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Subject: Re: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: gypsys genealogy
Date: Saturday, December 01, 2007
Classification: Query

G'day Ron

Thank you too for trying to help me

Sorry I didn't think about giving my url & yes it's not the freepages one but it links to it

The url is

There's supposed to be 5 pages up there

FrontPage 2002 has made a couple of folders including
_vti_cnf the 5 pages in it but they're with an IE7 icon & htm

The pages that I uploaded were in another folder & have the 5 pages marked with the page name & htm & are htm documents

I then have all the images in another folder which I uploaded too - that also has a folder made by FrontPage called _vti_cnf that has a repeat of all the images

Am I supposed to upload the IE7 pages or the htm document pages?

Does it matter which folder of images I upload?

I uploaded the pages with FTP Explorer - an ftp application that I have for years & never had a problem with

Any advice would be greatly appreciated