Prescot Bartholomew, accountant, 14, Castle st.; is. 94, New Scotland road
Prescot Emma, butcher, 37, Great Crosshall st.
Prescot John, butcher, 2, Webster st. Fontenoy street
Prescott Henry, cart owner, 3, Brown place, Copperas hill
Prescott John, marble mason and shopkeeper, 6, Mansfield street
Prescott Thos. landing waiter, 15, King st. Soho
Prescott Wm. grocer & flour dlr. 74, Norfolk st.
Prest & Kaye, attornies, 6, Fenwick st. and 24, Lower Castle street
Prest John, attorney ; h. 10, Bold street
Preston Amelia, dress maker, 58, Crosshall st.
Preston Mary, vict Nag's Head, 24, Downe st.
Preston Misses, ladies' seminary, 25, Great George street
Preston R. W. & Co. ale and porter dealers, 4, Romily court
Preston Richard W heeler, broker & general agt. 4, Romilly court ; h. 8, Bold place
Preston Mrs. R. 64, Mount pleasant
Preston Robert, chemist and druggist, 49, Copperas hill
Preston Robert, jun. rectifier; is. 10, Colquitt st.
Preston Robert, rectifier; h. Bevington lodge, 82, New Scotland road
Preston Robert & Co. rectifiers, 7, Vernon street
Preston Wm. rectifier; is. 2, Birchfield
Preston Wm. Saul, baker, 12, Daulby street
Price Mrs. Ann & Miss E. 22, Seymour street
Price Ann grocer 30 Strand street
Price Ann, shopkeeper, 2, Worfield street
Price Catharine, sub-matron of the Female Penitentiary, 2, Crabtree lane
Price Edw. confectioner, 28, Wapping
Price Edw. shopkeeper, 12, Trueman street
Price Eli, furrier and smallware dealer, 24, Hunter street
Price Elizabeth, vict Edmund Street Tavern, 39, Edmund street
Price Ellen, grocer & flour dealer, 81, Dale st.
Price George, tide.waiter, 3, Surrey street
Price James William, general commercial agent, 5, Leeds street
Price John, rope maker, ship chandler & broker, 7, Duke's place ; is. 4, Colquitt street
Price John, nail maker ; h. 17, Ray street
Price John, saddler and bridle cutter, 14, Vernon street
Price John, painter & glazier,EloU hil,Trat,sere
Price John, shoemaker, 8, Dryden street
Price Jonathan, ironmonger, tinner and bander. 44, Ranelagh street
Price Rice, joiner, 22, Midghall street; is. 49. Adlington street
Price Richard, flour dealer, 85, Fontenoy street; h. Upper Beau street
Price Robert, nail maker; Is. 11, Maiden's green
Price Robert, cooper, Orange court, Castle st.; h. 35, Seymour street
Price Robert and John, blacksmiths and nail makers, 16, Leeds street
Price Samuel, vict. Windmill, 17, College lane
Price Sarah, dress & stay maker, 5, Copperas hill
Price Thomas, vict. & spirit dealer, Puncheon, 31, Strand street
Price Thos.confectioner&@haker,l5,Whitechapel
price Thomas, port ganger In excise, 21, Warren street
price Thomas. baker and flour dealer, 11, Cockspur street
Price William, M.D. 14, Colquit'street
Price William, shoemaker, 13, Mann street
Price William, cart owner, 45, Hurst street
Priestley Jane, gentlewoman, 2, Canteen street
Priestley John,'broker; h. 76, Upper Islington
Priestley John, chemist and druggist, 61, Whitechapel
priestman John, gent. 81, St. James' street
Prince Catharine, gentlewoman, Mount Vernon
Prince Christopher, gent. 36, Pembroke place
Princd Rev.J.Charles, M.A. curate of StThomes', and boarding and day school, 5, Brownlow street
Prince Richard, 19, Duncan street, East
Prince Robert, mariner, 10, Sefton street
Pringle & Co. merchants, 2, George's dock gates, North
Pringle Kenneth, merchant; is. Vernon hall, Edge hill
Pringle Thomas, baker, 41, Si, Andrew street
Printon Ellz. dress maker, 20, Ryley's gardens
Prior and Blackburn, boarding and day school, 37, Pembroke place
Prior Richard, schoolmaster; h. 37, Pembroke place
Prior Wm. pawnbroker, 30, Parliament street
Pritchard Edw. woollen & linen draper, &c. 39, East end Old dock ; Is. Beacon lane
Pritchard Evan, mariner, 31, George street
Pritchard Hugh, ship bread baker, 27, Union aG
Pritchard James, cane & whalebone worker, and furniture broker, 34, Stanley street
Pritchard John, linen draper, 13, Matthew st.
Pritchard John, pilot, 20, Fazakerley street
Pritchard John, bookkeeper, 6, Dryden street
Pritchard John, 15, Ryley's gardens
Pritchard and Jones, grocers, 6, Price street
Pritchard Mary, shopkeeper,. 30, Hodson street
Pritchard Owen, mariner, 85, Leeds street
Pritchard Owen, coal dealer, 30, Clement street ; is. 53, Chisenhale street
Pritchard Richard, flour dealer, 22, George st.
Pritchard Richard, 41, St. Paul's square
Pritchard Richard, 18, Union street
Pritchard Robert, bookkeeper, 5, Horatio st.
Pritchard Samuel, silversmith, 3, Spring place
Pritchard Sarah, earthenware dealer, 19, Pownall square
Pritchard Thos. shoemaker, 228, Vauxhall road
Pritchard Thomas, joiner and builder, 2, Strickland street
Pritchard William, shopkeeper, 36, Queen st Oldhall street
Pritchard William, tailor & clothes dealer, 119, Tithebarn street
Pritchard Wm. shopkeeper, High st. Edge hill
Pritchart Mary, vict. Holyhead Light Horse, 42, Union street
Pritchart Owen, perfumer and hair dresser, 16, Parker street
Pritchett Thos. net. Grapes, 56, Clement street
Pritt Alice, vict. Legs of Man, Isle of Man Packet House, 8, George's dock passage, and 3, Bird street
Pritt, Case & Butler, ironmongers, anchor and shipsmiths, and chain cable mfrs. 41, Wapping, and 10, Goree
Pritt George Ashby, attorney, 28, Water street; h. 3, Abercrombie square
Pritt John, anchor and shipamith, &c. ; h. 69, Richmond row
Procter Jane, milliner and dress maker, 12, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Procter John, vict. Whitehaven Tavern, 56, Mersey street
Proctor James, gentleman, 62, Copperas hill
Proctor John Hoult, bookkeeper, 12, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Proctor John, tailor, 26, Thomas street
Proctor Mary, boarding house, 24, Kent street
Proctor Mrs. Nancy, 59, Byrom street
Proctor Silvester, butcher, High st. Edge hill
Proctor William, mariner, 33, Copperas hill
Proctor WIlliam, mariner, 12, Bold place
Profit Edward, vict. George and Dragon, 51, Blundell street
Prosser Samuel, shopkeeper, 12, Highfield street
Protheroe John, locker in customs, 21, Jordan st.
Prowse William, pawnbroker, 39, Christian st.
Prue Ann, gentlewoman, 22, 'Seymour street
Prue James, butcher, Edge lane
Prue William, butcher, 8, Price street
Prydderch John, joiner and flour dealer, 48, St. James' place; h. 13, Prince William street
Pugh Edward, mariner, 35, Lancelot's hey
Pugh John, warehouseman, 19, South Union st.
Pughe Ann, confectioner, 31, Whitechapel, & 1, Dawson street
Pughe Sarah, shopkeeper, 16, Bath street
Pulford John F. agent to Old Co. of carters, 111, New Scotland road
Pulford Rev. John, B.D. 47, Brownlow hill
Pulford 'ReY. William, D.D. classical academy, 7, Wilde street ; h. 16, Norton street
Pumell Charles, master Prince's dock; is. South end Prince's dock
Pusey Thomas, attorney's clerk, 1, Lambert st.
Pye Cuthbert, baker & flour dealer, 43, Vauxhall road, and 1, Gascoyne street
Pye James, butcher, 29, London road; h. 12, Bridport street
Pye James, slater & plasterer, 5, St. Vincent st. East
Pye John, gentleman. 19, Mile end
Pye John, furniture broker and auctioneer, 41, Gerard street
Pye John, watch tool maker, Woodward court, Crosshall street
Pye John, tailor, 12, Eaton street
Pye Nehemiah, vict. Cooper's Arms, 1, Pinnington street
Pye Richard, flour & provision dlr.154, Park In.
Pye Sarah, gentlewoman, 58, Bold street
Pyke John, extra weigher incustenns, 21, Shaw alley
Pyke John, gentleman, Everton village
Pykc Margaret, gentlewoman, Everton village
Pyke Martha, ladies' school, 46, Brownlow hill
Quail John, tailor & draper, 71, Paradise street
Quale William, shoemaker, 4, Viller place
Qualter William, bookkeeper, 42, Gloucester st. Lime street
Quarrel William, 7, Rupert street
Quay Jane, boarding house, 63, Pitt street
Quayle Ellen, gentlewoman, 7, Daulby street
Quayle George, merchant; is. 7, Daulby street
Quayle Mark, commission broker, & Isle of Man Packet agent, 19, James' street; h. 11, Kent square
Quayle Richard, hair dresser, 18, James' street
Quayle Rt. vict. Tim Bobbin, B. Harford street
Quayle William, boot and shoemaker, 54, Gildart's gardens
Queen Charles & Co. wine, spirit, & porter merchants, 156, Park lane
Queen Charles, wine, &c. merchant; house, 1, Gore street, Kirkdale
Queen Hannah, shopkpr. 15, Prince's st. Dale st.
Queen James, stucco worker and plasterer, 14, Byrom street
Quick Jane, gentlewoman, 29, Copperas hill
Quick Mary Ann and Eliza, dress makers, 21, Christian street
Quiggin John, cabinet maker & furniture broker, 29, Matthew street
Quigley Peter, boot and shoemaker, 55, Paradise street; h. 15, Crosbie street
Quilleash Thomas, shoemaker and leather seller, 5, Adlington street
Quilliam John, plumber ee glazier, 29, Williamson street ; h. 13, Lawton street
Quilliam Robert, boot and shoemaker, 8, Great Crosshall street
Quilliam William, collector of tolls and rents, St. John's market; h. 28, Dance street
Quilliam William, 8, Crosbie st.
Quin Eliz. straw hat mfr. 10, Dickinson street
Quine Martha, boarding house, 2, Kent street
Quiney Esther, shopkeeper, 7, Pleasant street
Quinn Richard, provision broker, 1, Manesty lane ; h. 77, Upper Islington
Quirk Daniel, furniture broker, 5, Stanley st.
Quirk Harrah, furniture broker, 6, Stanley st.
Quirk John, pawnbroker, 3, Jordan street
Quirk Philip, gentleman, Lark lane
Quirk Sarah, gentwn. 11, Chapel pl. Erskine st.
Quirk Thomas, painter, 10, Norfolk street
Quirk William, shipwright & boat builder, 39, Blundell street ; h. 6, Alfred street
Quirk Wm. ale & beer brewer, 17, Fleet street
Radcliffe & Duncan, solicitors, 2, Exchange st. West
Radcliffe Hannan, gentlewoman, 6, Rose place
Radcliffe John, shopkeeper and shoemaker, 19, Flambe street
Radcliffe John, depository of the Liverpool Auxiliary Bible Society, and keeper of the Charitable Institution's house, 27, Slater st.
Radcliffe John, officer in customs, 10, Nile st.
Radcliffe Rd. solicitor; h. 8, Great George square
Radford Samuel, warehouseman, Pottery lane
Radford Thomas, gent. 62, Christian street
Radley James, vict. Runcorn Packet House, 2, Strand street
Radley William, mariner, 4, Tristram court, Thomas street
Rae Andrew, joiner, 24, warren street
Rae Ebenezer, merchant, 12, King street, Pool lane; h. 13, Hope street
Rae John, joiner, 62, New Scotland road
Raffles Rev. Thomas, L.L.D. 61, Highfield st. and Grove cottage, Wavertree
Ragg Richard & Co. hosiery and lace manufac;:urers, 94, Paradise street
Railton Sarah, boarding house, 41, Gt. George st.
Raincock Fletcher, barrister, 77, Rodney street
Rainford, Harwood, and Widowson, joiners and timber dealers, 68, Lime street
Rainford John, butcher, 2, Dawson pl.Hunter st.
Rainford John, vict. Horse and Jockey, 42, London road
Rainford John, joiner and timber dealer, h. 46, Lionel street
Rainford Sarah, nurse, 41, Henry Edward street
Rainford Thomas, blacksmith, Everton village
Rainford William, vict. Brown Cow, and cow keeper, 14, Great Richmond street
Ralph Andrew, basket maker, 9, Ranelagh st.; h. 50, Circus street
Ralph Hugh, minister of Scotch Kirk, Oldham street
Ralton John, vict. Punch Bowl, 14, Fleet street
Rammage John, keeper of Bridewell, 6, Vauxhall road
Ramsbotham James and Thos. & Co. merchants, 36, Water street, (John Mann, agent)
Ramsbottom Edw. attorney; h. 34, Rodney st.
Ramsbottom and Hutchinson, attornies, 33, Drury lane
Ramsbottom James, Esq. 34, Rose place
Ramsbottom John, painter, plumber & glazier, 18, Leigh street
Ramsbottom Wm. (executors of,) lime merchts. and builders, 10, Canning street
Ramsden and Booth, merchants and brokers, 25, Fenwick street
Ramsden Eliz. butcher, 56, Highfield street
Ramsden Thomas, Diet. Grapes, 5, Duke's place
Ramsey Margaret, shopkeeper, 5, Dickinson st.
Ramsey Richard, millwright, 17, Renshaw st.
Randals Thos. cart owner, 86, Highfield street
Randles Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 26, Finch st.
Randles Joseph Hunter, gent. 17, Horatio street
Randles Richard, ship broker, 28, North side Old dock ; h. 1, Great Newton street
Randles Thomas, turnkey at borough gaol, 24: Great Howard street
Range Geo. plasterer, 13, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Rankin David, cooper, 30, King st. Pool In. ; S. 15, Thomas' place, Bolton st. Copperas hill
Rankin Geo. gentleman, 76, Eldon place
Rankin Richard, joiner & builder, 1, Norton st.; h. 2, Pembroke place
Rankin Richard, ship chandler, &e.; h. Virginia cottage, 13, Mile end
Rankin Richard and Co. ship chandlers and rune makers, 9, Orford street
Ranns George, baker, 19, Simpson street
Ratcliffe Ann, gentlewoman, 39, Renshawstreet
Ratcliffe George, shoemaker and vict. Spotted Bull, 30, Shuaw'abrow
Ratcliffe John, vict and butcher, Letters, 1, Lumber street
Ratcliffe Joseph, shopkeeper, 17, Henry Edw. st.
Ratcliffe Margaret, butcher, 36, S6 John's market ; h. 42, Lumber street
Ratcliffe Mrs. Nancy 18, Parker street
Rathbone Benson, merchant; h. Green bank, Smithdown lane
Rathbone, Brothers & Co. commission merchts. & shipping agts. 1, Cornhill, & 6, Gower st.
Rathbone Mrs. Frances, 5, New Scotland road
Rathbone Geo. circulating library & accountant, 5, New Scotland road
Rathbone Hannah, gentlewoman, Green bank, Smithdown lane
Rathbone James, vict. Pilot Boat, 34, South end Dry dock
Rathbone Jas. ship & boat builder, 14, Trentham street; h. 34, St. James' street
Rathbone Mary, gentwn 13, King street, Soho
Rathbone Richard, merchant; h. 87, Duke st. Hanover st.
Rathbone Theodore William, broker; is. Green bank, Smithdown lane
Rathbone Thomas, vice Letters, 28, E. side Salthouse dock
Rathbone William, merchant; h. 16, Hope st.
Rathbone William, vict. Grapes Tavern, 8, Williamson square
Ravely Geo. mariner, 23, Mount pleasant
Ravenscroft Stephen, silk dyer, 4, Gt. George ph
Ravenscroft Stephen and Co. Master porters, 17, Trafford lane
Ravenscroft Stephen, master porter; h. Foundry yard, Atherton street
Ravenscroft Win merchant; Is. Birkenhead
Ravenshaw Thos. bookkeeper, 22, Renshaw st.
Rawdon Mrs. Sophia, 4, Everton crescent
Rawes Mary, toy dealer, 99, London road
Rawlins Charles Edward, small mfr.; It. 13, Wolstenholme square
Rawlins & Mawdsley, smalts & arsenic mfrs. 19, Duke street, Hanover st.; mfry. Scacornbe
Rawlinson Abram, cooper; h. 2, Cornwallis st.
Rawlinson and Charnley, timber merchants, 1, Sefton street
Rawlinson Ellen, 'gentlewomen, 37, Rose place
Rawlinson Henry, pawnbroker, 18, Greek street, plumber and glazier, 1, Moor place
Rawlinson Peter, bookkeeper, 47, Stanhope st.
Rawlinson Robert, timber merchant; h. 42, Russel st.
Rawlinson Thomas, blacksmith and veterinary surgeon, 53, Hanover street
Rawlinson William, saddler & trunk maker, 77, Paradise street
Rawson Ann, boarding house, 13, Moor place
Rawson Thomas, merchant; h. Gateaere tcawsthorn James, corn miller, 44, Limekiln In.
Rawsthorn Richard, corn miller and dealer, I, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Rawsthorne Thomas, gentleman, Paddington
Ray Sarah, boarding house, 15, Hanover street
Rayner & Co. snuff & tobacco mfrs. 60, Seel st.
Rayner Henry Wm. traveller, 12, Virgil street
Rayner Lloyd, tobacco, &c. mfr. 6, Wolstenholme square
Raynes Michael, importer of Dantzic black beer, 47, Grafton street
Raynor John, cut nail & shoe clasp maker, 219, Vauxhall road
Rea Hamilton, mariner, 7, Upper Frederick st.
Rea Samuel, blacksmith, 9, M`Vlccar street
Read Charles, gent. 3, Burlington street
Read Elizabeth, gentwn. 31, I-lunter street
Read Henry, organ builder, Islington place; h. 18, Hunter street
Read James, landing waiter, 10, Clayton square
Read John, merchant, 21, Exchange buildings
Read John, painter, 47, Gascoyne street
Read John, baker, 48, Milton street
Read John, mariner, 62, Bridgewater street
Read Saml. H. commercial academy, 4, Gay st.
Read & Watts, tailors & drapers, 10, Clayton sq.
Read William, butcher, 49, Lord street
Reason Thomas, shopkeeper, 12, Ray street
Reay & Collison, surgeons, 76, Richmond row
Reay Henry, pawnbroker, 13, Cable street
Reay William Lucas, surgeon, 103, Islington
Reckless Sophia, lodging house, 60, Christian st.
Redfearn E. bookkeeper, Roe street
Redfern James B. sail maker, 49, Stanhope st.
Redfern Mary, boarding house, 7, East street
Redish & Bird, accountants, 11, Tyrer street
Redish Geo. brewer; h. 6, Great Nelson st. East
Redish George & Co. ale and porter brewers, 6, Great Nelson street, East
Redish John, wholesale grocer ; h. 16, Daulby st.
Redish Joseph, een. accountant; h. 7, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Redish Joseph, jun. agent to John Blackburee, Esq. & Co. salt works, 14, Nova Scotia
Redish Thos. wholesale grocer; is. 1, Lawrence st.
Redish Thomas and John, wholesale grocers, 7, Dale street
Redman Mary, lodging house, 87, Sparling st.
Redman W titian). & Son, house and ship joiners, 7, Smithfield street
Redman William, joiner; is. 22, Summer seat
Reed Ann, spinster, 52, Harrington street
Reed Ann, vGrapes, 14, Tithebarn street
Reed Isabella, shopkeeper, 14, Strand street
Reed James, merchant; is. 8, Beau street
Reed John, Esq. Botanic view, Edge hill
Reed John, baker, 22, Banastre street
Reed Richard, shoemaker, 57, Lumber street
Reeder & Doyle, upholsterers, 68, Bridgewater street
Rees David, broker and earthenware mercht. 65, Strand st. & 8, East side Dry dock; h. 25, Brownlow street
Rem Eliz. vict. Letters, Christian ct. James' st.
Reeves Jas. watch dial mkr. 47, Sawney Pope st.
Reeves John, victualler, Fisherman's Hut, 20, Hackin's hey
Reeves Joseph, ale and porter brewer, 2, Corms street ; h. 82, Richmond row
Reeves Thomas, gent. Breck lane
Reeves Thomas, druggist, 95, Whitechapel
Regan Peter, vict. King's Arms, 52, Whitechapel
Regan Philip, vict. Brown Cow, Lord ct.Lord st.
Reid Nicholas, gentleman, 5, Rupert street
Reid Richard, innkeeper, Neptune Hotel, 2, Clayton square
Reilley John, bookseller & book-auctioneer, 58, Harrington street
Reilley Thomas, feather merchant, 29,' Manesty lane; is. 29, Hodson street
Remmer & Long, -tea dealers and milliners, 44, London road; is. 21, Falkland street
Rennie David, perfumer and hair dresser, 70, Lord street
Renshall James, -butcher, 1, Redcross street
Renshaw Henry, gentleman, 3, Islington
Renshaw John, gentleman, 10, Hunter street
Renshaw' Rev. Shaul. A.M. rector of St. Peter's, 12, Slater street
Renshaw Wm. vict. & cooper, Squirrel, 13, Atherton st.; cooperage, 9, Litherland alley
Renshaw Wen. hair dresser and umbrella maker, 111, Tithebarn street
Renwick Ann, boarding house, 18, King st. Soho
Renwick Thomas, M.D. 49, Hanover street
Reston James, ' machine paper ruler, 19, Sir Thomas' buildings
Reston Rd. furniture broker, 31, Fontenoy st.
Revell James, shopkeeper, 45, Denison street
Revell Therhas, cooper, 11, Crosbie street, & 8, Mercer ct. Redcross st. ; h. 2, Gloucester st.
Res is Susanna, boardinghouse, 3, St. Vincent street, East
Reynolds Christopher, bookkeeper, 47, Upper Harrington street
Reynolds & Harrison, ship brokers, 3, Exchange street, East
Reynolds Henry, surgeon, 56, Plutnbe street
Reynolds Margt. vict. Pilot Boat, 5, Chorley st.
Reynolds Ralph, shoemaker, 4, Hanley street
Reynolds Richard, tanner and fellmonger, 2, Bevington bush road
Reynolds Sarah, gentlewoman, 3, Boundary ph London road
Reynolds Sarah, grocer, 53, Gerard street
Reynolds Wm. ship broker ; h.43, Soho street
Reynolds William, cotton broker; h. 20, Springfield street
Reynolds William, joiner, 6, Rock st.
Reynolds Wi1B3m, cart owner, 33, Henry st.
Reynolds William, jun. -accountant & agent for undersc iters, & tome County'Fire, & Provident Life Offices, 3, Exchange st. East
Rezey William, officer in excise, 5, Duncan st St. James'
Rltead Joseph, grocer, 59, Marybone
Rhodes James, tinplate worker, 45, Pitt st.
Rhodes Thomas, agent, 67, Leeds street
Rhodes William, 76, Sparling Street
Rhodes William, 4, Circus street
Ribbron Peter, mariner, 123, New Scotland rd.
Riby Wm. & Thos. saw mkrs. 22, Whitechapel
Riby Wm. saw maker; h. 2, Virgil street
Rice Mary, gentwn. 62, Mount pleasant cottage
Rice Thom rope maker, Charlotte place, h. 12, Hope street
Richards Abram & Silas & Co. tnerchts. 5, Goree
Richards George, gent. 31, Milton street
Richards Hope, gentwn. 21, Nelson st. St James'
Richards Lewis, schoolmaster & shopkeeper, 4, Atllitrgton street
Richards ROSamond, gentwn. 12, Nash grove
Richards Thomas, ship & commission broker, 2, Park lane; h. 12, Nash grove
Richards Thos. commission meet. & ship owner & agt. for Plymouth, Exeter & Dartmouth traders,5l, Mersey st. ;h. 25, Prince Wm. st.
Richardson Agnes, 21, Ormond street
Richardson Ann, 1, Nicholas street
Richardson Christian, shopkeeper, 18, Mary Ann street, Brownlow hill
Richardson and Cowburn, importers of Irish, Manks, & Russia linens, &c. 146, Dale st.
Richardson David, woollen & linen draper, 71, Byrom street
Richardson George, gent. 31, Milton street
Richardson James, merchant, 21, New quay is. 21, Clayton square
Richardson James & Thomas, linen & woollen drapers, 12, Whitechapel
Richardson John, mercht & Greenock & Isle of Man steam packet office, 17, Water st.; in 12, Queen Anne street
Richardson John, tailor & draper, 35, Lord st.
Richardson John, boarding ha 40, Sparling st.
Richardson John, grocer & flour dlr.32, Marybone
Richardson John, vict. Wellington, 26, Peter st.
Richardson John, vict. Letters, 31, Ormond st.
Richardson Joseph, timber measurer in customs; h. Mill lane, Everton
Richardson Joseph, vinegar maker, 1, Silkhouse lane ; h. 29, Norton street
Richardson Martha, boarding house, Reaeombe
Richardson Mary, gentlewoman, 43, Rose place
Richardson Mary, gentlewoman, 26, Rodney st.
Richardson & Pemberton, patent cordage and chain cable mfrs. ship chandlers and block makers, 31, Wapping
Richardson Peter, vict. Brown Cow, 97, London road
Richardson Peter, wheelwright, blacksmith & cart owner, 2, h. 8, Parliament street
Richardson Ralph, cow keeper, 21, Downe st.
Richardson Richard, chain cable mfr. &c.; h. 115, St. James' st. & Oak cottage, Windsor
Richardson Richard, butcher, 72, Byrom st.
Richardson Robert, linen merchant; is. Wdlton breck
Richardson Samuel, whiting rpfr,17, Leeds st.; Is. 14, Rose place
Richardson Thos. cart owner, 47, Smithfield St.
Richardson Thos. vict. Mount Pleasant Coffee House, 1, St. Mary's lane
RlehatdsonThos. cutler, surgeons instrument & spring truss mfr. 7, Post office place; in 14, Great Nelson street, East
Richardson Thos: collector of assessed & parish tales, 8, Grosvenor street
Richardson Thos. shipsmith & chain cable mfr. 35, Mason street, Wapping
Richardson Wm. brush manufacturer, 123, Whitechapel
Richardson Wm. cow keeper, 6, Naylor street
Richmond Christopher, butcher, 0,Tithebam st
Richmond Henry, gent. 18, White mill st.
Richmond John, biscuit baker, 1, Birkett st.Soho
Richmond Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 3; Castle ditch is. 5,' Dryden street
Rieltmond,Tllorpas,R. commission merchant; is. 41, Great George street
Rickarby James, merchant ; is. 15, Chester st.
Rickman Hannah, confectioner, 63, Bold st.
Rickman Samuel, merchant, 65, Bold st.
Riddick John, linen draper, 18, Gt. Crosshall st.
Riddle Alice, undertaker, 124, Park lane
Rideing John, commission mercht. & ship owner, 62, South,side Old dock; herring house, 21, Gradwell street ; h. 2, Soho square
Rider John, ship broker, 28, N. side Old dock ; Is. 41, Mill street
Ridgway John, bookkeeper, 2, Brownlow st.
Ridgway Joseph, cotton broker, 15, Exchange street, East; b. 2, Pembroke place
Ridgway Sarah, earthenware dlr.34, Scotland rd.
Riding Ann, pawnbroker, 25, Grayson street
Riding Bryan, dour dealer, 52, Lime st.
Riding Ellen, gentwn. 4, Devonshire pl. Everton
Riding Geo. & Co. coal dealers & weighing machine, 64, London road
Riding Geo. coal dealer, &c.; h. 1, Anson st.
Riding Robert, hair dresser and perfumer, 51, Shaw's brow
Riding Was. vict. Brown Cow, 1, Skelhorne st.
Ridley John, attorney, 1, Wellington buildings, Pool lane ;, h. 21, Norton st.
Ridley Thos. mariner, 45, Parliament st.
Ridyard Edwards tailor, 5, Disley st
Rigby Catharine& Alice, ladies' boarding school, 3, Chatham street
Rigby Eliz. eating house, 99, Park lane
Rigby James, joiner: and wheelwright, 6, is. 7, Roberts street, North
Rigby James, watch maker, 29, Richmond row
Rigby Jane, vict. Letters, 46, Crosbie st.
Rigby John, flour dealer, 95, St. James' st.
Rigby John, plumber & glazier, 2, Martha's ct. Adlington street
Rigby John, boot & shoemkr. 29, Trowbridge st.
Rigby John, bookkeeper, 7, Ray st.
Rigby John & Co. hide merchts. 5, Argyle street
Rigby John, hide merchant; is. Windsor, Upper Stanhope street
Rigby Joseph, plumber, &c. ; is. Greeubank cottage, Toxteth park
Rigby Joseph, coal merchant, 49, Oldhall at ; is. 18, Berry street
Rigby Lawrence, timber merchant; h. 8, Gloucester st Lime st.
Rigby Lewis, leather seller, 21, Copperas hill
Rigby Margaret, boarding house, 18, Berry st.
Rigby Peter, gent. 47, Upper Islington
Rigby Peter, boot & shoemaker, 144, Park lane
Rigby Peter, R.N. 12, Lawrence st
Rigby Richard, warehouseman, 5, Meadows st.
Rigby Richard, hat mfr. 37, Byrom st.
Rigby Richard, joiner, 54, Brownlow hill
Rigby Robert do Lawrence, timber merchants, Haymarket
Rigby Rt timber merchant ; is. 4, Mount st.
Rigby Samuel, joiner, 1, Greetham sc.; h. 2, St. Vincent street, St. James'
Rigby Sarah, boarding house, 59, Sir Thomas' buildings
Rigby Wm. searcher in customs, 15, Windsor, Upper parliament street
Rigby Wm. shopkeeper, 37, Freemason's row.
Rigby Wm, butcher, 85, St. John's market; is. 35, Ranelagh street
Rigby Wm. shoemaker, 3, Chorley ct. Dale st.
Rigby Wm, plumber, &c. ; is. 49, St. James' pl. Rigby Wm. & Joseph, plumbers, glaziers and painters, 53, Bridgewater st.
Rigby Wm. cart owner, 28, Bridgewater st.
Rigg, Brothers and Co. bwkers, coal agents and earthenware dealers, 33, N. side Old dock
Rigg Edward, hat mfr. 158, Dale street
Rigg Edw. surveyor in customs, 8, Erskine st
Rigg George Augustus, broker, &c. ; is. 11, Erskine street
Rigg Henry, commerchant, 31, Brunswick st.; Is. 54, Richmond row
Rigg Thos. butcher, 40, St. John's market, & 159, Dale st, ; h. 54, Richmond row
Rigby Thomas, wlsitesmith, 220, Vauxhall rd.
Rigmaiden Edward, wine merchant, 83, Dale st.; is. 1, Grenville street, North
Rigmaiden Henry, wine, spirit & porter mercht. 10, Cable st. ; h. 26. Devon st.
Rigmaiden Mary, 15, Seel street
Riley Robert, police officer, 31, Clayton St
Riley William, bookkeeper, 1, Moore place
Rimmer & Barton, sail makers, 5 and 6, North end King's deck
Rimmer Edw. clerk at the stamp office; is. 7, Beau street
Rimmer Edw. joiner, Edge hill p4Wavertree rd.
Rimmer Edw, cow keeper, 8, Lambert st.
Rimmer Gilbert, timber mercht.; h.4, Hill st. S.
Rimmer Henry, wheelwright) 17, Leeds st.
Rimmer Jas. cow keeper, 10, Great Newton st.
Rimmer Jas. vict. Letters, 45, Marybone
Rimmet John, corn mercht. ; Is, 104, New Scotland road
Rimmer John, commission agent, 27, Clare st.
Rimmer John, provision mercht. 16, King st. Pool lane ; h. 20, New Scotland road
Rimmer John & Was. & Co. corn & spirit mere chants, & agents to Rhydland traders, 10, East side Dry dock
Rimmer Joseph, boarding house, 32, Hunter st.
Rimmer Joseph, boarding house, 39, Gerard st.
Rimmer L. staymaker, 26, Whitechapel
Rimmer Nathaniel, sail maker ; is. 2, Parr st.
Rimmer Richard & Son, iron merchants, 25, N. side Old dock ; is. 6, Mount Vernon st.
Rimmer Robert, vict. Shakespeare Tavern, & watch maker, 5, Williamson square
Rimmer Thos. & Gilbert, timber merchants, 30, Tabley street
Rimmer Thos. timber mercht. ; h. 16, Nile st.
