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Subject: Re: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: gypsys genealogy
Date: Monday, December 03, 2007
Classification: Query

G'day Pat

Can I pick your brains again please?

I've deleted the page I had online & made a new one following the instructions you sent me on the web page of yours

I completely remade the index.htm page from scratch, uploaded it, it tooks AGES to load but finally it showed completely in IE7 but in Firefox the text that I made in WordArt wouldn't load - do you know how I can fix that?

My next BIG problem comes when I try to add a web page. Whatever I'm doing, it will not make a second or subsequent one that will show online

I made a page, called it register.htm, put all the graphics & text on it, saving it first as you'd said & saving it regularly making sure that each new graphic showed on the save but it will not show online no matter how long I leave it to load plus then the index.htm wont show properly either

Plus the WordArt graphic then wont show after I've hyperlinked it to another page - it just points to my hdd

PLEASE can you tell me how to add more pages after index.htm to my web pages - I want 5 pages altogether all linked by hyperlinks from one to another

I'm sorry to keep hassling you but this is all part of the FreeBMD Project syndicate that I run & I want the info online for ppl to join up

I did have all these pages online made with Publisher years ago but they needed updating badly. When I tried to remake them, I couldn't get them to go right in Publisher so I thought I'd try FrontPage 2002 that was newer than my old Publisher