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Subject: Re: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: JudyFlorian
Date: Monday, December 03, 2007
Classification: Query

My url is

When I saw your page yesterday or day before, it loaded and the links worked fine on that page with the brick background (by the way, it loads SLOW-- how big is the bricks image??).

Now the graphics have no links and even your email is 'broken'. The bricks image works. In your VIEW SOURCE, you have NO links to the rest of the places and you do not have a link to an email address.

You can re-link in Frontpage or by inserting each manually. The basic format for images is <.....img border="0" src="toy.jpg" ALT="This is a Toy Image" width="150" height="157"> and you can change numbers for border, width, and height (I am not an expert on those-- I let Fp make my links.

If you get C / path links, you can manually remove (delete) all of that down to either the file name or ../subfolder/filename
If it needs more "switches (../) in front, experiment. Add one set ../images/toy.jpg If that is not right, try adding 2 sets ../../images/toy.jpg If the image is in the same folder as your page, it is just toy.jpg with no dots or slashes or subfolder/

I honestly can't say what you did to lose the links unless you deleted the old (working) page and copied back incomplete coding.

Did you try Control+K in Frontpage to create the links?