Rimmer Thos. John, ironmonger,35, London rd.
Rimmer Wm, vict Letters, 9, Barter st.
Rimmer Wen. corn mercht.; is. 17, St. Paul's sri
Rimmington John, grocer & provision dealer, 23. Whitechapel
Ripley Geo. attorney & notary public, 135, Duke st Hanover st.; h. 17, Seymour st
Ripley Henry, merchant, &c. ; Is. 49, Mill st.
Ripley Thos. mercht. &c. ; h. 20, Gt. George sq.
Ripley Thos. & Henry, merchts. & ship owners, 13, Lower Castle street
Riphy William, gent. 11, Colquitt street
Rippon Jane, shopkeeper, 56, Henry Edward st.
Ritchie JohN, merchant; h. 23, Nile st.
Ritchie & Morice, merchants, 2, Duke street, Hanover street
Ritson James, mercht. & ship owner, 67, Castle street; h. 11, Seymour street
Ritson Sarah, gentlewoman, 37, Clare st.
Rives Thomas, gent. 27, mount pleasant
Roach George, merchant; h. 9, Everton terrace
Roach George & Co. merchants, 17, Exchange buildings
Roach Joseph, carpenter, 46, Chlsenhale st.
Roach Mary, 18, Campbell street, East side Salthouse dock
Roach Thos. hair dresser, 121, Park lane
Robbins Elizabeth, gentwn. 20, Prescot st.
Roberts Alice, cart owner, 16, Kitchen st.
Roberts Ann, porter; h. 8, Hart street
Roberts Benj. umbrella & parasol mfr. 3, Paradise street
Roberts Charles, corn miller & vict. Mill House, 20, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Roberts David, shoemaker & shopkeeper, 86, Oldhall street
Roberts David, coachman, 15, Crosshall st.
Roberts Edw. joiner & shopkeeper, 80 and 81, Upper Frederick street
Roberts Edw. shoemaker, 30, Marlborough st.
Roberts Edw. master porter ; h. 6, Oldham st.
Roberts Edw. shoemaker, 21, Thurlow st.
Roberts Edw. vict. Letters, 14, Bachelor st.
Roberts and Edwards, coal dealers, 34, Marlborough st.
Roberts Elizabeth, fruiterer, &c. 120, St. James' st.
Roberts Elizabeth, gentwn. 63, Gerard street
Roberts Elizabeth, vict. Letters, 41, Fazakerley st.
Roberts Elizabeth, boot and shoemaker, 99, Brownlow hill
Roberts Ellis, master porter; Is. 12, Harfbrd st.
Roberts Emma, gentlewoman, 7, Clare st.
Roberts Esther, butcher, 50, St. John's market ; h. Moore court, Hanley street
Roberts Evan, furniture broker, 17, Stanley st.
Roberts Geo. butcher, Chester st. Birkenhead
Roberts Hannah, shopkeeper, 65, Norfolk st.
Roberts Honry, furniture broker, 19, Byrom st.
Roberts Hugh Griffith, vict. and slate merchant, Welsh Harp, Old ropery; slate yard, 1, Waterloo road
Roberts Hugh, bricklayer, 23, Banastre st.
Roberts Hugh, pilot, 52, Kitchen street
Roberts Hugh cooper, 2, Feather street; h. 2, Feather court
Roberts J. & W. timber merehts. & joiners, 65, London road; h. 36, Copperas hill
Roberts Jane, cow keeper, 8, Frederick street, St. James'
Roberts John, merchant, 12, Hanover street; h. Beau street
Roberts John, mariner, 17, Denison st.
Roberts John, landing waiter, 81, Mill rt.
Roberts John, green grocer, 29, Dickinson st.
Roberts John, cabinet maker, 3, Marshall st.
Roberts John,mariner,57,Frederick st. St.James'
Roberts John, tailor, 7, Harford lane
Roberts John, vict. Hope and Anchor, 8, Smithfield street
Roberts John, warehouseman, 42, Stanhope st.
Roberts John, vict. Cart & Horse, 43, Jordan st.
Roberts John, bookkeeper, 43, Oldhall st.
Roberts John, plumber & glazier, 8, Hanover street ; Is. 6, Russel street
Roberts John, vict. Letters, 3, Atherton st.
Roberts John, vict. Fox & Goose, 95, Copperas hill
Roberts John, vict. Duke of Wellington, 77, Fontenoy street
Roberts Joseph, joiner„ 1I111 street, South
Roberts Kitty, green grocer, 44, Wood st.
Roberts Mary, shopkeeper, 28, James' st.
Roberts Mary, butcher, 27, St. John's market h. 4, Rose st.
Roberts Matthew, export officer in excise, 3, Great Nelson st. East
Roberts Moses, wheelwright, 48, Greenland st.
Roberts Owen, shopkeeper, 2, Union st.
Roberts Owen, joiner; Everton valley
Roberts Owen, vict. Carnarvon Castle, 20, Itobeets st. North
Roberts Owen, mariner, 3, Gill's entry; M`Viccar street
Roberts Peter, sail maker, 36, E. side Salthnu.se dock; Is. 3, Sefton street
Roberts Peter, druggist, 47, Ranelagh st.
Roberts. Peter, cooper, 70, Seel st.; b. Upper Frederick street
Roberts Rke, cork cutter & wholesale spirit dlr. 182, Dale st.; h. 31, Limekiln lane
Roberts Richd. ship chandler & rope maker, 24, Waterloo rd. & 7, Bird st. ; h.36, Stanhope st.
Roberts Richd. vict. bricklayer & brick maker, Letters, 41, Plumbe st.
Roberts Richd. shoemaker, 40, L. Harrington st.
Roberts Rd. grocer & flour dlr. 24, Christian st.
Roberts Richard, linen, &c. draper, 22, Great Richmond street
Roberts Richard, engineer to the corporation water works, Bevington hilt
Roberts Richard, mariner, 3, Speilow place, Union street
Roberts Robert, packing case maker, 29, Mason st, Wapping; Is. 37, Shaw alley
Roberts Robert, bookkeeper, 19, Duncan st. E.
Roberts Robert, bookkeeper, 8, Mill st.
Roberts Rt. locker in customs, Be Back Berry st.
Roberts Rt. currier & leather dlr. 27,Ormond st.
Roberts Rt. vict. Letters, 30, George street
Roberts Robert, gentleman, 7, Pellew st.
Roberts Robert, drysalter, 22, Cheapside
Roberts Robert, mariner, 72, Eldon place
Roberts Robert, spirit dealer, 76, Whitechapel; h. 19, Derby street
Roberts Robert, shoemaker, l6, Stockdale st:
Roberts Robert, coal dlr. ; Is. 18, Marlborough st.
Roberts Rt. vict. Oban Tavern, 8, Marshall lane
Roberts Robert, whitesmith, 94, Fontenoy st. ; It. 1, Naylor street
Roberts Robert, coal dealer, 49, Lionel st.
Roberts Robert, shopkeeper, 8, Norfolk st.,
Roberts Robert, flour dealer, 79, Dale st. ; lb le Houghton court, Dale st.
Roberts Rt. shopkeeper, 44, Sawney Pepin sts
Roberts Rt. baker & flour dealer, 1, Wolfe st.
Roberts Samuel, tailor, 2, Newton ct. North st.
Roberts Samuel, day school, 4, Norbury st. ; h. 83, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Roberts Sarah, boarding house, 21, Cockspur st.
Roberts Thos. tobacco mfr. ; h. Pembroke road
Roberts Thos. coach owner, 59, Richmond row
Roberts Thos. shopkeeper, 59, Fontenoy st.
Rollerts Thos. librarian, &c. to the Union News Rooms, 38, Duke street, Hanover st.
Roberts Thos. constable, 31, Fleet st.
Roberts Thos. bookkeeper, 23, Eldon place
Roberts Thos. Jackson place, Plumbe st.
Roberts Thos. locker in customs, 7, Prince William street
Roberts Thos. cart owner, Everton village
Roberts Thos. shopkeeper, 20, Lace street
Roberts Thos. vict. Grapes, 1, St. Anne's place
Roberts Thos. & Co. tobacco & snuff mfrs. 14, Temple street
Roberts Thos. mariner, 2,Surrey street
Roberts Widow & Sons, porters, 1, Brooks sq.
Roberts William, gentleman, 15, Blake street
Roberts William, mariner, 60, Hurst street
Roberts William, vict. Boat House, Magazines
Roberts William, pawnbroker, 16, Redcross st.
Roberts Wm. boarding he 57, Bridgewater st.
Roberts William, cart owner, 3, Mercer court, Redcross street
Roberts William, vict. Letters, 2, Darwin st.
Roberts William, vict. and car and gig owner, Grapes, 17, Devon street
Roberts William, block & pump maker, 22, East side Dry dock
Roberts Wm. & John, joiners, London road ; Is. 3, Downe street
Roberts Wm. John, cabinet maker, 20, Castle ditch ; h. 22, Torbock st.
Roberts Wm. 11, Great Howard st.
Roberts Wm. hair dresser, 10, Christian st.
Roberts Wm. butcher, 74, Oldhall street
Robertson Archibald, ship carver, 13A,Cornhill ; Is. 6, St. Vincent st. St. James'
Robertson Robert, hatter, 56, Pool lane
Robey Thos. shoemkr. Hyde park, Park road
Robin John, mercht. ; Is. West Kirby, Cheshire ilobhp 4 Kings Mediterranean merchants, 1, Manesty lane
Robinson Aaron, boot & shoemkr. 24, Leigh st.
Robinson Ann, gentwn. Waterhouse In. Everton
Robinson Mrs. Ann, 21, Great Howard st.
Robinson Ann, shopkeeper, 28, Johnson st.
Robinson Ann, dress maker, 11, Webster st. Fontenoy st.
Robinson Ann, gentwn. 12, Mount pleasant
Robinson Ann, boot & shoemkr. 23, Tarleton Bt.
Robinson Betty, furniture broker, 74, Stanley st.
Robinson Charkts, sexton of Si. George's; h. Bixteth street
Robinson & Co. gent. upholsterers, 85, Bold st.
Robinson Mrs. C. ladies' boarding school, Mount Vernon
Robinson Cathn. butcher, 42, St. John's market
Robinson Charles, sallmaker, 37, Mersey st. ; h. 10, Upper Parliament street
Robinson Charles, woollen draper & tailor ; Is. 20, Edmund street
Robinson & Dalmer, merchts. 70, Sparling st.
Robinson Daniel, sail maker, 23, Wapping ; h. 5, Clare street
Robinson Daniel, shopkeeper, 8, Fox st.
Robinson Edw. pocket-book mkr. 12, John st.
Robinson Edw, joiner, 11, Webster street, Fontenoy st.
Robinson Eliz. boarding house, 47, Sparling st.
Robinson Eliz gentwn. 35, Pembroke place
Robinson Elie. gentwn. 3, Moss street
Robinson Eliz. dress maker, 36, Warren st.
Robinson Ellen, gentwn. 78, Mill street
Robinson Ellen, circulating library & stationer, 92, Gerard street
Robinson Ellen, vict. Porter Butt, 22, St. Andrew street
Robinson Ellen, boarding house, 62, Bold st.
Robinson Mrs. Emma, 7, Clam street
Robinson Flora, vict. Letters, 45, Oldhall st.
Robinson Geo. bookseller ; h. Prince Edwin st. Everton
Robinson George, tailor„ 23, Hunter street
Robinson Geo. ironmonger, cutler, ljrazier, tinman & whltesmith, 48, Dale st.
Robinson Geo. broker, 9, Exchange alley ; h. 3, King street, Edge hill
Robinson George & Joseph, booksellers & stationers, 59, Castle street
Robinson Geo. joiner, Lower Tranmere
Robinson Geo, stone mason, 1, Blake court
Robinson Geo. painter and glazier ; Is. Upper Beau street, Everton
Robinson, Girvin & Co. provision merchts. and ham curers, 24, Mason street, Wapping, & 28, Shaw alley
Robinson G. V. cabinet maker ; h. 37, Seymour st.
Robinson Hannah, dress maker, 3, Upr. Pitt st.
Robinson Henry, organist of St. Stephen's; Is. Key street
Robinson Henry, import officer, I1, Devon st.
Robinson Henry, patten & last mkr. 77, Stanley street
Robinson Henry, cabinet maker, 36, Warren at
Robinson James, china and earthenware dealer, 2, Great George place
Robinson Jas. H. tailor & draper, 58, Bold st.
Robinson James Maychell, wine, &c. merchant ; h. 21, Nile street
Robinson Jas. & Co. mercts. 4, Graving dk. No. 1
Robinson Jas. merchant ; h. 39, Seymour st.
Robinson Jas. shoemaker, 14, Greenland st.
Robinson Jas. butcher, 18, St. John's market ; h. 6, Martha's court, Circus street
Robinson James, vict. Queen's Dock Hotel, 5, Chaloner street
Robinson Jas. cow kpr. 54, Lwr. Harrington st.
Robinson Jas. cabinet maker, 22, Berry street ; h. Fleet street
Robinson Jas. warehouseman, 20, Rigby st.
Robinson John, provision dealer, 92, Pitt st.
Robinson John, gent. 13, Summer seat
Robinson John, attorney, 19, Tarleton st.
Robinson John, lodging house, 2, Newhall st.
Robinson John, gun maker, 13, Whitechapel
Robinson John, bookkeeper, 2, Warwick st.
Robinson John plumber, glazier & painter, 9, Marshall street
Robinson John, export officer, 49, Gildart's gardens
Robinson John, boot and shoemaker, 125, Whitechapel
Robinson John, cooper ; h. 2, Crabtree lane
Robinson Jonathan, Roar dealer & grocer, 48, Scotland road
Robinson Joseph, broker, 36, Water street ; h. 16. Moss street
Robinson Joseph, ironmonger, and agent for Slster's patent steam kitchens, 26, N. side Old dock ; h. 43, Duke street, Hanover st.
Robinson Joseph, cabinet warehouse, 55, Whitechapel ; h. 81, Richmond row
Robinson Joseph, bookseller; h. 17, Cazneau st.
Robinson Joseph, flax dresser, & comas. agent, 18, Redcross st. & 12, James' st.
Robinson Joseph, mercht & agent to the Globe Insurance office, 35, Sweeting street ; h. 28, Rose place
Robinson Joseph, dancing academy, 30, Clare street ; h. Mount Vernon
Robinson Margaret, vict. Lamb, 1, Church lane
Robinson 'Mary, vict Grapes, 76, West end Old dock
Robinson Mary, gentwn. 50, Gt. George st.
Robinson Mary, gentwn. 49, Brownlow hill
Robinson Mary, shopkpr. 9, Bolton st. Edge hill
Robinson Mary, gentwn. 90, Gt. Crosshall st.
Robinson Mary S. vict. Union Tavn. 19, Wood st.
Robinson Mary & SOn, coopers, 32, Fleet st.
Robinson Mary, cart owner, 11, Maghull at
Robinson Mary, brig. hs. 41, Cornwallis street
Robinson Mary, vict. White Lion, 138, Dale st.
Robinson Martha, gentwn. 5, Clare street
Robinson Nicholas, corn mercht. ; h. Sudley
Robinson Peter T. mercht ; h. 68, Rodney st.
Robinson Peter, slater & plasterer, 2, Duncan street; East
Robinson Richard, gent. 60, Grafton street
Robinson Richard, timber merchant ; h. 4, Duncan St. St. James'
Robinson Richard, bookkeeper, 16, Pownall at
Robinson Richard, bookpr. 2, Duke's row
Robinson Richard & Co. timber merchants, 46, Stanhope street
Robinson Samuel, bookkeeper, 6, Gill street
Robinson Samuel, tailor, 15, Thomas street
Robinson Susanna, shopkpr. 67, N. Scotland rd.
Robinson Susanna, watch glass manufacturer, 24, School lane
Robinson Rev. Thomas, 42, seel street
Robinson Thos. furniture broker, 48, Stanley st
Robinson Thos, & Geo, painters and glaziers, Watmough street, Evertou
Robinson Thos, glazier, &c. 71, Byrom street ; h. 21, Lawrence street
Robinson Thos provision merchant ; h. 42, Upper Pitt street
Robinson Thos chemist, 91, Great Crosshall st.
Robinson Thee. glazier. &c. ; h.38,Bevington hill
Robinson Thos. B. watch maker, 13, Webster st. Fontenoy st.
Robinson Thos. schoolmaster, Much Wootton
Robinson Thos grocer& tea dlr.16, Byrom st.
Robinson Thoe vict. London Tavern, 18, Lendon road
Robinson Thos, blacksmith, 12, Hatton garden ; h. 13, Cockspur street
Robinson Thos. & Co. merchants and general agents, 12, Hanover street
Robinson Thos. mercht.; 3, Upr. Parliament st.
Robinson Thus. Rowland, ilquor merchant, 34, Hatton garden; is. 21, Great Newton st.
Robinson Thos. last mkr. 8, Gt. Richmond pl.
Robinson Thos. mariner, 23A. Upper Harrington street
Robinson Wm. bookkeeper, 48, Pitt street
Robinson Wm. jun. mercht. ; h. 6, St. Anne at
Robinson Wm. gent. 14, Netherfield lane, S.
Robinson Wm. bookkeeper, 12, Hood sL
Robinson Wm. butcher, 51, Plumbe street
Robinson Wm, plasterer, 13, -Johnson Re
Robinson Wm. jun. & Co, merchts. 30, Pool bt.
Robs Thos. mariner, 2, Cookson street
Robson Geo. vict. White Lion, 1, Stephen's In. & shoemaker, 118, Tithebarn at
Robson & Harrison, cotton brks. 5, Exchange st.
Robson H. E. cotton broker; h. Mill bank, West Derby
Robson John, vict and joiner, Letters, 21, Midghall stree.
Robson Marley, broker, 53, Wood scree.
Robson Thos. customs officer, 2, Blair street
Robson Thos. tea dealer ; h. 26, Soho street
Robson Thos. commercial & classical academy, Hill street, South
Robson Thos. vict. Lora elington, 3, St. Andrew street
Roby Margaret, butcher, 100, St. John's market; h. 8, Marybone
Roche Sarah, vict. Letters, 67, Bridgewater st:
Rochdale & Halifax Co. of carriers, 7, S. side Duke's dock quay, and N. end King's dock; (agent Jas. Cogswell)
Rockett Robert, file cutter, Walker pl. Hatton garden; h. 53, Bispham street
Rockliff Robt, letter press printer, Drum court, Dale st ; h. 12, Comas at,
Rockliffe Alice, earthenware dealer, 5, Great Crosshall street
Rockliffe Francis, gent 4, Kensington
Rodger Ebenezer, vict Lancaster and Kendal Tavern, £0, E. side Dry dock
Rodgers John, superintendent of the Bootle water works, 47, Hanover st.; h. 9, Moesat,
Rodgers Wm, mariner, Chester st. Birkenhead
Rodgerson George, vict Moulders Arms, IOU, London road
Rodick Thos merchant; Is, Kendal cottage, Gateacre
Rodick Thos. & Co. merchts, 15, Temple st,
Roe Christopher Shaw, gent, 4, Pembroke p1.
Roe David, shoemkr, 149, New Scotland road
Roe Wm. Esq, 34, Islington
Rogers Dominic, tailor, 126, Tithebarn st.
Rogers Edw. banker ; ha, S. Hunter street
Rogers Ells tailor, 20, Pleasant street
Rogers Esther, boarding house, 22, Sweeting at,
Rogers James, gentleman, 4, Hope street
Rogers James, butcher, 36, Cheapslde
Rogers Mary, vict Letters, 19. Crosbie st.
Rogers Peter, furniture broker, 20, Fontenoy st. h. 19, Primrose hill
Rogers Richard, pawnbroker, 62, Lime st.
Rogers Rt. furniture broker, &c. 44, Stanley st.
Rogers Sarah, gentwn. 10, Norton street
Rogers Stephen, boot & shoe whs. 32, Lord st.
Rogers Thomas, cotton broker; h. 30, Pembroke road
Rogers Thos. gardener, Collingwood st.
Rogers Thos, bookkeeper, 26, Hope st.
Rogerson Chas. bookkeeper, 10, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Rogerson Jas. vict. Letters, 3, Old ropery
Rogerson Nathaniel, block & pump maker, 17, E. side Dry dock ; h. 11, Atherton st.
Rogerson Thos. ship owner, Hill st South
Rogerson Thos. saddler and trunk maker, 179, Dale street
Rogerson Wm. vict Letters, 17, Garden st.
Rolison Eliz. gentwn. 31, Soho street
Rolling John, schoolmaster, 4, Mason street, Edge hill
Rolling Wm. vict. Duke Of York,20, Scotland pl.
Rome Isabella, clothes dealer, 15, Strand st
Rome Mary, boarding house, 49, Pitt street
Romer Thos watch jeweller, 20, Tarleton st.
Ronald Robert Wilson, commission agent, 17, Matthew street
Ronson Alice, lodging house, 13, Sparling st.
Roome Wm. ironmonger, 23, Old haymarket
Roose, Allen & Co. merchants, 28, Brunswick st.
Roose Geo. hosier, 68, Cable street
Roose Henry, merchant; h. West Derby
Roose John, merchant, 1, Forrest st ; in 24, Great Newton street
Roose Jonathan & Son, merchants & brokers, 4, Cornhill
Roose Jonathan, mercht. ; h. 12, Gt. Charlotte st.
Rouse Thos. bookkeeper, 8, Moor place
Roose Thos. bread & biscuit baker, 64, Cable st.
Roose Thos, landing waiter, 9, Stafford st.
Roper Jas. tallow chandler and soap dealer, 20, Cable st ; h. 39, St. James' pl.
Roper Jas, plumber & glazier, 23, Williunsonst. h. Great Mersey street, Kirkdale
Roper Peter, mariner, 25, Stanhope street.
Roper & Troughton, porter merts. 57, Cable at
Rosanda Henry, linguist, 43, Milton street
Roscoe Agnes, gentwn. 5, Bevington hill
Roscoe Edw. iron merchant; h. North street, Toxteth park
Roscoe Henry, cow keeper, 8, Clayton street
Roscoe & Waln, iron merchts. and mfrs. of bar iron, &c. Mersey ironworks, Toxteth park; office, 17. Hanover street
Roscoe Wm. gent Lodge Ins Smithdown lane
Roscoe Wan, Stanley, Esq, banker; hr. Smithdown lane
Roscow Rt. watch maker, 28, Lionel street
Roscow Rowland, broker, 34, Drury lane; In Great Mersey street, Kirkdale
Roscow Wm, broker, 52, New Scotland road
Rose Henry, gent. 87, London road
Rose James, surgeon dentist, 130, Duke street, Hanover street
Rose Joseph, watch maker, 27, Pellew st.
Roskell Mrs. Ann, 18, New Scotland road
il.oekeil George & Co, land merchants, 17. Nova Scotia
Roskell John, watch manufacturer ; Is. 16, Nelson street, St. James'
Roskell Rt. watch maker ; h. Oat Caere
Roskell Robert, & John, watch makers, 13 and 14, Church street
Roskell Thos Fleetwood, saddler. 11, Paradise street ; h. Kirkdale lane
Ross Daniel, shoemaker, 1, Spencer's buildings, Hunter street
Ross Daniel, smoke jack cleaner, &c 22, Atherton street
Roes Henry W. merchant, 5, Exchange court ; h. Little Wootton
Ross John, customs officer, 6, Marquitlit
Ross Margaret, vict, Duke of Argyle, 74, South side Old dock
Ross Mary, dress maker, 23, Eager st.
Ross & Poole, boot & shoeenkrs. 23, Lord st.
Ross Wm. mercht. 11, Upper Parliament st,
Ross Wm. baker, 15, Great Richmond st.
Rossiter Bryan, stationer, &c.; h. 2, Westmoreland place
Rossiter Rd. seat. land agent, 2, Weetmoreland place
Rossiter Rd. jun. landing warier, 2, Westmoreland place
Rossqn & Croft, soap boilers, Albion mill pl.
Rosson Mrs. Elizabeth, 72, Richmond row
Rosson Jas. soap boiler ; h. 72. Richmond, row
Rotheram Wm. & Co. insurance brokers, 4. Exchange street, West
Rotheram Wm. insurance broker ; h. 44, Mount pleasant
Rotherham John, vict. Letters, 8, James' sc.
Rotherham Peter, collector of taxes, l>ec, 88, New Scotland road
Rotherham William, working Luster, 59, Church st.
Rothwell Daniel, painter; h. 13, Cherry lane
Rothwell Geo. commercial (day) academy, 28, Renshaw st. ; h, 9, Rose pl.
Rothwell Henry, joiner, 18. Blake street
Rothwell John, merchant, 24, King street, Pool lane ; h. 20, Warren street
Rothwell John, pawnbroker, 61, Marybone
Rothwell John, grocer, 4, Berry street
Rothwell Peter, farmer, Seacombe
Rothwell Win, shopkeeper, 18, Fontenoy sr,
Rothwell Wm. merchant, 2, Mangsty lane ; h. Derby Breck
Roughsedge Henry, traveller, 29, St. Paulo sq,
Roughsedge Henry, ahoemkr. ; h. Knight, st.
Roughsedge & Mason, bout and shoemakers, 18, Berry street
Roughsedge Rev. Robert, Hankinson,A.M, rector of Si. Peter's ; h., 79, Mount pleasant
Roundell Saville Richardson, merchant, 2,, Dole street; h. 36, Brownlow street
Rounthwaite Samuel, gent. 25, Kensington
Rourke Patrick, vict Letters, 61, Copperas hill
Rowdon Sophia, gentwn. 4, Everton crescent
Rowe Geo. attorney, 62. Wood at; is. May pl. West herby
Rowe James. gent. 36, Christian street
Rowe Peter, vict Letters, 22, Love land
Rowe Miss Sarah, 10, Everton crescent
Rowe Thus. mariner, 54, Grafton street
Rowe Thos. police officer, 11, Cases street
Rowland David, tea dealer, 72, Oldhall st.
Rowland Edw. ale & porter brewer, 8, Oldhall st.
Rowland Edw. upholsterer, 21, Blspham st.
Rowland Ellen, gentwn. 27, Adlington st.
Rowland Henry, repeating watchmaker, 9, Hatton garden
Rowland John, skinner, &e. ; is. 84, Banastre st.
Rowland John, vict. Shamrock, 3, George's dock passage
Rowland John, ale & porter brewer, 8, Oldhall street ; is. Vernon priory
Rowland Samuel, architect, 50, Duke street, Hanover st.
Rowland Smith, hair dresser and dentist, 16, Tithebarn st. & 1, Willis place
Rowland Thos. cooper, 7, Bachelor street
Rowland Thos. appraiser, 3, Hatton garden
Rowland Thomas, grocer, shoemaker, &c. 2, Torbock street
Rowland Wm. mariner, 25, Ray street
Rowlands Daniel, tailor, 39, Ray street
Rowlands Diana, undertaker, 14, Maghull st.
Rowlands Edw. woollen & linen draper, 105, Pitt street
Rowlands Evan, shoemaker, 1, Mann street
Rowlands Wm. pilot, 5, Hill street, North
Rowlandson Thos. wine and spirit dealer, 15, Hood street
Rowlinson Charles, attorney, 67, Castle st. and 54, Oldhall st. ; is. Sefton
Rowlinson Frederick, attorney, 27, Water st.; is. 66, Stanhope street
Rowlinson & M'Culloch, provision merchants, 27, Johd street
Rowlinson lid. provision mercht.; h. 8, Irvine st.
Rowlinson Thos. grocer, provision & salt dealer, 19, James' st. & 2, Sea brow ; h. Mercer court, Redcross street
Rowley Thos. draper ; h. 1, Atherton street
Rawson Peter, turnkey at the borough gaol ; 24, Great Howard street
Roxburgh Charlotte, gentwn. 4, Russel st.
Roy Thoa. merchant, 7, East side Dry dock ; h. 55, Rodney street
Royden Henry, vict. Letters, 6, Watkinson st.
Royden Thoa painter, 59, Sawney Pope st.
Royden Thos. ship & boat builder, 5, Queen Anne st. ; Is. 25, Lower Harrington street
Royden Wm. pilot, 13, Tyrer street, North
Roylance Samuel, cooper, &commission broker, 14, Argyle st. ; h. 9, Nile street
Royle John, furniture broker, &c. 53, Stanley st.
Rubrook Wm. shoemaker, 18, Concert st.
Rudd Charles, tailor, 90, Dale street
Rudd Henry, officer in excise, 19, Rupert st.
Rushton David, shopkpr. 68, Christian st.
Rushton Edward, letter press printer; h. 13, Kent square
Rushton James, watch and clock tool maker, 26, Copperas hill; h. 45, Mt. pleasant
Rushton ak Melling, letter press and lithographic printers, 20, Pool lane
Rushton Richard, cart owner, 23, Upper Harrington at
Rushton Thomas, hair dresser and perfumer, 14, Liver st
Rushton Thomas, hair dresser, 96, New Scotland road
Rushton Thos. cow keeper, 25, St. Andrew st.
Rushton Thos. mariner, 14, Pownall st.
Rushton Wm. & Sons, merchts. 16, Goree piazzas
Rushton Wm. mercht. ; h. 4, Abercrombie sq.
Rushton Wm. jun. cotton broker, Hargraves' buildings; h. Prescot st.
Rushton Wm. bookkeeper, 11, White mill st.
Russel Geo. commission merchant; h. 41, Great George st.
Russell John, basket maker, 22, Moor st.
Russell John, shopkpr. 10, Westmoreland st.
Russell Joseph, coal dealer, 43, Johnson st.
Russell Joseph, timber mercht. ; h. 6, Kent sq.
Russell Robert, timber merchant; h. Lorton st. Windsor
Russell Rt. & Joseph, timber merchts. ship and boat builders and owners, anchor and ship smiths, 1, Chaloner st. and 14, New quay
Russell Wm. mercht.; is. Everton lane
Rust Margaret, vict. Carnarvon Castle, 32, Waterloo road
Rustage Thomas, wheelwright, Johnston place, Park road
Rutherford John, coffee roaster, 28, John st.; h. 14, Lawrence st.
Rutherford Sarah, day school for young ladies, 7, Belle st.
Rutter James, gardener and boarding house, Everton lane
Rutter John, M.D. 15, St. Anne st.
Rutter Margaret, confectioner, 54, London rd.
Ryan Alex. lime merchant; h. 23, Lower Harrington st.
Ryan Eliz. shopkeeper, 25, Gt. Howard st.
Ryan Joseph, commission broker, 1, Manesty lane; h. 22, Seel st
Ryan Nicholas, silk mercht. 43, Clayton st.
Ryan Richard, bdg. house, 62, Vernon st.
Ryan Sarah, gentwn. 39, Mount pleasant
Rycroft Hannah, grocer, &c. 11, Thurlow st.
Rycroft Philip John, attorney, 9, Molyneux pl.; is. 15, Rodney st.
Ryder Dennis, butcher, 43, St. John's market; is. Clayton st.
Ryder James, gent. 8, Chester st.
Ryder John, ship broker, 28, N. side Old dock; h. 44, Mill st.
Ryding Samuel, silver plater, 5, Norbury st.
Rydman Eliz. boarding house, 7, Drury lane
Rylance Ellen, smallware dlr. 32, Scotland rd.
Ryland Wm. & Joseph, druggists, 59, Pool lane
Rylands Thos. warehouseman, 11, Milton st.
Ryley Benj. engineer, 3, Dwerryhouse st.
Ryley James, sail maker, 10, Orford st.; h. 22, Slater st.
Epley Jph. preparatory school, 36, Standish st.
Saddler John, vict. Wheat Sheaf, 14, Cheapside
Saddler Wm. mariner, Reeves yd. Barter st
Sadler Christiana, cart owner, 50, King st. Pool lane; Is. 11, Campbell st. Duke st.
Sadler Francis, gent 4, Northumberland St.
Sadler Wm. Windham, warm, vapour, and medicated bath establishment, 63, Wood st.
Sager Eliz. stay maker, 31, Brownlow bill
Sale John, vict. Packet, 17, New quay
Sale Rylands, vict. and ship broker, Rose and Thistle, 8, Darwin st.
Salisbury David, vict. Post Office Coffee House, 12, School lane
Salisbury John, sail maker; h. 35, Cornwallis st.
Salisbury John & Samuel, sail makers, 146, Park lane, and 14, New quay
Salisbury Nicholas, broker; h. Lawn, Aigburth
Salisbury Samuel, sail maker; h. 28, Lower Harrington st.
