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Subject: Re: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: PatGeary28
Date: Saturday, December 01, 2007
Classification: Query

Your page displays in Firefox but the images do not show. That is because your code is pointing to pages on your hard drive.

I'm not sure how many pages are part of this site but my suggestion would be to create a new web in FrontPage. Redo your index page with the images you want to be part of it. Try to publish just that much of the site and see if it works. If so then copy you other pages. SAVE THE PAGE BEFORE YOU START INSERTING IMAGES and double check the code and make sure the source points to a folder that is part of your new web and not to My Documents folder. Make sure you do not use spaces in your folder names for your website or your files for that matter. And using all lowercase letters will also make it easier.

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