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Subject: I "think" I've done it! FrontPage 2002 that would show & save to hdd
Author: gypsys genealogy
Date: Sunday, December 02, 2007
Classification: Query

G'day All

Firstly, thanks to everyone trying to help me with FrontPage 2002 when I couldn't get my pages to show up online

Judy gave me a clue when she advised me to get FrontPage Cleaner - I couldn't find it but, I decided to do it manually - I deleted all FrontPage temp files, started from scratch, did one page as Pat had said to do (I read all the tutorials, Pat) & it worked!

I've since done exactly the same thing with the other pages (5) & put them online

My connection is soooooo slow (28.8 if I'm LUCKY!) so I'm having troubles seeing it still but I feel more confident that I'm now on the right track

I'll try to get someone with a faster connection to try them out for me & see if they work - if they don't, I'll delete all the temp files again & start again

I used FrontPage 2002 years ago & didn't have these problems so I don't understand why its happening now

So thank you all once again - if I can't get them to work, maybe I'll come back & see if any of you can help me further if that's ok