Salisbury Samuel, wine merchant, 27, Cook st. ; h. 14, Erskine st
Salisbury Thos. attorney, 61, Harrington st. ; h. 33, Duncan st. East
Salisbury, Turner, and Earle, brokers, 5, Exchange buildings
Salkeld George, American merchant, 1, Goree plasmas; is. Mary Ann st. Everton
Salmon W M. coach guard, 2, Reed's court, Pool lane
Salt John, keeper of Rotunda; is. 11, Wolstenholme square
Salter & Hancock, commission merchants and ageets, 1, Rumford st.
Salter Thomas, mercht. ; is. 14, Wolfe st.
Salter Thomas, general agent, 2, Rumford O.
Salthouse Daniel, bookkeeper, 10, Wilde st.
Saithouse Wm. gentleman, 4, Clarence st. Mount pleasant
Salts Wm. plasterer, &c. Kaye ct. Stanleyst.
Salusbury Rt. tobacconist, is. 7, Lime st.
Salusbury Robert, vict. Vale of Clwyd Tavern, 28, Peter lane
Sainsbury Wm. vict. Punch Bowl, 8, Rathbone st.
Sambrook Ellen, tea dealer, 10, Perry at
Sampson Rd. landing waiter, 41, Seymour st.
Samson Lyon, optician, 74; Brownlow hill
Samuel Edward, currier and leather dealer, 78, Byrom st.
Samuel F. and Co. patent lever watch manufacturers, 36, Castle st.
Samuel Mrs. Hannah, gentwn. 4, Vernon place
Samuel Lewis, patent lever watch mfr. silversmith and jeweller, 4, Lord st.
Samuel Louis & Co. silversmiths & patent lever watch mfrs. 41, Castle st.
Samuel Moses, lever watch manufacturer.; h. 15, Cornwallis st.
Samuel Mayes, gentleman, 35, Bold at
Samuel Nathan, slop dealer and navy agent, 7, North side Old dock
Samuel Rachael, gentlewoman, Lark lane
Samuel, Simpson, & Co. watch manufacturers, 31, Castle st. ; Is. 5, Great George place
Samuel Watkin, currier and leather dealer, 13, Great Crosshall st.
Sandbach John, porter dealer, 32, Hunter st,
Sandbach Samuel, merchant; h. 41, St. Anne st.
Sandbach, Tlnne & Co, West India merchants & ship owners, 10, Exchange buildings
Sanders Joseph. corn merchant ; h. 7, Pembroke place
Sanders John, attorney, 14, chapel Place, Erskine street
Sanders Jonathan, dealer in china and earthenware, 31, Cleveland square
Sanders Jonathan, coach guard, 68, Cheapside
Sanders Joseph, boot & shoemaker, 24. Scot land place
Sanders Richard, straw hat mfr. 4, Paradise st. ; h. 7, Falkland st.
Sanderson Aaron, joiner, 116, New Scotland rd.
Sanderson Ann, shopkpr. 20, Prince Wm. st.
Sanderson Esther, bdg. hs. 94, Brownlow hill
Sanderson Hugh Jas. mercht. 43, School lane; h. 5, Roscommon st.
Sanderson Jas. bricklayer, 116, New Scotland rd.
Sanderson Jas. shopkpr. 119, New Scotland rd.
Sanderson John, joiner, 49, Fontenoy st.
Sanderson John, butcher, 10, St. John's market; h. Aldersey st.
Sanderson John, bookkeeper, 61, Grafton st.
Sandford George, mariner, 9, St. James road
Sandford Nathan, bookkeeper, 11, Tyrer st. N.
Sandiford John, cow kpr. Beacon lane
Sandiford Rt. cattle dealer, Everton village
Sandland Elizabeth, gentwn. 22, Clarence st. Mount pleasant
Sands, Hodgson & Co. American commission merchants, 12, Goree plaza's
Sankey Samuel Hurst, printer and bookbinder, 12, Renshaw st.
Sankey M. S. & E. confectioners, 43, St. James place
Sant Frances, schoolmistress, 13, St. Vincent st. East
Santley Azariah, shopkeeper, 12, Gascoyne st.
Santley Wm.' bookbinder, stationer & dealer in old books, 10, Church alley
Sargant Thomas, furniture broker, 102, Fontenoy st.
Sarratt Elijah, cart owner, 7, Lydia Ann st.
Sarratt Wm. joiner, Wallasea
Satterthwaite Alice & Ann, ladies' bdg. school, Upper Stanhope st.
Satterthwaite Lucy, ladies' bdg. school, Old hall, St. Michael's, Toxteth park
Saul John, mariner, 10, Strickland st.
Saul Nathaniel, bellman of the borough of Liverpool, 25, Crosshall st.
Saul Rachael & Priscilla, hosiers and smaliware dealers, 51, Scotland road
Saunders John, provision dealer, Haymarket
Savage Anthony, merchant, 19, Goree piazzas; is. 19, St. Anne st.
Savage Margaret, dress maker, 13, Shaw alley
Savage Thos. bookkeeper, Duncan place
Savage Wm. shopkeeper, 41, Crosbie st.
Saville George, watch gilder, 2, Church lane
Sawkins Jas. inspector of taxes for the counties of Lancaster and Westmoreland? h. 7, Islington
Saxon Joseph, schoolmaster, Emma place, Savaney Pope st.
Saxon & Tate, hatters, ft, Lord st.
Saxon Ralph, vie. and spirit merchant, Letters, 25, James' st.
Sayer Geo. gent. 8, All Saints lane
Sayer John, chair maker, Tarlton court, Stanley st
Sayer Wm. marble mason, 2, Greenland st. and 16, Crump st.
Sayer Wm. jun. stone lump, 17, Henderson st.
Scaife Robert, merchant, 35, Water st.; h. 26. St. Anne st.
Scaife Thos. ship owner, 1, Russel st.
Scairsbriek Ellen, butcher, 97, St. John'smarket; h. 29, Pellew st.
Seairsbriek Rd. bookkeeper, 23, Clement st.
Scales William, gentleman, 13,. Nile st.
Scallion Francis, vict and tailor,. Letters, 4, George's dock passage
Scallion Mary, bdg. house, 6, Upper Pitt st.
Scallion Peter, vict Wind Mill, 13, Vauxhall rd.
Scarborough John, shoe, clog, & patten maker, 5, London road
Scarisbrick Henry, gent. 2, Crabtree lane
Scarisbrick Henry, baker, 2, Bakehouse court, Fleet st.
Scarisbrick John, butcher, 10, Cases st.
Scarisbrick Mary, bdg. house, 30, Denison st
Scarisbrick Wm. bookkeeper, 4, Horatio st.
Scarisbrick William, agent, 1, Brown st Green ville st
Scarsbrick Thos. butcher, 62, Pool lane
Scarsbrick Wes corn & flour dealer, 115, London road
Scevery Jes. carver and gilder, 17, Pellew st.
Schaivia Antonio, looking glass manufacturer, carver and. gilder, 67, Stanley st.
Schofield John, hosier, 9, Scotland road
Schofield Joseph, vict and woollen cloth dealer,. Hope & Anchor, 1, Hanover st.
Schofield Rt. excise officer, 50, Sawney Pope st.
Schofield Thos. gent. 48, New Scotland road
Scholefield David, druggist, Sec. 13, Queen.sq.
Seholey Rt hair dresser, 60, Marybone
Scholfield & Gartside, commission merchants, Paradise chambers, Paradise at
Scholfield Hugh, commission merchant; h. 6,. Daulby st
Scholfield John, mercht.; h. 42, Matthew at
Scholfield Joseph, brewer, 42, Matthew st
Schroeder Henry, vict. Wellington and Blucher, 25, E, side Salthouse dock
Schutz Sophia, milliner, 3, Nelson st. St. James'
Schwind Rachael, gentwn. 6; Crabtree lane
Scobie Elizabeth, mllliger and dress maker, 14,. Slater st.
Scoresby Wm. mariner, 7, Upr. Stanhope st.
Scotson Samuel, tanner & fanner, Pendletone tenement, Lodge lane, Smithdown lane; tan yard, Sir/Male
Scotson Thos. tanner; h. Pleasant st. Kirkdale
Scotson & Tunstall, tanners, Kirkdale
Scotson Wm. cow keeper, 12, Cook st.
Scott Christopher, fishmonger, 10, Moor at
Scott Daniel, ship bread baker, 40, h. 41, Mersey st,
Scott Eleanor, milliner and dress maker, 39. Russel st.
Scott Elizabeth, butcher, 52, St. John's market; h. U, Sawney Pope at
Scott Jacob, shoemaker, 5, Croston court, Cunllffe st.
Scott James, corn merchant, 13, Brunswick et ; h. 5, St. James' walk
Scott James, mariner, 8, Blake st.
Scott John, bookkeeper, 9, Epworth st.
Stott John,. shopkeeper, 71, HIghfIeld st.
Scott John,: vict. and livery stable keeper, Chesnut Horse, 9, Torbock st.
Scott.Jonathan, ship bread bake; & corn miller, 57, Strand st. ; h. New mill, Toxteth park
Scott Joseph, tailor and smaliware dealer, 16, Renshaw st.
Scott Peter Hefty, drawing master, 54, Upper Islington
Scott Roger, M.D. 5, Great George st.
Scott Samuel, bow string maker, 23, Great Richmond st
Scott Thomas, linen draper and tea dealer, 53, Byrom st.
Scott Thomas, painter, 4, Pine ct. Fontenoy it.
Scott, Widow, hardware dealer, 4, Tristram ct.
Scott Wm. coachman, 60, London road
Scott Wm. Act. Hop Pole, 28; Argyle st.
Scotton Rd. marine store dealer, 3, Dutton st.
Scouter Alex. vict Letters, 1, Bennett st.
Scruton Geo. linen draper and silk mercer, 13, Cleveland square, and 27, Lordst.
Scurrah Wm. tailor and draper, 46 and 50, Paradise st.
Seagar Henry, gent. 25, Slater st.
Seagar Mary, lodging house, 27, Dickinson st.
Seagar Susanna, ladies' seminary, 58, Duke st. Hanover st.
Seeger John, watch & clock mkr. 1, Simpson st.
Sealy George Timothy, merchant; h. Lodge lane, Everton
Sealy & Walker, merchts. 17, Exchange bdgs.
Seares Martha, gentwn. 21, Rodney st.
Sears Edward, tailor, 5, Casesst.
Seaton Charles, raper hanging manufacturers. h. 42, Ranelagh st.
Seaton Charles & Co. paper hanging mfrs. 94e Bold st; manufactory,,12, Pleasant st.
Seaton Harriet, confectioner, 42, Ranelagh st.
Seavor Christopher, tailor, 33, Bispham st
Seaweed Sarah, 25, Temple lane
Seddon Catharine, flour dealer, 4, hill st. S.
Seddon George, vict. Lamb, 18, Scotland road, & 27, Cavendish st.
Seddon James, cooper, 133, Park lane, and. 67e Upper Frederick st.
Seddon John, schoolmaster, 73, Crosshall at
Seddon John, ironmonger, 118, Whitechapel
Seddon John, ginger beer mfr. 9, Chaloner st
Seddon Joseph, cow keeper, 38, Bevington hill
Seddon Thomas, boot, clog, 6; pattea maker, 37, Park lane
Seddon Thos. cow keeper, 16, Ednnurd st.
Seddon Was. commissionbroltee, 30, Water st.
Seddon Wm. ship builder, &c.; h. 60, Grafton st.
Sedgwick James, butcher, 85, Oldhall st.
Sedgwick Wm. commission broker, Globe chains bees, John st; h. Kirkdale
Seed Elizabeth, smallware dealer, 34, New Scotland road
Seed Thomas, merchant, Wellington buildings, Pool lane ; h. 15, Slater st.
Seed Thomas, slater and plasterer, 51, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Seed Wm. shopkeeper, 1, Wavertree road
Sefton Cathn. Mg. house, 6, Richmond row
Sefton James & Robert, enamellers & plasterers. 31, Great Crosshall st.
Sefton Joseph, academy, 92, Gerard st.
Sefton Rt. slater & plasterer, 20, Peter st.
Sefton Wm. cabinet maker, 6, Springfield st
Segar Edw. corn mercht.; h. 26, Mt pleasant
Segar Hallsall, corn merchant, 20, Brunswick st ; h. 14, Russel st.
Segar & Houlding, corn merchants, I5, Brunswick st.
Sellar Isabella, gentwn. 19, Nelson at St James'
Sellers Mary Ann, milliner, 31, Newhall street
Sephton Edward, merchant; 40, Hurst street; h. 33, Seel street
Sephton Edward, tailor, 87, Copperas hill
Sephton George Foster, iron merchant, 40, Hurst street
Sephton Peter, stone mason, Portland st.
Sergeant James, joiner & cabinet maker, `Low hill; h. 1, Prospect st.
Sergeant John, tide waiter, 39, Bevington hill
Serice Wm. joiner, 4, Thomas street; h. 5,'Tristram court
Serjeant John, china & earthenware dealer, 19, E. side Salthouse dock; h. 62, Byrom st
Serjeantson Peter, broker; h. 2, Benson st.
Settle John, timber merchant, Northwich wharf, N. W. corner of King's dock; h, 56, St. James' st
Settle Joseph, warehouseman, 8, Back Berry st.
Sevier John, hair dresser, &c. 2, Brunswick st.
Seward Samuel, import officer, 6, Rupert st.
Seward Sarah, gentlewoman, 3, Chesterfield st.
Stewards Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 25, Upper Harrington street
Sewell Henry, mariner, 20, Burlington st
Sewell hear, soap manufacturer, and tallow chandler, 5, Grenville st.
Sewell Joseph, quill and pencil manufacturer, 140, Park lane
Seymour Bartholomew, merchant, 1, Henry st ; h. 108, Duke street, Hanover st.
Shacklady Jas. cow keeper, 20, Marlborough st.
Shacklady Richard,- row' keeper, 1, Turner st.
Shacklady Thomas, vict. Dog & Gun, 7, St. Vincent sheet, East
Shacklady Thomas, flour dealer, 11, York st.
Shacklady Thomas, Act. Hope and Anchor, 29, Cavendish street
Shacklady Wm. cart owner, 6, Burlington st.
Shackleton, Wright, and Hunter, 'attornies, 35, Brunswick 'street
Shackleton Thos. attorney ; h. 2, Rake'ln. Enter
Shadrack Wm. foreman at the Corporation yard, 11, Trentham street
Shadwell Samuel, warehouseman; 24, Prince's st Dale st.
Shakeshaft Samuel, eating house, 17, King st. Pool 'lane
Shakespeare Samuel, tide waiter, 1, Fisher st.
Shalleross John, provlsi5n'merchant; h. 'Nelson street, St. James'
Shallcross Thomas, gentleman, Mill st.
Shallcross Thomas, jun cheesemonger and Irish provision dealer, 41, Redcross street, and 2, Corfes buildings
Shand Chas. mercht. ; h. 7, Rupert In. Everton
Shand,' Ellis, and Shand, 'merchants and ship Metiers';'4,'Old Church yard
Shand Francis, mercht.; h. 11, Roscommon st.
Shand & Prescot, nail mfrs. 37, Edmund it.
Shand Wm. merchant; h 17. Upper Parliament street
Shankland William, boarding house, 16, Great George street
Shanklin John ; h. 19, Wavertree road
Shanklin, Manley, and Co. Chester canal office, 3, Nova Scotia
Shannon Mary, bottle and hamper dealer, 23, Crooked lane
Shapter John, vict. Letters, 35, Denison st.
Sharmin Margaret, straw hat maker, 8, Gore st.
Sharmin Robert, shoemaker, 8, Gore st
Sharp Ann, ladies' boarding school, 14, Everton terrace
Sharp James and John, merchants, and agents to the Limerick traders, 31, Pool lane
Sharp John, fruiterer, 34, Great Crosshall st.
Sharp John, joiner, 17, Mill lane, Shaw's brow
Sharp Joseph, plumber, glazier, and painter, 50 Richmond row
Sharp Martin, mariner, 11, Northumberland it.
Sharp Peter, carver and gilder, 3, Elliott st
Sharp Richard, bookkeeper, 23, Temple lane
Sharp Thomas, vict. Letters, 79, Sparling st
Sharp Wm. shopkeeper, 90, London road
Sharpe Wm. druggist, oil dealer, &c. 112, Pitt street
Sharpies Benjamin, Act. Flying Horse, I31, Dale street
Sharples John, Saracen's Head Inn, 135, Dale st,
Sharpies Peter, Golden Lion Inn, 185, Detest.
Sharpies Thomas, cabinet S& chair maker, upholsterer, &c. 8, Queen square; manufactory Fontenoy street
Sharpies Wm. timber merchant, broker and ship owner) 75, h. 76, Sparling st & Wavertree
Sharpley •John, vict Crown & Anchor, 16, Pall Mall
Sharrocks Ann, boarding house; 2, York st.
Shaw Catharine, butcher, 39, St. John's market; h. 7, Wright's court, Bachelor street
Shaw Daniel, vict. Golden Cup, 1, Lad lane
Shaw 'Elizabeth, boarding house, 50, Sep. moue st.
Shaw Esther, boarding house, 28, Bridport st.
Shaw George, joiner, 29, Williamson st.
Shaw Geo. cotton broker;" h. 21, Brunswick rd:
Shaw James, timber merchant, 18, St, James" st. 'h. 1 & 2, Nelson street, St. James'
Shaw James, tailor, 7, Rainford garden
Shaw Jane, tea dealer, 11, Upper Harrington st.
Shaw Jeremiah, corn miller, old mill, 1, Park rd
Shaw John, surgeon, 28, Copperas hill; h. 29; Seymourstreet
Shaw John, Esq. Springfield House, 16, Springfield street
Shaw John, eating house, 164, Dale st.
Shaw John, vict. Coach and Horses, I, Pepper street, New Scotland road, and Throstle nest, Walton
Shaw John, cow keeper, 37, Devon street
Shaw John, vict. Ship, 5, Fairclough st.
Shaw John, vict, Punch Bowl, 29, Great Howard street
Shaw Mary, gentlewoman; 14, COmua st.
Shaw Peter, saddle tree maker, 33, Lumber at,
Shaw Peter, jun. cork cutter, 33, Lumber st.
Shaw Richard, actuary at the Savings Bank, 381 Bold street
Shaw Sarah, gentlewoman, 13, Rodney street
Shaw Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, 22, Edmund street
Shaw Thomas, surveyor of taxes, 12, Church alley; h. Walton
Shaw Thos. lodging house, 150, New Scotland rd.
Shaw Thomas, gentleman, 13, Rodney st.
Shaw Wm. vict. Commercial Tavern, 53, South side Old dock
Shaw Wm. mariner, 7. Trafalgar street
Shaw Wm. constable, perpetual oveteeer, and collector of King's and parish taxes; h. Everton village
Shaw Wm. dock police officer, 32, Crosshall st.
Shaw Wm. tailor & draper, 27, Tarleton st.
Shaw Won, watch spring maker, 59, Crosshall at
Shaw Wm. vict. Ship, 37, Standish st.
Shaw Wm. Cunlifth, spirit dealer, 20, Standish street
Shawcross Peter, vict. Ship, 10, Bromfield st.
Shearer Archibald, mariner, 4, Parliament st.
Shearer Wm. shopkeeper, 54, Stanley st.
Sheldford Nicholas, marine store and coal dealer, Hill street, South; is. Williams' court, Wright street
Sheldon Ellen, gentlewoman, 11, Trowbridge street
Shepherd Benj. vict I, Blundell street
Shepherd Ann, boarding house, 22, Drury lane
Shepherd Edward, butcher, 48, St. John's market; h. 4, Copeland court, Peter st.
Shepherd Isaac, gardener, Mount cottage, St. James' walk
Shepherd John, gentleman, 2, Silver street
Shepherd John, currier & leather cutter, 15, Rainford garden
Shepherd John, flour dealer, 9, Prescot st ; h. 14, Epworth street
Shepherd John, curator of the Botanic garden, Oxford street, East
Shepherd John and Co. tobacco manufacturers, 46, Dale street
Shepherd John, tobacco manufacturer ; is. 3, Scotland pl.
Shepherd Joseph, White Hart Inn, 180, Dale st.
Shepherd Thomas, vict. Ship, 29, Ormond st
Shepherd Wm. grocer and flour dealer, 67, Great Crosshall street
Shepherd Wm. bookkeeper, Breck lane
Sherlock John, joiner, 14, White mill street
Sherlock Jeffry Cheney, timber merchant, 7.
Sefton street; h. 9, Rupert street
Sherlock Samuel and Thomas, merchants & ship owners, 16, Parr street
Sherlock Samuel, merchant; is. 10, Gt. George st.
Sherlock Thomas, merchant; is. Botanic view, Edge hill
Sherlock Thomas, collector's clerk in customs, 3, Gloucester place
Sherlock Wm. tobacco. broker, 17, Brunswick street ; h. Mount Vernon street
Sherratt Moses, cow keeper, 18, Shawhill street
Sherratt Richard, mariner, 9, Newington row
Sherratt Richard, painter & glazier, 42, Maguire street
Sherriff James, drawing master & land surveyor, 14, Finch street
Sherry John, bookkeeper, 20, Upper Harrington street
Sherry Sarah, shopkeeper, 22, Barter st.
Sherwood Wm. S. architect and land surveyor, 14, Lime street
Shewell Ann, gentlewoman, 11, Union st.
Shewell James, vict. Grapes, 6, Marble st. and 15, Hood street
Shewell Nathan, Esq. Holt hill, Tranmere
Shewell Rev. Wm. Holt hill, Tranmere
Shields Hugh, tailor, 11, Hurst st
Shields Robert, brush mfr. 1, Castle ditch
Shiels Charles, merchant ; h. 5, Low hill
Shillito Henry, mariner, 18, White mill st.
Shingleton Rev. Wm. boarding school, 5, Daulby street
Shipley Joseph, merchant; h. Colquitt st.
Shipley, Welsh, and Co. merchants, 7, King it. Pool lane
Shirley Wm. hair dresser, &c. 9, Ranelagh st.
Sheet Ebenezer, baker, &c. 16, Limekiln lane
Shone George, poulterer, 2, Houghton st.
Shotwell Joshua, gentleman, 9, Christian st.
Shute Wm fruiterer, &c. 59, St. James' st.
Shuttleworth Elizabeth, earthenware dealer, 178, Vauxhall road
Shuttleworth Willlam, boarding house, 12, Hurst st.
Sibberin Thomas, currier and leather dealer, 26, Or age street
Sibson Christiana, lodging house, 5, Blair st.
Sibson Robert, mariner, 11, Upper Pitt st.
Siddorn Joseph) dock police officer, 29, Milton street
Sidebottom Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 25, Upper Pitt street
Sidley Joseph, farmer, Tranmere
Sidley John, farmer, Tranmere
Sidney W m public bakehouse, 29, Moor st.
Silbowden John, furniture broker, 54, Tithebarn street
Silcock Wm, tailor, 89, Dale street
Sill Anabella and Sarah, grocers, &c. 83, Bold st.
Sill Isabella, tea dealer, 3, Dean street
Sill James, gentleman, 83, Bold street
Sitter Zechariah, M.D. 22, Great George sq.
Silversides George, academy; 18, Lydia Ann et t is. 10, Kent st
Silvester Charles, civil engineer & land surveyor, 36, Lime street
Silvester Edward, vict. Half Moon, 1, Concert street
Simi Joseph & Co.leather factors, 16, Vernon st.
Sim Joseph, leather factor ; is. 15, Park place
Simcock Esther, bookbinder and stationers 36. Highfield street
Simcock John, slater, &c. South st. Toxteth pie.
Simcock Philip, ship bread baker, 38, Shaw alley
Simcock Robert, mariner, 29, Gore st.
Simcock Sarah, vict. Flat, 59, Hurst st.
Simcock Wm ship bread baker, 2, Sparling st.
Simcock Wm. stay & corset maker, 16, Hoots st.
Simcock Wm. vict. Nag's Head, 183, I at
Slmkin Ann, vict. Letters, b1, Tithebarn st.
Slmkin Henry, vict. Crpwn & Anchor, 59, Highfield street
Simmins Daniel, china, earthenware, end g)ase dealer, and painter, 17, Cleveland square
Simmons Gwin and William, brokers and shin owners, 4 & 5, Salthouse dock gates
Simmons Gwin, broker; h. MW street
Simmons Thomas, gentleman. 1$ill street
Simmons Wm. broker; h. 8, Upper Parliament street
Simms William, shoemaker, 141, New Scotland road
Simner Francis, shopkeeper, 22, Crosshall s,
Simner John, weigher in customs, 1, All Saints lane
Simon John, chemist and druggist, 49, Byrom st.
Simon Thomas; chemist and druggist, 69, Oldhall street
Simonds Edmund, wholesale and retail hat dealer, 44, East end Old dock, & 11, Parker st.
Simpson Benj. mariner, 103, New Scotland road
Simpson and Co. shipwrights and boat builders, 10, Cornhill
Simpson Cuthbert, oil merchant and ship chandler, 11, Strand st. and 28, Redcross st., h Much Woollen
Simpson & Davies, rope makers, 28, Redero;cat and 11, Strand street
Simpson Dinah, shipwright and boat builder, 13, Cornhill; h. 49, Upper Frederick st.
Simpson Ellza, dress maker, 39, Richmond row
Simpson Jas. public baker, 74, Freemason's row
Simpson John, seh shipwright; is. 21, Charlotte street
Simpson John, optician, &c. 38, Wapping
Simpson John, merchant, 28, Cook street; is. 2. Clare street
Simpson John, bookkeeper, 58, Gildart's gardens
Simpson John, carrier, 4, North side Duke's dock quay; (agent, Edward Dickinson)
Simpson Joseph, collector of excise, 3, Netherfield lane, South
Simpson Robert, baker, 38, Pail mall
Simpson Thomas, shoemaker, 32, Rise place
Sims James, boot and shoemaker, 216, Vauxhall road
Sims Robert Ewing, merchant, 16, East side Dry dock ; h. 16, Devon street
Sinclair Ann, dress maker, 22, Cropper st.
Sinclair John, provision merchant and ship owner, 30, North side Old dock; is. 16, Mill street
Sinclair Peter, mariner, 28, Burlington at
Sinclair Wm. tailor and draper, 7, College lane
Singer Nathaniel & Co. silk mercers, lumen, and haberdashers, 68, Church street
Singlehurst John, grocer, &c. 20, Sawney Pope street
SInglehurst Robert, merchant, 22, John street; is. 15, Brownlow street
Singlehurst Thomas, merchant; is. 58, London road
Singlehurst Ellen boarding house, 6. Moor place
Singleton John, hair dresser, 13, slater st
Sintzenick Gustavus, drawing master, 43, Seymour St
Sissons Wm British lace manufacturer, 14. Prescot street
Sixsmith James, vict. W ipti Mill, 37, London road
Skaife Elisabeth, gentlewoman, 57, High street, Edge hill
Skaife Hannah, rttuner, 66,. Puke st. Hase over street
Skaife James, gennentan, 57, High st. Edgeh-ll
Skeaping John, tailor, 7, School lisle
Skeath Wm. tide waiter, 29, Clement street
Sketland Mary, vict. Black Cat, 3$, Addison st.
Skellorn Ann, boarding home, 14, Moss it.
Skellorn Elisabeth, shopkeeper, 29, Sensatrg st.
Skerratt Ellen, gentlewoman, 2, Bent st.
Skerratt Thomas, iron founder, ic.; h. 20, Crt• Crosshall street
Skerrett Robert, surgeon, King st. Edge WI
Skerrett W. N. merchant, ?King et, EdBe hlll
Skillicorn John, carver its wood, 6, Thoalyp court, Milton st.
Skillin Andrew, shoes,.,. r, et, Gerard street
Skinner Joseph, 28, Preston street
Skipton Martha, lodging house, 15, Grenville et
Slack James, warehouseman, 2, Great Richmond place, Rose hill
Slade Thomas, ship broker, 46, King st. Pool lane; h. 19, Summer seat
Slater Aspinall, grocer, 23, Pellew street
Slater Benedict, vent* sawyer, dre. ; is. 4, Kent square
Slater Deborah, gentlewoman, 18, Seel st.
Slater Elizabeth, milliner, 34, Russel street
Slater Hannah, dress maker, 9, Rupert st.
Slater James, fishmonger, 46, St. John't metket ; is. 25, Benn's gardens
Slater James, vict. and pilot, Pilot Boat, S. Nova Scotia
Slater John, butcher, 54, St. John's market; h. Moorfields
Slater John, architect ; is. 16, Seel street
Slater J. and B. sawing mills, joiners Qr builders, 17, Seel street
Slater John, yeoman, 2, Bevington
Slater Margaret vict Bristol Tavern, 10, North side Old dock
Slater Mary & Joke, gentlewomen, 22, Rodney street
Slater William, linen and woollen draper, 25. Pool lane
Slater Wen. register office, 6, Argyle court, Argyle street
Slater William, Phythian street slaters and Smith, veneer saw mills, 17, Seel st,
Slean James, linen draper, 89, Whitechapel
Slight Sarah, straw hat mfr. 6, Drente st,
Slinger John, wine and spirit merchant, 1, Duke street, Hanover street; is. 17, Benson street
Slingsby Thomas, cattle dealer, Everton viistga
Sloan James, shoemaker, 11, Salthouse lane
Sloan John, cooper, 71, New Bird street; is. 22, Sperling street
Sloan Thomas, bookkeeper, 61, Oloaceytar it. Lime street
Sloan Thomas B. bookkeeper, 2, Shimmer Beat
Slane Jane, dress maker, 9, Bridport street
Smalley James, watch tool maker, 51,Marybone
Smallshaw E. & E. milliners, 56, Richmond row
Smallshaw John, gent. 56, Richmond row
Smallwood Sarah, gentlewoman, 11, Roscommon street
Smallwood Thomas, schoolmaster, 146, New Scotland road
Smart Hannah, circulating library, 2, Church alley
Smart Hugh, bricklayer, 6, Strickland st.
Smart James, mariner, 18, Sparling st.
Smart Jane, grocer and flour dealer, 19, Great Richmond street
Smart John, warehouseman, 23, Warren st.
Smart John, wire worker, 6, Button street and 68, Whitechapel
Smart Sarah, dress maker, 1, Peter lane
Smeatham James and Robert, blacksmiths, 93, London road
Smeatham James, blacksmith ; h. 1, Albion court
Smeatham John, blacksmith, Coal street, and shopkeeper, 17, Albion street
Smeatham Thomas, blacksmith, 30, Back Bridport street
Smeatham William, file manufacturer, 8 and 9, Albion street
Smeatham Wm. vict. Letters, & cart owner, 16, Henry Edward street
Smedley and Bridge, accountants, 4, York st.
Smedley Ellen, straw hat maker, 47, Byrom st.
Smedley John Thos. merchant ; Is. Lingers
Smethurst John, agent, 49, Vauxhall road
Smethurst Rt. bookkeeper, 172, Vauxhall road
Smirthwaite John, corn and flour dealer, 13, Great Howard street
Smith Alexander, merchant, 36, Brunswick 8L; h. 29, St. Anne street
Smith Alexander, jun. merchant: h. Dingle lodge, Toxteth park
Smith Andrew, baker and flour dealer, 62, Tithebarn street
Smith Ann, schoolmistress, 37, Henry Edward st.
Smith Ann, lodging house, 2, Lawrence street
Smith Ann, vict. Vine Tavern, 61, Norfolk st.
Smith Ann, gentlewoman, 29, Springfield st.
Smith Ann, boarding house, 9, Comas street
Smith and Bell, timber merchants, 28, St. James' street
Smith Benjamin, veneer sawyer ; h. 7, Bold ph
Smith Benjamin, 2, Leander street
Smith Bryan, gentleman, 69, Bold street, and Pigging hill, Lydfate
Smith Bryan, custom house surveyor, 1, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Smith Caleb and James, ship builders and owners, corner of Baffin street, South side Queen's dock basin
Smith Caleb, ship builder, &c.; h. 27, Lower Harrington street
Smith Charles, music master; h. (Adseere
Smith Charles, bookseller and stationer, 85, Paradise street
Smith Charles, straw hat mfr. 91, Paradise street
Smith Daniel, vict. Fleece Tavern, 47, Oldhall street
Smith Daaiel, schco,maater, 10, Cooper street
Smith David, saddler, 16, New Scotland road ; Is. 1, Nash grove
Smith David, mariner, 3, Kent street
Smith Edward, master porter, 4, Weston court, Vauxhall road
Smith Edward, engraver, 49, Gloucester street, Lime street
Smith Edward, gentleman, 7, Northumberland st.
Smith Edward, vict. Butchers Arms, 21, Harrington street
Smith Egerton and Co. printers and publishers of the Liverpool Mercury (Friday), and Kaleidoscope (Tuesday), 75, Lord street
Smith Egerton, printer, &c.; h. 11, St. James' road
Smith Ellz gentlewoman, 80, Rodney street
Smith Ellz gentlewoman, Portland pl. Everton
Smith Eliz. boarding house, 16, Pitt street
Smith Eliz spirit dealer and cooper, 50 and 51, Park lane
Smith Eliz and Co. coopers. 27, Tabley st
Smith Ellen, butcher, 17, St. John's market; Is. 37, Peter street
Smith, Forsyth, and Co. merchants, 12, Lower Castle street
Smith Francis, corn broker, 9, Goree; 1r. 12, Great Newton street
Smith Francis, tide waiter, Wilkinaon'a court, Leeds street
Smith Frederick, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, 2, Old haymarket
Smith Geo.printer, &c. ; h. I'Portland pl. Everton
Smith George and John, merchants, 6, Barter st.
Smith George, billet master, 7, Gloucester Bt. Lime street
Smith George, master of the Exchange News Rooms ; Is. 14, Earle street
Smith Hannah, baker, &c. 103, St. James' st,
Smith Hannah, hosier, 31, Circus street
Smith Hannah, shopkeeper, 62, Fontenoy street
Smith Henry, music preceptor, 3, John's court, Blspham street
Smith Henry, bookkeeper, 24, Milton street
Smith Henry, farmer, Liscard
Smith and Hutchinson, ship brokers and owners, 25, North side Old dock
Smith Isaac, broker, 36, Water street
Smith Mrs. J. cooper, 64, Park lane
Smith James, dealer in marine stores, and nail mfr. 22, h. 24. Copperas hill
Smith James, ship builder ; b. 10, Grenville st.
Smith James, gentleman, 32, Kent street
Smith James, joiner, 63, South side Old dock; h. 39, Sparling street
Smith James, mariner, 69, Stanhope street
Smith James, gentleman, Devonshire place, Everton
Smith James, warehouseman, 14, Torbock st.
Smith James, grocer and flour dealer, 112, New Scotland road
Smith James, grocer, bread and biscuit baker, 2, Atherton at, and 39, Redcross st.
Smith James, mariner, 12, Upper Mann street
Smith James, butcher,' 14 and 92, St. John's market ; h. Providence buildings, Rose st.
Smith James, wholesale cheesemonger, 1, Jervis street
Smith James, tailor and clothes denier, $iy Standish street
Smith James H.merchant; Is. 1, Hardman st.
Smith Jane, gentlewoman, 1, Boundary place, London road
Smith Jane, boarding house, 120, Duke street, Hanover street
Smith Jane and Sarah, gentle1romen, 5, Belle st.
Smith Rev. John, A. M. curate of St. James' ; h. 23, Upper Parliament street
Smith John, saddler, 53, Scotland road; h. 7, Belle street
Smith John, baker, &c. 72, Lime street and 27, Copperas hill
Smith John, merchant; h. 24, Rose place
Smith John, merchant; h, 3, Brownlow street
Smith John and Co. wine, porter, and ale merchants. 76, Strand street, and 3, Bird st.
Smith John, wine merchant ; Is. 80, Rodney st.
Smith John, agent to the Newcastle Crown Glass Co. 59; Vernon street
Smith John. printer, &c. ; h. 6, Vine street
Smith John, draper, 9, Bevington street
Smith John, ship broker, ; h. 33, Mill street
Smith John, gentleman, 11, Limekiln lane
Smith John, grocer and joiner, 19, Bevington bush road
Smith John, riding and quarter master of the Liverpool Light Horse Riding School, 3, Great Charlotte street
Smith John, mariner, 9, Rose hill
Smith John, bookkeeper, 13, Torbock street
Smith John, wheelwright, &c. Everton village
Smith John, leather cutter, 64, Crosshall street; h. 22, Shaw hill street
Smith John, corn broker, Blundell's court, Fenwick street; Is. Virgil street
Smith John, overlooker, 35, Cropper street
Smith John W. warm and cold baths, 1, Neptune street
Smith John, boarding house, 6, Gt. George st.
Smith John Inglesant, butcher, 71, Great Crosshall street
Smith John, butcher, 23, Vauxhall road
Smith John, B. and Co. cotton brokers, 89, Oldhall street
Smith John, shoemaker, 24, Greetham st.
Smith John, butcher, 18 and 19, Harrington st.
Smith Joseph, clerk in customs, 40, Milk street
Smith Joseph Staples, shoemaker, &c. 3, Cases st.
Smith Joshua, joiner and builder, Devonshire place, Everton
Smith Jonathan, printer, &c. ; h. Beau street
Smith Mrs. J. W. 4, Brownlow street
Smith Margaret, gentlewoman, 2, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Smith Margaret, upholsterer, 15, Circus street
Smith Margaret, gentwn. 12, Trowbridge street
Smith Martha, boarding house, 11, Hunter st. Byrom street
Smith Mary, bookseller, stationer, and tea dealer, 28, Richmond row
Smith Mary, butcher, 19, St. John's market; h. 37, Peter street
Smith Mary, saddler, Haymarket
Smith Mary, vict Letters, Hill street, South
Smith Mary, vict. Cross Keys, 5, Earle street
Smith Mary, school for young ladies, 1, Nash grove
Smith Moses, mariner, 7, Duncan st. St. James'
Smith Peter, timber merchant; Is. 40, Upper Frederick street
Smith Peter, hat manufacturer, 102, Bold street ; h. 46, Hanover street
Smith Ralph, slater and plasterer, Aldersey st.
Smith Richard, plumber and glazier, 2, Sir Thomas' buildings; h. 54, New Scotland rd.
Smith Richard, mariner, 22, Temple lane
Smith Robert, linen and woollen draper, 1, St. Stephen's street
Smith Robert, slater, &c.; Is. 45, Frederick street, St. James'
Smith Robert, truss and bandage maker, 13, Roe street
Smith Samuel, auctioneer & appraiser, 19, Lord street; Is. 22, Great Newton street
Smith Sarah, milliner, 6, upper Dawson street
Smith Thomas, livery stable keeper, and warehouseman, 2, Lime street
Smith Thomas, stationer, bookseller, engraver, & copper plate printer, 13, Paradisestreet
Smith Thomas, mariner, 69, Bridgewater street
Smith Thomas, clothes dealer, Si, Cable st:
SmIth Thomas, watch gilder, 13, Cumberland st.
Smith Thomas, tide waiter, 11, Chorley street
Smith Thomas, wheelwright, 5, Milk street
Smith Thomas, shoemaker, 38, St. James' st.
Smith Thos. smallware dealer, 23, Tithebarn st.
Smith Thomas, bricklayer, Owen's place, Eldon place
Smith Rev. Wm. 21, Ray street
Smith William, vict. Pembroke Castle, 49, Mersey street
Smith William H. bookkeeper, Portland place, Roscommon street
Smith William, merchant; h. Fulwood lodge, Toxteth park
Smith William Henry, gentleman, 3, Great Homer street
Smith, Wm. vict. Letters, 27, Duncan street, St. James'
Smith Wm. vict. Letters, 27, Matthew street
Smith William, wholesale butcher, Anderson's court, Peter street
Smith Wm. plasterer, 10, Warren street
Smith Wm. cart owner, 1, Gradwell street
Smith Wm. Alexander, wine and porter merchant, 13, Duke street, Hanover st.
Smith Wm. drysalter; Is. 40, St. Anne street
Smith Wm. and M. and Co. drysalters, 4, Matthew street
Smith Lieut. Wm. Henry, ILK. 2, Grosvenor st.
Smith Wm. wheelwright, 2, Warwick street
Smitham Henry, tailor, 4, Chapel lane, Brownlow hill
Smithers Henry, professor of mathematics, Alfred place, Toxteth park
Smithers John Hamden, provision merchant, 24, King street, Pool lane ; Is. Alfred place. Toxteth park
Smoult Ann, dress maker, 7, Roscoe st.
Smoult Charles, ship broker, 7, Roscoe street
Smoult Sarah & Elizabeth, fruiterers, 95, Bold street; h. Scotland place
Smyth George, boot and shoemaker, 81, London road
Smyth Rev. John Hill, B.D. lecturer and surrogate of St. Thomas' ; h. 26, Rose piece
Snead Wm. painter, 65, Circus street
Snell and Gallass, milliters, dress makers, and dealers io British lace, 100, Bo:d street
Snell, Robins, and Co. carriers, 4, North side Duke's dock q'.zay ; (agent, George Chen)
Snelson Wm, sexton of St. James', 65, Greenland street
Sneyd Thomas, merchant; h. 21, St. Vincent st.
Snowdon John, vict Coach and Horses, 19, Lower Castle street
Snowdon Robert, mariner, 25, Watkinson st.
Socket Job, butcher, 25, St.John's market; Is. 55, Lumber street
Solomon Abraham, M.D. Gilead House, Kensington
Solomon Hannah, slop and clothes dealer, 140A, Park lane
Solomon John, gentleman, 1, Maryland street
Solomon Robert, marine painter, 1, Warwick st.
Solomon Wm. keeper of the Town Hall; h. 15, Exchange street, East
Somerville James, shopkeeper, 126, Dale st.
Somerville R. H. and Co. hosiers, lacemee, and glovers, 56, Church street
Sommerville Wm. vict. Shakespear Tavern, 85, Whitechapel
Soensen Henry, merchant; Is. 16, Benson st.
Sorensen Peter, Esq. Danish consul, 11, airedwell street, and Fazakerley
Sorensen Peter Maim, jun. merchant; Is. 17, Seel street
Sorensen Peter, Son, and Co. Russian merchants, 11, Gradwell street
Soresby and Flack, carriers, 1, North side, Duke's dock quay; (agent, Robert Dickinson)
Sorley James and Son, classical and commercial boarding and day academy, 4d, Mount pleasant
Sorley John, teacher; h. 46, Mount pleasant
Sorton Edward, butcher, 75, Park lane
Sothern and Bly, sign, furniture, ship, and ornamental painters and glaziers, 7, Salthouse lane
Sothern John, merchant, ship owner, & broker, 3, North side Duke's dock quay ; h. 2, Upper Parliament street
Sothern William, painter and shopkeeper, 114, Park lane
Soul Cornelius, basket and ship maker, 24, Scotland place
Southart Christopher, gent. 4, Scotland road
Southern Cordelia, gentwn. 14, Beau street
Southern Henry, tailor, 13, Vernon street
Southern James, cow keeper, Low hill
Southern Thomas, tobacconist, 17, Scotland rd.
Southwell Nicholas, organ and piano forte mfr. and music seller, 110, Duke st. Hanover st.
Southwell Richard, tobacconist, 81, Byrom st.
Sowerbuts Charles, ale add porter brewer; h. 1, Crosbie street
Sowerby Jane, boarding house, 19, Temple st.
Sowerby M. vict. King's Arms, 36, Dale st.
Sowerby Peter, eheesemonger and prevision meet. 26, Castle ditch; h. 94, Copperas hill
Soy Elizabeth add Alice, milliners, &c. 15, Bold place
Sparckes Thomas, farmer, Wallasete
Spark Joseph, vict. Dog, 15, Harrington rt.
Sparks Geo. cart owner, 46, Limekiln Wm
Sparks Joseph, timber merchant, 1, Lydia AIM street
Sparks Mary, straw hat manufacturer, 13, Cases street
Speakman John, hat mfr. 86, London road
Speakman John, east owner, 27, Mitten street
Speakman Thoms H. vict White Lion, II, Vauxhall road
Speakman ThomaS, cow keeper, 63, Barmstre street
Spears James, rimer and provision dealer, 92, Gloucester st. Lime st. ; Is. 1, Poynton at,
Spedding Ann, boarding house, 80, Pitt st.
Speed Hugh, butcher, 53, h. 34, Lime st.
Speed Thomas, butcher, 102, St. James' st.
Speight Richard, shoemaker, 42, Brunswick road
Spence Elie. boarding house, 1, Cornwallis st.
Spence James, bookkeeper, 42, Sawney Pope st.
Spence James, merchant ; h. 9, Cazneau st.
Spence Wm. sculptor and marble mason; h. 61, Brownlow hill
Spence William, 18, Slater street
Spencer Christiana, vict. Original Gallows Mill, 43, London road
Spencer David, ham and bacon dealer, 60. Greenland street
Spencer Edward, master porter, 11, Price st.; h. 30, Pitt street
Spencer Edward, bookkeeper, 6, Brunswick road
Spencer Edward, cow keeper, 9, Tyrer st
Spencer Henry, cow keeper, 12, Webster strEet. Everton
Spencer Henry, baker, 75, Chisennate street
Spencer Henry, hair dresser, dcc. 55, Dale st.
Spencer John, brazier and coppersmith. Routh court, Thomas st.
Spencer John, mariner, 17, Combermere st.
Spencer John, Cooper, Lawrence St.; h. Naylor street
Spencer John, butcher, 2, Scotland road
Spencer Joseph, joiner, 56, Gerard st.
Spencer Richard, overlooker, E. side Canal bank
Spencer Robert, flour dealer, &c. 1, St. Paul's square
Spencer Samuel, butcher, 18, St. John's market ; h. West Derby
Spencer Thomas, bookkeeper, 9, Islington row
Spencer Thomas, shoemaker, 104, London rd. ; h. 6, Hunter street
Spencer Wm. hair dresser, 46, London road
Spencer Wm. excise officer, 2, Fairclough St.
Spencer Wm. hair dresser, 52, St. James' St.
Spice Wm. auctioneer, Gregory place, Gerard street
Spoonley Wm. Pryce, tea dealer, 88, Pitt st.
Spriggs Anna and Esther, tea dealers. 9.I, Islington
Spring Mary, butcher, 33, St. John's market; r• 44, Adlington street
Spring Richard, butcher, 68, rnaryoone
Sproule Joseph, mariner, 14, Grenville greet
Spurr Wm. sheriffs officer, 2, Temple street
Squire John, needle and fish hook maker, 4, Wapping
Squires Mary, china, &c. dealer, 147, New Scotland road
Stables Martha, milliner and dress maker, 20, Stockdale street
Stables Susanna, dress maker, 9, Duncan st E.
Stables Thomas, watch maker, 20, Stockdale st.
Stack Ann, boarding house, 107, Duke street, Hanover street
Stack and Hores, merchants, 6, George's dock gates, North
Stafford John, stonemason, Rockllffe court, Leeds street
Stalker Mary J. lodging house, 24, Upper Pitt st.
Stamper Isaac, lime merchant and bricklayer, 18, Hawke st.; h. 8, Brownlow hill .Stananought Thomas, cow keeper, 62, Stanhope street
Standing Richard, turncock at Bootle reservoir ; h. Devonshire place, Everton
Standish coal company's office, I, Peckover st.
Standish John, corn and flour dealer, 43 and 59, London road; h. 20, Falkland st.
Staniforth Samuel, Esq. stamp distributor, 5, Old Church yard; h. 10, Netherfield lane, South
Staniland Richard, agent, Crown Vaults yard, 48, Fleet street
Stanistreet Almeria, gentlewoman, 2, Low hill
Stanistreet Andrew, vict. Cottage, 11, Mason place, Viller street
Stanistreet Catharine, shopkeeper, 21, New Bird street
Stanistreet John, furniture broker, 10, Stanley street
Stanistreet Margaret, vict. Chester Tavern, 21, Lower Castle street
Stanistreet Mary, vict. Letters, 16, Blundell st.
Stanistreet Samuel, furniture broker, 31, St. James' street
Stanley Alexander, comptroller of customs; Is. 4, Mount Vernon street
Stanley Edward and Son, blacksmiths, 25, Kitchen street
Stanley Martha, boarding house, 8, Mersey st.
Stanley Mary, gentlewoman, discard
Stanley Robert, bookbinder, 4, George court, Fontenoy street'
Stanley Robert, yeoman, Wallasea
Stanley Wm. bookkeeper, 1, Finch street
Stanley Wm. baker, 17, Worfield st.
Stanfield Mary, baker, 30, Hunter st.
Stanton James, gunpowder office, union court, Castle street; (agent, David Hunter)
Stanton Matthew, boat owner, 2, Roberts st. N.
Starbuck Henry, gentleman, 18, Bold st.
Starkey John, gentleman, 54, Mill street
Statham Edward, pin maker and haberdasher, 3, Elliot street
Statham John, shoemaker, 24, Williamson st.
Statham William, Esq. town clerk; Is. Walton Rectory
Staveley Wm, sexton of St. Andrew's; h. Oldhartr court, Oldham street
Stavert Eliz. gentlewoman, 59, Gt. George Bt.
Stavert Thomas, gent.'19, Great George street
Steagman John, shopkeeper, 37, Watkinson st.
Steel and Clough, ironmongers, 11, Old haymarket
Steel Eliza, gentlewoman, 23, Stockdale street
Steel Elizabeth, gentwn. 24, Mount pleasant
Steel and Foster, flint glass manufacturers, 11, Argyle street
Steel Francis, whltesmith, 4, Wood street; h. Blake court
Steel Henry, superintendent of oil gas works, 3, Rose hill
Steel James, ironmonger; h. 21, shaw's brow
Steel John, merchant, 9, Exchange alley; h. 12, Duke street, Edge hill
Steel John, vict, Wheat Sheaf, 14, Pownall sq.
Steel John, spirit dealer, 9 and 10, South Union street
Steel John, manufacturing chemist, 44, Hunter street
Steel Joseph, attorney, 9, Exchange alley ; h. 11, Maryland street
Steel Joseph, mariner, Bedford street
Steel Wm. boarding house, 7, Corfes buildings
Steel Wm. plumber, glazier, and painter, 76, h. 14, Sparling street
Steel Wm. glass mfr. ; h. 14, Wolstenholme sq.
Steel Wm. bookkeeper, 3, Kent square
Steele John, mathematical instrument maker, stationer, and bookseller, 6, Duke's place
Steele Matthew, soap manufacturer, 48 and 49, Sir Thomas' buildings
Steens John, dyer, 137, New Scotland road
Steers Edward, wine merchant; h. 11, Maryland street
Stephen Wm. gentleman, 44, Rose place
Stephens Eliza, cheese and butter dealer, 80, St. John's market; h. 23, Redcross street
Stephens Thomas, baker, 23, Redcross street
Stephenson Charles Vickers, linen draper, 55, Church street
Stephenson Elizabeth, milliner, dr straw hat manufacturer, 17, Christian street
Stephenson James & Robert, chain cable manufacturers, 30, Bridgewater, street
Stephenson James, chain cable manufacturer ; Is. 63, Norfolk street
Stephenson James, grocer and provision dealer, 5, Jordan street
Stephenson James, tailor, 2, Great Howard st.
Stephenson John, block, &c. maker, 1, Bromfield st.; h. 22, Ansdell street
Stephenson John, schoolmaster, 38, Warren st.
Stephenson Margaret, schoohnistress, 11, Fontenoy street
Stephenson Matthias, excise officer,, 3, Crabtree lane
Stephenson Richard, butcher, 64, Copperas hill
Stephenson Robert, chain cable manufacturer; h. 30, Bridgewater street
Stephenson Robert, gentleman, 7, Brunswick road
Stephenson Thomas, export officer in excise, 6, Upper Newington
Steven and Fisher, agents, 37, Water st.
Stevens John, flour dealer, 62,, St: James' st.
Stevens Jonas, tide surveyor, 16, Duncan street, St. James'
Stevens Richard, seat. 80, Mill street
Stevenson Catharine, tea dealer, 2.5, Gore st.
Stevenson Eliz. dress maker, 5, Gt. Crosshall st.
Stevenson James, jotter. Tyrer'a st. Clayton at,
Stevenson John, bookkeeper, 31, Rose pace
Stevenson John, schoolmaster, 4. *wow Pope street
Stevenson Joseph, lodging ha. Ss,. smiles* st.
Stevenson Philippa and daughtr, Wise day school, 11, Bevington hill
Stevenson Ralph, earthenware Mfr.* dealer, 32, Pool lane; h. 17, W right st.
Stevenson Wm. cotton broker, 4, $xcl*nge st. ; Is. Rose vale, Everton
Stevenson Wm. surgeon, Abbey st. Birketiheed
Stewart Agnes, midwife, 30, Westmoreland st.
Stewart Alex. cooper; h. 27, Thomas street
Stewart Daniel & Son, **Stoats IS surveyors, 28, Warren street.
Stewart Daniel, architect ; Is. 1, Coves sheet, Brownlow st.
Stewart Daniel, bookpr. 6, Upper Mann st.
Stewart Hannah, viz. Rose and Thistle, 17, Great Howard street
Stewart Hannah, vict. Hen and Chickens, 53, Lumber street
Stewart Hugh, sailing master, R.N. 79, Mill st.
Stewart James, smaliware dealer, 63, Paradise st. ; h. 19, Cherry lame
Stewart Janet, gentlewoman 3. BBra switk read
Stewart Rev. John, D.D. academy, Pilgrim st.; h. 51, Russel street
$tewart John, tmdtent, Sr _King street. Pool lane ; h. Church st. Birkenhead
Stewart John, tailor, 35, Rupert street
Stewart John, architect, doe. ; h. 27, Warren st.
Stewart Mary, gentwn. 22, White mill st.
Stewart Penelope, teacher, 24, Prescot at,
Stewart Peter, marine store dealer, 20, Strand at,
Stewart Rt. mariner, 10, Trowbridge street
Stewart lit. bookkeeper, 7, High st. Edge lydl
Stewart Robert Smith, beekbiader solo machine paper ruler, 20, Temple street
Stewart Thomas A. copper to the Liverpool dispensary, Opthaimic infirmary, &c.; Is. 62. Wood street
Stewart Wm. merchn and Dublin steam packet office, 25, Redcross st. ; h. 10, Park p1.
Stewart Wm, painter, plumber and gluier, 76, London road
Stewart Wm. hair dee t, 7, Springfield st.
Stewart Wm. mariner. 90 Nelson st. St. James'
Stiles Robert, master at the rope, y at tb.achool for the blind ; h. 3, Jubilee street
Stiles Lieut. Semi. C. IL N. St. George's terrace, Everton
Stirzaker Thos. tinplate worker, oil man & lamp mfr. 74, Lord als ; h. 43, Warren st.
Still Anthony, bookpr. Chisenhale bridge
Still James, *on mercht. ; h. 36, Brunswick rd.
Stock James, cotton broker, 6, Exchange buildings ; Is. 6,.Great Richmond st.
Stock Thos. crown and window glass merchant. 12, Dale street
Stock Wtn. cotton dealer, 67, Oldhall street
Stockade Thomas, soap mfr. 1, Edgar st. and tallow chandler, 38, Marybons
Stokes Ann, mistress of Mount pleasant school; h. 5, Upper Newington
Stokes Cathn. vict. Grapes, 83. Park lane .
Stokes Geo. gent. Fir vale, Wavertree
Stokes Elkko eating house, 31, Blundell st.
Stokes Letitia, gentwn. 8, Gt. Nelsen st. North
Stokes Samuel, *eral. t Is. 16, St. Anne st.
Stokes Wm. mercht. &c.; is. Fir vale, WavertNf stokes Win. & Samuel, merchts. brokers, & ship owners, 11, Goree piazzas
Stokes Wm. vict. Letters, 22, Greenland st.
Stone Samuel, locksmith & bell hanger, 30, St. James' st.
Stoner Thos. vict. Park Tavern, 86, St..ames' st.
Stopforth Henry, vict. Letters, 30, Bachelor nt.
Stopped Thos. vict. Grapes, 21, Arley st.
Stordy John, bookkeeper, 8, Rose It*
Storey Abraham, gent. 9, Harford st
Storey Joseph & Co. ironmongers, 36, Lord st.
Storey Thos. & Co. wine, spirit, porter, and als merchts. 11, Williamson square
Storey Thos. wine mercht. ; h. 19, Clayton sq.
Storey Wm. brazier & Unman, 65, Lime st.
Storr Ellen, gentwn. 7, Maryland st.
Story George, gent. 50, New Scotland road
Stott Chas. vIct. Lord Wellington, 14, Spitalfields
Stott Samuel, mariner, 10, Cornwallis st.
Stott Thos. excise officer, 7, Bridgewater st.
Stott Wm. pawnbroker ; h. 9, Gt. Nelson st. N.
Stout Jas. shoemaker, 40, Adlington st.
Stoves James, tobacconist, 91, Pitt st.
Steward John, earthenware din 10, Copperas hill
Strachan Alex. mariner, 14, Upper Pitt st.
Strachan Miss Jane, 60, St. Anne st.
Strafford John, bookpr. 23. Duncimst. St. Jerome
Straker & Brown, cotton dealers, 26. William st. Dale st.
Straker Nicholas Wenistrout, cotton dealer; h, 20, Brunswick road
Straney Paul, lodging be. 63. Preston st.
Strange John, coach proprietor, Wellington offlee, 14, Dale st.; h. 23. John st.
Strasscey Mary, gentwn. 23. GL Newton st.
Stratlum & Foster, attornies, 8, Exchange alley
Strathan Thos. attorney; h. Walton
Stratlwa Wm. attorney; h. Newington bridge
Street Rebecca, gentlewoman, Grinfield st.
Street Saml. tailor & draper, 51, Pool lane
Streets Joseph, yeoman, Wallowa
Streets Thos. cart owner, 44, Pitt st.
Stretch dace, vict. Letters, 6, Greetham st.
Stretch Thomas, wooliea draper and tailor, 3. Stanley st.
Strettell Wm. vict. Wellington Tavern, 13, Litherland alley
Strickland Mrs. Maria M. 8, Everton crescent
Strickland Rd. ship chandler and porter dealer. 20, Water st.; h. 89. Virgil st.
Stringer John, vict. and printer, Harlequin, 7, St. Stephen's st.
Stringer Joeept;, bricklayer. 36, Lionel st.
Stringer Wm. gentleman, 3, Blair st.
Stringfellow Rd. watch maker, 16, Edgar st.
Stripling John, mariner, 26, Bedford st.
Strong & Addison, ironmongers, ship & anchor smiths, & chain cable mfrs. 6, SefWP st. pod 16. Trentham st.
Strong Edw. anchor smith ; h. 5, St. James' rd.
Strong Thomas, overlooker, Pawmer court, Cheapside
Strother Jane, gentlewoman, 15, Hodson st.
Strother Thom cow keeper, 15, Crump st.
Strother Wm. coal dealer, Ysuxhall road; h. 4, Eldon place
Strout John, innkeeper, Talbot Inns 6, Water street
Stroyan J. R. mariner, 13, Upper Pitt st.
Struthers Robert, broker; h. 1, Juvenal st.
Stuart Jas. master of St. James' charity school, 14, St. James road
Stubs Thos. liquor mercht. 52, Copperas hill
Stubbs Alex. vict. Letters, 17, Prussia st.
Stubbs Ann, boarding house, 15, St. Vincent st. East
Stubbs Geo. tailor & draper, 52. Pool lane
Stubbs James, baker & grocer, 76, Paradise st.
Stubbs John, boarding house, 6, Clayton sq.
Stubbs Joseph, cooper, Upper Pownall st.; h. 66, Pitt st.
Stubbs Lewis, broker , is. 16. Beau st.
Stubbs Peter, vict. Liverpool Arms, 19, Roberts st. North
Studdart Amos, stationer & bookbinder, 36, Great Crosshall st.
Studdart Jedediah, excise officer, 13, Bartlam st.
Sturgeon Jane, dress maker, 19, Shaw alley
Suddones James, accountant, 1, Soho square
Sudell Thomas, mercht.; h. 39, Bold st.
Sudlow Ellen, grocer, 25, Park lane
Sudlow Esther, straw hat maker, 118, New Scotland road
Sudlow Richard, machine weigher, 3, Canal basin; h. 46, Plumbe st.
Sudlow Thomas, bookkeeper, 37, Renshaw st.
SuDlow Thomas, hatter, 37, Castle st.
Sudlow Thomas Mercer, cashier; h. 5, Webster st. Everton
Sugden Mary, gentlewoman, 8, Finch st.
Sugdin Ann, wine & spirit dealer, 18, Temple st.
Sullivan James, shoemaker, 43, Norfolk st.
Summerfield and Fenton, fruit mcrchants, 2, John st.
Summerfield W m. P. fruit mercht. ; Is. Rose hill
Summerland Joseph, grazier and butcher, 7, Atkinson st.
Sununers George, plasterer & slater, 2, Gloucester court, Gascoyne st.
Summers John, 13, Brown st. Grenville als
Summers Margaret, shopkeeper, 6, Silver st.
Summers Ralph, cabinet maker, 35, Lace st.
Summerside Stephen, nail mkr. 12, Prussia st.
Summerton Rd. vict. Flat, 1, Dutton st.
Sunugerton Rt. shopkpr. I, Bevington bush
Sumner Edward, tailor & draper, 51, Castle st. ; h. 20, Summer seat
Sumner Geo. boot & shoemkr. 17, Basnett st.
Sumner John, commission merchant, 64, Hurst st.; h. 34. Trowbridge st.
Sumner John, carver and furniture broker, 17, Basnett st.
Sumner Richard, wheelwright, 54, Greenland st. ; h. Crump st.
Sumner Wm. cow keeper, 16. Thomas st.
Samuers Rt. vict. Letters, S9, Pitt st.
Sunderland Richard, merchant & broker, 32. Russel st.
Surr John, confectioner & fruiterer, 13, Castle st.
Surrey Isaac, coal dealer, 92, Fontenoy st.; h. 24, Primrose hill
Sutherland John, brass founder, coppersmith, and pewterer, 26, Union st. ; foundry, Waterloo road
Sutlow John, watch case maker, 89, New Scotland road
Sutton Agnes, schoolmistress, 17, Mann st.
Sutton Ashton, bookkeeper, 2, Bevington sq.
Sutton & Barton, ale and porter brewers, 33. Bevington bush
Sutton Edw. landing waiter, 3, Washington st.
Sutton Edw. bookkeeper, 73, Gerard•et.
Sutton Edw. corn rnercht. and broker, 3, Fenwick st.; h. Mason st. Edge hill
Sutton Geo. bookbinder, 13, Paradise st.; shop, court 44, Manesty lane
Sutton James & Co. carriers, 6, N. side Duke's dock quay; (agent, J. Goose)
Sutton John, merchant; h. 6, Birkett st.
Sutton John, cow keeper, 4, Stanley st.
Sutton John, shopkeeper, 58, Plumbe st.
Sutton Maria, silk mercer and haberdasher, 2f. Old haymarket
Sutton Mary, gentwn. 12, Rose place
Sutton Mary, stay maker, 92, Mount pleasant
Sutton Richard, gent. 12, Wavertree road
Sutton Robert, stationer, book & music seller, 8, Paradise st.
Sutton Robert, umbrella mfr. and amallware dealer, 15, Byrom st.
Sutton Rose, gentlewoman, 26, Seel st.
Sutton Samuel, tailor, 21, Upper Pitt st.
Sutton Thomas, tailor, 9, Church alley
Sutton Thos. cow keeper, 77, Christian st.
Sutton Thomas, cow keeper, 35, Wolfe st.
Sutton Wm. shopkeeper, 44, Gascoyne st.
Swaine Thomas & Robert, earthenware mfrs. 16, Mersey street; manufactory, Statist Heath Potteries, clear Prescot
Swainson Anthony, mercht. ; h. 47, St. Anne st.
Swainson E. & T. ale and porter merchta & agte. to the Atlas Fire Office, 2, Rumford st.
Swainson Rev. C. L. M.A. chaplain of St. Mary's, Elm grove, Rake lane, Edge hill
Swainson Edward, ale and porter merchant ; h 10, Moor place
Swainson & Graham, woollen drapers & tailors, 61, Castle st.
Swainson & Inman, merchts. 34, Water st.
Swainson John Goad, tailor and draper; h. 9. Finch st.
Swainson John Timothy, Esq. Elm grove, Rake lane, Edge hill
Swainson Priscilla, hair dresser, 34, London rd.
Swainson Samuel, trunk maker and vict. R Hewitt's place, Vernon st.
Swainson Sarah, gentwn. 8, Norton st
Swainson Thomas, ale and porter merchant h. 10, Mansfield st.
Swainson Lieut. Wm. R.N. 8, Norton st.
Swainson Wm. shopkeeper, 10, Williamson st.
Swainston Flora, boarding & day school, Bedford st.
Swainston John, ship broker & commission agt. 14, Hanover st. ; h. 28, Bedford st.
Swale John Henry, professor of mathematics, 12, Epworth st.
Swan, Chappell, & Heywood, merchts.; office, 24, iron and tin warehouse, 21, Cook st.
Swan Elizabeth, boarding house, 15, Blake st.
Swan Thomas, mathematical instrument maker, 54, Banastre st.
Swan Wm. mercht.; h. 37, Soho st.
Swann Wm. engraver, Grenville st.
Swanwick John, tobacco manufacturer; h. 37, St. James place
Swanwick John & Co. tobacco and snuff mfrs. 15, Parr st.
Swarbrick and Co. coal merchts. 43, Oldhall st. yd. 44, Vauxhall rd.; lag. John Smethurst)
Swarbrick Richard, flour dealer and grocer, 39, Hunter st:
Sweeney James, vict. Red Lion, 18, Mersey st.
Sweeney John, tailor & draper, 37, Strand st.
Sweeney Thos. cart owner, 20, Duncan st. E.
Sweet John, sedan chair man, 4, Newington buildings
Sweetman Ann, hair dresser, 24, Scotland road
Sweetman Geo. hair dresser, 6, St. John's lane
Swettenham Win. collector for the corporation water works, 21, St. Paul's sq.
Swift George, vict. St. James' Tavern, 45, St. James' st. and 33, Duncan st. St. James'
Swift James, vict. and engineer, Legs of Man, 20, Waterloo road
Swift James, pawnbroker, 83, Leeds st.
Swift John Whitfield, old bookseller, 122, Whitechapel ; Is. 4, Bevington bush
Swift John, butcher, 6, Abrahams' court, Adlington st.
Swift Joseph, butcher, 74, Pitt st.; h. 21, Gilbert st,
Swift Rd. white cooper, 34, Brunswick st. ; is. 65, Oldhall st.
Swift Rd. jun. white cooper, 6, Shaw's brow; h. 65, Oldhall st
Swift Wm. painter, 81, Copperas hill
Swift Wm. fishmonger and bricklayer, 17, Frederick st.
Swinbourne Eliz. gentwn. 7, Grenville st.
Swinburne Jeremiah, excise officer, 8, Mary Ann st Brownlow hill
Swinchette Sarah, gentwn. 23, Finch st
Swindells James, coachman, 46, Trueman st.
Swinden George, attorney, 8, Temple st.
Swinden John, law stati,ner & ink manufacturer, 9, Whitechapel
Swindlehurst Edw. file maker, 5, Hill st. E.
Swinnerton Wm. wood turner, 39, $lundell st.; h. Albion place
Swinton John, gent. 1, Combermere st.
Swire John, mercht. and commission broker, 31, Manesty lane ; h. Windsor, Upper Parliament st.
Swire Rd. merchant and commission broker, 20, Peter lane; is. 19, King st. Soho
Swire Samuel, gentleman, 1, Upper Beau strett, Everton
Sydebotham Charles, mercht. ; is, 11, Netherfield lane, South
Sydebotham & Jenkins, merchants & agents to Londonderry traders, 3, N. end Dry dock
Syers George, officer in customs, 10, Gradwell st.
Syers George, gent. 10, Wolstenholme square
Syers Robert, broker, 21, Chorley st.; is. 9, Roscommon st.
Syers Wm. auctioneer, 18, Mansfield st.
Sykes Margaret, gentwn. 17, Limekiln lane
Symonds James, agent, 7, Gt. Richmond st.
Symonds Samuel Fleming, wine & commission mercht. 15, Lr. Castle st.; h. 2, Phythian st.
Symons Geo. mariner, 54, Rose place
Tabron Wm. gardener, 21, Redmund place, Circus st.
Taggart Elizabeth, boarding house, 86, Mount pleasant
Tait Wm. Watson, accountant, &c.; is. '11, Springfield st.
Talbot Thomas, ship smith, 26, Waterloo road; is. 8, Upper Milk st.
Talbot Wm. gent. 57, Hunter st.
Talbot Wm. whitesmith, 3, Watkinson st.
Tanner Nicholas Wm. chemist & druggist, 14, Houghton st. corner of Clayton square
Tanton Jas. wholesale & retail hosier, glover, &c. 68, Park lane; h. 1, Phythian st.
Tapin Rd. shoemaker, 39, Scotland road
Tapley Elizabeth, cow keeper, 13, Shannon st.
Tarbuck Mary, fruiterer, 82, Whitechapel
Tarleton Rd. hat mfr. 26, Cleveland square
Tarleton Rd. flour dealer, 40, Ray st.
Tarleton Thos. mercht. 3, Union court, Castle st.
Tarlton John, gent. 15, Soho st.
Tarlton John, merchant & ship owner; is. 49, Rodney st.
Tarlton John Henry & Thomas & Co. commission merchants, 16, Water st.
Tarlton John Henry, commission merchant ; h. 15, Erskine st.
Tarlton Margaret, gentwn. 5, Netherfield lane, North
Tarlton Thomas Smith, commission merchant; is. 15, Soho st.
Tarrant Rd. B. gent. 15, Moss st.
Tartt Wm. 14I'Douall, gent. 7, St. Anne st.
Tasker Eliz. bdg. house, 130, New Scotland rd.
Tasker John, 42, London mad
Tate James, hatter ; is. 48, Christian st.
Tate Isaac, officer in customs, 2, Summers court, Silver st.
Tate Margaret, butcher, 15, Liver st
Tate Robert, joiner, 22, Brownlow hill
Tate Robert, butcher, 3, St. John's market: h. 72, Brownlow hill
Tate Thos. Moss, Esq. Aigburth road
Tatham Wm. bookkeeper, 1, Canal bank
Tatlock Catharine, gentwn. Everton village
Tatlock Jane, vict. Jolly Paviour, 3, Nash st.
Tatlock Thos. shopkeeper, 2, Gerard st.
Tatlock Wm. gent. 12, Netherfield lane, N.
Tattersall Abraham, draper, &c. ; is. 22, Duncan st St. James'
Tattersall Abraham & George, tailors, drapers, and slop dealers, 24, Pool lane
Tattersall Thomas & Sons, cotton brokers, 10, Exchange buildings
Tattersall Thomas, cotton broker; It, 16, Everton terrace
Tattersall Thos. wholesale slop dlr. & packer, 42, E. end Old dock ; h. 21, Gloucester place, Low hill
Tattershall Rev. Thomas, A.M. minister of St. Matthew's; is, 3, Beau st.
Tayleur Charles & Co. Merchants & shipowners, 2• Wolstenholme square
Tayleur Charles, merchant, &c.; h. Park field, Toxteth park
Tayleure Henry, professor of music, 85, Brownlow hill
Taylor Abraham, marble nlascn, 2, Bridport st. h. 75, Christian st.
Taylor Alice, boarding house, 44, Hunter st.
Taylor Ann, gentlewoman, 37, Rupert st.
Taylor Ann, gentlewoman, 60, Fontenoy st.
Taylor Mrs. Ann, 47, St. Andrew st.
Taylor Ann, boarding house, 2 Lambert It.
Taylor, Callow, & Co. wholesale grocers, 9, Temple court
Taylor Catharine, cooper, 5, Gradwell st.; h. 18, Gilbert st,
Taylor Catharine, Vict. King's Arms, St. John's lane
Taylor Charles, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 27, Damien st.
Taylor Charles, vict. Wind Mlll, 68, Upper Frederick st
Taylor Chas. petrifaction dealer, 56, Lace st.
Taylor Charles Robert, bookkeeper, 129, Duke st. Hanover st.
Taylor David, cotton broker; h. 36, Rune] st.
Taylor Edward Gore, bookkeeper, 16, Mercer court, Redcross st.
Taylor Ellen, hosier, 3, Byrom St.
Taylor Francis, Esq. crown vaults, 48, Fleet street
Taylor George, piano forte maker; is. 57, Fontenoy st.
Taylor Geo. Viet. Harp, 15, Mersey st.
Taylor George, bookkeeper, 13. Grafton st.
Taylor Geo. vict White Bear, 35, Dale st.
Taylor Geo. officer in excise, 24, Pellew st.
Taylor George, ale & beer brewer, Upper Tranmere
Taylor Henry, agent to the patentees of oil gas apparatus, 64, Seel st.
Taylor Henry, master porter, 24, North side Old dock
Taylor Isabella, sexton of Trinity Church, 6, Islington row
Taylor Isabella, doss mkr. &c. 13. Fontenoy st.
Taylor James, Esq. 24, St. Anne st
Taylor James, slater & plasterer, 8, Jordan st.
Taylor James, bookkeeper, 43, Bispham st.
Taylor James, file mfr. & shopkpr.12, Preston st.
Taylor James, vict Grapes, 4, Nova Scotia
Taylor James, cow keeper, 9, Cooper st.
Taylor Mrs. Jane, 59, Mount pleasant
Taylor J. & J. & Co. wholesale drugglsta, drysalters & mfrs. of oil pahtte, dry colours & varnish, J. Seddon st. & 7, Cleveland eq. minufaatory, 4, Feather at,
Taylor John, apothecary and. chemist, 7a. Cleveland square
Taylor John, vict. Puncheon, 1, Frederick st. and tobacconist, 46, South Ode Old dock
Taylor John, bogkaeller, stationer, & printer. 24, Ranelagh st.
Taylor John, gent. 15, Burlington st.
Taylor John, cotton broker ; h. 2, Prince Edwin street
Taylor John, surgeon, 13, Tarleton st.
Taylor John, broad and narrow woollen cloth warehouse, 24, Basnett st.
Taylor John, surgeon, 17, Cases st.
Taylor John, watch maker, Warwick St.
Taylor John, 13, Pitt st.
Taylor John, insurance broker; h. 13, Everwn terrace
Taylor John, corn merchant ; is. Pembroke rd.
Taylor John, shopkeeper, 31, James st.
Taylor John, plane maker, 7, Poplar lane
Taylor John, tide waiter, &c. 18, Upper Harrington st.
Taylor John, boot & shoemaker, 62, Renshaw street
Taylor John, bookpr. 182, Vauxhall road
Taylor John, furniture broker, 74, Marybone
Taylor John, customs officer, 4, Denison st.
Taylor John, clerk in customs, Gt. Homer st.
Taylor John, wood turner, Walker place, Hatton garden; h. 87, Gt. Crosshall st.
Taylor John & Alexander, cotton brokers, 10. Water st.
Taylor John & Samuel, watch and clock tool mfrs. 14, Cooper's row
Taylor John & Wm. biscuit bakers, 90, Whitechapel
Taylor Joseph, master porter; h. -28, Kent st.
Taylor Joseph, corn merchant; is. 47, St. Andrew st.
Taylor Joseph, bookkeeper, 69, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Taylor Joseph & Co. corn merchts. 11, John street
Taylor & Kenyon, master porters, 20, Coapetas row
Taylor & Lewis, piano forte manufacturers, 14. Shaw's brow
Taylor Margaret, gentlewoman, 13, Beau st.
Taylor Martha, bdg. house, 4, Gt. Richmond st.
Taylor Mary, gentlewoman, 4, King st. Soho
Taylor Mary, gentlewoman, 3, Christian st.
Taylor Mary, gentwn. 17, Nelson st. St. James-
Taylor Mary, 36, Lime st.
Taylor Mary, milliner & baby linen repository, 76, Bold st.
Taylor Matthew, attorney, Bank buildings, Castle st.; is. 70, Duke st. Hanover st.
Taylor Peter, hair dresser, 1, Sidney st. Duncan st. E.
Taylor & Pinnington, appraisers & auctioneer, 30 & 31, Church st.
Taylor, Potter, & Co. insurance brokers, 16, Exchange buildings
Taylor Rd. wholesale grocer ; is. 12, Soho st
Taylor Rd. stationer & bookseller, 1, Paradise e2.
Taylor Rd. auctioneer, dec.; h. 92, New Scotland road
Taylor Rd. hosier, 35, Whitechapel
Taylor Rd. plasterer, 31, Cropper at,
Taylor Rd. smallware dealer, 21, Fontenoy st.
Taylor Rd. waiter, 11, Temple st.
Taylor Robert, clerk in customs, 36, Duncan st. East
Taylor Robert, vict. Letters, Wapping lane
Taylor Robert, bookkeeper, 4, Gt. Richmond st.
Taylor Roger, lodging house, 22, Christian st.
Taylor Samuel, agent to P. and W. Williams, Grenfell & Co. copper merchants, 14, Cornhill; h. 13, St. Anne st.
Taylor Samuel, vict Stafford Arms, 18, Williamson at
Taylor Thomas, coachman, 21, Hart st
Taylor Thos. bookseller & stationer, 47. Castle at
Taylor Thomas, painter, 3, Button at; h. 12, Hart st.
Taylor Thos. grocer, tea & provision dealer, 35, Wapping
Taylor Thos. blacksmith, 74, Tithebarn st
Taylor Thos. cart owner, 27, Grafton st
Taylor Thos. schoolmaster, 28, Bispham st; h. Cockspur st.
Taylor Thos. vict. & livery stable keeper, Letters, 42, Gilbert st.
Taylor Thos. printer, 15, Richmond row
Taylor Thos. organist of St. John's; h. 47, New Scotland road
Taylor Thos. turncock for corporation water works, 20, Berry st.
Taylor Wm. painter, 22, Park lane
Taylor Wm. upholsterer and cabinet maker, 1, Ironmonger lane
Taylor Wm. sew gent. 71. Gloucester st Lime st.
Taylor Wm. jun. surgeon, 71, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Taylor Wm. gent. 45, Upper Islington
Taylor Wm. biscuit baker; h. 35, Hunter st.
Taylor Wm. shoemaker, 22, Fairhurst at
Taylor Wm. Thursfleld, watch maker, 6, Redcross st
Taylor Wm bookkeeper, 78. Gerard st.
Taylor Wm. vict. Chaise and Pair, 41, Cmashall street
Taylor Wm. whitesmith, 5, Upper Mann st.
Tear Thos. tailor & draper, 85, Pitt at
Teasdale Wm. vict. Nag's Head, 3, Gradwell st.
Teller Margt confectioner, 108, Whitechapel
Telford John, schoolmaster, 1, Copperas hill
Tellet Geo. joiner, 1, Leytham's court, Silver st
Tempest John, shoemaker, 7, Williamson at
Templeton Wm. overlooker, 5, Bridport st
Tennant James, commission merchant; h. 52, Seel st.
Tennant James, commission merchant; h. 6, Roscommon M.
Tennant James & Son, commission merchants, 7, Molyneux place
Tennant Wm tailor & draper, 25, Scotland pL
Tennent John, merchant; h. 4. Chesterfield st
Tennent Mrs. Judith, 56, Russel st.
Tennent & Miller, merchants and agents, 29, North aide Old dock
Terry Ann, smallware dealer, 15, Greek st.
Terry Martin, bookpr. 23, Upper Pitt st.
Tetherington Rachel, boarding house, 44, Copperas hill
Tetley Rd. & Co. cotton brokers, 9, Exchange buildings
Tetley Rd. cotton broker ; is. 12, Torbock st.
Tetley Thos. perfumer, &c. 49, Church st.
Tetlow Rev. John Richard, minister of Christ church ; h. 3, St. Anne street
Thatcher James, bookkeeper, 77, Leeds st.
Theakstone Fawdington, ship broker & owner, 51, Atherton st. ; is. 13, Comus st.
Theakstone Rt. mercht. ; is. 57, Seel st.
Thelwell Joseph, overlooker, 65, Leeds st.
Thicknesse Ralph, coal mercht 53, Oldhall st.
Thies Frederick Wm. mercht 15, Old Church yard; h. 62, London road
Thistleton Geo. timber mercht. 49, Crosbie st. h. 5, Alfred street
Thistleton Rachel, 23, Bedford st
Thistleton Roger, brewer ; is. 6, Kent st.
Thistleton Roger & Co. ale and porter brewers, 1, Crosbie street
Thom James, smallware dealer, 7, Great Crosshall street
Thom Rev. David, minister of Scotch Kirk ; h. 5, Queen street, Edge hill
Thomas Ann, teacher, 25, Sparling at
Thomas Ann, fishmonger, 47, St. John's market; is. 22, Temple street
Thomas Mrs. Ann, 18, Bevington hill
Thomas Benj. merchant, 12, Goree; h. 49, St. Anne street
Thomas David, vict. Shakespeare Tavern, 2, Liver street
Thomas David, shoemaker, Felicity place, Oldham street
Thomas Edward, boarding house, 2, Everton terrace
Thomas Eliz. undertaker, 25, Blundell st.
Thomas Evan, flour dealer, 11, Grafton st.
Thomas Evan, shopkeeper, 20, Mann at
Thomas Geo. druggist & drysalter, 104, Tithebarn street
Thomas Hugh, watch gilder, Woolfall court, Derby street
Thomas Jas. attorneys' clerk, 5, Atkinson st.
Thomas Jas. fishmonger, 69, St. James' st.
Thomas Jane, butcher, 108, St. John's market ; is. 3, Rupert place
Thomas John, merchant, & insurance broker, 132, Park lane; le 1, Crabtree lane
Thomas John, salt merchant, 7, Upr. Frederick street ; is. Wavertree
Thomas John, vict. Tradesman's Tavern, 29, New Scotland road
Thomas John, livery stable kpr. 6, Marble st
Thomas John, shoemaker, 17, Dickinson at
Thomas John, mariner, 46, Stanhope street
Thomas John, vict Old Dock Coffee House, & broker &-shipping agent, 23, Cooper's weir, & 35, E. end Old dock
Thomas John Wood, timber mercht 10, Duke's pl. ; is. Chapel vine, Toxteth park
Thomas Joseph, chemist & druggist, 45, Vernon street, & 145, Dale street
Thomas Mary, milliner, &c. 7, Marlborough st.
Thomas Martha, milliner, &e. 12, Gloucester street, Lime street
Thomas Morgan & Co. mahogany dealers, 3, Burrough's gardens
Thomas Nathaniel, stone mason, 19, Lionel st.
Thomas Peter, bookkeeper, 6, Silver st.
Thomas Richard, mariner, 12, Spencer buildings, Hunter street
Thomas Rt. & Wm. linen drapers, hosiers, &c. 14, Cleveland square
Thomas Rt. ship broker, owner, & amiss. agent, 69, S. side Old dock ; is. 4, Colquitt st.
Thomas Rt gardener, Yew tree house, Dingle lane, Toxteth park
Thomas Rt shopkeeper, 56, Preston st.
Thomas Rt. Jackson's pl. Plumbe st.
Thomas Samuel, boarding hs. 22, Temple st.
Thomas Wm. & Co. dealers in china, earthenware, & glass, 16, Cleveland square
Thomas Wm joiner, 23, Christian street
Thomas Wm shoemaker, 4, Atkinson st.
Thomas Wm vict Dolphin, 19, New quay
Thomas Wm. vict. Letters, 11, Nova Scotia
Thomas William, vict. Albion Hotel, 16, Ranelagh street
Thomason & Brooks, milliners, &c. 4, Jamieson street
Thomason Mary, boarding bs. 44, Duke st. Hanover street
Thomasson Henry, pawnbroker, 45, Tithebarn street
Thompson Alice, boarding hs. 17, White mill st
Thompson Ann, gentwn. 17, Sparling st
Thompson Ann, gentlewoman, Liscard
Thompson Christopher, grocer &c. 3, Gore at
Thompson Christopher, vict. Ormskirk Tavern, 1, New Scotland rd. & 2, Rose place
Thompson & Cliff, merchants & ship owners, 2, Serf street
Thompson & Co. insurance brokers, 10, Exchange alley
Thompson & Cottingham, ship chandlers, & mfrs. of patent cordage, and flat ropes, 21, Water st ; ropery, 202, Vauxhall road
Thompson Cretney, tailor, 18, Bevington bush rd.
Thompson Eliz. bdg. hs. 46, Highfield street
Thompson Francis, butcher, 17, St. John's marhet ; h. 32, Shaw's brow
Thompson Geo. Henry, hatter & furrier, 1, Derby square
Thompson Geo. trunk maker, 42, Sir Thomas' buildings
Thompson Geo. mariner, 24, Bevington st
Thompson Geo. warehouseman, 5, Cavendish at
Thompson Gen. Fraser, law stationer, 1, Union ct. Castle st. ; h. 32, Summer seat
Thompson Henry, butcher, 57, Shaw's brow
Thompson & Hill, drysalters & manufacturing chemists, 52, Vauxhall road
Thompson Jas. mariner, Holt hill, Tranmere
Thompson Jas. insurance brkr. 6, Union court, Castle st. ; is. Islington pl.
Thompson Jas. jun. merchant, 28, Park lane; h. 5, Idle street
Thompson Jas. whitesmith, 6, Dale street ; is. 16; Hale street
ThompspnJane, boarding hs. 12, Stanhope st.
Thompson Janet, gentwn. 101, Duke street, Hanover street
Thompson John, saw maker, 131, Park lane
Thompson John Hawksley, drysalter; is. Rescommon street
Thompson John, gent. 1, Chatham pl. Edge hill
Thompson John Eaton, attorney, 3, Exchange ct ; h. 50, Bedford street
Thompson John, ship chandler; h. 50, Bedford street
Thompson John, snopxpr. 21, Upper Pitt st.
Thompson John, plumber, glazier, and painter, 7, Duncan st E. ; is. 81, Gloucester street, Lime street
Thompson John, butcher, Harrington street ; is. 7, Temple street
Thompson John, vict Letters, 5, Albion st.
Thompson John, plasterer & vict. Punch Bowl, 20, Dance street
Thompson John, shopkeeper, 27, Gore st
Thompson John, vict Letters, 33, Lawton st.
Thompson John, vict. Fox, 14, Atherton at
Thompson John, house and sign painter, 13, School lane
Thompson John, boarding hs. 23, Seymour st.
Thompson John, vict. Canal Packet, 31, Great Howard street
Thompson John P. provision mercht. 16, East side Salthouse dock; h. 22, Mill street
Thompson Jonathan, tailor, 98, Brownlow hill
Thompson Joseph, coal mercht-; is. 84, Leeds t.
Thompson Joseph, merchant; Is. 3, Upper Stanhope street
Thompson JAeut. Joseph, R.N. 27, Finch st.
Thompson lSoseph, mariner, 5, Prince Wm. st.
Thompson Joseph, shopkeeper, 47, Lionel st
Thompson Joseph & Son, brass founders, 10, Atherton st ; is. 68, New Scotland road
Thompson Margaret, vict Fort Tavern, 1, Bath street
Thompson Margaret, smallware, &c. dealer, 19. Mill street
Thompson Mary, gentlewoman, Prospect st.
Thompson Mary, gentlewoman, 11, Moore pl.
Thompson Matthew, shopkeeper, &c. 92, London road
Thompson Peter, customs officer, 23, Clayton at
Thompson Rd. shoemaker, 1, Duckworth st.
Thompson Richard, tailor, 25, Gerard st.
Thompson Rt. & Wm. linen drapers & hosiers, 14, Cleveland square
Thompson Robert, gent. 17, Mansfield st.
Thompson Rt. blacksmith, 35, Circus st
Thompson Sand. banker; h. 25, Rodney St.
Thompson Thos. chemist and druggist, 75, Church st.; h. 3, Gildart at
Thompson Thos. tanner, 32, Old haymarket ; is. Woollen Jul
Thompson Thos. stone mason, 22, Greek st.
Thompson Thos. chair maker, 15, Chapel lane, Brownlow hill
Thompson Thos. sail maker, 67, S. side Old dock ; is. New Bird street
Thompson Thos. import officer, 2, Chesnut st
Thompson Thos. cotton broker, 30, Water st ; is. Phythian at Low hill
Thompson Thos. slater, &c. 20, Christian st.
Thompson Thos. cabinet maker, 30, Sir Thomas' buildings ; h. 53, Tithebam st.
Thompson Win, attorney and notary, 2, Highat. Exchange; h. 66, Upper Islington
Thompson Win. & Joseph, merchants, U, N. side Old dock
Thomson Alex. nursery man and gardener, Church street, Everton
Thomson It Forshaw, coopers, 52, Mersey St.
Thomson Geo. music preceptor and instrument vender, H), Bold street
Thomson George, merchant; h. 52, Upper Islington
Thomson Jas. Tertius, agent to the Mersey Co. of carters, 10, Brook's sq.; h. Laburnum place, Waveriree
Thomson John & Rt. general agents, & agents to Dumfries traders, Bolds yard, Strand street
Thomson & Menzies, merchtn. 18, Water St.
Thomson Pinebe, undertaker, 12, Pitt st.
Thomson Robert, merchant, &c. Is. 15, Cazneau street
Thomson, Wright, & Co. merchants and ship owners, 13, Exchange buildings
Thorley Ann, day school, 48, Sawney Pope st.
Thorn Edward, 7, Benson street
Thornborrow & Dalton, Pembroke place academy, 9, Oakes street
Thornborrow Michael, schoolmaster, 15, Daulby street
Thornburgh Ann, lodging hs. 2, Jubilee St.
Thorne Jas. oil mercht. colour and varnish mfr. & drysalter, 64, Hurst st.; h. 14- Prince's street, Dale street
Thornely John D. mercht.; h. 75, Duke street, Hanover Street
Thornely Samuel, woollen draper, 20, Lord st.; h. 7, Kent square
Thornely Thos. & J. I). merchants, 7, Gorse
Thornely Thor. mereht.; ii. 12, Mount street
Thornely Wm. woollen draper, 4, Lord St.
Thornhill Daniel, cooper, 3, Litherland alley; Ii. 20, Ashton st. Bedford st.
Thornhill Rd. shoemaker, 23, Hurst street
Thornhill Win, sugar refiner, 22, Richmond row
Thornley John, eating house, 23, Scotland road
Thornley John, weighing machine, and clerk, & collector of tolls at Cattle market, 31 and 35, Lime street
Thornley Sarah, shopkeeper, 7, Garden st.
Thornley Thus, tailor, 20, Cunliffe street
Thornton Mrs. Elizabeth, 4, Bond Street
Thornton Francis, baker, 44, Bevington Nish
Thornton Jas. Dickson, landing waiter, 26, Springfield street
Thornton John, earthenware dealer, 15, CMsenhale street
Thornton Robert, vict Grey Horse, 47, Parliament street
Thornton Samuel, vict. and bricklayer, Letters, 61, Oldhall street
Thornton Thos. traveller, Bond street
Thornton Wm. excise officer, 6, Sidney place, Edge hill
Thorp Edw. shoemkr. 139, Duke st. Hanoverst.
Threlfall Henry, vict. Grapes, 16, Codpet's row
Threlfall James, surgeon, 10, WoIste,koip, agi and 21, Duke st. Hanover st.
Threlfall Joh, gent. H'etlau4
Threlfall Rd. warehouseman, 14, BlaSte st.
Threlfall Thistleton, timber naerdhitinte, 27, Cornwallis street
Thrlfa11 Thos. vict. Cress Foes, 8$, Newhall Street
Threlfall Thos. marine stone alesaler, 17, Denison street
Threlfall Thos. tuqr nerclzgnt; ii. 60, Jo8dan street
Thrower Catharine, schoolmistress, 31, Blake 5t.
Thurston Henry, tinplate worker, 42A, Losadees road
Tickle Ann, grocer & flour dir. 229, Vauxhall rd.
Tiernan Patrick, schoolmaster, 70, liighileld st.
Tierney James, tailor, 40, Park lane
Tilley Charles, academy, 13, St. Vincent treet, East; h. Pembroke gardens
Tillie Win. vich and wine, spirit, and potter znerch,mt, Travellers Izsn5 5, vaults 78, Cable St.
Tillinghast Mrs. Ella 9, Williamson square
Tillotscn Thor. tailor, 20, St. Vincent st. East
Tillotson Thos. tailor, i, Tarleton st. Button street, Copperas hill
Timmins, Gilbert H. mercht. & commission agent, 45, Harrington st.; h. 25, Rodney st.
Thumis Josiah, slate mercht. 7, Waterlpo road
Timmis Rd. shoemaker, 10, E side Salthouse
Timmonds Jas. watch mkr. 76, Fontenoy St.
Timmons John, bricklayer, 47, Russet at,; is. 31, Trowbridge street
Timms Geo. bookkeeper, 3, Spencer's buildings, Hunter street
Tinley & Holt, commission merchants, ship brokers, and owners, 3, Duke st. Hamner street
Tnley Thee. commission merchant. h. Walton
Tinrie Philip Frederick, merchant; h. 27, St. Anne street
Tinsley Ceo, wine and spirit merchant, 25, London road; h. 15, Wilde st.
Tinsley John, cow keeper, 3, Bakehouse lane
Tinsley lit. vict. Letters, 91, Whitechapel
Tipping John, corn mercht. 13, Moor st.; is. 25, Pembroke road
Tipping John, hair dresser and perfumer, 102 Mount pleasant
Tipping Thor. farmer, Mossley dale, Tex. park
Tipping Thos. bookpr. Mason st. dgehffi
Tipton John Blakeway, lead merchant; is. 10 Moss street
Tittensor Geo. cabinet maker, 1, Thomas court, St. Andrew street
Tittensor Jas. cabinet mkr. 60, Upr. Fretik. st.
Tobias M. I. watch mfr. 22, Lord st.; Is. 7, Great George square
Tobin Edw. sailing master, R.N. 13, Cornwalls street
Tobin Sir John Ent. mercht. & shi own, l Exchange bldgs.; Is. Oak hilt
Tobin Sflvester, tailor, 1, Powell ct. Cable it.
Tobin Thuse nserclst. and ship owner, 13 Wood st.; is. 71, Weed.
Todd Chas. & Co. leilora & drat) kth.4, Parise st.
Todd Edw. gentleman, Paddington
Todd Miss Frances, gentwn. Paddington
Todd Jph. excise officer, 12, Olive st. Pellew st.
Todd Rd. portrait painter, 48, Fontenoy st.
Todd Sarah, boardinghouse, 81, Spading st.
Todd Wm. basket maker, 13, Richmond st.; Is. 1, Dyer's court, Cable street
Tollitt Jar. vict. & dir, in British wines, 37,NLtsh
Tollitt Wm. vict. Letters, 25, Brunswick st.
Tolson Sated. Jun. brickmaker, 8, Phythian st.
Tolson Saml. sen. Ma dealer, 4, Phythian st.
Tomkinson Char, plumber, glazier, & painter, 48, Clayton st. & grocer, Mansfield St
Tomkinson Joins, salt inert. Peter's lane; h. 34, Bold st.
Tomkinson John, stonemason, 17, Rupert St.
Tomkinson Joseph, manager at Herculaneum pottery
Tonikinson Rd. salt mccclii. 11, King St. Pool lane ; h. Mason street, Edge hill
Tomkinson William, bricklayer, 6, Mill place, Shaw's brow
Tomlin & Son, brokers, it), Water street
Tomlin Andrew, broker; Is. Seacombe
Tomlinson Ellen, shopkr. 32, St. James' st.
Tomlinson Jar, bookbinder, 5, Harrington st.
Tomlinson John, mercht. 40, Lancelot's hey; Is. Rose vale, Everton
Tomlinson Ralph, gent. 6, All Saints' lane
Tomlinson lit. painter, & flour dlr. 9, James' St.
Tomlinson Samuel, corn and flour dealer, 1, Ranelagh st.; Ii. 17, Clayton sq.
Tomlinson Thos. corn mercht. ; h. 17, Clayton st.
Tomlinson Win, corn mercht; h. 17, Clayton sq.
Tomlinson Wm. marine store dlr. 13, James' st.
Tomlinson Wm. flour dealer, &c. 27, Queen st. Oldhall street
Tomlinson Win, vict. Mountaineer, 47, Key St.
Tomlinson Wm. bookbinder &c. 33, Moorfields
Tomiinsons & Twiname, corn merchants, 32, Brunswick street
Toner Edw. butcher, 50, Limekiln lane
Toner Thom. vict. Letters, 23, Crooked lane
Tonge Daniel, ship owner, 30, PembrOke p1.
Tongue John, fumiturebkr. Derby p1. Mthw St.
Tongue Wm. grocer & hour dir. 33, Stanley st.
Tonna L. H. J. Esq. Sicilian & Spanish consul, 1, High st. Exchange; Is. 33, Mt. pleasant
Tonson John, 236, Vauxhall road
Toole John, tailor, 16, Cases Street
Toole Lawrence, tailor, &c. Sir Thomas' bldgs.
Tootle Agnes, gentwn. 1, Grosvenor Street
Topham & Son, attornies, 64, Castle street; h. Little Woolton
Topham Mary, dress maker, (I, Fox Street
Topham lad. wine inert.; h. 89, Brownlow hill
Topp Colby, tobacconist, 24, Castle street
Topping Ann, gentwn. Everton village
Topping Jas. boot and shoemaker, 36, Wapping, & 21, Water sr.; Is. 50, Mill st.
Topping Jesse, gent. 12, Trowbridge street
Topping Joseph, mariner, 23, Wolfe st.
Topping Win, sail niaker; h. 10, Maguire st.
Touhoin John, plumber It glazier, 06, Park In.
Toulmin lit. boardlig house, 20, Russel st.
Toulmin Thor. attorney, 56, Park lane
Toulmin Thor. shoemaker, 911. Whitechapel
Tower John, gent. 6, Duncan street. East
Towers Jas. magnesia & soda water mfr. Lord st.
Towers John5 tailor, 5, Grafton street
Towers Saml. boarding house, 21, Clayton 85.
Towers Wm. excise officer, 6, Milk st.
Towling Rile, boarding house, 21, Kent st.
Towlson Rt, vict. Letters, 80, Sparling St.
Towne Chaos animal and landscape painter, 5, Bold place
Towne John, customs officer, 21, St. James' p1.
Townley James, vict. Blue Bell, 28, Hanover st.
Townley Thor. It Son, watch manufacturers, 10, Gerard Street
Townley Wan, cabinet maker, 4, Hodson court, Hunter Street
Towniey Wm. merchant; h. 5, lslingtos.
Townsend Dinah, cow keeper, 2, Oldham lane
Townsend Peter, bookkeeper, 7, Harford st.
Townsend Wm. gent. 60, Parliament street
Trafford Thos. brewer, 9, Great Charlotte st.; Is. 55, Russet street
Trail Thor. Stewar t, M.D. 22, St. Anne st.
Traner Hugh, ham & bacon factor, 100, Park In.
Trapes Thor. mariner, 15, Comberosere st.
Travis Henry, portrait painter, 96, Mt. pleasant
Travis Mary, gentwn. 35, Renshaw st.
Travis Rd. linen draper, 46, Whitechapel
Travis Richard, 96, Mount pleasant
Trayner Win. vict. Liver, 42, ClSmSmt St.
Ttefl'ry Richard, manufacturing chemist & alkali works, Virgil st.
Trelfall Richard, warehouseman, 14, Blake st.
Trickey Geo. shopkeeper, 57, Limekiln lane
Trimbey J. & G. Jun. and Co. toy & fancy warehouse, 4, Castle ditch
Trlstram James, watch maker, 12, Gay St.
Tristram Thee, baker, 3, liffi street, East
Trokes Maxwell, mercht,; h. 5, Slitter street
Tronson Robert, corn and provision merrht. 44, Matthew st.; Is. 15, Rose place
Trotter Eliz. garden ph Upper Mann street
Trotter Henry Francis, hosier, 27, Pitt St.
Trotter Jar. It Son auctioneers, 57,Whitechapet
Trotter James, auctioneer; hi. 6, Hunter St.
Trotter JoSeph, Joiner, Garden p1. Upr. Mann St.
Troughear J. pawnbroker &c. 33, Marlborough st.
Troughton John, lime merchant; Is. I, Parliament street
Troughton & Ryan, lime burners, Harrington lime worke, Sefton St.; office, lust. .
Trougiston Thee, porter nsercht; h. 26, MIll St.
Troutbeck Wilfred, mercht. colour mfr. & oil dlr. 13, Cooer'a row; h. 12, Mount st.
Trow James, vict. and hackney coach owner, Fleece, 3, Shaw's brow
Trueman Daniel, bricklayer, 15, Devon st.
Trueman George, yeoman, 11, Lace street
Tubbman Hannah, gentwn. 67, Rodney st.
Tuck Wm. clerk in excise, Grinfield St.
Tucker Josiah, mariner, 36, Fredk. St St. James'
Tuckdr Robert, ship broker, &c. ; Is. 8, Slater St.
Tucker ROse, lodging hoise, 89, Sparling st,
Tuder Caroline, vict, Letters, 21, Crosshall St.
Tudor John K. white lead manufacturer; h. 9, Upper Parliament street
Tudor Richd, blackstnith, 36, 1,Xsaou St. Wappg.
Tudor Rich& weighing mc'Ivinc, 34, Mendell it.
Tullock John, vict. SouthwoidAnns, & mariner, 13, E. side Salthouse dock
Tunstall Daniel, tanner; is. Bootle In. Jflrkdaie
Tunstall James, gent. 5, Rose place
Tunstall James, adjuster of weights andanon mires, 7, Fenwick st.
Tunstall John, pawnbroker, auctioneer, and currier, 29, Sir Thomas' buildings ; is. Devonshire pl. Everton
Tucatall Joshua, currier, be. ; is. 8, Hunter st
Tunstall J.&J.curr rs&leather dirs. d, Hood st.
Turistail Theophilus, malt, aud provision dealer, 3, Redcross street
Tunstall Win. furniture broker, d, Bevington bush
Tunstall Win. cow keeper, 14, Scotland road
Tuohy Mary, linen dpr. k tea dir. 26, Dale st.
Turbers ille John B. mercht & blacking mfr, 46. Vernon st. ; h. 9, M`Kee street
Turkington Patrick, tailor, I. N. side Old doek
Turmeau John, miniature paintektohaccenist, 62, Lent street
Turabel] Elie. retail spirit dlr. 25, Ti.thebarn at
Turnbull Mary, hedging Its. 2(i New Scotland rr1,
Turner Ann, stay maker, id, Upper Newington
Turner, Brade & Co. merchants, 16, Moor st
Turner Chas mercht. ; h. Fair view, Toxtethpk.
Turner Eliz register office, 2, Bevington bush
Turner him. Eliz. Union terrace, Everton
Turner Oeorge, merchant, 6, Goree platens; h. Union terrace, Everton
Turner James, vict. Letters, 3, (lid hAymarket
Turner James, hlacltsmith, 3, Blundell at
Turner James, trunk maker, St. John's lane
Turner Jane, gentlewoman. 2, Norton st.
Turner John Ward & Co. timber merchants, 13, Simpson st and 15, Jamaica st.
Turner J. W. timber mercht. ; h. 29, Jordan it.
Turner John, boot & shoemkr. 42, St. James' pt
Turner John Heywood, broker; h. 16, Rodney at
Turner John, cow keeper, 29, Torhock at
Turner John, landing waiter, ii, Nile st
Turner Joseph, landing waiter, 10, Summer sear
Turner Joseph, pork butcher, 10, Scotland road
Turner Mary, ladies' bdg. school, Liar. Transuae
Turner Philip, bookkeeper, 14, Devon st.
Turner Richard, vict Red Lion, Garston
Turner Robert, butcher, I, St. John's market; h. 16, St. Andrew et
Turner Sally, milliner, 2, Pownall square
Turner Samuel& Chas. meets. 6, Exchange alley
Turner Sarah, 70, Pitt street
Turner Thomas, chins dealer, 11, 90000 sq.
Turner Thos. hardware dealer, 37, Blundell st.
Turner Thus. mercht. &c.; h. 12, King st. Soho
Turner Thos.-& Co. druggists, 10, Dale st.
Turner Thos constable, Hill at South
Turner Thos. boot & shoemkr. 11, Whitechapel
Turner Wm. Wilde, bookkeeper, 69, Gloucester street, Lime street
Turner Wm. officer in excise, 10, Dance it.
Turner Win. butcher, 13, St. John's markets & 12, Lord street
Tumor Wm. vict. Letters, 48, bldhall st
Turpin James, vict Turpin's Tavern, 12, Upper Dawson it. & 9. Murray st.
Turtle John, club, 3, Maguire sit
Tustain Eliz. shopkeeper, 29,- Bevington bush
Twedell Hannah, gentlewoman, 5, Six row placi!
Tweed Robert, coal dealer, 35, Prussia st.
Twemlow Thos. merchant, 23, Parr street; ha3faeatines, and superintendent of the Magazines
Twentyman Ells. gentlewoman, 117; Duke st.
Twiname John, corn merchant; It. 81, Clarence .street, Mount pleasant
Trvlat Joseph, eoppetamith, bleeder, tin & iron plate worker, 24, Beat aide Dry dock; Its 23, Hayford street
Tyerman John, fruiterer, confectioner, & dealer in Bruiser wines, 21, London read
Tyers Emeline and Stella, ladies' seminary, 37i Gerard street
Tyers Sarah, nurse, 37, Gerard street
Tyrer Alice, shopkeeper, 26, Henry Edward st.
Tyrer Barton. upholsterer & cabinet maker, 59, Pitt st
Tyrer Benj. timber dealer lbcesasn asfen brokers 23, Peter lane; is. 16, Copperas hill
Tyrer Mrs. Betty, 2, Tyrer st. North
Tyrer & Blanchard, soap mfrs. 7, Naylor st.
Tyrer. David, mariner, 3, Rose hill
Tyrer Henry, wine &spirit merchant, 53, Brownlow hill
Tyrer, Hodgson & Co. wine, spirit, ale, & porter merchants, 53, King st. Pool lane
TyraerJ.cooper, 28y Cornwallis at ; is. 1, Whitest
Tyrer James, cabinet maker, 3, Adlington st
Tyrer James, shipwright, 25, Henry Edward st.
Tyrer John, furniture broker, 9, Stanley st.
Tyrer John Newhouse, printer, 12, Temple land
Tyrer Joseph, vict. & millwright, British Anna, 17, Copperas hill
Tyrer Joshua,custom house officer,33,Prussla st
Tyrer Lawrence, cooper, 26, Peter lane;; h. 10, Copperas hill
Tyrer Margaret, vict. Ship, Id; Shaw alley
Tyrer N. customs officer, Nelson pl. Edge hill
Tyrer Rh vIct King's Arms, 46, Bridgewater at
Tyrer Thos. porter dealer, 7, Epworth st. Tyrer Williams gent. 2, Tyrer st North
Tyrer William, soap mfr. ; h. 10, When st.
Tyrer Wm. Jr James, ship brokers, 53, King st.
Pool lane; h. Linage
Tyrer John, coact, & harness nakr. 5, Suffolk st.
Tyrer John, jute bookkeeper, 5, Suffolk st.
Tyrer Peter, coach maker, & proprietor, 19, Suffolk st.
Tyrer Wm, mfr., of patent portable ships' pumps, & patent fire engines, 8, Lower Surrey eta
Tyrrell Matthias, joiner, 47, Sir Thomas' bldgs.
Tyson Anthony, gent. 14, Clayton aguare
Tyson James, grocer, 25, Bevkegton bush road
Tyson J. Sr glisters, ladies' boarding school, 141 Clayton eq.
Tyson John, grocer & flour dlr. 38, Standish st
Tyson Peter, bookkeeper, 2, Wellington st. N.
Tyson Rebecca, dress maker, 4r Sydney st. Sts James'
Tyson Thos Attorney's clerk, 77, Leeds st.
Tyson William, bookkeeper, 28, Virgil st.
Tyson William. 3, Roberts st. North
Udny John, stngeon, 9, Clayton square
Udny Jchr, mariner, 69, Eldon place
Underhill Rev. J. Baptist min. 18, Standish st.
Underhill Thos. mathematical instrument, btc maker & engraver, 124, Whitechapel
Underwood Joseph, vict. Ship Launch, 33, Mersey street
Unsworth Dorothy, gentwn. 8, Islington
Unsworth Edw. cotton broker, 4, Oldhall st.; In. 29, Thurlow street
Unsworth Geo. car t owner, 25, Dwerryhouse st.
Unsworth Giles Gorton, broker kahippirg agent, 45, King st. Pool lane; is. 29, Thurlow st.
Unsworth John, soap boiler ; is. 8,' .lington
Unsworth J. vict. Islington Tavn. 9, Lambert st.
Unsworth Mary, boot maker, 13, Shaw's brow
Unsworth Rt cart owner, 18, Jackson street
Unsworth Samuel, tailor, & sexton of St. Marl's cemetery; is. Willan ct. Brownlow hill, Unsworth William, flour dealer, 6, Bent st.
Unsworth William, cow keeper, 1, Norris place
Upton Joseph, rope maker, 1, Silver place
Urmson & Dawson,salt Mello 2" Ni end DPI dki
Urmson John, gent. 15, Union it.
Urmson Mary, gentlewoman, 1, Warren st.
Urmson Rt. general agent; h. 35, Brunswick rd.
Urmston Rd. vict. Waggon & Horses, 48, Milk st.
Urquhart Henry, ornamental hair mfr. and perfumer, 13, Bold st
Usher Ralph, ship & sign carver, 13, Tabley st.
Usherwood Saml. upholsterer, 5,Rainford garden
Usherwood Wm. cart owner, 2, Pleasant bill et
Usherwood Wm. nail maker, 1, Bridport st. ; h. St. John's lane
Vandeburgh Charles Frederick, M.D. & surgeon & medical attendant to the American hospital: h. 86, Bold at
Vandries Sarah, pawnbroker, 8, Myrtle st.
Vanzeller John, merchant; is. 9, Wavertree road,
Vanzeller John & Co. merchants,. 9, Exchange buildings
Varty Jnthn. coach mkr.; is. 73, Upper Islington
Varty & Wilson, coach and coach harness and patent axle tree makers, 27, Lime at
Vaughan Ellen, gentwm 9, Upper Newington
Vaughan Geo. hair dresser, 13, James' st.
Vaughan Richard, broker, 8. John st. ; h. 56, St. Anne st.
Vaughan Wm. linen & woollen draper, 38, Old hay market
Vaughan William, jun. butcher, 47, Scotland road. & 6, St. John's market
Veitch Walter, 16, Chapel lane, Brownlow hill
Venahles Amelia, fruiterers 31, Scotland road
Venables Lazarus Jones, Esq. barrister, 5, ColquItt street
Verdon Thomas, vict. & cattle dealer, Duke of Leineter Tavern, 27, Redcross st
Vernon Ruth, boarding house, 55, Park lane
Vertue Timothy, vict. Liver, and boat builder, Canal graving dock ; h. 37, Ray st.
Vienna John, ship broker; It. Bootle
Vienna and Jones, ship brokers and agents, 51, Atherton street
Vickers Mrs. Charlotte, 13, Hunter st.
Vickers John, tailor, 92, Sparling st.
Vickers Wm. tailor & draper, 84, Park lane
Vickery James, hair dresser, 58, Sparling st.
Vignauk Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Saacomhe
Viner Wm. governor of the Seaman's h spitai, Top of Shaw's brow
Vokes Thos: bookkeeper, Kensington
Vose James, M.D. 66, Bold street
Waddington Jas. warehsmn. 19, Farakerley st.
Waddington Jane, bdg. hse. 40, Bevington hill
Waddington N,chs. tallow chandler, 46, Tithebarn at,
Waddington Robert Walker, merchant, 1, Mat neap lane; h. 30, Renshaw st.
Waddington Sarah, gentwn. 30, Renshaw it.
Wade Geo. bookkeeper, 1, Oil st.
Wade Hey. F. coach gel. 6, Village p1. Clayton st.
Wade Richard, tallow chandler, 74, Park lane
Wade Samuel, cotton dealer, 14, Chapel st.
Wade Thos, mariner, 32, Bedford st
Wade Walter, mariner, 62, Upper lelington
Wade Wm. bacon &c. factor, 52, Scotland road
Wade William, grocer, 35, James' st
Wade William, merchant & ship owner, Upper Stanhope st. Windsor
Waden Brian, vict. Let -s, 7, Thurlow st.
Waden Mary, furniture bkr. 100, Fontenoy st.
Wagner Eliz & Ann, gentwn.9, W olstenholme sae
Wagstaff Geo. hatter, 40, Milton st
Wagstaff Hannah, hat mfr. 49 & 50, St. James' st.
Wagstaff Thomas, hat mfr. 181, Dale street; It. 6, Temple st.
Wain Jas. coal dlr. 16, Sidney st. Duncan st. E.
Wainwright Ann, provisiondlr.106,St. James' st.
Wainwright Eliz boarding house, 29, Wolfe st.
Wainwright Eliz shopkeeper, 3, Haekin's hey
Wainwright Ellen, hackney coach proprietor, 15, Newington bridge
Wainwright Geo. coopers 7, Orford st.; is. 1, Pleasant hill st.
Wainwright George Johnson, broker, Tarleton buildings; Is. 20, Roscommon st.
Wainwright Geo. car owner. Everton crescent
Wainwright Henry, bookpr. 114. St. James' st.
Wainwright Jas. flour dealer, 16, Brownlow hilt
Wainwright James, vict. Admiral Rodney, 3, Greenland st & blacksmith, 16, Crump st,
Wainwright Jas. shopkeeper, 32, Bispham st.
Wainwright Jas bookkeeper, 2, Upr. Newington
Wainwright John, furniture broker, 21, Park In.
Wainwright John, vict. Horse and Groom, 11, Cheapside
Wainwright Mary, gentwn 7, Roscommon st
Wainwright Mary, music teacher, 50. Seymour at
Wainwright Richard, organist, St. Peter's, and teacher of music, 37, St. Anne st.
Wainwright Robert, coal, owner, 33, Wood st.
Wainwright Robert, vict. Letters, 1, Garden st.
Wainwright Robert, traveller, 4. Nash grove
Wainwright Robert, letter carrier, 3, Aquilla pl. Milton at
Wainwright & Shields, merchts. 20, Brunswick st.
Wainwright Thos. corn med. 23, Kensington
Wainwright Wm. vict Nag's Head, 92, Park Ins
Wair Patrick, clothes broker, 27, N. Scotland rd.
Waisteil John, coo,,er i h. 88, Sparling st.
Waistell Thos. joiner, 16, Christian st.
Wait Wm. tobacconist, 84, Whitechapel
Wakefield Geo, gent. 17, Scotland place
Wakefield Thomas, coach guard, Routh court, Thomas ate
Wakeman Wm. carrier, 4, N. side Duke's dock quay, (Edw. Dickinson, agent)
Wales Wm. & Co. printers, stationers, map sellers, & publishers of Billinge's Advertiser, (every Tuesday) 60, Castle st,
Wales William, printer, stationer, &c.; h. 47, Seymour st.
Walker Alice, butcher, 95, St. John's market; h. 26, Bixteth st.
Walker Ann, shopkeeper, 45, Cumberland st.
Walker Ann, milliner, &c. 22, New Scotland rd.
Walker Ann, shopkeeper, 72, Cable st.
Walker Charles, vict. Letters, 18, Frederick st.
Walker David, mercht. ; h. 52, Mount pleasant
Walker Edw. joiner, 9, Sawney Pope st.
Walker & Everard, rope makers, ship chandlers, ale & porter merchants, 19, Wapping
Walker Geo. basket maker, 21, Cleveland square
Walker Geo. joiner & timber merchant, 7, St. James' st.
Walker Geo. vict. Pontacks, 65, Christian st.
Walker Henry B. attoi 'Icy, 4, Union ct. Castle st.
Walker Jas. agent to the Newer ,tie Fire & Life dice, 38, Brunswick st.; h. 17, Gt.Geo. st.
Walker James, mariner, 4, Roberts st. North
Walker James Scott, 47, Mount pleasant
Walker James, joiner, 3, Craven st.
Walker Capt. John Preston, superindt. of the mkts; office, St. John's mkt ; Is. 6, Hood st.
Walker John D. shopman, 25, New Scotland rd.
Walker John, gentleman, Low hill
Walker John, cotton broker, 14, Rumford eh; h. 4, Moss st.
Walker John, flour dlr. & grocer,55,Fontenoy st.
Walker John & Alex. navigation & stationary warehouse, engravers and agents for the sale of admiralty charts, 33, Pool lane
Walker John, joiner, &c. 5, Stanhope st.
Walker John, engraver & copperplate printer, 1, Marshall st.; h. Portland st.
Walker John, bdg. hs. Rose cottg. Wavertree rd
Walker John, bookpr. 17, Frederick st. St. James'
Walker Joseph, gent. 33, Seymour st.
Walker Lieut. Jph. R. N. 38, High st. Edge hill
Walker Joshua, Maltby & Co. lead merchts. and mfrs. Parade wharf, 14, Mann island
Walker Joshua, lead eserchant; h. Dton lodge, Wavertree
Walker Mary, baker, 24, Dwerryhouse st.
Walker Rk1hard, gentleman, 50, Rose place
Walker Roger, gentleman, 36, Trueman st.
Walker Sarah, straw hat maker, 15, Standish st.
Walker Thomas, vIct 'Tradesman's Tavern, & joiner, 2, St. Stephen's et,
Walker Thomas, piano forte mfr. and music warehouse, 47, Lime st.
Walker Thomas, tea dealer and coffee roaster, 9, Tithebarn st. and 50, John st.
Walker Thomas, grocer, &c. 50, Marybone
Walker & Williams, auctioneers, appraisers and general agents, 15, Great Charlotte st.
Walker Wm. paper mfr. & dealer, & rag mercht. 12, Forrest st ; h. 25, Frederick st. St.James'
Walker Wm. officer in customs,7,Carpenter's row
Walker Wm. vict. Black Swan, 3, Prince's st. Dale st.
Walker Wm waiter, 21; Edmund st.
Walker Wm. watch maker, 15, Standish st.
Walkington Ann, vict. Red Lion, 38, Redcross st.
Wall Rd. painter & glazier, 85, Richmond row
Wallace Jane, dress maker, 19, Russel st.
Wallace Joseph, sail maker, 61, Wapping; is, 30, Duncan st. St. James'
Waller Alice, midwife, 54, Renshaw st.
Waller Leonard, customs officer, 54, Renshaw st.
Walley Geo. coach owner, 4, Williamson st.
Wallis Mary Grove, eating house, 6, Dawson st,
Walls Margaret, dress maker, 59, Norfolk st.
Wallworth Richard, plasterer, 4, Oakes st.
Wallworth Wm. attorney's clerk, 3, Pepper st. New Scotland road
Waimesley Catharine, shopkpr. 34, Cavendish st,
Waimesley Thos. brazier & tinman, 19, Cable st.
Walmsley Eliz. vict. Cart & Horses, 35, Park in.
Walmsley James, bookkeeper, 15, Wolfe st
Walmsley Joseph, vict. Circus Hotel, 70, Chris. flan street
Walmsley Joshua, bookbinder, Whitehead's ct. Lord st. ; h. 15, Wolfe st.
Walmsley Joshua, corn bkr; Is. 4, St. James' rd,
Walmsley Martha, gentwn. 38, Virgil st. Everton
Walmsley Stephen, bookpr. 26, St. Paul's square
Waln Edw. wine, &c. mercht.; h. 6, Camden st.
Waln, Holme and Stamper, North shore lime works, 5, 011 st.
Waln Mrs. Mary, 0, Camden st.
Waln Wm. iron mercht. &c. ; h. 6, Camden st,
Walpole Thos. basket maker, 6, Murray st.
Walsh Ann, china, &c. dealer, 9, Preeson's row
Walsh Robert, shoemaker, 58, Dale st.
Walsh Thos. vict. Wexford Tavern, and block & pump maker, 5, George's dock passage
Walsh T. E. & A. jun. white coopers and basket makers, 8, Preeson's row
Walsh Wm. academy, 8, Islington row
Walsh Wm. pilot, 32, Lumber st.
Walteling John Geo, mariner, 22, Grafton st.
Walthew Jas. & Thos. linen & woollen drapers, 15, Queen's square, & 13, Preeson's row
Walthew Jas. linen & woollen draper, & hosier, 37, Water st.; h. 4, Prince Edwin st.
Walthew John, collector of parish rates, 24, Summer seat
Walthew Joseph, painter & glazier, 92, Upper Islington
Walthew Margt, boarding house, 49, Grafton st.
Walthew Richard, collector for the corporation water works; Is. 17, Berry st.
Walthew Wm. painter & glazier, 15, Cooper' row; h. 92, Islington
Walton Abram, export officer, Hill st. South
Walton Charles, vict. & joiner, Park House, 48, Lower Harrington st.; shop, Jordan st.
Walton Jasper, commission agent, 41, Clayton st.
Walton John, grocer & provision dlr.54,Parkin.
Walton John, shopkeeper, 26, Denison st.
Walton John, butcher & shopkeeper, Seacombe
Walton Michael, gent. 20, King st. Soho
Walton Roger, veterinary surgeon, 45, Seel st.
Walton Wm. timber mercht. & wholesale & retail spirit dealer, 5, Houghton st.
Warbrick Edw. vict. Globe Coffee House, 53e Greenland 54
Warbrick Henry, merchant, 3, Kensington
Warbrick Richard, bookseller and subscription library, 28, Lime st.
Warbrick Robert, tide waiter, 57. Vernon st.
Warburton Enoch, paper, &c. dlr. 59, Lumber st.
Warburton John, watch mkr. 51, St. James' st.
Warburton Mary, lodging house, 7, Gilbert st.
Warburton Peter, cow keeper, 11, King st. Soho
Warburton Rev. R. E. Rock point, Sermonsbe
Warburton Samuel, joiner, 13, Chorley st.
Ward Ann, furniture broker, 24, Stanley st.
Ward Catharine, gentwn. 43, Richmond row
Ward Charles, linen & woollen draper, 25, Great Crosshall st.
Ward Charles, boarding house, 31, Redeems st.
Ward Daniel, mariner, 13, Hawke st.
Wand Henry, attomee, 189. Dale st.; is. 43, Richmond row
Ward Jas. ship builder, &c. ; is. 35, Ldfoed at
Ward John, watch maker, 5. Spring pi.
Ward John, bookkeeper, 21, New Scotand road
Ward Jonah. collector of taxes, 22, Harford st.
Ward Joseph, gentleman, Lark lane
Ward Joseph, gentleman, 43, Richmond row
Ward Joseph, bookkeeper, 4, Gill st.
Ward Maria, sllk grafter, 33, Hanover st.
Ward Mary, 7, Bridport st.
Ward MIss M. A. teacher of music, 62, brownlow hill
Ward Richard, brewer, 20 & 21, Maguire at ; is. 43, Richmond row
Ward Thomas, rug mfr. 25, Christian st.
Ward Thom vict. Fleece, 13, Covent garden
Ward Wm. master of Mill In free schools Edge hill
Ward Wm. boot & shoemaker, 102, St. James' st.
Ward Wm. hatter; is. 33, Clare st.
Ward Wm. & Co. hatters, 66. Paradise st.
Ward Wm. merchant ; is. 8, Pembroke place
Wardall Ann, timber merchant, 19, Bridgewater st. ; h. 4, Alfred st.
Wardell Wm. banker; is. 9. King at Soho
Warden Henry, flour dealer, 46, Pool lane
Wardlow Henry, watch & clock mkr. 56.Lime st.
Wardle John, shopkeeper, 1, Cockspur st.
Wardle Wm. hair dresser, 31, John st.
Wardlow Joshua, agt. 25, Dale st.; is. 18,Hale st.
Ware John, mariner, Hill st. South
Wareing John, cow keeper, Prospect at
Wareing Joseph, blacksmith; h. 11, Crump st.
Wareing Thos. bookkeeper, 19, Bedford st.
Wareing Wm. joiner, 18, Trowbridge st.
Wareing win. & Joseph, blacksmiths, 20, Parliament street
Warelug wen,. 14s'k"ndth; h. Belton street, Grafton street
Warham John, lodging house. 10, Rose place
Warhurst Joseph, cotton dealer, 5, Lancelot's hey ; h. 9, Union at,
Waring Eliy, boarding house, 44, Russel st.
Waring Geo. wood turner, 30, Addison st.
Waring John, timber dealer, 13, Dickinson st.
Waring John, hide merchant, 6, Campbell st. Duke st. ; h. 4. Slater st,
Waring John, bricklayer, 36, 111sphana at,
Waring Robert, blacksmith, Smithdown late
Waring Wm. shopkeeper, 15, Copperas bill
Waring Wm, chair maker, 1.4. Fontenoy st,
Warner John, B,N, 36, Upper '%U at,
Warner Samuel, vict. Letters, 1, Brown street, Rupert st.
Warren Ann, boarding house, 98, London road
Warren Catharine, boarding house, 28, Pitt st.
Warren John Houghton, gent. 27, Virgil at,.
Warren Miss Margaret, 29, Netherfield lane, N.
Warren Richard, chemist & druggist, 17, Pool lane, & 12, St. Anne st.
Warrington Edmund, silk dyer, 32, Byrom st.
Warrington Hannah, smallware dlr. 30, Pall mall
Warrington Joseph, shoemaker, 13, Norris ih
Warwick David, shoemaker, 34, Plumbe at,
Warwick Janet, midwife, 34, Plumbs st.
Washington Hannah, dress maker, 61, Peter st.
Washington John, hair dresser, 17, Bevington bush road
Washington Joseph, joiner, 15, ChristIan st.
Washington Thos. gent. 15, St. Paul's square
Waterhouse Alfred, cotton bkr. ; h. Evtn. terrace
Waterhouse Benj. merchant, 7, Exchange alley.; h. Everton terrace
Waterhouse Hannah & Elisa, milliners, dress mkrs. & cbildbed linen swells. 70, Bold st.
Waterhouse Daniel, cotton broker; is. 11, Cazneau street
Waterhouse Nicholas, jun cotton broker; h. 8, Hill side terrace, Everton
Waterhouse Nicholas, cotton broker; is. Waterhouse lane, Everton
Waterhouse Nicholas & Sons, cotton brokers, 7, Exchange alley
Waterhouse Thos sexton of St. Philip's, Heart court, Rathbone st.
Wateraon Thus, bookpr. 77, Upper Frederick st.
Watkin Jnhn, whip mfr. 6, Commutation row
Watkins Henry Charles, cotton broker; is, 9. Norton st
Watkins James, keeper of the general goods warehouse at his Majesty's customs, 2, Boundary place, London road
Watkins Rd. R. clerk in customs, 2, Roscoe lane
Watkins Robert, drug broker, 1, Lower Castle at ; h. 27, Berry st.
Watkinson J&mpa, tailor, 196, Whdteelapel
Watkinson James, cow kpr. 16, Sawney Pope it.
Watkinson Richard, cow keeper, 17, Bispham st.
Watkinson Samuel, brush mfr. 50, WhitechaPel
Watkinson Thomas, tobacco & snuff mfr. 5, Old haymarket; is. 14, Clarence st. Mt. pleasant
Watkinson Thomas, gent. 33, Keafngtou
Watkinson Thomas, file cutter, 35, Eccles st.
Watkis Wm. gent. 3, Sidney place, Edge hill
Watmough John, gentleman, 12, St. James'
Watmough lllzrgt milliner, 6, New Scotland rd.
Watson Ann, gentwn, 56, Mill st,
Watson Ann, milliner,43,Frederick st. St.James'
Watson Anthony Hargreaves, lair dredger, 82 &e-sit Crosshall at,
Watson Bingley, carpet and blanket warehouse, 74. Church et; It. 46, Gloucester st.Lime it. Watson David, vict Prince's Dock Tgvern. 18, Denison st.
Watson Ella. gentwn. 19, Great George square
Watson Elie, dress maker, 1, Back Bridport st.
Watson Geo. 'inner & brazier, 100, 9t. James' st.
Watson H. C. bdg. & lodging he. 19, Greek st.
Watson James. overlooker, 66, lirowniow hill
Watson James Otley, attorney, 67, Castle st.; h. 19, Great George square
Watson James, accountant, ' "nhn st. ; h. 6, Great Newton st.
Watson Jane, gentwn. 11, Ellenborough st.
Watson John, merchant, 27, Water st. ; h. High park avenue, Toxteth park
Watson John, jun. Dublin & North Wales steam packet office, 27, Water st.
Watson John, ship broker ; h. 14, Hope st.
Watson John, general agent, 89, Oldhall st.
Watson John, shoemaker, 7, Richmond row
Watson & M'Donald, woollen dprs. 27, Pool In.
Watson Sarah, gentlewoman, Kensington
Watson Thomas, mariner, 14, Bedford st.
Watson Thomas, mariner, 44, St. James' place
Watson Thomas, mariner, 2, Dexter st.
Watson T. W. mercht. ; Is. 19, Great George sq.
Watson Wm. chemist & druggist, 5, Scotland pl.
Watson Wm. vict. York & Hull Tavern, 46, Strand st.
Watson Wm. corn miller, St. Domingo ln. Evtn.
Watts James, pawnbroker & auctioneer, 40, Paradise st.; Is, 13, Windsor, Upper Parliament street
Watts Wm. bookkeeper, 4, Edgar st.
Waugh Alice, butcher, 106, New Scotland mad
Waugh Ann milliner, 73, Lord st.
Waugh Barnabas & Son, boot makers, 87, Lord st. ; h. Prescot st.
Waugh James, clock maker; Is. 12, Mile end
Waugh Wm. watch maker, 73, Lord st.
Weymouth Wm. mariner, 22, Stanhope st.
Weale Wm. brazier, &c.; h. 129, N. Scotland rd.
Wearing Hannah, flour, &c. dlr. 3, Brownlow hill
Wearing Jph, cow kpr. 3, Harford In Harford st.
Weatherell Robert, gent. High st. Edge hill
Weatherilt Samuel, sen. watch maker, 73, Highfield st.
Weaver Daniel Atkinson, grocer 72, Dale st.
Webb Alfred, fringe mfr. 34, Church street t h. fie, Pleasant st.
WebbJohn, gent. North view, Mount Vernon
Webb Joseph, shopkeeper, 25, Peter st.
Webb M. dress & carter's frock mkr. 11, Bent st.
Webb Peter, grocer, &c. 179, Vauxhall road
Webb Robert, vict. Swan. Gloucester House, 104, Whitechapel
Webster, Brothers, earthenware mfrs, & comes. agentsjgel, E. side Salthouse dock & 10, Ansdell st.
Webster Edw. vict. Letters, 64, Circus st.
Webster Eliz boarding house, 20, Warren st.
Webster Ellen, vict. Grapes, 58, Vernon st.
Webster Ellen, 16, Wright st.
Webster & Forshaw, brass founders, 46, King st.
Webster Mrs, G. ladies' day school, 33, Norton st.
Webster Geo. Scotch factor; h. 33, Norton st.
Webster Geo, druggist, 59, Harrington st.
Webster Geo. earthenware mfr. ; Is. St. James' st.
Webster Az Hardwick, agents and Scotch factors, 20, Brunswick st.
Webster Henry, mariner, 20, Dwerryhouse st.
Webster James, gent. 4, St. Anne st.
Webster James, mariner, 12, L. Harrington st.
Webster James, shoemaker, 3, Norbury st.
Webster John, hatter, 1, Hanley st.
Webster John, cotton dealer, 28, Lancelot's hey; Is. 23, Union st.
Webster John, schoolmaster and clerk of St. George's,Evn.; h.S,Sherwood ct,Atkinson st,
Webster John, tailor, 4, Charles st.
Webster John, vict. Horse & Jockey, 77, Dale st.
Webster John, shoemaker, 16, St. James' place
Webster Joseph, ship chandler and rope maker; h. 9, Lime st.
Webster Margaret, dress maker, 17, Russel st.
Webster Margaret, shopkeeper, 6, Cow lane
Webster Martha, gentlewoman, 10, Leeds st.
Webster Mary, vict. and livery stable keeper, Grapes, 24, Lime st.
Webster Mrs. Mary, 11, Oldhall st.
Webster Richard, cart owner, 45, Chisenhale st.
Webster Thomas, yeoman, Poolton
Webster Thos. baker & flour dealer, 78, Pitt st.
Webster Thos. brass founder; h. Grove house, Wavertree
Webster Thos. upholsterer, 34, Bridport st.
Webster Thos. surgeon, 17, Sir Thomas' bldgs.
Webster Thos. butcher, 19, St. John's market; Is. 30, Brunswick road
Webster Thos. boot & shoemaker, 20, School In.
Webster Timothy, butcher, 65, St. James' st.
Webster Wm. pilot, 10, Grafton st.
Wedgewood Wm. excise officer, 75, Eldon place
Wedgwood Aaron, grocer & tea dealer, 39, Old haymarket; h. 18, Rose place
Weems Ebenezer, baker, 36, Cable st.
Weetman James, comes. mercht. & gent agent, 9, Paradise st.; h. 5, Gt. Nelson st. North
Weidner Frederick, musician, 35, Bispham st.
Weirs Andrew, vict. & spirit dlr. Globe Tavern,
Welch Catharine, vict. Royal Oak, 16, Liver st. 3, Bromfield st. and 11, Darwin st.
Welch &Hudson, commission merchants, Wellington buildings, 43, Pool lane
Welch Richard, woollen draper, 25, Bridport st.
Welch Robert, lodging house, 64, Preston st.
Welch Stephen, baker, 18, Lower Harrington st.
Welch Wm. land & water carrier, (s ecessor t9
Widow Welch 5z Sons, 25, Pale qt. and 7, Canal basin
Weld Isaac, gent. Lodge lane, Everton;
Wells Ellz. gentlewoman, 7, Oldham st.
Wells James, smoke jack cleaner, 83, Banastrest.
Wells John, upholsterer, featherbed & blanket dlr. 69, Paradise st.; h. 7, Freemason's roof
Wells Mrs. Mary, 5, Grosvenor st.
Wells Sarah, gentwn. Smithdown In.
Wellstood Wm. cotton and general merchant, 12, Finch st.
Welsh Hannah, gentwn. 76, Mount pleasant
Welsh John, brass thunder, &c.; h. 3, Maryland st.
Welsh Mary, cheese and butter dealer, 79, St. John's market; h. 8, Atherton st.
Welsh Wm. bookkeeper, 5) Oakes st.
Wensley John, agent; h. 6, Wapping
Werinck John, merchant, Oxford st. North
Wering Mrs. Sarah, 12, Bent st.
West Geo. vict. Cumberland Tavern, 4, Eaton st.
Westby Sarah, ladies' day school, 17, Bedford st.
Westcott James, bookkeeper, Maguire st.
Western Edw. flour dealer, 16, Crosshall st. ; b. 32, Ormond st.
Westgarth Ann, milliner, &c. 3, Bispham st.
Westhead James, bookkeeper, 3, Key st.
Westhead Sarah, lace worker, 25, Cavendish st.
Westhead Wm. coach owner, 13, Williamson st.
Westhorpe Win. confectioner, 13, Clayton sq.
Westman Margaret, bdg. hs. 40, Stanhope st.
Westmore John, vict. Dyer's Arms, 61, Tithebarn st.
Westmorland John, bookpr. 49, Renshaw st.
Weston Alice, flour dealer, 19, Cockspur st.
Westray Thomas, hair dresser, 34, Pitt st.
Wetherherd Miss Francis, 19, King st. Soho
Whalley Chas. ironmonger; Is. 70, Paradise st.
Whalley James, corn & flour dealer, 38, & 95, London road; h. 1, Childwall st.
Whalley James, flag merchant, 86, Leeds st.
Whalley John, stone mason, 28, Blake st.
Whalley John & Joseph, nursery & seedsmen, 2, Castle ditch and Beacon lane, Everton
Whalley-Wm. clock and watch tool maker, 1,Gibbon court, Trueman st.
Whalton Elie. dress maker, 1, Myrtle st,
Whalton Henry, shoemaker, 1, Myrtle street
Wharnby Mary, milliner, 4, Upr. Craven st.
Wharrie Joseph & Co. spirit & porter merchts. 31, N. side Old dock
Wharrie Joseph, spirit mert, ; h. 1, Upr. Pitt st.
Wharton Jas. comes. flour dlr. 13, Trowbridge st.
Wharton Joseph, corn merchant, 9, Goree; Is. 64, London road
Wharton Rd. butcher, 10, Gildart's gardens
Wharton Lieut. Wm. R.N. 33, Copperas hill
Whatton Jane, vict. Fox, 13, Bath st.
Wheaton John, fishmonger, 41, St. John's market; Is. 13, Charles st.
Wheeler Henry, gent. 40, Brownlow st.
Wheeler Henry, jun. Italian warehouse, oil mercht. & fruiterer, 1, Castle st. ; Is. 3, Duke st. Edge hRl
Wheeler John, lodging house, 4, Trueman st.
Whidborne T. G, mariner, 29, Russel st.
Whinfield Ann, vict. Letters, 31, Pitt st.
Whinnerah Thos. accountant, 33, Union st. ; h. 17, Richmond row
Whinyates Jas bookpr. 4, Heath st. Hill st. S.
Whitaker Henry, hair dresser, 55, Ranelagh st.
Whitaker Henry, broker; Is. 33, St. Anne st.
Whitaker John, bookkeeper, 13, Roscoe lane
Whitaker Rd. watch spring mkr, 15. Bvgtn. bush
Whitaker Sarah, furniture broker, 29, Stanley st.
Whitby Ellen, gentwn. 3, Marybone
Whitby John, broker; h. 3, King st. Soho
Whitby John, vict. Letters, 27, Gilbert st.
Whitby Samuel, upholsterer, 10, Thurlow at,
Whitby Silas, brewer, 16, Pleasant st.
Whitby Thos. vict. St, James' mkt; Is. 1, Great George sq.
Whitby Thos. gent, 17, Burlington st
Whitby Wm. linen draper, &c. 78, Whlteclsapel
Whitby Wm. shoemaker, 27, Wright st, Hargtn.
Whitby Wm. pilot, 17, Plumbe st.
Whitby Wm. shoemaker, M'Kee st.
White Alice, gentwn. Mason st. Edge hill
White Ann, schoolmistress, 13, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
White Hugh, shoemkr. Tyrer's ct. Clayton st.
White James, mariner, 2, Parliament st.
White James, mariner, 17, Dwerryhouse st.
White James, 9, Great Howard st.
White John, shoemaker, 19, Silver st.
White John, shoemaker, 26, Trueman st.
White Peter, mariner, 52, Stanhope st.
White Robert, flax dresser, 19, Pellew st.
White Sarah, ladies' day and boarding school, Church st. Birkenhead
White Sarah, schoolmistress, 1, Cookson st.
White Stephen, com miller, 8, Crabtree lane
White Thomas, cooper, 26, Hurst st. ; Is. 43, Stanhope st.
White Thomas, land agent, Hale
White W m. jun. linen draper, 12, Ranelagh st. ; h. 22, Comwallis st.
White Wm. auctioneer & appraiser, 9, Berry st. ; h. 23, Cornwallis st
White Wm. & Son, tailors& dprs. 18, Cable st.
Whitehead Edmund, stone and marble mason, 105, Islington; Is. 16, Wilde st.
Whitehead It. boarding house, 42, Rose place
Whitehead James, bookkeeper, 44,, Denison st.
Whitehead John, tailor & draper, 55, Castle rt.; Is. 9, Clarence st.
Whitehead John, shopkeeper, 43, Harrison st.
Whitehead Joseph, joiner & cabinet maker, 3 Cheapside
Whitehead Mary, gentwn. 6, Juvenal st.
Whitehead Richard, flour dealer,. 19, Scotland road, & 26, Cavendish st.
Whitehead Roget, solicitor, 67, Castle st. ; Is. 7, Elliot st.
Whitehead Samuel, teacher of the Greek, Latin, French, and Spanish languages, 50, Fredg. rick st. St. James'
Whitehead Sarah, gentwn. 17, Pembroke pl.
Whitehead Wm. ship broker; Is. 47, Rose place
Whitehead Wm. shopkeeper, 52, Banastre st.
Whitehouse John and Son, carriers, 5, N. side Duke's dock quay; (Alfred Wood, agent)
Whitehouse Wm. broker & agent to the West of England Fire & Life Insurance Office, 10, Exchange bdgs.; h. 124, Duke street, Hanover st.
Whitelegg Wm. tanner, North st. Toxteth park
Whiteley James, vict. and flour & provision dlr. Letters, 24, Rupert st. & 7, warren st.
Whiteside Alice, vict. Cross Keys, 12, Brownlow hill
Whiteside Charles, schoolmaster, Park school, Toxteth park
Whiteside Frances, gentwn. 33, Christian at:
Whiteside M. & A. straw hat mkrs. 2, Grafton st.
Whitfield Enoch, flour dealer, 7, Fairclough st.
Whitfield James, cow keeper &e. 11, Parr st.
Whitfield Margaret, hosier, 66, Marybone
Whitford Mary, vict. Grapes, 14, Ranelagh st.
Whitham Jph. watch dial mkr. ; Is. 57, Warren st.
Whitham Lawrence, cabinet maker, Hill st. S.
Whitham Wm. painter & glazier, 10, Ansdell st. h. 2, Head st.
Whitham Wm. hosier, 25, Vauxhall road
Whitlaw David, mariner, 10, Parr st
Whitley & Hoskins, attendee & notaries, 15, Exchange buildings
Whitley John, attorney &c.; Is. 35, St. Anne at,
Whitley John, attorney; Is. 7, Virgil at,
Whitley & Mason, attornies and notaries. 14, Leigh st.
Whitley William, surgeon, 57, Dale st.
Whitlow Thos. bookpr. 14, Sidney pl. Edge hill
Whitlow Wm. ale & beer brewer, 15, Fleet st.
Whitnall Peter M. academy, 20, Nelson st. St. James' ; h. 8, Grenville st.
Whitnell Rt. mill stone dealer, Regent st.
Whitney Daniel, vict. Letters, 30, Highfield st.
Whittaker Chas. genl. comas. agt. spirit mercht & auctioneer, 8, Wolstenholme square
Whittaker Ellen, ladies' boarding & day school, 8, Wolstenholme square
Whittaker James, vict. Prince of Wales, 10, Scotland place
Whittaker Thomas, vict Union Tavern. 103, Mount pleasant
Whittaker Wm. vict. Letters, 25, School lane
Whittaker Wm. ship broker, 16, Sweeting st.
Whittall Sarah, gentwn. 10, Finch st
Whittam Ellz. gentwn. 26, Marybone
Whittam Jane, shopkeeper, 6, Suffolk st.
Whittingham & Cattrall, cabinet makes. 2, Marble st.
Whittingham, Dawson, & Hodgson, corn & provision merchants, 5, Pownall st.
Whittingham & Gladstones, ironmongers and anchor smiths, 51, Wapping, & 2, Bird M.,
Whittingham John, corn merchant, &c. ; h. 5, Clarence st. Mount pleasant
Whittingham John, shoemaker, 52, Renshaw st
Whittingham John, traveller, Rake lane, Evtn.
Whittingham Samuel, anchor smith, &c.; h. 50, Upper Pitt st.
Whittingham Samuel, broker& provision dealer, 5, Mersey st. ; h. 5, Clarence st. Mt. pleasant.
Whittingham Thomas, cabinet mkr. 2, Duckworth st.
Whittington Ann, boarding house, 4, Blake st.
Whittington George, vict. Letters, 2, Blake st.
Whittington Wm. joiner & cylinder & common bellows maker, 4, Warren st.
Whittle Ann, gentlewoman, 7, Slater st.
Whittle Ann, shopkeeper, 139, Dale st.
Whittle Elie. boarding house, 34, Brownlow st.
Whittle Frances, gentwn. 59, Gloster, st. Lime st.
Whittle George, vict. Cask, 31, Vernon st
Whittle George, gent. 70, Eldon place
Whittle John, innkeeper, Palace Inn, 27, John st. & Lord st.
Whittle Rt anchor smith; h. 54, Upr. Pitt st.
Whittle Rt. & Co. ship & anchor smiths, chain cable mfrs. & ironmongers, 8, Charlotte st.
Whittle Sarah, gentwn. 30, Soho st,
Whittle Thomas, baker, 80, London road
Whittle Thomas & Peter, corn, flour, & provision dealers, 79, London road
Whittle Wm, vier Waggon and Hones, 233, Vauxhall rood
Whittle Wm. wheelwright, 20, Parliament st; h. 21, Bedford st.
Whitwell Ann, vict, Letters, Owen's court, Hanover at
Whitworth Thos. shopkpr. 23, Gildart's gardens
Wiatt Mrs. Mary, 1, Roscommon st.
Wiatt Mrs. Tryphosa, 4, Roscommon st.
Wibberley John, spirit dealer, 3, Scotland road
Wickham Mathw. joiner & builder, 28, Wood st,
Wickham Samuel, mariner, 46, Duke street, Hanover st.
Widdows Rd. collector of highway, lamps, and scavengers rates; Is 32, Brownlow st.
Widdows Sarah, day school, 13, Trowbridge st,
Widdowson John, watch case mkr. 17, Edmund st.
Widdowson Thos. worsted & smallware dealer, 7. Edgar st.
Wiggans John, register office, 21, Whitechapel
Wiggans Mattw. customs officer, 56, Oldhall st.
Wiggans Wm. warehouseman, 28, Thurlow st.
Wight Wm. officer in excise, 12, Kensington
Wigley John, tailor & draper, 4, Williamson sq.
Wignall Catharine, gentwn. 55, Brownlow hill
Wignall Charles, tar, turpentine, & rosin works, 1, Bath lane; Is. Kirkdale
Wignall Thos, cooper, 29, King st. Pool lane; h. Tcwbrook
Wike John, gardener, Brook hs. Smithdown In.
Wikey Ann, hair dresser, 34, Marybone
Wilbraham Jph. officer in excise, 16, Pellew st,
Wilcock Hanh. marine store dlr. 22, Addison st.
Wilcock James, shoemaker, 2, Circus st.
Wilcock Wm. corn miller, 86, New Scotland rd.
Wilcock Wm. butcher, 50, Lumber st
Wilcocks Jas. painter & glazier, 3, Duncan st. E.
Wilcockson Nancy, vict. Letters, I, Silver st.
Wilcox Daniel, sail maker, 10, Ansdell st. t h, 12, Sydney st. St. James'
Wilcox Rebecca, flour dealer, 12, Greenland at,
Wilcox Wm. bookkeeper, 6, Pembroke gardens
Wild Chas. tobacconist & tea dlr. 33, James' st.
Wild Charles, accountant, 16, Hanover st.; it. Linacre marsh
Wild Captain John, 2d Royal I.an.'sshire Militia 24, Seymour st.
Wild Joseph, bookpr. 7, Hill st. South
Wild Samuel, bookpr. 14, Upr. Harrington st.
Wild Samuel Bagnall, merchant; b. St. George's place, Everton
Wild Wm de Samuel,. & Sneyd, American mein chants, 18, Water st.
Wilde John, clerk, 12, Warren st.
Wilde George, vict. & billiard room, America Hotel, American ct, Lower Sparling st,
Wilde Robert, locksmith and bell hanger, 20, Cleveland square
Wilde Thds. cutler; h, 5, Devon st,
Wildig Rev. G. B. A.M. 55, Bold st,
Wilding Joseph, mariner, 2, Gore st,
Wilding Mary, gentwn. 1, Gore st
Wilding Rt. shipwright, 7, Devonshire place, Clayton st.
Wilding Thomas, cooper, 33, Park lan..
Wildsmith Benjamin, clerk at Kirkdare house of correction; h. Everton valley
Wiley James, vict. Grapes, 57, Sparling st.
Wilie Mary, brig. school for ladies, g, Stafford ai,
Wilkes John, blacksmith & nail manufacturer, 59, Is. 76, Sparling st.
Wilkie David, stay maker, 11, Richmond row
Wilkins Eliz, bdg, house, 21, Gt, Nelson st. E,
Wilkins Robert, maltster, hop & flour dolma, 118, Whitechapel
Wilkinson Alice, vict. Narthrunperland Timm 18, Hatton garden
Wilkinson Ambrose, cow keeper, 21, Wolfe st.
Wilkinson & Cartmel, hosiers and woollen drapers, 8, Pool lane
Wilkinson Eleanor, boarding house, 51, Duke st. Hanover st.
Wilkinson Elizabeth, 4, Pleasant st.
Wilkinson Geo. ship broker, 43, School ln,; h. Seel st.
Wilkinson George, traveller, Netherfield In. N.
Wilkinson Henry, corn mercht. 17, Bird st. ; h. 1, Moore place
Wilkinson Henry H. corn & flour dlr. 30, Copperas hill ; h. 51, Duke st Hanover st.
Wilkinson Mrs. Jane, 68, Pitt st.
Wilkinson John, hosier & woollen draper i h. 9, Pool lane
Wilkinson John, custom house officer. 50, Hlghfleld st.
Wilkinson John, grocer & provision dealer, 75, Oldhall st.
Wilkinson John, overlooker, 22, Rigby st.
WIDcinaon Lawrence, cabinet mkr. 18, Peter In.
Wilkinson Mary, gentwn. 57, Bold st.
Wilkinson Rd. gent. 24, Gloucester pl. Lowhill
Wilkinson Rd. surgeon, 13, Lime st.
Wilkinson Rt. furniture broker, 68, Stanley st.
Wilkinson Robert, vice. Golden Lion, 7, Commutation row
Wilkinson Thomas, schoolmaster, 10, Poplar ln.
Wilkinson Thos, grocer, flour & provision dlr. 47, Parliament st.; h. 9, Crump st.
Wilkinson Thos. butcher, 22, St. John's market; h. 10, Poplar lane
Wilkinson Wm. vict. Bee Hive, 29, south end Dry dock
Wilkinson William, vict. North Briton, 1, Salthouse lane
Willacy James, flour dealer and baker, 80, Park lane, & 5, Berry st. ; h. 30, Seel st.
Willacy John, vict. & cooper, Letters, 17, coperage, 11, Gloucester at Lime st.
Willan Agnes, toy dealer, 75, Bold at
WIllan Edw. & Co. circulating library, 27,Bold at
Willan Edward, jun. stationer and bookseller, 74, Bold st.
Willan Rt, Leghorn & straw hat mfr. 25, Paradise st; h. 6, Queen st. Edge hill
Willat Wm. butcher, 35, Scotland road
Willcot Ellen, vict Pine Apple, 27, Denison st.
Willets Samuel, hair dresser, 3, Lower Harrington st
Williams Alice, 41, Edmund st
Williams Ann, straw hat mkr. 80, Copperas hill
Williams Ann, furniture broker, 14, Stanley et
Williams Ann, gentwn. 13, Sidney pi. Bdff shill
Williams Ann, vict Wellington Arms Tap, 15, Dale st.
Williams Arthur, white cooper, 1, Leigh st.
Williams & Barnes, slaters & plasterers, 23, Shaw's brow
Williams Benj. flour dealer, 50, Oldhall st.
Williams Benjamin, flour dealer, 19, Berry st.; h. 1, Roscoe lane
Williams David, M.D. 22, Islington
Williams David, hair dresser, 2, Pall mall
Williams David, warehouseman, 8, S. Hunter st.
Willlam¢ David, vies Ship Launch,15, Ansdell st.
Williams Edward, shoemaker, Lower Tranmere
Williams Edw, boot & shoemaker, 2, Edmund st.
Williams Edward, baker, 4, Marshall lane
Williams Edward, sow keeper, 24, Lawrence st.
Williams Eliza, big. house, 13, St, Paul's square
Williams Elizabeth, gentwn. 35, St. James' place
Williams Elizabeth, gentwn, 29, Pinch st
Williams Eliz. vict. Mermaid, 6, Benn'a gardens.
Williams Ellen, dress maker, 16, Frederick st. St. James'
Williams Erasmus, joiner, 11, Gt. Richmond st.
Williams Evan, porter dealer & commission agt. Charlotte place
Williams Evan, plasterer, 15, Stockdale st.
Williams Evans, bookkeeper, 12, Wilde at,
Williams Geo. vict. Three Golden Pigeons, 10, North at
Williams Geo. joiner, 49, Sawney Pope st.
Williams Hannah, bdg, hs, 37, Great George st.
Williams Henry, baker, 7, Liver at,
Williams Henry, classical & commercial academy, 19, Falkland st.
Williams Henry, vict. Jolly Sailor, 27, Northut.
Williams Henry, joiner, 18, Wright st.
Williams Hezeklah, Act. Hay Stack, 64, Tithebarn street
Williams Hugh, block and pump maker, 40, Waterloo road; h. Charlotte ct, Queen at Oldhall st
Williams Hugh, pilot, 8, St. Paul's square
Williams Hugh,vlct. Royal Mail Ferry, Woodside
Williams Hugh, grocer, 18, Oldhall st
Williams Hugh, watch case polisher & springer, 20, Johnson st
Williams Hugh, vict. Wellington and Blucher, 26, Preston st.
Williams Isaac, hair dresser, 12, Garden st.
Williams Isabella, provision dealer, 34, Scots land road
Williams James, plumber, glazier, and painter, 58, Great Crosshall st.
Williams Jane, vict. Blue Bell, 3, Union st.
Williams Jane, boot & shoe warehouse, 59, Lord street
Williams Jane, boarding house, 30, Union st.
Williams Mrs. Jane, 71, Seel street
Williams John, hair dresser, 53, Pitt st.
Williams John, block & pump maker, 33, S. end Dry dock ; h. Frederick st.
Williams John, law stationer, 10, Temple court'; h. 17, Clarence st. Mount pleasant
Williams John, attorney, 1, Union court, Castle street ; It. 11, Nelson st. , St. James'
Williams John, mariner, 28, Duncan street, St. James'
Williams John, mariner, 12, Dickinson st.
Williams John, bookkeeper, 16, Wolfe st.
Williams John, slater and plasterer; h. 23, Shaw's brow
Williams John, manufacturer of copper riveted water pipes, 9, Rathbone st.
Williams John, clock maker, 27, Cherry lane
Williams John, boot and shoemaker, 24, Duncan street, East
Williams John, tailor & clothes dealer, 101, Tithebarn st.
Willlams John, vies. Lettgga, 8, Jackson st,
Williams John, bookkeeper, 12, Warren st.
Williams John, vict. & livery stable keeper, Haymarket Tavern, Haymarket
Williams John, task master, and store keeper at the House of Industry ; h. 20, Harford st.
Williams John, tide waiter, 36, Cropper st.
Williams John, coal dealer, 48, Lionel st.
Williams John, butcher, 41, Cable st.
Williams John, Act. Letters, 12, Lawton st.
Williams John, shoemaker, 21, Henry Edw. st.
Williams John, joiner, 57, Great Crosshall st. Is. 53, Fontenoy st.
Williams John, jun. joiner; h. 58. Sawnav Pope street
Williams John, gentleman, 13, Virgil st.
Williams John & Wm. joiners, 21, Comus st.
Williams Lewis, vict, Royal Oak, 15, Bird st.
Williams Margaret, provision dealer, 141, Dale street ; h. 17, Vernon street
Williams Margery, butcher, 4, Pownall sq.
Williams Martha, vict. Sun, 19, Bird st.
Williams Martha, vict. Cross Keys, 26, Bath st.
Williams Mary, dress maker, 8, Bent st.
Williams Mary, schoolmistress, Hill st. S.
Williams Mary Ann, 8, Sydney st. Duncan st. E.
Williams Mary, boarding house, 123, Park In.
Williams Mary, gentwn. 11, Sydney st. St. James
Williams Mary, schoolmistress, 20, Hodson st.
Williams Matthew, bookkeeper, 5, Harford st.
Williams Owen, timber dealer, 57, Great Crosshall st. ; h. 14, Ormond st.
Williams Owen, furniture broker, joiner, and cabinet maker, 70, Stanley st.
Williams Owen, bookkeeper, 5, St. Paul's sq.
Williams Owen, mariner, 21, Henderson st.
Williams Owen, tailor, 9, Benn's gardens
Williams Owen, vict. Leek, 11, Brick st.
Williams & Parry, brewers, 25, Standish st.
William, Philip C. corn & flour dealer, 82, St. James' st. ; h. 3, Pitt st.
Williams P. & W. Grenfell, & Co. copper merchants, 14, Cornhill, (agent, S. Taylor)
Williams Philip C, corn and flour dealer, 82, St. James' st. ; Is. 3, Pitt st.
Williams Philip, butcher, 46, Plumbe st.
Williams Richard, gent. 43, St. Paul's sq.
Williams Richard, vict. & gardener, Pine Apple, 10, London road
Williams Richard, vict. Boat, 39, Wapping
Williams Richard, grocer and tea dealer, 2, Williamson square
Williams Richard, tailor and shopkeeper, I, Sea brow
Williams Richard, vict. Letters, 20, Upper Milk street
Williams Rd. leather dresser, 6, Virgil st.
Williams Richard, woad turner, 14, Webster at, Fontenoy st.
Williams Rd. pilot, 11, Leeds street
Williams Rd. fishmonger, 43, St. Paul's sq.
Williams Rt. vict. Rose & Crown, 29, Barter st.
Williams Robert, farmer, Wailassa
Williams Robert & Co. West India merchants, 3, Tyrer street
Williams Rt. mercht. ; Is, 59, Russel at
Williams Rt. tide wafter, 30, Key at
Willalpa. Rt. flax dresser, 6, Old ropery
Williams Rt. comb mfr. 22, Sir Thomas' bldga
Williams Rt. pilot, 12, Grafton st.
Williams Rt. tailor, 19, Old haymarket
Williams Rt. vict. Denbigh Tavern, 52, Gerard street
Williams Rt. hair dresser, 1, Richmond row
Williams Rt. master porter, Rice's place
Williams Rt. shoemaker, 20, Redmond place
Williams Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 40; Edmund street
Williams Samuel, baker and flour dealer, 21, Pownall square
Williams Samuel, furniture broker, 27. Stanley street
Williams Sarah, vict. Letters, 5, Robert's st. N.
Williams Sarah, vict. Globe, 9, Pitt st.
Williams Sarah, boarding ha 36, Coppery hill
Williams Sarah, carters' frock maker, 72, Marybone
Williams Sarah, fishmonger, 43,.St. John's market ; Is. 43, St. Paul's sq.
Williams Sarah, boarding ha 19, Upper Pitt st.
Williams Thos. vict. Letters, 63, Sparling st.
Williams Thos. watch maker, 11, village piste, Clayton street
Williams Thos. hide merchant, 4, Oldhall st.; h. 5, Pembroke place
Williams Thos. bookkeeper, 30, Bridport st.
Williams Thos. cow keeper, 1, Bell st.
Williams T. W. & Co. carriers, Robinson's wharf, NW. corner King's dock, (agent James Robinson)
Williams Thos block and pump maker, 3, S. end George's dock; h. 32, Duke street, Hanover st.
Williams Thos. shoemaker, 8, Back- amen Anne street
Williams Thos. vict. Oil Gas Tavern, 1, Comus street
Williams Thos. whitesmith, 19, Upper Frederick street
Williams Thos. shopkeeper, 4, Brown street, Grenville st.
Williams Watkin, dealer In small wares, 34, Oldhall street
Williams WatkIn, pilot, 10, Sparling street
Williams Watkin, attorney's clerk,84,London rd,
Williams Wm. butcher, 5, Cleveland sq.
Williams Wm. gent. 7, Burlington st.
Williams Was, brokers h. 5. Washington st.
Williams Wm. tailor, 16, Bixteth st.
Williams Wm. vict. Letters, 49, Upr. Milk at,
Williams Was. 1, Gill's entry, M`Viccar et
Williams Wm. 5, Eaton street
Williams Wm. spirit dlr. ; Is. 63iGt Crosshall et
Williams Wen. linen and woollen draper, 34, Byrom street
Williams Wm, baker & flour sealer, 19, gadhali street, and 1, anima street
Williams Wm, 37, Kitchen street
Williams 'Win. officer Incustoma & George st.
Williams Was. warehouseman. 2. George st.
Williams Wm. shoemaker, 75, Marybone
Williams Wm, vict. Blue Anchor, 30; Brick st.
Williams Wm. plasterer, 30, Johnson st.
Williams Wm. smallware die, 9, Gardener's row
Willisans Wm, bricklayer, 48, Seymmur-at.
Williams Wm. vict. Denbigh Castle, 35, Hackie's hey
Williams W m, hair dresser, 31, Dale st. ; h. 3, Vernon street
Williams Wm. boot and shoemkn 5, St. Paul's sq.
Williams Wei. boarding house, 51, Oldhall st.
Williams Wm. vict, Prince's Dock Coffee House, 20, New quay
Williams Wm. bookkeeper, 45. Frederick st. St. James'
Williams Wm. vict. Rathen Castle, 47, Wood street
Williams Wm. gardener, Church st. Everton
Williams Wm. shopkeeper, 43, Midghall st.
Williams Wm. joiner, 13, Virgil street
Williamson Lieut. Allan Martin, R.N. 39, Cornwallis street
Williamson Christopher, herald painter. 3. Mt. pleasant
Williamson Daniel, drawing master, 107, Ia• lingten
Williamson Eliz boarding house, 38, John st.
Williamson James, spirit and porter dealer, 36, E. side Salthouse dock ; h. Cleveland sq.
Williamson Jane, ladies' seminary, 15, Benson st.
Williamson John, furniture broker, 30, Standish street
Williamson Joseph, rope mkr. &c.; h. 8, Lime st.
Williamson Joseph, gent. Williamson's buildings, Smithdown lane
Williamson Joseph, basket maker, 2, Bridport st.; Is. 46, Shaw's brow
Williamson Josiah, attorney ; h. 5, Vernon place
Williamson Rt. Esq. Swedish consul, and wine & porter mercht. 62, Hanover st. ; h. Springfield cottage, Knotty Ash
Williamson Samuel, bricklayer, 15, Tarleton st.
Williamson Samuel, landscape painter, 15, Benson street
Witttamson & Son, attornies, 1, Brunswick st.
Williamson Thos. hair dresser, 28, Ray st.
Williamson, Webster, & Co. rope makers & ship chandlers, 58, -Wapping, covered ropery, Grafton sheet
Williamson Wm. rope,nkt &c.; Is. 17, Stafford st.
Williamson Wm, extra officer in excise, 34, Crosshall st.
Williamson' Wm: smallware dealer, 54, King street, Pool lane
Williamson W. T. starch mfr. ; h. 47, Seel st
Willicott Thos. vict. Letters, 17, Mersey Si.
Willink Daniel, Esq. consul for the Netherlands & mercht, 3, Goree piazzas; Is. Bootle
Willis Chas. watch dial engraver, 6, Trueman st; h. 80, New Scotland road
Willis Daniel, mercht. ; Is. 12, Rodney st.
Willis John, ineiel ant, 20, Water street ; Is. 12, Rodney st.
Willis John, mariner, 12, Head st.
Willis, Latham, & Gair, merchts. 45, Wapping
Willis Than hair dresser, 7, Chisenhaie st.
Willmer & Co. printers, booksellers, and statioilers, 25, Lord It.
Wilmette A. S. dancing academy, 7, Soho st.
Wilson Alice, gentwn. 18, Mount pleasant '4''ilson Ann, dress maker, 13, Gerard st.
Wilson Ann, gentcm. 1, Hill side terrace. Erin.
Wilson Ann, gentwn. 15, Beau st.
Wilson Anthony, vict. Pilot Boat, 5, Strand st.
Wilson & Ankers, carriers and leather dealers, 6, Harrington st.
Wilson Arthur, cow keeper, 7, Grenville st. N.
Wilson Arthur, cow keeper, 2, Great Homer at
Wilson Barton, coach maker, 26, Lime st
Wilson Catharine, hosier & smallware dealer, 7, Scotland place
Wilson Christopher, vict Coach & Horses, and livery stable keeper, 29; h. 9, Basnett st.
Wilson Dorothy, circulating library, 19, Pitt at,
Wilson Edw. gent. 2, Vernon place
Wilson Edw. gent. 21, Brownlow hill
Wilson Edw. bookkeeper, Regent st.
Wilson Eliz. lodging house, 10, Dawson O-
W ilson Eliz confectioner, 22, Brownlow hill
Wilson Eliz. gentwn. 2, Vernon pL
Wilson Eliz. straw hat maker, 44, Marybone
Wilson Frederick Wm, clerk in customs, 2, Norris street
Wilson Geo. ale and porter mercht. 30, Water st. ; Is. 30, Virgil st.
Wilson Geo. block maker, &c. ; Is. Hill st. S.
Wilson Henry, gent. 14, Daulby st.
Wilson Henry, linen mercht. ; h. 7, Duke st. Hanover st. & Elms, West Derby
Wilson Henry, butcher, 38, Waterloo road ; h. Bennett court, Tithebarn st.
Wilson Henry & Thos. linenmerchta. &drapers, &c. 34, North side Old dock
Wilson & Higgin, ladies' boarding school, 1, Soho street
Wilson Hill, Bethesda day school, 36, Bridport st. ; Is. Webster st. Everton
Wilson Miss I. 19, Seymour street
Wilson Isaac, gent. 8, Virgil street
Wilson Jacob, skinner, &e. ; Is. 9, Thurlow st.
Wilson James, butcher, 3, Cleveland sq.
Wilson James F. veterinary surgeon, 4, Beamed street
Wilson James, mariner, 19, Devon st.
Wilson James, cow keeper, 11, Head st.
Wilson James, Abbey st. Birkenhead
Wilson James, vict. Letters, 7, Dawson st.
Wilson James, millwright, engineer, millstone, & thrashing machine maker, and timber merchant, 22, Lydia Alin st. ; h. 6, Parrat
Wilson John, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 71, Lord street
Wilson John, joiner and timber dealers 13, In 14, Bridgewater st.
Wilson John, mercht. 4, Gt. Nelson st. North
Wilson John, ship & boat builder, 1, Queed Anne st S. ; Is. 13, Pleasant bill st.
Wilson John, mariner, 36, Wolfe st.
Wilson John, import officer, 40, Gloucester st Lime street
Wilson John, cheese factor, 1, James' st.
Wilson John, mercht. ; Is. 68, Motmt pleasant
Wilson Johns vict. and shipwright, Letters, 16, Crooked lane
Wilson John, baker, Dean court, Bakehouse In.
Wilson John, tailor .k draper, 69, Castle st.; h. 34, Mill street
Wilson.John, grocer and dour dealer,, 45, Rid. mend tow
Wilma John, bookkeeper, 35, Duncan st. East
Wilson John, joiner, 7, White st.
Willson John, cotton bs canvass boasting warehouse, 8, Trafford lane
Wilson John, tailor, 27, Circus street
Wilson John, Act. Hope & Anchor, 58, Wood st
Wilsofi John, joiner, 5, Great Richmoea es h, Cornwallis street
Wilson John, painter, &c. ; h. 10, Upr. Pitt st.
Wilson John & Geo. bakers & flour dealers, 70, Byrom st. & 62, St. John's market
Wilson John & Wm. paint mfrs. painters, plumbers & glaziers, 14, Campbell street, and Orford street
Wilson Joseph, tallow chandler, 111, Whitechpk
Wilson Margt. boarding house, 10, Russel st.
Wilsotl Mary, gentwn. 21, Phythian st.
Wilson Mary, vict. Union Tavern, 48, Edmund street
Wilson M. F. dress maker, 35, Duncan st. East
Wilson Ndwnskn Hyde, cabinet turner, 13, Bridgewater street
Wilson Phineas, currier; h. 22, Phythian st.
Wilson Rachael, vict. Letters, 20, Rainford On.
Wilson Richard, boot and shoemaker, 107, Park lane *ikon Rd: tallow chandler, 33, Byrom st.
Wilson Richard, watch maker, 2, Bevington hill
Wilson Richard, tallow chandler, 105, St. James' street
Wilson Richard, flour dealer, 4 Eccles st.
Wilson Robert, tailor, 53, Park lane
Wilson Rt. cabinet maker, 67, Sawney Pbpe st.; in 61, Fontenoy st.
Wilson Rt. merchant; h. 3, Soho agnate
Wilson Rt. farrier, 51, John street
Wilson Rt. H. bookkeeper, 15, Roscoe lane
Wilson Rt. Warrall, debt_ 38, Brownlow st.
Wilson & iRowianit, skinners & leather dressers, 84, Banastre st.
Wilson Sarah, pawnbroker, 1D, Highfleld st.
Wilson Tiros. attorney, 29, h. 31, Cornwallis st.
Wilson Thos. painter, glazier, &c. 71, Byrom st.
Wilson Thos. commission broker; h. 5, Northumberland st.
Wilson Thos. proprietor of Music hall, Bold st. & manager of the concerts ; h. 3, Soho st.
Wilson Thos. draper, &c.; h. 26, Rodney st.
Wilson Thos. tallow chandler; in Spring well house, Orrell
Wilson Thos. butcher, St. George's market; is. 3, Mead street
Wilson Thai. hardware meet. ; h. 100, Islington
Wilson Thos. & Co, hardware merchants, 45, Pool lane
Wilson 'Thos. & Son, tallow chandlers, 14, Preeson's row
Wilson T. & Ms milliners and dress makers, 71, Lord street
Wilson Wm; gent. 6, Rupert lane, Everton
Wilson Wm. mercht. h. Hill side, Everton
Wilson Win, provision meet.; Is. 10, Tyrer st. N.
Wilson Wm. saddler, 73, Church street ; Is. 12, Upper Newington
Wilson Wm. tailor & slop dealer, 109, Patk 1n.
Wilson Wm. painter, &c.; h.19,Cornwallis at
Wilson Wn . timber met surer, 31, Sparliup st.
Wilson Wm. gent. 21, Pembroke place
Wilson Wm. grocer and flour dealer, 19, Value hall road
Wilson Wm. gent. 16, Great Nelson st. N.
Wilson Wm. gent. 28, Slater Street
Wilson Wm. officer in customs, 6, Gibraltar row
Wilson Wm. pilot, 3, Chadwick it.
Wilson Wm. boot & shoemaker, 21, Norfolk st.
Wilson Wm, butcher, 15, St. John's marks ; ii 4, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Wilson Wm. cooper, 20; h. 13, Tempest hey
Wilson Wm. & Rt. & Co. commission merchts. ; 23, Cook street
Wilson Wm, merchant; h. 8 Nile st.
Wilson Wm. upholsterer and cabinet maker, 137, Duke st. Hanover st.
Winder Ellen, vice Glasgow Tavern, 19, East side Dry dock
Winder Jas. wood hoop mercht. mfr. and ship owner, Litherland alley ; Mercer court, 11.edcross st. and 63, Upper Pitt st i Vine street
Winder John, mercht. comas. agent, and ship owner, 64, Hanover st. ; h. 18, Seymour st.
Winder Wm. bookpr. 9, Clarence st. Mt. pleasant
Winder Wm. warehouseman, 15, Edgar st.
Winders Edmund, slater, Johnston's Ct. Bolton street, Grafton st.
Windsor Geo. lodging house, 50, Gerard st.
Windsor James, surgeon, 27, Hunter st.
Windsor John, shoemaker, Pottery lane
Wiridus Ann, vict. Blazing Tub, 16, Plumbe st.
Windus John, watch case maker, 7, Limekiln ln,
Winn John, butcher, 70, h. 42, Pitt st.
Winn John, vict. Black Horse, 26, Pall mall
Winn Wm. flax dresser, & importer of Irish linens, diapers, &c. 137, Dale street; Is, Rake lane, Kfrkdale
Winne Mary, 3, Pleasant hill street
Winstanley Ann, ship & anchor smith, 2, ?Anaray place, Nova Scotia
Winstanley Rev. Calvin, (chaplain to the core potation) classical & mathematical academy, 78, Nuke st. Hanover street ; h. 17, St. Vincent street, St. James'
Winstanley Palen, confectioner, 64, St. Jamq'at,
Winstanley Henry, cow keeper, 1, Hale at
Winstanley Jas. wine mercht. 17, Henry st. ; In 26, St. Anne st
Winstanley John, cooper, 139, New Scotland rd. ; h. 1, Tennant court, Norris st.
Winstanley itt. tobacconist, 83, Oldhall street
Winstanley Samuel Hemingway, attorney, 3, Tithebarn st.; h. 28, St. Anne st.
Winstanley & Son, (wine, &c.) auctioneers and appraisers, 1, Parker st. & 18, Clayton, sq.
Winstanley Thos. auctioneer, &c.; li. 19, Clay. toil square
Winstanley Than, cow kpr. 6, Gascoyne st.
Winstanley Wm. shoemkr. 14 Sr 15, Parker st.
Winatanley Wm. corn miller, $forth shore
Winstanley Wm. row keeper, 7, Key st.
Winstanley Wm: coal mercht.; h. 4, Hope st.
Winstanley Wm. & Co. coal merchants; 52, 01d hall street
Winteeebottom John, shoemaker, 37, 'I'rua man street
WIntersgill Thos. landing waiter, 29, Pembroke place
Wise John, vict. Grapes, 43, Wapping
Wise John, boarding house, 86, Brownlow hill
Wiseman Jane, boarding & day school for ladies', 10, Gill street
Wissett Spencer Robert, master mariner, 44, Stanhope steeet
Witham Joseph, watch enameller ; h. 57, Warren street
Withers Geo. secretary to the committee of the underwriters' rooms ; h. 28, Brownlow st.
Witherspoon Wm. agent to Scotch Fire Insurance Co. & bookseller, 58, Lord street ; h. 18, Moss street
Withington Mrs. Ann, Netherfield lane, North
Withington & Myers, brokers, 28, Brunswick st.
Withington Peter, Esq. 2, Hope place
Withington Thos. Coles, broker ; h. 1, Derby ln.
Witter James, grocer, corn and flour dealer, 43, Lime street
Witter John, cart owner, 88, Copperas hill
Witter Thomas, dealer in marine stores, 19, Dale street
Wolfe C. J. plasterer, &c. 18, Bow st.
Wolfe Flora, ale and beer brewer, 28, Fleet st.
Wolstenholme Matthew, coachman, 14, Williamson street
Wolstenholme Wm. Lupton, cotton broker, and shipping agent, French buildings, 10, Tithebarn street; h. Mount Vernon
Wood Alfred, agent, 5, North side Duke's dock quay
Wood Ann, lodging house, 17, Greetham st.
Wood Archibald, excise officer, it, Hurst st.
Wood Benj. nautical instrument maker, 50, Wapping ; h. 29, Upper Pitt st.
Wood, Brothers & Co. tea & coffee dealers, and roasters, 2, St. James' st. & 11, Elliot st.
Wood Ella. & Maria, dress makers, 29, Upper Pitt street
Wood Geo. printer & stationer, 12, Price st.
Wood Hannah, gentwn. 7, Birkett st. Soho
Wood Henry, rag merchant, & paper dealer, 5, Nash st. ; h. 48, Rase place
Wood Henry, merchant, 29, Drury lane ; h. 102, Islington
Wood Henry, cotton broker, 5, Temple st.
Wood James, accountant, 7.5, Lord street; h. 12, Upper Parliament street
Wood James, vict. Letters, 46, Fontenoy street
Wood Mrs. Jane, 2, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Wood John, clock and watch maker, 5, Church street
Wood John, coachman, 6, Hale street
Wood John Nelson, ship broker; h. 18, Nile st.
Wood John, traveller, Edge vale
Wood and Mackintosh, rope makers and ship chandlers, 60, Wapping, & 9, Hope st.
Wood Mary, tea dealer, 51, Church st.
Wood Ottiwell, Esq. Edge mount, Edge lane
Wood and Redish, ladies' boarding and day school, 38, Seymour street
Wood Robert, currier and leather cutter, 24; Whitechapel
Wood Samuel, merchant, 21, King street ; is. 29, Eldon place
Wood Samuel, shoemaker, 4, Church alley
Wood Sarah, lodging house, 7, Great George st.
Wood S. W. ship chandler and roper; h. 17, Brownlow street
Wood Rev. Thomas, M.A. 7, Mount pleasant
Wood Thomas, bookkeeps, 4, CrosbIe street
Wood Thomas, vIct. Grapes, 12, Kent st.
Wood and Watson, ship brokers, 11, King st.
Wood Wm. Hamilton, ship broker, 45, King st. Pool lane ; h. 1, Cornwallis street
Wood Wm. watch maker, Torbock place
Wood William, tea and coffee dealer; h. 2, St. James' st.
Woodburn John, surgeon, 12, Cherry lane
Woodburn Mary, gentlewoman, 30, Kent st.
Woodburn Stephen, hat manufacturer, 230,
Vauxhall road, and 2, Marlborough st.
Woodburn Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 84, Paradise st. and 39, Cable street
Woodcock and Haliburton, coal merchants, 5, Canal basin
Woodcock John, vict. Letters, 82, W. end Old dock
Woodcock Mary, boarding house, 2, Virgil st.
Woodcock Wm. bookkeeper, 42, Vauxhall road
Woodcroft Mrs. Mary Ann, 19, Beau st.
Woodcroft Misses, boarding and day school for young ladies, 19, Beau street
Woodend Jonathan Nell, grocer and flour dealer, 49, Bispham street
Woodfall Richard, bookkeeper, 60, Gloucester street, Lime street
Woodflne Mary, gentlewoman, 68, London mad
Woodflne Richard, gentleman, 45, Gascoyne st.
Woodflne Robert, gent. 24, St. James' place
Woodhouse Dorothy, boarding house, 38, Upper Pitt street
Woodhouse John, Samuel, and William, merch,mts and ship owners, 15, Henry st.
Woodhouse Samuel, merchant, Bronte house, Everton
Woodhouse William, merchant; h. Lodge lane, Toxteth park
Woodrooffe Mrs. Eliz. gentwn. 16, Chapel place
Woodruff John, tide surveyor, 6, White mill st.
Woods Charles, vict. Wind Mill, 53, Hurst st.
Woods Charles, painter and gilder, 20, Hatton garden
Woods Eliz. worsted dealer, 15, Oldhall st.
Woods Eliz. stay maker, 67, Fontenoy st.
Woods Ellen, flour dealer, 23, Copperas hill
Woods Ellen, gentlewoman, 57, New Scotland road
Woods Henry, ace 'intent, 58, Oldhall st.
Woods Henry, sexton of St. Matthew's, Elizabeth court, Vauxhall road
Woods James, merchant, 33, Union street ; Is. Fazakerley
Woods James, tanner, &c.; is. 34, Seymour st.
Woods James, jun. coal agent, 1, Peckover st.
Woods James and Co. tanners and fellmongers, 64, Cheapside
Woods Mary, boarding house, 16, Basnett st.
Woods Mary, dress maker, 44, Sir Thomas' buildings
Woods Mary & Jane, milliners and dress makers, 29, Mount pleasant
Woods Michael, plumber and glazier, 38, High,eld street
Woods Nathaniel, vict. Mason's Anne, 49, Jordan street
Woods Peter, attorney, 21, Lord st.; h. 2, ' Heathfield st.
Woods Richard, 15, School lane
Woods Thomas, shopkeeper, 23, Worneid st.
Woods Thomas, vict. Britannia, and joiner, 70, Sawney Pope st.
Woods William, plumber and glazier, 44, Sir Thomas' buildings
Woods Wm. painter, 125, Tithebarn st.; h. 21, Hackin's hey
Woods Wm. joiner and cabinet maker, 1, house, 11, Gay st.
Woods Wm. vict. Merchant'e Coffee House. 1, George's dock gates, North
Woods Wm. gentleman, Sea view, Kirkdale
Woods Wm. jun. ale and beer brewer, 8, Jervis street
Woodville Catharine, milliner and dress maker, 68, Bold street
Woodville Dorothy, gentlewoman, 35, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Woodville Isaac, wholesale porter and tea dealer, 68, Wood st.; h. 68, Bold st.
Woodward Abel, gardener, Edge lane
Woodward Alexander, wine and brandy merchant, 6, Great Nelson st. North
Woodward Ann, boarding house, 32,Sir Thomas' buildings
Woodward Augustine, gent. 11, Mansfield st.
Woodward Charles, butcher, 40, Brownlow hill
Woodward Hugh, pilot, Regent st.
Woodward Isaac, vict. Bowling Green Tavern, 66, New Scotland road
Woodward James, vict. Sun, 19, Highfield st.
Woodward John, vict. Red Lion, 43A, London road
Woodward Margaret, dress maker, 4, Dover st. Heath st. Hill st. South
Woodward and Son, wine and brandy merchants, St. George's market, Fenwick st.
Woodward Richard, pawnbroker, 11, Jordan st.
Woodward Robert & Thomas, corn and hop merchants, 16, Irwell place
Woodward Robert, corn merchant, &c. h. Wavertree
Woodward Samuel, baker and flour dealer, 129, Dale street
Woodward Thomas, agent; h. 12, Great Nelson street, East
Woodward Thomas, corn merchant, &c. ; h. 34, Renshaw street
Woodward Wm. bookkeeper, 17, White mill street
Woodward Wm. flour dealer, 56, Shaw's brow
Woodyer Joseph, joiner and shopkeeper, 27, Springfield st.
Woof Thomas, vice Old dock Tavern, 84, Old dock gates
Wooler John, shopkeeper, 20, St. James' place
Woolfall James, cow keeper, 22, Comus st.
Woolfall James, jun: grocer and tea dealer, 14, New Scotland road
Woolfall James, joiner, 21, Limekiln lane
Woolfall Richard, bookkeeper, 2, Sidney Street, Duncan street, East
Woolham Sarah, lodging house, 39, Revrngton bush
Woolry Mary, shopkeeper, 27, Norfolk st.
Woolsey George Morrison, merchant, 6, Gores piazzas; h. Birch field, Islington
Woosey John, cow keeper, 7, Bent st.
Wootton Charles, joiner, 59, Upper Frederick street
Wordley James, silversmith & jeweller, 68, Lord street
Worrall and Co. printers, King st. chambers, 31, King st. Pool lane
Worrall Charles Allen, letter press printer, 10, Slater court, Castle st.; h. 10, St. Paul's square
Worrall and Dalton, block & pump makers, 21, Salthouse dock pie ems, & W. side George's dock passage
Worrell Elizabeth, hosier, 34, Hunter street
Worrell Frances, dress maker, 24, Duke street, Hanover street
Worrall John, ship owner, and block and pump maker; Is. Knotty Ash House, West Derby
Worrall John, 6, Horatio street
Worrall Jonathan, jun. flour dealer and baker, 21, Cotter st. and 1, Upper Harrington st.
Worrall Thomas, cow keeper, 38, Peter lane
Worrall William, mercht. 3, Rumford street; h. 25, Rose place
Worrall Wm. day academy, 2, Mitchell place ; h. 43, Russel st. '
Worrall William, shoemaker, 1, Randle's court, Christian street
Worrall Wm. warehouseman, 5, Peter lane
Worsey Thomas, coach guard, 14, Hart st.
Worsley Ann, dress maker, 16, St. Vincent st. E.
Worsley Ellen, dress mkr. 16, St. Vincent st. E.
Worsley John, gardener, 1, Crosshall street
Worsley Wm. gentleman, 14s, Erskine st.
Worthington Agnes, baker, &c. 29, Tarleton st.
Worthington Charles, surgeon, 22, Bold st.
Worthington and Co. carriers, 4, North side Duke's dock quay ; (agent, George Chell)
Worthington Edmund, smallware dealer, 9, Highfield street
Worthington Eliz. confectioner and fruiterer, 52, Lord street
Worthington Ellen, boardinghouse, 6,5Grenville street
Worthington John, vict. Letters, 2, Stringer's alley
Worthington John, bricklayer, 21, Grafton st.
Worthington Matthew, bookkeeper, 6, Thurlow street
Worthington Peter, watch engraver, tea dealer and hosier, 3, Pownall square
Worthington Richard, baker and flour dealer, 18, Edmund st.
Worthington Samuel and Sons, slate merchants. 1, Gower st.
Worthington Samuel, jun. corn merchant, 26. Redcross st. ; h. 23, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Worthington Stephen S. gentleman, High street, Edge hill
Worthington W. J. butcher, 86, Upper Islington
Wotherspoon Joseph; mercht. ; Is. 8, Chatham st.
Wotherspoon Margaret, gentlewoman, Wallasea
Wotherspoon Matthew, mercht.; h. 8, Chatham street
Wotherspoon and Walford, metchants,16, Goree piar,es
Wralght Walker, landing waiter, 11, Mount pleasant
Wraith Sarah and Sisters, boarding and day school, 9, Fox st.
Wren Abraham, flour dealer, 39, Copperas hill; h. 42, St. Andrew st.
Wren Joseph, tea and coffee dealer, 92, St. James' street
Wrenshall Wm. musical academy, 101, Islington
Wriggiesworth Hannah, shopkeeper, 14, Harrison street
Wright Ann, gentlewoman, 10, Crabtree line
Wright Ann, boardinghouse, 6, Not ton st.
Wright Ann, dyer, 9, Hood st. and 25, Pitt st.
Wright Mrs. Ann, 14, Wilde st.
Wright, Brothers, and Co. silk mercers ann woollen drapers, 21, Pool lane
Wright and Dod, woollen drapers, 57, Castle st.
Wright Eliz. gentlewoman, II, Beau st.
Wright Francis B. letter press printer, 4, Swift to-art, Castle st.; h. 10, Great Richmond st.
Wright Geo. size manufacturer and snuff dealer, 10, Whitechapel
Wright Geo. ale and beer brewer ana s,,_'it dealer, 37, Fazakerley st. ; Is. 12, Union st.
Wright Geo. shopkeeper, 12, Pickop st.
Wright Henry, farmer, Smithdown lade
Wright James, hosier, 144, Dale so
Wright fames, 3, Eldon place
Wright Jane, gentlewoman, 3, Strickland street
Wright Jane, organist of St. Adwrew's, 12, Hill street, South
Wright John, Esq. Litherland
Wright John, merchant and ship owner; h. Ward's cottage, Rake Lane, Edge hill
Wright John, silk mercer and woollen draper, 71, Church st.
Wright John, wareltousentan, 14, John st
Wright John, woollen draper; Is. 2, King street, Pool lane
Wright John, patent spring truss maker, 44, Church st.
Wright John; shopman, 6, Blake st.
Wright John, bookkeeper, 19, Hawke st.
Wright John, cow keeper, 10, Trowbridge st.
Wright Joseph, gent. 7, Brownlow st.
Wright Joseph, traveller, 3, Dover street, Stolenlow street
Wright Joseph; traveller, 9, Stafford st.
Wright Mark, bookkeeper, 51, Higltneld st.
Wright Martha, gentwn. Wellington st. Nadir
Wright Martha, boarding house, 30, Mount pleasant
Wright Mary & Co. spirit dealers, 31, North side Old dock
Wright Mary, spirit'dealer; h. 1, Upper Pitt st.
Wright Olivia, gentlewoman, 1, Erskine st.
Wright Peter, attorney; Is. 8, Clarence street, Mount pleasant
Wright Peter, white cooper, 55, Marybone
Wright Peter, vict. Letters, 4, Richmond row
Wright Ralph, cart owner, Holt hill, Cheshire
Wright Robt. woollen draper ; h. Little Wooltan
Wright Robert, baker, 10, Peter st.; h. 6: Yates court, Peter street
Wright Samuel, vict. Wind Mill, 17, College In.
Wright Samuel, hair dresser, 41, Wapping
Wright Samuel, joiner and cabinet maker, 17, Rose place
Wright Samuel, hair dresser, 3, Marshall st.
Wright Samuel; vict. Globe Tavern, 99, Mount pleasant
Wright Sarah; teacher, 7, Williamson st.
Wright Thomas, hide merchant; h. Ktrledale
Wright Thomas, master porter; h. 5, Beau st.
Wright Thomas, whitesmith and cutter, 3, h. 7. Rock st.
Wright Thomas, shoemaker, 10, Knight st:
Wright Wm. surgeon, 44, Church st.
Wright Wm. master of St. Andrew's free scroll, 29, Brownlow st.
Wright Wm. cow keeper, Low hill
Wright Wm. master mariner, 12, HIll st. South
Wright Wm. vict. St. George Tavern. m Temple Rine
Wright Wm. and Son, bookbinderaand paper rulers, 26, Sweeting st.
Wright Wm. sail maker, 21, Burlington st.
Wrighton Edward,-shoemaker, 59, Circus st.
Wrighton,Richard, gardener, 80, Highfield st.
Wrightson George, warehouseman, 6, Speiaig place, Springfield st.
Wrigley James, cotton broker; h. 39, Virgil st.'
Wrigley John, otton broker; Is. 9; Maeyboxe
Wrigley John and Son, cotton brokers, 189, Dale street
Wrigley James, machine maker, &c.; h. 20, Highfleld street
Wrigley Richard and Sons, blacksiAiths and machine makers, 4, Milk st.
Wrigley Richard, blacksmith, &e.; h. 7, Milk street
Wrigley Stephen, whitesmith, 22, School lane
Wrigley Thos. baker, 25, Leigh st.
Wulff John, gentleman, Pembroke road
Wyatt Mrs. E. W. ladies' boarding school, Wavertree road
Wybergh John, gent. Church street, Everton
Wyke Wm. blacksmith, 3, Prussia street; h. 310, St. Paul's square
Wylie David, A.M. day academy for young gentlemen, Watmough st.
Wylie David Steward, sehoohnaster, Hope school, 17, h. 18, Roscoe st
Wylie I! raticls, coal dealer, 5; Bevington bush
Wylie Jiffies, stoheh;aibn, 65; h. 65 Gloucester st. Lime st.
Wylie John, merchant; Is. Breckileld lase, Everton
Wyllie Joseph, gentleman, 15, St. Vincent st. E.
Wyness Andrew, hair dresser, 1, Leander st.
Wynn Richard, cork manufacturer, 157, Dale st.
Wynne Ellen, vict. Letters, 65, Crosshall st.
Wynne Isaac, bookkeeper, 3, Rose gardens, Rose place
Wynne Robert, surgeon, 87, St. James st. and 69, Jordan st.
Wynne IL L. surgeon, 15, Seymour st.
Wynne Thomas, shoemaker, 5, Ranelagh st.
Wynne Thomas, mariner, I1, Lower Harrington street
Yaniewiez and Weiss, music and musical instrument dealers, 60, Lord st.
Yarwood Mary, gentlewoman, 10, Great Nelson street, East
Yates, Brothers, & Co. brokers, 21, Exchange buildings
Yates Charles, carver, gilder, and vict. Machine house, 32, Lime st.
Yates and Cox, iron merchants and nail manufacturers, 18 and 19, Brunswick st. ; nail manufactory, Oxford st. Vauxhall road
Yates Edward, tailor, 19, Sparling st.
Yates Elizabeth, 14, Chaucer st.
Yates George, merchant, ship broker, & owner, 64, Hanover st.
Yates George, weigher in customs, 9, Frederick st. St. James'
Yates Henry, coal merchant; h. 1, Daulby st.
Yates Henry, vict. Farmer's Arms, 61, Johnson street
Yates Hannah & Son, slaters and plasterers, 53, Sir Thomas' buildings
Yates Hannah, tobacco and snuff dealer, 53, Sir Thomas' buildings
Yates and Hess, stone seal engravers, watch makers and jewellers, 13, Lord st.
Yates and Holme, coal and stone merchants, 103, London road
Yates James, hat mfr. 62 & 63, Park''lane
Yates James, perfumer and hair dresser, 24, Cable street
Yates Jemima, stay and corset maker, 21, Paradise street
Yates John, attorney, 7, Jubilee buildings, Lord street ; h. 7, Stanhope st.
Yates John, brass founder and fan light maker, 64, Christian st.
Yates John, vict. Gloucester Street Tavern, 52, Gloucester st. Lime st.
Yates John Ashton, broker; h.- 1, Queen sq. & Dingletail, Toxteth park
Yates Rev. John, Unitarian minister, Dinglehead, Toxteth park
Yates John, pawnbroker, 28, Marybone
Yates Joseph Brooks, West India merchant; h. 18, Upper Parliament st.
Yates Joseph, iron mercht.; h..36, Richmond row
Yates Mary, vict. Letters, 19, Circus st.
Yates Mary, butcher, Islington market; h. 28, Torbock st.
Yates Mary, gentlewoman, 1, Daulby st.
Yates Richard Vaughan, iron merchant, &c.; h. 18, Brunswick st.
Yates Samuel, engraver & copperplate printer, 13, Lord street
Yates Rev. Thomas, 24, Ray st.
Yates Thomas, butcher, 35, St. John's market; h. 1, Moor's court, Hanley st.
Yates Mrs. Ursula, 12, Everton crescent
Yates Wm. vict. Old Coach and Horses, 74, Whitechapel
Yates Wm. coachman, 24, Harrington st.
Yates Wm. perfumer and hair dresser, 21, Paradise street
Yates Wm. shopkeeper, 14, Norbury st.
Yates Wm. shopkeeper, 90, Gloucester street, Lime street
Yellowley Eliza, boarding house, 20, Clayton sq.
Yearsley Robert, agent at salt works, Gersten
Yearsley Wm. vict. Nile Tavern, 15, Highfield street
Yelverton Thomas, bookkeeper, 62, Upper Islington
Yelverton Wm. bookkeeper, 2, St Ann's
Yeoman Henry Wilkinson, gent. 50, Upper Islington
Yeoman Wm. vict. North Shore Coffee House, 1, Regent road
Yeoward Ann, gentlewoman, 11, St. Stephen's st. Clayton st.
Yonge Philip R. merchant, 21, New quay
Yorstoun James, agent to the Eagle Insurance Company, 14, Exchange st. E. ; h. Aigburth
Youd Jas. bookkeeper, 1, Northumberland p1.
Youds John, joiner, 61, Marybone
Youett Thomas, livery stable keeper; h. 12A, Sydney street, St. James'
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, 12, Gill st.
Young Jane, gentlewoman, 40, Christian st.
Young Joseph, importer, mfr. & dlr. in French burr mill stones, 13, Temple street ; h. 31, Clare street
Young Robert, mariner, 13, Mill st.
Young Rt. boot & shoemaker, 24, Love lane
Young Thomas, mariner, 21, Frederick st. St. James'
Young Wm. bookkeeper, 52, High st. Edge hill
Younge Jane, dress maker, 18, Strand st.
Younger John, marine store dlr. 114,London rd.
Younghusband Charles, bookpr. 21, Lambert st.
Younghusband James, warehouseman, 5, Parliament st.
Younghusband Joseph, ship broker, 3, S. end George's dock ; h. 12, Hunter st.
Yule Mrs. Elizabeth, 13, Norton st.
Zedder Henry, bookkeeper, 21, Seymour st.
Zimmerman James, linen and woollen draper, 5, South Union st.
Zuni Mary Caroline, gentlewoman, 46, Rose pl.
Zuill Peter, gentleman, 46, Rose place
Zwilchenbart Rudolph, and Co. merchants, 69, Castle street
Zwilchenbart Rudolph, merchant; in 57, Upper Islington

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